Grand Army (2020) s01e09 Episode Script


[tense music plays]
[tapping keys]
[tapping keys]
[tapping keys]
[tapping keys]
[ominous music plays]
[tapping keys]
[in Creole] Where will you sleep?
The living room.
It's fine. He'll be fine.
[in English] It's OK. I promise.
-[Ronald] Yeah.
[in Creole] We can sign the contract
once Dom turns 18 and--
I turn 18 today, actually.
It's your birthday? Happy birthday!
[Dom's mom] So we can sign this weekend,
and then you write us the first check?
I just want to add that even though
this room faces the street, it is quiet.
But yes.
And then another payment
after the wedding.
And six months from then,
Ronnie can apply for his green card.
You kids will study for interviews.
[Dom's mom]
Dominique is very good at studying.
-Thanks, Mummy.
-[Dom's mom] It's true!
Dominique, your mother says
you have big college plans.
-[Dom] I do.
-How wonderful!
I'm hoping to go
to Washington University or…
Hopkins to study psychology.
But you know you have to stay in the city?
OK, that's fine.
Six months is fine. I'm still a junior.
Three years total.
And then you two can get divorced.
And no serious relationships.
[Dom's mom] Excuse me.
Can I talk to you for a moment?
-[Perla grunts]
-[Dom's mom] Mm-hmm.
Mummy, can we--
[Ronald in English] Are you OK?
[Dom] Mm-hmm.
Yeah, definitely. I'm…
I'm good.
My ma's relieved.
Mine too.
[Ronald] Yeah. I thought she was
gonna have a stroke over this.
[Dom scoffs]
[Ronald] NYU could be a good option.
I'm sorry.
It's fine.
I didn't… Yeah, I know.
[camera shutter clicks]
It'll be nice to have my own room.
-[moms talk in distance]
I hope all of this
gives you a little bit more flexibility
to focus on school and stuff.
I think it will.
[Ronald] Good. Yeah.
are you doing anything fun
for your birthday?
In his gospel, Luke tells us Mary was…
a truly independent woman
who used her own resourcefulness
to spread the word of God.
And in the Book of John,
it is the Magdalene who bore witness
to the resurrection of Jesus…
-[girls whisper]
-…who dared to share the truth of Christ.
I hope that Mary speaks
to all of you young women here today…
-…at the start of Women's History Month.
I pray that she reminds you
of the power of your witness,
the power of your testimony.
-[whispering continues]
-[priest] By sharing your voice,
you honor God and your community.
It is your responsibility as young women…
-[door opens]
-…to speak out, to make yourselves heard.
No, I just know that they know.
If some of them know,
they're all gonna know.
Oh, Mom, stop.
I shouldn't have called you.
I just wanted to talk
because I wanna tell you that I'm fine.
I am.
[inhales shakily] It's just, how am I
supposed to do this, Mom? I'm no one here.
-And every--
-[door opens]
[whispers] I'll talk to you later.
-[door closes]
[Joey] What?
What the fuck do you want?
So you can sit in there and talk shit,
but you're fucking mute now?
You don't know me,
so go fuck yourself.
[door opens]
[door closes]
Just respond "OK." All right?
I'm dying to hear
what she has to say for herself.
For real. I'm serious.
-Will we get in trouble?
-No, bro.
She texted us.
All right?
Actually, screenshot that shit now. Do it.
-[Luke sighs]
I promise you she's gonna be, like,
"I'm so fuckin' sorry.
It's my fuckin' fault.
I blew this shit way up, like…"
-You don't gotta worry.
Bro, we haven't seen you since…
you know, all your shit, man.
[Luke] Motherfuckin' Orlov, bro.
Fuck that kid.
Right? I wish I would've been there, yo.
I would have…
I woulda had your back, kid.
I would've beat his ass.
[Luke chuckles] So, you good, New Delhi?
Your nose,
is it still pussing a little bit?
-[George and Luke snicker]
-Yeah, and some blood, but--
I'mma call you the Queen of New Delhi.
[Luke and George snicker]
-[George] Oh fuck.
-Yo, no. It's not… No, look.
You know,
we don't care, you know,
that you're gay or whatever.
Yeah, dude. We would, like,
never give a fuck about that. For real.
OK? You know we love you, son.
You don't have to worry about anyone.
Everybody's gonna be chill. We got it.
Yeah, I'm not really stressed about it.
Dude, no one's even like that anymore.
better not catch you lookin' at me
in the showers, there, Pride Punjab.
-[George] Nah, bro,
he's probably
already been checkin' us out.
Yo, for real though, whose body?
Hmm? Come on.
You can be honest, man.
I got gains. Can you tell?
[Luke and George chuckle]
[Luke] Later, bro.
Catch you.
[Sid] Oh yeah…
I almost forgot.
Remind me to never get in a cab
with you fuckers again.
Or an Uber.
Who knows what the fuck you'd do.
[teacher] This, my friends,
is what we call a regular hexagon.
And what makes it regular
is that all six sides are the same.
And the easiest way
to find the area of a regular polygon
is to divide it into triangles.
