Gracepoint (2014) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

Previously on Gracepoint You have to change all this.
No more stress.
If you don't, you'll end up dead.
It's about mom.
I went to the bank machine yesterday.
Cleaned me out.
Feel like forgetting your troubles for a little while? Yeah.
Why don't you invite him to dinner? Invite who to dinner? Carver.
It's like he was in a boat, or he was put in a boat.
- Mark, do you own a boat? - Yeah.
What have we got here? Danny in the gas station, just like Dean said.
You're still sure that's all he's guilty of? He's got nothing to do with this? I don't know.
Promise me there's nothing else I don't know about.
He's here.
One of the night boats called it in.
No sign of anyone on it.
Who do we call? The harbormaster? Coastguard? I need people out there collecting every piece.
The tide's coming in.
It'll wash up soon enough.
No, get it done! Call the harbormaster.
I need a marine crew to north beach.
I couldn't sleep.
That's understandable.
You saw yesterday.
You saw how angry Mark is.
I think you're both angry.
Have you ruled him out? Beth, it's 4:00 in the morning.
Well, what about the backpacker? We don't know yet.
Ellie, please tell me something.
You had Mark in for a whole day.
Then without saying anything, you move on to these other guys.
At least tell me if my husband is still a suspect.
It's not that simple.
It is very simple.
Do you think he killed Danny? I don't.
But there were gaps in his movements we needed to know about that he did not want To talk about.
Movements when? The night Danny died? - Beth - And where was he? Just tell me.
You need to ask him.
I saw him with Gemma Fisher the same night you let him go.
Does Mark know that? Beth, you have to You have to tell him.
You have to talk to him.
Is that Paul? How long has he been standing there? Why is he awake at this time of night? Over half of it was burnt.
CSI's going through what's left.
You're up late.
What's going on? Why are you back? You wanted up-to-the-minute.
You should expect to see a lot of us.
Someone lit a boat on fire out in the harbor late last night.
But it's not mine, 'cause mine's still in the marina under close watch.
Also, we're holding a public meeting at the school at noon, fill in the town on where we are.
I'll let people ask questions, but none of you needs to be there.
Is the press coming? We haven't asked them.
Why not? Chloe.
I just I don't understand why there's not more being written.
Even in the Journal today, like, six lines on page four.
It's like Danny doesn't even matter.
I wouldn't judge this investigation by what's in the press.
I think what we're all wondering is if there were more in the papers, wouldn't it jog people's memories? If that hiker's picture was printed We've been talking about that We want Pierson to reappear.
If he sees his face in the papers, what are the chances he reveals himself? Let us handle the media.
There's a woman in my apartment.
Is that a rare occurrence? Let's just say the choices in Gracepoint are Well, maybe they feel the same way about you.
I'm sure they do.
Come here for a sec.
What is it? Did you just find this? Yeah.
Could be worth looking into.
I know you've got that Solano girl here most weekends, but she can't be much use to you these days.
Well, I've been trying to give her some time.
Or I could pick up shifts in the kitchen, wash dishes Business has been really dragging lately, so You got that detective staying here, don't you? I really appreciate you dropping by.
I will keep hold of this, and maybe I can call you if business picks up.
You do that.
This it? Good morning.
- How you doing? - I've told him.
It makes absolutely no difference.
Talk to me about the boat.
Well, it was doused in gasoline.
The seawater eventually put out the fire.
But if they took it out at, say, 4:00 A.
to burn it, how did they get back? Rear section has marks where a motor might've been.
Could've used that to get back on another boat.
Or could be they just towed it.
Any hint why they burned it? Take a look at this piece.
We sent samples off for analysis.
Check in the grain.
Strands of hair.
100 bucks says that's the boat they used and those hairs belong to Danny Solano.
They're panicking, Miller.
Starting to show themselves.
That's exactly what we want.
That's an amateur move, burning it like that.
Come on, Miller.
This guy's got work to do.
I was just at the pier.
There's a forensics van there, more police tape New evidence has come in overnight, and we have to examine it without disruption.
