Gracepoint (2014) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

Previously on Gracepoint You're gonna have to do your best to try and see this town from the outside.
I can't be outside.
I don't want to be outside.
It's the simple truth, Miller.
Anybody's capable of murder, given the right circumstances.
It's like he was in a boat or he was put in a boat.
I was taking a walk.
I saw him with someone: Backpacker.
We found this in the daughter's room.
Who gave you that cocaine? Gemma Fisher.
And where did Chloe get it from? She said a friend.
[Panting] Where were you last night? I told you.
I was working.
There was no job.
We have video footage of the lookout down the hill from Harvey Ridge.
We did find one set of prints by the sink.
The prints belong to Mark Solano.
[Eerie ambient music] [Child sobbing] [Sobbing grows louder] Danny? Hey.
What's the matter? Hey, hey.
Hey, hey, hey.
It's all right.
It's all right.
[Eerie music continues] [Car door opens, closes] [Thermos clanging] What? Am I too clang-y? What is that? It's freezing out here.
Long week ahead.
I thought strong coffee, lots of sugar, might help.
Do you have kids? Why? Their manners must suck.
So we think this is where Danny was killed? Apparently.
Makes no sense.
I know.
The body was found at the bottom of North Cliff.
Why move him there? Why not throw him off here? It's a perfectly good cliff for chucking a body over.
Could you please not talk about it like that? Please? Check the route from here to north cliff for tracks.
We'll also check for security cameras, - though I'm - Any missing boats lately? A boat would leave no tracks.
Throw it onto the shore.
Place the body on the beach.
Any evidence would wash away.
What time is Mark Solano coming in? 9:00.
Pete's been stationed outside their house all night.
Sir, you don't You don't actually consider Mark a suspect, do you? Look at the evidence in front of you, Miller.
Draw conclusions from that.
Stop acting like you're his lawyer.
[Sighs] [Knock on door] Give me a minute, okay? Okay.
[Toilet flushes] You okay? Yeah, fine.
[Door closes] [Text alert chimes] [Knocks on door] We're all here.
Ready when you are, sir.
You do it, Miller.
But I don't It's really your meeting.
Be my guest.
Good morning.
I'm Ellie Detective Miller.
Um, Detective Carver here, he's He's actually running the investigation.
Um, there's a lot to get through, because it was a long weekend, so we're already behind.
So you're all here now, and Louis.
Thank you.
Today's priorities: House-to-house, alibi follow-ups.
Evidence control is also going through Danny's clothing.
And Frank here is sifting through tips.
He will assign any that look promising.
Also, Danny was seen 10 to 14 days ago with a backpacker.
Seen talking to a backpacker with light brown hair, mid-20s.
See if that rings a bell with anyone, okay? Um Okay.
Let's get to it.
Thank you.
Very inspiring.
Don't do that to me again.
You want to run things around here? Then run them.
You forgot to mention all the reasons they can cross Mark Solano off the list.
Is that what this is? 'Cause I'm not rushing to arrest the father of the dead child, you just throw me We also didn't get your own exhaustive list of suspects.
You are such a Just stop calling me "Miller.
" We're gonna need to interview your son.
He should have an appropriate adult with him.
Not you, obviously.
Relative, maybe.
Solano's inside.
We should start.
Hey, I'm I'm sorry about yesterday.
With everything going on, I was a little hazy Actually, you lied.
Well, since last week, all the days have been blurring.
I mean, I hope you can understand that.
Like, the boiler that That I that I said I fixed? That was Wednesday night.
I apologize.
So Thursday night, you were with a friend.
But yesterday, you couldn't remember the name of that friend.
Who I work with.
So you couldn't remember the name of the man you work with all day? It's just been a terrible time.
I don't maybe It was shock, maybe.
I don't know.
So you're all right if she checks with Vince? Yeah.
Go right ahead, I Do you know where this is? That's the rental place on Harvey Ridge.
You ever been there? Yeah, a-a couple weeks ago, on a job.
They had a-a burst pipe.
When you say a couple weeks I don't three weeks, at the most.
I-I can get the paperwork, if you want.
I'm not very good at keeping organized.
If it's a rental property, who owns it? The Park Service, I told you.
She was right.
Who called you to do the job? A woman.
I can't remember the name, but I picked up the keys at her trailer park.
Just you or your friend Vince as well? No, it was just me.
It was an emergency call, and they thought that the place was gonna get flooded.
Mark, do you own a boat? Yeah.
A boat.
Prints at the murder scene, and an alibi he made up overnight.
You don't know that.
