Grand Hotel (2019) s01e11 Episode Script

Art of Darkness

1 Previously on "Grand Hotel" I want to thank Gigi and Santiago.
We're just delighted to be purchasing this wonderful property.
Carolina is an amazing liar.
What? Maybe I was into Ingrid.
JAVI: Best way to get over somebody is to get under somebody else.
Can I see you again? - Absolutely.
- Mm.
GIGI: Santiago.
What is that criminal doing here? I hear you're harboring a fugitive? If you were to hand Felix over, I would consider forgiving the debt you owe to me.
I came here to tell you something, and that's what I'm gonna do.
Sky Garibaldi She's my sister.
I decided to go undercover at the last place she was seen.
- Please say something.
- You're fired.
I know this time with your dad has been a blessing, but it's over.
- Is Mom going with him? - I don't know.
GIGI: Well, this is it.
The owner has been paid to take you wherever you want to go No questions asked.
I got a little place in the Bahamas I can crash at.
Well, then Goodbye, Felix.
Oh, whoa, whoa, wait.
You're not coming with me? After all the trouble you went through to help me? Baby, I know you still care.
Felix, my life is here.
Give me one good reason why I would just run off with you.
Actually, I can give you 50 million reasons why.
There's some money I set aside.
You mean you stole.
No, I earned it.
This might interest you It's in an account - at the Queens Bank of the Bahamas.
Under your name.
Why is that Some kind of loophole? To get around the Feds? Why do you always think the worst of me? Forget the money.
Remember how good we used to be together? - Ever since our first date - Felix.
that little bar in Coconut Grove.
It was you, me, a pitcher of cheap sangria.
That's all we needed to be happy.
Come with me.
See what our life together can be like.
And if you don't love it, you can take the boat back It's only two hours away.
Who would like to tell me what's going on here? I made a decision to relieve Mr.
Baron of his employment.
Why? Just wasn't a good fit.
- Square peg, round hole.
- Okay.
So I take it that your personal relationship has come to an end? - Well, yes, but - And you are aware that firing an employee without cause after breaking up with them is illegal.
He wasn't honest with me.
He's not who he said he was.
Well, he sounds like he's a terrible boyfriend - No offense, Danny.
- None taken.
But you cannot fire him without a specific, work-related reason.
Do you have one? No.
Welcome back, Danny.
You're an hour late for your shift.
So hustle, or I'll fire you.
Hey, um thanks for not telling my secret.
You want to thank me? Don't talk to me, don't come anywhere near me.
- Morning, Papi.
- Hi, mija.
Everything okay? Yeah.
Where's Gigi? I don't know.
Have some breakfast.
I know where she is.
- Where? - I shouldn't say.
Okay, fine.
She's helping our father escape the country.
- Carolina.
- JAVI: Wait, wait, wait.
Felix is back? We've been hiding him in the hotel for a week.
You hid a fugitive in our hotel? Whatever.
He's gone now.
And Mom's gone, too, so maybe they're getting back together.
So, how did you keep him here for a week without anybody seeing him? There's this weird abandoned room on the sixth floor.
Nobody knows it's there.
- Carolina! - What? You know I can't be trusted with hot goss.
So, no more Gigi? I feel bad for Papi.
Less bad for us.
Do you know what Carolina's talking about This abandoned room? No idea.
Why? I don't know.
I mean, it just seems odd.
SANTIAGO: Oh, thank God you finally answered.
I've been out of range.
Are you alright? Yeah.
You left without saying a word.
So I didn't know what to think.
Um, I'm just figuring things out, okay? I-I need some time.
Por favor, Gigi.
I know I've made mistakes, but I have a plan to pay off the debt and get rid of those crooks.
And then things will be better, I promise.
Okay, well, promises are cheap.
Gigi, mi amor, listen to me, please! FELIX: Well? So this is your "little place in the Bahamas"? I knew you wouldn't stay just any place.
