Gotham Knights (2023) s01e13 Episode Script

Night of the Owls

Previously on "Gotham Knights"
REBECCA: Beware the Court of Owls
that watches all the time.
BRODY: My mom's the one
that's behind everything
the Court, Cressida's murder,
probably Bruce Wayne's, too.
REBECCA: Ruling Gotham
from a shadowed perch.
Duela, meet your real father,
- Harvey Dent!
REBECCA: Behind granite and lime
Given how superstitious
Alan Wayne was, I'm guessing
all his buildings have
secret 13th floors.
Wouldn't that mean Wayne Tower has one?
- Aah!
This isn't who I raised you to be.
This is exactly who you raised me to be.
DR. KELLEY: Nobody is bulletproof.
Just ask your friend Batman.
TURNER: Mom, Dad, I missed you so much.
REBECCA: We watch you at your hearth.
We watch you in your bed.
- They're all dead.
- Hands in the air!
REBECCA: Speak not a
whispered word of us,
or we'll send the Talon for your head.
Kill them all.
How many ways do you want me
to tell you the same thing?
Well, I'm just trying
to get it straight.
So, first, you were framed
for killing Bruce Wayne
by the same people who then framed
you for killing Cressida Clarke,
who you say worked for
the people who framed you,
and now you're saying
that you've been framed
for killing the people who framed you?
Yes, that that is exactly
what the Court of Owls does.
So, I guess my question is,
who's left to frame you
now that everyone is dead?
Well, technically, some of
them can't die, all right?
Look, there's this thing.
It's called Electrum,
and it's it's it's a space rock.
A meteorite comprised of mineral
alloys with healing properties.
That allows you to live forever?
In small doses. The Court
puts it in a back molar,
and it releases over time,
giving an increased lifespan.
That is how their Talon has stayed
alive for over a hundred years.
Talon, a-as in the nursery rhyme?
As in a brutal,
sword-wielding killing machine.
That can never die.
Well, not until Turner cut off his head.
But he was totally justified!
Do you feel you were justified
in killing the mayor and
dozens of Gotham's elite
because you believe they were
part of some secret cabal?
We didn't kill them.
- Then who did?
- My mother.
[SCOFFS] Rebecca March,
who's still unaccounted for?
She killed the Court?
She is The Court.
She has been for centuries.
If she's willing to
sacrifice the entire Court,
no one in Gotham is safe.
You're gonna make me beg, aren't you?
Rebecca. [SIGHING]
You know, it didn't have to be this way.
Heh heh! Trust me.
I tried to avoid this way for years,
but you just couldn't
resist a good mystery.
Well, call me old-fashioned,
but if we were gonna
have a future together,
I think I deserved to know that you
could have fought in the Civil War.
Prolonged life is a gift, Harvey,
one I'm prepared to offer you.
This is the Electrum I'd reserved
for my now-deceased Court.
Start over with me, Harvey.
No more baggage.
No more sneaking around.
No more fake marriages.
You're not the Rebecca
that I fell in love with.
you are not the Harvey
who fell in love with me,
at least not yet.
Heh! So, that's it?
You can't have me, so, the crazy
one's gonna be your rebound?
I hate to break it to you,
Rebecca, but it's gonna take
a lot more than a few keys on
the piano to bring him back.
I know.
DUELA: Let go of me!
All right. Let me walk by myself.
- Let me go!
- HARVEY: Duela?
REBECCA: Now then.
DUELA: You know, I shot him point-blank,
so, whatever you think you're doing
isn't really gonna work
because the guy hates me.
What the hell are you doing?
Just let her go.
REBECCA: Let yourself go, Harvey.
Choose your better half, and
your daughter leaves here alive.
DUELA: Oh, come on. A bomb, seriously?
Your mother may have been
willing to cash you in
like a hot handbag, but
then she's always been
a blight on society.
Your father, however, is good
and moral and just,
and I have no doubt he'll
do anything to save you.
HARVEY: Rebecca, don't do this.
I'll give you the disarm code
when you give me the real Harvey.
I need to go pack my bags.
I'll leave room for your toothbrush.
I need to see my daughter Carrie Kelly.
I've been waiting two hours.
She's still being questioned.
She's 15.
Well, congratulations.
You raised the youngest
mass murderer in Gotham history.
