Gotham (2014) s03e01 Episode Script

Better to Reign in Hell...

1 - Previously on Gotham - I set a bomb.
- Thousands of people could die.
- Yes.
But paying that price will be better than releasing what's down there.
Are you ready to play?! Wayne Enterprises runs Indian Hill, but who runs Wayne Enterprises? BRUCE: There's a secret council in Gotham.
It's them that wanted me dead.
We're so close to the ultimate truth.
(screams) Strange, you did a very bad thing to me.
- And now, you're going to - (blows) (gasps) Impossible.
(clicks tongue) Nothing is impossible.
(growling) Thank you.
Bruce, I might not see you for a while.
- Where are you going? - I have to find Lee.
(bell dinging) (faint giggling) (giggles) (glass shatters) (alarm ringing) (alarm continues) Hello? We're closed.
If you leave now, I won't call the cops.
(growling) (screams, groans) GORDON: Hey.
Any chance you want to come quietly? (snarling) (growling) - (grunts) - (laughs) Ow.
(panting) (snarling) (horn honking) At 8:15 this evening, an individual robbed a pharmacy and attacked its owner.
While we don't have an I.
as yet, we believe this individual is another escapee from Indian Hill.
(reporters clamoring) REPORTER: Are these monsters dangerous? REPORTER 2: Captain Barnes! Captain Barnes! Valerie Vale, Gotham Gazette.
Why can't we see the escapee? Because crews are still picking up the pieces.
This isn't the first time that a bounty hunter has apprehended an escapee.
Is the GCPD incapable of handling this threat themselves? Whoa, only a handful of these escapees have been brought in by bounty hunters.
The vast majority were apprehended by GCPD.
JAMES: Excuse me.
Excuse me.
I take issue with the word "threat.
" These escapees are themselves victims of Hugo Strange.
Now, if any ordinary hard-working citizen wants to help get these poor souls off the street so that they may receive proper treatment, well, these citizens should be lauded and rewarded financially.
James, before they were taken to Indian Hill, these "poor souls" were all criminally insane inmates at Arkham Asylum, were they not? Next question.
Hear that? You should be lauded.
I'll settle for the cash.
How many escapees you brought in now? - Hmm? Six? - Five grand a pop? That's not too bad.
What happens when there aren't any more? I don't think Gotham's running out of monsters anytime soon.
I really can't get you to come back, huh? Look, whatever happened when you went to see Lee, and you know I don't like to pry Sure you don't.
That's because you won't tell me anything.
The whole point is man's not supposed to be alone.
- You have a family here.
- Can't do it, Harv.
But you got no problem chasing down Strange's freaks? Yeah, it pays the rent.
You are a cop in everything but name.
Yeah, except I don't have to listen to Barnes.
I get to go home when I want, get drunk when I want.
And at the end of the day, I sleep.
'Cause saving Gotham's not my job anymore.
Jim, I love you like a brother, but you've got to stop blaming the job for what happened between you and Lee.
And do you really think I don't get drunk when I want? Detective Bullock? I looked into the drug the escapee was after.
It's a powerful immune suppressant.
See, look at Lucius here.
Our new resident expert on all things scientific.
He said sayonara to the Wayne Enterprises robots, hmm, and he loves it here.
Wayne Enterprises revealed itself as morally corrupt.
Here, despite the primitive facilities, casual violence, fascistic meathead culture Lucius? I love it.
Anyway, that drug is only sold at three pharmacies in the city, and the other two pharmacies were both robbed in the last month.
The question is why are Indian Hill escapees now robbing pharmacies? BULLOCK: Good question.
So, what do you say just like the old days you and me run it together Huh, partner? You get a hard lead on an escapee and the price is right, I'll bring him in.
Thanks for the drink.
"Fascistic meathead culture"? I mean, you couldn't try to be just a little bit more positive? - I was very positive.
- Uh-huh.
Why is Hugo Strange the only one that's been arrested? - The situation - And what about the rumors that Indian Hill is a Wayne Enterprises facility? And how many more of these escapees are at large? - Are we talking 20? 30? - Excuse me, excuse me Just give me a blink if I'm close.
The situation is firmly in hand.
OSWALD: Liar! (crowd murmuring) Oh, no.
My name is Oswald Cobblepot.
We know who you are, Penguin.
