Gotham (2014) s04e10 Episode Script

Things That Go Boom

1 Previously on "Gotham" OSWALD: You paid off the mayor to make Jim Gordon captain.
- Don't ever betray me again.
- Never.
I need to know what Sofia's planning, and who she is planning it with.
Plain, dumb Ed.
I would like you to go to the Narrows and bundle him up, bring him back to me.
They're the ones that are the problem.
They work for Penguin.
I would like to announce that we just quit working for Penguin.
This is your turf, now.
HARPER: What is he doing to them? GORDON: He's cooking them.
PYG: They're people pies.
Eat the pies, or the boy dies.
(grunting) No! (shouts) SOFIA: Jim! GORDON: The suspect known as the Pyg is in custody.
The GCPD kept its promise.
I'm not your enemy, Jim.
I never will be.
OSWALD: Did you find anything out? "I saw Sofia kissing the policeman.
" She will answer for what she's done.
(old-timey music playing in distance) - I should be happy - MAN: Thursday.
Thursday is my day.
Thursday's my day.
You can't, you can't be here.
Thursday's my day.
(record scratches) - ("Ave Maria" playing) - Ave Maria Ooh, yeah.
I don't like that song.
My ma used to beat me to it.
It was playing when I killed her.
(laughs softly) So, now, you turn it off.
Or I do the same to you.
Why did your mother beat you? Were you a naughty boy? Did you soil your trousers? Was it (stuttering) a stutter? Perhaps? Open the gate, open the gate, open the gate now.
Try it.
Everybody calm down.
(groans) (gate rattling) GUARD: Back off.
Back off of the gate.
I really wish you hadn't done that.
(creaking, clicking) (grunts) I paid a fortune to look this good.
(yelling) ("Ave Maria" continues playing) (alarm ringing) The gate is locked! Everybody, just stay where you are.
All right, open the gate.
That's enough.
Okay, it's over.
Just open the gate and let us in.
The doctors at Arkham took these after the fight.
The Pyg had titanium plates surgically grafted onto the bones of his face.
The result of which radically changed his appearance.
When we booked him, his fingerprints were burnt off.
I've seen it before on criminals that want to hide their identity.
- But never anything like this.
- And that's not all.
The doctors also noted scar tissue behind his ears and along his neckline, indicating he's had multiple surgeries.
That explains why we couldn't I.
him off his photo.
This doesn't make any sense.
The Pyg is a glory hound.
Everything he's done, it's all been about grabbing the spotlight.
Classic sociopath behavior.
So why doesn't he want us to know who he really is? Now is the time he should be taking credit for his crimes.
Can you use this X-ray to reconstruct his face? See what he looked like before he had any work done? It's certainly possible, but it will take some time.
Get started.
I want to know who the Pyg really is.
Morning, Cap.
How's the shoulder? This? Oh, just a scratch.
You got a visitor.
What are you doing here? I haven't heard from you in a few days.
I didn't realize I was supposed to call.
I figured, after the other night, we were gonna start seeing each other again.
We're not.
I get it.
You're worried about Penguin finding out about us, that I made you captain.
You don't have to be.
I already told him.
I'm sorry, you did what? I have it under control.
Is that what you think? It's what I know.
I'm going to remove Penguin from the picture, and when I do, I want us to be together.
It's not gonna work, Sofia.
Even if Penguin is out of the picture, I just don't see a way forward for us.
I'm sorry.
(siren wailing, people shouting) BOOKIE: I run the dog races.
He runs the cock fights.
Now he's coming in, muscling on my business.
I got mouths to feed.
BOOKIE: You race those dogs again, and I'll slit your damn throat.
- All right.
- (growling) (quietly): If she stabs him, it solves the issue.
I started this court so we could work out disputes peacefully.
This is how things are gonna be done from now on, understood? Now, you're both admitting to having down months.
Seems the only solution is for you to partner up.
Both of you work together, you stay strong.
That's settled.
Thank you.
Moving on.
How's your daughter? Fever came down.
Thanks to you, Doc.
These bums are so lucky to have you.
You cure their children, you solve their problems.
I haven't forgotten about you, Ed.
Yes, you say that and yet, I remain a moron.
I said I would fix you.
And I will.
MAN: Make way.
Oh out of my way! Out of my way, I need to see the doc! THOMPKINS: What happened? Sampson sent his thugs to my shop demanding protection money.
I told them no.
I said this is your neighborhood now.
I'm sorry, who's Sampson? He controls the territory just south of here.
All right, go to the clinic.
I'll stitch you up.