Can I give you a tour? Come on.
So, not a fan of PDA? No.
Just sad that you're leaving today.
Actually, I hope it's not too presumptuous, but I decided to extend my stay through the weekend.
Oh, really? - Yep.
- Okay.
Well, I'm gonna have to take you on a proper date.
Take you to all my favorite spots in Miami, including your hotel room.
- Mm.
- Hm.
Hi, Danny.
Hey, can you pick up a couple shifts for me this weekend? I'm gonna be a little tied up.
Sure, I got nothing but time.
You know, what with Alicia dumping me after I took your advice and told her the truth.
So, would it be bad form for me to ask you where I should take Vanessa on a romantic dinner? Is that too soon? [CHUCKLES.]
Hey, she's back.
You really think this mob lady is connected to Sky? I don't know.
If my sister discovered what's going on here, maybe they retaliated somehow.
I just wish I knew what the hell she was doing here.
You want to host a charity art auction here? Did I stutter? You just don't seem like the charitable type.
Actually, Theresa has been very generous in the community, sponsoring hundreds of events and charitable caus My ass is sufficiently kissed, Mateo.
Thank you.
I just need a suitable place to entertain some international art patrons.
In my home? No.
That was not part of our agreement.
As long as you owe me millions of dollars, I decide the terms of our agreement.
You don't get to kick me out of my own suite.
Even if it's only for one night.
Well, then, come! We'd love to have you.
Just don't bid on any of the art.
You'll want to save up for your next payment.
We're gonna need some waiters and bartenders.
You have people you trust? Absolutely.
Uh, this event what is it, really? When you ask me questions like that, is it any wonder I don't trust you anymore? And here we have the upstairs living room.
Have you ever seen a more spectacular view of the Atlantic Ocean? [BIRDS CALLING.]
Well, I live in a penthouse overlooking the Atlantic with 24-hour service at my disposal.
But, yeah, it's cute.
Come on.
Can't you picture you and me and the girls just sitting in there watching the sunset? Maybe a couple of - grandkids down the road? - [LAUGHS.]
Don't you think you're getting a little ahead of yourself? I've spent the last 10 years preparing for this.
I wanted to show you how serious I am about getting together again.
Well I think you're off to a pretty good start.
An investor in the hotel is having an event, and I need you to work it.
She's very private, so you need to exercise the same discretion you've shown in the past.
Of course.
I won't say a word to anyone.
He wants me to work Theresa Williams' party.
And you're gonna do it? Well, you've never managed to get anything on these people.
Let me try to get close.
I'll wear a wire.
Danny, you're not a cop.
- These people - Are killers.
I know.
But if they had something to do with Sky I have to know.
SANTIAGO: Frankly, I never thought we'd meet again After everything that happened.
But I find myself looking for a new investor.
I can't just bring in anybody.
It needs to be someone who really loves this hotel.
And I thought of you.
What? I mean, from almost-son-in-law to business partner? That's cray.
It certainly is.
You know, last time I was here, I was gonna marry Carolina.
But then she slept with ElRey, there was a fight, and, uh, somebody punched you in the face.
Yeah, you did.
You punched me in the face, Byron.
And, uh, here you are, begging for my help.
Nope, not begging.
A share in this hotel, it's a fantastic business opportunity for anybody.
But I'm coming to you first.
Cheers to that.
I'd love to be your partner.
- My silent partner.
Oh, you don't want to silence this genius.
I have so many ideas.
- Can't wait to hear them.
- Mm, great! Then there's just one more thing.
I'm gonna need an apology from Carolina.
No apology, no deal.
- Thank you so much for coming.
- Of course.
Hey, uh, what was Byron doing here? I was thinking of bringing him on as a partner.
Wait, what? I thought we moved past selling the hotel.
Oh, no, no, no.
Not Not selling.
Have a seat.
No, we maintain control.
Everyone keeps their job.