And because the lines extending
from the center are equidistant,
and all of the sides are equidistant…
da, da, da…
the triangles are congruent!
All right, so let's call them "X".
Mr. Jackson?
What's going on here?
Excuse me, I'd like to understand
what you're all doing, please.
[girl] We go sit
by the admin office, right?
[Sonia] Yes, admin.
Just don't block the exits, you guys.
Leave enough room
for passing students, OK?
[indistinct chattering]
-[Tamika] I get that.
-[Tor] OK, John. This is fire.
-[Sonia] That poster's popping.
-[Tor] Catch you later.
-[Jay] Yo.
-You seein' this shit?
This is crazy,
but we gotta get to the front.
[boy] It's not about the percentage
of African American kids in the school.
-[girl] Yeah, it is.
-[boy] No.
It's about unfair disciplinary measures.
-[boy 1] How long does this last?
-[boy 2] All day, probably.
Yeah, well, I got, like, 45 minutes.
Hey! Can I sit with you?
Yeah, of course.
What are you doing?
Uh… just research.
[Leila] For what?
I'm thinking of writing a play.
You'd be amazing at that.
Thanks. Yeah.
I was thinking, like,
maybe a social justice play about race.
-Like… I don't think that exists.
-Can you get me a ticket for tonight?
Are you serious?
Yeah, I wanna be there
and, like, support everyone.
You know, especially you.
I was really upset about everything,
but I wouldn't wanna miss it,
even if I can't, like, be in it.
-It's really dope of you to come.
I'm, like,
even more nervous now.
[girl] The Grand Army chapter
of the Black Student Union
and its supporting peers
exercise all right
to convene in peaceful protest
to call out injustice.
[Sid exhales sharply]
[Sid clears throat]
Hey, man. Um…
-You got a second?
-Nah, I really don't have time.
-Shit's been intense, and--
-Sorry about that, but I don't--
You really don't have five minutes?
[Victor] What is it, man?
I gotta cover this thing
for the paper, so…
I'm sorry.
that's all I wanted to say.
I know I texted you and messaged you, but…
I wanted to tell you to your face
that I sincerely apologize.
What I said to you,
like, what I accused you of was fucked.
And… and I know that.
I was in a bad place.
And it's not an excuse, but--
[Victor] I got it.
I accept. We're good.
OK, I--
No, man, let's…
let's just be chill about this.
This doesn't need to be more shit
on top of your shit.
I can be the easy part of this, all right?
OK, man. Word.
I appreciate that.
[chuckles lightly] Your essay was genius.
I really mean it. It…
It rocked me.
Today, you will hear from members
of the Black community, firsthand,
about our macro and micro experiences
with discrimination here at Grand Army.
[cheering, whooping]
What we experience is not rudeness.
It's racism.
Keep talkin', Ellis!
What we experience is not inappropriate.
It's racism.
What we experience is not unfortunate.
It's racism.
What we experience
is not just the way it is.
It's racism.
we will sit in solidarity.
-Open minds and hearts.
-[girl 2] Yes.
-But with our anger on our sleeves.
[John] Zero-tolerance policies
don't keep students safe.
-They remove students from schools.
-[girl 3] It's bullshit.
[John] Zero tolerance
means zero commitment
to supporting and nurturing
predominantly young Black men.
We're suspended for 60 days.
-That's not a life lesson.
-[girl 4] That's right.
[John] That's a life-changer.
That's a ticket to dropout.
That's a school-to-prison pipeline.
[raucous cheering]
[John] This isn't a TV show.
This is happening
right here at Grand Army.
We have someone
who's experienced this firsthand.
-[PA beeps]
-This is an emergency evacuation.
Teachers, get into position.
We have to go.
[alarm rings]
[teacher] Everyone, proceed to the exits
in an orderly fashion, please.
Orderly fashion, guys.
As quickly as you can.
Make it quick. Let's go.
Why is this happening again?
-I know.
-I'm, like, really freaking out.
Me too. I'm so scared.
[Rachel] I don't wanna fight
with you anymore.
Oh my God. Me too.
I just… I love you so much,
and everything was so stupid.
Oh my God. I love you.
Cotton candy drip down to my ankles ♪
Call your sugar daddy
'Cause he blowin' up my phone… ♪
You're OK, right?
This OK?
-Yeah. Are you?
-You don't have to.
-[Omar] I want to.
Is it OK? Am I doing it OK?
It's… it's good.
-I'm happy.
-[Omar chuckles]
Me too.
Your parents, do you think…
I locked my door.
Sorry, I don't really want to ♪
Want to ♪
Sorry… ♪
Sorry the show was canceled tonight.
I feel bad.
It's OK. It's not your fault.
No, I know.
Cotton candy drip down to my ankles… ♪
[gasps lightly]
A little possessive ♪
Over-obsessive ♪
-Recklessly reckless, and I'm just a… ♪
-[Leila giggles]
Thrift store sweater with the holes ♪
Cute but I need a little sew… ♪
I, like,
never thought I'd be,
like, making out with you.
[both chuckle]
Do you like it?
-[Leila chuckles]
I love it.
