Grantchester (2014) s05e04 Episode Script

Series 5, Episode 4

1 MAN BREATHES HEAVILY Suppose I'm lucky you've still got time for backgammon.
Well, who knows how long before your evenings are filled with other activities.
WOMEN GASP Your mortal soul or filling a space on the parish council? You can have my soul first.
What?! Bloody hell! Hey, come on, Geordie.
It's just a bit of fun.
OK? Rag week stuff.
Cos there was that fella who did the - Yeah.
- One law for the rich.
Oh, and how do you know he's rich? The clothes? One law for the clever.
The aliens are coming! Aliens! Where's your lovely ring? Gone to a better home.
There can't be a better home than yours, Mrs C.
Is this about the incident? The brick through the window? I'll thank you not to talk about it.
It wasn't a judgment from God.
It was a horrible violation.
After something like that, it's all the more important you look after yourself.
Give yourself a treat.
"I pray that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, "with shamefacedness and sobriety, "not costly array.
" Sometimes, I wish St Paul hadn't written quite so many letters! And don't you think God just wants us to be happy? God wants us to be good Christians.
Where on earth does it say in the Bible he wants us to be happy? I'm impressed.
I'm not very impressed with myself.
Only you would think that.
Oh, I bet the bishop would if he knew about it.
I can't keep leaning on you, Vic.
Who else you got? Well, apart from the big fella upstairs.
I was with Ellie.
Nearly let myself down.
Come on, Will, you're only human! - I have to be better than that.
- You are better than that! "Nearly let yourself down," you said.
So, rather than giving yourself a hard time, give yourself a pat on the back.
And a good stretch wouldn't go amiss either.
Ooh! Another cheerful face(!) They've found a body on the fens.
He's naked.
It's him.
"A bit of fun"? You print that, I'll make sure you never get a story again.
What have you got for me then? - What do you want? - Cause of death? As it rained half the night and he's stark-bollock naked, I'd say exposure was a pretty good guess.
So off you trot.
Well? Got a name? I was just about to check the tags on his socks(!) I got a story yesterday about a student running naked through town, shouting that aliens had landed.
Put this in your paper "The aliens are helping police with their investigation.
" My source also gave me a name.
- That's enough.
Let's move on.
- All right.
All right.
Give me the name and this one'll fill you in later over a pint.
At the vicarage.
Nice and cosy.
I can't.
We have evensong.
You have to eat, don't you? And she only really comes alive after sunset.
Chris Hartley, Trinity Hall.
So, when you were a student, you were naked all the time, were you? Just high days and holidays.
Will the Conqueror.
Good job our paths didn't cross back then.
Bloody Ellie.
GEORDIE SIGHS - God, what a mess.
- Did he do this? Well, the bedder said the bed was unslept in.
She didn't say the place had been turned over! - So, someone's been here since.
- What were they looking for? Well, if they found it easily, they wouldn't have had to make such a mess.
KNOCK AT DOOR You said you wanted anything from the postmortem? - Mm.
- Only there isn't anything.
No alcohol in his system.
Well, last movements Who's "M.
"? Get a list of names of people at the college.
What? It could be Master's Lodge.
Now, why didn't you think of that, hmm? Come on.
Obviously we want to help in whatever way we can.
It's not him, is it? It's not Chris? My wife, Dr Munroe.
Dr Munroe.
I'm afraid it is.
SHE GASPS - Judy, go and have a lie down.
- How can I?! - Please.
- Before you do Could I ask if Chris saw either of you here yesterday? I was expecting him, but he didn't show up.
What was the purpose of his visit? My wife is a Fellow in Psychology at Girton.
Chris Hartley was studying psychology.
Chris asked my advice on essays and life and Oh, God, his father, he's visiting, he won't know yet.
- Douglas, this is all my fault - Judy! I should have done more to talk him out of it.
He trusted me.
- Talk him out of what? - My wife is distressed.
- I must insist - You said you wanted to help.
Talk him out of what? - Adler's trial.
- Which is? Martin Adler is Professor of Experimental Psychology and esteemed Fellow of this college.
Esteemed?! Look what that esteem has done for Chris Hartley.
Chris is on a trial Professor Adler is running, studying the effects of a new chemical on psychotherapy.
It's extremely dangerous, a psychotomimetic.
