Grace (2021) s02e03 Episode Script

Dead Tomorrow

1 Please.
All OK.
No afraid.
All OK.
Callie? Taxi's here.
You ready? Come on.
I just can't believe it's really happening.
Well you've waited long enough.
Are you all right? We got an alert.
Draghead blockage alert.
'Received, over.
' The ambulance is on its way, OK? Stay with us.
It's important you stay with us, OK? Hey, so the vessel was on a routine dredge some ten miles out when it encountered a blockage on the draghead.
There's some tears in the sheeting, most likely took place around the same time.
Yeah, his, er his eyes are gone.
Sorry, I should've said.
So, what do you think? Fish food, maybe? But it could be predation at the bottom of the sea.
Crabs? Not both of them.
It looks deliberate.
A ritual, maybe? All right.
Let's get a paramedic to declare life extinct, and, er put a call in for a Home Office pathologist.
Already done.
Nadiuska's been called out to an emergency.
She's gonna be four or five hours at least, maybe longer.
But she's sending Cleo to secure the remains and transport it back to the mortuary.
Don't be nervous.
I'm not nervous.
You are.
- Who are you talking to? - Luke.
- Again? - Yeah.
He's my boyfriend.
You're ready for us, are you? - Hey.
- Hey.
I've been meaning to call.
Have you? That's nice.
What happened? Did you lose my number? Shall we just be pros and and get on? Nadiuska sends her apologies.
Yeah, I heard.
Yeah, but anything you can give us to be going on with would be good.
- Such as? - Erm Any idea, at first glance, how long he might have been in the water for? Er Well, Nadiuska will give you a better steer, but I'd say maybe a few days? OK, so I can go with "under a week", then? - How about the, erm - The wound.
I can't see how far it runs until we get him out of these wrappings.
- Neat, though.
- Definitely.
It's not a regular knife wound.
There's no scar tissue So, what are you saying? This could've occurred postmortem? - Or close to it.
- Same with the eyes? Yeah.
Don't Don't quote me.
I really have missed you.
Have you? I wouldn't have known.
The last thing you said to me was, "Call me when you get through with all this.
" And that's what I've been doing.
I really was gonna call you this week.
I thought maybe we could go somewhere, get something to eat.
There are things that'd be good to talk about.
Hey, Cleo.
Hi, Glenn.
So, the skipper's keen to know how long before they can sail again.
Another hour's delay unloading, and they won't make tonight's tide apparently.
- Is this him? - No.
This is, er chief engineer, Dr Marcus Backhurst.
He was aboard when the problem arose.
Dr Backhurst, Detective Superintendent Roy Grace.
Erm Is there any way of saying where the boat might have encountered the object? Yeah.
The co-ordinates were recorded when we encountered the blockage, and we can certainly get that to you, but, unless there's anything else, I've got a family thing I have to deal with.
I just got clear.
I'm on my way.
- 'Where were you?' - You know where I was.
We had a thing come up.
"A thing"? I can't I can't do this on my own, Marcus.
I shouldn't have to.
'She's your daughter, too.
'Whatever happened with us, we said' - .
it shouldn't affect Callie.
- I know.
I'm sorry.
Has there been any word on how it's going? 'No.
Because it didn't "go".
' I'm sat here with her, waiting to get a cab home.
- But I thought - 'We all thought.
' But it it wasn't suitable.
- So, what now? - More waiting, I guess.
Er the police said my husband's been brought here.
He's been in an accident.
A motorbike accident.
His name's Noah.
Noah Cobb.
He-He's a senior surgical registrar in this in this hospital.
We won't have furthers and betters until after the postmortem first thing.
But with the removal of his eyes and what appears to be an incision into the chest, we maybe looking at a ritual murder.
We're talking to the Specialist Dive Unit.
They should be able to give us a steer as to where he might have gone in.
I've also put out a marker on any cases featuring anyone of Middle Eastern or Mediterranean appearance.
Well, whatever lines of inquiry you think best.
You know what you're doing, Roy.
Unless there was anything else? The body looks as though it's lost one or two weights, which could allow it to drift a bit along the bottom, but you'd expect that more in stormy weather.
Lately, we've had fairly mild conditions.
So, yeah, I should be able to plot where he went in.
I wonder if it's worth taking a look, see if there's anything on the bottom.
Ten miles out, and the sea could be quite choppy, so I'll need to rent a bigger dive boat than our inflatable - for working out there.
- How easy is that to organise? If you leave it with me, I'll have you something by tomorrow.
I'm here.
Noah I love you.
No more bets.
'Where have you been? I've been trying to reach you.
'I think we have a problem.
' You still here? I'd have thought you'd be wanting to get on, won't you? - They said first thing.
- Who did? - The police.
- What? Well, they rang last night to charter the Scoob I wrote it on the thing.
- Don't you look? - What do they want her for? I don't know.
They said they wanna take her ten miles out.
A dive team, she said.
Christ almighty You stupid woman! What? What have I done? They don't need you! You can get to the bar and bookies once they've gone.
At least we'll have something coming in this month.
- The police? - They just want her gassed, and ready, and someone to meet 'em at Shoreham.
Beggars can't be, Jim.
And you haven't exactly been fully booked.
- And what with winter coming - Yeah, yeah, yeah.
The body is of a young male, late teens, early twenties, somewhat malnourished, and of Mediterranean or Middle Eastern appearance.
With the wrappings removed, apart from the empty orbits, a surgical incision running from the sternal notch down the median line to just above the pubis is clearly visible.
Death probably occurred four to five days ago.
However, precise cause is going to be difficult to establish - given that we're looking at a donor.
- Organ donor? All the major organs have been surgically excised.
The blood vessels have all been tied off with sutures before being cut through.
What about the eyes? Harvested for the corneas.
This can be done by enucleation or evisceration.
In this case, it's the latter.
The removal of the entire eye.
So we're not looking at a ritual killing by some mad, Jack The Ripper-type, then? No, Sergeant.
We've got a needle mark in the back of the hand a puncture mark in the neck, another in the antecubital fosse.
All of these are consistent with the insertion of cannulae for drips and drugs.
So apart from the incision, there's no injury or trauma that might suggest why he was in hospital in the first place? He may have had some underlying health condition, but we're unable to ascertain what because the affected organ has been removed.
Well, he should be on a hospital list, shouldn't he, - if he's a donor? - Mm.
Saskia, I'm so sorry.
- I've just heard.
- Sir Roger.
Roger, please.
Noah wasn't just a dear student.
