Gotham (2014) s05e11 Episode Script

They Did What?

1 Previously on Gotham General Wade's landing craft docked.
His convoy's on the way here now.
Reunification day is today.
- Captain Gordon.
- General, welcome to Gotham.
- Incoming! - Get back! [FILTERED BREATHING] Eduardo.
What did Walker do to you? Eduardo's dead, Jim.
There is only Bane now.
Everything I have done here is about punishing Gotham for the sins of Bruce Wayne.
I'm not leaving.
And I don't think I can let you leave either.
What are you doing? [GRUNTING] Ra's al Ghul.
This is revenge for his death.
- And who am I? - You're his daughter.
Run! My name is Nyssa al Ghul.
I believe you knew my father.
- Where's Nyssa? - I don't know, but she's planning on using the military to wipe out Gotham.
I can order them to stand down.
Then let's get you out of here.
This is General Wade.
Begin your bombing run - on my order.
- Wait, wait.
Nyssa al Ghul's coming for her.
The sooner she and Lee get back here with the baby, the better.
LUCIUS: We got refugees coming in from all over Gotham, Jim.
People are scared.
I know you're not one to quit, but if there was ever a time to wave the white flag, now is it.
Nyssa al Ghul doesn't want to just conquer Gotham she wants to destroy it, kill everyone she finds.
The only thing standing between her and these people is us.
Gather the team.
Get every able-bodied refugee down into the bunkers beneath the GCPD.
Why do I get the feeling he's concocting an elaborate plan to get us all killed? Better gather up these refugees.
Look at him.
The medics did everything they could to stabilize him.
Now all we can do is wait.
This is my fault.
I sent him on this mission.
Alfred knew what he was signing up for, Bruce.
We all did.
Nyssa and Bane are coming after me and Barbara.
Coming after Gotham.
Because of what we did to Ra's.
What you did was stop him.
We'll stop his psycho daughter together.
I'm sure you recognize this knife.
You touch my baby, and I will turn you into a pile of ash, just like I did your father.
A bit cruel, don't you think? To let this little one get too attached when you won't be around much longer.
- [SHUDDERS] - Mmm.
[COOING] Soon, you and Bruce Wayne will see Gotham and Jim Gordon's precious Green Zone destroyed.
Then I'll allow you to die.
My father made his name destroying empires.
Now it's my turn.
[PANTING] Hello.
Listen to me.
There is a submarine in the docks, full of Gotham's gold.
It's yours.
Just leave the city.
Let me and my baby go.
- [COOING] - No.
I think I'll keep this little one and raise her as my own.
As an al Ghul.
[LAUGHING] I take it the army has landed.
They're just awaiting my orders.
Then what are you waiting for? What a cute little baby.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] Wait, what? You're ordering us to destroy the Green Zone? Anyone still in Gotham is an enemy of the state.
I won't be party to the murder of civilians, General.
Then you're relieved of command.
The hell are you? [FILTERED BREATHING] I'm your new commander.
[SNAP] Does anybody else have a problem with the general's orders? Good.
Let's get started.
What's the matter? Can we really be so cavalier about the destruction of Gotham? [SIGHS] Let me think about that.
Yes! [GROANS] Damn it! Oswald! Where are you going? Oswald! This is my city, and I will be damned if I'm gonna let those bastards take it! I cannot let you do this.
You, of all people, should want to stop those monsters.
They forced you to destroy Haven, to murder hundreds of innocent civilians.
You're just gonna let 'em get away with it? I was kind of planning on it, yeah.
Very well.
I'm going to follow my heart.
Oswald! You have been down this road before.
Following your heart has never worked out for you.
But perhaps you could learn something if you listened to this instead of this.
I'm gonna miss you, Edward.
[CRYING] I'll miss you, too, Oswald.
I'm not talking to you.
I'm talking to the God! [CHUCKLES] Come on, baby.
All right.
Good boy.
[PANTING] Go with the man in green.
[SHUDDERING INHALE] You'll be safe.
Oswald, if you walk off this dock, - I'm taking this submarine.
