Grantchester (2014) s06e02 Episode Script

Series 6, Episode 2

1 Dearly beloved, you have brought this child here to be baptised.
You have prayed that our Lord Jesus Christ would vouchsafe to receive him, to release him of his sins, to sanctify him with the Holy Ghost.
Do you, in the name of this child, renounce the Devil - and all his works? - CONGREGATION: I renounce them all.
Do you believe in God, the Father Almighty, maker of heaven and Earth? All this I steadfastly believe.
Wilt thou then obediently keep God's holy will and Commandments and walk in the same all the days of thy life? I will.
I will.
- CAR HORN - DRIVER: Lunatic! James Sebastian Asper, I baptise you in the name of the That's not his name! CONGREGATION MURMURS - His name's Billy.
Billy Connor.
- Get him out of here.
He's my son! He's my son.
No, no.
Not here.
BABY CRIES She took him from us.
- Who? - Joan.
Joan Beaumont.
I think you might be a little confused.
They put it in the paper.
They're trying to make everyone think it's true.
This is a baptism for the Asper family.
- I can read! - Call the police.
- Where's your telephone? - Fine.
Call them.
They'll tell you what they've told you already.
This man has been harassing my family He stole my family.
- I have no idea what he's talking about.
- Bollocks Hey, hey! That's enough! That's enough.
Hey! Calm down! You go ahead with this christening, Vicar, - and you're part of this, too! - Come on.
Absolute nonsense.
And yes, I will be pressing charges.
Well, let's get him to the station and then we can ask him some questions.
What questions? - Like who this Joan is he mentioned.
- BABY CRIES You're not seriously considering what he's saying, are you? I've never heard of her.
We're entrusting you to baptise our son.
Look, looks like your wife could use a hand with the baby.
BABY CONTINUES TO CRY, MURMURS James is our son, and that's that.
Hm, I've had to break up a few wedding fights in my time, but a christening! That's a new one.
You've spoken to Davy Connor before? A few days ago, he was picked up outside their house screaming abuse.
Anyone look into his claims? HE SIGHS He's a drunk.
Asper's a solicitor.
Davy believes what he's saying.
And since when did you trust lawyers? We should at least talk to this Joan Beaumont.
Joan Beaumont.
Bleeding heart, by the sound of it.
Saving children from the slums.
You know the type.
And by "saving" them you mean taking them from poor families like Davy Connor's and giving them to rich ones like the Aspers? According to Davy Connor, and he's as much use as a chocolate teapot.
CHILDREN CHATTER Do you have a job? Qualifications? Because you're not gonna get any with a baby in tow, are you? You've got to do what's best for the child.
Place them somewhere they can be looked after properly.
Get yourself on your feet, find a job, a man who'll stick around.
And then you can do this again.
The right way.
May I ask you a question, ma'am? FLOORBOARD CREAKS Excuse me, can I help? - Er, Joan Beaumont? - Yes? Er, we'd like to ask you some questions about Marcus and Penny Asper.
Erm, maybe you should come back and see me later.
Oh If you need someone else to talk to, I'm in the church in Grantchester.
CHILDREN CONTINUE CHATTERING IN DISTANCE I don't discuss individual cases.
The babies and their families have a right to anonymity.
So you admit that's what you do? You take babies and give them away.
Of course.
This is an adoption agency.
And what if the biological parents don't want to give their children away? No-one's forcing them.
Well, maybe not forcing, but coercing.
The women that walk through that door know what they're coming in for.
All I can do is make it as easy and as painless as possible, for mother and child.
And the fathers? Like Davy Connor.
Do they get a say? Ultimately, and especially if the parents are unmarried, it's the mother's decision.
And you make a profit either way? This is a charity.
I mean, if couples want to donate, because they recognise the work I do, that's up to them.
HE SCOFFS Do you have any idea what sort of conditions some of these children will be born into? Yes, yes, I do.
And the stigma of being an unmarried mother? You just offered that girl the same thing that I do, except I have the means to actually help her, beyond a prayer.
