Gotham (2014) s04e21 Episode Script

A Dark Knight: One Bad Day

1 Previously on "Gotham" THOMPKINS: What's your record for how many banks you've robbed in one day? GORDON: You can't take ownership of everyone's problems.
THOMPKINS: We all have our flaws.
But you're still breaking the law.
JEROME: I want you to throw me a wake.
Dig me up.
NYGMA: I would liberate Lee Thompkins with surgical precision.
Dead or alive, - Jerome uses distractions.
- Got a plan for that? Bruce? Jeremiah.
Oh, God, no.
He's still alive.
JEREMIAH: Jerome is dead.
Long live me.
I could not have done any of this without your help.
Those generators that we built work even better as bombs.
(explosion) (alarms blaring) Sources tell us Captain James Gordon was at the scene and is missing and feared dead.
Investigators are certainly looking into what could have caused the sudden explosion.
I just got off the phone with Search and Rescue.
Whatever blew Jeremiah's bunker was catastrophic.
There are no signs of life.
Tell 'em to keep looking.
- Harvey, I think - Listen.
Jim found his way out, understand? NEWSWOMAN: has dispatched an investigative unit, which is currently canvassing the area, looking for any traces of Captain Gordon.
Screw that, and screw her.
Listen, in two minutes, Jim Gordon's gonna come walking through that door and chew all your asses out for standing around and not doing your job.
Now, first responders are on the scene.
I want CSIs out there pronto, and I want everyone looking for Jeremiah Valeska and Bruce Wayne.
That's who Jim was looking for - when this whole thing went blooey.
- You ain't the captain.
The captain ain't here.
I'm ranking detective.
Last time we followed you, the Pyg slaughtered us.
All right, look, enough.
Jim trusts him, okay? So everybody get back to work.
ALVAREZ: Harvey.
Jeremiah Valeska wasn't inside the bunker when it blew.
How do you know? 'Cause he's outside, and he's not alone.
What the hell? You might not recognize Jerome's followers, as I've given them something of a makeover.
But I assure you, they're as loyal to me as they ever were to him.
More so.
'Cause I accomplished something my brother never could: killing James Gordon.
CULTISTS: Jeremiah! Jeremiah! You're a liar! Not so fast.
I have bombs planted around the city, just like the one that killed Jim Gordon.
CULTISTS: Jeremiah! Jeremiah! All you need to know is, if I hit this detonator, Gotham is blown back to the Stone Age.
If I pull this trigger, your brains are blown through the back of your skull.
Dead man's switch.
You're familiar.
It's another little something I took from my brother, except mine's a bit more advanced.
You shoot me, my thumb loosens, and then boom, boom, boom, boom.
No, you will do what I say.
- You're more sick than your brother.
- (chuckles) Don't compare me to that short-sighted psychopath.
He just wanted to destroy things.
Me, I'm a builder.
I'm gonna create a new Gotham in my image.
But every artist needs a blank canvas, so all of this has to go.
I detonate the explosives in six hours.
I want the city empty when I do.
You need us to evacuate Gotham in six hours? That's impossible! Then everyone who dies screaming, who watches their loved ones crushed before them, will have you to thank, Detective Bullock.
Look nobody has to die.
Well, except for these people.
I know seeing is believing, and I do want you to believe me, so (bystanders screaming) Oh, my God! Get officers on the scene now! Go! Six hours, Detective.
The clock is ticking.
I liked the clock tower.
Jim took me there on a date once.
Now they're both up in smoke.
Good riddance.
He always did want to die a hero.
OSWALD: And that was Jim's problem.
Me? I'd rather live.
- And live well.
- Hmm.
If it isn't little Penguin.
Oh, and Butch's corpse.
Hey, Tabby.
The man responsible for the recent fireworks is Jeremiah Valeska.
Twin brother of our old associate.
He has plans for Gotham.
Plans we learned about courtesy of this gentleman.
They ripped out my fingernails.
I believe that this is a golden opportunity for cash and glory.
Normally, I would keep both of them for myself.
