Gotham (2014) s02e08 Episode Script

Rise of the Villains: Tonight's the Night

Previously on Gotham Cops aren't gonna let you within 100 feet of Galavan.
- Let us whack him for you.
- No.
He's mine.
- Shoot him, Detective.
- He killed my mother, Jim.
- You have the Wayne boy.
- THEO: Not yet.
There are some practical matters that have to be resolved first.
See this finger? I've got little Bruce wrapped tight around it.
NYGMA: I had to kill him.
'Cause he hit you.
I love you.
Kristen? Kristen? (sobbing): No! Within a year, Jim and I will be back together.
(chuckles) Want to know why? Because we're both the same.
We both have a dark side.
(bell tolling) Ready for the practice run? I'm ready to skip this and get married.
Me, too.
Let us rehearse the vows.
- Barbara Kean - Mmm.
Do you take James Gordon to be your unlawfully wedded husband - to have and to hold - I'm sorry, Father.
You said "unlawfully wedded.
" (whispering): Barbara, just answer him, for God'sake.
(gasping) I'm waiting.
(gasping) GORDON: Barbara, what's wrong? (bird tweeting) (laughter) How did you do that? (laughs) (guns clicking) (gasps) (panting) (sighs) Bad dream.
_ (sighs) Doesn't being mayor mean you can sleep in? Jim Gordon has forced us to accelerate our plans.
About time.
I'll meet with Bruce Wayne this morning.
If all goes well, I'll have his company by the end of the day.
I still don't see how you can get Bruce Wayne to turn over his family's legacy.
You're not that charming.
I'm going to offer him the thing he wants most in the world.
Still, it will be delicate.
Jim Gordon must not be allowed to interfere.
But his sudden death would upset Bruce.
So we need him distracted, occupied, and then Have you told her? Told me what? (whispering): I love my present.
Does it mean what I think it does? Yes, my dear.
Today is the day you get to kill Jim Gordon.
(sighs) GORDON: The breakout at Arkham, the massacre of the GCPD, the gala, the arsons, it was Galavan.
He's behind everything.
And you have proof of this? I have Penguin, and I have Gilzean.
Both criminals.
Both in the wind.
Given the circumstances under which I obtained the information, I think it's safe to say they were telling the truth.
Maybe they are.
But you have no legal evidence, no proof, not a single hard lead to go on.
You bring in Galavan with what you have now, - and he'll just laugh at you.
- He won't laugh long.
Are you gonna rough him up a little? Lawless thuggery, is that your plan? You want to arrest Galavan? You do the police work and you bring me back some real proof.
THOMPKINS: Can you blame him? You're going after a man who was elected mayor yesterday.
The most popular figure in Gotham.
Galavan is dirty.
I'd bet my life on it.
- Well, don't.
- Don't what? Don't bet your life on it.
I know that look in your eye, Jim.
Be cool.
Do not make this personal.
Well, it is personal, isn't it? Only if you make it that way.
OFFICER: Suspect! Suspect! Put your hands where I can see them! Right there! Hi, Jim.
Long time no see.
They said you'd only talk to me.
I'm listening.
Here it is.
Is there any chance I could get a latte - or something? - This is not a game, Barbara.
Of course it is.
It's a game you've been losing.
It is not a game.
(chuckles) It must be killing you.
All that righteous indignation with no place to go.
Why are you here? Don't act all calm and businesslike.
Rough me up a little, if you want.
I don't want to do that.
I don't want to hurt you.
I want to help you.
I know you want to hurt me, just a little.
I've been a very bad girl.
You're a good woman.
You're just sick, is all.
(crying) Oh.
(chuckles) I knew it.
I knew you still had feelings for me.
Of course I have feelings.
(laughs) Talk to me.
I will.
But first I want to show you something.
It's not far away, won't take long.
Well, what is it? What do you want to show me? It's a surprise.
Don't worry, it's a good one.
And then after that, I will tell you everything.
Everything about what? Is it about the breakout at Arkham? Was it Galavan? (chuckles) Wouldn't you like to know? (knocking) OFFICER: Detective Gordon? (sighs) Okay, that's someone telling you that my lawyer is here.
Why don't you take five minutes to think about it? (knocking) Detective Gordon, time's up.
BARNES: What is she playing at? GORDON: Not sure, sir.
I suggest we play along and find out.
I'll go see this thing she wants to show me.
Jim, she's mentally ill.
Like hell.
She's sharp as a nail.
This is a trap.
Either way, it's too risky.
What choice do we have, huh? She won't talk.
And kissing her didn't work out, did it? That was a judgment call, sir.
Judgment? Really? Let's focus on the issue at hand.
