Grantchester (2014) s03e04 Episode Script


1 SIDNEY: There is a war raging inside us.
A war between the spirit and the flesh.
We all feel that battle .
that pull between our desires and our duties.
But your inequities have separated between you and your God, and your sins have hid His face from you, that He will not hear.
If we are to be looked on by God, to be loved by Him, we must turn our back on temptation.
Temptation is the source of all suffering.
AMANDA: Temptation is the source of all suffering? Honestly, Sidney What are we doing? What am I doing? If God is love, and making love is love, then what's so terribly wrong? That's what I've never understood.
I'm Leonard! Leonard, I can explain! You tell me I'm lying to myself.
You're the one who is lying! Sing to the Lord with cheerful voice Him serve with mirth His praise forth to tell Come ye before Him and rejoice Inspector.
So what do you think happened, Mr Garston? Miss Sutton seems to have fallen to her death.
Poor child.
She must have been intoxicated.
We've come across it before.
The girls sneak in after dark, use the premises for their liaisons.
My son and I encourage an ethos of hard work, abstinence and godliness.
Struggle with all three, did she? - Who found her? - Ricky! Tell the officers what you saw.
I I do my rounds, every couple of hours.
Midnight, not a soul.
2am, there she was.
(GASPS) Jesus Christ! Miss Sutton? Get an ambulance! Miss Sutton? No lipstick on either glass.
She hadn't drunk out of them.
How do you get grazes like that from a fall? You think it was staged? The Chaplain's on his way but she hasn't got long.
I believe in the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.
Wait on the Lord, be of good courage, and He shall strengthen thine heart.
Wait, I say, on the Lord.
Josephine? What is it, my love? Can you tell us where your daughter was last night, Mrs Sutton? Jo's a good girl.
She works and she comes home.
She does it for him.
Does everything for her boy.
Is his father still around? I know what that must make you think of her, Vicar.
It doesn't make us think anything, Mrs Sutton.
Ricky started getting handy with his fists.
She moved back in with me after that.
Ricky the night watchman at Garston's? She's a good girl.
Always home by midnight.
Always home to give him a kiss.
(STIFLES SOBS) Morning! Hello, Sylvie.
Is this how you're serving lunch now? Save on the washing up? Do you remember what I told you about my family? That my brothers died in the First World War? And your Ronnie disappeared for no good reason in the Second.
You've told me at least once a week as long as I've known you.
What do you think happened to my husband? I always thought he died in some foreign field somewhere.
I saw him.
Right out there.
The mind can play tricks sometimes.
I know my own husband, Sidney.
What time does it say? Quarter to 12.
Well, 11.
It broke at 11.
She fell at 11.
She should have been on that floor when you did your round at midnight.
Well, she wasn't.
Still had a fancy for her? We weren't together no more, so - And that boy's yours.
- We weren't together no more.
- That make you angry? - No.
No? On occasion.
This occasion, perhaps? I didn't see her till two.
Are you prepared to come to the station to make a statement to that effect? Look, I swear to God.
I didn't see her.
- Her Ronnie? - Her Ronnie.
Who disappeared for no good reason? There is no version of this situation which ends well.
Much like this conversation.
You must've thought about this moment so many times.
You must have so many questions.
He went off to war, he didn't come back.
Where would I even start? Don't you want to see him? SIDNEY: Where will he be? MRS MAGUIRE: Where he always was.
You still wear it.
How about that? No, stay! Still got God on your side.
You're prettier than the old one.
(LAUGHS) What do you want, Ronnie? You always wanted something.
What is it this time? I'm sorry.
I know sorry isn't half good enough.
I know nothing will be good enough.
There's no way of saying this.
I'd best just come out with it.
I've heard from the doc.
It's my lungs.
Carcinoma, they call it.
You came here to tell me you're dying? That's about the size of it, Sylvie.
You've been dead to me for ten years.
It was four tickets you wanted, wasn't it? - To the policeman's ball? - Yes, please.
I'm sorry.
Cathy looks forward to it every year.
It's not like we can go together anyway, is it? It's for filing.
Oh, shit.
Did you know he was in? Yes.
- Superintendent's in.
- Thank you.
You look fine, Inspector.
- No, no.
As you were, Keating.
- Sir.
So you'll be there tomorrow night, I hope? Oh, I wouldn't miss it for the world, sir.