Since coming to work here, he's become a dear, dear friend.
If there's anything I can do, if there's anything any of us can do, you have my number.
- You're very kind.
- Noah is one of our own.
We're all here for you.
For both of you.
Thank you.
Here you go.
You'll need this.
It's gonna be lumpy out there.
No, you're all right.
Bit of the old chop doesn't bother me.
Well, just take it.
What exactly are you hoping to find out there anyway? Anything, really.
Anything that might shed a light on how that body came to be there.
She's fuelled and watered and ready to go, Sergeant Walsh.
Thanks, Mr Telby.
Detective Sergeant Branson, my oppo.
Glenn, this is Jim Telby, owner and Skipper of the Scoob-Eee.
Good to meet you.
So, what's it like out there? - Scoob-Eee'll see you right.
- You're coming with us, presumably? It's your charter.
I was given to understand that you've your own skipper.
You know where we're going, though, right? Yeah.
Listen, any idea what a body might be doing out there? Couldn't say.
I don't fish in the dredging lanes.
But that's just the sea for you.
Keeps what she takes mostly.
Don't give much back.
You just bring her home in one piece.
- Yeah, yeah.
- A lad, was it, the papers said? Young lad? - Yeah.
- Drowning? We really can't go into detail, Mr Telby.
Well, whatever it was, it's an awful thing.
Kid losing his life like that.
Well have a good trip.
You need to put your coat on.
Hey, get it on! You're worse than my wife.
Are you enjoying yourself? We're looking at a burial at sea, then.
I don't think so.
It wasn't in a weighted coffin or a sailcloth, which is I think what they use.
This was tarpaulin and breeze blocks.
I suppose it could be some kind of private family thing, couldn't it? What, a do-it-yourself job? - Sea-Burials-R-Us type of thing? - Yeah.
Presumably, he could have been put into the sea by any vessel passing through the Channel.
But let's get his photo out to French ports.
Other than that, it's Sussex, Hampshire and Kent mispers.
Nick, can you take that? - Yeah.
- What about the dredge area? Are we checking that for further evidence? Yeah, we've got the co-ordinates from the Sandfish.
Glenn's out there now.
Anything? No, and there's no visibility.
Those were the co-ordinates we got off the Sandfish.
Well, maybe, but The truth is, you're looking for a needle in a haystack, and that's assuming it's even a needle that you're looking for.
Hey, lovely.
If you're looking for Glenn, 'he's somewhere at sea so his mobile reception might be a bit choppy.
' Actually, it was you I was looking to talk to.
Thought it'd be nice to have a catch up over a cuppa or you can tell me all about this new woman in your life.
Sure, when's good for you? I've got a break about four tomorrow.
- I could see you in reception? - OK.
I'll see you then.
- Are you all right? - Yeah, yeah, course.
The sonar's picked up a couple of anomalies on the sea bed.
Anomalies? Meaning? Dredge area typically is scraped clean by suction, but sonar's pinging back off something.
Now, that could be anything.
Erm Discarded rubbish, World War Two ordinance.
We get a lot of that with torpedoes and unexploded bombs.
But this will have to be the last dive of the day because we're losing light.
- All right? - Yeah.
- You're gonna be OK, you know? - I know.
It's just that it's the third time, that it was supposed to happen and it didn't.
And I'm sitting there with mum and I'm half wanting it to happen, and half wanting it not to.
- It was weird, man.
- Hmm.
They open people up, - and - You weren't scared, though.
And I'm waiting for the taxi And I'm like, "Oh, stress!" They're always arguing.
They can't even talk to each other on the phone without getting - "Ar-r-rgh!" - Look, they they worry about you.
That's all.
- Nah.
I'm just an excuse.
- Hmm.
They never used to be like that, you know? I don't know what happens to old people.
I don't want to be like that when I get old.
Look, we should be getting back.
In a bit.
I like the lights.
And I wanna get some chips.
'Roy, we've pulled up two more bodies.
' - Two? - 'Yeah.
'They're just loading the first into the coroner's van now.
' But, listen, they both look identical to yesterday's.
'The way they're wrapped up and weighted, it's exactly the same.
' What do you think we're looking at, then? 'I don't know.
' Just get them back and into the mortuary, we'll have Nadiuska on it first thing.
Seriously, I think the four of us should go as a foursome.
You, me, Dom and Lisa.
We'll hire a boat and just potter round the Aegean.
What do you say, Dom? Happy birthday to you ♪ Happy birthday, dear Roy ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ Sorry, I'm late.
All right? - You seem miles away.
- Yeah, sorry.
Erm Work.
I'll park it.
So, what looks good? Well, you do, obviously.
You're gonna have to do better than that.
Show me more.
I don't know if you remember Shelly? But she's broken up with Steve, so she wants me to go on a girls' weekend.
Anywhere nice? Bramber Grange.
It's where all the celebs go.
Five-star spa hotel.
Boob job and Botox central.
Well, don't you be going in for any of that rubbish.
You're perfect just the way you are.
Look, I didn't come here for compliments.
You said you wanted to talk.
Yeah, look, I'm I'm sorry if I've been, erm off radar a bit.
Cassian Pewe going to see Sandy's mum and dad, it's just But he's gone back to the Met now, hasn't he? Tail between.
You're Vosper's blue-eyed boy again.
Well, I wouldn't go that far.
Although she was very odd today.
Not friendly, exactly.
But certainly less Openly hostile? Yeah Critical.
Yeah, yeah.
Well you might be hard work, but you do know the best places.
Thank you.
Yeah, I haven't been here for years.
Last time was with DI Dom Pope for my 40th.
The night before my 40th.
He sent me a postcard this morning.
Him and his wife Lisa are on a drinking tour of Germany.
That's probably why he popped into my head.
Er So, erm Are we Are we doing puddings, or? Maybe we should just have coffee, shall we? There's some chips down there.
We can get some.
- There's nothing else to eat.
- Oi, you! Scab! Why don't you piss off back to where you came from? This is British food for British people! - What are you looking at? - Go back home, huh! What's your problem, eh? - Come, let's go! - Come on! - Come on, we have to help him! - No, no, we can't! - I'm stabbed! - Come on.
Come on! The police will come! Just stay here, all right? - Wait! - Hurry! Is he bleeding? Is it bad? Call an ambulance! You're gonna be You're gonna be all right.
- I heard a siren! - Quick, quick, quick! Could you help? Help, please? - Help? - Yeah, ambulance, please.
- He's been stabbed.
- Stay with me, OK? Stay with me.