And we won't be under so much financial strain.
But why? Why are we even taking on a partner at all? I have to get rid of the debt.
It's causing so much stress.
Is that why Gigi wasn't at breakfast? That's none of your concern.
The people we owe money to Are they the same people Mateo's working for? How do you Please, Dad, just tell me the truth.
When I needed the money, the banks wouldn't give me the time of day.
I borrowed it from the only people who take such a risk.
Mija, I'm doing everything I can to make it right.
I wish you'd understand.
I wish I did, too.
Hey, loser.
Midnight movie tonight is "Pretty Woman.
" I'll get the tickets, you get the popcorn.
I would love to, but, uh, I actually got a date.
Good for you! With, uh, that cheerleader, right? Her name's Vanessa, and I really want to show her a good time.
- Not that I haven't already.
I get it.
No need for details.
You know, I like talking to you about girls.
It's like having a wing-woman.
So, where should I take her to dinner tonight? Juvia? Ortanique? Oh, we can start with drinks at the circle bar.
You want to take a date here? - Where you work? - Yeah.
It'll be romantic.
You know, it's where we first met.
Yeah, like two days ago.
Actually, you know what? That is That is such a great idea.
- Right? - Yeah.
My Jason? Dating a hotel guest? Oh, is that still against the rules? [SIGHS.]
I'm so sorry, I shouldn't have said anything.
No, no, no.
I I'm glad you did.
I'm actually happy for him.
I mean, it's not every day a guy gets to date a professional cheerleader.
The life of a cheerleader Dancing around in skimpy clothes in front of men for money.
Although, when I say it out loud, it sounds kind of like a stripper.
But it's different, right? I need to meet this girl.
Mami, why'd you wake me up? Papi said you were on your trip.
Oh, I was on a trip, but I came back early 'cause I missed you so much.
But where are we going? We are going to Mami's special place.
So you can drink hot chocolate and watch movies until you fall asleep.
Would you like that? - Can Papi come? - No! No.
No, no no.
He can't know we're doing this.
But you can keep a secret for Mami, right? [DOOR UNLOCKS.]
Alright, come, come.
No, no.
No, no, I-I'm serious.
I had long curls, like Lionel Richie-style curls.
And I had braces.
I had glasses.
- It was bad.
- Okay, everyone's awkward in junior high.
It's not that embarrassing.
But this is.
What are you doing here? I work here, last time that I checked.
You're not gonna introduce me to your friend? We're kind of in the middle of something.
Oh, no, don't be silly.
I'd love to meet your mom.
- I'm Vanessa.
- Oh.
My goodness, you are fit.
So I understand you're a cheerleader.
- Mom! - That's okay.
It's more of a hobby than anything else.
I'm actually studying to be a neuropsychologist.
Neuro-say-what? I'm such a dork, I know.
I blame my youth pastor growing up.
He's the one that got me interested in helping people, so "Youth pastor"? You do the splits and you love Jesus.
Let's get this young lady more of whatever she's having.
Scoot over.
Sit down, sit down.
Look, let me tell you a little story.
When he was 8 years old, he shaved off his eyebrows funniest thing.
I was like, "How did you get ahold of your dad's razor?!" Why do I have to apologize to Byron? It's gonna be so awkward.
It's important to the future of the hotel.
Plus, it's the right thing to do.
You should've done it ages ago.
Santiago says I have to apologize, so I'm apologizing.
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have cheated on you.
The night before our wedding.
Why are you staring at me? Were you always this hot? - Or did you have some work done? - No.
I've always been this hot.
Well, whoever's dating you now is a lucky guy.
Nope, single.
Crazy, right? It's actually the longest I've ever been alone.
Even Yoli's dating someone.
A girl, but still.
You know, uh, I'm single, too.
I told you I needed time.
Please, don't hang up.
There's something you need to know.
I'm selling a stake in the hotel.
- To Byron.
