Gossip Girl: Acapulco (2013) s01e25 Episode Script

Hasta Pronto

Good morning, Acapulco! The sun's up and vacation has barely begun.
We could talk about the start of a new age, but the last one has to end first.
Looking forward to new adventures!
Let's focus on the front of our bodies. Now breathe deeply
Breathe in and move up.
Sorry, I just didn't sleep well. I've got a thousand things on my mind.
You can do it. Place your hands firmly on the ground. Observe where you are and imagine where you can be.
Pay attention, Barbie. Hands on the ground. Don't hurt yourself. Let's try again, slower.
See the problem? It's not supporting your hands.
Let's work on the solution: support your hands, lift your chest up, slowly. Let's go up carefully.
Observe where you are.
(You good?) Much better now.
Let's do the counter pose.
Whatever you want to do.
We've stretched out our front, so let's do the opposite. Observe my breathing, let's go slowly.
Back, and be fluid.
We're celebrating our freedom! One more year of school and our troubles will be gone.
I'm serious. This new semester is going to be good for all of us.
Starting with me. I'm ready to fall in love again.
We've forgotten Max so quickly?
We hate Max.
If you're smart, rich and sexy but suffering from singledom - subscribe to loveyou.com.
Okay, someone's drunk tweeting.
Barbie, it's perfect! You just said you wanted to meet someone new, right? This is a sign! It'll be awesome.
It's gonna be beyond lame.
We're finished. Namaste.
Forget it.
You know no one's gonna send you to some cheap site, right?
Besides, do you know how many guys will wanna date you when they see your name?
I'd never put my name on one of those things.
Well, whatever. Be anonymous.
No, forget it. That's ridiculous.
You're so frustrating. But I've gotta go, I forgot I had to check on my courses for the fall.
[I thought it was called loveyou.com? Also, why would you choose the faceless man? Are you Arya Stark?]
Lord93. Age: 18.
He loves to Travel.
His favorite quote is, "Whatever you are, be a good one." Lincoln.
Not bad.
Like your latest accesories, a report card was meant to be shown off. But an education like ours comes at a price.
Only a few of us profit from it, and those who don't get no refund.
[Do not believe Barbie likes glitter that much, sorry.]
Look at the graduate.
If you're joke is referencing the film, then it's a bad one.
No, I was actually being serious. Didn't you graduate?
Besides, the protagonist doesn't sleep with his teacher, right?
Sorry, Jenny, but I'm still really shocked by the drama with the exam and everything.
If you had been kicked out, it would've been so awful.
That would be even worse than how badly things ended with Vanessa.
She hasn't wanted to see me since. If I don't get to her now -
If you don't get to her, then she'll leave for Somalia with her man.
I have to say goodbye to her.
Yeah, you have to say goodbye.
The problem is I still have to choose next semester's classes, dude.
Dude? You leave Harold's for a day and you're already back to surfer speak.
Surf speak? Control yourself! (That hurts!)
Hey! You ready to choose your courses for next semester?
So ready. I just hope I don't choose wrong.
But you're sure you want to concentrate on Humanities?
Baby, don't confuse me more, please!
Okay, you're right. Happy 5th year graduation!
(Wow, thanks!) We never thought you'd make it, but congratulations.
It's amazing.
It's just a little something so you'll have luck this vacation.
Take advantage. You have the time to enjoy yourself and be happy.
The mistress of the house has spoken.
Mom, how can you talk about fun when you haven't left the house in days?
Don't worry about me. I have a lot to do.
Oh, yeah? Like what?
Like go out with Marcelo?
Seriously, Mom. I know I once told you not to date him.
But I want you to know I think differently now.
I know he's crazy about you. So if he ever asks you out, you have my full support.
Mine, too.
You're both crazy. I've just been widowed, and there's nothing but friendship between Marcelo and me.
Whatever you say.
You came!
How are you?
I didn't think I'd see you here.
Me either, but they let me retake the exam and everything was cleared up.
That's great. I'm glad to see you.
Me too, always.
I don't want things to be uncomfortable between us.
Me, either.
I know we've been through a lot, but I hope we can still be friends.
Yeah, that would be great.
You sound disbelieving.
No but honestly, it's not like we're gonna see each other a lot next year.
Why not?
I mean, because we'll be in different classes, then different colleges
So this year we'll be graduating from everything.