You know, this was bound to happen.
You're a new leader in the Narrows.
Sampson's just testing you.
But, you have to show him and these people that you can't be pushed around.
What, should I send Grundy to rip his arms off? Look at him.
- (growling) - It's what he lives for.
I'm asking these people to settle things amicably.
I can't just be a hypocrite and send Grundy every time I have a problem.
(sighs) Okay.
What would you like to do? (thunder rumbles) Hello, Sofia.
(chuckles) Oswald, what a pleasant surprise.
Oh, I assure you, dear, there is nothing pleasant about it.
I have continually been suspicious of you.
And yet, at every turn, you always had the perfect explanation to put my mind at ease.
But now, I finally have proof that you are my enemy.
You lied to me.
You told me you hated Gordon.
(quietly): You are his lover.
Martin saw you kissing him after the party.
That's-that's ridiculous.
I'm not sure what Martin thought he saw, but I can assure you, it was no kiss.
Enough of your lies.
Our entire friendship, the intimacies we shared, they were nothing more - than a pathetic charade.
- Well, Oswald, I swear.
I swear, I care for you deeply.
Ha! Oh, I wish that were true.
But after Martin told me about you and Gordon, I did a little digging into your boyfriend.
Interesting, he took a trip down South shortly before you arrived in Gotham.
Coincidence? I think not.
So you see, I know that the two of you have been plotting to destroy me from the very beginning.
Bravo, Oswald.
Do you know I was warned you were a mastermind? (clicks tongue) Turns out, you were an easy mark.
It is truly amazing what you can accomplish with goulash and a good foot rub.
Now I see the real you.
(sniffles) I was blind to your manipulations.
But today I'm going to correct that mistake.
You will tell me the full extent of your plan.
If your father was involved, which of my captains you have turned, and how you intend to rid me from the city.
Bring him out.
Allow me to introduce you to The Dentist.
And he is not the kind who gives out lollipops after the visit.
(birds squawking) (lock buzzes) Captain Gordon.
I wondered if my little scuffle would bring you here.
I'm so glad it did.
I've missed our little chats.
Then you can start by telling me who you really are.
Don't you know? Jim, I'm a reflection of you.
I don't see it.
(gasps lightly) (chuckles, sighs) James, you swine.
(metal clicks) (sighs) I want to know who's hiding behind that mask.
What you see is what you get.
What I see is someone who craves attention.
So why are you concealing your true identity? Don't you want to take the credit for all your brilliant crimes? Oh, I get all the credit.
The whole town has gone hog wild for the Pyg.
- (snorts) - Not since I caught you.
You're yesterday's news.
It's not true.
This is Gotham.
You're a second-class psychopath compared to what we've got.
Jerome Valeska, Fish Mooney, Penguin they have staying power.
- You don't.
- You're wrong.
I terrified this whole city for months.
- People will remember that.
- No, they won't.
In fact, they've already forgotten you.
But not you, Jim.
- You're here.
- A final visit.
Now I'm gonna walk out that door and never think about you again.
(chuckles) Mind games.
You really think that's going to work on me? Guard, we're done here.
- (keys jangling) - James, we're not done here.
Have a nice life.
(in Southern accent): Don't you walk out on me.
You will never forget me.
I promise you that.
(whispers): There you are.
(door locks) (gun hammer clicks) SAMPSON: So you're Doc.
I heard you had a giant.
I figured you might've brought him along with you rather than this, uh - has-been.
- Excuse me.
(gun hammers clicking) Why would I bring Grundy along for a friendly conversation? Look, I understand you had a deal with Cherry where you left her people alone.
I expect you to honor the same with me.
Why would I do that? You're not even from the Narrows.
You have no idea how things work around here.
Maybe you're right, but I do know that you love money.
I'm willing to offer you ten percent of fight night.
SAMPSON: You just don't get it, huh? I'm not negotiating.
I'm taking.
I'm taking the clinic.
I'm taking the club.
I'm taking your whole damn neighborhood.
Okay, we tried this your way.
Let's use Grundy.
(coughing) Well, that doesn't sound so good.
You cough up blood yet? What's it to you? Bad case of Narrows Lung going around.
- (fly buzzing) - What the hell is that? (coughs) It's a new virus.
I've seen it kill a few people already.
- (coughs) - First you cough up blood and within a few days you're dead, unless you have treatment.
I'll sweeten the deal.
I will doctor your people free of charge.
(laughs) You're not gonna get a better offer than that.
(laughs, coughs) All right.
I'll be back in a few days to negotiate with whoever takes your place after you drown in your own blood.