- What?! We'll use the money to pay off these people and be done with them forever.
But you fought so hard to keep it afloat.
That place means everything to you.
It does.
But you are my life, Gigi.
What good is saving the hotel if it means losing you? I can't talk right now.
Who was that? Santiago.
Yeah, more of his lies.
I'm sorry.
- It smells delicious.
- Mm.
Well, I felt like cooking for you.
Just like old times.
Sangria? Sure.
Oh, God.
No, hey, hey, hey! Wait, wait, please! - Hear me out.
- I told you to stay away, Danny.
If that's even your real name.
What if it was someone in your family who disappeared? Wouldn't you do anything you could to try and find out what happened to them? Oh, you mean like move to a different city and pretend to fall in love with someone just to work them for information? Uh, no, I don't think I would.
Alicia, is that what you think happened here? Hey! [DISHES CLINKING.]
I swear I just wanted to find out what happened to Sky.
But then I started learning all this crazy stuff - about your family, and - Okay, we're done here.
Nothing has changed between us! I'm still me.
The guy that is crazy about you.
Well, you have a really funny way of showing it.
This isn't even the lobby! I'm taking the stairs.
- More sangria? - Yes, please.
I may have forgotten your culinary skills, but there are some things that I haven't forgotten about.
Like what? Like - our chemistry.
- Mm.
It's still there.
I can feel it.
I don't think that's chemistry you're feeling.
- Mm? - Mmhmm.
What is it? - Your sangria - Mmhmm.
has been drugged.
Why would you do that? Well, I wanted to believe you changed, Felix.
For the girls' sake.
From the second you told me about that money you socked away, I knew you were still the same old con artist you've always been.
You're gonna pay for this.
Actually, I think you're the one who's gonna pay.
What can I do for you today, ma'am? Yes, I would like to transfer some funds.
I got you something From the Bahamas.
What is this? Where did you get it? Felix told me there was an account under my name, so I went to the Bahamas with him to take the money and run.
I don't understand.
I was never gonna get back with Felix, Santiago.
But when you called and you said that you were willing to sell a part of the hotel for me, I knew we were gonna be alright.
So you did this for me? Santiago, I did it for us.
Gracias a Dios.
After all these years, you still know how to surprise me.
You're gonna call Byron.
You're gonna tell him the deal is off.
Then you're gonna pay off the loan so we can be rid of those people.
If you ever lie to me again I'm gonna be gone for good.
Day-drinking, huh? Come on, sis.
There's only room in this family for one addict.
I've had a really rough morning, okay? Yeah.
I heard.
The, uh, stepmonster is back.
It's not even just Gigi.
I broke up with Danny.
Already? W-Why? What happened? He just wasn't who I thought he was.
But there's a lot of that going around these days.
Like with Papi.
I feel like I don't even know who he is anymore.
Turning on Dad, huh? Never thought I'd see the day.
I'm not turning on him.
I just miss the days before Mami died.
When we were all still a happy family.
Were we, though? What do you mean? Do you remember the room that Carolina talked about yesterday? Yeah.
Did you ever go there with Mami? Not that I remember.
Why? I had this weird memory that she took me there once, but it was in the middle of the night.
What happened? We just fell asleep watching TV.
But she warned me not to tell Dad.
What do you think that was about? I don't know.
But nothing about our family surprises me anymore.
Want to do a little digging? Mom's back.
I know, we just talked.
So much for getting back together with Dad.
Yeah, sorry to bust your little "Parent Trap" bubble.
We'll order a super expensive bottle of wine tonight at dinner On the hotel, of course.
Great, "expensive" is Byron's favorite kind of wine.
You're bringing Byron? Like, your ex-fiancé, Byron? Why not? You're bringing Marisa.
He's not the guy for you.
Which you knew, or else you wouldn't have cheated on him the night before your wedding.
Being a bride is stressful, okay? Just give me this, Yoli.