Kumba Do you think he's dead? The boy from last night.
You saw the blood.
He was a friend of Babbar.
- Where is Babbar? - A woman got him a job.
And papers.
He is a waiter in London with a flat.
- What woman? - A rich woman.
I don't know.
But he's going to send for me.
He is.
'The first body is that of an unknown female.
' Caucasian.
Aged approximately 15 to 20 years of age.
Both eyes have been eviscerated.
Like Unknown Male One, Unknown Female's torso has a surgical incision running the length of the median line, the ribcage has been cracked and all major organs have also been removed with considerable medical expertise.
Morning, you.
Charged your phone up.
Made you a playlist.
' Please.
All OK.
No afraid.
All OK.
'All OK.
' 'Come on, the water is lovely!' Ooh! This is a cold place.
But we are safe.
The second body is that of an unknown male, possibly of Mediterranean or Middle Eastern origin, whom we shall refer to as Unknown Male Two.
Like Unknown Male One and Unknown Female, he has the same puncture wounds one would expect to find in preparation for medical surgery.
The same incision made on the other two bodies is also present here.
Eyes and all major internal organs have also been removed.
With the discovery of two new bodies, the possibility that these were lawful burials at sea can now be discounted.
From the condition of all three sets of remains, it now seems we are dealing with some kind of trade in human organs.
So, what we saying, that someone's killing these people, - murdering them for - Transplants.
Yeah, that's not a thing, is it? We've all heard stories about, you know, people waking up in a bathtubs, covered in ice, and missing a kidney or whatever, but it's urban legend stuff, right? Well, clearly not.
In light of the flag you put on cases involving anyone of Mediterranean or Middle Eastern appearance, Night's passed over a lad stabbed outside a chippie.
- It's where I've just come from.
- Any connection? Well, whatever they are, they're most likely unclassified or undocumented migrants.
"Illegals" in old money.
Cos if you've got nothing to fear from the plod, you're not just gonna run away when your mate's been stabbed, are you? It's possible our victims were known to them.
All right.
Well, let's say that all three of our victims were from the migrant community.
What does that tell us? It tells us that someone's picking people who aren't gonna be missed, and who are unlikely to come to the police.
This is a professional, organised team.
Who are they? Where are they doing this? We need to find them, we need to stop them, and we need to do it fast before some other young people are gutted and thrown in to the Channel.
She's stopped responding to antibiotics.
The next thing, it's peritonitis, more variceal bleeding I'm scared she'll start going downhill really fast.
It's a transplant or Did they say how long? A couple of months? Weeks? I don't know.
I can't lose my baby.
I won't.
Human organ trafficking? In this country? Organised crime likes nothing more than a rare commodity.
- Is there that much money in it? - Organ price varies, but on the red market, a liver can fetch £200,000.
The red market? You're looking at the same again for the heart-lung.
And then you've got kidneys, and corneas on top of that.
- Migrants, you're thinking? - Well, I've got people on the ground, trying to find anyone who might've known the victims.
And you think it's just these three victims or could there be more? If there are any more out there we'll find them.
So, my extensive experience as a detective leads me to believe that you didn't ask me here simply to talk about my love life.
Look It's between you and me.
I don't know how much more I can take.
It's since he got shot.
He's just not my husband.
He's not Glenn.
In what way? It was our anniversary a couple of months back, and he booked a skydive, Roy.
Yeah, he told me that didn't go too well.
He can't stand heights.
He drives like I'm scared to put the kids in the car with him.
I don't know what's going on.
- He's always driven like a demon.
- Not with the kids in the car.
It's like he's had the fear gene surgically removed.
And he's really moody at home.
Even the kids have noticed.
- What about you.
How are you doing? - I'm at my wit's.
I just wondered if you could talk to him.
Yeah, see what's going on? You're his friend.
I'll see what I can do.
Thank you.
CCTV of the chippie stabbing in town last night.
- What's the prognosis? - Could go either way.
Oh, his mates didn't hang about, did they? No.
Nor did the customers.
Except for this young lad.
Now, he did give his name and a statement, but he had to get his girlfriend home, apparently.
We've a delivery driver who saw a couple of young women outside, but they also ran off after the incident.
Right, I'm gonna check on the progress with the Dive Unit.
- Later.
- Listen, I've been thinking, we should put in a request to the Home Office, get a list of all surgeons who have been struck off - within the last couple of years.
- OK.
I shall set the hare running.
Can we get closer in on the reg? Maybe someone in the car saw something.
Yeah, absolutely.
Unknown Male Two, they said they think he might be called Babbar.
Friends with a black girl, no name, but they heard on the grapevine that she saw the stabbing outside the Chippie.
- Any idea where we can find her? - No, but she hangs around with another girl who frequents the arcades.
- I can't go out tonight.
- You had the police on board.
I don't choose who charters the boat.
Of all the boats in the harbour, they just happened to call you? And they just happened to find those other two bodies? That's right.
Look, I might need more money, if I have to get away in a hurry.
It's my neck that's on the line here.
- Well, when you're right? - Yeah.
I am.
'Noah?' He can't come to the phone right now.
- Can I ask who's calling? - 'Who's this, please?' This is his wife, Saskia.
Who am I speaking to? Y-You sent my husband a message about theatre tickets for Wednesday? Look, I I don't know who you are or what's going on with you and Noah, but you should probably know he had an accident on his motorbike.
He's in Intensive Care in a coma, so he won't be answering your messages today or Wednesday or any time soon.
Can you hear me? Manager says if it's the girl that he thinks it is, she could be called Kumba or something like that.
She's always hanging round, apparently.
- He say when he'd seen her last? - About an hour ago.
So do we have any idea where else she might hang out? No, but he said she left with a blonde woman, white, well dressed, thirties.
Well-to-do, he said.
He's seen her once or twice before.
My wife will be expecting me.
She'll be worried.
It's our anniversary.
She'll have been on to the coastguard and the police by now.
I made a mistake, OK? I screwed up.
I get that.
We can sort this out.
I gave you 20 grand to take me to a place where those bodies would never be found.
You said it was the official site for burials at sea.
The satnav was off, I swear.
Oh, come on.
An experienced skipper like you? No, no, no.
You took a punt.
You thought that if those bodies were discovered, you could bribe me for a lot more than 20 grand to stay quiet.
It's not like that.
Look, forget about the money.
I I was just panicked when I said that.
You see, that's what worries me, Jim.
What you might you say when you're panicked.
And who you might say it to.
You know who tell no tales? It was wrong.
