Gotham (2014) s05e08 Episode Script

Nothing's Shocking

Previously on Gotham Alfred.
- The manor.
- It's my fault.
This never would have happened if you stayed with me! You're having a baby with Barbara.
You don't think I'm fit - to be a mother? - What do you think? - You're leaving Gotham.
- I believe the time has come for a change of scenery.
You found a way out of Gotham? It's a submarine.
Reunification with the mainland hangs on by a thread.
Toxic chemicals rain down onto the city, and the government cuts us adrift for good.
Gotham's Golden Rule.
No heroes.
No heroes.
Watch out for him.
He thinks he's a white knight.
He's a loose cannon.
You two here to pick up your grandchildren? Come on, Babs.
You got the only full bar in Gotham.
And if you two dinosaurs want to keep coming here, you better up your intel.
We got a lead on some black market heating oil.
One drink.
To share.
Then you can go wheeze to death somewhere else.
Would you look at that? Dix! Look at you, up and walking around, you old son of a bitch.
I've been looking for you two for a while now.
Well, you found us.
You two ever think about the past? What we did? What are you talking about, Dix? About her.
About what we did to the girl.
Who is that? It is like the living dead in here.
Enough of this.
Hey, Gramps! Oh! Can you please repeat your story for Mr.
Wayne, madam? We live in the shelter on West End.
There are so many of us crammed in there.
Uh so much uncertainty, fear.
And with the river poisoned, it should've been awful, but people came together, made it a home.
What happened? Couple of weeks ago, we heard rumors about something underneath the building where it connects to the sewer.
Then people started going missing.
Hank, my husband, wanted to look for them.
Said we were a family.
So the two of you went searching for them.
It was so dark.
I didn't see what attacked us.
I hit my head.
And when I woke up, Hank was gone.
Please, Mr.
We have a daughter.
We'll do everything we can.
Should we tell Gordon? He's stretched thin as it is.
Alfred, we don't know who or what is down there.
We know there's a man down there, in danger, and we know this lady sent for us.
So go on, then.
What do you think we should do? Let's go find him.
Under normal circumstances, I wouldn't call you for a couple of stiffs.
What do you normally do when a couple of your patrons get stabbed? Bury the bodies.
Find out who did it and then bury those bodies.
See, that's not something you should be telling a cop.
We're living in a different world, Harvey.
- So why did you call us? - Take a look.
Boggs and Lewis.
You know them? They were cops.
They were gone before you joined.
- What happened? - They came around, peddling third-rate intel.
It was closing time, so I let 'em in.
And then some other fossil knifed them.
You saw him? Yeah, he must've snuck in.
Looked like a cop, too.
These two knew him.
Bartender said they called him Micks Hicks - Dix? - Maybe.
No way.
Dix was Harvey's old partner.
Well, there we go.
Case closed.
So you're telling me this guy rolled in here in a wheelchair, stabbed these two, and rolled on out? He wasn't in a wheelchair.
Then it couldn't be Dix.
He's been paralyzed for the last 15 years.
Harvey, you're confusing me with someone who cares.
I called you as a courtesy.
And now I'm wishing I just dumped these two corpses in an alley.
Do we even know if Dix is still in Gotham after the bridges blew? I heard he moved into an apartment about a year ago.
I meant to check up on him, but it can't be him.
I hear what you're saying, but we should still talk to him.
Maybe he knows something.
How are you feeling? - I'm fine.
Thanks for asking.
- Look, I've been giving you space, but we have to talk about how this is gonna work.
I'm gonna be a part of this kid's life.
Oh, you seem pretty confident about that.
I am.
Reunification's gonna happen.
You should think about what kind of person you want to be when it does.
It's a chance for you to start anew.
I like who I am.
You were due hours ago.
Yes, I was.
But I had to get us lunch.
- And I met Dale.
- I see that.
Do you see this? Our secret plan to get off this island.
Dale is completely trustworthy.
How do you know we can trust him if you just met him? Because he's mute and dumb as a post.
Look, I know you're paranoid about people watching us.
Someone is watching us! Why do you think I installed this alarm system? And as safe as I feel with your jingle bell contraption in place, I went out and procured us some muscle.
You're welcome.
At least you're doing something.
How's my SS Gertrud coming along? Our submarine is coming along just fine, thank you.
I've been working on the sonar, which, turns out, is far more complex than I anticipated.
Well, I am confident you will figure it out.
Of course I will figure it out.
Because I figure everything out.
The navigation system.
The oxygen exchange.
I will figure everything out, because I'm the only one working! This was supposed to be a partnership.
It is! I already did my part by stealing everything valuable in Gotham, - of which you get half! - No! Your goons stole it, and then you killed 'em.
Are you expecting someone? Who would I be expecting, Oswald? I told you someone's watching us.