Was that the boat that was on fire last night? My brother saw it when he was out with his traps.
It's too early to talk about specific types of evidence.
Find out the real answer to that question.
Who is the young fellow in the photo, the one you've been showing around? A person of interest.
I'm not prepared to say more than that.
You said the tents on the beach'd come down any day.
This is our livelihood you're stomping on.
You have to understand that every grain of sand has to be sifted.
Every stray hair, every shard of plastic, fingernail, toenail, every piece of skin has to be tested.
A crime scene on a beach is one of the very toughest for our officers to deal with.
We'll do everything we can to minimize the effects on your business.
I hope so.
No one here wants the name Gracepoint to become just another word for murder.
I told you there was a boat.
Are you kidding me? Half of Gracepoint owns a boat.
Did you look for it? Does Beth Solano know that you didn't follow up on the information that I gave you? No, no, no.
You didn't give me any information.
You took a guess.
Do not get involved or you will live to regret it.
Go home.
- Ellie.
- Yeah.
Will you pass a message to Beth and Mark? Whenever they feel able to talk, please come to us, to me.
We'll do things properly.
Okay, I'll let them know.
Longer this goes on, the more everyone wants to stick their nose in.
- I know.
- People are getting restless.
Too many opinions.
I don't like it.
- Detective Carver.
- Terrific.
You two have found each other.
That warmeth the heart.
There's something Owen found we think you both need to know about.
Here we go again.
We did some digging on Jack Reinhold from the kayak shop.
He's lived here for years, but nobody really knows anything about him.
Turns out he was in prison before he moved here.
He was convicted.
Sex with a minor.
Take a seat.
Thank you.
Is this about the, backpacker, the one who was talking with Danny? Our backpacker is still MIA.
Tell us about your conviction for statutory rape, Jack.
Getting a bit desperate, are we? Just trying to establish the facts.
You didn't mention it when we spoke.
Because it's got nothing to do with anybody, nothing to do with Danny.
You run the wildlife club.
That requires a criminal background check cross-referenced with the sex offenders registry.
Yeah, but I'm not a sex offender.
That trial was a farce, and I'm not on any registry.
Only because it happened before the registry got started.
You should've just declared it, Jack.
What, Ellie, when I first come to town, I should've made a little sign? FYI: Ex-convict? No.
I was trying to get away from that, and I did.
20 years and no complaints.
I'm not what you're insinuating.
Jack, when did you last see Danny Solano? A full day before his body was found.
He showed up in the morning and did his log as usual.
What about the night of Danny's death? Where were you then? I was in on my own reading a book.
Anyone vouch for that? Only the book.
- Which book? - Infinite Jest.
You might not like it.
Hardly any pictures.
We hear you like photography.
You take a lot of pictures of the boys in your group? I pity you, seeing depravity in perfectly normal behavior.
If you have an accusation or any real evidence, let's hear it.
Otherwise, I've got work to do.
That was quick.
Yeah, I left my cell.
You manage to get an answer out of Carver on the combustible boat? No, not yet, but I will.
I thought you were asking him in the school.
Just give me one hour.
Simple question.
Are you too busy? One hour, that's all I'm asking for.
60 minutes, and then I will answer your query, and I think I might actually have something else for you.
Something to do with Danny Solano? Maybe.
Last I checked, I was your editor.
You're not just my editor.
You're my mentor, my idol, font of knowledge and patience.
I love you.
Get out of here.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- After you.
- Thank you.
Ready? No comment.
Hey, have you got a minute? What's up? So Susan Wright, I think she lives over the trailer Park.
Short and scowly, German Shepherd? Yeah, that's her.
Or at least I think it's her.
She stopped by the Inn this morning looking for some cleaning work.
She brought up Chloe Solano.
She was hoping to pick up her hours.
I gave her an application.
When I ran her social security number, a different name came up.
Ruth Erlick.
Strange, right? Yeah.
- Thank you.
- Welcome.
You know, I got some venison in the freezer.
You should let me cook for you guys.
You know, like a Sunday lunch or something.
All right, try it now.