TURNER: I am not a killer.
Why is it so hard for
you to believe that?
Maybe I think being a
killer is in your blood.
You don't remember me, do you?
This isn't the first
time we've met, Mr. Hayes.
I was the lead detective investigating
the death of your parents.
You couldn't solve that one either, huh?
Some detective.
Certainly not the world's greatest.
Oh, yeah.
I knew Bruce Wayne, only
I knew him as Batman.
Did you know he was the
one who killed my parents?
Did you bury the case to protect him?
I buried it to protect
an 8-year-old boy.
From what, the truth
about how my parents died?
From the truth of who they were.
Your parents were murderers, Turner,
That's a lie.
They they cleaned office buildings.
- That was their cover.
Your parents' last assignment?
Kill the Batman.
This is insane.
The truth often is.
Your parents worked
for an international criminal
named Henri Ducard.
When I interviewed you back then,
you told me about your
parents' friend Mr. Henry?
Well, Ducard wanted Batman dead
and he tasked your
parents with doing it.
Instead, they got themselves killed.
Just got the report back from forensics.
Want to know what they found?
STEPHANIE: Explosives?
Traces of nitroglycerin were found
on your jacket when you were booked.
It's from those barrels,
the ones in the March building.
If all those barrels are
filled with nitroglycerin
Rebecca's planning something awful.
- You have to trust us.
- SOTO: Why? Because you know
the location of a whole bunch
of bomb-making materials?
No, because of that.
This is Soto. Talk to me.
OFFICER: Power's been cut.
The whole damn building's out.
Owls hunt better in the dark.
I want the entire building on lockdown,
- Now.
- OFFICER: Copy that.
Bringing backup generators online now.
- I need a unit to motor pool, now! Officer down!
- I repeat, officer down!
- SOTO: What's the situation?
We got multiple intruders just cutting
their way through the Bomb Squad.
They're making their way up now.
help in the motor pool!
I repeat, we need
help in the motor pool!
MAN: Oh!
What the hell are those things?
Your mom sold you out, huh?
I'm sure she had no idea it
was gonna wind you up here
Yeah, we're not doing this. Thanks.
Fine. Um
how 'bout I just talk
and you listen, OK?
Duela, your mom screwed you over.
I screwed over you and
your mom, but your
your dad isn't
I mean
I'm not who you thought I was.
Your childhood was stolen from you.
None of it is fair.
None of that is how any kid
should ever have to grow up.
Duela, if I had known you existed,
and if you had had
an actual father figure in your life,
then none of this would have happened.
And all of that pain
and the frustration and hatred
that had to go into you
pulling that trigger,
I deserved
every last bit of that,
and I'm starting to think that
the only reason that I survived
was so that I could have a
chance to make it up to you,
because I [CHUCKLES]
I shouldn't be here.
I should not be alive, and I am
not gonna waste my second chance.
Starting with getting
us out of this mess,
I am gonna make it up to you.
Duela [SIGHS]
Someone cares about you now, OK?
All right, listen up!
I want officers securing
every way into this
part of the building.
- WOMAN: Yes, sir.
MAN ON P.A. SYSTEM: All units fall back!
Repeat! Fall back to aah!
OK, how do we stop these things?
I I'm sorry. "Things,"
as in as in more than one?
Yeah, it seems your nursery
rhyme added a few more characters.
We need weapons, the ones you
impounded from the Batcave.
What makes you think
that you can stop them?
Because we've done it before.
Because we're the Gotham Knights.
Everybody! Hit the deck!
All right.
DR. KELLEY: All right, I'm gonna
apply pressure. This'll hurt.
Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom! Please!
Oh, no! Stay with me! Please, please!
No, Mom!
No! Please!
Dr. Kelley's in surgery right now.
- How's it looking?
- BRODY: Considering Dr. Kelley's
the best surgeon they have, and
she can't operate on herself
we're just hoping second-best will do.
How's Carrie?
About as good as you'd expect.
Commissioner Soto's still unconscious,
so, we can't rely on GCPD for backup.
Where are you?
Headed up to your parents' 13th floor
to check out those nitro barrels.
TURNER: Can't be a coincidence
the Talons took out the Bomb Squad.
OK. Just
be careful.
So, are you two, like, a thing now?
- STEPHANIE: Who two?