We'll look at the boat, talk to Vince, and confirm whether Mark did work at the hut.
Ask Pete what Mark told Beth about Thursday night.
And while we check, Mark stays here.
Do you have any idea what it would do to that family, to this town, if it turns out to be Mark? What are you looking for, Miller? An easy answer? Huh? The least pain? It doesn't work like that.
[Panting] You've been at that for a while.
Oh, thanks.
That's nice of you.
Mark says I'm like a dog.
I need walking twice daily.
- [Laughter] - [Treadmill beeps] I can't stop looking at that.
[Sighs] Do you think we should give it away? I wouldn't rush into anything.
[Sighs] God, all that time I had with him, I should've Enjoyed it more.
I was too busy Packing lunches or Hounding him to put his smelly clothes in the hamper.
Who cares about clothes on the floor? When did I become someone who cares about clothes on the floor? The night before Danny was found, you and Chloe were at home watching TV.
Yeah, we watched a movie on cable.
Anne Hathaway comedy.
She's not very funny, is she? Where was Mark? He was out.
He got back I don't know.
I was asleep.
He was working? That's what he said.
You don't know who for? I do not.
Okay, thanks.
[Sniffs] There's Mark's boat, straight ahead.
What's wrong? I don't like being on water.
But you're barely on it.
Come on.
One's enough.
Minimize risk of contaminating a crime scene.
[Sighs] What? Blood.
[Ellie clears throat] Hello? [Dog barking] Hel For God's sake.
[Scoffs] [Knocks on window] Hello? You woke the dog! Really? Hi, there.
Detective Miller.
This is Detective Carver.
He's been here already.
May we come in? Better not.
Dog doesn't like strangers.
Moms and dads are all starin'.
You ought to find who you're looking for.
Don't want another kid dead.
Mark Solano.
Did he fix a burst pipe at the Harvey Ridge hut two weeks ago? He did not.
Said he got the keys from you.
Sure about that? A pipe's never burst up there.
When did you last clean the place? Ten days ago.
- Who else has keys? - Park Service, me.
That's it.
The hut is a possible crime scene.
Is it? We'll need your fingerprints, to tell them apart from anybody else's.
Someone will come by.
Is that legal? It's voluntary.
You just said you wanted us to catch the killer.
Why don't you help us do that? Are we done? [Dog barking] Yeah.
Uh, I was with Mark pretty much the whole night.
We just had some beer, some food.
You see each other a lot, socially? Uh, yeah, yeah, off and on.
Where'd you meet that night? The lookout over at Harvey Ridge.
Why there? Just convenient.
It's right in between us.
What time did you get home? [Clears throat] 1:00.
I don't know.
I didn't really check to be honest with you.
What were you doing till 1:00? I told you.
Just, you know, eating, drinking.
Where'd you eat? Some sports bar over in albion.
Called Harpoon's bar and grill.
What did you eat? I ate a pulled pork sandwich and some French fries.
Who paid? He did.
You think I can pay on the salary he gives me? Will they remember you when we talk to them? - I don't know, you can ask.
- [Door opens, closes] It's not like the place was empty.
Anything you just told Detective Carver you'd like to revisit? No.
I no, I don't think so.
'Cause your mom said that you were here with her Thursday night, not with Mark.
She says that you went out to the pharmacy around 10:00 to get her some cough medicine.
Mom's got dementia.
You know that.
She seems pretty clear on this one.
How much longer am I gonna be here? Couple things since we spoke earlier.
Number one, the woman who has the keys to Harvey Ridge Has no memory of you fixing a pipe there.
She says no pipe burst.
- You weren't there.
- Well, she's lying.
- Or maybe - Number two, your alibi.
Your buddy Vince is having some trouble figuring out where he was Thursday night.
- I was with him.
- Don't do this, all right? Your son has been killed.
I'd think you'd want to be straight with us.
Why don't you just be honest? Let me get to point three.
We took a look at your boat.
There are bloodstains in it.
Whose blood is in your boat, Mark? Danny's.
Took the boat out a couple weeks ago.
You know, for those couple days of good weather.
And, uh It was Danny, Chloe, and myself.
We went to bent cove.
And we got three bass, and we took 'em home for dinner.
But Danny was messing around, and he snagged the end of the line to the bottom of his foot, and it gashed it open.
And he was bleeding and hopping around, yelling.
Why are you lying about where you were Thursday night? How is keeping me here helping you find Danny's killer? We can't rule you out until you tell us where you were.
- Where I was doesn't matter.
- Yeah.
My kid dies, I'd do whatever I could to help the police.