Yep, there it goes.
All right.
Thanks, boss.
I can never get this damn thing to work.
How'd this get down there? Jeez.
My ma, you know? You never know.
Did you clog the sink on purpose? No, why why would I do that? I don't know.
Keep me busy? Take my mind off things? Look, why don't you let me cook for you guys? You still got to eat, right? How many times have you fed us? I know it's never gonna be the same, all right, but You're a good man, Vince.
A good man.
I appreciate all the All the work you've been doing, and the extra work.
And just I've been meaning to give you that.
60 bucks.
I mean, it's not much, but Well, look.
Why why don't you Why don't you hold on to it? Then when all this is in the past, we can have a real conversation about that promotion.
I'm gonna ask Beth about Sunday.
Hey, come on in.
This is what you called us back here for? Tell them.
Danny wants to tell people that he was killed by someone he knew.
All right, this is offensive.
I'm ending this right now.
No, Raymond knew about the boat.
He says that he told you.
- You didn't listen.
- Listen to what? Just hear him out, please.
Go ahead.
Beth, we checked into Mr.
Connelly's background.
He's declared bankruptcy twice.
No, no.
Wait a second.
He has prior convictions for theft and conspiracy to commit fraud.
- What? - Wait a second.
Out, now.
That has got nothing to That has got nothing to do with this! You're a moron for letting him in.
Get up.
I don't know if you're mentally ill, a liar, or someone who actually believes they're telling the truth.
I don't care.
My job is to find this killer and prove my case in court.
Let go of me.
I deal in facts.
All you've given her is fantasy.
Now, Pete is gonna follow you as you drive very far away from this house.
Final warning.
I see you again I will lock you up.
Why would he do this, Ellie? What does he have to gain? I haven't paid him anything.
I know, but two weeks from now two weeks from now, he goes to the press, and he gives them an exclusive.
Six months from now, he writes his memoir.
"How I worked to solve the Gracepoint child murder case.
" I am so alone in this.
Have you talked to Mark yet? No.
No, I can't.
Beth You have to.
You sure your family's okay with it? Have you checked with your mom? Okay, good.
I'll see you soon.
Thank you.
Me hungry isn't good.
I promise you.
So listen, I was thinking we should probably talk to Jack Reinhold, get his side of the story before we write anything.
Sooner the better.
Let's finish lunch, and you'll go talk to him.
You mean like alone? You saw the way he treated me.
I'm like vermin to him.
This one's on you.
I I know the guy, though.
I mean, I did wildlife observation with him till I was in, like, sixth grade.
Exactly why he'll talk to you.
I have something to do anyways.
You gonna tell me what? We sleep together once.
You're already keeping tabs on me? Eat and get on it.
Thank you for speaking to me.
I'm not here to pressure you.
In fact, I've been in town since day one, and I've left you alone.
Yeah, it's true.
I left one of Danny's toys at the beach, and she brought it back to me so it wouldn't get stolen.
Look, very simply, I think Danny's case should be getting more coverage.
And you're here to help with that? Well, you're not gonna like hearing this, but part of the reason your son's death isn't getting the attention it deserves is, he's not the right profile.
You know, if Danny were a girl, blonde, few years younger, this town would be crawling with reporters.
I hope you're kidding.
I'm sorry I'm not.
12-year-old boys People sometimes don't really see them as kids anymore, you know? They can get into vandalism, steal things; if you want more focus on this case, Beth, it's really gonna come down to you.
Me? Why? You tell your side of things, who your son really was, how it's been for you, every mom in the state will respond.
I don't know.
Shouldn't we clear it with the police? You can, absolutely.
But I will say they're being very cautious, detective Carver in particular.
He won't let anyone in the department speak to the press.
That doesn't stop Paul Coates.
Okay, well, what if she shows us what she writes before she sends it in? Well, I don't normally do that, but Maybe this time, if you'd consider giving me a picture of you and Danny for the article.
What do you think? Why don't we just get back to you, like, maybe tomorrow or Let's do it.
What are we asking the priest? He's one of the few without an alibi the night Danny was killed.