Tell you what, Doc.
Make it 30% of fight night, you got yourself a deal.
That's too much.
Don't take it.
(coughing) Come by the clinic later.
We'll see about that cough.
(groans) Your teeth are quite lovely.
I look forward to putting them in my trophy case.
You have no idea who I am, do you? DENTIST: Of course I do.
You are Don Falcone's daughter.
He killed my brother.
(drill whirring) I'm going to enjoy this.
It's true he killed your brother, but not your wife, Elaine, or your son, Joseph.
No, they're still alive, probably having lunch in your two bedroom on Seventh Ave right now.
See? I made it a point to learn every detail of Penguin's organization.
For instance, I learned that he only trusts one man for this type of job.
And in the event that I am ever tortured, my people have instructions to kill your family.
Interesting threat.
But no one's going to know that you were tortured because no one is going to find your body.
(laughs): Oh, 'cause you don't think I have spies inside Penguin's organization.
He's right about me, though.
I have been conspiring against him for months, turning his captains against him one by one and today is the day that I will finally take him down.
So, if my people don't hear from me soon, your family's dead.
But if you don't believe me drill away.
Excuse me, her restraints need tightening.
(drill whirring) (screaming) Hmm, wise decision.
Now untie me.
(door handle clicks) (muffled screaming) Things are finally looking up.
- BARBARA: Wakey-wakey.
- (gasps) Oh, hello.
I don't believe we've met.
I'm Barbara Kean.
This ferocious lady is Tabitha Galavan, and that kitty-cat that's Selina Kyle.
I know who you are.
Penguin wants you dead for betraying him down in the Narrows.
What do you want with me? Well, we heard you and Ozzie are BFFs.
So you're going to try and leverage me to get Penguin not to kill you.
TABITHA: We have some other demands, but essentially, yeah.
That's a good plan.
Except for the fact that Penguin just tried to kill me.
Why would he do that? Because I am so close to taking his underworld from him.
(chuckles) You're lying.
Am I? I've been working Penguin for months.
Manipulating him into behaving exactly how I want him to.
Every move he made today, I orchestrated.
Now you three are screwing things up.
So you want him out of your life, let me go.
Maybe she's telling the truth.
She's a Falcone.
She learned to lie before she could read.
But, whether you're friend or foe makes no difference to me.
Because Penguin will still make the deal.
Get him on the phone.
(train clacking) (horn blows) You'll grow into it.
(chuckles) Because of you, I was able to vanquish my enemy.
And now that you've proven yourself I see a beautiful future ahead for you.
I have so much wisdom to impart.
And if you pay attention one day, all of this could be yours.
What's wrong? (scribbling) What are you talking about? You mean you did not see Sofia kissing Gordon? (Oswald reading): "She wanted me to tell you they "kissed.
" Why would she do that? Unless she knew exactly how I would respond.
She wanted me to confront her.
Even torture her.
- Boss.
- (grunts) We have a problem.
The Dentist is gone.
And what happened to Sofia? To be honest, that's still a little unclear.
Barbara Kean has her.
What?! How do you know this?! She's on the phone.
- Says she wants to make a deal.
- (exclaims) Give me that.
Hello, Oswald.
I see you have crawled out from whatever rock you were hiding under.
What are you doing with Sofia? We scooped her up this morning.
And, of course, when we did, we thought she was your best friend.
Turns out she's your worst enemy.
I want her back.
Name your price.
We keep the gun shop, we don't share profits, and from this point forward, we operate with complete autonomy.
I will send Zsasz over to collect her.
She had better be there when he arrives.
She will be.
(phone beeps) And as for you, young man, our conversation is not over.
So this is what the Pyg used to look like.
That's him.
All right, send it out to police stations across the country.
Start in the South.
- The South? Why? - When I pressed him, he spoke in a Southern accent.
Could have done that deliberately to throw you off? No.
He slipped up I saw it in his eyes.
This is the best lead we've got.
Let's see where it goes.
NYGMA: I don't understand you.
If Sampson's cough will kill him, why not let him die? There's no such thing as Narrows Lung.
He probably just has bronchitis.
I give him some medicine, he feels better, problem solved.
Okay, what about the 30%? Once he has that, he's just gonna want more.
(door creaking) (low, electrical buzzing) (whispers): Sampson, you son of a bitch.
Now do you see who you're dealing with? I know you wanted to try this your way.
No more diplomacy, Lee.
Take Grundy and end this.
I have a better idea.
That was easy.
A little too easy.
SOFIA: Because he couldn't wait to get you off the phone.