What do you want? OSWALD: What do I want? I want you to tell the truth to the people of Gotham.
They would have us believe that there is no danger.
But I was there the night those creatures broke out of Indian Hill.
I saw them.
And I saw who's leading them.
Are saying the escapees are organized? Hello! That is what I am saying.
There is absolutely nothing to support that.
I told the police who to look for.
I begged them time and again.
And they have done nothing.
And so I am here to speak directly to the good people of Gotham.
The enemy's name is Fish Mooney.
BARNES: "Fish Mooney"? She hasn't been spotted for over six months.
She's either long gone or she's dead.
I wish I shared your simple belief.
She is a criminal.
She is a murderer.
And now God knows what kind of monster Hugo Strange has turned her into.
I implore every citizen of Gotham, if you love your family, if you love your children, find Fish Mooney.
Until then, no one is safe.
(reporters clamoring) Hello, Jim.
I'm surprised you haven't found Mooney.
I hear you're quite the bounty hunter these days.
You haven't made it worth my while.
Tough guy now.
But he makes a point.
(laughter, indistinct chatter) I know what boys like I know what guys want I know what boys like I got what boys like I know what boys like I know what guys want I know what boys like Boys like me Ozzy.
What a nice surprise.
Forgive me for not coming sooner.
The place looks marvelous! (both chuckle) - Wouldn't you say so, Butch? - Yeah, place looks great.
I imagine you're here about your offer.
To let us shelter under your umbrella? I only want what's best for you.
I appreciate the thought.
But we're big girls.
We can handle ourselves.
Can't we? Sure we can.
Hey, Butch.
Hey, h-h-how you doing? You taking care of yourself? Y-Yeah, yeah.
So, uh, so how you doing? You already asked her that.
(clears throat) Listen.
You guys should take him up on his offer.
Gotham's full of rough characters.
You look great by the way.
Wait over there.
Poor bunny.
Break-ups are hard.
I offered to kill you.
I thought it would raise his spirits.
It would be my pleasure seeing as how you murdered my mother! (chuckles) But he is nursing some foolish hope that you two will get back together.
(chuckles) You can take your offer and stick it up We'll think about it, Ozzy.
(sighs) Fine.
But that's not the only reason I'm here.
Spread the word.
I want Fish Mooney.
And I will give a million dollars to whoever can bring her to me.
Dead or alive.
Chopped into pieces.
I want her.
You okay, Butch? (sighs) World getting you down? Yeah, I'm fine, kid.
And you're too young to be in here.
- Scram.
- Jeesh.
Just trying to be nice.
Just seeing her kills me, you know? Get over it.
And that child just stole your wallet.
(cat yowling) Hey, Barbara and that whip lady are gonna get angry you stealing from their customers.
Let them.
I got other things going.
- Like what? - Top secret.
Let's eat; I'm starving.
Hey, kid.
Take it.
It's yours.
IVY: Keep feeding strays, one's gonna follow you home.
SELINA: Like you? Well, that should be the last of it.
I'll put the kettle on.
There's nothing like a sweet cup of tea to make home feel like home after a long trip away.
Hey, Master Bruce? You all right? Were we right to leave, Alfred? Stay away all this time? Well, considering the appalling sight of the topiary, I should say absolutely bloody not.
Alfred, you know what I mean.
I know you know why we left.
We had to leave.
You're nervous about tomorrow, aren't you? - Yes.
- Well, you wouldn't be human if you weren't.
So, why don't you go through there, take a pew.
Pop your feet up, and I'll see about that lovely cup of tea.
All right? Saving that for someone special? Coffee, please.
(sighs) "Search continues for new Arkham Asylum director.
" Right.
Good luck finding anyone to take that job.
- (groans) - I'm Valerie Vale.
- Reporter for The Gazette.
- I know who you are.
And you're James Gordon.
Son of a respected Gotham D.
Former war hero.
Former white knight cop.
Now bounty hunter.
You know, someone should do a story on you.
- Eh, not interested.
- Yeah, me neither, actually.
You were there that night, at Indian Hill.
- I got nothing to say.
- What about the fact that besides Hugo Strange and his assistant, no one else has been arrested? Or that despite everything pointing to Wayne Enterprises, there seems to be zero investigation.
You're new to Gotham, aren't you? Okay, this is where you tell me things work differently here? I'm not from Gotham, but my dad's a cop.