Know him well? A bit.
He grew up here, but he's a lot younger than me.
That's where you're supposed to say, "but he doesn't look it, Miller.
" Missed my cue.
Anyway, he left right after high school.
He's been back two, three years.
Tom goes to his Sunday school.
So did Danny.
Beth's family's been coming here forever.
You know, Mary is on our board.
And you saw Danny at least once a week, knew him really well.
Well, I wouldn't say really well.
I mean, he was a good kid, same as Tom.
Does the priest normally teach Sunday school? I thought that happened during services.
I've arranged to have it afterwards.
You know, if I can personally convey just a bit of the comfort and joy my faith brings me to the kids in the community, then I think all of Gracepoint benefits.
Where were you on the night of Danny's death? Like I told your officers, in the rectory on my own.
I was up late trying to write a sermon.
"Trying" being the operative word.
Did you often stay up late? Because I was down on the corner at 4:00 A.
the other night, and I saw you right outside the door there.
Was that you? Okay Yeah, I have terrible insomnia off and on for years.
I can't find anything to cure it, so I get up, wander around.
Anything specific that triggered it this time? Not really, no.
Were you up wandering on that Thursday night? I don't I don't think so.
I mean, I could've gone outside for some fresh air at some point, but I don't remember.
Susan, yes? You gonna tell me I can't put this here? It's a public kiosk.
Go ahead.
I just wanted to say hello.
I'm Kathy.
I edit the Journal.
You sure you have the right name on there? Is it Susan or Ruth? Came across something written about you from several years back under a different name.
Somebody must have written it wrong.
Wonder why that would happen.
I don't know what you want with me.
I got business to conduct.
All right.
Well, maybe we'll get a chance to talk another time.
I'll see you around.
You ran track, really? Yeah, tough to believe now? What are you talking about? You look great.
Well, anyway, I ran middle distance, 800, 1,500.
It's not so much about skill as it is about grit.
You learn to live with the pain.
Wish I could do that now.
So did you ever think about college? Yeah.
All was a time, actually.
I had a scholarship to Portland state.
Nice city, good school.
But then I got pregnant and had my sweet Chloe.
Was Mark your first boyfriend? You are my strength and shield.
My heart trusts in you.
May your wisdom save me from false choices.
In your straight path, may I not stumble.
That's nice work, Justin.
Hey, guys.
- Owen.
- Hey.
Hey, did you come to work? No, I Can I talk to you inside for a sec? Well, I really want to get this done, and, you know, they're into it.
So why, what's going on? I came across something, and, you know, I've known you for a long time, so I just wanted to check with you before it Gets out.
Gets out? What gets out? Do you have a conviction for statutory rape? Where'd you get that information from, the cops? No.
Is that right? I just wanted to hear your side.
Now what are you, playing Carver's game now? Really? Are you? - Just accusation, innuendo - No.
Just joking, no truth? Is that what it is? Take your hands off of me.
How long have you known me? All your life.
When did I ever do anything inappropriate? Let's just go inside and talk.
Owen Burke, you've changed.
You're not the same person.
You were a decent kid once, but now you're nothing but a snake.
Get out of here.
Get out! Get! Hello.
Please come in.
Thank you.
You're in a suit.
Is that bad? No, no.
It's fine.
Why don't you just come on in? Joe, Emmett is here, and he has brought gifts including chocolates and wine and some beautiful flowers.
I didn't know what to choose, so I got them all.
It's been a while since I had a dinner invite.
Well, thank you.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
I am calling you Emmett tonight, by the way.
You can forget about Carver.
And sir.
I mean, what am I gonna say? "Have some guacamole, sir"? Yeah, I don't like Emmett.
I've never liked Emmett.
It's better than Joe.
I don't get why everyone has to use first names anyway, like we're all in group therapy or something.
I mean, if I'm looking at a If I'm looking at you, you know I'm talking to you.
I don't need to say your name three times to congratulate myself on remembering it, like, to create some sort of Whatever it is.
False intimacy, or So how'd you two meet? On the job.