What I did was wrong.
What you're doing is wrong.
They're kids.
They're human beings.
It's a wee bit late to grow a conscience, no? I won't say anything.
No! No! Do you know who any of them were yet? Norman and Bella may have a connection between the chip shop stabbing and Unknown Male Two.
We think he might've been called Babbar.
Babbar? Middle Eastern? Syrian, possibly.
And we've a girl, witness to what happened outside the chip shop.
- She knew this Babbar, apparently.
- Do we have a name for her? No, ma'am, but we've got another girl that knows her called Kumba, we think.
Hangs around the arcades.
Yeah, she was last seen in the company of a woman, mid-thirties, well dressed.
Could she be the talent spotter behind whoever's recruiting these unsuspecting donors? If she's got this Kumba, we could already be looking at another victim? Don't they need to tissue-type, and have matching blood groups? I can't see them plucking kids from the street, taking them straight to the operating theatre.
Do we have leads on where they might be doing that? Well, wherever they are, they're going to need specific drugs.
Immunosuppressants, certain steroids.
I've got a list here from Nadiuska.
Then, if we can flag anywhere that has no business having any of these We need to monitor any unusual activity along the coast.
Anything out of the ordinary, I want it flagged.
You told me Telby was reliable.
That we'd be under the radar here.
Now the police have three bodies.
There's nothing to tie any of this to you or me.
Nobody's ever gonna find Telby.
But, you know, if you're worried, we can close down, go back north.
Joe, in 72 hours, I've got a customer flying in from New York for a heart-lung, and two more from Paris and Tel Aviv for kidneys.
We can't relocate and source what we need to in that timeframe.
Well, however you look at it, we've one less problem than we had yesterday.
And one more.
We've lost our secondary surgeon.
Also, we'll need to make new arrangements for disposal without Telby.
When we fly back from East Preston after the next session, the pilot can take us further out.
We'll drop whatever we have from the plane.
I'll find a spot.
And miles away from that dredging area.
Will you have donors by then? Two, potentially.
You know, I'm wondering if maybe we've come at this from the wrong angle.
In what way? Well, instead of looking for bent surgeons, maybe we should be looking for patients who were on the transplant waiting list, - but who aren't any more.
- Yeah, but if you've fallen off the list waiting for an organ, there's probably a good reason for it.
Well, you're gonna have three groups, aren't you? Those who legitimately came by an organ, those who died waiting And those who got their organ on the red market and are keeping quiet about it.
Not bad for an old timer.
My great grandma on my mum's side was a Polish refugee, you know? First World War.
I mean, everybody's come here from somewhere, right? Yeah, but who can live like this? Well, I suppose it beats being picked up by the Border Force and slung in one of those holding facilities.
You know, at least out here, they're - free.
- I don't get it.
Would you get in to a sieve and try and cross the Channel - if you didn't have to? - What, some of those holding camps? What, that Jungle or whatever it was called before it got shut down? See, they're no better than places they've run from.
But if you've got yourself to a place of safety, why risk your life all over again to get here? Who stops within sight of the Promised land? Poor sods.
'You know it's legal in Iran?' - Go on? - Buying and selling human organs.
Only country in the world, apparently.
So, you said to flag anything unusual along the coast? There's a fishing boat, the Scoob-Eee, based in Shoreham just been reported missing.
- The Scoob-Eee? - Yeah.
Skipper is, um Jim Telby.
Yeah, I know, I've met him.
The Scoob-Eee's the boat I went out on with Sergeant Tania Walsh and the Specialist Dive Unit.
- How is she? - Oh, she's gone up.
- Er She was very tired, so - It was very good of you to wait, but don't feel like you've got to stay on now I'm back.
I wanna help, Mrs Backhurst.
I know you do, but you can't.
You know this transplant waiting list that Callie's on? I think there's a way around it.
- There isn't, Luke.
- No, but there is.
Look, seriously.
I've been looking online on on some social media pages.
You can buy a liver.
Serious, someone will get you whatever you want.
Hearts, lungs, eyes, skin, kidneys and livers.
They'll do the operation, everything.
There's a whole bunch of pages, people wanting to sell their organs, all over.
India, Nepal, Bangladesh.
All over.
What about here? In the UK? Hey, come on.
Learn to drive, man! I would like to get there alive and in one piece.
You know your problem, don't you, old timer? No faith.
Oh? In you or God? You know, you can mock me all you like, right? But it was God that stopped that bullet from doing me some serious harm.
Seriously, though, must you drive like a maniac? There is nothing wrong with my driving, all right? Right, so what is it you think you saw? Sunlight glinting off something over here, could be nothing.
Or it could just as easily have been someone keeping an eye on the Scoob-Eee as we went out.
And now she's disappeared.
You know it's a thing, right? The driving, the heights.
People who have survived a close call, they get it into their head that nothing can harm them, - but it can.
- What is this? Did Ari put you up to this? - I know you two talk.
- No, I'm you're mate.
I just wanna make sure you're OK.
Yeah, well, I am, all right? I'm I am more than OK .
now I know I wasn't dreaming.
Someone was watching us go out.
- She's not coming.
- She will come.
I think she's the rich lady who got Babbar a job.
- She has a Jaguar.
- She will not have work for me.
I told her I would only come if I could bring my friend.
See? I told you she would be here.
It was our silver anniversary.
He said he'd be home by at seven.
But at nine o'clock, his boat was seen going through Shoreham Harbour lock and heading out to sea.
You think maybe he got a last-minute charter? No, we had a restaurant booked.
He wouldn't have missed it.
And was everything OK at work? Oh, things were tight.
Had a couple of bad seasons.
People haven't got the money they used to.
But you hadn't had a row or any kind of falling out? No.
Well, he He was upset with me for taking a booking from your people.
Divers, was it? He lost his nut.
I couldn't understand why.
He'd done it before.
And I told him if he was that bothered that he should cancel it, but he says as it'd been booked, he ought to see it through.
And he'd not stayed out before? Not overnight but he did come home very late the week before last.
And I said, "Where have you been?" And he said he'd got a charter for night fishing.
- Do you know who booked it? - No.
It wasn't in the book.
But he didn't seem himself when he came home.
He'd been drinking.
You know, If I was gonna dump a body at random, I'd consider myself pretty unlucky to have dumped it in a dredge area, - given the size of the Channel.
- Maybe they got sloppy? These people? No.
Which means you think they put the bodies there deliberately.