Dale, go do what I pay you for.
Protect us! Wait! Penn? Hello, Mr.
Are you are you really I I-I don't believe it.
Y-You're alive.
Indeed, sir.
I-I am.
But you-you were shot.
I-I was there.
This whole time, I thought you were dead, but you're alive! You're only coming to me now?! I-I'm so terribly sorry, Mr.
I wanted to come see you, but he wouldn't let me.
"He"? "He" who? Mr.
Cobblepot this is Mr.
Look, I'm sure Dix is in the clear, but we do have to ask.
That's not it.
I just I feel bad.
I should've been by before.
I'm all he's got.
Well, look, what can you do, right? Dix! What the hell?! Bullock? That you? Yeah! Don't shoot! Okay.
Come in.
Is that the way you always answer a door? Nowadays, you can't be too careful.
Especially someone like me.
A kid comes in, he'd cut my throat for a cup of soup.
Anyway, I wasn't expecting you.
Figured you forgot about me.
Look, partner, when the bridges came down, I got busy and Oh, sure, sure.
You forgot me.
Everybody forgets.
I didn't forget.
Planning on taking a trip? Maybe.
I like to keep a bag packed, just in case.
Yeah? Where were you last night? Where was I? I was right here.
Anybody else here with you? Anybody that can back up your story? You're asking me if I was out there killing Boggs and Lewis? Does it look like I was out there killing Boggs and Lewis? So you heard about that? Let me tell you something.
If it meant that I can get out of this son of a bitch wheelchair, I would confess right here and now to Boggs, to Lewis, to anybody you want me to confess to.
All right, fine.
But you were a detective.
What would you say if you were us? We come in here, you're packing a suitcase.
I would say either I did it, which I didn't, or I'd be very worried that I'd be next.
What do you mean, you being next? What's your connection to Boggs and Lewis? Come on.
What? Nothing.
I just worked with them.
That's it.
We, uh we worked a case together.
The four of you? Yeah.
Dix wasn't my partner then.
I was a rookie cop.
Wet behind the ears.
So what was the case? Woman killed her husband.
As far as I can remember, it was pretty open and shut.
But at least we can agree that Dix didn't walk into The Sirens and stab those two guys.
So who did? Barbara said Boggs and Lewis recognized the killer.
They called him "Dix.
" We come in here, he's packing a suitcase, he shoots at us.
This stinks, Harvey.
You all right? What the hell? These basements run along Gotham's sewers.
The river is right next to it.
You mean the river filled with Jeremiah's toxins? Who knows what kind of damage these chemicals could do? Yeah, you're right.
Just don't you touch anything.
Hold on.
Bite marks.
Animal? Well, it's no human I've ever seen.
Whatever it was it dragged him that way.
Seems like human skin.
Here's the file you asked for.
Victoria Cartwright.
- How'd you, uh? - I had Harper run every case the four of you worked, cross-referenced with any woman that killed her husband.
Do I need to read it, or are you gonna tell me what's in it? Victoria Cartwright was a banker.
She led a very boring life.
Until she snapped and put two .
38 caliber slugs into her husband.
End of story.
You guys rehearse that? Says there was no physical evidence.
She was convicted on the statement of her seven-year-old daughter, Jane.
This was 20 years ago.
Where's Jane now? What's the point? The killer's a man.
A man that can imitate friggin' faces.
What was the name of the guy that Strange got to imitate you? A Basil something? That's who we should be looking for.
That was different, and you know it.
Do we have an address for this Jane? No.
But the family's old home is in the Green Zone, - just east of the clinic.
- Jim, it's a dead end.
Is there anything else you want to tell me? You know what? Why don't you hang back? Whoa, whoa, whoa.
You benching me? Killer's still out there.
Keep an eye on your partner.
It's Arthur.
You're holding a doll.
It's not a doll.
It's a dummy.
Oh, this is great.
I'm going back to work.
- Excuse me.
- You're saying he made you come here? Mr.
Scarface is very persuasive.
Persuasive? He made me tell him about your Treasure.
Penn I think you need a rest.
And perhaps a psychiatrist.
Then we can discuss you resuming your former duties.
Obviously, I won't pay you for the time you were gone.
Shut your piehole! This the one you were telling me about? Punk who thinks he's in charge? Yes, sir.
That's Mr.
Oswald, if you don't make him leave, I will.
- Yeah.
- No one's going anywheres.
Penn, show these dewdroppers we're serious.
Forgive me.
Now, let's talk turkey turkeys.
- What a mess, huh? - Yeah.
Boggs and Lewis were idiots, complete idiots.
They should've known when they see a guy walking, that it ain't me.
You think the Cartwright girl said something? How would I know? So, how you been since the bridges came down? You getting enough food? Medicine? What if I said "no"? I'd feel like crap.
Then no.