Faded left sitting at home… ♪
[chuckles lightly]
It's, like, thank God
for bomb threats, kinda. [chuckles]
Oh God.
[mouths] Oh fuck.
Oh my fucking God.
Thrift store sweater with the holes ♪
Faded left sitting at home ♪
Dear God. Please, God.
Please help me.
Hail Mary, full of grace,
the Lord is with thee.
Holy Ma…
[George] Hey, Jo.
[Luke] It's fucking brick out here.
What you wanna talk about?
[Joey] Mm…
Well, I just wanted…
I just wanted to talk.
[inhales deeply, sighs]
-Yeah, I just wanted to talk.
-[Anna] Oh my God, what?
This whole thing's been,
like, super crazy, so I feel like…
[Luke chuckles] No shit.
We were fucking arrested.
Which was fucking insane.
-How about you, Jo?
-How about me, Luke?
[George] Like, what the fuck, Jo?
For real. I don't--
[Anna] They were cuffed
and dragged out of school.
What you guys did to me was fucked up.
-[Luke] How so?
-And I think you know that.
[George] Jesus.
Look, none of this needed
to be a thing at all.
[Joey scoffs]
[Luke] I'm honestly,
like, so confused right now.
I thought that maybe
you would be apologizing to us
so we could all go back
to being good again.
How can you stand there
and act like it was nothing?
Can you just tell me?
Can you just say that you were wrong?
It is all I'm asking for, all right?
That's the only reason I came to see you.
It wasn't… wasn't to yell at you even
or to try to trick you or anything.
I just need to know
that you know what you did.
[Luke] Joey, I know…
that we drank a lot.
-[Luke] And we smoked a shit-ton.
-[Luke] Look, but so did you.
And yeah, we all got down a little bit,
you know, whatever.
It is what it is.
And that was embarrassing for you,
I guess, and--
What the fuck?
-Jo. Come on.
-[Anna] Yes. Yes!
Tim, you sat there.
-Tim, you watched.
-Seriously, you're fucking insane.
-I know you fucking saw me crying.
You sat there while they pinned me down.
[George] Jo.
Jo, it's OK.
-Oh, I can't believe you.
-[George] Come on.
We're not judging you.
We never ever have. I promise you.
But you were out of control that night.
[George] You were all up on Tim's dick,
then five minutes later,
you're up on the both of us.
-I mean, that's on you.
-Did you ever say no?
I was hysterically crying.
I tried to push you guys off of me.
I fucking bled.
Tim, don't do this.
[breathing heavily]
Tim, please.
[Joey hesitates]
[sighs, inhales shakily]
[Anna sniffles]
[under breath] OK.
[Anna exhales slowly]
-[Tim exhales sharply]
-Let's go. It's freezing.
-It's fucking ridiculous.
-[Anna grunts]
[George] Told you. She's crazy.
-She's deranged.
-[Anna] Seriously.
[George] I…
It's true though.
-[George] What?
-[Luke] Yo, bro!
-[Tim] Nah, man.
It's fucking true what she's saying,
and I'm done acting--
You are such a fucking faggot, bro.
Bro, I saw you.
Oh my God.
I watched you motherfuckers do
what you did, so don't even fucking try.
-Wait. Tim, what are you saying?
-[Luke] Yo.
-[Anna] Luke!
-[Tim] I didn't say shit.
-I didn't fucking say shit.
-[George] Yo, stop talking, Tim.
[Luke] Seriously, bro.
You couldn't get some fuckin' pussy,
so now you're making shit up.
Nah. Nah.
And you know exactly what went down.
I know you do.
[Anna] Tim, you… you watched them do what?
You don't wanna do this.
You do not.
Yo, fuck you, bro.
-[George] Holy fuck.
-[Luke] Let's go.
-[Tim] Fuck you for what you did!
-[Luke] Let's go.
Tim, what did you do?
[cries softly]
[recording] You don't have to know.
You just have to keep moving forward.
Just to keep doing something.
Seizing the next opportunity,
staying open to trying something new.
It doesn't have to fit your vision
of the perfect job or the perfect life.
Perfect is boring,
and dreams are not real.
Just do.
-So you think, "I wish I could travel."
-[phone buzzes]
Great! Sell your crappy car,
buy a ticket to Bangkok and go.
Right now. I'm serious.
Holy fucking shit!
I won't shut up ♪
I'd like to buy you a pair
Of pillow-soled hiking boots ♪
To help you with your climb ♪
Or rather, to help the bodies
That you step over, along your route… ♪
Kick me under the table all you want ♪
I won't shut up ♪
I won't shut up ♪
And if I don't wanna go
Leave me alone, don't push me ♪
Cookie, don't… ♪
[Dom] Hey.
[Dom] You coming from the park?
Are you just, like,
-hanging out around here?
I just don't feel like going home yet.
[sighs] Yeah, I feel you.
[Joey sniffs]
You doing OK?
I'm fine.
Hey, how about you?
You good?
-How's Grand Army?
-Meh. You know.
Same old bullshit, but…
you know, I'm…
-I'm just--
I'm living, so…
it's all good.