Why? In the hope they might be found, maybe? Who would do that? Could it be Jim Telby? Someone who needed the money, and had a bad conscience about what he'd got involved with.
I don't know.
I mean, he seemed pretty decent to me.
Well, maybe that's why he rowed with his wife about taking our charter.
I can't imagine whoever hired him would've been too pleased about the police taking his boat out.
So, they knew about it.
Oh, they knew about it.
That's why we can't find him.
What have we got on the Scoob-Eee? Er Well, the last ping from Telby's mobile had her ten miles out and going in a south-westerly direction, then nothing.
- You think she sank? - No, I don't buy that.
The sea was as a calm as a millpond.
If the Scoob-Eee went down, someone scuttled her.
All you'd have to do is open the seacocks, and she'd be gone in no time.
How is he? There was a rise in Noah's blood pressure this morning to 220 over 110.
Then it plunged to 90 over 40.
I've seen that happen to enough patients to know that .
Noah isn't coming back.
I'm so sorry, Saskia.
Is there anyone you'd like to call? Any other family member you'd like to be here to say goodbye to him and give you their support? Um Steve's on his way from New Zealand.
I'd like his brother to see him.
Of course.
You must take as much time with Noah as you need.
Oh What are you doing? Well, you have to be healthy to work in a hotel.
Your friend had the same tests.
And, if everything is all right, myself and my colleague Joe will come for you.
You want to go to London, don't you? You can get me a job there, like Babbar? - A good job and a nice flat.
- When? Well, if your medical is good, soon.
I hope you're phoning to say you remembered to feed my fish.
I'm actually calling to ask what could cause kidney failure in someone young? 'Something serious enough to require a transplant.
' You old romantic.
Um PKD could do it.
Polycystic Kidney Disease.
Alport syndrome.
Erm Lupus nephritis.
'Is that really what you called to ask?' I'm posing as a buyer for an illicit organ transplant, - and I need to know why I'm buying.
- 'What a rich life you lead.
' Mm.
How's your girls' weekend? Tissues and issues.
'Well, it looks nice on the website.
' Listen At the restaurant, I, er I didn't think.
Until I got there, I'd completely forgotten that That you were taking me to the place you had your last meal out with your missing wife? It really did slip my mind.
That's progress, isn't it? 'Sounds more like a senior moment, frankly.
' It's It's hard.
Competing with someone who isn't there.
It's not a competition.
That's what I wanted to say to you the other night.
I've come to a decision.
I'm gonna have Sandy declared legally dead.
That's That's a big step.
It's also an overdue one.
' I-I'm, um I'm not I'm not trying to bounce you into anything.
'I know that.
' But I'm in, Cle, for the record.
All the way, if that's what you want.
Erm I can talk to you about kidney failure until the cows come home, but, erm if you if you want to discuss you and me, I-I think it's best we don't talk over the phone.
If that's all the same.
Say, "Good night, Gracie.
" Good night.
We've, er, got another flag for unusual activity on the coast.
Guy walking his dog yesterday, first thing by Black Rock, discovered a brand-new outboard motor.
The morning after the Scoob-Eee went missing? - Yeah.
- All right, have it bagged up, brought in, and checked for fingerprints.
Glenn, anything back on the DNA from the cigarettes you found? Yeah, they're promising tomorrow.
Oh, looks like we are in the market for a kidney.
How's that? I contacted a dozen organ brokers last night, posing as a potential buyer.
And we have just had our first bite.
One Julia Giroux at Transplantation-Medix.
Based where? I don't know yet.
I'll get on to Interpol, see if they've got any markers down.
- Anything on the surgeons? - Yeah.
We've got a guy, a Doctor Samuel Peel.
He was done for purchasing a number of kidneys for patients from Turkey.
We also have a junior doctor in Kent, a Tomi Yemisi.
He was struck off for lying in order to get a job as a transplant consultant.
Other than that, it's all just a bit thin.
Keep digging.
She's here.
- Mrs Backhurst? Julia Giroux.
- Come through.
- This is my daughter, Callie.
- Hello.
- Erm Can I offer you a drink? - Thank you, no.
Courtesy of snow in Basel, I'm now on a very tight schedule.
If we may get to details of Callie's condition.
As I said on the phone, Callie has Caroli's Syndrome with congenital hepatic fibrosis.
Which is leading to recurrent infections - in the bile ducts? - And portal hypertension.
The current transplant allocation system is not meeting her needs.
What my mum's trying NOT to say is, is if I don't get this liver out, I'm gonna die.
Right? Callie in today's world, no person needs to die if they cannot get the organ they need.
I guarantee, always, to find a matching organ and to effect the transplant within one week.
A week? There'll always be a matching donor somewhere.
Your idea about transplant patients coming off the waiting list for reasons other than they received an organ or died I might have something.
So, I've managed to identify two in the county in the last eighteen months.
Kidney patients referred by the same private consultant.
- And they're no longer on the list? - No.
And they both later declined an offer of an organ.
I called them.
They won't talk to me, but at least it says they're still about.
Who's the consultant? A senior surgical registrar at Sussex Central Hospital.
- Here.
Doctor Noah Cobb.
- Cobb? - Yeah.
Why? - Yeah, well he was on my reserve list because he wasn't actually struck off, he was hauled up before a disciplinary tribunal at his hospital last year.
For what? He'd expressed some extremely critical views on the legal position in the UK on commercial organ transplantation.
He only avoided dismissal through the intervention of the senior man at the hospital, according to reports.
- When was he brought in? - About five days ago.
It's tragic.
Saskia's losing a much-loved and loving husband, but the world is losing a quite brilliant surgeon.
With quite particular views.
You spoke on his behalf at his tribunal, we understand.
He gave one speech.
Just one.
All he was calling for was an open and informed debate.
But the tabloids got hold of the speech, and the next thing, he was Doctor Frankenstein.
There was a backlash? There's nothing moral about a moral panic, I can tell you.
But I wasn't gonna just stand there and watch a gifted young surgeon being hung out to dry.
I've secured a loan on the house.
Money's in place.
Now it's just waiting.
And she said she can have a match within a week.
What? We've been waiting for this long, and she can find a liver in a week? - Coming from where? - Somebody killed in a road accident.
You sure about that? You know the dredger brought up a body.
The one that's in the papers.
It was a teenage boy.
They don't know where he's from, but I saw him.
They took his eyes and they cut him.
What's that to do with anything? They said his internal organs had been removed.
Two more bodies have been found the same.
That's nothing to do with what we're talking about for Callie.
You think I'd? I think you would do anything to save Callie.