It's my official opinion as chief medical examiner that Miss Kean is seriously mentally ill and should be in a hospital, getting treatment.
Look, I suggest we play along, let her think she's in control.
I can still work on her inside the car.
Maybe I can find out something useful.
She's our only link to Galavan.
It's worth the risk.
All right, do it.
(engine shuts off) (birds chirping) (insects trilling) (grunting) Oh, sorry, Miss Kringle.
(door closes) You have a visitor, Miss St.
BRUCE: Hello.
My uncle will be just a moment.
He wanted me to apologize for keeping you waiting.
(short laugh) It's fine.
Do you have any idea why he wanted to see me? He told me he had something for you.
He seemed excited.
It was totally goofy.
I can't picture him goofy.
I am so sorry to keep you waiting.
I'll see you later.
Meet the new crop of Strike Force members.
We're throwing them in the deep end, but they're ready.
They'll be shadowing you in a TAC SUV.
I'll be monitoring from here.
The second I don't like something, I'm pulling the plug agreed? TWO OFFICERS: Yes, sir.
Gordon? Agreed.
He's too wrapped up in this thing emotionally.
I need to know that one of you isn't gonna get sucked into all these mind games that Ms.
Kean is gonna be pulling out there.
Not to worry no one's ever accused me of getting sucked into mind games.
Just follow my orders, understood? Understood, Captain.
I'm glad we had this chance to talk.
GORDON: Hey, look.
I don't like this any more than you do.
But it is the only way.
No, this is you, Jim.
This is all you.
She sucked you right back in, didn't she? Because she still has a hold on you.
Her sickness and yours feed off each other.
What do you mean, my sickness? I'm not sick.
You see an abyss, and you run toward it.
That's not healthy.
I'm just doing my job.
BULLOCK: Moving out! Hey, Lee.
You don't mind if I borrow him for a little while, do you? (laughing) I want to ask you a question.
If you could have one dream come true, what would that be? I would find the man who killed my parents.
What would you do if you found him? I would kill him.
What a young tiger you are.
My dream? I would save this city.
I would rid Gotham of corruption, crime and poverty.
Sounds good.
How would you do that? Oh, I have plans, schemes, ideas aplenty.
But I need help.
I need your help.
Of course.
And perhaps in return, I could help you with your dream.
How so? (chuckles) MAN: Get those vehicles out of the way! You good? Anything that makes Captain Barnes' tight ass nervous, I'm all for.
Watch your head.
So, you want to tell us where we're going? Head downtown.
(tires screech) Bruce, your family helped build this city.
The Wayne name is synonymous with growth, strength and prosperity.
It's also a lie.
Please explain what you mean.
I've been investigating Wayne Enterprises for quite some time.
You know what I found? Toxic waste dumps.
Illegal weapons contracts.
Use of banned chemicals.
Nightmarish experiments.
It can't continue.
Please, understand this isn't about corruption.
It's about saving innocent lives.
You have my word.
I will look into all of it.
And I will stop whoever's responsible.
No, Bruce, you won't.
You can't.
People often underestimate me.
Wayne Enterprises is a multi-billion-dollar conglomerate, with a board that will kill to protect its secrets.
Who's underestimating who? Why are you telling me this? You obviously have a solution you want to propose.
(chuckles) You control 51% of the voting shares of Wayne Enterprises.
If you sell me your shares, I could take control, do what needs to be done.
You would be a cash billionaire with freedom.
You want my company? I want to clean up Gotham.
Protect its citizens.
Return the city to what it was.
But I can't do it without your help.
Wayne Enterprises is my responsibility.
It's all I have left of them.
I'm not just offering you money, Bruce.
The night your parents were killed, you weren't supposed to be there, were you? No.
Your parents were headed for the theater.
Your father changed his mind.
Suggested a movie.
Invited you along.
You got there late.
Uh I've never told anybody that.
He was following your father that night.
Before the alleyway.
I'm a man of considerable resources.
Even then, it took some doing.
It's why I didn't want to say anything last night.
I couldn't confirm it until today.
If you sell me your company, I will give you this as a signing gift.
This is the name of the man who killed your parents with documentary proof accomplices, motives, why, how and who.
I will fix your company, protect your legacy and give you closure.
It's what your father would've wanted.
And what Gotham desperately needs.
I need your answer by the end of the day.
(sirens wailing in the distance) BARBARA: Hey, Jim? Cheer up.
Where's your spirit of adventure? Next right.
(tires screech) I know it's a trap.
And Galavan's using you like a puppet.
It is Galavan who's behind all this, right? Mm-mm-mm He's a psychopath, Barbara.
He's using you.
He's laughing at you.
And when he's done with you, you're just a loose end.
He'll kill you.