[both chuckle]
[clicks light switch]
[Dom] Hello?
[distant thud]
[all] Surprise!
[mom laughs]
Did you know?
-Happy, happy, happy birthday, Dommo!
Girl, it's been so hard
trying to keep this a surprise!
-We love you though.
-Yo, you're finally 18.
-Gotta get some lotto tickets.
-And porno mags.
-[Tor] That's right.
I feel like shit about the other day.
I know we said a bunch of stuff.
Shut the fuck up.
We all good. You know we good.
-You're my people.
-[Tamika] We her people.
-You my people.
[all chuckle]
-Did you guys all plan this shit?
-Nah, this was your mom.
[Dom] Aww!
We told your mom he had to come.
Is that OK?
[Sonia] Mmm?
-[Tor] Go.
-[Sonia] Girl!
-I see you.
[John] Happy birthday.
Thank you.
Oh. All day I wanted to give these to you.
Or just say something.
[Dom giggles]
I was so worried
you were thinking we all forgot.
Uh… yeah, I did. [giggles]
Thank you so much.
[mom chuckles]
[in Creole] Does he want me
to put those in a vase?
[in English] My mom's asking
if you want her to put those in water.
-Thank you.
-[mom] Mm-hmm.
-And thank you for having me.
-[mom] Mm-hmm.
[mom chuckles]
[John chuckles]
[Tor] Dommo.
So are you enjoying your birthday?
Well, I got some good news.
I got the internship!
-[Tamika] Oh my God! Good job!
I just got the email today.
-I got it. They said they were impressed.
-[Sonia] Wait, Dom!
I knew that you were gonna get it. I knew!
I knew it first though.
[in Creole] What's all the noise about?
Nothing. I'll tell you later.
They're just excited about the…
[in English] Your daughter is a genius.
-[in Creole] She's saying I'm a genius.
[Dom giggles]
How come?
I found out I got the internship, Mummy.
Awww, oh!
Look what you did, my baby girl.
God has blessed you.
[both laugh]
He did. And he blessed me too
when he sent you to me.
I'm so proud of you!
[Dom's friends in English] Speech! Speech!
Speech! Speech! Speech!
-[man] Yeah!
-[Dom chuckles]
Thank you so much, everyone. [giggles]
I'll keep this short and sweet.
-Mummy, Sabine, Dante…
-[mom] Mm-hmm.
…Odie, Tristie,
you guys are the best
for doing this for me. [chuckles]
[in Creole] Mummy, thank you
for everything you do every day.
[in English] This is, like,
a huge milestone. I can't believe I'm 18.
-[girl] Nice.
Like my friend Tor would say,
"Time to hit the casino!"
[playful cheering]
No, I'm just playing. I'm just playing.
This is crazy. [giggles]
this is to no longer being a kid anymore!
-[Dom giggles]
-[guests cheer]
-[Tamika] Three…
-[Dom's friends] …two, one.
[all] Happy birthday!
[applause, cheering]
[Tamika] Blow out your candles, baby girl.
-[party horn sounds]
[hip-hop music plays]
[all] It's your birthday!
It's your birthday!
Hey! Hey!
Hey, bring it, bring it down.
Bring it up.
…I take they ass for ransom ♪
I know that I'm gone ♪
They see me blowin' up
Now they say they want some ♪
I got two twin Glocks
Turn you to a dancer ♪
I see two twin opps
Leave 'em on a banner ♪
And I got two thick thots
Wanna lick the gang, yeah ♪
I got black, I got white
What you want? ♪
Hop outside a Ghost
And hop up in a Phantom… ♪
Come on, Mummy.
Ay, ay, ay!
-[Dom giggles]
-[mom laughs]
[Dom in Creole] Don't worry.
I'll take care of it tomorrow.
And I got two thick thots
Wanna lick the gang, yeah ♪
[Dom's friends]
Hey, girl, it's your birthday!
It's your birthday!
It's your birthday!
Hey, girl. Hey, it's your birthday!
It's your birthday!
[students chatter indistinctly]
Welcome back.
[boy 1] Yo, it's a fuckin' felony.
[boy 2] So this fucking loser who wanted
attention could get, like, five years?
[boy 1] Yeah, man!
[hip-hop music plays through headphones]
[woman 1 on radio]
There was a clear pattern of abuse.
There was a total lack of remorse
for the harm caused.
And while, yes,
these were complicated accusations,
in the end, the jury believed the women.
[woman 2] Finally.
[woman 1] Yes. So when a man
of this stature, with this kind of power,
now faces serious consequences,
it represents a big shift
in cultural attitudes
around sexual assault.
So will we see more prosecutions?
Will victims feel more empowered
to come forward?
I think it's highly possible.
[woman 2] Thanks, Emily.
Now, in other news, with a number
of New Yorkers self-quarantining,
many of us are struggling
to comprehend the impact
the novel coronavirus will have
on our lives
in the coming weeks and months.
Good morning.
-Whatchu mean, "what"?
-[Dom] I don't know. You're acting like--
-We acting like what?
We just think you
'bout to have a real good day.