Even if it means turning a blind eye to .
something terrible.
You don't know these people.
Who they are.
What would you do, Marcus? What would you do to save her? - Not this! - You don't know that's what this is! Neither do I! All I know is this could be her only chance.
Then, it's all on you.
I won't be any part of any of it.
When have you been, Marcus? When have you been? We have two patients your husband referred for transplant who we believe may have received organs by illicit means.
You think Noah's involved? His position on the rules governing commercial organ transplants here are a matter of record, Mrs Cobb.
Do you think he might have acted on those views? You mean, was he conducting illegal transplants? He's dying! He's dying and you're asking me if he's some sort of criminal.
Misguided, perhaps, but Yes, it is outside the law as it currently stands.
No, I would He would.
he would never do anything like that.
Do you think it's something he could've kept from you? No.
So there's no instances of him acting out of character, or not being where he was meant to be at a certain time.
No, our marriage wasn't like that.
We don't have secrets.
Mrs Cobb? No, it's nothing.
I just wasn't thinking straight.
In what regard? I brought his mobile in so I could play music to him.
He got a message asking him about theatre tickets, whether he wanted matinee or evening, from someone called J who signed themselves off with a kiss.
For one mad moment, I thought he was having an affair.
Obviously, I didn't reply.
She sent a follow up, just a question mark.
So I called the number.
A woman answered not, not English, French maybe? I don't remember exactly what I said, beyond telling her that Noah was gravely ill.
And then, the line went dead.
Intelligence from Interpol concerning Transplantation-Medix.
Besides from a PO Box in Lucerne, they have no physical footprint on Swiss soil.
The local police have had their CEO on the radar for some time.
Her name is Julia Giroux.
Swiss-French, clean skin.
But according to them, she has suspected links to organised crime in Colombia.
Are the Swiss Police taking action against her? Well, at this stage they're just checking offences in Switzerland, but it seems that Transplantation-Medix have been very careful indeed.
And this is the woman who wants to talk to you? She wants to talk to Keith Taylor, who doesn't exist.
And I put feelers out on a dozen of these places and she was the first one to respond.
Julia may be the J on Noah Cobb's mobile.
What's this? A surgical registrar on life support at Sussex Central hospital received a message on his mobile.
Matinee or evening.
" - Theatre? - Operating theatre, maybe.
- You tried to phone.
- Dead.
It's most likely a burner.
But Wednesday could be when the procedure is due to take place, either afternoon or evening.
Well, if that's right, we've got 48 hours to find them before they kill someone else.
'Police divers have recovered 'two further victims from the same area.
' Sure, sure.
No, I understand.
But he's on the news now.
So I actually think we should be cautious for the moment.
Oh, I have a customer coming through on the laptop.
We'll speak later.
- Mr Taylor? - Ah, Miss Giroux, is it? - A pleasure to meet you.
- Yeah, and you.
How may Transplantation-Medix be of assistance? Well, my nephew has kidney failure as a result of Polycystic Kidney Disease.
He's 13, and my sister's afraid he won't get a transplant.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Does your nephew have PKD or ADPKD? I'm afraid I'm not familiar with the medical terms.
But I, you know, I can find all that out.
All I know is he's very ill.
He's got maybe a month, my sister said.
And which hospital is he in? No, he's back at home at the minute in Brighton, Sussex.
Now do you have a clinic nearby that you use? Well, it would depend on theatre availability.
But we would make that decision closer to the time.
And, and, er, how much is the overall cost? The price of the service is 200,000 sterling.
Half on agreement to proceed, and half when a suitable organ has been sourced.
If you wish to proceed, you know how to reach me.
Au revoir.
- So? - No.
I screwed it.
- Hey, you did great, man.
- No.
Come on, she couldn't wait to come off the call, get finished.
It was when I started talking about Brighton.
But is it her? The woman hanging about the arcade with Kumba? I think it is her.
She's gonna need another surgeon, though, isn't she? - With Noah Cobb on life support.
- There's Gunnislake.
Yeah, Sir Roger.
What about him? Well, I got hits for him on medical sites in Romania and Colombia.
Both countries heavily involved in organ trafficking.
And Julia Giroux has links to organised crime there.
Roger, we have visitors.
It's all right, darling.
It's the police.
They phoned earlier.
- If you could just get us some coffee? - Of course.
So you found us all right, then.
It's a beautiful place you've got here, Sir Roger.
Well, thank you.
It was a wreck when I bought it.
My first wife never liked the place.
My daughter Katie, she loved it.
Do come in.
So, how can I help you? Not more questions about Noah? Yes and no.
Could you tell us if you've ever seen any of these people before, Sir? No, I'm sorry.
Who are they? We don't know exactly.
Their organs were harvested and transplanted for money.
And we believe here, in the UK.
What you're talking about would be an impossibility.
Look, it's not just a question of removing an organ and popping it into a recipient.
Well, you would need a huge team of people, presumably.
Besides, why would anyone risk doing it here, when they could go abroad, where there are far fewer risks of prosecution? Where? Romania? Colombia? You worked in both of those places yourself, haven't you? Yes, that's right.
My daughter, Katie, died just over ten years ago at the age of 23.
Liver failure.
I'm really sorry.
We we didn't know that.
It was just after her death that I went abroad.
My marriage had broken down.
And I thought a change of scenery would do me good.
A teaching post where I could make a difference.
Oh, and then, of course, I fell in love.
My wife, Gabriela.
- Gracias.
- De nada.
Thank you.
Have you ever heard of a firm called Transplantation-Medix? Or a woman named Julia Giroux? I'm afraid not.
Who's she? She's an organ broker for a company based in Switzerland.
We believe Noah Cobb was working for her.
Oh no, I don't buy that.
Not for a moment.
Whatever Noah's private views, I can't believe that he would ever have acted against the law.
This man is a liar.
- See if you can find out who he is.
- He's a cop.
Him and a woman were nosing around the cattle, trying to find someone after that knifing.
Why? He's just approached me to buy a kidney for his nephew.
So what? What've they got? Three dead kids.
There's nothing to tie it to any of us.
And even if there was, by the time they've figured it out, - we'll be gone.
- No, they are getting too close.
We're here to do a job, Julia.
We all serve someone.
Even you.
And I don't think the people behind Transplantation-Medix will thank us if we cut and run now.
There's a lot of money riding on this.
No-one is going to thank us for getting caught.
So have the pilot on standby.
I'll notify the patients we're bringing their operations forward to tomorrow.
You bring in the donors.