- CULLEN: You and Harper.
Uh, are we a thing?
Because it's obvious.
- TURNER: Oh, yeah, totally.
- CULLEN: Like, big time.
OK, then.
CULLEN: I thought you said
there'd be a bunch of barrels here.
There were,
and they didn't have that.
There are two mercury tilt switches.
You move this thing or deactivate
it, and this thing blows.
By my count, there used
to be 7 other barrels here.
And this cell phone detonator is talking
to 7 other phones just like it.
TURNER: So, if Rebecca
has 7 other bombs,
where are they?
STEPHANIE: Tracing the
cell phone's frequencies
to their points of origin and
oh, my God.
Of course
8 bombs, one for each of the
skyscrapers designed by Alan Wayne.
So, Rebecca March has hidden a bomb
on each of the building's 13 floors.
CULLEN: Why would she do that?
TURNER: Same reason
she killed off her Court
and sent the Talons after us.
If she erases every trace of her past
and every piece of evidence
hiding in these buildings,
then she gets to start
over with a clean slate.
She's gonna do more than that.
These are massive granite
and lime buildings we're talking about.
Tens of thousands of people will die.
Uh, OK, wait, hold on.
Based on these signals,
all of the bombs are connected to one,
the "mother" bomb.
Please tell me it's just
nurturing and slightly overbearing.
I wish.
It's the bomb that
sets off all the others.
So, where is this mother bomb?
Purple, red, green, yellow.
I I can't tell. Would
you call that a mauve?
I thought bombs were your specialty.
No, they were the Joker's specialty.
Now you wish I was his daughter?
I might have to give
Rebecca what she wants.
Can you even do that at
will? Don't you have to, like,
chant 3 times into a
mirror or something?
No, not anymore. I just have to
close my eyes and ask him to come out.
[BEEPS] Duela? Hey,
hey, what are you doing?
- I'm phoning backup.
- Don't. D don't. You could blow us up.
- DUELA: Uh, it's ringing.
Uh, hello?
Hey, girl.
- It's Duela.
- HARPER: Oh, let me guess.
You and your mom ran out of gas
on your way out of Gotham, and now
you need the only number you can
remember to come to your rescue?
Have you ever thought about
finding an outlet for your anger?
HARPER: You're the outlet, Duela.
Look, I I gotta go, OK?
- Rebecca March planted bombs all over the city.
- DUELA: Yeah, I know.
I am strapped to one.
How do you think I'm calling you?
You're calling me from the bomb's phone?
OK, hold on. I'm putting you on speaker.
DUELA: Great. Brains aplenty. So, OK.
I am being held hostage
here with Harvey.
- TURNER: Uh. Harvey's there?
- DUELA: Yes,
and it turns out he suffers from, uh,
- what is it called?
- HARVEY: Identity dysmorphia.
It's complicated, but I have, uh
Basically, it means there's
an evil twin riding shotgun
in his brain who
occasionally likes to pop out
and do things like kill his own father,
knock up my mother, uh, bang
the Head of the Court of Owls.
Look, I'm I'm sorry.
I'm on a clock here.
- STEPHANIE: What does Rebecca want?
she'll tell us how to disarm the bomb
if I unleash my dark side and
promise to leave Gotham with her,
but I've been locking
that side of me away
for some time, and trust me when I say
any solution is better than
ever letting him out again.
Uh, we may have a decent one, actually.
STEPHANIE: We outlined the
circuitry of the bomb network,
based on the data we pulled off
of Freek and the wire configuration
we analyzed on the bomb
in the March building.
Since Duela's bomb at Wayne is the
trigger for all the other bombs,
then, in theory, if Duela disarmed hers,
all the other bombs
would disarm as well.
Oh! Bingo!
Ha ha! Nerds to the rescue!
- OK!
- HARPER: Uh, this is gonna be complicated,
but start by finding
the red and purple wires.
- STEPHANIE: No, stop!
- HARPER: We are not doing this again.
The red and purple are power chargers.
- STEPHANIE: Duela cannot disarm her bomb.
- DUELA: Yes,
I can, and I know you know how.
DUELA: You were using
your giddy tech-girl voice.
I've analyzed the programming,
and the way these bombs are linked,
if Duela disarms her bomb,
then all of the others detonate.
HARVEY: But that doesn't make any sense.
