Gotham (2014) s01e19 Episode Script

Beasts of Prey

Previously on Gotham I had a meeting with the board of Wayne Enterprises.
I told them I was investigating them.
So they sent someone we'd trust to spy on us.
Alfred was stabbed.
It was a friend of his from the army.
- What was he looking for? - Some of my files are missing.
I could find out who hired him.
He's the key to everything.
I have a plan.
I promise you, I will get some of us out of here alive.
- Who are you? - Dr.
Francis Dulmacher.
The people in the basement trust me.
Put me in charge, and I promise you a dependable flow of healthy product.
And if I fail? Those who fail me still have their uses.
What are they doing? I'm sorry, honey, you're on the list.
Half the cops on the GCPD have a Cobblepot, and Loeb has the goods on all of them.
- That is what Loeb does.
- Well, it ends now.
So what do you want? With the coming election for president of the policeman's union, there's no man I'd rather support.
It's a new day in the GCPD.
- Hmm, looking good, Ms.
- Thank you.
- How's that swelling? - Fine.
If you need more ice packs, I'll let Denise know.
Douglas, I know you don't like your view, and as soon as a recovery suite is open, - I'm going to move you.
- Oh.
(alarm blaring) Is there a problem? - You're outside.
- You're observant.
I'm the new assistant for the doctor.
I'm Fish.
And you are? Inside you're free to roam That's Dr.
Dulmacher's prerogative But once you step outside, you're in my world.
I'm the man who catches the poor souls brave enough to try to escape.
Ah, you're The Catcher.
I've heard a lot about you.
(chuckles) So, have there been many? Poor souls, I mean.
The water does most of the work, but every so often, someone gets stupid and gives it a go.
I didn't know I wasn't supposed to be outside.
My mistake.
Make that mistake again, and it'll be your last.
I saw the papers the other day.
- Congratulations.
- Thanks.
So what does president of the policeman's union do, exactly? Depends on the president.
- I see.
- How's Alfred? W-Whinier than I thought.
No, he-he's getting better.
Glad to hear it.
You two lied about who stabbed him, didn't you? That's why you're here? - Is it? - Yes.
Did you? Lie to me? No.
If we don't have a description of the culprit, we won't find him.
I wish I could help you, Detective.
Alfred wants to go after him on his own.
That's why you lied to me.
Bruce, look at me.
Whatever Alfred is up to, you have to stay out of it.
It's dangerous, and it's not your fight.
I cut this bread way too thick, didn't I? Bruce I understand what you're saying.
Okay, then.
(sighs) (ship's horn blowing) Detective Gordon, Len Moore.
Officer, what can I help you with? - You're a man with a reputation.
- Oh, yeah? A Gotham detective who actually closes cases.
I try.
Uh, that's actually why I'm here.
Oh, yeah? See, a few weeks ago, I was a first responder to a homicide.
Victim's name was Grace Fairchild.
They found her body down by the river, stabbed to death, and the detectives who caught the case, they got nowhere with it and moved on.
I'm sorry to hear that, but it happens.
I was wondering if you could pick up where they left off.
You want me to take over the case? - Yeah.
- (sighs) Look, Len, I got a full boat here.
This victim's family, they deserve justice.
- Well, yeah.
- Her killer deserves to pay for what he did.
This was a nasty one.
They're all nasty.
What's your angle on this? No angle.
It's just Well, there's a few of us younger guys, and we've been watching what you've been doing to clean up Gotham and the GCPD.
And I want to be a part of it, and bringing you this case is my way of trying to do that.
I'll look into it.
Ready to go? Ready? I have been dreaming about the carbonara at Luccio's all day.
- New case? - Uh, sort of.
It's an unsolved homicide a uni asked me to look into.
- It's an odd one.
- Ooh, how so? I thought you were hungry? What can I say? You had me at homicide.
The victim, Grace Fairchild, was found two weeks ago.
She was reported missing four months earlier.
Last anyone heard, she, uh, called her mother.
Said she was having a drink at a bar in the South Village.