We need to get out of here.
And then what happens? You take over from Penguin? We are not working for anyone but ourselves.
I'm not asking you to.
I will give you everything you want from Penguin.
TABITHA: You're not in a position to offer us anything.
We're in charge here.
SELINA: Uh, guys, I think we should listen to her.
- Why? - Because Zsasz is standing out front holding a rocket launcher.
(all coughing) I'm gonna break his little beak in half.
- Jim! - Sorry, Cap, I tried to stop her.
I told her she had to wait.
It's okay, Detective.
I've got it.
Sofia, what happened to you? (crying): I underestimated Oswald.
He found out we were plotting against him, and he-he just tried to kill me, Jim.
He can't hurt you here.
If he finds out I'm alive, he will come after me, and he won't stop until I'm dead.
You are the captain of the GCPD.
Your men would follow you anywhere.
Please, please, use the position I gave you and end this.
What are you proposing I do? You have an army just take the fight to Penguin.
So this was your plan.
To start a war.
You knew you didn't have the numbers to fight Penguin on your own, so you made me captain, knowing it would come to this, and I'd take him out for you.
Your job is to stop criminals, Jim here you go.
It is not that simple, and you know it.
We could bring law and order back to Gotham.
This is exactly what you asked for when you came down South, and it is yours for the taking.
You know what has to be done, Jim.
Crush Penguin.
(siren wailing in distance) (distant horn honking) I trusted you, Martin and you betrayed me.
I think it's time for you to go back to the orphanage.
- Boss? - Hold on! Let the little spy step out of the room.
So? The place went up like a great ball of fire.
Alert the capos.
We are going to unleash a crime wave on this city like it has never seen.
That will teach Jim Gordon to align himself with Sofia Falcone.
GORDON: I wouldn't make that call if I were you.
I just spoke with Sofia.
She's alive, and she told me you tried to kill her.
Hearsay, Jim.
Been here all day.
I have witnesses.
I don't care.
I'm not here to arrest you.
I came to make a deal.
I think we've both put up with Sofia long enough.
Victor, would you give us a moment? Okay, Jim, you have my attention.
Since the moment she set foot in Gotham, Sofia has put us on a path to war.
She's willing to let this city burn to the ground to prove herself to her father.
I can't allow that.
So what do you want from me? I'm putting her on a train home tonight.
But I need assurances from you you won't get involved.
(laughs) Not good enough! She needs to suffer for what she has done.
That is not gonna happen.
And how do you think your girlfriend's gonna react when she realizes you betrayed her? You think she's just gonna run away quietly? If she sets foot in Gotham again, I'll put her behind bars.
And if I say no? Then I'll have no choice but to use the full force of the GCPD to tear you apart, piece by piece.
That does not sound very pleasant.
It won't be.
I guess I can put aside my personal feelings for the good of this city.
But I do have one question for you, Jim.
Once Sofia is gone where does that leave us? No more licenses.
If you or any other criminal in this city break the law, my men will enforce it.
But at least you won't have to worry about Sofia again.
So do we have a deal? After all we have been through together, Jim, it is nice that we can resolve this matter with diplomacy.
(Sampson belches) Ah, Doc.
I heard about what happened to your clinic.
What a shame.
I was looking forward to you curing my, uh, Narrows Lung.
(laughing) I want you cleared out of the Narrows by the end of the day.
What did you say to me? I think she was pretty clear.
Then allow me to be clear.
This is my turf, and I'm not going anywhere.
And you two have dug your own graves.
Oh, well, then I guess you don't want this? What's that? The antidote to the poison I had slipped in your drink about 30 minutes ago.
(chuckles): Ironic, isn't it? It's the only thing from the clinic that wasn't destroyed.
Some vials of medicine I had mixed into a deadly combination.
Should be kicking in, uh, right about now.
You're bluffing.
I feel absolutely f (chokes) I'm sorry, what was that? (gasping): Get 'em! THOMPKINS: Come any closer and I'll destroy this.
(coughing) (choking) Like I said you leave by the end of the day, and you'll live.
Deal? (quietly): Okay.
(gasps) (Sampson hacking) I know you're disappointed, but I am doing this to protect you.
Disappointment doesn't quite cover it, Jim.
If you stay in Gotham, Penguin will kill you.
Don't put this on Penguin.
If you have something to say, I think you should say it.
We're the same, Jim.
I saw it the first moment we met.
We both want power.
You want to deny it, but it's true.
And it is just easier to send me away.
(handcuffs clack) Detective Harper, please take Ms.
Falcone to the train station and escort her back home.