You really don't like this Galavan guy, do you? She's not talking, Jim.
We need to turn this car around now.
Just give me a little more time.
(grunts) (sighs) (liquid pouring) Well, I'm afraid this is as proper a burial as circumstances allow.
But I thought we could have one last meal together.
I was a broken man, Miss Kringle.
Two halves at war with each other.
But thanks to you, I am whole.
I will not forget you.
I take you by night, by day take you back.
None suffer to have me, but do from my lack.
What am I? That some sort of riddle? You know, you really shouldn't sneak up on people; that's not polite.
Not usually any people out here.
Can I interest you - in a tea sandwich? - A what? What heck is in there? Aah! (sighs) Great.
Now I've got to improvise.
Don't go anywhere.
Barbara, listen to me.
Are you listening? You have a lifetime ahead of you.
Don't throw it away on madness.
BARNES: Gordon, Bullock come in.
Go ahead, Captain.
I don't like this.
You're boxed in.
There's lots of cover, high vantage points all around.
Perfect spot for an ambush.
Yeah, I gotta pull you out.
Turn around, you get nothing.
GORDON: Not yet.
You hear me? I'm pulling you out.
What was that, Captain? You're breaking up.
Bullock! I swear to God, if you disobey (radio shuts off) Barbara, think hard.
Don't throw away your life.
What life? You and me we had a life.
We had real love.
You asked me to marry you.
I booked a church.
I bought a damn wedding dress.
Jim fool that I am, I still love you, even now.
And I know you still have feelings for me, 'cause you said so.
We can talk about our feelings later.
There's more at stake here.
I love you, Jim.
And I think, deep down, you still love me.
Oh, for God's sakes, Barbara, I don't give a (tires screeching) Move, move! (gunfire continues) (shell casings clattering on pavement) (groans softly) (echoing): You gonna shoot me, Jim? (groaning softly) I want a 20-block perimeter, with hard target searches of every building, business and bodega.
We kick down everything with four walls and a roof.
Nobody sleeps until our boy gets home.
Hey! I told you to get out of here.
You did? Still a lot of ringing in my head.
I must've missed it.
This is a direct order.
You don't belong here anymore.
Go home.
(insects trill quietly) (panting) Okay.
Well, let's see.
If I can't make the hole bigger, then I'll make you smaller.
(chuckles) Who has eaten my sandwich? For a secluded forest, this place sure has a lot of foot traffic.
(exhales) Looks like it's gonna get a tad crowded in there.
I'll be back.
Ah, there you are, Master Bruce.
Been looking all over the gaff for you.
Bit dreary down here, isn't it? Fancy something to eat? What's up? I need to ask you a question.
And I need your word that you're going to be honest with me.
I always am.
All right, you have my word.
My training the skills that I need to take down the corruption at Wayne Enterprises.
How long will it take? Well, there's no set timeline.
It doesn't really work like that, does it? Alfred.
A year? Two years? Five? Well, a lot longer than that, for you to be the man that you need to be.
But you will get there, I promise you that.
Yeah, well, how many will suffer in the meantime? How many will die because of the crimes committed by my family's company? What Who Where's all this coming from, Master Bruce? Eh? (bat chirping) I spoke to Mayor Galavan this morning.
And? He wants me to sell him my shares in Wayne Enterprises so he can fix the company.
Clean up Gotham.
I see.
And what aren't you telling me? He says that he knows the identity of the man who killed my parents.
Which he's offering in return for the company, right? Yes.
Yeah, well, that's not an offer, is it? That's bloody extortion.
Yeah, well, I can't help but consider it, Alfred.
Well, you shouldn't.
There's a fine line between extortion and negotiation.
Yes, there is, Master Bruce, but there's still a line.
My parents were killed because of the corruption that my father was trying to stop.
As of now, their their deaths have been in vain, but if Mayor Galavan can truly if he can truly fix Wayne Enterprises, isn't it my moral duty to allow him to do so? For my father's legacy? Wayne Enterprises isn't Thomas and Martha Wayne's legacy.
That legacy is standing right here.
With me.
Alfred, am I wrong if I just want it all to be over? (crying): I just want I just want it to be over.
No, no.
No, you're not wrong.
Come here.
You're not wrong.
(Bruce sobs) (gasps) (footsteps approaching) (Barbara humming "Bridal Chorus") I know.
Can you believe it still fits? Do you remember when we first visited this place? How excited I was to get married here? How long do you think you have before the GCPD finds us? So typical.
I'm talking about us, and your head (clicks tongue) is in work.
There is no "us.
" What is all this? Well, this is my wedding dress.
The tailor still had it in storage.
I mean, can you believe the luck? Or fate.
- That's Father Callahan.