That's my neighborhood.
What bar? Detectives canvassed the area.
Nobody knows.
No leads, no tips.
I'm starting to see why the case was dropped.
God, we were almost the same age.
We could've been friends.
You know, they have a few speakeasies in the South Village.
It's a new thing.
You walk in through a dry cleaners or a shoe store to get inside.
Easy to miss if you're not in the know.
Thanks, I'll check it out.
I'm glad you're looking into this.
Whoever did this, he's a monster.
(raspy breathing) Kelly.
(groaning) Ow.
Shh, shh, shh.
Shh, shh.
Still bad.
What do you want? I have a plan, but I need your help.
What plan? We're going to escape.
I'm getting off of this hell of an island, or I'm gonna die trying.
Alfred? - Where are you going? - Into the city, Master Bruce.
If I know Reggie, he's probably drunk himself half to death by now and is moving swiftly on to the harder stuff.
I'll probably find him - holed up in a shooting gallery, - totally off his maracas.
Alfred, you can't go.
- You're not well.
- No choice, Master Bruce.
He'll only be here for a few days.
Enough time to get his fix, then he'll be off.
Well, then we better get going.
If you think I'm gonna take you, Master (gasps) (groans) Oh, dear.
Good day, Lidia.
Have you thought about my offer? I told you already, my place is not for sale.
Please, I beg of you, think again.
I will serve strictly as a silent partner.
(scoffs) You will continue to run the day-to-day operations.
Che pazzo, I told you already! Madam, please, I-I meant no harm.
Okay, Mama.
You made your point.
Madam, I assure you, I have a sincere interest in your establishment.
If money is not what you seek, surely there is something you want.
My granddaughter, Antonia, she's beautiful, virtuous, an angel.
And she has been seduced by a silver-tongued guitar player.
Lucifer himself.
A tragedy.
You make her come home, leave this pappone then I'll consider your offer.
Madam, she will be home for Sunday Mass.
You have my word.
This place is a dump.
Real nickel-and-dime.
It's worth far more than that, Gabe.
You just don't see it yet.
I'm not saying we officially take over the investigation; just help me look into it.
The victim deserves justice.
Yeah, and I deserve a mute supermodel who likes pasty Irish guys and loves to cook.
It's not happening.
Besides, we both know that justice isn't the real reason you want this one.
- Hello, Detectives.
- Ed, question: would you rather work more or less? - Is this a riddle? - Exactly.
You're helping.
What's up? Uh, list of all establishments in the South Village with a current liquor license.
- Including speakeasies? - Yes, siree Four of which, you'll be pleased to know, were missed by the original detectives.
Ah, that's great, Ed.
One more thing.
I was going through the crime scene evidence from the Fairchild murder and, uh, there's a piece of evidence missing.
- Any idea what it is? - No, but it's labeled "3A.
" Think you can find it? Detective, I will solve this puzzle.
You coming? Let me say it in Spanish: No.
Okay, look, you're right.
I'm ambitious.
I want to show people around here that things are gonna change.
But, Harvey, I can't do that without your help.
Look, I know you're riding high, what with getting over on Loeb and all.
But there's one thing you should always remember.
Fly too close to the sun, you're gonna get burned.
You done? - Yeah.
- Good.
Then get your ass up.
(grunts) MOONEY: So that's it.
So you're trying to tell me you actually think we can get out of here.
That's what I said, didn't I? - How? - With cunning and guile.
But it won't work without your help.
Well, why us? Why not your friends? There's no telling how this is all going to go down during the breakout.
Just in case it goes south, I need some stone cold killers by my side, not some whipped-ass victims.
CLINT: That's fair.
What's the plan? Outside, there's a boat down by the shore, big enough to carry the six of us off of this island.
A boat? You have a better idea? I heard a chopper land the other day.
Thumped like a son of a bitch.
Why don't we fly out of here? Do any of you know how to fly a helicopter? Mm-hmm.
That's why.
All right.
This boat you got the keys to it? No.
Not yet, but I will.
So are you in, or out? We're oh-for-three.