Why would Rebecca tell
us how to disarm the bomb?
Because she needs a patsy.
She flees the city and Duela takes
the fall as the girl who blew it up.
Uh, OK, but just to be clear,
if I were to do that,
then this bomb won't blow up, right?
TURNER: Uh, d-don't
don't do anything.
OK, we're we're gonna
find a way out of this.
Says the guy not chained to a bomb.
- Carrie?
Hey, I'm here,
all right?
I'm just glad to see you are, too.
Um, Dr. Ray says you're
not out of the woods yet,
- but that you're a fighter.
- Huh.
If he's trotting out that
old chestnut, it must be bad.
What does my chart say?
"successful repair of
penetrating abdominal trauma."
Skip to the part about complications.
"Organ dysfunction caused by
onset of septic shock." [SNIFFLES]
But they're treating with miladiaxone.
Drug of last resort.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry that I got you into this.
Turns out I'm not the only
fighter in this family.
Batman chose well.
With him gone,
this city is lucky to have you
which is why you have to go.
Mom, I'm not leaving you.
It's not in your power to save my life,
sweet girl.
And from the looks
of things around here,
there are others you can help save.
I've decided to trust you
to survive this.
Time for you to do the same for me.
Gotham needs its Robin.
I have to let him out.
Harvey, the other you
put my mom in Arkham.
- He's a dick.
- HARVEY: Yeah, I know
but he's also diabolically clever,
- and he'll get you out of this.
- DUELA: OK, well, no.
Just think about it. If you let
him out, then Rebecca gives us
the disarm code, right?
And if we disarm this bomb,
then Gotham goes kaboom.
No, we won't have to
disarm it because he
will find a way to
outsmart her little scheme.
Fighting crazy with crazy is
the literal definition of crazy.
- You have to trust me on this, Duela.
- OK, well,
maybe I don't trust myself
with the disarm code then, huh?
- What if that's my only way out?
- HARVEY: That's what I'm saying.
- This is the way out.
- DUELA: But not for us!
I just sat here
listening to you assure me
that you would make up for 18 years
of a crappy life that I didn't deserve.
And I believed you
so, I don't want to lose that.
I don't want to lose you.
OK, then you have to make me a promise.
You just find a way to bring me back.
What do you mean?
Harvey, please don't do this.
- Hmm, hmm
- Please, please do not do this.
- Come on!
- HARVEY: Hmm, hmm, hmm
Ha ha ha ha!
Oh, Harvey.
Harvey, Harvey, Harvey.
What mess have you
gotten us into this time?
Duela, I swear we're gonna
get you and Harvey out of this.
Yeah, well, Harvey can't
come to the phone right now
'cause he's currently the other guy.
- Hey, kids.
- So, you might want to factor that
into your little rescue plan.
OK, I I swear to you,
I promise we're gonna ge
She hung up.
OK, who actually thinks Duela
is gonna sacrifice herself
to save a city that never
gave a damn about her?
CARRIE: Are we raising hands
or is this an anonymous vote?
Any update on your mom?
Let's just say that saving Gotham
from imminent disaster
is a welcome distraction.
Yeah, but the question is, can we
save it from Duela saving herself?
I mean, we all know what
she's gonna do, right?
Maybe Stephanie and I can
reverse-engineer the programming
so that arming the mother
bomb disarms the 7 others.
We'd have to clear
the area unit by unit.
- Oh, I can take care of that.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, backsies.
What are you saying, that we
we blow up Wayne Tower
before Duela decides
to blow up the rest of the city?
HARPER: OK, someone has to say it.
Are we really gonna trade tens
of thousands of lives for one?
Maybe we just trust Duela to wait
for us to find a better solution.
BRODY: I think what they're saying
is that this is the better solution.
TURNER: Duela didn't think twice
about blowing herself up to save me.
Dude, she doesn't care about
Gotham the way she cares about you.
That wasn't always the case, Cullen.
Are you saying she can't change?
- And are you willing to bet the whole city on that?
- I'm willing to bet on her!
This morning, I learned that
Batman didn't kill my parents.
They died because he was
defending himself from them.
Oh, my God.
TURNER: My parents
were prolific assassins,
monsters who murdered God knows
how many people in cold blood.
That's who I come from.