Joe was an amazing paramedic.
Not anymore? I gave it up when Dylan came along.
He's also an amazing father.
What? I was getting fed up with it anyway.
Fed up how? Don't get me started.
What about you? You married? This is great food.
You make this yourself? Mexican is Joe's specialty.
I should've done margaritas.
Yeah, you should've.
Not married.
Not anymore.
That's too bad.
Yeah, well, we were fighting.
We moved out to Rosemont to be near her family, and then I don't know.
Well, in-laws, work stress.
This job can do that to you.
Let's hope not.
No, I didn't You have any kids? A daughter, 17, lives with her mother.
That must be tough.
You think you're gonna solve this case? Joe Absolutely.
I'm gonna, excuse myself for a second.
No more work talk.
Okay? No.
No more.
Shut up and drink.
Does she like me? Sorry? Does she like working with me? I mean, you're here for dinner, aren't you? I think I irritate her.
She hasn't mentioned anything.
You're a terrible liar.
You're a terrible boss.
I knew it.
What's so funny? Hey, this is Julianne.
Leave a message, and we'll talk soon.
Hey, it's me, checking in with your voice mail as usual.
It's been a really long time this time.
I know you're busy with swimming and school and all the other stuff you do, but I do think of you.
If you want we could video chat, whatever it's called, maybe Before you forget what I look like.
Anyway, that's it.
This is dad.
Please try me.
Why are you so interested in me? How did you get in here? What's my life got to do with you? You're gonna stop asking questions about me.
Why would I do that? I know men who'd rape you.
Night, detective.
Two stitches.
The nurse has more Percocet if you need it.
What am I doing here? What are you doing here? Well, you passed out.
I found you on the bedroom floor.
What were you doing in my bedroom? Well, the guest underneath your room heard the crash and called down, luckily.
Is this your daughter? Where'd you find that? I was looking for next of kin in the ambulance.
Couldn't find any, so I told them I was your wife.
You did what? You could do worse.
So I'm glad that you're good, but I really do need to get back, in case, by some miracle, I have customers.
You can't tell anyone about this.
If they find out I'm sick, they'll take me off the case.
Gemma, I need to stay on this case.
On one condition.
You listen to the doctors, and you get some proper help, because no one might find you next time.
I'm coming with you.
They want you to stay here.
I don't care.
What's this? God.
I thought that might interest you.
Why did she do this? Doesn't seem so bad to me.
But we told her not to.
I got to go.
See you later.
I was thinking of taking tom to church this morning.
Church? - Yeah.
- Why? I ran into Paul Coates, and he said he was hoping people would show up.
Time of need.
I don't know.
Might be nice.
Hey, you.
I thought I would've heard from you earlier.
It's 8:00 A.
Did you read it? Yeah.
And that's all? What do you want me to say? It's a great piece.
I really felt Beth's misery.
Made me wonder what you meant by "shared byline.
" Owen So you send me off to question Jack 'cause you got something better? Something I knew could help both of us.
The rest of the papers are scrambling.
This town could be packed tomorrow with you and me ahead of everyone.
You and me, right.
My editor is asking for a follow-up.
Your Jack Reinhold piece is next.
I already spoke to Kathy.
I told her we had something.
Well, tell her we don't.
I got to go.
Hey, what are you doing with that? Mom, what They taking everything? It's all a mistake anyway.
You said you were gonna stop.
You need to stop.
Don't give me that face.
You look like your father when you do that.
Don't tell me you're going too.
Yeah, ma wanted to pray.
You here alone? Yeah.
All the women found religion.
You know what? I bet you our savior Paul is just loving this attention.
Keep it covered in the oven at 250.
It'll stay warm till we get back.
Look, Mark, I got to tell you something.
Yesterday, I saw Owen talking to Jack Reinhold, asking him some questions.
And from what I heard, he's got a history with kids, some pretty nasty stuff.
Good morning, sir.
I holy crap.
What happened to you? I slipped in the shower last night.
You seen the Globe? Yeah, I did.
I don't know when the solanos decided to They've opened the floodgates.
