Gotham (2014) s04e18 Episode Script

That's Entertainment

1 Previously on Gotham Where is Xander Wilde? My God, there's two of 'em.
I'm gonna drive you mad brother.
All of Gotham will be joining you, too.
You shall become the Demon's Head.
She's got the mark of the Demon's Head.
No woman has ever been allowed to lead the League of Shadows.
But the sisters of the League are yours to command.
Tell me what I need to know.
I could have killed Jerome, but I didn't.
Don't take so much responsibility that you get yourself killed.
I came up with a plan to turn this city into a madhouse.
Oh, we're gonna need a lot more of this.
Thank you all for coming this evening.
As your interim mayor, I know my recent appointment was sudden.
And, perhaps, a bit of a shock to some.
Quite frankly, I was shocked.
What is important now is the future of this great city.
And that is why I am meeting with all of you.
Well, Mayor, as chairperson of Gotham's Moral Authority Society, our members have been, quite frankly, unnerved by the recent going-ons in our great city.
We have seen criminals take office, gun fights in our streets, corruption Mrs.
Haverstock, the commissioner and I have worked tirelessly these past few weeks to improve the way this city conducts itself.
Wyatt? Everything all right? We're looking into it now, sir.
Did a window blow open? It's gotten so cold.
- What's happened? - Don't come any closer! Good evening, everyone.
- What do you want with us? - Sorry, no time for questions, Mr.
You see, your presence is urgently needed elsewhere.
Whatever you expect as ransom, I-I will double it.
I have access to the police pension fund.
Wow, that could be a lot of money.
Tempting, but, uh no, thanks.
Bridgit, isn't it? I can get you safe passage from the city, money, a new home It was people like you that locked me up in Strange's lab, and thanks to that, there is no Bridgit anymore.
I can get you a pardon, son.
All will be forgiven, just stop this lunatic.
"Lunatic" is a little harsh.
I prefer "visionary.
" Oswald, can't you do something? Afraid not.
I am with Mr.
Valeska 100%.
Every cop in this city will be looking for us, and when they find you, expect no mercy, just a hail of bullets.
So serious.
That's why your approval ratings are so low.
Hey, tell you what.
Try threatening me again, but this time, try it with a smile.
Aw, see, this is what's wrong.
Nobody knows how to have fun anymore, right? But see our friend down there? Bag head? He's figured out a way to solve that.
It's time to give this city the boost it needs.
Time to stop taking ourselves so seriously I mean, come on, Gotham.
What do you have to lose? Except your sanity.
You gonna tell me why we needed to come to the garage, Alfred? Happy birthday, Master Wayne.
You remembered.
Of course I remembered.
I bloody love your birthdays.
Your seventh was an absolute blinder.
Yeah, I remember you had about 50 kids come up here, but you were off outside, on your own.
You were obsessed by this one gift that your dad gave you This bright red wagon.
You were in the garden all day, collecting all these rocks.
When I asked you what you were gonna do with these rocks, you said, "I'm gonna build a home for my wagon.
A secret place that only I know about.
" - What's this? - Well, it's the reason why I brought you out to the garage, Master Bruce.
Alfred, I don't know what to say.
V-8, five liter, 460 horsepower engine.
Painted matte black, anti-reflective.
Very difficult to see at night.
Oh, and, of course, this.
100% bulletproof.
Best be prepared, eh? Oh Oh, mate.
Jim, hey.
What gives? The mayor and the police commissioner have been kidnapped by Jerome.
Got every cop in the city out there searching all the spots Jerome's been seen the last week.
You got something for me? I was gonna say I just won a hundred bucks in the scratch-off lotto at the liquor store, and we could go to the track with it, but, uh, we can do your thing first.
- Gordon.
- We need to talk.
Oswald? I'm out back.
Come alone.
All right.
Well, this is a first.
Are you doing anything about Jerome? We're looking for him.
Do you know where he is? And if I did, do you really think I would just tell you? Have you march in there, guns blazing? He needs to be stopped.
He has everyone under his thumb Freeze, Firefly, Hatter.
They are all part of his plan.
A dark, terrible plan.
Which is? Scarecrow has made a gas for him.
- Like a fear toxin? - Worse.
Much worse.
I saw it turn someone into a maniacal, cackling, violent animal.
And what does he plan to do with it? He's smart.
He hasn't shared the details of his plans with anyone.
Instead, we all have a separate task to perform.
Such as? He has yet to give me my role.
Why did you come here if you're not gonna help me? He scares the living hell out of me, okay? I mean, I was willing to play along with him for a while.
Perhaps he had a way to make us all rich? A return to the good old days, you know? But nothing good will come of this.
Or maybe you just don't like the competition.
Jerome casts quite the shadow.
Oh, please! He's a maniac, an anarchist.
He is not interested in money or power.
And I am an honest criminal, Jim.