My brothers are cops.
And things work the same everywhere.
I was going to say it's hard to find a quiet bar in the city.
I like coming here.
Please don't make me find another.
Now, do you think Cobblepot's right? That Fish Mooney's organizing the escapees? Penguin is a liar and a murderer.
Hmm but But based on the escapees, and knowing Fish I hope not.
Well he's offering a million dollars to whoever brings her in.
You're welcome.
(keys jangling) (lock clicks) It's a puzzle.
The trick is opening it.
The man at the store said it's one of the most difficult ever made.
People pass it down unsolved for generations.
A mathematician once went mad trying (scoffs) Yes.
(chuckles) Well, there you go.
(laughs) It was a lovely thought.
And did you got the biscuits? A-And the sweater? I-I know how drafty these rooms are.
- Mr.
- Oswald.
When I think of how I treated you Stop.
Why are you being so kind? Talking to you these past months, I don't know how I would've gotten by otherwise.
With Fish out there planning who knows what Me being surrounded by morons and lunatics.
I know the feeling.
Why didn't she kill me when she had the chance? I was powerless.
She must have a larger goal.
I-I need to know what she is doing.
Do you? When Alexander encountered the Gordian knot, a knot so complex no one had ever been able to untangle it he just removed his sword and cut it in two.
(chuckles) Details can be distracting.
Sometimes a simple solution is best.
See, no matter what she is planning, just remember penguins eat fish.
You know why we're here.
- What are you doing here? - Stop.
Stop (gasping) So what are we after? It's not like they keep cash around.
For now, survival.
GUARD: Don't move! (gun clicks) Hands.
(handcuffs clinking) Of course.
Drop the gun.
Now knock yourself out.
(chuckles) That was awesome.
How did you (Mooney grunts, glass rattles) Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Whoa, Fish.
I'm fine.
Watch the door.
Yeah, that's the only company that makes the drug.
Gray Pharma.
They actually have a warehouse here in Gotham.
You think they could be a target? Well, they're the only pharmacy that carries the drug.
If somebody wants it, they'll have to go to the source.
Let me find the address.
That's all right.
(phone beeps) James Gordon.
Hands where I can see them.
So, what? You're here to collect the bounty Penguin has over my head? What is it, a million dollars? And to think I let that punk live.
Well, then, I think you better cuff me.
Cuff yourself.
(handcuffs clink on the floor) How many others you have with you? They're all with me.
Every wretched soul that Hugo Strange experimented on.
But tonight, just him.
(both grunting) (hissing) (grunting continues) (screeching) (growls) Did you hear them rats last night? Scurrying around in the attic, driving me bloody bonkers.
I'm gonna ask you, what's the point of having a caretaker, if they can't take care of nothing, aye? You all right, Master B? Hungry.
- I should've eaten.
- WOMAN: Excuse me, gentlemen.
I do this, there's no turning back.
You say your piece.
We'll see about getting you a proper breakfast, all right? (low chatter) I'd like to thank the board for giving me this time.
It will come as no surprise I'd like to talk about Indian Hill.
I know preliminary investigations have concluded Hugo Strange acted alone.
I reject this conclusion.
While trapped in Indian Hill, I was led to believe an unnamed group had taken control of my company, and it was they who hired Hugo Strange.
(smacks lips) I left Gotham both for my own safety and so that I might have the time to discover hard evidence - of their existence.
- (man laughs) A conspiracy theory? That's why we're all here? ALFRED: Excuse me, Master Bruce.
Pardon me, sir, might I have your name, please? - What? - Your name please, sir.
Crowley, did your parents ever teach you any manners? I don't have to listen to this.
Oh, but you do, sir! That is precisely the point that I am making.
BRUCE: I know how it sounds.
But I now have proof they exist.
And I can tell you that they're here.
In this room.
I want to talk face to face.
You have 24 hours to contact me, or the information that I've gathered will be sent to every newspaper and television station in Gotham.
Thank you for your time.
Pancakes? (chuckles) Pancakes.
(thunder rumbling) WHITE-HAIRED WOMAN: And how did the board react? Then he leaves us no choice.
Bruce Wayne.
Do it quietly.
(train whistle blowing) People say beware But I don't care The rules are just (wolf whistle) To me Me I walk in a room You know I look - You Barbara Kean? - We're closed.