Desk Sergeant's been deluged with media requests.
I'm calling a press conference for tonight.
The family needs to make a statement.
In the meantime, I need full background checks on Jack Reinhold, Raymond connelly, and Paul Coates.
Anyone without an alibi goes to the top of our list.
All right.
Sir, on the backpacker, I can see No, we can't release his picture.
No, not to the media.
I thought if we gave it to the Park service.
There's a very strong chance he's going campsite to campsite.
I know you think I'm still pushing the outsider thing No, you're right.
You're right.
Go ahead.
Thank you.
Could I ask one more favor? I was thinking about going to church today.
Everyone all together, opportunity to Check on who's acting strangely? That was not Never mind.
Come to lunch today.
Vince is cooking.
You sure? Yeah, please.
Like old times.
- Thank you, Beth.
- Of course.
Hi, husband.
How's your head? I didn't know he was religious.
I didn't know we were either.
Good point.
Thank you for coming.
It is good to see so many of you here today.
I'm reminded of 1st Timothy.
"This is good, and it is pleasing in the sight of God our savior, who desires all people to be saved.
" I'm going to ask you to look around at your families, your friends, the members of your community.
Ask yourself: Do you look at them with suspicion? Do you? Now look at yourself.
Why do you see the speck that is in your brother's eye but do not notice the beam that is in your own? It is so easy to stir hatred, to cast suspicion.
Shame on those who come to Gracepoint to stir bitterness and turmoil, to turn neighbor against neighbor, and shame on us, all of us, for allowing it to happen.
I got the booster seat for Dylan.
Thank you, Mary.
Poor Bambi.
Quit saying that.
It smells good in here.
It's Bambi bourguignon.
Hey, I mean it.
Cut it out.
You're not getting any.
Big kick.
All right.
All right.
Now you got to kick it.
We're gonna kick it.
That was a goal! - No.
- Hey.
Everything all right? Food's almost done.
You okay, sweetie? Yeah.
Are you? Can I ask you something? You can say no.
Can I have a hug? I miss his hugs.
Better get that.
Hey, Beth.
Is Mark here? Hey, Mark? Mark? Hi, Jack.
Beth, Mark, I was in one of the kayaks, look, and I found something.
It was back in the holding hatch, and I found this.
That's Danny's phone.
He must've left it.
Mark, please hand that to me.
- You really just found this? - Yeah.
Mark, Beth, they're gonna say things about me, and none of it's true.
Jack Well, what kind of things? Let's not do this now.
Please, you got to believe me.
Things happened before.
They're gonna say that I did it, but I'm looking you in the eye, and I'm looking Beth in the eye - because he was your son - Jack And I'm telling you I didn't do it.
I didn't.
I'm not that kind of man.
You have to believe me.
No, wait.
Hey, stop it.
That's enough.
Come on.
Hey, man.
Give me that camera, man.
It's cool.
Mark! Hey, man, get off me.
Get off me! Whoa, whoa, whoa! No! - Get out of here.
- What the hell! Get the hell out of here! Stop it! Get inside now.
Get inside.
What the hell are you doing? Get out of here! Get out! Why do they need all of us? To make people understand how much Danny meant to us, how strong a family we are.
You ready for this? So Chloe, you're at the far end, and then Beth and then Mark.
I know about you and Gemma Fisher.
Mark, now.
CSI confirmed.
The hairs in the boat, they match Danny's.
I thought they would.
Also something just came in from the Oregon state police about a death on the cliffs at Cannon beach 15 years back.
They've seen the details and think it has similarities to our case.
- Okay, tell me later.
- No, sir.
Jack Reinhold used to live in arch cape, 5 Miles from Cannon beach.
Good evening.
Thank you for coming.
We're going to start with a statement from Danny's mother, Beth Solano, and then we'll open to questions.
Mark, Chloe, and I want to say thank you to the Gracepoint police and to the community for all of the support you have shown us.
To Danny's killer, you should know that we are suffering.
Every day that goes by, it gets harder, not easier.
We ask you to please, please come forward and put an end to this terrible time.