My dogs are barking.
I'm hardly one to complain about going to a bar, but this is getting ridiculous.
It's grunt work, just like any other case.
Except it's not just like any other case; it's a hobby.
Everybody needs a hobby.
GCPD Homicide.
WOMAN: Yeah, she was in here.
A while ago.
Maybe three or four months? GORDON: You remember her.
Yeah, she mentioned she went to a rival college of mine.
- Plus - Plus what? To be honest with you, her date was hot.
Her date? Remember what he looked like? Just that he was good-looking.
But classy, you know? Okay.
Your turn.
How is a successful, funny, mildly good-looking guy like you still single? - "Mildly"? - Maybe a little bit more than that.
Come on.
Something has to be wrong with you.
Maybe you're right.
I've, uh I've had plenty of relationships, but in the end, they never seem to work out.
Why not? I think what I'm looking for frightens people.
Uh okay.
No, it's (laughs) - It's nothing weird.
- What, then? It's gonna sound cheesy.
I won't laugh.
I promise.
What I'm looking for is unconditional love.
Unconditional, real, intense love.
Cheesy, right? Totally.
(door opens) (door closes) GRACE: Wow.
- You like it? - It'll do.
There's some wine in the kitchen.
Open anything you like.
May I take your jacket? This place must work well.
What do you mean? With the women that you bring back here.
(laughs) Actually, it's been a while since I've had anyone over.
- Lucky me.
- I'm the lucky one.
Thank you for taking a chance on me.
Are you kidding me? Look at this place.
I could definitely stay here for a night.
Look, if he, uh, comes back in or you think of anything else, give me a call.
He was right here, Harvey.
You're not dropping this one, are you? Not a chance.
(clock ticking) _ So are we in agreement? Not quite.
Says he still loves the girl.
He won't leave her.
Antonia and I are destined to be together, and nothing you can do will make me stop loving her.
See what I mean? True love.
You want me to put a slug in him, see if that loosens him up? No.
He's a guitar player.
Lose the fingers.
You want me to shoot his fingers? Don't shoot them.
Lose them.
(man screams) (scream echoes and fades) (door opens) Just the man I wanted to see.
Oh, don't say that.
You're gonna make Jim jealous.
I finished the Fairchild autopsy and the results were a little strange.
Strange how? Grace Fairchild was missing for over four months.
Usually, with these kind of abductions, there's a lot of trauma and abuse to the body, but not this time.
Other than the stab wounds to her heart and her throat, her body was mostly pristine.
That doesn't add up.
Unless Unless what? You ever consider she ran off on her own? That her going missing has nothing to do with her murder? The findings would certainly support that.
No, Fairchild had a good job, a mortgage Hell, she called her mother the night she went missing.
No, she didn't run away.
She was taken.
And whoever took her kept her locked away till he was good and ready and then he killed her.
I know it.
(car honks in distance) Morning.
How'd you sleep? Like a baby.
So I thought, after breakfast, we could go to the, uh, Palick exhibit.
It's only in town another week.
Oh I would love to, really, but I am already late, and I've got a morning meeting and a work lunch.
- So reschedule it.
- I can't.
I had a really good time with you last night.
And I hope that I get to see you again.
At least, uh have some breakfast.
Oh, I still have to go home and change and I am so late.
Next time.
Call me tonight.
I can come over after work, if you want.
Oh, Jason please, I really have to go.
You don't.
(birds squawking) (creaking) (door handle rattles) Miss Mooney.
What a surprise.
Is there something I can do for you? FISH: Well supplies were running low for the inmates.
Those are in the storage room.
But then, of course, you already knew that.
The one thing I won't tolerate is dishonesty.
You were trying to escape, weren't you? No.
I'll tell you what.
I'm going to shoot you in the stomach.
You'll feel pressure at first.
Then you'll feel an intense burning like you've never felt in your life.
Maybe that will properly motivate you to be honest with me.
I ask you again.
Were you trying to escape? No.
How disappointing.
Wait, s-stop.
Wait, wait.
