Grantchester (2014) s05e06 Episode Script

Series 5, Episode 6

MUSIC: 'The Four Seasons' by Vivaldi Invitation, sir? I'm her son.
- It's certainly that.
- At least try and sound happy.
Are you drunk? Don't worry, I'm not gonna make a scene.
- You scrub up well.
- St John.
I'm sure you had more hair last time.
Clem! - Will, this is my son, Clement.
- How do you do? Clement Gurney-Clifford.
- You poor sod.
- Darling.
You're the vicar, are you? You don't look like a vicar.
That's something, I suppose.
- Let me get you a drink.
- Thank you, Clement.
One, two, three, four, five.
Nightshift's full.
Try again in the morning.
You're a hard man to track down.
How long have you been staying here? My mum's chucked me out, so How much is it? Two bob a night.
Daylight robbery.
I'll pay you back.
You just stay out of trouble for a few weeks.
- That's payment enough.
- Has Mr Davenport asked after me? He's been busy.
- LAUGHTER - CLASSICAL MUSIC PLAYING - Oh! Incoming! - BOTTLE POPS Whoo! - Are you sure you're a vicar? - Mm.
Pretty sure.
Hey, these guys, do you know if they take requests? - Do you know any Elvis? - Fats Domino.
Yes, yes, Fats Domino.
Leave it with me.
- Dance with me.
- No.
- Dance with me.
- Stop it.
Just stop it! This is not who you are, William.
BULB POPS - Morning, Larry.
- Morning, guv.
She was found about an hour ago.
This was the only thing on her.
Nora Martin.
Why would somebody carry their marriage certificate around with them? There's no blood on the ground.
She was stabbed elsewhere, moved here.
Jesus Green.
This some kind of message, do you think? Bloody hell, Larry, you're getting good at this.
GROANS - Morning.
Sausage? - No.
Oh, dear.
Good night? The bits I can remember.
Not at the table! You will be courteous, won't you, Mrs C? When have I ever not been courteous? My father isn't a great conversationalist.
Just stick to neutral topics.
"Isn't it temperate for this time of year?" - That sort of thing.
- KNOCK ON DOOR I do know how to talk to people.
GROANS Would you take the service? What, now? No, tomorrow.
Yes, now.
This may very well be my father.
Pleasure to see you too, Leonard.
Please, Leonard.
This is a very big day for me! Can you lower your voice just a touch? WHISPERS: You can be incredibly selfish sometimes.
- You know the best cure for a hangover? - Death? - A nice murder investigation.
- Oh, let me sleep.
It's a vulnerable woman.
Religious symbolism.
I hate you.
I know you do.
GRUNTS Good morning.
Well, you certainly look the part.
- This your place then, is it? - Yes.
Well, in a manner of speaking.
I'm the curate.
Ah, Mr Finch.
We've heard so much about you.
- Good things, I hope.
- Absolutely.
And you can be very proud of him.
We all are.
Be even prouder if he got himself a wife.
Gave up on that years ago.
One of his many disappointments.
Very temperate for this time of year, isn't it? Well, you're just in time.
So let me find you a place at the front.
Was that a pub I passed back there? Well spotted.
Let's catch up there when you're done.
I saw Matthew yesterday.
Thought you would have gone to see him.
I've been praying for him.
It's the thought that counts, I suppose.
- Don't.
- What? - Start piling on the guilt.
- Fair enough.
He's homeless.
- Geordie - He's living in a hostel.
I can't face him.
CYCLIST RINGS BELL We're looking for a Mr Frank Martin.
He'll be up in the shed.
Dad! There's a vicar and some fella here to see you.
That's her.
That's Nora.
If you're looking for contributions to good works, you're out of luck, I'm afraid.
Mr Martin, er, Inspector Keating.
Robin, put the kettle on.
I'm not a kid, Dad.
This morning we found the body of a woman on Jesus Green.
We believe it to be that of your wife.
Nora? No, I don't understand.
I know it must be an awful lot to comprehend.
No, it's not that.
Nora went missing five years ago.
Your lot said that she jumped in the river most likely.
- Robin.