-[Tamika] Mm-hmm.
-[Dom] Oh yeah?
We really do.
Here, you look a little shiny.
-Girl, trust me.
You're gonna wanna blot right now.
Wha… what the fuck are you guys doing?
-Oh shit!
-[friends squeal]
[Tamika] Wait. Where's she--
-[Sonia] Dom!
[Tor] Yo, Dommo!
What the fuck?
-You gotta tell him he can't do this.
-[Tamika] What?
I can't go…
I can't go to prom with him, OK?
You been talkin' about going to prom
with this nigga since freshman year.
-And what do you want us to say?
-I don't know. Just…
Tell him…
Tell him I'm not in the mood. And--
-[Sonia] Oh!
-Yo. What the fuck?
It'll be a red flag to Immigration, OK?
I'm not kidding.
-If I'm at prom with some--
-You're actually still doing that?
Yeah, I'm still doin' that.
Look, Dommo. I gotchu. I'll tell him.
-What are you gonna say?
-[Tor] I don't know.
I guess that you feel like shit,
and you need some space today?
-OK, yeah.
-But you gotta deal with him.
Yeah, Dom, like soon.
You don't need to lecture me. OK?
-[Tamika scoffs]
-Look, I'mma go tell him what's up.
-[door opens]
-[Dom sighs]
I believe that Black students
and students of other colors
have the same right to safety
and education as other youth on campus.
And we agree that we do, in theory.
We just don't in reality.
Black students are
severely underrepresented at Grand Army.
We make up less than 8%
of the school population.
Black and Hispanic students make up
70% of the public school population,
and less than 10%
of the top-ranked public schools.
Fair enough.
There are a number of ways
in which Black students
are not safe on this campus.
Acts of racism
are a regular occurrence on campus.
Swastikas scratched in the armrest,
the N-word used in the hallway,
and Black girls
are more dress-coded than others.
You and the rest of the administration
keep referring to these instances
as "racially insensitive."
That's not strong enough language.
It's racism.
It's time for Grand Army
to start calling it like it is.
Uh, hello?
-I hear you guys.
-We have one more point.
The discretionary implementation
of disciplinary measures
disproportionately impacts Black students.
[knocking on door]
Mike, I'm gonna need you in a second.
We've got a bit of an emergency situation.
[John] Such typical bullshit.
It renders Black students silent.
Some of them turn invisible.
And some of them literally disappear,
like Owen.
I don't disagree
with anything you're saying here.
And I'm sorry to end this abruptly.
I appreciate your coming in,
but here's what I suggest.
Write a letter to the DOE.
Attend an upcoming school board meeting
and bring these points up with them.
-Maybe with a PowerPoint, some stats.
I think…
everything that you're saying
is very important.
And I support you.
But there's very little
I can do personally.
OK, look, guys, I gotta…
Jayson, I'll be there
cheering you on tonight.
We're very proud to have you
representing the school at All-State.
That's one way
to make sure you're not invisible.
[John] What?
Doing positive, stand-out things.
That's something
for you guys to think about, right?
'Cause Jayson will be anything
but silenced tonight.
She began to inflict various tortures
and mutilations of the flesh on herself.
-[girl] And she was having visions.
-[teacher] She was. Exactly.
And one of those visions
inspired this Bernini sculpture here.
Can you read to us a little bit
about this particular vision… Agnes?
I saw in his hand a long spear of gold.
And at the iron's point,
there seemed to be a fire.
He appeared to be thrusting it,
at times, into my heart
and to pierce my very entrails.
Seriously, she won't notice.
Even if she does, she doesn't really care.
Just say you're taking notes.
[Agnes] When he drew it out,
-he seemed to draw them out also.
[Agnes] And to leave me all on fire
with the great love of God.
The pain was so great
that it made me moan.
And yet so surpassing
was the sweetness of this excessive pain
that I could not wish to be rid of it.
[teacher] OK.
It's intense, right?
I know it's your first week,
but I'd love your input
if you're up for it.
Weren't you jotting down some notes
on your phone?
Um, I guess I was just thinking about…
I mean, I was just writing…
a note about the…
romanticization of pain and suffering.
[teacher] OK.
Tell me more.
The idea that Mary's pain is depicted
as pleasurable in the sculpture,
that's definitely
a man's interpretation of it.
It's actually St. Teresa of Avila.
-But sorry for cutting you off. Continue.
Well, the way Bernini depicts torture
as sensual, or…
even sexy, it's her tilted-back head,
the O-shape of her mouth.
It's orgasmic.
Yet, even according to her own writing,
she's suffering miserably.
I agree.
But she liked the pain.
But he's glorifying it.
Maybe it's just that they look the same.
Orgasmic pleasure, intense pain,
they're both full-body experiences.
No, they're not the same. At all.
But what about the saying
-"it hurt so good"?
-[Agnes] Yeah.
you know,
maybe there's something to be gained.
A purging of some sort.
Of opening yourself up
to feeling the pain.
Are you saying that this piece is saying
this is how righteous women serve God?
By moaning and groaning in ecstasy
as we're brutalized?