I've got the speech down pat.
- A few corkers in there.
- I don't doubt it, sir.
This erm Sergeant position coming up.
You got any thoughts? Clive's doing well.
What about Phil Wilkinson? He'll be good one day.
He's got some growing up to do first.
Oh, this erm death at Garston's? Keep it discreet, would you? Owner's a decent sort.
Wouldn't want it buggering up his trade.
Discreet's my middle name, sir.
Her Ronnie? Who disappeared for no good reason? You couldn't make some phone calls, could you? See what you can find out.
Jesus Christ.
It's not going to end well, you do know that? Oh, really? Because I was predicting happily ever after(!) Spine fractured in three places.
Broken ribs, punctured lung.
She had intercourse in the hours before she died.
That's gravel embedded in her skin.
She came a cropper on the road somewhere.
Thrown from a vehicle, most likely.
Then someone moved her to the factory.
Ricky Masters? Been questioning him for hours.
Story's not changed once.
We know Josephine was stepping out with someone.
She had relations the night she died.
She was always home by 12.
She brought it on herself, that's what you're thinkin'.
You and your church.
She didn't deserve to die.
I know that much.
We aren't judging, Mrs Sutton.
He'd wait outside till she'd put Jasper to bed.
Her fella? Look, all I know is he works at the factory.
She never even told me his name.
- Does he drive a car? - He picked her up on his motorbike.
And you'd recognise him if you saw him again? I'd recognise the bastard.
Almighty God Deal graciously, we pray thee, with those who mourn Josephine's passing.
That casting every care on thee, they may know the consolation of thy love.
- Amen.
- WORKERS: Amen.
None of my employees ride a motorbike.
I'd know if they did.
That's not what we've been told.
I have six male employees.
You have seven, Mr Garston.
Sometimes I work nights.
I get changed here.
No crime against cleanliness, Inspector, as far as I'm aware.
Clean shirts, aftershave, pomade He's having a fling.
Got a similar drawer yourself, have you? He's feeling as guilty as hell, I can tell.
Because he's got the same look you've got.
You've done the deed, haven't you? No.
You sly old dog.
Don't do that.
So, on a scale of one to abjectly terrible, how are you feeling? - Pretty bloody awful.
- Why? Because you wanna go for round two? You've already gone for round two.
Sidney, Sidney.
How do I do it? How do I reconcile what I've done with what I believe? You see, this is why I don't go to church.
Make you feel rotten about everything.
(SIGHS HEAVILY) Tell me what to do.
You're sure? This is the man you saw with your Josephine the night she died? Can I go home now, please? Thank you.
I hear congratulations are in order.
Your engagement.
To Miss Franklin? I've come to take the photographs.
Erm It's Leonard who's engaged.
I see.
Oh, yes.
Very becoming.
It's not too Garish? It's perfect.
Oh, Leonard, this is Daniel.
Daniel's a very fine local photographer.
Local is without doubt.
Very fine is up for some debate.
You're too modest for your own good.
Daniel, this is Leonard, my fiancé.
- And Sidney.
- Ah, we've met.
- How do you do? - How do you do? I thought we'd take the photos through here with the sunlight coming through the window.
You remember when we were kids? Whoever caught the most was the winner? I don't remember.
Whirlybirds, we used to call 'em.
You always caught the most.
Run and hide! Someone spoke to her.
Someone spoke to Maud Sutton in the station, told her not to ID Gideon Garston.
Who? The father? Mm? No, he was there, all right.
Poker rammed so far up his arse you can see it when he speaks.
Dad just said "arse"! (GASPS) Tattle tail! Now you Come and stand here.
- We'll miss the speeches.
- That sounds like no bad thing.
Do I look like a sack of spuds? Be honest.
Bloody hellfire.
You're not in church.
You're not in your dog collar.
Tonight you're just a rather handsome man in a very nice suit.
What do you say? I say we get rip-roaring drunk.
That's the spirit, Chambers! - Kiss me.
- Mm? What, here? No.
Er the Superintendent's wife is? Marjorie.
Child-bearing hips.
Ah, Phil's wife's Audrey Ann.
Face like a slapped bum.
I've never once seen that woman smile.
We're not gonna have to speak to people, are we? All they'll wanna talk about are the kids and how bad the schools are.
Then I'm going to need a lot more punch.