- Hello? - 'Layla? It's Julia.
'I'm sorry to be calling you so early, 'but it is very important you don't allow Callie 'anything to eat or drink this morning.
'Yes? Because I have wonderful, wonderful news.
' DNA results on the cigarette butts recovered from Shoreham Harbour are a perfect match for a Joe Baker.
Considerable previous includes Controlling Prostitution for Gain.
Intelligence has him NFA.
Now, he slips in and out of the country, but he is believed to be the British end of a Romanian sex traffic ring.
The Jag caught on CCTV outside the chip shop was leased to a Joseph Baker? Well, he's clearly the man of the moment.
Fingerprints have just come through with a clear set of dabs on the outboard motor that we found the morning after Jim Telby's boat disappeared.
Guess who? So, no fixed abode, let's get his car index out there.
Let's see if we can find Mister Baker.
So you will stay with her when you get to London.
- Sia? - I'm Sia.
Julia sent me.
Get your things, you're going to London.
Am I going to see Babbar? Yeah, yeah.
You're going to see Babbar.
- What about me? Kumba? - Your results weren't good.
We can't use you right now.
Come on.
Come on! Erm, I will send for you.
Gunnislake gave a very polished account of himself, little bit too polished.
Too well rehearsed, I think.
Do you think he's involved? Well, he was mentor to a surgeon we know was involved with Transplantation-Medix.
Also he has connections with Romania, Colombia Just through from Interpol.
We've got activity on a SIM Giroux used in Europe previously.
She made several calls to a number in Patcham belonging to Mrs Layla Backhurst, including one first thing this morning.
Marcus Backhurst was on the Sandfish.
She also received a couple of calls from the same unregistered phone coming through a mast outside Petworth at 16:13.
Petworth is where Gunnislake lives.
I think it's imperative that we stick surveillance on Gunnislake, ma'am.
'All units, be advised Target One is now mobile.
'Surveillance One following at distance.
' They're really gonna do it? They're sending a taxi to pick us up now.
So go and have a shower.
Just one thing.
- We're to leave our phones behind.
- Well, that seems legit.
- That can't be them, can it? - Maybe she's early.
Mrs Backhurst? Detective Superintendent Roy Grace.
East Sussex CID.
Might we have a word, please? So, erm .
what's this about? We spoke to your husband, Mrs Backhurst.
You saw Marcus? What for? I understand your daughter is in urgent need of a liver transplant.
Yeah, she's not very well.
Well, we have strong reason to believe that you may be attempting to buy a new liver for your daughter.
What? She's on the NHS waiting list.
We're I don't know what you're talking about.
You had a phone call with a woman called Julia Giroux, the chief executive of Transplantation-Medix.
That was at 6:05 this morning.
I've just been talking to people, seeing if anyone can help.
Because the system isn't doing her any good, is it? But you know that the purchase of human organs for transplant is illegal, hmm? I've just talked to people.
There's nothing illegal in that.
You'd do exactly the same if you were in my position.
- I've done nothing wrong.
- I understand that you're desperate.
Do you? Have you got kids? Because unless you do, I don't think you understand anything of what we're going through.
I expect you've been told that your new liver will be coming from somebody who was killed in a car accident.
That's not the case.
It'll be coming from somebody like this.
A teenager.
Round about the same age as your own daughter.
This body was recovered from the Channel a couple of days ago.
Her internal organs had been removed.
Callie's donor may still be alive, but she will be killed so that Callie can have her liver.
I cannot even imagine what you must be going through, but the law is very clear.
Mrs Backhurst, you may already be facing charges of conspiracy to traffic.
They can attract a substantial custodial sentence.
Mum I don't feel so good.
I've got to see to her.
I'd just like you to leave now.
Please, think very carefully about what I said, Mrs Backhurst.
- You're not going to arrest her? - It's not her I want.
Let's see what she does now, where she leads us.
- What, you don't think she might abort? - Do you? We'll keep surveillance on them.
Hello, dear! Welcome.
We'll get you cleaned up, some new clothes.
And then we'll take you to your new job.
Take a sip of water.
Is it true? What they said? About my donor still being alive? You think I'd do something like that? They're lying.
They're the police.
They just don't want us to go outside of the law, so they make stuff like that up to scare us.
I swear.
Here you go.
I'm fine.
I just I don't know how much more of this I can take, Mum.
Surveillance One is keeping a discreet distance, but has Gunnislake's car heading north on the Washington Roundabout on the A24.
Air Operations? Hotel 900's already airborne, just in case ground units lose him.
Seven minutes to be over the roundabout.
Anything further on Mrs Backhurst's landline or mobile? No, dead.
No calls made or received.
So here's your beautiful room.
So, there's a lovely shower for you to use.
And after that, a delicious glass of orange juice.
OK, so we'll leave you to wash.
You'll be all right, love.
Word in from Surveillance Two.
The Backhursts are mobile.
'Gunnislake now heading south west on A23.
' Right, they're getting out at Kingsgate Row.
Surveillance following on foot.
There, now.
How is everything? Did you enjoy your shower? Oh, you haven't finished your orange juice.
- I am very tired - Oh, get some rest.
Oh, dear.
Let's get you to lie down.
Here, finish your orange juice.
Now, get some sleep until your new clothes arrive.
They've lost them? We've still got Surveillance One and the chopper and on Gunnislake.
What about Mrs Backhurst's mobile? Can we track that? Shouldn't we at least harvest the liver now? We'll wait for Sir Roger.
He'll be here shortly.
We need to be back at East Preston Airport for 3:30.
Noah's replacement could make a start with the kidneys.
You've orders from Germany and Spain for those, haven't you? Mrs Backhurst and her daughter will be here in 20 minutes.
Mrs Backhurst's mobile's pinging the mast nearest her home address.
- Looks like she left it there.
- Or was told to leave it there.
Just had a hit on Joe Baker's car on ANPR.
Clocked on the A283, west of Brighton about two hours ago.
And what've we got out there in terms of medical facilities? We've got St Philip's Hospital in Shoreham.
NHS, so unlikely.
Gunnislake's motor just pulled into a petrol station.
Ground unit's just behind him.
You're on speaker.
'Surveillance Unit one.
'Target One emerging from the vehicle.
'Except it's not him.
It's a woman, sir.
Long dark hair.
'Thirties, maybe.
' Long dark hair? I thought he had short grey hair.
'So did we, sir.
' A wig? It's Gunnislake's wife.
He's sent her out as a decoy.
Perhaps you should have arrested Layla Backhurst - when you had the chance.