But I find myself a bit short of the necessary manpower.
- Or womanpower, if you will.
- Hmm.
I'll go fifty-fifty on the take.
An alliance with you? I'll pass.
With the money we were gonna make, I'd hoped to finally be able to cure Butch of his condition.
Wait, what do you mean? Hugo Strange ran Indian Hill.
Indian Hill's toxic sludge turned Butch into this.
Hugo Strange can fix Butch.
But it won't be cheap.
Strange might be my only hope, Tabby.
Don't look at me like that.
I almost got killed fighting your ex-boyfriend's rotting corpse.
I think it's time to return the favor.
But Swamp Boy keeps his funk ten feet from me at all times.
What did you have in mind? Evacuate the city in six hours? Five and a half hours.
And it will happen, because this maniac has bombs hidden all over Gotham.
Think of how many lives are at stake.
And every minute you hesitate means fewer people get to safety.
We'll need police.
We are police! We're here to help.
Harper, please, will you help the mayor? HARPER: You got it.
BULLOCK: Holy mother of God.
Bruce Wayne.
- Are you okay? - I'm fine.
I heard about Jim.
Is it true? As far as I'm concerned, Jim Gordon is alive, kicking, - and waiting for us to find him.
- Detective.
Don't lie to me.
It's not looking good, kid.
I was hoping you could help me.
Did you see Jim? How did you get out of the bunker? Jeremiah and I had already left the bunker.
Jerome Jerome sprayed him with a gas - that drove him insane.
- I'm so sick of that freaking family.
Did you hear about Gotham Clock Tower? Huh? This guy's got these massive explosives - It's my fault.
- What? Jeremiah had plans to create next-generation generators.
I funded him.
Wayne Enterprises built those bombs?! (exhales) Listen, the-the schematics for the batteries should be in the Wayne Enterprises R&D lab.
Lucius could take a look at them, figure out how to disarm the bombs.
- I'm-I'm gonna go get them now.
- No, no, no, no, no.
- You're going home.
- No, I have to do Look, I know you feel guilty.
But Jim Gordon was is important to all of us.
And it's my job, so go home.
Be with Alfred.
Be safe.
It's what Jim would want.
- Lucius! - (sighs) (phone ringing) Alfred, where have you been? JEREMIAH: No, not Alfred.
I hope you didn't catch a cold in my brother's grave.
I know those things aren't exactly designed for the living.
What have you done? Where's Alfred?! Such anger.
Some people not me, of course might consider that ingratitude, considering all I've done for you, all I'm still doing for you.
You mean lying to me? Using my company to build bombs? Trying to kill me? Bruce, let's get something straight.
If I wanted you dead, you'd be dead.
I'd have put a bullet through your brain and left you to rot in that grave.
But I meant what I said.
You're my best friend, and today I'm gonna prove it to you.
You are insane.
You killed Jim Gordon.
And if you don't want your manservant to die, too, you will follow my instructions to the letter.
71 Welling Avenue.
Be there in an hour.
Tell the police and I'll know.
Just like I know that's where you are right now.
(disconnect tone) (grunts) (footfalls approaching) (keys jingle) (door unlocks) Well, well.
Jim Gordon, back from the dead.
Where am I? The Narrows.
I was in Jeremiah's bunker.
There was a bomb.
Ed had you followed.
His people found you after the blast.
I'll have to thank him when I arrest him.
I'm surprised he didn't kill me.
I am, too, actually.
What do you plan to do with me? I don't really know.
Lee, I have to get back to the GCPD.
Jerome's brother Jeremiah Blew up the Gotham Clock Tower about an hour ago.
The city's being evacuated.
I have to (grunts) It's just a painkiller.
It does make you easier to handle.
You're not going anywhere.
My jacket.
In my jacket I got those from Jeremiah's office.
They may give us some clue as to what he's planning.
- Please, let me take them to Harvey.
- Oh, Jim, you still think that you're the only one who can save the city.
Get some rest.
Doctor's orders.
(door locks) Jeremiah's followers must have taken Alfred while I was at the cemetery.