Define 'everything'.
What's up?
[Nico to the rescue!]
Finally. The last time we have to choose classes.
Nice, isn't it?
Yeah, I know.
I'll be celebrating later. Fifth year's in the past.
Not so fast, fellow Harolders. Graduation can't end before my awards ceremony.
The Manwhore Award goes to Nico de la Vega: he doesn't mind if it's his friend's sister or his girlfriend's bff.
The award for Most Improved goes to Daniel Parra, who went from a poor devil to the center of great gossip. Who'd have thought?
Guess it wasn't enough to take hearts; she had to take lives, too.
Obviously it's a lie!
Sof, wait!
How'd she know?
I don't know. She talked about me, too.
No one but you and Francesca knew, but she's in the hospital, so it couldn't have been her. How'd she know?
Sof, you didn't kill him.
Sof, now can you tell me what's going on?
It's a lie.
Huh? Then why are you so worked up? So, what's going on?
Get me out of here, please.
And Pamelita?
No, no way. She has no personality.
Mandy! I saw her on her cellphone.
If she hides when she eats, she might hide when she gossips.
Are you going to spend your whole vacation this way? You've been at this all day.
And what she said isn't even true, we know that.
Nico, GG's gone beyond a nuisance. if she's capable of tweeting that, she's capable of anything.
She's poisonous, and I have to stop her. Now.
Well, I doubt you'll find her.
You know who could find her?
Have you spoken to him?
Nah. Since he became a businessman, he's been out of touch.
Out of touch enough to stop checking GG?
Or maybe be GG?
C'mon, Max isn't Gossip Girl. That's crazy.
What a year it's been.
You're telling me. Both my kids were on the brink of reform school.
Always. If it's not one, it's the other.
In our day, things were easier. Simpler, right?
Now kids' existences are complicated by a bunch of nonsense.
Just the kids?
Sorry, but remember when you bought your first van?
What a nightmare. The color!
(Horrible!) Yellow like a sunflower.
But I loved it.
That van took us where we wanted to go. We were happy.
And where do you want to go now?
To the past, maybe.
To that moment when we were ready to start a life together.
And we aren't now?
I don't think so.
I dare you to look into my eyes right now and tell me that, after 20 years, you still don't want to try.
Now is the time to try. Say yes, please.
I swear that's what I want most, but -
[Talking to 'mystery guy' about how her favorite historical figure is Queen Elizabeth I. Wonder why? JK, I know why.]
Finally, someone admires my intelligence.
And who do you keep texting, huh?
Dora. She misses me a lot.
C'mon! We're not gonna find out anything without the help of a hacker.
Thank you! You finally get it.
Don't ask me where I'm going.
Hey, what if she's Gossip Girl?
You know what? I'm changing my strategy.
Alright, it could work.
It has to work.
Max, how are you?
The surprised ex. But what am I thinking, my stepmother's an expert at that.
I'm very sorry about your loss.
Save your condolences, yeah?
I'm not as easy to appease as your son.
Seriously, Max. I know what you're going through.
You must be very confused by everything going on.
Trust me, the best thing to do in times like these is talk it out.
Do you have time? I do, if you want to talk to me.
You know what? I'd love to. Please, sit.
One second.
It's time.
(No.) Yes.
I'm gonna miss you.
I'll miss you more.
Don't take her, please.
It's only a little while.
First a little while, then indefinitely. Then it'll be our whole lives.
No, it won't be our whole lives. And don't make it harder, because I'm going to cry.
Where's your dad?
I don't know. He has urgent business and was acting weird, so he left. Daniel's not here either.
But we're leaving now, Jen. I wanted to say goodbye to them.
I know, and they wanted to say goodbye, too. I don't know, maybe they thought you were leaving later.
We don't have much time.
My brother really wanted to say goodbye, Vanessa.
Me, too. And your dad. Can't we wait a little bit?
We have to stop my the hospital and pick up the documents.
Well, that's that, Jen. Tell them I love them so much, and I'm going to miss them.
I love you, girl. (I love you, too.) Take care of yourself.
Don't worry, I'll take care of her for you.
I love you.
Have a good trip! (Thanks!)
I'm glad you're here, as I was just about to congratulate him.
I don't know what you're talking about, Max.