- [SNIFFLES, EXHALES] And the treasure! Nyssa al Ghul wants to kill everyone in Gotham.
But, to get to us, the army has to follow the Western Corridor.
That's where we make a stand.
We got a handful of men.
How are we gonna take on an army? We just have to slow the army down long enough to get General Wade out from under Nyssa's control.
Then he can reverse the invasion order.
We're trying to reach the Sirens.
Still no luck.
All right.
I'll go.
I need to get Barbara and Lee back here.
- I'll meet you at the barricades.
- I know you haven't seen your kid yet, but the GCPD needs a leader, and they're looking to you.
I'll go to Sirens.
[SIREN WAILING IN DISTANCE] You sure you want to do this? It doesn't take two of us to track the general's signal.
And if Jim's making a stand, that's where I should be.
Wayne Enterprises EMP, smoke bombs, signal jammers.
Not enough to even the odds, but it may buy you some time.
What's this? Ah.
Remember the Nightwing Project? Portable, next-gen stealth tech.
Put it on any aircraft, and it's invisible to radar.
But, unfortunately, it also seems to serve as a beacon to certain animals.
Never know.
Might find a use for it.
Oswald, come in.
[CHUCKLES] Still have those eyes in the back of your head, Jim.
[SIGHS] You just have a remarkably recognizable odor.
Part dandy, part snake.
After all these years, it hasn't changed.
Drink? No, thank you.
Dulls the senses.
That's what I was going for.
Surprised you're still here.
Figured you'd be long gone by now.
That storm you've warned me about for so long, it's finally here.
We've shared some turbulent times, you and I.
That we have.
When you spared my life on the pier that day, banished me from Gotham, that was the most lost I've ever been.
[CHUCKLES] Because I was away from the city, you see.
[CHUCKLES] It's part of me.
You know what I'm talking about, because it's part of you, too.
[CHUCKLES] Sure, I could escape with money, I might add but then what? Stand on the shores of the mainland and watch the army burn it to the ground? Then watch tasteless industrialists and vapid politicians rebuild it? [CHUCKLES] No.
My life is etched on the walls of every alley and dirty warehouse here.
My blood lives in its broken concrete.
I'm staying to fight.
For my legacy.
The army just busted through the GCPD checkpoint.
They're heading to the barricades.
Bane's leading them.
How many men? [SIGHS] 600, 700? - Still want to fight? - [GULPS] How many do we have? - Maybe 30? - [LAUGHS] Thirty-one.
Takes two men to pilot that submarine, Oswald.
The dog can't do it.
[EXHALES] Ditto on that blood and concrete thing.
Kind of like this city the way it is.
Shall we? I believe time is of the essence.
Remind me to talk to you about that full pardon.
Alvarez! Harper, Bruce! You take the left flank.
Harvey and I will take the right.
Holy Mary, Mother and Joseph.
BANE: Captain Gordon I always knew you had a savior complex, but this is too much.
What happened to you, Eduardo? There was a time when you would have been up on these barricades with me.
Yes but that was before I found my true purpose.
Stand by.
Fire on my command.
Jim, it's a lot of innocent soldiers down there just following orders.
Target Bane and Nyssa's commandos.
Fire on my command.
For Gotham.
Come on, we got to get out of here.
Where's Barbara and the baby? [EXHALES] Nyssa al Ghul took them.
We have to tell Jim.
They never stood a chance.
The ones who could escaped to the GCPD.
Then that's where I'm needed.
[GRUNTS] I'm sorry! I don't think he can hear you through the bullet in his ear! [GROANS] Eddie! [SCREAMING] They're only delaying the inevitable.
Jim, that thing's pointing right at us! [GROANS] BANE: Go, go, go, go, go! Find me Jim Gordon and Bruce Wayne.
If the army gets through the barricades, they'll have a straight shot to the GCPD and the people there.
We need to find another way to slow them down.
I think I have a way.
GORDON: Gather all the ammunition you can.
Fall back to the GCPD.
Go, go now! Fall back! - We got to go.
- [GRUNTS] Well, that was a disaster.