I bet he put up a fight.
Thanks again for meeting me, Selina.
- Sure.
- I didn't have anyone else to call.
I know it's asking a lot, so I just really appreciate Bruce, I'm gonna be here whenever you need me.
Okay, that's the address.
I don't see anyone, though.
That could be a trap, right? I don't know.
Jeremiah could've killed me at the cemetery.
He wants something out of me.
Like what, to be your best friend? Trap or not, if Alfred's in there, I need to find out.
(soft creaking) Alfred?! (screams) Alfred! Alfred.
(shouts) - (blows landing) - (grunting) (cackling) (grunting) - Alfred! - (shouting) You want to help Jim Gordon? Have you lost your mind? You brought him here because you thought it would give us leverage with the GCPD.
By holding him hostage.
This drawing is the key to Valeska's plan.
We solve it and we trade the information for clemency.
Or perhaps there's something more going on.
(sighs) What happened between Jim and I is over.
I'm trying to protect what we've built.
- I still like my plan better.
- Ed, if this maniac levels half the city, it's gonna disrupt food distribution, water supply, power.
The people of the Narrows will suffer the most.
We can prevent that, while, at the same time, helping us out of this mess we're in.
(sighs) If this is what you want, I will do it.
For you.
Do it for us.
REPORTER: After the mayor's evacuation orders, the New Trigate Bridge is absolute bedlam Where we at with the evac? Bridges and tunnels are bumper-to-bumper.
National Guard is bringing in the choppers.
But we're talking about evacuating hospitals, nursing homes, jails.
Some people just don't want to leave.
We're seeing the same level of panic on every bridge and tunnel God, what a mess.
Just make it happen.
- Okay.
- Excuse me.
All right, let's control this I got the schematics from Wayne Enterprises R&D.
The Wayne kid said the bombs were batteries.
A series of networked self-perpetuating generators.
But when supercharged, they contain enough energy to level a city block.
Got it.
Battery bombs from hell.
Just tell me this will help us find and disable them.
Disable, yes.
Find, no.
But look, look here.
Because they were created to be networked together, Jeremiah would have to send the signal a centrally located core relay in order to blow all the bombs from a single detonator.
Lucius, just English, please.
The bombs are connected by a nervous system.
The core relay is the brain.
We find that, we destroy that We can stop the bombs from going off.
- Yes.
- But how do we find it? How do we find this brain? (horns honking in distance) Oh, Bruce.
You are about to have a very transformative experience.
I envy you.
Call our friend.
Tell him to kill the butler.
He's no longer necessary.
Oswald Cobblepot.
Barbara Kean.
In my stronghold.
Not one step closer, Mr.
And is that my dear Jongleur with my core relay in his hand and a grenade taped to his mouth? Indeed, it is.
Well, it seems you have the upper hand.
And now we have our own demands.
$50 million.
That's what you want.
It's a nice round number.
I don't quite have that on me right now.
You gave the mayor six hours to evacuate Gotham.
An impossible task.
Let him buy another hour.
He will save thousands of lives.
$50 million will seem cheap.
I see.
I play the villain, you get away scot-free and rich.
I get you the money, you give me back my core relay.
That is usually how a handoff works.
You drive a hard bargain, but I'll see what I can do.
BARBARA: Just like that? After knowing your brother, I expected something more Insane? I'm nothing if not sane.
And reasonable.
Two things my brother never valued.
Which is why I'll be successful where he failed.
Well, that and being vastly more intelligent.
Now, to see about your money.
(line ringing) This is Jeremiah Valeska.
I'd like to speak to the mayor.
I have additional demands.
Yes, really.
$50 million, unmarked bills.
I'll tell you the location.
We're not just gonna hand this thing over and let him destroy Gotham, are we? Of course not.
Once we get the money, we kill Jeremiah and his people, give the core relay to the police, split the $50 million, and are hailed as the heroes of Gotham.
And we cure Butch.
And that.
JEREMIAH: Would you believe it? They put me on hold.
Well, there's always plan number two.