Where is he? Where is the gas? He only tells you what he needs to, when he needs to.
I just know he has to be stopped.
Jim! Hey! You down here?! Jim?! - Yeah.
- Hey.
A uni just spotted Jerome near Paisley Square.
All right, let's go.
Time has come today Young hearts can go their way Hey Can't put it off another day Time has come today Hey, what happened to my mic? Hey, buddy, beat it, will ya? I'm trying to work here.
Whoo! Where's everyone going? Ladies and gentlemen, we are the Arkham Asylum Lunatics.
We came here to blow some minds! Whoo! Sorry to interrupt your little show, but you are gonna love this next one.
Introducing Mayor Pritchard, Commissioner Reynolds, Archbishop McGregor, and this lady whoever she is.
This is everybody.
Everybody, say hi.
Now, as you can see, we're still waiting for two guests of honor.
But in the meantime, let's go over the rules of tonight's entertainment, shall we? Dynamite.
I don't get what I want? Boom.
Headless people.
And if any of you are thinking of going anywhere, you'll die, too.
Now, the one man who can give me what I want Come over here.
Calling Gordon.
Calling Captain James Gordon.
I speak on behalf of myself and all other gang leaders in this city when I say your arrogance and disrespect will no longer be tolerated.
You beat and then dragged my brother from here like a dog.
Your brother's an ass.
He abuses our staff and refuses to pay his exorbitant tab.
He is my brother, and he demands your respect.
And I suppose an apology would be out of the question? Your blood will be his apology.
Thought so.
Could've handled them.
That's the advantage of having your own personal army, Tabs You don't have to.
Isn't that right? What's wrong? Ra's al Ghul chose you, no one else, to pass on his spirit.
We will serve you, protect you, of course, but surely, you intend to continue his legacy and not just remain here in this place? What does that mean? "Continue his legacy.
" I like the sound of that.
As I told you we have much more to show you.
Are you ready? Yes.
What the hell is that? Gentlemen, ladies, your assistance is urgently required.
Be careful these are very dangerous materials.
Oh, we're counting on it.
More laughing gas we need to make.
What? There's no time to waste! We need it in bulk, you see.
W-Well, how much of it do you need? Oh.
This much.
Ladies and gentlemen, as I live and breathe, James Gordon is in the house.
I'm not talking to you until I can get up there and check on the well-being of your hostages.
First of all, Jim, you're late.
Secondly, I think I'm the one who should be making demands.
Don't you? What you're doing is an act of terror, Valeska.
- Yeah, you scumbag! - Ask our mayor what this city's policy is on negotiating with terrorists.
Terrorist? Frankly, I'm offended.
No, no, no! That's close enough, Gordon.
And none of you go anywhere, either.
Dead man's trigger.
This falls out of my hand for any reason and bang! I got two empty chairs here.
You haven't even asked me who they're for yet.
All right, I'll bite.
Who are they for? Come on, James.
You're a detective.
Do some detecting.
Jeremiah, your brother.
That's one.
- And the other? - Well, the only other irksome do-gooder who's ever spoiled my fun in this town.
Bruce Wayne! No.
No? You can take me.
I'll sit up there with one of those things around my neck, but I won't let you have him.
Well, I don't want you, Jim.
I want my brother and I want Bruce.
I want them now.
All right.
Let me get these people out of here, I'll come up there You are not listening to me! And that is forcing my hand.
Jerome No Bring me my brother.
Bring me Wayne.
Bring 'em now.
Happy birthday A dear, Master B.
Happy birthday To you.
I'll get some plates.
You know, for a billionaire, your security system is lame.
Miss Kyle.
Thank you, Alfred.
Thank you.
For what? Visiting me on my birthday.
I actually didn't know it was your birthday.
I just happened to be strolling in the neighborhood.
- Mm-hmm.
- Either way it's good to see you.
I knew it was an act.
What? The brat and the drinking, the-the friends.
It was an act.
I think you're more sure about that than me.
Master Bruce, we have visitors.
Bruce, we need your help.
What happened? Don't you know it's rude to keep a guy waiting? Bring me my hostages, James.
My trigger finger is getting itchy.
The hostages he wants are his brother and you.
What, you have a laugh? No bloody way.
I don't like it any more than you do.
But, Bruce, you have to trust me.
Lucius and I have a plan.
You know what? I don't think you're taking me seriously enough.
Well all right.
Let's see.
Eeny meeny miny moe, one of these people have got to go.
Oh, it's that guy.
Oh, well.
Did you see what just happened? That man's a raving bloody lunatic.
- He can't be trusted.
- For once I agree with Alfred.
Bruce, listen to me.
With your help, we can prevent more deaths.
What's the plan? Jerome is using a shortwave radio trigger with a dead man's switch If we can cut the signal, he won't be able to activate the explosives.