I've got nothing against adoption, but did you hear the way she was speaking to that girl? It's emotional blackmail.
Thought you would have approved.
Do-gooder, easy on the eye.
That is not doing good! So she was easy on the eye? Look, all I know is half the people I arrest come from conditions she was describing.
Then that's the problem to fix, not taking children away from their families.
I know.
But until that happens, isn't it better that kids grow up in good families? Oh, you mean rich ones, like the Aspers.
Money doesn't guarantee love, Geordie.
I should know.
And I've got enough work to do without you chasing cases, so, unless a crime's actually been committed, I say we leave this one alone.
SWING MUSIC PLAYS - Merry morning, campers! - Morning.
Oh, we can do better than that, can't we? Merry morning, campers! Are we going to have to do this all the way till next year? A whole year Jack says we can go to Paris at Christmas, but they don't have bingo every night in Paris, do they? The Louvre, Montmartre, Notre Dame.
Mais bingo, non.
It was lovely, wasn't it? Being on holiday all together.
Murder aside, it was pleasant enough.
- Merry morning, camper! - Have you seen the Aspers' number? The, er, the couple from the baptism? - What's wrong with you lot? - That was on the mat for you.
- Bit late.
- By hand.
Leviticus? Which Leviticus? It's just some homework from the diocese.
Homework? Leonard? Merry morning, Dickens! DOG GRUNTS Since when did the diocese set homework? - It's addressed to me.
- Which verse in Leviticus? Leonard? 18:22.
"You shall not lie with a male" "As with a woman.
It is an abomination.
" Well, who wrote it? It doesn't say.
"Bring £50 to the Meadow tomorrow at two, "or I release evidence.
" - What evidence? - I don't know.
Well, who'd do this? I don't know.
It's not my father's handwriting.
I don't think even he'd ask for This is all my fault for-for being so careless.
Meeting up, walking together, going on a holiday Bryan Stanford.
From Merries.
He came to me saying he'd seen you with Daniel.
Why didn't you tell me? I didn't think it was worth it.
I didn't want to ruin the holiday.
Look, we have to go to Geordie.
This is illegal.
So's Leviticus.
- Well, you're not gonna pay him?! - He says he's got evidence.
Where are you gonna get £50 from? Don't worry.
We'll find a way.
- 'Night, Miss Scott.
- Ah, not yet, I'm afraid, Inspector! Boy Wonder has put up the Bat Signal.
What, Larry? THUNDER I was here this morning.
It's the first time I've ever met her.
She told me to come back.
You heard her tell me to come back.
The door was open, and I-I just found her like this.
THUNDER Looks like there was a struggle, and she banged her head on the step here.
HE SIGHS Anyone else live here? - Not by the looks of it.
- And the girl? Hmm? Nicola Hart.
What sort of state was she in when you got here? Well, pregnant.
Oh Just go door-to-door, see if anyone saw or heard anything unusual.
And find out if she had any friends or family that visited, admirer, boyfriend Sir.
What do you think happened? Oh, we'll let the coroner be the judge of that.
But you shouldn't worry yourself, not in your condition.
She was a good person, wasn't she? I think so.
There are others that can help you.
Remember my friend Will? Come on, let's get you home.
It's all right.
I feel a bit sick in cars.
You have a bath where you live? It's what my Cathy used to swear by when she was carrying ours.
Nice hot bath.
But not too hot.
I should have asked your advice in the first place, St John.
I thought I could double the money for the church, but it didn't perform as well as I thought, and now I need to put the money back into the parish hardship fund.
Well, surely the church could supplement the fund until the investment pays off? Well, no, asking would be an admission that Will's been gambling their money on the stock exchange.
Which is something I gather he's trying to shirk.
St John's absolutely right.
Yes, you should leave investing to the experts.
But as it's only £50 DOOR OPENS Daddy! SHE CHUCKLES Ah.
- Tamara.
Er, Will, this is your step-sister.