- Get down! - Wait! (shouting, gasping) (coughing) Are you out of your mind?! Why do you keep insisting I'm insane? What's insane about having a backup plan? Something Jongleur never knew about.
And, so you know, this building is within the blast radius.
And because of your interference, I'm gonna detonate the bombs as soon as I'm far enough away to observe the destruction in peace.
BARBARA: No! You promised the city six hours! And whose fault is it that I changed my mind? Tell our men to rewire the bombs to work in direct sequence.
And, the rest of you, kill these idiots.
Alfred! JEREMIAH: Hello, Bruce.
Jeremiah! I imagine you're wondering, why is Jeremiah doing this? My brother once said, "All it takes is one bad day to reduce the sanest man alive to lunacy.
" (Alfred screaming) Jerome gave me what I thought was the worst day of my life.
But only by losing everything was I able to face what was inside me.
And I believe I've seen something very special - inside of you as well.
- Alfred.
But to free it, you'll have to lose everything and everyone you hold dear.
(raspy breathing) I instructed Scarecrow to mix up something exceptional.
No! Your butler is going to show you the path ahead.
(cackling) Now watch closely.
(Alfred screaming) BRUCE: No.
No! Alfred! Hello, sleepyhead.
You do realize the city is about to be blown up? It's an odd time for a nap.
You know that she drugged me.
Don't really care.
Thank you, gentlemen.
I want to make one thing very clear.
If Gotham becomes a rock pile, I mind zero percent.
I'm only helping you because I'm with Lee now.
Feign nonchalance.
It's very cute.
It's almost convincing.
Ed, Jeremiah Valeska is threatening to destroy half the city.
You really think I care if you've deluded yourself into thinking you and Lee are a couple? You see that is my point.
You don't believe that Lee could actually love me, do you? Honestly? No.
- Hmm.
- You're a psychopath and a murderer.
And the fact that you need me to validate your crazy fantasy means that you don't believe it either.
That doesn't matter.
What matters is stopping Jeremiah from killing thousands of people, so can we? Yeah.
- We're gonna settle this.
- Ed.
No, Jim.
This isn't the GCPD.
Here, I make the rules, so we're not gonna do this until we talk about what I want to talk about.
Lee's changed.
I accept that.
Maybe she will never be the person that I knew.
But she is not who you think she is.
(scoffs) The fact that she's with you in whatever way she's with you Oh, Jim.
She's with me in every way.
means that she wants something from you.
So when it's done, she'll get rid of you.
So you're saying that she wouldn't be with a killer? And yet she was with you.
And you, Jim, are ten times the killer that I ever was.
You have a point.
Maybe that's why she's not with me now.
Can we do this? Why not? Just try to keep up.
I'll speak slowly.
So, most labyrinths are constructed as contiguous lines along concentric circles.
One way in, one way out.
But this one's different.
Those red rectangles they're unbound on one side.
And they overlap black lines which would lead out of the labyrinth.
So maybe we're not looking at plans but the end result.
Look familiar? GORDON: So this is Wayne Enterprises.
This would be Gotham Central Bank.
These are the buildings Jeremiah's planning to demolish with his bombs.
Once those buildings are blown, they collapse and create the labyrinth from the finished drawing.
Jeremiah lived his entire life in a maze.
Now he's trying to remake the city into the place he feels most safe.
It's actually rather elegant.
I need to get to the GCPD.
(scoffs): Yeah, no, sorry.
You're not going anywhere until we get this information to the mayor.
Lee and I have some legal knots we need untangled.
Before we spend the rest of our lives together.
So you're gonna use this to hold the city hostage? Time is running out.
Well, then the mayor would be wise to forgive Lee and I our indiscretions.
Ed, wait.
There's one thing I can't figure out.
One? You're being a little kind to yourself.
I'm sorry.
I think you made a mistake.
Where? (grunts) Get the core relay, he says.
Have the upper hand, he says.
(yelling) Finally.
Let's get the hell out of here before Jeremiah blows us all to smithereens.
Ah, this is all your fault, Oswald.