This emits a powerful signal that disables all radio waves close to it.
Once within a few feet of Jerome's device, his trigger - will be useless.
- That will give us the time for the snipers to get a clean shot on Jerome, Firefly and the others.
If I wear this, that gives you time to take them out.
Are you sure it's gonna work? I'm positive.
99% positive.
What are we waiting for? Those people need our help.
Good man.
Ra's owned this house for as long as this city has existed.
He said he kept his secrets in here.
Ancient secrets.
None of us have ever seen what's behind this door.
It remains locked, and there is no key.
Tried dynamite? No need.
Our master chose you for a reason.
All my life I have known that I was meant for more.
That there was something deep inside of me that I couldn't explain.
I'm home.
Sir, we got target in sight.
No way in from below the stage.
Four of my men have found positions.
Stay low, hang tight.
No hair triggers.
One missed shot means adios Mayor.
Copy that.
Standing by.
I watch the news.
I know why you're here, Mr.
And you must be out of your mind if you think I'm gonna be led like a lamb to slaughter.
I understand your concern, but your brother doesn't bluff.
If we ignore his demands, there's no telling what he might do.
- We can block his remote's signal with this.
- Thanks.
If you and Bruce can get within a few feet of him, it will disable his remote He'll be a sitting duck.
- Our snipers can take it from there.
- For God's sake, Gordon, you have to know what he wants.
To murder us both on live television.
I'm Bruce Wayne.
It's a pleasure to meet you.
I wish the circumstances were better.
May I ask what it is you've been working on? Um, yeah.
It's a compact electrical engine.
It generates power.
How much power? Just two could light up every building south of Westward Bridge.
You have a brilliant mind.
And we all hope we can soon be rid of your brother, so that you can carry out your work free from fear.
I understand if you choose not to help us today.
But I trust that Captain Gordon and Mr.
Fox will see that no harm comes to me.
But even if it does maybe, by facing Jerome I can show the people of Gotham that standing up to terror is the only way to take its power away.
Well said.
Harvey? Hey.
Just got word that Freeze and Scarecrow broke into Wayne Industries' chemical lab.
Jerome's playing the long game, here, but we're not gonna be sure what it is - unless we get ahead of him.
- The gas.
Penguin told me about a new Scarecrow toxin.
Head over to the lab, we're on our way to the Square.
They've got a weapon.
Poison gas.
Okay, let's go.
Thank you.
You two.
Hey! Hey, buddy.
What happened? What's so funny? No, no, no, no, no! Ma'am.
Let me help you.
What happened? They made us make it.
Tons of it.
Where is it? It's gone.
They took it.
Why are we waiting? Waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting Someone's gonna die! Well.
Look who decided to show up.
We were starting to get nervous.
Especially, the mayor here.
My guests of honor, please, take your seats onstage.
Come on.
Don't be shy.
It's all right.
We don't have all day.
It's activated, just let them get a little closer.
On my command.
My men have all targets in view.
Standing by.
Hi, brother.
- Now.
- Fire.
All targets, fire! I had my guys take up the best vantage points last night.
So they've been watching your little SWAT team all day.
Now, Bruce, brother dear.
Get up onstage.
It's time to get this party really started, huh? What are you doing here? This is a restricted area.
Our cargo is too precious to waste.
Let me give you something I like to keep up my sleeves for times just like these.
Oh, my God! You can pilot this contraption alone, sir? Yes.
Then, look into my eyes.
The kidnappings, the concert in the Square.
All to draw the biggest crowds, so we can drop the laughing gas on them? This is madness.
I thought you'd appreciate the beauty of it all.
But Jerome was right.
You know, he anticipated your betrayal? That's right.
You went to Gordon.
Tie him up, put him on the blimp.
Jerome wants him to have a bird's-eye view.
This book tracks Ra's legacy dating back nine centuries.
Did you know he not only overthrew governments, but infiltrated royal families? Ra's influenced history.
He was a cult leader, and he still has them brainwashed.
And what about me, am I brainwashed? There are things written here that could change the way we view the past forever.
Perhaps, I am the one to bring that change to light.
This book was compiled by shamans and mystics from all over Eastern Asia and the Middle East.
Shamans and mystics? Give me a break.
It contains formulas for potions and incantations said to raise demons, curse our enemies and contact the dead.
This isn't you.
The Barbara I know would've already sold all of this junk to the highest bidder.
Junk? This is my destiny.
And being with me and Selina at the club? That isn't? You begged me to partner with you.
Can't you see who that is up there? That is me and Ra's, 400 years ago.
Oh, please, I mean, she doesn't even look like you.
It looks exactly like me.
It is me.
I have finally found my true purpose.
I'm not gonna let your jealousy distract me.
Ladies, escort Miss Galavan to the street.
I'll show myself out.
Actually, I think it's time my loyal servants taught you some manners.