I just would.
You can remember how many fish you caught two weeks ago.
You can't remember where you were Thursday night? It's 'cause everything I say gets twisted.
[Yelling] I can't even think straight when I'm All right, Mark Solano, I'm arresting you for obstruction of a murder investigation.
- No, sir, please.
- Enough! Anything you say - can and will be used against you.
- Ellie, seriously? This? - Please, don't make - Is this what you do? - Are you serious? - Mark, please don't make us do this.
Just tell the truth.
Take his things, Miller.
His son is dead.
He can't tell us where he was.
Read him his rights.
Pack of ultra lights.
Expensive, nasty habit.
You're Mr.
Reinhold, right? Run the wildlife observation? - Renee Clemons, San Francisco Globe.
- Come on.
I don't talk to the press.
I haven't asked you anything.
I'm just introducing myself.
I don't talk to the press.
I'm only trying to tell our readers about Danny Solano.
Let them know what a loss this town's experienced.
[Growling] Mm.
He was part of your wildlife group, wasn't he? Are you gonna leave nicely, or do I have to call the police? I just spent 7 bucks on cigarettes.
Is that how you treat your customers? Ones I don't like.
You all right there, Owen? Yeah, I'm fine.
[Hits atm] Well, thanks for the smokes.
Hey, I'll meet you outside.
So are you gonna help me out or what? Introduce me around? This whole thing just makes me uncomfortable, okay? I know these people.
My cousin Tommy was Danny's best friend.
- It's just weird.
- Wait.
Ellie Miller is your aunt? Yeah.
Do you see the opportunity you have? Not to mention obligation.
I mean, Danny died.
You need to make sure this investigation is done right.
I trust Ellie to take care of that.
And you need to make sure Danny's story is told in the way it deserves to be told.
- [Cell phone ringing] - You should probably get that.
You're more important.
Listen, if you help me out, I will get my editor to let me share bylines with you, okay? I will also make sure you get paid.
How else you gonna get out of here? Who says I want to get out of here? [Cycle ignition turns over] [Engine revs and departs] Vince Novik? Yeah.
You work with Mark Solano.
Uh, you need a plumber? No.
I'm staying down at the Crestview.
Gemma Fisher says you two are working on her boiler.
Yeah, that place is a nightmare.
It's real pretty to look at, but it's a total wreck on the inside.
My last boyfriend said the same thing about me.
- [Laughs] - That's good to know.
So you're Mark's apprentice? Mark says he's gonna He's gonna promote me to associate - this spring, so - Wow, that's great.
So he's a good guy then? Yeah.
- Close family? - [Sniffs] Why are you asking me this? You with the police? I'm a reporter with The Globe.
No way.
Hold on.
I just want to ask you a couple of questions.
I got nothing to say to you, except leave them alone.
Next on the agenda, Kimberly Fitch is here to present on the library renovations.
Good afternoon, lady, gentlemen.
I'm here today to talk about the library renovations.
My name's Kimberly Fitch.
I reside at 418 malosimino drive.
This has been a hot button topic.
As you know, some people wish the money would go towards [Seagulls squawk] It's been almost four hours.
Why isn't Mark back? I just asked Pete the same question.
He said it was standard.
So nothing to worry about? [Sighs] Where are you going, mom? Just out.
Oh, I'll come with you.
It's okay.
I can just Mom, will you stay here? I will be right back.
[Scoffs] [Door opens, closes] [Eerie ambient music] [Seagulls squawk] You last saw Danny when? Right before we went on vacation.
Where'd you go again? - Mexico.
- Right.
When was that? - About three weeks ago.
- Let Tom speak.
About three weeks ago.
I saw him the day before we left.
What time? Right after school.
Where were you? Outside of school.
Did he have his phone on him? I don't know.
But Danny had a phone? What'd you talk about? Baseball, skateboards.
You root for the same team? Giants? Mariners? I like the Giants, but Danny kind of just stopped caring.
Was that a recent thing? I don't know.
I What else did you talk about? - Girls? - No.
Did he say that he was worried about anything? No.
Did you argue? No.
Can you think of anyone who'd want to hurt Danny? How'd he get along with his dad? Hey.
Anything you say here is absolutely confidential.
He said his dad Hit him.
Once? Maybe twice.
Recently? I don't know.
I think so.
When he quit the soccer team.
Solano was the coach.
Danny said his dad got in some bad moods sometimes.
Go get him.
[Growls playfully] How'd it go? Tom was really brave.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
Your new boss is a charmer.
[Ellie sighs] I really don't like him.