What? You built this club on our territory.
We let you, 'cause we heard Penguin had your back.
- And now we hear that ain't so.
- Oh.
Bad for you; good for us.
(Barbara exhales) Get the hell out.
This place is ours now.
Do you understand? You can't just come Don't hit me, okay? Please.
(crying) (laughing) (laughing hysterically) (grunts) (grunts) (man groaning) (laughing) Hey.
You still paying for stuff about the Indian Hill freaks? Depends.
If it's good.
Is Fish Mooney good? - Guess I'm finding a new bar.
- I heard you ran into Fish Mooney yesterday.
- So? - So are you still interested in finding her? Every cop in the city's looking for her now.
But I know where she's gonna be next.
- Why are you telling me? - You see, I need something from the cops.
They're not gonna tell me, but Bullock still trusts you.
And you want me to lie to him.
A million dollars covers a lot of sins.
And obviously, I get to come along.
Don't tell me you have a conscience.
Yeah, all right.
Jimmy, hey.
So after your run-in with Fish, Barnes had us up all night, rousting her old hideouts.
- Yeah.
Did you find anything? - Nada.
But I did get what you asked for.
Want to tell me what this is about? It's a hunch.
Probably nothing.
Well, if you got a hot lead you don't want to share so you can collect Penguin's money, I got no problem with that.
Just don't get yourself killed or me fired, okay? I'll do my best.
Hey, get some rest, huh? Hey.
When'd you get back? A couple days ago.
I tried to find you before I left.
No worries.
You remember what I discovered that night at Indian Hill? That there was a secret group that infiltrated my company.
I wasn't paying attention.
I needed time to research them.
I couldn't do it here.
I have a plan, but these people are powerful.
We need to assume they know you and I are friends.
You need to be careful.
- Got it.
- I'm serious.
I can see that! I'm sorry I was gone for so long.
Don't apologize.
Shoot, if I could fly to Italy and eat pizza all day, I would, too.
- Switzerland.
- Italy's better.
- Selina - Bruce, seriously don't sweat it.
I got to go.
I'll see you around.
Good to see you, Selina.
- Hey, did you get it? - Yeah.
She's under guard in a building on Douglas and 80th.
There's one thing, though.
Hey! What the hell are you doing?! You're 100 yards from a police station.
I'll be back in an hour or two.
We had a deal.
If there's a story, I'll make sure you get it.
Oh, you're a son of a bitch.
Also, you could scream, but then you'd have to tell the cops everything.
And you'd lose the story entirely.
Gordon! Son of a bitch! (indistinct radio transmission) 47 this is dispatch.
OFFICER: This is 47.
Report to Captain Barnes immediately.
Relief team will take your place.
Over and out.
You got it.
We're out of here.
(indistinct chatter) (car doors open) (knocking) I knocked.
I didn't answer.
You alone? All day, every day.
I wasn't expecting Jim Gordon to stop by.
You aren't supposed to be here, are you? How come you're not in jail? I agreed to testify against Professor Strange.
In case you're about to ask, I don't know who really ran Indian Hill.
I don't care who ran Indian Hill.
Then why are you here? Fish Mooney.
And why would I know how to find Fish Mooney? No reason you would.
But it's clear whatever you and Strange did to her is making her sick.
Her people are stealing drugs.
But I don't think they're working.
She's gonna come after you.
Or her goons will.
And they'll lead me to her.
And how will they find me? Only the police are supposed to know.
My guess she'll have someone get the information for her.
Someone who wouldn't suspect being used.
Maybe a reporter.
She'll follow that person or whoever she goes to for help.
In this case, a bounty hunter.
Right to you.
(floorboard creaking) You led them to me on purpose.
You're using me as bait.
I don't like being played.
Plus she's worth a million dollars.
(grunts) No! Gordon! Help! Somebody help! (grunting) (hissing) (grunts) (hissing) BARNES: I don't know, which one of you I want to bat over the head with this cane more.
I get it.
Life disappointed you.
So what? Does that make you special? I'm done with you.
You cross me again, I will have you skinned alive and your head put on a pike.
And you, when I came back, and saw the way you handled things while I was away, I swear, I had this feeling right here.
I thought I was having a heart attack.
But it was pride, Bullock.
In you.