The Cartwright girl is dead.
A buddy of mine, who was a screw over at Arkham, he said she was an inmate there, and she died a couple of years ago, so this has nothing to do with her.
GCPD! Coming in.
Check upstairs.
Looks like this place has been abandoned since before the bridges came down.
What the hell? What the hell was that? Someone's been living here.
What's that smell? Everything all right? All good.
No one's here.
Hey! Don't look at me! Don't look at me! We found your handiwork.
Nothing to say? You're gonna have to take that mask off.
The only way you're gonna keep that mask on is if you talk.
Otherwise, I'm gonna reach over this table, and I'm gonna rip it off of your face.
- Who are you? - Nobody.
You're not Jane Cartwright? Because you were in her childhood home.
You're about the right age.
Talk to me, Jane.
I know after your mother was convicted, you ended up a ward of the state.
In and out of institutions until you ended up in Arkham.
Then you vanished.
Some say died.
What happened to you? Me? Nothing happened to me.
What happened to Jane? Oh.
Lots happened to Jane.
She was taken from Arkham.
Down, down down, the doctor did things to her, experiments on her and others.
You're talking about Hugo Strange? You were taken to Indian Hill? The professor was obsessed with the power to change.
The way a chameleon would change its skin.
He wanted humans to have that power.
He made it so Jane could change her skin her bones, her hair, the color of her eyes.
All it takes is a single touch, and her body becomes a mirror.
When it's done, she sheds her skin and starts anew.
It remembers everyone it touched.
It's touched you, Detective.
We can help you, Ms.
Jane Cartwright is dead.
She died in Arkham.
That's when Jane Doe was born.
So why kill all these cops? Do you want to know why they died? Ask your friend.
What is that? Aw.
We should head out.
My battery's dying.
He's coming.
He's coming.
- Who's coming? What happened? - He's going to kill me.
I barely got away.
- Are you Hank? - Yes.
Your wife sent us.
- Is anyone else left alive down here? - They're all dead.
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
Hank! Hank! Hold on, Hank! Hand over the heaters! If you don't mind.
Penn, can't we just talk this through? Get back! I'm so sorry.
At least tell me what happened after Haven.
Help me to understand this.
Go on.
Sing your song.
After I was shot I woke up in the GCPD morgue.
I was alone.
I patched my wounds as best I could and crawled out.
I hid in a store.
An abandoned magic shop.
That's where Mr.
Scarface found me.
And he told me all about you.
How you used him.
Chewed him up and spat him out.
Treated him like a palooka! That's a lie! Oh, please, Oswald.
It's what you do.
Arnold Arthur.
What do you want? I don't want anything.
But Mr.
Scarface, well he wants your treasure.
And to be boss.
Really? The-the dummy wants to be the boss of Gotham? Bingo! Now, give me the key - to your treasure room.
- Why would I do that? You're obviously gonna kill me anyway.
What am I doing? I'm talking to a doll.
- Seriously? - You know what, Oswald? Honestly, you deserve this.
- Nobody asked you.
- You are opportunistic, your loyalty is shaky, at best, and you will hurt anyone, anyone to get what you want.
I hardly think you're one to throw stones! - Listen, Penn - Eyes down here, pal.
Scarface, I got a question for you.
After you get your tiny wooden hands on that treasure, what are you gonna do? Where are you gonna go? People are gonna come after you eventually.
Then I'll, uh I'll take 'em all on! Yeah.
- Show 'em who's boss.
- Ah.
You wouldn't have to do that if you could get off this island, now, would you? What are you doing? Shut it! Let the smart one talk.
How do you feel about submarines? What are we doing here? I just wanted to take us, uh, someplace quiet where we could talk.
- We did a bad thing.
- Oh, come on, not that again.
We put a killer in jail, all right? What do you keep moping about? She was guilty.
She got what she deserved.
Drop it.
Did you get what you deserved? What? You made that girl into a murderer.
Oh, come on.
You your friends - the kid.
- Come on, you're I'm gonna make sure you never do that again.
Harper, where's Dix? I saw Bullock take him in the back.
What are you doing here? Seems my bartender overheard the killer say something before he ice-picked Harvey's pals.
I thought I'd be a good citizen.
"The kid's guilty, too.
" The kid.
Listen what you said before, about me being a known criminal.
I was on some list your army buddy had.
When the government rolls in, am I gonna be arrested? Honestly, I don't know.
But that would work out for you, right? I go to jail.
You get the baby.
I don't want that.
Is that a promise? I go straight, I'm clear? Stay right here.
Hey, Harvey, where'd you take Dix? I didn't take Dix anywhere.
Oh, God.
She got into your locker.
Must have taken your clothes.
We have to lock down the GCPD.
Hey, Harvey.
We'll find her.
Come on.
Look at the size of it.