Geordie! Over here! - Oh, lovely necklace! - Thank you.
You remember my wife? Ann? Yeah, of course.
You looked pooped! Doesn't he looked pooped, Phil? Must be all them late nights.
Well, that's what four kids does to you.
- Kids all right, Cathy? - They're fine, thanks, Phil.
I hear their school's gone right downhill.
Still, suppose it doesn't matter for your girls, though, does it? Er we're dancing.
We're dancing, apparently.
Face like a smacked behind.
It's uncanny! (MELLOW LOUNGE MUSIC PLAYS) RONNIE: I'd forgotten these fellas.
After Japan, what then? I came back.
Where? A few places.
Anywhere would have done, really.
Anywhere but here.
- Was there another woman? - No.
You're full of shit, Ronnie.
There's my girl.
I'm not your girl.
We made a handsome couple.
Is it just me or are babies terrifying? (CHILDREN SQUEALING) Do you want me to tell your dad what naughty girls you've been? Get upstairs! Children, in general, are terrifying.
I think you'd make a lovely dad.
Ssh, ssh, ssh.
There you go.
I have to start thinking about it someday soon.
Have you ever? You know, been with a woman? Oh.
- No.
- I'm so glad.
All my school friends got married young.
I thought I was the only virgin left on Earth.
I'm not sure it's anything to be afraid of.
- I'm looking forward to it, really.
- Stop it.
You're being crude.
Leonard! It's disgusting! It's It's not right! (CHILDREN LAUGHING AND PLAYING) Get upstairs now! (BUZZ OF CONVERSATION) Evening.
Get comfy.
Don't worry, my speech is gonna be rather like your wife's dress, Phil.
Long enough to cover the topic, short enough to create interest.
(LAUGHTER) Erm friends.
I've got enough on all of you not to call you ladies and gentlemen.
Do you think anyone would notice if I army-crawled out of here? - Just keep drinking.
- I'd like to introduce you to our newly promoted Sergeant.
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Phil Wilkinson! Come on up, Phil.
Thank you so much.
Casting every care on thee.
That's how they got to Maud Sutton.
Phil's a bloody Mason.
They all are.
Watch your back, Geordie.
I'm coming right up behind you.
You got to her.
You got to Maud.
- You been at the punch? - He tell you to do it, did he? Derail the investigation.
What's he talking about, Phil? - D'you want another drink, Ann? - You're a disgrace! You're a bloody disgrace! Geordie If you think you've made a mistake, you must say.
I don't want to be someone's mistake.
I want to be married.
Do you want to be married to me? Yes.
Swear it.
Swear to God.
Why did you ask me in the first place? Why did you do that? No.
No, you I think there's something not quite right with you.
GEORDIE: All you have to do is point him out.
You won't be in trouble.
We'll make sure of it.
Do you see Josephine's boyfriend? Yes.
(BUZZ OF CONVERSATION) - No, it was quite big.
- (GIGGLES) Where's Geordie? - Oh, he shouldn't be long.
- They shouldn't be long.
He stops out late quite a bit now.
Hm? Oh, you must have noticed.
Stopping out late.
Getting close with his colleagues.
She's quite a looker.
Enjoy the rest of your evening.
So, you took her out on your bike.
You have a bit of fun in some field somewhere.
And then you drove her home.
You're showing off to a pretty girl.
You're going faster (LAUGHTER) .
and faster until (SLAMS BOOK DOWN) I think you should write a letter.
An apology to her mother.
It was an accident, wasn't it? "Dear Mrs Sutton.
" Go on.
You didn't mean to hurt her.
Instead of taking her to hospital, you chuck her on a cold floor and you leave her to die.
You didn't mean to hurt her.
I didn't mean to hurt her.
I didn't mean to hurt her.
If they intervened in his arrest, they'll definitely intervene now.
We need evidence.
We need to find that bike.
Cathy needs to go home.
Too many perries? She knows, Geordie.
Geordie Geordie! - Don't! Don't! - (SCREAMING) Phil! What did you do that for? Let's go.
We're going.
Come on.
If you could read them all Many a hope that is vanished Time to go now, please.
Right you are.
You bought me a food mixer.
You bought her a necklace.
(SNIFFS) Do you love her? AMANDA: Did you know? Yes.
Did you Did you cover for him? You lied to Cathy.