[teacher] OK.
So who can think of a modern-day example
of art…
sexualizing or…
or glamorizing pain?
Pretty Woman.
After centuries of persecution,
they continue to claim who they are
and strive to keep their complicated
history and rich traditions alive.
The Kaifeng Jews are testament
to all of us who seek to be seen.
We are members of the same tribe.
We're the ones raising our hands to say,
"We are here,
we matter, we will be counted,
in a world that struggles to place us,
categorize us, understand us,
and value our difference."
That is what I have been talking about.
Just finding that connection between…
you and your subject.
She's got the paper to beat, people.
Thanks, Leila.
All right, who's next?
[in Mandarin] It's actually sad.
She's literally talking about herself.
Look at me! Look how I matter.
I fuck around with rapists,
but I matter.
[in English] In, like, three years,
I'll be valedictorian of our class,
and you'll still be
a bunch of mediocre cunts.
Speak fucking English.
[boy] by Chinese
from Southeastern Asia.
Chinatown-based associations
have also been aligned
with ethnic Chinese businesses…
such as restaurants, grocery, and laundry.
[door opens]
What's going on?
Are you OK?
My status at Harvard is available.
I'mma check it.
Right now?
Yeah. I can't bear waiting anymore.
Honestly. I'm losing my fucking mind.
-It's fine.
Are you sure
you don't wanna wait for Mom and Dad?
Look, maybe just wait until we get home.
Why would you say that right now?
Guys, I can step out if you--
Nah, I'm good.
[Sid sighs]
Meera, you don't have to agree
with the way that I'm doing this,
so you don't have to stay.
[inhales deeply]
-Seriously, I'll be fine on my own.
-[Meera sighs]
Of course I'm gonna stay.
-What the hell is that?
-I don't know.
[Sid] Meera!
[fanfare plays]
Yes! Yes!
-Oh my God! [chuckles]
-[Meera] Oh my God!
[gleeful laughter]
-That's a massive accomplishment, kiddo.
-[Sid chuckles]
Hey, hard-earned.
-[Sid] Thank you for everything.
-[Gonzalez] You bet.
For real, this has been…
[Gonzalez sniffles]
[giggling] My pleasure.
You fucking did it! [Meera chuckles]
I don't want you to go to Boston.
[Sid sniffles]
[bell rings]
[Phillips] Yeah, I'm not in a place
where I feel comfortable
offering you a makeup
or even extra credit, Dom.
I'm sorry for putting you
in the situation I did.
I know you could've…
I know you gave me
the benefit of the doubt, and…
you were very understanding,
especially given the seriousness of…
I'm embarrassed, and I'm so sorry.
Thanks for that, Dominique.
I promise I'm back on track.
And I believe you.
[John] Yo, I'm giving Dom some room!
I'm letting her be free today.
I'm letting her breathe.
[Dom] OK, I get it.
I appreciate the effort.
Can you turn around
and talk to me for a second?
Yo, I'mma find y'all in a second.
I hope I didn't kill your day.
No, I'm having a great day.
-What you talkin' 'bout?
You know,
the plan.
-I'm confused. What plan?
OK, fine.
you're not feeling good?
Are you around later?
Come on. Like…
early tonight, can we hang out?
-I mean, can we?
-I wanna talk to you about some stuff.
I can come to you,
or we can link up somewhere--
It's all good.
All right, I'm out.
Just let me know when you're coming by.
[Victor] Hey.
-Here, you can sit if you want.
-[Sid] Nah.
[clears throat]
[Victor] How's your nose?
-It doesn't look…
-I got in.
[Sid] Yeah.
I found out a little while ago.
-I wanted you to--
-That's fucking amazing, man. Holy shit!
I'm really impressed.
I'm really fucking happy for you.
[Victor sighs]
You're free now, man. Welcome to the club.
[Sid sighs]
You're done.
It doesn't really hurt anymore.
Too bad. It's ruined your whole face.
[cell phone vibrates]
[cell phone vibrates]
Just check it.
I'm gonna just turn my notifications off.
It's my dad.
I'm sorry, man. I know it can…
[relieved chuckling]
You know, I actually think
I have a pretty dominant personality.
And not a lot of people like that quality.
Especially in, like, freshman girls.
-I like it.
-[giggles] I know.
But I'm saying
I'm stronger than people think.
And I should just get to be
that version of myself, you know?
Fuck yeah, you should. Definitely.
-Can I show you something?
[Omar chuckles] Wow.
These are incredible.
[Leila] They're, like…
the real me.
You know?
They're really dark.
Well, I'm a little dark.
[Omar] These are really good.
-They remind me of--
-Walking Dead?
I'm really into,
like, post-apocalyptic fiction.
I like that it's, like,
scarier than the real world.
And it's, like…
the blood is a relief.
And it's, like,
all of the death and destruction and…
and sex and whatever, it's in my control.
-And it's--
-[Omar] It's art.
It's an outlet for you.
[chuckles] Dude…
Yes, it's fucking freedom.
[cell phone vibrates]
Fuck, hold on. Might be my mom.