(whispers): Please don't do this.
Better get going.
You'll miss your train.
(thunder crashing) ZSASZ: Gordon put her on the train.
Talk about a turn of events.
Did not see that coming.
What about the kid? You want me to take him back to the orphanage? That won't be necessary.
Martin, I have been thinking.
I was angry.
I did not mean what I Martin? Martin.
Oh, he's cute.
He doesn't talk.
The kid gives me the creeps.
(sighs) Let's get this over with.
(train whistle blows) Nervous about something? Well, we have a long way to go.
So get comfy.
ZSASZ: Tickets, please.
(gasps) What? Hello, Victor.
- Where's the boy? - Alive, for now.
If Oswald wants to keep it that way, he will meet me under the Crown Point Bridge in one hour.
MAN (over P.
): Next stop, Stevenstown.
That's my stop.
Do you mind? Not at all.
(gunshot) Thank you.
(ship horn blows) Glad you could make it, Oswald.
Everything will be all right, Martin, I promise.
Well, that depends on you.
Turn over control of the underworld to me, and I'll let little Martin here keep his head.
The name Falcone used to mean something in this town.
Wait until your father hears of this threatening the life of a child! - He will be disgusted! - Wrong.
My father will be proud.
Must be hard to live your whole life trying to get Daddy's approval.
I, myself, can't relate, seeing as my parents loved me without condition.
Say one more word and I will kill him, and then I will execute you.
I am choosing compassion, but I am willing to change my position.
Don't hurt the boy.
He's innocent.
I submit.
(whispers): Go ahead.
Martin, I want you to know I'm sorry for what I said.
I do care about you.
You know that's true, don't you? Good.
Now, go wait in the car.
You were wise to use the boy.
As you know, my heart is my greatest weakness, but I will not allow him to be used as a pawn in your game anymore.
You wanted a war, you've got one! (rapid gunfire) (indistinct conversations) (glass breaking) Ed.
Why so blue? We had a great day.
You had a great day.
I did nothing to help.
That's not true.
I couldn't have done it without you.
I'm not meant to be a sidekick, Lee.
Sampson was right, I'm a has-been.
No, you're not.
Look I asked you to trust me with something today and you did.
So I'm gonna trust you with something.
I haven't been looking for a cure for your brain, Ed, because there's nothing wrong with you.
- But you - Sure.
At first there was an effect from the ice, but I ran all the tests; it checks out.
There's nothing wrong with you, physically.
Your condition is psychological.
Think about it.
You knew every move that Sampson was gonna make before he made it.
You lied to me.
Why? Because I was afraid that if I told you the truth, you would go back to being who you were before, The Riddler.
And I like who you've become.
Who's that? Ed Nygma.
The Ed that you were before.
My friend.
Well, that backfired.
Penguin's gonna be coming for us.
What are we gonna do? We hit him before he hits us.
Lady, you lost.
Penguin just blew up that kid.
I admit I didn't see that coming.
But Oswald still has to align his capos before he moves on us.
We use that window of time to make our play.
You didn't get told "no" a lot as a kid, did you? You took your shot and you missed.
- We're going it alone from here.
- You leave now, and you will never have a piece of this city.
Now, that sounded like a threat.
Your club is destroyed.
You have nowhere else to turn.
You need me.
Penguin may have won the battle, but tomorrow we win the war.
ZSASZ: Boss.
My boy.
You did a splendid job of dying.
Victor will take you to a safe location.
You can never return to Gotham.
This is good-bye, my friend.
(scribbling) There, there.
This is what I have to do to protect you.
One day, when you are older, you will understand.
Sofia's on her heels, boss.
Let's finish her off.
Have someone else take the kid.
I want my top man on this.
Besides, I have something much better planned for Sofia Falcone.
You were right about the Pyg.
A precinct down South recognized the picture you had me send out.
His real name is Lazlo Valentine.
What do we know about him? He was being held for a string of murders down there ten years ago.
But here's the thing: his previous victims weren't police officers, and there was no Pyg persona.
Serial killers don't usually change their M.
This guy did.
You said he was being held.
Did they say why their case fell apart? It didn't.
He escaped.
Call Arkham.
Have them put a guard on his cell.
I'm on my way.
(metal clanks) Pyg? (metal clanks) (metal clanks) Pyg? (guard grunts) (gagging) (sighs) (water turns off) (gasps) Hello, Ed.
No! (exhales, inhales) Miss me? (laughs) (thunder rumbles) GORDON: Open it, let's go.
GUARD: Sound the alarm! (alarm ringing)