Imagine I didn't go to Cambridge It works by replicating the effects of psychosis.
It makes people mad.
A chemical that makes people mad.
That's just what the world needs(!) Lysergic acid diethylamide.
LSD for short.
A father should never have to do this.
I don't understand.
What was he doing out in that state? He's such a timid lad.
We have an avenue of enquiry.
Mr Hartley Was there any particular reason you decided to visit Chris this week? I'm on my own.
He's all I've got.
It's just him and me.
HE CRIES LSD is a miracle of modern science.
It helps the analysand remember things they've shut away and gain insights they might not achieve with years of therapy.
That's not how Dr Munroe describes it.
Ah, well, the Master's wife is limited in her thinking and perhaps more than a little irritated that I got funding for my research and she didn't.
- It's a psycho - Psychotomimetic.
It drives people mad.
I've used LSD on myself to no ill effects.
Quite the opposite.
It's It's God in a bottle.
All those things men used to look to religion for, we can now understand and cure with psychotherapy and psychedelics.
Christianity isn't just a tool to make you feel better.
It's the truth.
You might want to talk to someone about that.
I could recommend a very good psychotherapist.
Maybe for you, it's God in a bottle, but for Chris Hartley, it was delusions and death.
That could never have been LSD.
My research requires just tiny amounts.
My subjects leave as sober, as normal as your or I.
KNOCK AT DOOR Yes? Ah, Remi! I'll be five minutes Actually, no, no, come in.
Come in.
Remi here, he's on the trial.
Remi, could you explain to my visitors? Does LSD make you mad? Mad?! It makes me feel at peace.
One with the world.
And afterwards? Afterwards, you feel like your old self, only with more insight.
You heard about Chris Hartley? Abducted by aliens.
He ran out to the fens naked and now he's dead.
Any idea why? Thank you, Remi.
Five minutes.
You said you just administer tiny drops.
DOOR CLOSES Is it possible Chris had more than he should? I keep it under lock and key.
KEYS JANGLE Exactly as it was yesterday morning.
Where do you get it from? - Lovely! - Hi.
Enjoy your plate! Mum, what are you doing? You can't sell this stuff, it's precious! I can hardly run the house on the pittance you and Geordie put in the pot! And you need to get rid of junk, so, two birds, one stone! Take it all back inside before Geordie sees it.
You know your problem, Cathy? You've never known a good thing when you see it.
Whereas old rubbish, you think is marvellous! Oh! Now look what you've made me do! I'm only making it to Professor Adler's demand.
We're not storing gallons of the stuff.
Is it complicated? Could someone make it in their kitchen? If they had first-rate lab equipment and a doctorate in Organic Chemistry.
I'm pretty sure we're the only people in England making this.
- Just going for a cigarette.
- Thank you.
You're a friend of Remi's? No.
Who's Remi? You row in the same boat.
What's your name, son? Peter Soosai.
Well, Peter, Remi's told us everything.
So don't make it worse for yourself by lying.
Tell us about the LSD.
He wanted his own supply.
Gave me five pounds to make it.
Who am I to stand in the way of a fellow student's research? We wanted to try the acid with each other.
Not in Adler's study.
A shared experience.
This is a university education? Go on.
We were going to do it this weekend.
But, after I heard about Chris running around the town naked I went and looked for the vial under his bed.
And, did you find it? It wasn't there.
- I looked everywhere.
- We noticed(!) Getting the scholarship to study here it's the best thing that's ever happened to me and my family.
If I got sent down I thought if I could just get the vial back Am I in trouble? Thing is, Remi, and it pains me to say this apart from briefly obstructing my investigation no.
You haven't done anything illegal.
HE SIGHS "Gladness and joy will overtake them "and sorrow and sighing will flee away.
" That's the Jews, getting to Israel.
What the dickens has that got to do with us? No, no, Mum's fine! Yeah, it's been wonderful having her, actually.
It's just we're bursting at the seams and I think she feels in the way.
I tried Jeannie.
She already said no.
And Barbara.
Margie, please! Sad as I am not to throw the book at that smug Professor Adler I think everyone's off the hook.
Except for us, maybe.
That's what his dad called him.
Now, why would a timid boy down a whole vial of a psychedelic? To get over his timidity? Do you know this? I'm still halfway through From Russia With Love.
It's Aldous Huxley's account of his experience with mescaline.