[tense music plays]
It's my mom. Hold on one second.
Tell her I said hi.
-[rock music plays]
-[Omar whimpers]
I wanna feel like this all the time.
Like what?
there's potential for…
good things in my life.
-[hip-hop music plays]
-[indistinct chattering]
[Jay] Yo.
I told you not to come around.
-[boy 1] Peace out.
[boy 2] Peace.
See you at school tomorrow.
[Owen] Thanks for helping me
put away my shit. For real.
-[Owen] I owe you.
-[boy 1] Fuckin' right.
-[Jay] Can we stop for a second so I can--
-Why you here?
I just wanted to talk to you.
About what?
Um, I just… wanted to see how you were.
You know the exact day you coming back?
Yeah, but I don't remember.
I'm good, so what do you want?
What the fuck do you want? I gotta go!
I just wanted to tell you
that I'm filling in for you
at All-State tonight.
But I really got my shit down, man.
I think I'm gonna make you proud.
Well, enjoy it, man.
I'll live it up for you, bro.
I promise you that.
Yeah. I mean…
just another break you didn't earn,
but good for you.
-How long you knew this?
-A couple of weeks or something.
-Why are you telling me now?
[Jay] I thought
it'd be the right thing to do.
You thought it'd be good for me
to know what else I'm fucking missing?
I wanted you to know
I'm taking it seriously.
-Fuck you, bro!
-Bro, what happened?
None of your shit you ever do
is for anyone else. It's always for you.
Nah, bro, that's--
And the fucked up shit is
that I know you know this, bro.
-I know you do.
-You want me to give up my fucking spot?
Give up your spot?
[clicks tongue] Come on, man.
You know what I mean.
Give up the spot.
Look, man. I gotta go, man. I can't…
Good luck.
Don't push on them high notes
like you always do. Stay in control.
Don't wild out all over the place.
[plays jazz music]
[drummer tinkles hi-hat]
[drum roll, hi-hat tinkles]
[music stops]
[plays jazz music]
[music stops]
[band applauds]
[Sylvie] How are things going?
I'm not trying to…
Why did you do it?
I mean, how could you,
-knowing all it--
-All right, I'm just gonna go.
No. No, that's not what I--
-What the fuck do you want from me?
-[Sylvie] I…
I just think what you did…
I went to visit my brother at college--
And what? What?
I fucking know him or something?
-[Sylvie] I was--
-What is it?
-I was raped while I was there.
[Joey sighs lightly]
That's all.
[Joey sighs]
I wanted to tell you.
I'm sorry.
My brother took me
to this party in his dorm.
I got fucked up.
And I'm pretty sure
the weed was laced with something, but…
I don't know, I'd never smoked before.
And I didn't know anyone there.
So I, like…
go down the hallway, right?
And I find this room with a poster
of Dwight from The Office on it,
and I go in,
and there's a little bathroom in there.
And I'm like, "Get it the fuck together."
And I try to make myself throw up, but…
it didn't work.
And when I come out, this guy's there.
And we talk about nothing, you know?
And, out of nowhere,
he just threw me on the bed.
[Joey] Fuck.
He didn't hit me or anything. He just…
covered my mouth with his forearm, and…
-you know?
And he just left like it was nothing.
Then I just got dressed
and walked back out
like everything was normal.
[Joey sighs]
Anyways, I, uh… I never told anyone.
I don't know, I just didn't wanna…
didn't want it on my record.
Yeah, I know.
[Sylvie] I didn't wanna be a "rape girl."
[Joey sighs]
[Sylvie] So…
I've been seeing
all this stuff about you online,
after everything that happened,
and how you…
Yeah. Well…
[Sylvie] I don't know.
I think it's, uh…
I think it's brave what you did.
I think I regret not saying anything.
-I'm really sorry.
[Sylvie inhales shakily]
I believe you.
I wanted to tell you that.
[Joey cries gently]
[Sylvie sniffles]
[Joey sniffles]
[Sylvie sniffles]
-[tense music plays]
-Hi, Mummy.
-Hello, chérie.
[in Creole] Why aren't you at work?
What happened?
Ay, ay, ay. I left early.
-[Dom] Are you sick? What's wrong?
-No. No.
-What? Can you please just tell me?
-[mom] You want tea?
No. I just want…
[Sabine] We want to talk to you.
Sit down.
No. I'm good.
I talked to Perla. There are concerns.
You talked to her about John, didn't you?
I said it's not a problem! We're friends.
-[Dom] I'm ending it with him tonight.
What? I'm upset 'cause I wanna do it!
Are you?
I told you both that.
It's the best thing for now. I know that.
Is she gonna complain about everything?
We told her you're not doing it.
I told her you won't do it
because you don't really want to do it.
But we need to.
I can't keep up, and we need--
Girl, we know. It's gonna be hard.
We'll figure it out, but not this.
I have an interview
for a telemarketing job.
And if that doesn't work out,
I'm gonna do some bookkeeping at church.
Dante's gonna work at Vera's restaurant.
And they'll pay him cash.
-You think he's gonna give it to you?
-I'll worry about Dante.