- That's what they said.
You reported her missing? November 19th, 1952.
Came home from work.
It was like she just stepped out to hang the washing.
She didn't even take this.
She was stabbed repeatedly.
So hard that the blade stayed in.
I need you to find a Missing Persons file.
Nora Martin.
Nora Martin as in? November 19th, 1952.
I think we've found her.
Right away, boss.
If Nora disappeared five years ago, leaving her wedding ring why was she wearing this? "Ego dilecto meo et dilectus meos.
" "Ego" - "I".
"Dilecto"? - "Delight"? - "Delight.
" All right, posh boy.
"I am my beloved, and my beloved is mine.
" She married again.
She's married, but not to a man.
She's married to God.
She's a nun, Geordie.
BIRD CAWING - I hate nuns.
- You hate everyone.
It's like they can see into your soul.
And when they do, they find you wanting.
In your case, it wouldn't be far off.
You're a real pleasure today, do you know that? Detective Inspector Keating.
We're investigating a murder.
Detective Inspector Keating.
I'd like to ask a few questions if you don't mind.
This is William Sister Michael.
INDISTINC Thank you.
Sister Eleanora, I imagine.
We only know her as Nora Martin.
She's dead, I take it.
Why would you say that? This is a murder investigation.
She's the only one unaccounted for.
Doesn't take a genius.
You don't seem upset.
I'm sorry, what were you hoping for? Weeping? Wailing? Beating of breasts? Maybe a little emotion.
- When was Nora - Sister Eleanora.
- When did you last see her? - Friday morning.
She was here for prayers.
She'd gone by midday.
And you have no idea where she went? Don't you think if that were the case I would have told you? We'd like to take a look at her room, if you don't mind.
Yes, I do mind.
But I doubt that will stop you.
DOOR CREAKING - Welcoming bunch, aren't they? - Can you lower your voice, please? She didn't say why she was leaving? She seemed a little out of sorts recently.
Was there a man, perhaps? There always has to be a man.
We have to consider all possibilities.
Have you considered the possibility that she made the decision all by herself? And what decision would that be? Inspector, some people find this life constricting.
Can't imagine why.
And others find the constriction a sort of freedom.
Was she questioning her relationship with God? With God.
With herself.
Don't we all at times? Was there anyone she would have gone to? A friend, perhaps? BELL RINGS Excuse me.
We have to pray now.
Sister Michael, did Nora mention anyone she was close to? In silence, Inspector.
This is a murder investigation.
What could be more important? God, Inspector.
WILL: I despise people like her.
Using religion to control.
Religion doesn't have a monopoly on bigots, Will.
Missing Persons from 1952.
How were the nuns? Are they terrifying? See? It's not just me.
Nora Martin.
Reported missing by her husband.
At least someone's been straight with us.
- Lavinia Jones.
- Hm? That's Sister Michael.
Reported missing in the same year.
Do you still go to The Rose? Aye.
Every night.
Of course.
Remember the landlord? I don't think so.
He died.
I'm sorry.
Wonderful chap.
I've been doing a lot of thinking recently.
About you and Mum.
We never really talked about her, did we? After she passed away.
Yes, we did.
Did we? All the time.
I suppose that's not the way I remember it.
The way I remember it is that you and I, we became distant.
You want to talk about your mum? Not now necessarily.
Just at some point if that's what you wanted.
- Want another? - I'm fine, thank you.
She was such a shy little thing.
Easily led, you know? She ran away? Been a few arguments.
This might sound like an odd question, but was Lavinia religious? I'm not to let you in.
Sister Grace? She has her rules.
I'm sorry.
How did Nora die, Lavinia? This was at her confirmation.
This woman.
Do you know her? That's Sister Grace.
She was with our church.
There was a scandal of some sort.
Something to do with a man.
She was excommunicated.
Do you know your parents are looking for you? - Still? - Of course still.
Nora didn't like it here, did she? Was she trying to get away? Places like this can seem like heaven.
But underneath - You let him in? - I didn't know what else to do.
Sister Michael said everything she needs to say.
Her name's Lavinia.
I didn't tell him.