I was lying, but I but I wasn't trying to escape.
You were going to kill me? Slit my throat, perhaps? No, I swear.
Not yours Not yours.
Every night when I close my eyes, I pray to God that nightmare doesn't come.
That living, breathing man, stitched together with arms and legs that weren't his.
That nightmare you created.
I've faced dangerous men, but none like you, Dollmaker.
So you'd rather take your own life than end up one of my creations? Yes.
Well, Miss Mooney, try anything like this again, and your nightmare will come true.
I will bring you back from the dead, if I have to and make you into something the world has never seen.
Was there something else? No.
Could've smashed your head with a brick, you know? Why would you do that? Why'd you even say that? Just thought you should know.
What's up? Why're you looking for me? Reggie Payne, the man who stabbed Alfred, he's in Gotham.
And you need my help to find him.
Alfred said he'd be at a gun range for a few days, but I checked every one in the city.
Who stays at a gun range for a few days? - Doesn't make any sense.
- That's what he said.
Said Reggie'd be at a shooting gallery.
That's not the same as a gun range, silly.
You really need to get out more.
(weeping) All right, all right, all right.
- Go get yourself cleaned up.
- (door opens, bell jingles) Back in a minute.
So shall we discuss terms? - So what is it? - Well, to be clear, this isn't an actual piece of crime scene evidence.
It's long gone, as far as I can tell.
What I was able to find is a photocopy, buried deep in a logbook.
It's a broken heart.
Hand-painted, I'd guess.
This was at the crime scene? You're sure? Well, not this, exactly.
You see, a photocopy is a replica Damn it, no, Ed, not now.
What's wrong? I warned you.
But no, you had to go and get both of us burned.
What are you talking about? This guy you're after, this is not his first rodeo.
He's a serial killer.
This looks delicious.
Thank you.
I, uh I think I may have overcooked the lamb a little bit, but I-I, uh I'm sure it's fine.
How was your day? Wonderful, darling.
And how was yours? Good.
Thank you for asking.
I think you might have been right about the lamb.
I'm so sorry.
It's fine.
I checked it twice when it was in the oven, and I think it might be hotter than it says it is (whimpers) You know (sighs) I don't think this is working out.
(shuddering gasp) It's not you.
It's me.
(camera shutter clicking) (shuddering breath) Could have had something special.
GRACE: Please.
Please don't hurt me.
You know, I really thought you were the one.
GRACE: Please.
(breathing rapidly): No, no.
Don't worry.
Sooner or later, I'll find her.
(Grace gasps desperately) I still don't get it.
Why all that trouble for this pile of bricks? This was never about money, Gabe.
Not about money? What else is there? All kinds of things motivate people Lust, ambition, envy.
Okay, what motivated you? Why do you want this place so bad? It's simple.
This is where I'm gonna kill Don Maroni.
(birds squawking) It's time.
- Are you ready? - Let's go.
Now, as soon as this door opens, an alarm will go off, and we will not have much time.
- What about the gate? - Unlocked last night.
Take these.
Get the boat started as soon as you get there.
You're not coming with us? I'm coming, I'll be right back I need to get Kelly.
He can barely walk.
Let's go.
Call me sentimental, but I cannot leave him here.
(alarm blaring) And you better not leave me.
You lied to me, Fish.
I warned you what would happen if you lied to me.
Oh, what wonders I'm gonna make of your parts.
(gate creaking) (grunting) - (blows landing) - See you around, Doc.
Leave him there.
We don't have much time.
(claps once) Let's go.
(alarm blaring) This way.
They're headed for the boat.
What are you doing, man? Open up the gate.
I can't.
It's locked.
What? Fish said she unlocked it.
(alarm continues blaring) - That bitch.
- What? Fish.
She set us up.
(grunts) Kelly, other side! (excited chattering) You told them you couldn't fly, didn't you? I lied.
The chopper.
Hold on! - Aah! - Fish! (huffing) (gasping) He abducts young, single, attractive women and he keeps them sometimes for a week, sometimes for months.
Then he dumps their bodies around Gotham.