- (muffled grunting) You remember him, of course.
And these bozos (whimpering) Oh! Who knows? But you can't have a wedding without witnesses.
That's the law.
Barbara Jim Please don't act all surprised and aggrieved.
You knew, from the start, that this was a trap.
But you thought, "Hey, "let the bad guys take their best shot.
"I'm Jim Gordon.
"I'll find a way to win.
" (laughs) "Or die.
" It's option B, baby.
Your fondest wish come true.
I don't want to die.
Sure you do.
Aren't you tired of hiding your true self? Tired of lying to yourself? To Lee? I don't lie to Lee.
Really? Let's ask her.
(wheels squeaking) Lee! (whimpering) Savor every moment.
Hey, girlfriend.
We really need to talk about this bad boy.
(gasps) BARBARA (over speaker): We had real love.
You asked me to marry you.
I booked the church.
I bought a damn wedding dress.
Jim Fool that I am, I still love you even now.
I booked the church.
I bought a damn wedding dress.
I want updates every 15 minutes.
Hang on.
Turn around and get the hell out of here.
- She's taking him to church.
- Church? What church? She talked about the wedding they never had.
She wants a do-over.
Gotham Cathedral is nearest to the snatch site.
That's where they are.
That's thin.
I know I am right.
I'll call you back.
Let's go.
(humming, chuckles) So, Lee, how do you think your relationship with Jim is going? This doesn't concern Lee.
Let her go.
This is between you and me.
This is about all of us.
She deserves to know exactly who you are.
I know who he is.
Oh, how could you when he doesn't even know? He is incapable of being honest with himself, let alone anyone else.
What about you? This entire day has been a lie.
You were never going to give up proof on Galavan.
Who? Oh.
You want some honesty? Fine.
Mayor James is alive and well at a stash house on China Docks.
Hmm, see? Honesty.
Now you.
Who put him there? Who put him there? Boring, Jim.
The Jim Gordon you know is an act.
He's like an addict who thinks he can dabble in darkness as long as nobody sees the needle marks.
- Everyone has an act.
- (scoffs) Did he tell you how he got reinstated at the GCPD? He killed a man for Penguin.
Wow! Very good, Jim.
You did tell her.
We don't have secrets between us.
He's done a lot of things that he's not proud of.
- Everyone has.
- Oh.
But you love him anyway, is that right? Despite all his faults.
Yes, I do.
Cute little do-gooder Dr.
Lee, hmm in love with a cruel, cold, death-obsessed sadist.
- (laughs) - That's not Jim.
Do you think you know him better than I do? Hmm? I love him, too, you know.
I know him better than you do.
Okay, Barbara, I hear you.
You love him.
We both love him.
- That's okay.
- But I love him more.
Okay, listen, Barbara.
I know that now.
Please I'm gonna prove that I love him more.
I am going to carve your pretty face off your skull.
And then you will both understand what true love is.
- Okay, just one more thing.
- What? Your dress.
I-I love your dress.
I just want to know where you got it.
Oh, um Drop the knife.
There he is.
My little monster.
- Don't make me kill you.
- Make you? Jim, you long to kill me.
Do it, Jim.
Do me.
(sirens approaching) Don't take another step.
(tires squealing, sirens wailing) Kill him! (gunshots) Go get her! Jim! It's over.
Not yet.
(wind whistling) Hold on.
Hold on.
I'm sorry, baby.
I've been kind of a bad date, huh? I love you, baby.
No! Some hedges and bushes broke her fall, but she's got half a dozen broken bones and a concussion.
She's critical.
- Are you okay? - Yeah.
(door closes) (engine starts) Not now, but when this is over, we need to talk.
I know.
Tell me you got something from her.
She didn't give up Galavan, but she did say Mayor James is alive.
Stashed in a safe house on China Docks.
All mobile units, China Docks, right now! OFFICER (over radio): Ten-four, Captain.
GCPD! (softly): Help.
What is wrong with these people? Help me.
Mayor James? Help me, please.
Oh, thank God.
Who did this to you? Who do you think?! BRUCE: All the papers seem to be in order.
You are making the right decision.
Sign and the file is yours.
I I changed my mind.
I can't sell you my company.
Not for any price.
Alfred, get Bruce away from him now.
Detective Gordon? You're under arrest.
Surprised to see me? (scoffs) May I ask what the charge is? The kidnapping and torture of Aubrey James.
- Cuff him.
- (scoffs) GORDON: Get him out of here.
Where? No! No! Tell me who killed them! Please.
I'll do anything.
(birds calling, insects chirping) NYGMA: Finally.
(dogs barking in distance) Oh! (groaning) Oh, my.
(panting) Mr.
Penguin? Help me, please.