- Ah.
- Oh.
Much better looking than my real brother.
I'm surprised we didn't meet at the wedding.
She was on holiday.
Yes, it was so generous of Daddy to send me away when he had so many other expenses.
- Ah, am I supposed to kiss your ring? - A handshake's fine.
- Depends where our hands have been.
Will you behave yourself?! SHE CHUCKLES Ah Ooh, Daddy's got his chequebook out, has he? - Yes, for hardship in Will's parish.
- Is that what they're calling it now? Calling what? Let me guess.
You've got a girl in trouble.
It's for a church fund.
Is he really as sweet and innocent as he's making out? Are you really as bitter and cynical as you're making out? SHE CHUCKLES I suppose I've just been spoilt.
Well, we can soon put a stop to that.
For both of you.
SHE CHUCKLES BIRDS TWEET, BELLS RING It's not gonna eat itself.
- How was your evening? - Not great.
PHONE RINGS Erm, would you mind getting that? I'm sorry, I tried.
Maybe I should just go and talk to him.
- PHONE STOPS RINGING - Well, I'll come with you then.
It could be dangerous.
What else can I do? He said "two o'clock".
- Inspector Keating on the phone! - Don't do anything without me.
- Says there's a dead woman.
- Who?! I told him it's none of our business unless you were burying her.
Geordie? Joan Beaumont was murdered last night.
If Joan was being blackmailed for something she'd done wrong, would you have to look into the thing she'd done wrong, or just the blackmail? Depends what she'd done.
Why? No, just a thought.
Doesn't matter.
CHILDREN SQUEAL, DOGS BARK Ann, Peter, come inside.
- Is Davy home? - Davy don't live here.
Oh? This is the address he gave me.
You're Molly? Lowden? - Depends.
- Baby James' mother? - Maybe you call him baby Billy? - I don't call him anything.
CHILDREN LAUGH AND SQUEAL What would I want another one for? Especially one of Davy's.
I've got enough trouble with these two eating like bloody horses.
It's better I focus my attention and resources on them.
And are those Joan's words or yours? - So you know Joan? - Course I do.
She's always around this way.
Gets things done.
Not like most interferers.
Hey! Look who it is! - KIDS: Davy! - Leave him alone, he ain't your dad.
Closest thing they know.
Why are you telling them you live here? Where else have I got? Find the truth about Billy? Well, as far as we know, it's a legitimate adoption.
- Thank you.
- I'm his father, I never agreed.
Fathers provide.
I'm telling you, as soon as I get a couple of gardening jobs, I'll be back on my feet.
Do you know how many times he's said this? - With some help, support - Oh, from who? God? Last night, where were you, Mr Connor? He was here.
So you didn't kill Joan Beaumont? She's dead? Thought you'd be pleased.
No Yeah, I never liked her, but I wouldn't wish anything like that.
Lot of people didn't like her.
Think of all those kids she took.
You don't think they were in on it together, do you? Hmm? I can't see those two agreeing on anything.
Davy's got a point, though.
There are hundreds of birth certificates.
I mean, this one doesn't even have a name on it.
HE SIGHS Joan Beaumont certainly kept herself busy.
I believe it's what you religious types refer to as "a calling".
Will you stop trying to compare me with Joan Beaumont? Not just me.
That's what Molly said.
I'm not an "inter" I just try to listen and help when I can.
Were those here yesterday? Well, it could've been a present from one of the mums or could've bought them herself We'll have the vase dusted for fingerprints, but I can't imagine the killer sticking around to arrange flowers.
BELLS RING - I've, er, got to go.
- Hmm? Go where? Eh? You got the As over there? No.
No, it starts with "B".
Barnett, Beckett So where are the As? For Asper.
Actually, I'm not sure it's a good idea for you to see me here.
After all, we're not on holiday anymore.
Who says I'm here to see you? Not while I'm hoovering, Leonard! Apologies, Mrs Chapman! Mr Marlowe! VACUUM POWERS OFF Back to the daily grind.