- How many has he killed? - A dozen, maybe more.
Every time he makes a kill, he leaves one of these at the crime scene.
It's his calling card.
- So, who is he? - No one knows.
Thinking is he's educated, decent-looking, rich.
But that's just a profile.
Some of the guys call him The Don Juan Killer.
Most call him The Ogre.
So, why haven't I heard about this guy before? Why hasn't the public? - It's the GCPD's - Hey, fellas! Dirty little secret.
Only a handful of senior detectives know anything about this guy, and they sure as hell ain't leaking it to the press.
- Why not? - Because The Ogre retaliates against any cop who investigates him.
He kills the people they love.
That's why this lunatic hasn't been caught yet, Jim, because no one's been stupid enough to investigate.
Until I came along.
Which makes me wonder how did you catch this? I told you a fellow officer asked me to look into it.
Who? Which one? (indistinct chatter nearby) (man coughing nearby) (indistinct chatter) Hey.
That's him.
(siren wailing nearby) (grunts) (grunting) Relax, old man.
We're not gonna rob you.
- What are you doing here? - Came to talk to you.
- Who's she? - Never mind.
- Who sent you to my house? - Who sent me? Just go home go on, Bruce.
You'll be in more trouble than you are already.
Hey! That's my medicine! Give me that! My friend just asked you a question.
- I said give me that.
- Or you'll what? Huh? Hey! - Don't - Answer the question! I didn't mean any harm.
I was just supposed to take some documents.
But Alfred walked in Is he all right? - Is he? - You stabbed him.
- What do you care? - I care! He's all right, isn't he? Who sent you? Throw them out! - No! - Tell me who sent you! Who sent you? You shouldn't be doing this, Bruce.
Only Alfie can deal with these people.
What people? There's a woman named Mathis and a guy called Bunderslaw.
Sid Bunderslaw He's the guy I dealt with.
But you've got, you've got to let Alfie take care of this.
Not you, Bruce.
It's not business for a child.
This man Bunderslaw what did he want? Just to know what you knew.
To see how far your investigation had gone.
But he was scared.
And that's why he sent me.
Now, can I have my bag back, please? Please? Give it back to him.
You're a sick man, Mr.
You need help.
Don't you patronize me.
I may have vices, yeah, but I'm a professional.
You want me to tell Bunderslaw that you're onto him? Because he'll come after you.
And there's nothing that you can do to stop him! You're just silly little children.
I'm gonna tell on you.
(grunting) No, you won't! (Payne screaming) It wa it wa it wasn't my idea! I swear! I-I was ordered to get you to take the case.
- Ordered by who?! - Loeb! It was Commissioner Loeb.
He told me to tell you that I looked up to you.
That you inspired me.
I mean, he-he told me to say that I wanted to help clean up Gotham.
And, uh, the GCPD.
And that this case this case was part of that.
He knew you couldn't say no.
And so you followed orders like a good soldier.
I-I didn't have a choice.
You know what Loeb can do.
All too well.
Jim, listen! You're still in the clear on this.
"In the clear"? He could come after Lee! Only if he thinks you're investigating him.
Think about it.
It's not on your docket.
There's been no press linking you up to this case.
Hell, all you've done is ask some questions so you got to drop it now! This is no time to be a hero.
If I drop it, I'm letting a serial killer go free.
The blood of his next victim is on my hands! If you don't drop it, that blood could be Lee's.
(phone line ringing) THOMPKINS (recording): Hi, you've reached Lee.
Go ahead and leave a message.
(beeps) Lee, call me as soon as you can.
It's very import-- (indistinct chatter) You! You son of a bitch! - Excuse me! - You set me up! Detective, I don't know what you think Don't talk.
- Hey! - Back off! Don't you I tried to work with you.
But now you crossed a line.
You come after the one I love.
From here on, we're playing my way.
No more games.
No more deals.
I'm gonna find The Ogre and I'm gonna put him behind bars.
And when I've done that, I'm coming after you.
I'm coming after you, Commissioner.
You're done.