Living down here, the toxins in the river must have driven him mad.
Get out of here! Now! Alfred! - I'm sorry! - Alfred! Alfred! Stop! Stop.
Stop All right, everybody, listen up.
GCPD is now in lockdown.
Nobody goes in or out unless I say so.
She could look like anybody by now.
How are we supposed to find her? Jim! Barbara? What happened? What do you mean, what happened? I've been attacked.
Where'd she go? Wait a minute.
How do we know it's really you? Seriously? This isn't proof enough? - What the hell? - That's her.
She's the imposter.
Shoot her! It's me, you idiot.
That sounds like Barbara.
Tell me where we first met.
Don't shoot.
I'm leaving here.
Anyone tries to follow me, she dies.
- Shoot her.
- We can't risk it.
Stay back! Bullock, wait! I'm fine.
All right, take her to my office.
- Don't let her out of your sight.
- Okay.
I cannot believe that you told him about the sub.
And that you're playing along with his psychosis.
Obviously, he was gonna kill you.
I bought us time.
I have an idea.
If you can just keep him busy and wait for the signal.
Wait, what's the signal? Quit your jawing.
So Mr.
Scarface and I have discussed our options.
And the submarine sounds like a good plan.
And since we'll need the smart one to build this hayburner, he can keep sucking air.
But Penguin ain't so lucky.
Do it, Penn.
Ventilate that mook.
- I'm so sorry, Mr.
- Oh.
I wish things would've turned out differently.
Arthur, I want you to listen to what I'm saying.
You accuse me of manipulating you, but what about him? I never asked you to kill anybody.
- That is true.
- Hey.
Think of everything that we went through together.
Sofia Falcone.
Getting cut off from the mainland.
You mean Penn was starving! Fighting for scraps while your dog ate steak.
I welcomed you into my home.
And yes, I was not a good friend.
To you or to anyone.
It's why I'm alone.
But I saw you for what you are, and I valued that.
That must be worth something.
Applesauce! You're a liar and a thief.
All you do is take, take Take.
And you never give anything.
You worked me to the bone.
Forced me to be your puppet.
Well, no more.
You hear me? No more.
Take that.
And that.
You freed me.
How can I ever thank you? Aah! Why did you do that? He wasn't the threat.
The dummy was the threat.
I accept you for the person that you are.
Just as you accept me for the cold logician that I am.
That's why this friendship is great.
And as friends, I think we can both agree that that lunatic had to be stopped.
Perhaps, Edward we really are meant for each other.
I know you're up here.
I knew you'd be here.
I'm sorry.
It was my job to protect you, and I let you down.
You made Jane into a killer.
You and your friends.
There have to be consequences.
You killed three men already.
When is it enough? When you're dead.
Put the gun down! Shoot me.
You killed Jane years ago, and you didn't even know it.
Just shoot me.
Let me see your face.
Your real face.
Why? So you can see what a monster she is? Hugo Strange only destroyed her face.
You destroyed her soul.
Let me see it.
You see? You see what they did? Jane we can work this out.
Just put the gun down.
The only way this ends is with one of us dead.
Oh, Hank, thank God you're alive.
The nurse thinks the man that attacked us will never recover.
The toxins in the river have done irreparable damage to his brain.
I just think it's a shame we couldn't save the rest of the people who went missing, Master Bruce.
We should've went to Gordon from the start.
- We were reckless.
- Ah, that's nonsense.
We took decisive action.
We saved a man's life.
The people in this city have suffered, Master Bruce.
They need someone that will protect them.
I agree.
But there are better ways to find absolution.
I, um, I don't follow.
What happened to Wayne Manor wasn't your fault.
I know you've been blaming yourself.
You didn't destroy our home, Alfred.
But I feel like I did.
I feel like I wasn't strong enough to fight Tetch or that bastard Valeska.
I feel like because of my weakness, you lost your last tie to the past.
You lost your home, Master Bruce.
I must never be that weak again.
Part of being a family is that we can be strong for each other.
And when did you get so smart? I had a good teacher.
Victoria Cartwright killed her husband.
After we arrested her, she admitted it.
Later, she recanted.
But the physical evidence wasn't there.
I was a new cop.
I wanted to make detective.
So you leaned on Jane.
Coerced a statement out of her to put her mother away.
The woman was guilty.
Later I found out the husband beat the mother and Jane.
I didn't know till after.
The bartender overheard Jane say something about, "the kid's guilty, too.
" She meant the young cop.
She meant you.
I knew something was wrong.
I felt it.
I said something, and they told me to keep my trap shut, just close the case, put a bow on it.
After a while, I stopped feeling it.
And I went down that path for a long time until I met you.
However much I've changed I can't change the past.
I made that girl a killer.
What do you want from me, Harvey? Forgiveness? Can't give that to you.
I just needed you to know.