- We didn't have enough evidence, and we would have blown any chance of catching these people red-handed.
Well, I'd say that chance is probably gone now.
Wouldn't you? Kumba? No, it's OK, it's all right, police.
You're not in any trouble.
Now, I'm looking for a friend of yours.
A girl who knows a lad named Babbar.
This way.
Ah! Here you are! I hope you had a pleasant journey.
Please sit down.
All is good? I just wanna ask, who's my liver coming from? - Cal - Oh, no, it's a perfectly understandable question.
From a girl about your age who was killed in a car accident yesterday.
A car accident.
- That's right.
- Where? I wanna know more about her, seeing as I'm getting her liver.
- What's her name? - I'm sorry, but I have to protect donor confidentiality.
But of course, after, you may write, through me, to thank her family, if you wish.
Now, Callie, if you don't mind going with Nurse Maura to get changed.
And we'll bring you back to your mother in a few moments.
'Just heard from Norman.
' He's found the Kumba girl we've been looking for.
The one whose mate was friends with Babbar.
- And? - She says Babbar's friend is a girl called Sia.
And she went off with someone calling himself Joe.
Joe Baker, presumably.
Seems both girls were taken somewhere for a medical by Julia Giroux.
Kumba failed the medical, Sia didn't.
Does she know where this place was? They told them it was somewhere near London, but it sounds like some big pile in the country.
You all right? What are we missing? What haven't I checked? Look, we're across it all.
We'll find them.
Where did we get to with medical supplies? Any going to somewhere they shouldn't? Er, I've only just received the raw data through.
It's partial.
- Put it up? - Yeah.
Jesus, where d'you start? There! Bramber Grange.
What is a spa doing with immunosuppressants and steroids? Good God! You can't be in here.
This is a sterile environment.
- Is she where my liver's coming from? - That's right.
- Where's she come from? - I don't know exactly.
She was in a road accident.
Then how did her photos end up in a room upstairs? What photos? These photo you liar! - Wait! - What's going on?! You're contaminating the theatre! - Get her out, for God's sake! - Get away from her! Get away! - What do you think you're doing? - She's still alive! - You sick bastard - She's your one chance to live.
You don't touch her! You don't touch her! I'll cut you! I swear! I swear! - Put it down, please.
- Mum! Mum! Now! You all right? Have you seen my daughter? Callie? I'm looking for my little girl, please.
I just want to know where she is.
- Sorry.
- Callie?! - Police! - Stop! Stop! - Stop! - Stop! - Stop! - Don't move, stay in the car.
Norman! Are you all right? Norman! Get him a paramedic! Get out of the car.
'Callie, it's Dad.
'The Transplant Co-Ordinator at the Sussex Central 'has been trying to get hold of mum, 'but they couldn't get a reply so they called me.
'They've got a liver for you.
Where are you? 'Can you be ready if an ambulance collects you in an hour?' Anything? The girl in the operating theatre, she's just sedated according to Gunnislake.
There's still no sign of Callie? We've got troops all around.
She'll be found.
Why are you involved in this? You lost your own daughter? She wasn't lost.
She died.
Every patient I have ever treated was someone's son or daughter.
That girl on the operating table in there? What I do gives meaning to her existence.
Meaning? What do you think her life expectancy would be in her own country? She'll be as likely to die in childbirth before she's 20, or be murdered by some religious or tribal faction or other, - or die of AIDS.
- But she didn't, did she? She came here.
She was brave.
You don't know her story any more than I do.
It's unwritten.
Oh, she's going to be something amazing, is she? Do something incredible? A gifted sportswoman? Promising musician? No.
She doesn't have to do any of those things to matter.
She can live a normal, unexceptional life, like the rest of us.
You're a doctor.
You're not God.
You do not get to choose who lives or dies.
But that's exactly what I do.
Every day.
And I've being practising medicine long enough to learn its one harsh, inescapable truth .
that you can't save them all.
But we can at least try.
Norman, she's here! Callie?! Callie, can you hear me? We have found her, completely unresponsive, we need paramedics.
Is she all right? I just need to know she's all right.
She'll be given the best of care, Mrs Backhurst.
I promise you.
I wanna go with her.
Can I go with her? - I should be with her! - I know.
But that's just not possible right now.
I'm sorry.
Good night .
my darling.
Will the girl make it? Medics are hopeful.
She's receiving a split liver from a motorcyclist apparently.
I'll be right here.
Um And her mother? Well, whatever happens to Callie She's likely to receive a custodial.
- What about the rest? - Gunnislake is singing like a kettle.
I can't imagine Giroux or Joe Baker will be going anywhere any time soon.
And she'll be all right, will she? Sia? She's currently in a barracks, outside Farnham, while her claim for asylum is assessed.
We also picked up her friend, Kumba.
Well, as far as Transplantation-Medix is concerned, it's good to go out on a win.
I'm sure you'll hear about it soon enough, officially.
Erm I've been appointed Assistant Commissioner at the Met.
Well, it will be good to finally have friends in high places, Ma'am.
Thank you.
Though, I can't imagine we'll miss one another.
We may not have always agreed on everything, Ma'am, but I've never questioned your integrity, not for a moment.
What you do I I wouldn't even know where to start.
Best of luck.
I haven't gone yet.
That explains the personality transplant.
God help the Met.
Oh, a word came through on the search for Jim Telby.
The dive unit found an anomaly on the sea bed in roughly the right area for the Scoob-Eee's last known position.
"And the sea shall give up its dead.
" Hmm.
Listen, I.
I've got lunch with Cle, but if you fancy a beer after work Put the world to rights? Yeah I, er I can't tonight.
I've decided to go back to counselling.
And between you and Ari, it's Well if enough people tell you that you're drunk .
maybe it's not a bad idea to lie down.
Right? - What? - No.
I think it's a .
a typically gutsy move from a man we both love.
Yeah, well I don't know.
It really felt for a while like I was .
But that guy today I froze.
The mind plays tricks, huh? I just .
I just wanna get well.
Yeah, I know.
- Grace.
- 'Roy? It's Dom Pope.
' Dom! I got your postcard! How's Germany? 'All right' Listen, I can't talk right now.
Unless it's urgent.
Can I call you back? - 'Look, Roy, this may be nothing.
' - Dom? 'And I know this sounds utterly mad 'But I think I may have seen Sandy.
'I think Sandy's alive.
' - So, what looks good? - 'Did you hear me?' - Apart from me.
- 'Roy?' 'Are you there? Roy?'
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