Is it Sister Grace you're afraid of? She loves us.
And we love her.
There we are, that's it.
Would you like a glass of water? SLURRING: Stop your flapping.
Just like your mother.
Well, night-night, then.
I let her down, didn't I? SOBS QUIETLY There's a comforter if you get cold.
She'd do everything and I'd be Bless her.
The bathroom's at the end of the hall, so Do you remember Gideon? We've already had this conversation, Dad.
- He died.
- I know.
Such a lovely chap.
Well good night.
SOBS QUIETLY I've never seen him cry before.
Not even when Mum died.
Now, that's something, isn't it? That I reduced my father to tears? At least he's capable of showing emotion.
I don't know, he seemed more upset about this chap from the pub dying.
And to be fair, he did spend most of my childhood there.
He used to drive my mother to distraction.
What? He cries over this man? A man whom he spent a great deal of time with? What if he didn't want you to be like him? What if he what if he was scared? What if he was scared you were like him? But he was married.
So was I.
I just My poor mother.
It's only speculation.
Every woman missing from Cambridgeshire since the beginning of the decade.
Those women don't want to be there, Geordie.
I'm sure of it.
That's 1952, 1953.
She was there.
And her.
Christ, it isn't a convent.
It's a bloody prison.
LOCK SHATTERS BELL RINGS Where is she? I don't know.
Lavinia Jones.
My darling girl.
Come on, let's get you home.
Where do you live, Hattie? With the sisters.
Just you? All by yourself? Mummy, too.
Is Sister Grace your mummy? What about these ladies? - Any of these your mum? - That's her.
She's dead now.
Sister Grace said.
Did you kill Nora Martin? Not even a light first? No, I didn't kill her.
Why should we believe anything you say? - The convent's a sham.
- Not a sham, no.
What would you call it? A family.
With you at its head.
CHUCKLES You make that sound so sinister.
Does the church know about your "convent"? Father O'Brian and I have an understanding.
What kind of understanding? Why were you excommunicated? Because when I took my vows in front of the priest, I realised that this was just an extension of the world outside, where men tell you what to do, who to marry and how to behave.
I heard it was because you had an affair.
CHUCKLES Is that what I'm on trial for here? Who was he? I keep his confidences.
And he lets me run my Order the way I choose.
Father O'Brian.
No wonder you had an understanding.
See, I think Nora tried to leave.
Take Hattie with her and you wouldn't let her.
You abuse God's name as a means of control.
You see a prison where there is none.
That says more about you than it does about me.
The convent is a sanctuary.
Where women are killed if they try to leave? Did Nora ever say who the child's father was? Was it her husband's? Keep an eye on her.
Here you are.
Sorry about last night.
One too many.
I do miss her, you know.
I wasn't always easy, was I? For you or for your mother.
We did have some happy times, though, eh? You remember Whitby? Took you out on the pier, mackerel fishing.
You must have caught about a dozen.
The look on your mother's face.
To absent friends.
- To absent friends.
To Gideon.
Did Mum know? About you and him? What are you on about? You and Gideon.
- Don't follow your meaning.
- Yes, you do.
I'm sure she did, she was very perceptive.
I caught her crying once.
You were out again.
With him, I imagine.
I loved your mother.
- And that's how you showed it? - You don't know anything.
I know you were married.
Do you know what I remember about Whitby? I remember you being so drunk you could barely walk.
I remember you calling me a sissy for not wanting to kill those fish.
I cried, you laughed.
Sissy little Leonard.
Not man enough to be your son.
And all the bloody ti You were married, Dad.
It's disgusting.
You'd better learn to watch your mouth son.
Is that her? She kept her from me? All this time Hello, Hattie.
Hello, my love.
I unnerve you, don't I? You give yourself far too much credit.
You look at me and you see a path you hope never to take.
A path away from God.
"Thou shalt not kill.
" I'm pretty good with that one.
I've met men of God like you before.
All sanctimony and no sense of wonder.
Just judgements and hypocrisy.
Where's Hattie? With her family.
I'm her family.
You've left parents without their children.
You have burdened them with years of misery.