- You'd better - Fix it.
I know.
(panting) (phone rings) - What? - OSWALD: Harvey.
Is this Oswald? I'm, uh, kind of busy.
I have information regarding - Jeremiah Valeska's plan.
- (groans) - What information? - Ah.
Wait a second.
Is that gunfire? Just listen.
Jeremiah is not honoring the six hours.
He will blow the bombs as soon as he can watch the catastrophe from a safe distance.
Jeremiah said something about rewiring the bombs to communicate with each other.
He called it a direct sequence.
Communicate with each other.
Harvey! It's a backup system from when they operated as batteries.
That means we can disrupt them by disarming the first bomb in the sequence.
It's like removing one light from a string of Christmas lights.
If only we knew where the bombs were.
- (door closes) - MAN: He's back.
(officers exclaiming) Jim! Oh.
Oh, buddy.
All right, easy there, big fella.
Remember, I just got blown up.
How'd you get out of the bunker? It's a long story.
But what matters is, I have the locations of every bomb Jeremiah planted.
BRUCE: Alfred.
(indistinct chatter and laughter) Alfred.
(both laugh) Alfred.
Jeremiah said Bruce Wayne might try to bring his friends.
I suppose you're one of them.
What? No.
I just wandered in here.
I think our little experiment is about to get much more interesting.
Jeremiah wasn't bluffing.
There's at least a dozen bombs on this map.
But you're saying if we disarm one of them in the sequence, we'll stop all of them from going off.
And according to this, the closest one is just a mile away.
I need to look at the schematics to determine the best way to neutralize them.
Alert the bomb squad.
Tell 'em to meet me there.
Let the bomb squad handle this.
You don't have to go.
Yes, I do.
I need this, Jim.
(grunting) - (bones crunch) - (screams) (screaming) (Selina screams) It doesn't matter.
The experiment is nearing its conclusion.
Your friend will soon be driven mad.
(rock music playing) (screams) (Bruce screaming) Stop! (screaming) No! (screaming) (Alfred laughing) BRUCE: Alfred.
(laughing) (Alfred continues laughing) Alfred, please.
Please stop.
(laughing) Alfred.
(both grunting) Alfred.
Alfred, stop! - (laughs) - Alfred! Just stop.
- (yells) - (screams) (Bruce screaming) (pounding on door, muffled grunting) What? (grunting) - (groans) - Oh, come on, Brucie.
Give me a smile.
- Smile.
- (grunts) Alfred, listen to me.
You can beat this.
You can fight this.
(groans) Alfred, you're stronger than him.
(laughs) (groans) Do not let him win! (laughing) (gunshot) No! No! Alfred! - Bruce.
- Alfred! Alfred! Breathe.
Look at me.
Scarecrow was just pumping his fear gas in here.
You were only seeing what he wanted you to.
No, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no, no, no.
ALFRED: No, Bruce, Bruce, Bruce.
Bruce, Bruce! Listen.
Listen to me.
Look at me, look.
Just look at me.
Look, I'm fine.
It's me.
It's Alfred.
- (car horns honking) - (indistinct shouting) (phone ringing) Hey.
I'm at the site.
Where the hell's the bomb squad? The evacuation's jamming the streets.
They're still en route.
I can't wait.
I got to go in.
Do you see the bomb? I don't know what it's supposed to look like, but I think it is exactly what I'm staring at.
Oh, Lucius, we got to do this thing.
- Harvey - Listen.
We can't wait.
We don't know when Jeremiah's gonna set this thing off.
Then you're gonna have to unscrew the antenna - to activate the kill switch.
- Okay.
(panting) - (whirring) - Ah, Lucius.
It's making some kind of weird noise.
What kind of a noise? A bad one, and-and it's-it's, uh, getting all glow-y.
Then you are going to have to work quickly.
CULTISTS: Jeremiah! Jeremiah! - (beep) - All my life, I spent by myself.
Hidden away.
I am so glad to be sharing this happy moment with all of you.
Today marks the dawning of a new Gotham City.
One where we will all be free.