What was I supposed to do? - What? - You're a hypocrite.
- No, I'm not.
You get so het up about making love.
- I'm a clergyman! - You lied to her! Where's the religion in that? - I'm only human.
- I have never asked you to be anything else.
What do you want, Sidney? What do you want?! Leonard?! Let me see.
Let me see.
I can't even do this right.
I'm an abomination.
In the eyes of the Lord .
I'm an abomination.
You're His child.
He loves you.
I don't see how He could.
You're a wonderful man, Leonard.
I wish you could see it.
The Archdeacon told me I'd do well to get myself a wife.
It is none of his damn business.
Of course it is.
Don't say anything to him, please.
- You have to promise - I won't do it again.
I promise.
I'm not going to do it again.
You can only be who you are, Leonard.
You can't fight who you are.
We released Gideon Garston.
On what grounds? His father was up here.
Get out.
BALDWIN: The boy's been punished enough.
Who else is in your funny handshake brigade? Go all the way to the top? You think a shadowy organisation runs the show? Bollocks! You know how it works.
You've done favours for people in your time.
We all do it.
He left that girl to die in agony.
Yes, and he will live with that for the rest of his life.
Let this one go.
And I'd always thought you'd make a good copper.
Geordie .
Gideon did buy a motorbike two years back.
He was at The Mitre with the girl the night she died.
Gave her a present, apparently.
A ring.
They left together on the bike.
I love this job.
I just want to do it well.
(BIRDSONG) Geordie? Skirt caught in the wheel.
It's too far.
He couldn't have carried her back on his own.
He had help.
The ring Gideon gave her.
So you picked your son up and you brought him and Josephine back here.
You took it from her finger.
She was conscious.
She saw you.
I'd like to speak to Superintendent John Baldwin.
Oh, we'll get to that.
Don't worry, you'll speak to Baldwin.
There won't be a blot on your copybook! What happened was an accident.
You're a Christian man.
Don't you feel some remorse, some guilt? When your family is brought into disrepute, it's not just you that suffer.
- I have my workers to think of.
- Josephine was your worker! My son and I.
These people, they look up to us.
To our faith.
We are the leaders of men.
You patronising bastard! Ah, no doubt there's a good few Masons in the judiciary.
But there can be some justice here.
You'll continue to pay Josephine's wages.
- I certainly will not.
- Let him speak! You'll pay to keep her boy fed and clothed.
If you don't, we will tell the world what you are, a hypocrite devoid of compassion.
As you wish.
How are you, Leonard? I'm fine.
I asked Geordie to see what he could find out about Ronnie.
He's not being treated in any hospital.
I don't think he has cancer.
Once a chancer, always a chancer.
Jack wants me to divorce him.
But a vow's a vow, isn't it? Till death do us part.
I said those words in church, in front of God.
So He took my lovely locket.
He took my savings.
I'm a fool.
We're hypocrites! We stand up there and we preach in certainties.
"If you behave like this, you'll be rewarded, if you don't, you'll be punished.
" We are preaching to ourselves, too.
We can all learn from God's words.
- No one expects you to be perfect.
- Yes, they do! The Church does.
You do! I struggle, Sidney.
We all struggle.
So why don't we tell people that? We tell people to lead a perfect life.
And when they don't, we are the cause of the suffering.
Not Satan, not sin! We tell people that they're not good enough, and then we have the audacity to be shocked when they try and take their own lives.
Who tried to take their own life? Oh, what do you care, as long as no one finds out? - Is that what you think of me? - You come to my house, you come to my home, you you tell me how to live.
- I shouldn't have to tell you how to live.
- What right do you have? Every right.
As a leader of this church.
You know what they call you, the other members of your church? They call you Uncle Tom.
They smile and they shake your hand and then they laugh at you behind your back.
You think I don't know that? You think I don't see that every day? You can respect an institution that treats you like that? - But of course.
- Why? Because we have a common goal.
We all want to spread God's word.
I have been more offended by you than anyone else.
I should not have to defend the Church to a man of God.
I'm not sure there's much to defend.
Then why are you here? Why haven't you gone? I have doubts, too.
And when I do, I pray to God.
You need to pray to God, Sidney.
I have.
He didn't answer.
SIDNEY: Dear Leonard .
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry to do this.
I need some time to think.
Do a better job than I have done.
Be a better man than I have been.