A cactus derivative with mind-altering properties.
Why don't I write a book? "What it feels like after drinking five pints.
" Look at Chris's notes.
They're all fearful.
"How can he know he'll get back to normal? Is he mad?" Judy Munroe said Chris came to her for advice about whether he should even do the trial or not.
He just doesn't sound like the type to do it on his own.
Maybe he wrote all this before he started and then he found he really liked it.
That's how it works with drugs.
You get hooked.
Based on your vast experience with tobacco? - Mm.
- OK, maybe he did, but don't you think we should at least ask the girlfriend? This is my doing.
I'm to blame.
He didn't want to do the trial.
I talked him into it.
You're on Adler's trial? And were you part of the merry band planning to have your own private party at the weekend? Do you know Remi's supply has gone missing? What? I don't understand.
We think Chris took it and, well, took it.
Chris? No.
No, he wouldn't do that.
He was scared about doing it outside the trial.
Really? Are you sure he hadn't got the taste for it? He was getting a lot out of the work he was doing with Professor Adler, but it left him feeling fragile.
He wasn't sure about mucking around.
I told him it would be good for him.
This LSD How strong is the taste? It doesn't taste of anything.
Helen! I'm so sorry.
They think he could have been drugged.
Who else knew you had the vial? Just the four of us.
Chris, me, Helen and Peter.
Peter didn't know where you were hiding it.
He just supplied you.
He's the expert.
He told me how to store it.
And he was going to take it with us.
Peter wouldn't wish any harm to Chris, Remi, he wouldn't.
He liked Helen.
He wasn't happy that Chris had beat him to it.
This is ridiculous.
This whole thing! It's just It's just too horrible.
You said Chris would never have taken it by himself, which only leaves you two and Peter.
What about the thing that Peter said after one of the sessions with Adler? - How is that relevant? - What did he say? He He said that he'd seen the devil.
Mum? - Ooh, something smells nice! - It's coq au vin.
I'll get you a drink while you get changed.
And borrow my panstick, see if you can do something about your eyes! Our guests are arriving shortly.
- What guests? - SHE LAUGHS Why did you lie about the LSD? I don't want Professor Evans knowing I'm sampling the produce.
Where's the vial now? Wherever Chris tossed it, presumably.
Selfish idiot.
He's ruined everything for all of us now.
You didn't like him much, did you? That because Helen wanted him and not you? Are you trying to pin this on me? - You had motive, opportunity - And you're right.
I had plenty of opportunity.
I make the stuff.
So, why would I need to steal it from Remi? Did you tell anyone else about the LSD? I'm not stupid.
It's obvious.
Chris took it.
The consensus is that Chris was too cautious to take it on his own.
I guess the consensus hasn't seen him blotto on beer! I don't know what was going on for Chris but he was craving a bit of oblivion.
Oh, I thought that was you.
I hope it's all right, me being here.
Of course.
There's something I just, um I just can't quite grasp.
Maybe I should let Adler give me a drop of LSD! Goodness! Don't do that, please.
Did you know Chris? No.
I only ask because grief or guilt can make us look for some kind of explanation when there is none.
I do feel guilty.
I saw Chris running naked through the town.
Inspector Keating wanted to arrest him.
But I persuaded him to leave Chris to it.
Really, you did nothing wrong.
You were being kind.
Thank you.
It's a funny thing, guilt.
It's often misplaced.
We feel guilty about the little things because we can't face up to the big ones.
- I killed my father.
- Exactly.
I didn't exactly plunge a knife into his heart, but, um Well, it's complicated.
It usually is.
If you like, I could arrange for you to speak to someone? There's someone I speak to every day.
Well, this wouldn't be instead of that.
It could be as well as.
Adler seems to think that belief in God is a mental disorder.
Adler believes in God.
It's just he believes he is God.
How troubled was Chris? His mother walked out on him when he was young.
I know he'd been quite upset recently, he'd had a trip home, and that's why his father's visiting.
He should never have been on that trial.
But is Adler feeling guilty? No, he is not.
Here he is! Home is the sailor, home from the sea and the hunter home from the hill.
SHE CHUCKLES What's going on? She's invited the Lawsons.
The Lawsons? We haven't spoken to them in five years! I know.
You go down the pub, I'll manage it.
No! Don't want to waste a good meal.