Have you not any remorse at all? Religion.
Got a lot to answer for.
Oh, here we go.
Well, if it's not a war, it's some loon with a God complex.
We do a lot of good, too, Geordie.
Most of us, anyway.
What? Why won't you go and see Matt? - What good will it do? - For him, the world of good.
I can't face him.
You selfish bastard.
You can't face him? He's the one who's been to hell and back! Why do you care all of a sudden? Just go and see him.
What about you? What about Diana? You visited her yet? No, didn't think so.
Lavinia? I thought you'd gone.
Lavinia? Don't make me go back to them.
Don't make me go home.
What if we got it wrong, Geordie? What if they were all running away from their families? Mr Martin! KNOCKING ON DOOR CONTINUES She was beautiful, wasn't she? Do you think she's an angel now? Is everything all right? Wings, the halo, the whole lot.
- Do you want a cuppa? The kettle's on.
- Thank you.
Well, she's fine.
She'll be looking down on us smiling, I'm sure of it.
The rug's been changed.
Hattie, Robin, upstairs.
Come on, Hattie.
All those years of mourning her.
Turns out the bitch just left us.
Can we do this outside so the kids don't see? I loved her.
I loved my wife.
That why she buggered off, is it? I provided for her.
I worked all the hours, she had a roof over her head.
She had a child.
That bitch left my boy.
What kind of woman does that? What happened, Mr Martin? I saw her.
Out near Jesus Green.
All those years thinking she was dead, there she was.
I took her back to the house.
We argued and How'd you kill her? Kitchen knife.
Just the once.
She fell and I held her and It was just once.
I misjudged you.
I'm sorry.
Was Nora's husband violent? There are other ways to control.
She had no life.
Here she was She really was the most remarkable woman.
They were all escaping something.
Lavinia? She and Delia are lovers.
So they came here.
I was just trying to do good.
Why did Nora leave? She was going to register Hattie at the school.
This is a sanctuary, Will.
A place where women can be themselves.
No-one will look for them here.
No-one will find them.
No-one can hurt them any more.
I tried something similar recently.
I set up a place I was I was so proud of.
You do have wonder in you after all.
I trusted somebody.
And he hurt people.
We live in a broken world, Will.
Full of broken people.
We should be the ones to fix it.
How can we when we're broken, too? No.
No, that's not good enough.
I know what it's like, the clothes you wear, how you live.
It's a constant reminder that you're different, that you should be pure, special.
It's wrong to think like that.
And it's profoundly arrogant.
I'm not arrogant.
To think that you should be better than other people? That is arrogant.
We should all strive to be better.
Better, yes.
Perfect, no.
I used to be frightened.
I think that's why I took my vows in the first place.
To hide from my fears.
And then I realised I was still scared.
Only this time of breaking rules that I didn't even believe in.
You remind me of the women that turn up on my door.
You have no idea who you are.
You don't know anything about me.
I'm scared if I fall that I won't stop.
I didn't keep falling.
It's my birthday today.
Happy birthday.
How old are you? Actually, I'm not sure I want to know.
- How do you feel? - I feel - good.
- You see? The more you resist your feelings, the more unhappy you become.
I don't want to state the obvious, but I don't think I have that problem any more.
I'm sorry.
I, er, know I've been Obnoxious? Disagreeable? - Pain in the arse? - All those things.
He's lying.
The husband's lying.
Says he stabbed her once.
Someone looking at those blood stains might assume it was one wound, but She was stabbed multiple times.
Frank saw Nora's body, but he didn't kill her.
She was going to the school to register Hattie.
That's why she had the marriage certificate on her.
Which school? This one.
You were on your paper round when you saw her.
A bit taller than last time I imagine, but I'm sure she still recognised you.
You brought her back to the house.
You wanted to know where she'd been living for the last five years.
I was trapped here.
I had no choice but to leave.
There's this place, you see.
A kind of sanctuary.
I'm happy there.
Your dad helped you, didn't he? Robin? The two of you took your mum's body to Jesus Green.
Laid her out like she was on a cross to draw attention to the convent rather than you.
It was easier to think she'd died, I imagine, than to know she'd left.