It's not easy being your third wheel.
And I'll need security guards stationed at all the elevator banks.
My guests require complete discretion.
- Oh.
Don't tell me - [DOOR CLOSES.]
your better half.
It is so nice to finally meet the elusive Mrs.
I wish I could say the feeling was mutual.
Why don't we skip the pleasantries? This will pay off the loan In full.
We're done with you, for good.
It is such a relief to know that you have enough money to keep making your monthly payments.
No, no, no.
There's no more payments.
You take what we owe and you leave us alone.
Gigi, do I look like I'm hard up for cash? You will keep paying in installments, and in the meantime, I will keep using this hotel whenever it suits me.
Speaking of which, I have to get ready for my event.
Excuse me.
Talk some sense into her! You can't win against Theresa.
I've been trying to get away from her since I was 20 years old.
- There's got to be a way.
- You don't understand.
There is no getting out.
Just make your peace with it.
So, Mrs.
P, what did you think about Jason's new cheerleader "friend"? Well, after hearing all about the dissertation she's writing and her volunteer work, I'd have to say she's delightful.
- Really? - Mmhm.
Well, I didn't really want to have to do this but would a "delightful" person use these? Not to mention the edible underwear I found.
And the penis cookies! And where exactly did you "find" these things? I was dusting her room, and they fell out of her suitcase.
So, she's either a sexcrazed pervert or she was hosting a bachelorette party.
I guess that's possible, too.
Ingrid, why are you doing this? Are you jealous? What? No.
Okay, so you're not jealous, but you don't want Jason to be with anyone else either? And that's not fair to him.
That boy deserves all the happiness in the world, so please don't get in the way of that.
You're all set.
Okay, what am I supposed to do again? Listen in on every conversation.
Look for anything out of the ordinary.
And keep your eyes on Theresa.
She's your number-one priority.
No, Sky is my priority.
She's the only reason I'm doing this.
Two birds, one stone.
What if Mateo is right and we never get rid of that woman? SANTIAGO: Don't lose faith, mi amor.
Let's just figure out what she's really doing here.
And take that bitch down.
I'm no art expert, but who's paying all that money for something that looks like it came from a garage sale? You are here to serve drinks.
Don't talk.
Don't go near my art.
Got it? - AYALA: Danny.
- What? What does that art look like? I don't know.
It's big, weird-looking sculptures.
Why? I worked this case once, they were smuggling heroin inside furniture.
Find out if she's doing the same thing here.
How? There's security everywhere.
Get creative, man.
So, do you guys want to order an appetizer or something? Looks like they already skipped to dessert.
Sorry, but your sister is fire.
I mean, you should've seen all the butterfaces I had to swipe left on.
But for you I'd swipe right all day long.
So romantic.
Oh, can we get a round of oysters for the table? Caro, you hate oysters.
That's okay.
I can eat around them.
O-Oh, don't do that.
We'll, uh - We'll get the cheese plate.
- She's lactose intolerant.
You guys were engaged.
How do you not know this? Yoli, don't be rude.
I'm intolerant of most things Lactose, traffic, - old people.
Danny, what are you doing [SHATTERS.]
Uh How could you be so careless? I vouched for you.
Theresa, I'm I am so sorry.
I thought he could be trusted.
Don't just stand there.
Clean it up.
And don't be such a clumsy idiot next time.
- I'll get someone to replace it.
- No, no, don't.
We can't afford any more exposure right now.
But he broke a half-a-million dollar piece of art.
Oh, honey.
Do you think I really care about these stupid sculptures? What are you up to? I'm just looking for flights to Dallas.
Vanessa left today, and I was thinking about, you know, surprising her with a visit.
Unless you think that's too needy? Depends.
Are you trying to get her to file a restraining order? [CHUCKLES.]
You're right.
You're right.
Should just accept it for what it was.
It was a vacation hookup with the hotel waiter.