Esme and I were sisters, didn't he, Esme? I was lucky to have you there as chaperone! Blimey! How much did this cost? Oh, you must forgive my son-in-law.
I'd say it was the strain of having four children but it was just the same at their wedding, if memory serves.
As long as you're paying for this and all.
- Do you speak Italian? - Er, no.
I think one should if one wants to be truly cultured, now that the war's over and all that.
Oh! Oh, I've just had the most marvellous idea! Let's ask the funny little man who sells the ice creams to teach us! Lessons for the whole street! Oh, won't that be fun! - Then we can put on an opera! - Oh, Mum, really.
Well, why not? Can't all be industrial unrest and long faces! You know? Tutti van Frutti, what about that? - Oh, you just made that up! - It's an ice cream.
Isn't this fun? Ooh! SHE SINGS OPERATICALLY I'm relieved it's not aliens.
That might pose some rather challenging theological questions.
I'm not sure LSD doesn't.
Visions, revelations, I mean, suddenly everyone's a saint or prophet.
You make me want to try it! I hope you'll content yourself with shepherd's pie instead.
I'm sure this is equally magical.
DOG WHINES I've always been scared of psychologists.
There was a boy at my school, two years above.
Everyone thought he was going to be head boy, but, well, suddenly he was seeing a psychologist, then it was electric shocks, injections.
In the end, he threw himself off the roof of the hospital.
Why ever did they make the poor boy see a psychologist? Let's think of happy things, shall we? This is the day the Lord has made.
We will rejoice and be glad in it.
Rejoice in his creation.
Not what we do to defile it.
You would have made a wonderful theologian, Mrs C.
Anyway, that's Psalms.
There's a lot of nonsense in Psalms.
Oh, the Gold Coast! It sounds like something out of a fairy tale! Diana! It's a lovely tea, but we're going to call it a night.
- It's not over yet! - Oh, it's late, Mum.
- But there's pudding! - We've just had it.
No, no, no, no.
That was just a little palate cleanser before Do-do-do-do-do-do-doooo! - What's got into her? - First chance to entertain for ages! - You go up.
I'll sort this lot out.
- You, hop it.
Oh, bloody hell.
Bed! The lot of you.
The lights, the lights! Lights! Here we are! SHE LAUGHS FLAMES WHOOSH - Whoa! Diana! - What are you doing?! Geordie! Oh, oh! DIANA LAUGHS Oh! What fun! Alone at last.
I, um I wanted to say that I'm sorry about what happened the other night.
I should hope so too, running off like that! I meant what came first.
Well, I'm sorry you're sorry.
It's not that I don't like you.
I do, obviously.
It's just that it's wrong for me to behave like that.
And it's not just me.
It's the Church.
Bringing in the big guns.
What are you going to do next? Throw holy water over me? You know my situation.
It's been clear from the day we met.
Actually, Will, it gets less and less clear the longer I know you.
I'm not sure you even know what you want.
- No, no, no, no, no, no.
- Oh, Will! You can't keep doing this! It's humiliating.
- I know.
- I mean for me.
Why give the newspaper Chris Hartley's name? Was it about humiliating him? This? Now? Really?! Who tipped you off? I'm not going to reveal my sources.
Was it an anonymous call? As it happens And what about the voice? Old, young? Well spoken.
Possibly female.
What the hell do you think you're doing? You know the only thing that could have made tonight any better? Apart from the Lawsons being a bit more sparkling and you keeping your elbows off the table? A serving hatch! Diana.
Diana! SHE EXCLAIMS You need help.
Geordie's right, Mum.
This is man's work.
You deserve a rest.
Come on.
- What the hell was that? - Oh, she's just tired.
- Is she on drugs? - Drugs?! No! No.
Mum's always had these ups and downs.
This is Mum having an up.
We all have ups and downs, Cathy.
Yeah, well, Mum's ups can last for weeks.
And her downs can last for months.
For God's sake, why didn't you tell me? When I was six, she decided we needed to wash all the crockery, glassware, everything.
I was drying and she saw a smear on one of the glasses.
She threw it at my head.
I ducked and it smashed against the wall.
I'm your husband.
You should have said.
Then she took every glass and smashed it.
The neighbours all came running in, saw the wreckage and I said that it was me.
Because that's what we do.
Bloody hell, Cathy.