Come on, Oswald, we have to keep moving.
Where? There's nowhere to hide, Jim.
Wherever we go, the army will find us.
LUCIUS [OVER RADIO]: Get me Gordon.
It's Lucius.
Tell me you were able to track the general's signal.
It's coming from City Hall, but there's a problem.
Selina radioed.
Barbara and the baby were kidnapped by Nyssa al Ghul.
General Wade's at City Hall.
Chances are Nyssa, Barbara and the baby are, too.
Our best bet is for me to sneak into City Hall alone.
One good electrical zap should short out the general's chip, then you can get him to reverse the invasion order.
See you back at the GCPD.
Get Barbara and the baby back safe.
Come on.
Hey, move! - Upsy-daisy, Oswald.
- [OSWALD GRUNTING] - We're running out of time.
- [GASPS] Just give me one minute.
I'm so sorry.
- I saw the grenade and I froze.
- [EXHALES] - I'm sor - Shh.
It's the least I could do.
But tell me Does it look bad? No, it's just a scr [GAGS] Looks fine.
Let's go.
Where'd everybody go? She's gonna need some morphine.
- [EXPLOSION] - And this bandage needs changing.
- Bruce.
Is Jim ? - He's okay.
For now.
We'll need to get Jeremiah's battery from the basement.
After the bridges went down, Lucius re-modified Jeremiah's bomb to be used for its original purpose as a battery.
It's been powering the GCPD.
We need to make it a bomb again.
You got to be kidding me.
Jeremiah knew exactly where to put his bombs to topple buildings, turn Gotham into a maze.
We stopped him.
But if we could use just part of his plan, we can track the army and slow them down.
By knocking buildings down like dominos.
But for that to work, we need to put a bomb in this building.
Ground Zero for the blast.
Wayne Enterprises.
Bruce There's no other way.
How do we get this thing out of here? To use it as a bomb, you don't need the whole thing.
All you need is the core and the activator.
[ELECTRICITY POWERING DOWN] That's it? It may look modest, but all it took was one of these to blow up an entire bridge.
Not to mention the Gotham Clock Tower.
Bruce, you can't do this alone.
He's not alone.
I know where to place the bomb.
And you and Lucius are needed here.
I can't believe we're letting them do this.
Add that to the list of things that I cannot believe are happening.
What? [GRUNTING] [SNAP] BARBARA: The key's there.
Where is she? Is she okay? Yeah, she's upstairs in the office with Nyssa and the general.
Nyssa is not gonna stop until she's killed everyone in Gotham.
One thing at a time, let's go save our baby.
NYSSA: Hello, Captain Gordon.
You're seeing your baby for the first time.
[SIGHS] I wish I had a camera.
Hand her over.
I don't think I will.
Put down your guns.
Unless you want the little one hurt in the crossfire.
[CHUCKLES] Even now, the army is making its way to the Green Zone while Bane is hunting down Bruce Wayne.
Only question is, what to do with you? This is it.
The bomb will weaken the support column and topple the entire building.
This is crazy.
I mean, we've spent this entire time trying to stop Jeremiah and now we're actually using part of his plan.
Believe me if there was any other way SELINA: You sure you want to do this? First Wayne Manor gets destroyed and now Wayne Enterprises.
This building is the heart of my family's company.
There are things above us my parents spent their entire lives on.
Some of my earliest memories are playing with Alfred in this lobby, waiting for my parents to come down these escalators.
But my parents built this company to make Gotham a better place.
They would have sacrificed everything for this city.
They did sacrifice everything.
And if that's what it takes so will I.
[EXHALES] SELINA: So remind me how this works.
Pulls energy from the air and magnifies it.
And when it does that? We run! [CLAMORING] [SCREAMING] I knew you'd come for your child.
I just didn't think you'd be foolish enough to come alone.
I don't need help to take you down.
Don't you see? It's over.
Gotham will burn.
And I'll achieve what my father couldn't.
Including killing you.
[CHUCKLES] She likes to be held upright.
- [BABY COOING] - There.