Why don't you do it? Because I am the one true heir of an immortal god's ancient dynasty.
And I don't dirty my fingers with the likes of you anymore.
No parent will admit it, but everyone's got their favorites.
Right, brother? The one who cleans their room, does their homework, doesn't try to kill everybody.
Little Mr.
Perfect here.
He was that guy.
He got adopted by rich folks.
Went to the top schools, then, a top college.
Meanwhile, I got dragged through the circus by my depressed alcoholic mother.
Forced to clean up elephant dung every day.
Who cares?! Do you know how big those things are, folks? But I know something that Mommy and Daddy, they never knew.
You're as crazy as I am.
It's in your DNA.
See, we got the same blood running through us.
We are practically identical.
You are a killer.
It's your nature.
Stop trying to fight it.
Take your best shot.
Hmm Hey! What the hell happened? The snipers are dead.
Get up on the roof, take as many as you can.
All right.
Just know, a bunch of chemicals are heading this way.
Scarecrow had the Wayne chemists mix it up.
That's why he's been stalling.
He wants a big crowd.
He's gonna release the laughing gas right here.
We need to evacuate the area! Get these people out of here! Do whatever you have to! Get them out of here! It's time to kill this maniac once and for all.
That was so good! I love you! Hey, look up in the sky! Holy crap.
E-Excuse me, sir, could you help me? No can do, sport.
Got to get this rig into position for the boss.
And where is that? Paisley Square.
Almost there.
Then, I can drop the load.
With this lever.
Now, you turn this thing around right now! Can you not see Like I said, pal, no can do.
Keep coming! Get into position.
Holy moly.
Holy moly.
Jim, are you seeing this? Yeah.
Get everyone out of here.
I'm going after Jerome.
I can take it down with a shot.
And risk spilling the chemicals? Oh, yeah, right.
Oswald? Jim, Jim, help me.
They knocked me out and-and-and now I am in some blimp with-with that horrible gas and-and the pilot, he's been hypnotized and I-I don't You're on the blimp? Yes.
You have to help me.
No, no, no.
You're gonna help us.
You're near the river.
I need you to steer it over there.
Steer a blimp?! Are you out of your mind, Jim?! I don't even drive my own car.
If you don't, thousands will die, maybe worse.
What's worse than that? How can you run an empire in a city full of lunatics? Hands up.
Beautiful, isn't she? Just give me a second.
Got to call the pilot.
Tell him he's in position.
Yes, Jerome.
Not cool.
Jerome? Jerome? I'm in position.
It doesn't matter.
Too late, anyway.
Bombs away! Funny.
No! Okay, okay.
Uh um, up, up, up.
Up, up, up.
Oh! Oh Oh, okay.
River, river.
Where is the river? Quite the dilemma, Jim.
You gonna let me fall and die? Or are you gonna pull me up and arrest me? What's it gonna be? Lawman or murderer? Ah.
Good ol' Gordon.
Always playing by the rules.
That's why I'll outlive you.
That's why I'm loved 'cause I don't give a damn about the rules.
It's a long way down.
You sure you'll outlive me? Oh, I'm sure 'cause I'm more than a man.
I'm an idea, a philosophy.
And I will live on in the shadows within Gotham's discontent.
You'll be seeing me soon.
Au revoir.
Never thought I'd see this.
Sure is dead.
Yeah, but is he? Yeah.
Get back! GCPD.
Everybody get back.
I meant what I said about your work being of importance to this city.
Let Wayne Enterprises fund your work with a grant.
Thank you.
Um, hello.
Still here.
Will someone please get me the hell off of this thing? Uh, we're on it.
How do we get a blimp down safely from over a river? You asking me? I say we let him stew up there for a few more hours.
We'll get ahold of the standby pilot.
Have him advise.
Sit tight, all right? Oh, and Oswald Cobblepot, Gotham thanks you.
Wait, wait, Jim.
Jim? Jim.
Jim! Jim! Never touch me again.
Miss Kean has a new path to take now.
It no longer involves you.
- Is that so? - We will accept you leaving this city and never coming back.
The only thing I'll accept is you kissing my ass.
We have been trained by the League of Shadows in 90 different forms of combat - since we were five years old.
- Oh, yeah? Which one of you bitches wants to go first? Next time we kill you.
Let me help you.
Who the hell are you guys? The ones that have been watching you and Barbara Kean, the imposter, for quite some time.
We serve the one and only true master, Ra's al Ghul.
But he's dead.
Death is only an illusion.
Hello, brother.
Didn't think you could get rid of me so easily, did you? See, my days were numbered, but you oh, you will continue on for me, be my ultimate revenge.
So calm yourself.
Don't fight it.
Breathe it in.
This gas was a special mixture I had made just for you.
Something to finally set you free.
It's time to have some fun.
Burn it down, brother.
Burn it all down.