- Do you mind if I - No.
[Clears throat] The migration's early this year.
I was here yesterday for about ten minutes, and I spotted 15 or 16.
I don't mean to be rude, but I-I know who you are.
[Sighs] I can't imagine what it's like for you.
How you even [Sighs] Get out of bed.
It's more, once I'm up, where do I go? Mm-hmm.
What do I do with all this Ball of acid in my gut? You'll get through it.
[Laughs sadly] You think so? Mm-hmm.
I hope it's okay to say this, but I have a message for you.
From Danny.
No, no, no, no.
Don't you dare.
No, I-I promise you, he wants you - He wants you to hear this.
- No, stop talk - Please, please - No, no - Don't! Don't you touch me.
- I don't mean to upset you.
You stay away from me! You stay away! [Knocks on door] There's an arrest on Mark's record from a bar fight ten years ago.
No charges were ever pressed.
Also, I talked to Pete, and he had to pull Mark off of Paul Coates, the priest, yesterday.
Well, we know he hit Danny.
Where are you going? Tell forensics we need blood analysis on the boat.
Find out how old those stains are.
And they should look for any fibers.
Run them against Danny's clothing.
Also, check with the M.
See if Danny had any signs of a gash on his foot.
And don't let Mark go! I want him here when I get back.
[Sighs] Lasagna number 83.
God, what are we gonna do with all this food? What is it? They want you to know Mark has been arrested.
- Arrested? - What for? He won't account for his movements the night before Danny was found.
So he's a suspect? Let's let's just see where we are once they finish talking.
Oh, my you can't just do that.
You can't just tell us he's under arrest then nothing else.
I'm sure they'll sort it out.
Well, sort it out! - My brother's dead! - Enough.
Get off me, mom! Get mad at him! - Mom.
- When I say "enough," I mean it.
What is your problem? [Whispering] From now on, you say nothing in front of Pete.
He's looking at us all the time.
He is not our friend.
He is their spy.
We lock down.
If necessary, just you and me.
And dad.
It's not him.
You don't think it's him.
We have to be strong now.
You have to be older than you are.
If necessary, just you and me.
I love this part of the world.
You're the first friendly face I've seen in months.
Sort of cloak and dagger, meeting all the way out here, Emmett.
What's wrong with the office? Small town.
Everyone's eyes on me, I don't like it.
I never know when you're joking.
I'm never joking.
Listen, I went through all the records you sent me.
It's not good.
[Inhales loudly] Yeah.
You have to change all this.
No more stress, no pressure, no unnecessary exertion.
- Can't.
- You have to.
At least until after you take care of it.
If you don't, you'll end up dead.
Doctors: Always, "do what I say, or you'll end up dead.
" I'm serious.
I'll make sure all the paperwork's filled out properly.
You take a medical leave.
Not yet.
Emmett, this is a bomb in your system, and you are kicking at it harder and harder.
You wanted my advice: You need to stop.
If you don't, your body will.
When I'm done here.
- And when's that? - I don't know.
You like it that much? No, I hate it.
I hate the air.
I hate the sea.
I hate the I hate the people, and their smiley friggin' faces.
I hate the never-ending sky.
Then why are you here? Penance.
No, really.
[Eerie ambient music] Burning the midnight oil? Not midnight.
Come on, you're working late.
Just tell me what you're up to.
You know, I am not an evil person, detective.
Go home, Renee.
I'm haunted by what happened, just like you are.
Excuse me? Now, you're telling me what I feel? That's supposed to be journalism? Nina would've turned eight on Sunday.
Her mother doesn't have justice, because of you.
I was in that courtroom in Rosemont when it all fell apart.
I haven't forgotten.
Oh, this is about a mother, and not your career? You expect me to believe that? Have you spoken to anyone yet about the pregnancy? [Sighs] Just you.
Lucky you.
What's this? A man said he had a message from Danny.
He wants me to know something.
Oh, Beth.
I just I just want to hear his voice out.
I want to know how he is.
Hey, he's with the Lord.
He's close by His side.
I understand the impulse to seek comfort wherever you can find it.
Listen, I was I was thinking.
I know a funeral isn't possible until the police have finished their investigation, but we could hold a memorial service for Danny's life.
A celebration for you, for your family.
I don't know.
I'll talk to Mark.
If the police ever let him come home.
[door buzzes] [Door closes] Ellie, I'm under instructions to come in.
Oh, the cocaine.
Listen, could it wait another time? It's not about that.
No one else can know.
This is just between us.
Depends what you tell us.