Barbara, I'll deal with you once Gotham has been destroyed.
But I'd like you to see this.
[BOTH GRUNTING] I was expecting a little more gusto.
You want gusto? [BOTH GRUNT] - Is that all you got? - [RADIO BEEPING] It's Lieutenant Angel.
They did what? No, no.
Is there another way around? Then tell the army to blast through.
I'm not done with you yet.
Your friends may have bought you some time, but the Green Zone's destruction is only delayed.
And now to meet your fate.
- [HANDCUFFS CLOSE] - Let's meet it together.
[GRUNTING] You think you can defeat me? Better men and women have tried and failed.
[GRUNTING] [SHOUTS] I'm an al Ghul.
You'll never beat me; I have my father's blood in my veins.
I am his one true heir.
Do you ever stop talking? [CRIES OUT] You two do share one thing.
You both love getting stabbed by this knife.
General Wade.
Execute fail-safe.
I'm going to enjoy watching Gotham be destroyed! And then my legacy will be complete.
We got to hurry.
It's only a matter of time before the army breaks through.
- We need to get back to the GCPD.
- [GRUNTS] Bruce! Impressive.
You blew up your father's building to stop the military.
It will take more to stop me.
Go on ahead, Selina! Warn the GCPD! No, we're doing this together.
You shouldn't have hurt Alfred.
Collateral damage.
It happens in war.
I'm sorry you weren't there to see me break your butler, but I'm so glad you won't miss me killing your little friend.
Let her go.
In war, there are no attachments.
Only then can you fight without your hands tied.
You see just a little ounce of pressure.
That's all that separates the living from the dead.
- [SHOUTS] - [CRIES OUT] [DEVICE BEEPING] - SELINA: What is that? - BRUCE: Wayne cloaking device, but it had some glitches.
Apparently, it's a beacon for certain winged mammals.
SELINA: What winged mammals? [WINGS FLAPPING] [SQUEALING] Bats.
[PAINED GRUNTING] There's no way to reverse the invasion order.
We have to find another way.
- Is she all right? - She is now.
- There, there.
Mama's here.
- [BABY COOING] And your father.
Try not to get blood on her.
- Sir - [RASPING]: Come on.
We're almost at the Green Zone.
- The baby? - I checked her over, she's fine.
Though she could use a feed.
[BABY COOING] Where's General Wade? The army's broken through.
General Wade's dead.
Nyssa al Ghul escaped.
There's no way to order the army to stand down.
So, now what? The army blew up Wayne Enterprises and knocked down two other buildings.
We don't stand a chance.
Actually, that was Bruce and Selina.
What? The army's blocks away.
- GORDON: From what direction? - Every direction.
We're surrounded.
I need to get her out of here.
All right.
The tunnels underneath the GCPD.
There's a vent shaft, it connects to the subway line.
Take the baby and the refugees down into the subways.
Get 'em behind enemy lines.
- Don't stop till you get to safety.
- Okay.
But what about you? We'll hold 'em off outside, buy you some time.
- Jim - These refugees, most of them are from the Narrows.
They know you, they trust you.
They know you'll protect them.
Oh, there you are, Master Bruce.
Rest, Alfred.
All this time, I tried to protect you.
There you are, a soldier.
A soldier for good.
You've spent your life protecting me.
Now it's time for me to do the same.
It's time for me to protect Gotham.
Even if there's nothing left to defend.
All right, everyone, let's move.
All right, you'll walk about five blocks underground, and then you'll get to a subway vent.
You're not coming with us? Jim and our friends are out there making a stand.
That's where I belong.
Wait, what are we going to do without you? Survive.
Make sure this was all worth it.
What was that for? Everything you've done for me.
And for her.
Just get them to safety.
It's over, Jim.
Our war's come to an end.
This isn't a war.
This is a firing squad.
I told you to go.
And I didn't listen.
[RIFLES COCKING] MAN: Shoulder to shoulder.
- Stand together.
- What the ? They're here for us, Jim.
[CROWD QUIETS] I said fire! GORDON: You have a choice.
You can stand with us, or you can stand with them.