I was just Why won't you talk to me? I just want to see how you're doing.
Look, were there problems between you and Chris? Had he done something to you? What are you accusing me of? Chris would never hurt me and I would never hurt him.
- I can't talk to you.
- Why not? Professor Adler has forbidden it.
She belongs in hospital.
They can treat her there.
You know what kind of hospital they'd put her in.
I won't have it.
She wouldn't have it! They'd have to drag her out, kicking and screaming.
- Hey, hey.
- I can't! I can't.
It's my fault.
I should have been keeping an eye on her.
It's not your fault.
I'm quitting Swinnertons.
I can look after her.
Cathy, you can't give up your job.
I will give up what I want.
It's under control.
Why have you asked the students in your trial to stop answering questions? What is it you're trying to hide? Hide?! I am simply trying to protect them, myself and my colleagues from this kind of nonsense.
If we get to the truth, then all this will be corrected.
- Truth.
Who wants that these days? - I do.
Says the man who believes in resurrection.
Remi Adeyemi, Helen Goldman, Peter Soosai and Chris Hartley secured their own supply of LSD.
One of them gave Chris enough to make him go crazy.
Now you know these students, you've heard their innermost secrets.
Which of them would want to hurt Chris? For me, the interesting question is what neurosis leads a vicar to imagine he's some kind of detective? What is shared between a patient and his therapist is confidential.
This is your chance to exonerate your research.
See, I am not kidding when I say LSD is a wonder drug.
The stuff it dredged up for Hartley Was it too much too soon? I don't know.
Are you going to tell me what it was? No.
I'll show you.
CHRIS GASPS I'm I'm in my childhood bedroom.
Everything's in colour.
It's the night Mum left.
They're rowing.
She's They don't know we're here.
Daddy, Daddy, stop.
Daddy, stop! Daddy, stop! Stop.
His hands are round her neck.
She's all red, she can't breathe.
She can't breathe! CHRIS CRIES He killed her! So, you're saying while he was high on drugs, Chris had this memory of his dad killing his mum? You'd think it's something he'd remember! Oh, the mind's a funny thing.
He's dead now.
He won't make much of a witness, even if it were true.
The Master's wife told me Chris had been home recently.
Let's say Chris confronted his father about what he'd remembered and maybe things ended badly.
So, Chris's father comes to college to try and ensure his son's silence.
Mr Hartley didn't know about the LSD.
Maybe he did.
No father is going to poison their own son.
Er, Ivan the Terrible, Goebbels.
Anyway, he didn't necessarily mean to kill him.
Once you've got someone running through town naked, screaming about aliens, who's going to believe a word you say? What do I do with all of these? I don't even understand the titles.
The day he got into this place Something's come up while we were looking into your son's death and I need to ask you some questions.
Apparently Chris had recently recalled seeing an incident between you and his mother.
I didn't even know he'd seen it.
Not until last week, when he came to visit and accused me of She was leaving us.
She'd been carrying on with a Canadian airman and now she was off.
I said she couldn't just up and leave - what about Chris? I tried to stop her.
Yes, it got physical, but I'm no killer.
I did lie to him.
I told him she'd gone to Canada.
She's in Bedford.
Two sons and a daughter.
Never so much as sent Chris a birthday card.
So, that's why you visited? To tell him the truth? I thought it was better than him thinking the worst of me.
But, now Oh! You know what? I feel guilty.
Not just because I've added to a grieving man's burden, but because I've created a monster, desperate for every tragedy to be a murder.
I'm sorry.
I think I really wanted it to be the father.
I'm no Freud, but this is about your own dad.
I don't know what it is you need to do to sort out, but I wish you'd hurry up and do it.
We're not all evil, you know.
" - Here you go.
- Thanks.
I'm thinking of seeing a therapist.
You know, someone to talk to about things.
You ever need to talk, you come here.
And what I'll tell you is all you need is a little bit more faith in Will Davenport.
It's all this police work, too much time around the nasty side of life.
You wanna give yourself a break.
You could be right.
That student on the fens.
His mum left him when he was six.
What sort of woman walks out on her own son? What sort of marriage was it to make her do that? I look at these couples I'm marrying, happiest day of their lives.
And I think, "Just you wait.
" I know a lad saw a girl on Cromer Pier.
Married her a week later.
Two days after that, he was off to North Africa.