But I don't think this is the time or place to discuss things I already told you were in the past.
No, not so much. In fact, some things have been alive for twenty years.
What part of 'my dad checked you out' didn't you understand?
Or what, you think I went insane over a few kissing photos?
Max, please.
I know your secret. The one that goes by the name 'Mariano.'
What are you talking about?
Shall you tell him, or shall I?
Leave us, Maximiliano, okay?
And miss the moment? No way. So come on, you or me?
Please, Maxi Please, Maximiliano, no.
Game? No, actually.
[Max is officially the opposite of Chuck.]
Twenty years ago, you and I had a son, Marcelo.
It's complicated.
Twenty years ago?
Who is he?
Where is he?
I gave him up for adoption.
Marcelo, it was twenty years ago. I felt like my world was caving in, I didn't know what to do -
How could you keep something like that from me this whole time?
I don't believe it.
Dad? What're you doing here?
I don't want you with her. Let's go, now.
Are you serious? You're jealous, Marcelo.
It's not a joke, Dan.
No? Okay, I'll go talk to her, and then back home to talk to you.
Maybe I'll find out what's gotten into you.
You don't want anything to drink?
No, I'm fine. Let's go, Sof. She's obviously not coming.
No, please. Let's wait awhile. Don't leave me alone.
What's up?
You're Gossip Girl?
Are you crazy?
Then why are you here?
I got a text from a strange number, but supposedly it was you, wanting to talk to me.
I didn't send that.
Then who was it?
I don't know, but I'm am idiot for thinking this plan would work on Gossip Girl.
Well, yeah, she was never coming. I'm getting a coffee.
So you're waiting for her.
Is it really that important for you to talk to her?
She's so lucky that she's allowed to know things about you.
Sof, if I were you, I would ignore her.
I know I don't know everything about you, but I'm referring to the part where she called you ordinary.
The rest I don't know because we're from different worlds. Apparently 'murder' doesn't mean the same thing in my language.
Is that what you were hiding from me?
I was there the night Francesca's brother died.
Then Francesca made me think I had killed him.
Since I couldn't remember anything, I believe her. That's why I left Acapulco.
I'm sorry I didn't tell you before.
I had been carrying it around so long, and you felt like an escape to me.
I didn't want you to be disappointed in me.
Sof, I wouldn't have judged you.
Do you know how it hurts to only hear about this now? I would've loved supporting you through it.
Did you stop to think that if you had told me everything before, you and I might have worked out?
Forgive me, Daniel.
No. There's nothing to forgive.
So, is Gossip Girl supposed to show up here?
I wanted to meet her, not to make her stop talking about me, but to ask her not to hurt Francesca's family.
That makes more sense.
What're you talking about? Why are you guys even here?
What, are you a team?
We got a text saying to come here.
I heard you wanted to meet Gossip Girl, and congrats, you just did. I'm nothing without you.
Just like you're nothing without me.
While many friendships dissolve over time, I hope ours is strengthened by past events and the stories about to emerge.
Time for a blank slate. See you at the next social scandal.
Hey, Dad!
(Yeah?) Vanessa came to say goodbye, but both you and this ass here were out.
Okay? She was really sad.
I completely forgot she was leaving today.
I left her a ton of messages. I was hoping to catch her.
Dad, can you explain what happened at B?
What about B?
Give me five, I support you.
And you? You think I don't notice this is because of Liliana?
What about Liliana?
Did Max say something to you?
Max? Why would Max know something I don't? Why don't you tell me anything?
Do you know how angry it makes me that he knows things about my family that I don't?
Dad, please tell me what's going on!
We'll talk later, I have to go.
Life is a neverending business transaction, but you have to know how to close out your account.
Business, life projects and unhappy love affairs will leave you in a lot of debt.
[If he can guess which restaurant she wants to meet at tonight, then it's meant to be.]
Thanks so much for all your help.
Really, you're the best friend I could ask for.
Wow, look what I've become.
(Why?) Well, at least you didn't call me the best girlfriend.
What're you talking about, Nico?
I'm sorry, Sof, but this is getting too weird.
Since we started spending so much time together, I don't know where I fit in your life.
Which is confusing your place in mine.
I've been hung up on you since -
Hung up on me?
How've you been hung up on me?
Yeah. Isn't it obvious?
Even when you're mad at me.