The bitch got what was coming to her.
That's not you speaking, that's your father.
She didn't love me.
Of course she did.
Not enough to stay.
- Not staying for lunch, Mr Finch? - I've had all I can stomach.
Like you said, Mrs Chapman, it doesn't give me much to be proud of.
I didn't say that.
He doesn't mean it.
Yes, he does.
He always means it.
I'd hate it if there were ill will between us.
Mum wouldn't want that.
Yeah, well, she wouldn't want a pansy for a son either.
Do they know? Mm? Your bosses? Are you threatening me? A threat suggests I won't go through with it.
Do it, if you're going to! Tell whoever you want.
Your son likes men.
In fact, tell them your son is in love and for the first time in his life he's not afraid.
He's not cowering or ashamed, he's happy.
Something I doubt you've ever been.
I feel sorry for you.
I really do.
Amy, a visitor.
Will you excuse me a moment? Not drunk this time, then? Not this time.
That's something to be grateful for, I suppose.
I don't like him, Mum.
I'm scared you're gonna get trapped in this marriage like you were with Dad.
But, that's your decision.
And I can't stop you.
So It's the best I can hope for.
But you Don't go back to how you were.
You've done so well for yourself.
And that's all that matters to me.
That you're happy.
Are you staying for supper? I, er, just came by to ask if I could borrow some money.
I bloody knew it was too good to be true! Unkind words get said in the heat of the moment sometimes, don't they? I'm sure your dad's regretting them already.
I don't think so.
Not this time.
He's family, Leonard.
Families love each other.
He doesn't love me.
You're my family, Mrs C.
You, and Will, and that silly dog.
I've never really said it, but I hope you know.
I love you.
- Silly boy.
- I mean it.
I don't know what I'd do without you.
Well, you don't have to do without me.
I'm not going anywhere.
I was ashamed.
- Of me? - No, no.
God, no.
Of myself.
Of my part in this.
No-one blames you.
I turned my back on you and that's unforgivable.
- You tried your best.
- No, I failed you.
Let me make this up to you.
It's fine.
You don't get away that easily.
I'll bankroll you and you'll run it.
You can help boys like you.
It's not the place, it's the people within it.
You could do so much good.
You'd do all this for me? Of course.
- Why? - Because you deserve it.
When do I start? CHILDREN SQUEALING AND LAUGHING INSIDE - They having a funny five minutes? - Huh.
If only it were five minutes.
Cath Do you ever think about going to see your mum? - Maybe it would do you good.
- No, I don't think so.
- Sausage and mash all right? - I'll go with you.
If that's what you want.
What if she's not my mum any more? We wouldn't be going for us.
We'd be going for her.
I'll go with you.
LEONARD: And this one's from me.
I chose it myself.
Marlon looks very commanding, doesn't he? Very, er Thank you.
Us next.
KNOCK ON DOOR It's a bit boring, sorry.
It's gloves.
BOTH: Esme! I'm just saving him from the disappointment.
I love gloves.
There's nothing wrong with gloves.
I'm afraid we're having a private function.
I know.
Daniel's a friend of Will's.
I thought it only polite to invite him.
And I thought it only polite to accept.
I see.
I was a bit worried about you as it turns out.
I'm fine.
I think after Vic, I just lost the wonder for a while.
Became a pain in the arse, you mean.
I don't know.
It's just taking me a while to realise that things can't always be perfect.
You just have to make the best of things.
I'm so obsessed with this notion of of Eden.
I don't know, I suppose what I'm trying to say in a not entirely coherent way is that things are good.
Not perfect, but pretty good.
You've had sex.
You sly old dog.
Who was it? Ellie? No.
Who? Grace.
Grace? Sister Grace? Shout it a little louder, I don't think Mrs C heard! What, Sister bloody Grace?! - Answer me one thing.
- No.
- Did she wear the wimple? - Yes, absolutely.
Of course she didn't! You realise if a nun is the wife of God She's not a nun.
you've slept with your boss's missus.
That's all I'm saying.
I am never gonna hear the end of this, am I? Not a bloody chance.
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