On Thursday night, Mark Solano was with me.
We met at the Harvey Ridge overlook.
We were together till about 1:00, and then I dropped him back off at his car.
And what were you doing? Really? Yes, really.
Having sex.
I know.
- Not the best decision.
- [Knock on door] Hi.
I was surprised that you called.
So how does it work? How come he talked to you, my son? He didn't directly.
I have, like, you could call her a spirit guide.
She tells me things about people who have died.
Most turn out to be true.
You said you had a message from Danny.
Is that true? There's more than one.
And I just you need to know that I don't choose what I'm told.
I just I don't care.
Please, I need to know.
Uh Danny wants you to know that he's okay.
He's not in pain.
He says he was on a boat.
And he says don't look for who killed him, because he knew this person well.
And he doesn't want you to be upset.
That's all.
[Sighs] 48 hours gone, because you were worried about gossip.
No, not gossip.
My family.
You can't tell Beth.
That was the first time, I swear.
What? The first time with her, or No, with With anyone.
I've had chances.
- I mean, I never did anything.
- [Scoffs] Why would you do this? You also do couples counseling? [Door opens, closes] [Sighs] You know, she never wanted to marry me? She had bigger plans.
She wanted to go to college.
She wanted to run track.
Then she got pregnant.
That's my fault.
I thought more of you.
But it was one time, Ellie.
It was one time.
And then I lost Danny.
Please, don't tell Beth.
You're still sure that's all he's guilty of? He's got nothing to do with this? I don't know.
[Dramatic music] I'm home.
- [Sighs] - Hey.
Honey You all right? Pete said you were arrested.
Oh, it was just a little mix-up.
Cops got confused.
I mean, they're trying their best.
Come here.
Give me a hug.
Hello, long lost husband.
Who are you again? Gonna be a little while longer.
I'm sorry.
How's Tom? You talk to him? He asked if that was the end of it.
[Sighs] Think he's all done with the police.
What'd you tell him? I said, "I hope so.
" And then he asked He asked why it had to be you on this case.
Why couldn't it be someone else? Well, then that someone would have to work with Emmett Carver.
He still making you crazy? No.
He's a delightful human being.
You want me to come over, and kick his human butt for you? Are you there? Mm-hmm.
Well, come home soon.
Wake me up.
Ooh, you might regret that.
[Laughs] Never.
I love you.
I love you too.
Yes? - What can I do for you? - Call Chloe Solano.
Tell her she has to tell us where she got that cocaine.
Right now? $500 has to be linked to the drugs.
All of this must have something to do with Danny's death.
We're not letting this go just because she's his sister.
I'm not doing it.
Why not? Because she might be sleeping.
Because maybe they've been through enough already.
Damn it.
Think of the week they've had.
Think of the day.
[Slams desk drawer] Her father just got home.
That's his own fault.
It can wait until tomorrow.
We can discuss it We've had this discussion, Miller.
I've got actual evidence to explore.
You're telling me to lay off? She's 15 years old.
She cried to you.
You know the family.
All due respect, sir Move away from me.
I'm going home.
[Keys jingle] Did you tell him where you were? [Sighs] Yeah.
Are you gonna tell me? Not now.
Look at me.
Did you kill him? What? Did you kill Danny? Babe, how could you even say that? [Sighs] Is that what you're thinking? All you have to do is say no, Mark.
You think I could hurt Danny? Is that what you see when you look at me? [Door closes] [Cell phone rings] Hello.
Chloe, it's Detective Carver.
What? My dad's in bed.
I'm calling for you.
I need you to tell me who gave you that cocaine.
- Do you hear me? - Yeah.
You have till tomorrow to think about it.
I'll need an answer in the morning.
You didn't have to do that, by the way.
Tell 'em.
It got you out.
It did.
I don't know how you're even breathing.
I mean, I can barely stand this.
You mean Danny? Yeah, Danny, and And what we did, and Him dying.
It just all feels like it was wrapped up together.
It is.
Well, it shouldn't be.
Oh, it is.
That's my punishment.
Don't say that.
Well, see, what we did, that was a terrible mistake.
It was a stupid, terrible mistake.
And it felt like anything but.
I don't know what to do.
Tell me what to do.
Come here.
Go home.
- Detective Carver.
- I'm leaving.
Just Olney in evidence control took apart Danny's sweatshirt.
Found this in the lining.
Must've slipped through a hole in the pocket.
We're finding this now? In the sweatshirt he died in? Whose number is this? I don't know.
I brought it right to you.
[Scoffs] Sorry.
You should be! What is wrong with you people?