Now shall I do the honors? Once you unscrew the antenna, a kill switch breaker should pop out.
Destroying it should stop the signal from the detonator to all the bombs.
(whirring) Which breaker is it? What? - What do you mean, which breaker? - There are two of 'em.
Jeremiah must've changed them since making these schematics.
- Okay.
I'll break both of 'em.
- No, wait, Harvey, one of the breakers could be the supercharge fail-safe.
Whatever you do, do not touch that one.
Or? Or all the bombs will blow.
Lucius, they're identical.
Then, Harvey, I don't know.
MAN: We interrupt this program - WOMAN: That's Jim Gordon! - He's not dead.
GORDON: This is a message to the followers of Jeremiah Valeska.
Jeremiah claims to have killed me.
Well, bad news, I'm alive.
(murmuring) No.
No, no, it's a trick.
- I killed him.
- So, just know you're worshipping a fraud.
A pale imitation of Jerome.
You did your worst, Jeremiah, and I'm still here.
- You lied to us.
- Gordon's alive.
What does it matter whether he's alive? When I hit this switch, we will hear the sounds of a new world being born.
(muttering) Our world.
Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.
Which of you will make it blow? Now, listen.
(chuckles) (pants) - He's a liar! - He's a fake! - Liar! - (shouting) - Stop! - (shouting stops) (chuckles quietly) I want you all to know I find your fickleness quite hurtful.
And more so, very predictable.
(shouting) (screaming) Well, that is disappointing.
If you'd ask me this morning how many people I was gonna kill today, I would've been way off.
Perhaps the outcome was not what we had hoped, - but it was worth the risk.
- Ozzie, if I were you, I would limp out of here while you still can.
Let's go, Butch.
I'm done.
Ever since we teamed up, everything's gone to crap.
Hell, we don't even know where Strange is.
Except I do know where Strange is.
You mean to tell me you've known where he is the whole time and haven't told me?! (strained): I just got word.
No more excuses! He fixes me now! And how exactly do we pay him? I can be very persuasive.
Think, think, think, think, think, think.
How did they beat you, huh? How did they figure you out? Hmm, Gordon must've stolen the blueprints to the maze, found one of the bombs, and sabotaged the sequence.
I'll have to start again.
RA'S AL GHUL: You're tenacious.
I like that.
Who are you? What do you want? I had a vision.
Of Gotham in flames.
Together, we can make that happen.
Well, I appreciate the offer, but recent events have convinced me of the benefits of working alone.
Don't be so rash.
Your dream of a new Gotham will come to be.
With my help.
(sighs) You're behind me, aren't you? I can conquer Gotham on my own.
What makes you think I need your help, whoever you are? Because, my boy, all this is not just about Gotham.
This is about Bruce Wayne.
You here to arrest me? To thank you.
And to present you with an offer.
Leave Gotham.
Start a new life somewhere else.
(sighs) And if I don't? I know we can't change the past.
What we've done.
Or done to each other.
I can't pretend to recognize the person I see before me.
But whatever happens after I walk out that door, I care about you.
And I always will.
- (indistinct chatter) - Lucius! Call the mayor.
Tell him not to lift the evacuation order until all the bombs are under lock and key.
And I want every cop out there to keep looking for Jeremiah Valeska! What? Give it up for Harvey Bullock! (applause) (cheering) Oh! Oh, dude! Come on! Oh! (cheering) Thank you.
Ah, come on.
Well, I'm gonna take a very long and a very hot shower.
And then I'm gonna make us a legendary fry-up.
Will you be joining us, Ms.
Kyle? I got no plans.
You all right, mate? Okay, lad.
Thank you again.
I don't know what would have happened if you weren't there.
You're welcome.
Why do you think he's so obsessed with you? Jeremiah said all it takes is one bad day to drive a person insane.
I wonder if my parents dying made me a little insane.
Maybe he sensed that.
Maybe he wanted to bring it out.
Well, you proved him wrong.
JEREMIAH: To be fair the day's not over yet.
- (gunshot) - (grunts)