The next time I have that feeling, I'll know it was just gas.
You both better pray that we find her.
Get out of my sight.
(door opens) (wheezing cough) I'd say that went well.
He was right though.
About me being Captain.
I did a good job.
I even liked it.
Hey, look, I'm sorry, Harvey.
I'll do my best to find Peabody.
Honestly, Jim, for the time being, I think it might be better if you just stayed away.
Hey! - Ow.
- Just tell me, did you know? Did I know what? That Mooney was using us to find Peabody.
You mean using you? Yeah, it's her kind of play.
You should've told me.
Why don't you tell me who your source was? That's it? You're not gonna try and find Mooney? Barnes is on it.
I've had a long day.
I'm gonna get a drink.
Gordon Nothing.
- Come on.
- I said no.
- Who are they? - Just people.
They need me to do things for them.
Well, I can do stuff.
(sighs) These are scary people, okay? - It's for your own good.
- You just don't want to share.
Just stay here, all right? Hello? What do you want? I want to talk to her.
I was following her.
She was kind to me.
But then she met him.
That boy.
What happened to you? - You know me? - Uh, yeah.
I know Bruce Wayne.
Who is he? Who is he? What's wrong with you? Let go of me! Bruce Wayne! Bruce Wayne.
Who is he? Really do not have time for this! He started it.
BORIS: It's a lie! They cwub is in our territory "Cwub?" (chuckling) What's a "cwub?" Cwub.
What's a "cwub?" I mean, can anyone understand him? - Do you know what a "cwub" is? - Cwub.
(stamps foot) Enough.
We will work something out.
Now, this is his territory.
What are you willing to give him? Boop.
(chuckles) That is not helpful.
Are you telling me you don't see what's going on here? He is behind this.
What are you talking about? He sent this ding dong to squeeze us, hoping it would send us back to you, so that he could lord it over Tabby.
Ain't that right? That's c that's just that's crazy.
(chuckles) She's crazy.
She was in Arkham.
Hello? "Hello?" So was I.
Is that true, Butch? - (clears throat) - (scoffs) Unbelievable.
(body thumps) Fine.
Run your club.
Just so we're clear, the only reason you are alive is Butch.
The moment he gives the word, you're mine.
(growling) Hello again.
I know why you brought me here.
Your body is beginning to reject the changes we made to your DNA.
You feel it every time you use your ability.
How do I fix it? Stop using the power.
Every time you use it, new cells are activated, and your body rejects them.
Stop, and you will recover.
It's that simple.
It's just I like the new me.
I can't fix you.
I can't re-order your DNA (Peabody gasps) There's always a way.
He can.
(grunts) He's the only one.
(groaning) - Where is Strange? - I don't know.
They've hidden him somewhere secret.
Him fixing me is just the beginning.
I want an army.
I want an army like me! And he is going to give it to me.
- He can't.
- Oh, he will.
Or he will die.
(indistinct grumbling) You remember Marv.
He's one of yours.
Sort of a fountain of youth in reverse.
Good night, Ethel.
(whimpering): No! (groaning) (groaning echoes, stops) (through mask): We caught a spy.
Ivy? Selina, tell this creep to let go of me.
She's my friend.
- MOONEY: I don't like spies.
- She's not a spy.
Ivy, what are you doing here? I followed you the other day, so I knew where you went.
(sighs) Bruce Wayne came looking for you, but he was acting all weird Who else have you told about us? - No one.
- I asked her.
- Selina - Ivy, shut up! They're those monsters everyone's talking about, aren't they? You better tell your friend to be careful who she calls a monster.
IVY: You better stay away from me.
All of you! I'll tell! Marv? SELINA: No! Leave her alone! IVY: Stay away from me! Ivy! Ivy! Ivy! (woman grunts) Watch out! (grunting) Help! (screams) (water splashes) Ivy? (gasping) (sobbing) (indistinct chatter) Right, once this alarm is set, Master Bruce, no coming downstairs till the morning, is that clear? Yes, but was a new alarm system really necessary? I don't know.
Was it really necessary offering a challenge to a shadowy cabal? Yes, it was necessary, Master Bruce.
(windows rattling) (grunting) (thuds) (grunting) (grunting continues) (door opens) BRUCE: Alfred? Alf Alfred! Alfred, wake up.
Alfred! (muffled gasping)