So, if you're gonna stand
there and judge somebody
based on where they came from, well,
you may as well turn
your backs on me, too.
I chose my own path. I'm here,
with all of you who
chose your own paths, too.
Duela has the same choice.
I can't believe I'm about to say this.
I vote we trust Duela.
Me, too.
That still doesn't stop all
these other bombs from going off.
We just need one of
them to go off, right?
Apone, it's Cullen. Cullen Row.
Yeah, I'm a little busy here.
Not sure I got time to give you
a proper "thank you" for saving my life.
Well, then how about
helping me save a lot more?
I need you to evacuate the
area around Wayne Tower.
APONE: I'm a little short-staffed here.
I got more badges in the
hospital than I do on duty.
Besides, do you know what would happen
if I diverted all those resources?
I know what'll happen if you don't.
You need to trust me.
Hey, Rebecca,
for a woman who likes
me to use my hands,
you're sure you want to keep me tied up?
Psst. Hey.
Girl strapped to the barrel of nitro,
you want to push that disarm button?
I knew this would happen.
Oh, come on, do it.
Rebecca made it so easy.
It's like sending a
spam call to voicemail.
You promised me another way out of this!
[SCOFFS] Who did? Your
white knight Harvey?
In case you haven't noticed,
he's all talk. I'm the action guy.
- That's why I'm here. Press the button.
- DUELA: I can't.
You can't what?
You can't turn your back on a
city that thinks you're trash?
OK, so, what? I I let thousands
of people die just to save myself?
You've been saving yourself
for your whole life, kid.
Like to think you got that from me.
OK, well, hopefully, I didn't inherit
the need to be somebody's bitch.
Ha ha ha ha!
I mean, Rebecca March?
Really? [SCOFFS]
That's your ride-or-never-die?
Well, it's a lot
better than being locked
in a permanent timeout in the
basement of Harvey's brain.
Then you've just traded
one prison for another.
You're just a dog
that people like to play with and then
put back in the kennel
when they get bored.
And Rebecca
will get bored.
Trust me. Heh!
I mean, maybe a few decades from now,
a half-century, even, when they have
flying cars and skater skirts
are back in style, but she will
turn on you
just like she did Lincoln.
Speak of the devil.
Hi, babe.
REBECCA: Look who's come out to play.
Thank you for rescuing me
from that dreadful coma.
It's time.
And we are gonna have plenty of it.
Or at least one of us will.
MAN: Oh!
- Aah! Aah
DUELA: Oh! Oh, my God! Dad!
Aah oh!
Get him out of here. [PANTS]
[SIRENS] MAN: By order of the GCPD,
- you must evacuate the area immediately.
- OFFICER: Move it!
I'm not gonna do it.
I'm not gonna help
you cover your tracks.
So brave.
But will you still be so heroic
when you're up here all alone,
watching those numbers tick
down to the single digits?
Did you ever stop to wonder
why you're the perfect person
to frame for the
murder of Gotham's hero?
It's because the entire city
was so ready to believe
the worst things about you.
And do you know why that is?
Because they're true.
TURNER: Then they don't know Duela,
and neither do you.
I know you were always
worried about living up
to Bruce Wayne's legacy,
but I do see him in you, Turner,
particularly the part
where you're dead, too.
It's Electrum, Mom.
Every last bit of it.
I'm sure you know what happens
when you get too much of it.
You could have had the world.
- BRODY: Not like this.
- JEFFREY AMOR: Days that we spent ♪
Suspend in my head ♪
My Talons will find you
I can't believe you came back for me,
I mean, after all those times I I ran
and screwed you over and
nearly got you killed.
Not offended.
Where's Harvey?
But you can never be ready ♪
You can never be ready ♪
You can never be ready ♪
Oh, oh, yeah ♪
Try to make sense ♪
Cups on the well ♪
What's this?
This is the Electrum she
was gonna use on Harvey.
This could save my mom's life.
It'd be nice to see it
finally used for good.
Cullen, how we doing?
APONE: Area is evacuated.
You're all clear.
Apone says Wayne Tower
perimeter's clear.
- We're good to go.
- Freek's ready when you are.
- OK, calibrating right now.
Mother Bomb's untethered.
- Steph?
- STEPHANIE: Yeah, we're good. OK.