I was lucky to have spent the week with her.
Actually, she's lucky to have spent the week with you.
Yeah? Yeah.
Just don't surprise her - That's creepy.
Let her know you're coming, and book a super swanky hotel suite.
That's baller.
I can't really afford that.
Here, give me your phone.
My girlfriend works the front desk at a hotel there She'll get you a deal.
I'm gonna go get us another drink.
So you two are back together? Just like that? Would it be so terrible? Byron worships me.
And his family's so crazy rich, they inspired an entire movie.
I just think you deserve more than that.
Hey, babe.
- For your headache.
Oh, no, you have a headache? Oh, not yet.
But every time she drinks red wine, - she gets one.
When you're done here, meet me upstairs so we can binge "The Great British Bake Off.
" Okay.
See, that's what you deserve.
Someone who really knows you.
You just haven't found your person yet.
But when you do, it's so worth the wait.
You said room 606? Yeah.
But it's unmarked now.
So I assume it's not, like, open to guests.
No maintenance check-ins or work orders.
This room hasn't been touched in 10 years? - Since - Mm.
October 7th.
The day after Mom died.
Don't you think it's strange that most guests in here are men? Let me see what I can find out.
Lovely event.
Are you a big art collector? Hm.
I've invested in a few pieces over the years.
I've never been to an art auction quite like this one.
Oh, they're fantastic.
Much better than buying on the open market.
Yeah? Why is that? Well, you avoid all the legal messiness.
And the quality is unparalleled.
Theresa has an impeccable eye for beauty.
I don't find these sculptures to be that appealing.
Oh, right, the "art.
" What about her? Think that piece of "art" is for sale? DANNY: I broke one of the sculptures.
There was nothing inside.
AYALA: We heard.
Okay, so she's not using the art to smuggle drugs.
She said she doesn't care about the art either, but I've seen people writing huge checks.
Then what is she selling? They're selling the women.
- Like human trafficking? - I'm almost positive.
Oh, my God.
We need to make sure.
Give me this.
- WOMAN: This has b - [GIGI GASPS.]
Oh, my God! I am so sorry! Let me help you get cleaned up.
Just Just come with me.
Just Where are you two going? Poor thing, I spilled champagne all over her.
So I'm gonna take her upstairs and get her something to change into.
AYALA: Okay.
Get back downstairs.
- Keep looking around.
- GIGI: Right this way.
- Hold on.
- It's okay.
It's fine.
Someone's coming.
Come on.
What's your name? Uh, Mila.
Mila, are you okay? What is that woman making you do? Please.
If I'm not back downstairs in a minute, she'll punish me.
O-Okay, I know you're scared.
But I promise you can trust me.
Me and the other girls we're being held against our will.
Is she selling you to those men? Oh, my God.
Sweetie There's more of us, too.
In the room down the hall.
- Okay.
I'm gonna get you out of this.
Don't you worry.
Let's change.
Come on.
Come on, come on, come on.
I know what's going on here.
You're going to release these women now, or I'll call the police and they'll do it for you.
And how's that gonna look? Aren't you supposed to be the host of this little soiree? Did you get what you need? Yep.
Stay put.
We're sending a team to come get you.
It's too late.
I'm gonna see if my sister's in that other room.
Danny, no.
You could compromise the whole sting.
Do not go in there Hey! The cops are coming.
Theresa wants you in the Presidential Suite now! [KEYPAD CLICKS, DOOR UNLOCKS.]
Sky? Sorry.
AYALA: Miami-Dade P.
! Nobody move! - [WOMAN GASPS.]
- Nobody move! - P.
, stay where you are! - Let's go, hands up.
- Easy there.
- Hands up! What if the police don't believe that we have nothing to do with this? Then we'll make them believe! - Move! Now! - This is the only way, mi amor.
We will never be free until that woman's behind bars! Are you here with anyone else? Get over there.