Even when you're drowning, when you flee the country. I'm always there, admiring you.
Always from a distance, because you won't let me come any closer.
The good and bad.
Please don't do this.
You have to understand, I can't do this. Not again.
It's you?
Yes, it's me.
You're here?
Max, I really wanted it to be you. I wished for it.
With all my heart.
And now that we're offline, there's nothing to hide.
Lord93. I should have known.
No, I don't think you should have.
I do. I know how you're feeling.
You're so good at everything, even cruelty.
All those promises of love, or what you called love.
You played the game well.
It's a shame that you didn't know when to quit.
So it wasn't you, then?
I found you here because you checked in. I thought it was your absurd way of meeting me.
I just came here to tell you I agree with Gossip Girl.
You turned out to be quite the lady.
You always do this, Max. You're afraid of your own feelings.
Don't tell me what I feel, alright?
You're afraid of affection. But I know you love me, Max.
Listen to me.
I love you as much as you love me.
Admit it.
I liked who you were.
You were interesting. But you've been tarnished by this ridiculous romantic trash.
Like every other girl.
[Casual misogyny in addition to being an asshole. Success!]
Can you imagine the embarrassment?
That's awful. And the real Lord93?
I didn't even talk to him. He wasn't my type, anyway.
Barbie, I have a confession to make, too.
Wait. The last thing I want to do is choke.
Okay, talk.
I had a
I had a talk with Nico.
He's a good guy, Sof. You deserve someone like him.
You wouldn't mind?
You're the one Nico wanted and couldn't have.
You don't think it'd be weird?
A little at first, maybe.
Especially when he sees how beautiful I am and realizes what he gave up.
I'll always choose you over any boy.
I love you.
And I love you.
Thank you. You're perfect.
And Max thinks so, too, okay? No matter how distant he acts.
Everything okay?
Yeah. Why?
I'm sorry, my hands are sweaty. I'm nervous.
You have hyperhidrosis.
I have a fear of the unknown.
Me, too. But we'll be together, that's the good part.
Just imagine what we'll experience, what we'll learn.
I know, but
Don't doubt it, Vane.
In my profession, we're not allowed to doubt.
I don't even have a profession.
What's going on, Vane?
Nothing. It's my hyperhidrosis.
We're about to take the trip of our lives.
As much as I'd love you to come with me, I need you to be sure. Aware of what this trip means.
You'll document everything, and I'll be there with you.
How's the hyperhidrosis?
Vane, I want you to enjoy this as much as I do.
And as for a profession, that's what you'll find there.
Yeah, I will.
[Is Dan really a better option than starting your career, bb? REALLY?]
He's in the capital.
I've stayed away out of respect, and
Because of the guilt I feel.
But you have every right to get to know him, Marcelo.
If you want to go, I'm sure they'll understand.
Forgive me, Marcelo. I didn't know how to handle it.
[Babies! Who are old! But adorable!]
Welcome to Harold's.
Thank you for your professionalism and understanding.
Headmistress, here is the letter from the doctor.
Your classmates will be thrilled to see you again.
I'm excited, too. In fact, I wanted to ask if I could have Barbie Fuenmayor's schedule.
You know she's a great student, and I'd love to have her help.
Of course. That can certainly be arranged.
Fuenmayor. (Thank you.)
[This seems like a terrible idea, Max. Let's not.]
[Come here, Barbie. I'll give you a hug.]
[You look like you're drinking pee, dude.]
[I'm more excited for Jenny than Dan, tbh. Jenny/Vanessa OTP.]
I thought I'd never see you again.
Well, in life you have to make some pretty difficult choices.
I just felt like I couldn't go.
I'm glad you made that decision.
You know, I thought it'd be easy for me to forget you.
But I was wrong.
Me, too.
Danny, I'm scared of ruining what we have.
Our friendship.
You know what? I'm not.
I feel like we never stopped being together.
We belong here.
I always know where to find you.
What are you doing here?
Nico, I never did anything about us because I was afraid of hurting someone else.
But now that I know that's not an obstacle, I wanted to tell you I've been waiting for this, too.
As important as it is to start off on the right foot, the same is true of endings.
The problem with standing on top of the world is that you can always fall off. XOXO, GOSSIP GIRL ACAPULCO.
[My only question is why 'So Cold' is playing. That seems inappropriate.]
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