[CROWD CHEERING] CROWD [CHANTING]: We are Gotham! We are Gotham! We are Gotham! [COUGHING] So that bitch was telling the truth after all.
[DOG BARKING] LUCIUS: We managed to raise the mainland on the radio.
They know everything.
As of right now, the army's being repurposed for the humanitarian mission of rebuilding Gotham.
These refugees will get food, water, medical treatment.
They're setting up a crisis center in Federal Square.
I'll be damned.
So this whole "not listening" thing.
It's not gonna become a habit, is it? You're welcome.
[CHUCKLES SOFTLY] Well, this is gonna make one hell of a bedtime story some day.
Can I? Of course.
I don't even know what to call her.
Barbara Lee Gordon.
In this city, it's important she know who she can rely on.
[COOING] Bruce, what's wrong? We won.
Nyssa al Ghul is still out there.
And she and Bane were right.
All this happened because of me, because people were trying to hurt me and the people I care about.
When Bane had you I thought he was gonna kill you, Selina, and there was nothing I could do.
I will be here whenever you need me.
What? That's what my parents used to tell me.
Come here.
That bitch stole our submarine! And our gold.
And by now she's probably landed somewhere on the mainland, impossible to track! After all we've been through these last months, we are once again left with nothing! Nothing! [GRUNTS] Back to square one.
Common criminals.
We saved this city from certain damnation, but will we see any credit for our loyalty, our selfless bravery? Of course not! I don't want their thanks.
[PANTING] Or their respect.
You know what I felt, standing shoulder to shoulder with those people out there? Nothing.
I feel absolutely nothing for those drab boring people.
That was me once.
Minimum wage at a thankless job at the GCPD.
"Yes, sir.
No, sir.
Thank you so much, sir.
" Picking up scraps from my master's floor.
Shy, awkward pathetic Ed.
Common criminals? Never again.
I've shown this city who I truly am once before, and I will do it again.
They will bow to the Riddler, and they won't get up until I permit them to.
You're right.
Our accomplishments have been erased, our brilliant minds underrated.
If they had let me run this city the way I wanted to, it would not be in ruins now.
I have the men, the money, - the guns - Gordon took them.
Why? Because he still sees you as Fish Mooney's umbrella boy, and he always will.
I only came back to help him save this city so that I could take it for myself.
We would be stronger together.
No one could stop us.
Yeah, perhaps.
Let's make a pact, here and now.
We will take what we want from who we want, and we will suffer no fools.
Shall we shake on that? Please, we're brothers.
A hug.
A hug it is.
[PANTING] [SIGHS] Life begins anew.
Shall we get to work? MAN: Thank you all for coming here today.
It is my great honor to introduce Mayor Jones.
JONES: With reunification underway and the bridges being rebuilt, it is my honor to bestow upon Captain James Gordon the title of commissioner.
[APPLAUSE] [INDISTINCT CHATTER] We're gonna miss you around the bullpen.
I won't be far.
And the mission doesn't change.
Still trying to make this city a better place.
Be careful.
You're swimming with sharks now.
If you need anything, ever I know who to call.
You deserve this, Jim.
You really do.
I'm gonna go get a drink before you get all teary-eyed on me.
[SNIFFLES] What do you mean, you're leaving? Bane's in prison, it's over.
My life here it's too public.
You've made up your mind.
Gotham's in good hands.
Thank you, Bruce, for everything you've done for me and for the city.
Gotham will always be your home.
Bruce is all grown up.
- That he is.
- Well, now you have another little one to look after.
Where's Bruce? Um he left you this.
[SHUDDERING] BRUCE: You know how to reach me if you need anything? Yes.
Well, you know me, Master Bruce, I'll be very self-sufficient.
Busy, actually.
You know, we start the reconstruction of Wayne Enterprises and Wayne Manor tomorrow.
You will remember everything I taught you, won't you? Of course.
Good, that's that's good.
I never tried to replace your parents, you know? I couldn't, I never would.
But I want you to know, Master Bruce, that you are the only son that I will ever have, and I could not be more proud.