-Really? That'll be new!
-[mom] Stop!
I'm gonna take on a Saturday shift.
[Dom] You're already working
90 hours a week.
But that's not fair to you, Mummy.
It's fair to you.
But I don't wanna let you down…
[mom] Ay, ay, ay.
…by putting us in this position.
I watched you…
last night with your friends.
I love when they call you a genius…
because that's what you are.
And I love…
your dreams.
[Sabine] Hey, Dommo?
I can't wait for your wedding.
This is not the one I wanna go to.
[mom] Take the internship.
[mom] Enjoy yourself with that young man.
[Sabine] For real. He's fine.
[all giggle]
[mom] Enjoy yourself with your friends.
Go to college
in the middle of the country.
I feel bad.
[mom] No.
I want you to feel good.
Someday ♪
I'm gonna live ♪
In your house up on the hill ♪
And when your skinhead neighbor
Goes missing ♪
I'll plant a garden ♪
In the yard, then ♪
They're gluing in roses ♪
On a flatbed ♪
You should see it ♪
I mean thousands ♪
I grew up here ♪
Till it all went up in flames ♪
Except the notches ♪
In the door frame ♪
I don't know when you got taller ♪
-[whispers] Stop. Come on.
See our reflection in the water ♪
Off the bridge at… ♪
I'm not leaving.
[sighs] I'm not leaving.
Then I knew ♪
What I wanted ♪
-All right, let's go, people.
[teacher] OK, here we go.
Five, six, seven, eight.
One, two,
three, four,
five, six,
seven, clap.
And one,
two, three, four,
five, six,
seven, eight.
And jump.
Two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.
Go, one, two, three, slide.
Some of y'all gotta let go.
Come on now.
Let your body take control.
Let your bodies do
what they know they can do. Release.
["Freedom" by George Michael plays]
I won't let you down ♪
I will not give you up ♪
Gotta have some faith in the sound ♪
It's the one good thing that I've got ♪
I won't let you down ♪
So please don't give me up ♪
'Cause I would really, really love ♪
To stick around, oh yeah ♪
I think there's something
You should know ♪
I think it's time I told you so ♪
There's something deep inside me ♪
There's someone else I've got to be ♪
Take back your picture in the frame ♪
Take back your singing in the rain ♪
I just hope you understand ♪
Sometimes the clothes
Do not make the man ♪
All we have to do now ♪
Is take these lies ♪
And make them true somehow ♪
All we have to see… ♪
[teacher] Now, listen up!
If I point you out right now,
you'll do the last part as a small group.
…yeah, freedom ♪
-I won't let you down ♪
[all sing] Freedom ♪
Freedom… ♪
Is this stupid?
-What if it doesn't work?
-[Tamika] How could it not work?
-Uh, in one big, fucked-up way.
No, for real.
What if I totally humiliate myself?
Isn't that the point?
-[all laugh]
[Dom] I got it.
-What a kick just a buddy and me ♪
-[all] Uh!
We had every big-shot good time band
On the run, boy ♪
We were living in a fantasy ♪
Let's go.
I think there's something
You should know ♪
I think it's time I told you so ♪
There's something deep inside of me ♪
There's someone else I've got to be ♪
Take back your picture in the frame ♪
Take back your singing in the rain ♪
I just hope you understand ♪
That sometimes the clothes
Do not make the man ♪
All we have to do now ♪
Is take these lies ♪
And make them true somehow ♪
All we have to see ♪
Is that I don't belong to you ♪
And you don't belong to me
Yeah, yeah ♪
Freedom ♪
Hold on to my freedom ♪
My freedom ♪
You gotta give for what you take ♪
Give for what you take ♪
Yeah ♪
Yeah ♪
You gotta give what you, give what you ♪
May not be what you want from me ♪
Just the way it's got to be… ♪
[dance students cheer, applaud]
I'm gonna text him
and tell him we're downstairs.
[Tor] Yo, hurry up!
All right.
-Did he respond?
-Oh, he's coming. He's coming!
OK. Get on either side of the flowers,
and when he walks out the door,
throw the confetti,
and then throw more when he says yes.
What do we do if he says no?
I'm just…
I'm right here.
-[John laughs]
-[Dom giggles]
So you didn't want me to beat you to it,
I guess, huh?
-Is there something you wanna ask me?
-[Dom giggles]
Will you go to fuckin' prom with me?
-[Dom giggles]
-[Tamika squeals]
-[Tor chuckles]
[Tor] Yo!
[Tamika giggles, squeals]
Damn, Tamika!
-[Tamika giggles]
[Tamika] Get your man, girl.
[Dom and John chuckle]
We're goin' to prom!
-[John] Aaah!
-We're goin' to prom! We're goin' to prom!
They come from high schools in Ithaca,
Albany, Rhinebeck, and Brooklyn,
to name a few.
And to say the competition is fierce
-is quite the understatement.
-[audience laughs]
Our first piece tonight
is John Coltrane's "Alabama."
Jayson Jackson, soloist.
[band strikes up]
[conductor] Mr. Jackson?
[audience murmurs]
[tense music plays]
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