Where is she? Where are you taking me? To the parking structure.
Hurry! - Oh, my God.
- We don't have much time.
Hey! I saw Santiago talking with the cops downstairs.
What's What's going on? Is it about Dad? No, no, no.
It has nothing to do with that.
Our guests got a little unruly.
But they're gone now.
Well I guess I don't need this anymore.
I'm sorry I took it in the first place.
It's okay, baby.
You were just trying to help your father.
Actually, I've been using that room for months.
For what? Um, do you remember Sky Garibaldi? - The cook who went missing? - Of course.
Your friend Who stole from me.
Yeah, we were more than friends.
We used to use that room to hook up sometimes.
You and Sky? Did you both have keys? Yeah.
I made her a copy.
Are you mad? No.
Not at all.
I'm just glad you were honest with me.
Come here.
Dad? I'm sure you've spoken to your mother by now.
Yeah, she said things didn't go so well.
That's because he's brainwashed her.
Who, Santiago? He should've killed me when he had the chance.
Would you tell him I said that, sweetheart? [OMINOUS MUSIC PLAYS.]
I brought bubbly! Thanks! Actually I don't really like champagne.
I prefer rosé.
Oh, no problem.
I'll, uh I'll call down for some.
Wait, before you do What's my favorite movie? - Uh - Who's my favorite designer? Why do I hate hot tubs? I don't know.
Uh, why are you being so weird? Because I don't want to be with someone who treats me like arm candy.
I want a guy who really knows me.
Look, I may not know everything about you but I know you a lot better than you think.
Which is why I got you this.
That's twice the size of my old ring.
2 carats, Princess cut, a bigger version of the one Reese Witherspoon wore in "Sweet Home Alabama.
" Which is my favorite movie! You really do know me.
That bathroom was filthy.
Not as bad as the ones in prison, though, right? [SIGHS.]
We're just gonna have to go into hiding for a while.
Let things quiet down.
"We"? We're in this together, Mateo.
You've proven your loyalty.
I'm sorry I ever doubted you.
I owe you an apology, too.
For what? [GUNSHOT.]
- Hey! - Hey.
Guess who's going to Dallas next weekend.
- See Vanessa? - Mmhmm.
That's awesome.
What's wrong? Detective Ayala's been interviewing the girls we rescued.
She showed them a picture of Sky, and no one recognized her.
I'm really sorry.
I've been convinced that Theresa was involved, but it looks like I've been barking up the wrong tree.
What if I never find out what happened to Sky? Hey.
We've made headway.
You got the key you found in Sky's locker.
You've got Beatriz Mendoza's obituary.
Yeah, I guess.
You cannot give up now.
You're her only hope.
Why was my sister so interested in her? ALICIA: Mami was so beautiful.
She always had that huge smile, too.
- It was never just for the camera.
Hey, do you ever wonder why Gigi was around so much when we were kids? No, I didn't back then.
I mean, she was just Tia Gigi.
You know, Mom's friend.
Yeah, but she had her own family.
Why was she always with us? - Aww.
- My little pink tricycle.
- Yeah.
Mami and Papi could never get you off that thing.
I remember you used to freak out all the guests when you rode it down the hallway.
Hey, what's wrong? [KNOCK ON DOOR.]
I brought her lunch.
No! Let me go! Let me go! Mami? - Alicia.
- SANTIAGO: It's okay, honey.
- It's all good, honey.
- Alicia, mamita.
I told you she can't know about this! Hey, you.
What do you say Tia Gigi takes you down to the kitchen for an ice cream sundae, hm? Mira, Alicia.
Don't you worry.
Everything is okay.
Tia Gigi's here.
Come on.
And then Gigi picked me up and we just They They wouldn't let her leave? Poor Mami.
What the hell did they do to her in that room? [RUSTLING.]
Come on, Sky.
Where did you hide it? Welcome to the panic room Where all your darkest fears are gonna come for you