So, when the timer hits
zero, the 7 other bombs
will be neutralized. You have 5 minutes.
you need to get out of there!
Surveillance shows
Talons headed your way!
You're about to have company!
- TURNER: Good.
- DUELA: How is that good?
Because they'll be in the
building when it blows.
Let's not be. Heh!
- CARRIE: Come on.
In spite of the best intention ♪
- HARVEY: Did you know he was Batman?
TURNER: You knew my dad
in a way I never will.
Best intention ♪
Following in his footsteps
makes me feel closer to him.
Oh, oh, oh ♪
Turner! What are you doing?
- The rest of my dad's journals.
- No! There's no time!
They're all I have left of him.
I I still have so many questions.
I'll be right behind you! Go!
No! What are you doing?
Come on! Damn it!
You can never be ready ♪
You can never be ready ♪
You can never be ready ♪
Oh, oh ♪
Be ready, be ready ♪
- CULLEN: Turner, where are you?!
Keep the engine running.
I'm in the lobby. Heading to you now.
REBECCA: You took my legacy from me,
so, I'm taking Bruce
Wayne's legacy from him.
As long as Gotham survives,
Batman's legacy will live forever.
Tear him apart.
Who are you?
- You can never be ready ♪
- Turner, where are you?!
For the end ♪
Turner make it out of there?
Somebody tell me he's OK!
- Hey. Heh heh!
- Mom.
How are you feeling?
Oh. Better.
Doctor said the sepsis is gone.
It takes longer than that
to recover from sepsis.
Ray was right.
You really are a fighter.
[CHUCKLES] What about you?
You save the day?
What's wrong?
night of terror marked
by violent attacks throughout the city,
the citizens of Gotham awoke
this morning to a skyline
that is forever changed
with the loss of Wayne Tower.
A GCPD spokesperson
credited vigilante group
the Gotham Knights with
saving countless lives
that otherwise would have
been lost in the blast,
so, it seems we all owe
them a debt of gratitude,
whoever they are.
I just wanted to give
you that proper thank you.
You're a better fake
cop than most real ones.
Come on.
Is there any news?
The Wayne Tower surveillance hard drives
were destroyed in the
collapse, so, piecing together
the final moments been a bit difficult.
Now, our search and rescue
teams are still looking
for Turner, but they found
body parts in the lobby
from what was left of
the Talons, so, clearly,
Ace put up a good fight.
What about Harvey Dent?
Harvey. What are you, uh
you gave up your own daughter, Jane.
And after you gave her
this whole song and dance
about what a monster I was cha-ching!
you just sell her to the highest bidder?
You hurt her.
Harvey, wait. Uh
look, just give me a chance, OK?
You know,
when our daughter shot me
this little coin
saved my life.
Why don't we see
if it saves yours?
Tails, you live
and heads, you don't.
Oh, Jane.
CULLEN: I remember first
setting foot in this place.
Turner said we'd clear our names.
Couldn't believe it then.
I can hardly believe it now.
I just wish he was around to see it.
BRODY: He was a good guy.
Wish I'd figured that out sooner.
CARRIE: So, what are you gonna do next?
I don't know.
Maybe I'll enroll in Gotham Academy.
This place have any scholarships?
Hope so.
Between Dad's legal
defense and Mom's rehab,
no way they're gonna pay
for my school anymore.
So, that's it.
Back to your boring, little lives.
Homework, prom, cafeteria food.
No more Gotham Knights.
You hate the Gotham Knights.
You hate the name. You hate
when people call us that.
Well, they're idiots,
and it is a stupid name.
But I think the people need us.
Duela do you even
care about the people?
But Turner did
and I cared about him.
Then I guess the best way to keep
his memory alive is to keep fighting.
You know I'm in.
Me, too.
Why not?
It's what Bat-Brat would want.
So, you're my kidnapper.
Or one might call me your savior.
My name is Henri Ducard.
Mr. Henry.
You remember.
What am I doing here?
You've shown a great deal of promise.
The Court of Owls
told me the same thing.
And yet they underestimated you.
I will not.
I taught your birth parents
and I taught Bruce Wayne,
and now I'll teach you
everything I know.
What about my life in Gotham?
You don't have one anymore.
And my friends?
Everyone you knew thinks you're dead.
And that is a perfect place to start.
MAN: Greg, move your head.
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