Didn't see her again for three years.
What a disaster, eh? Only, here we are, 19 years on, and there isn't a morning I don't wake up and think, "You're the luckiest man alive.
" You're not a six-year-old girl anymore.
But you'll probably always feel like one when it comes to her, which is why I can't leave it up to you.
She needs proper medical help, Cathy.
It's for your own good and hers.
It's not your responsibility anymore.
You're too clever for me.
I can't prove that God wants you to be happy.
I just know I want you to be happy.
How can I be happy? I'm married to a man I don't even know.
Jack? He's done terrible things.
Abused his position.
He's a crook.
No better than Ronnie.
That's how clever I am! Oh! I've been all over the place recently and I've been finding it hard.
And that's made it hard for you, which is the last thing I'd want.
But I've just had one of those everyday miracles where everything has become clear.
What I want to say is is will you marry me? Oh, God, you're serious! No, Will, that is not the answer! - We don't even know each other.
- We do! I know that you're smart, funny, ambitious, good with people.
I know you well enough to know I want to spend the rest of my life getting to know you better.
I'm sorry, but this just isn't part of my plan.
It wasn't part of my plan! Plans change.
I'm not going to commit to something I don't want, just to help you get over this thing you have about sex.
"This thing" is my faith.
It's just one reason why it's never going to work.
I'm sorry.
I'm, er I'm inviting that nice vicar you work with to dinner next week.
Diana, you have to go.
Oh! I am not some piece of rubbish for you to put out when you please.
You need some help.
- Did she put you up to this? - Cathy? Hardly.
I'll tell you one thing about your daughter.
She loves to feel guilty.
So, let the burly orderlies drag you out and you'll give her exactly what she wants.
Or, you can walk out with me, head held high.
She won't know what to do.
I'm frightened.
I know.
We just want you to get well.
But if I know one thing about the women in your family it's that they're as tough as diamonds.
Now, shall we show the neighbours just how important you are? It's all right, love.
Mind your head.
- There we are.
Just, er asking God for some much-needed guidance.
And? One of those days.
Might I ask you something? I'm thinking of asking my father to stay.
Would that be all right? Your father? Well, I thought you didn't We don't.
- Still.
- Of course! Good for you.
Why now? It's Mrs C I have to thank for it, in a roundabout way.
I've come to think of her rather as the voice of God.
Just like my father, but of course she isn't, she's human and she's terribly unhappy.
Oh, I had no idea.
Is it to do with the attack? Yes and no.
It's Jack and the source of his wealth.
Ill-gotten gains.
She's furious with him and herself.
That's it! Leonard, you are brilliant! What now?! We're having dinner at Corpus.
You go on ahead.
It was about money.
Wasn't it? You were furious funding had been given to Adler and not to you.
If only you could discredit him.
Chris was nervous about taking LSD for fun and so, as he always did, he asked for your advice.
So you knew Remi Adeyemi had obtained his own supply and was storing it in Chris's room.
This is absurd! Have you taken some of Adler's potion? Did you put it in his tea? It worked like a dream when Chris ran naked through town, raving about aliens.
Easy to make sure the paper knew.
But then it turned into a nightmare.
You understood my feelings of guilt so well, not because you're a psychologist, but because you are feeling a hundred times more guilty.
This is what I know about guilt.
If you try to keep this secret, you will drive yourself mad.
I had no idea it would hit him so hard.
Stupid, dangerous drug.
And you're not off the hook! Why didn't you stop him that evening? And Adler should never have been allowed to start that research.
- God in a bottle.
- Tempted? Aye, I'll stick to beer.
Are you? I'm not sure it's the right path for me.
Quite tempted to slip it into the communion wine though.
Will Davenport, that would be a crime and a sin.
Oh, by the way, Chris's mum is alive and well in Bedford.
I suppose that's some kind of silver lining.
I think tonight's the night you're going to beat me at backgammon.
I promised Cathy I'd get back.
The world is changing so fast.
Each day, science pushes back the frontiers of our knowledge.
Out there, the heavens.
And in here, the mysteries of our minds.
It's easy to wonder, "Where is God?" But even when we can't perceive him, never doubt he is there.
He is there constantly, in every act of love kindness You all right, son? forgiveness.
And it's only with God's love that we will make this modern age a world, not of horrors, but of wonders.

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