In fact, I was developing the holiday pictures in the studio and discovered this.
For me? It's a bit racy.
That's why I thought you ought to see it before anyone else did.
Well, I shall put it away somewhere safe.
Destroy the negatives.
Sure I can't tempt you with a walk? Arm's length apart, of course.
No, I have homework.
BABY CRIES I take it this is about Mr Connor disrupting the baptism? Actually, it's about Joan Beaumont.
I don't know who you're talking about.
- Maybe you should feed him, Penny.
- I already have.
Mr Asper, we've spoken to Joan.
All contact should've been private and confidential.
She didn't say anything.
But adoption's nothing to be ashamed of, as long as it's in everyone's best interest.
Why should James grow up doubting his parentage? Marcus It's all right.
Why should Penny be labelled as barren? BABY CONTINUES CRYING How far would you go to keep that a secret, Mr Asper? To the full extent of the law.
Asper & Son Solicitors.
You've got high hopes.
I'm the son.
It's my father's firm, and his father before him.
But yes, with the right schooling and moulding, why shouldn't James follow in our footsteps? He might not want to.
Where were you yesterday evening, Mr Asper? Here.
Might've taken James out for a walk to relieve Penny at some point, but that's all.
Mind if we have a look around? For what? Technically, you need a warrant.
Well, seeing there's already a solicitor present BABY CONTINUES CRYING He's windy.
You might wanna turn him on his tummy.
He has four.
And a much messier house.
Well, I try to contain the march of the little emperor.
BABY'S CRIES GROW SOFTER A walk out with the baby, you say? Well, you're gonna have to take a walk out with me to the station, and answer some questions about the murder of Joan Beaumont.
Er, look, I-I really have to go.
It's important.
More important than questioning a potential killer? Will! SHE LAUGHS What are you doing here? I went to a little vicarage, and the maid told me you'd be here.
The maid? Mrs C? Inspector Keating, this is Tamara, my stepsister.
Ah, Geordie.
Yes, I can tell by your accent.
For parish hardship, or whatever her name is.
The trick with Daddy is to talk about your problems until he pays you to leave.
Erm, thank you.
You're my brother.
We might not have shared a bath yet, but I want to get to know you.
Erm, I'm sorry, I-I will see you later.
So, where are the ones in uniform? HE GROANS - Boss.
- Hmm.
What's he in for? Stealing from Joan Beaumont's.
- We can press him on the murder.
- It's only One of the neighbours rang, just back from his nightshift.
Said he saw someone leaving hers at the time she was killed, a woman.
- Nicola Hart? - This one wasn't pregnant.
Get Asper's wife in.
Molly and Davy as well.
- Nice dog collar.
- Bryan.
Is that supposed to intimidate me? Remind me of your status? Your power? No.
Why are you doing this? Because people like you deserve to be exposed.
Now, where's my money? I don't have 50 pounds.
Then I'll tell the papers what you are.
- Bryan - I'm sure the police - will be interested, too.
- Please, I'm begging you If you do this, I'll lose my job, my home I'd like to say my family, but my father wants nothing to do with me anyway.
Maybe you understand how that feels? You know how much the camps pay us out of season? Sod all.
I don't know what's worse, being broke in the winter, or spending the summer watching happy families, singles, jumping in and out of bed with each other while we just have to stand there, smiling.
I'm sorry you feel like that.
But if there's anything else I can do to help, beyond money Admit it.
Admit what you are and I'll think about changing my mind.
And what am I? You're a lying little pansy who leads men on, before jumping into bed the minute someone else comes along.
He's not just someone else.
The man you saw me with.
I love him.
I'm sorry if you feel that I rejected you, but that's Rejected me? You didn't reject me, I was testing ya! I could smell it on you, what you are, what you do.
In love with another man, it's disgusting, it's unnatural, - I'm glad you haven't got the money.
- WILL: Hey! I told you what he is, what he does.
- He's my friend.
- He's a liar! You have no idea what you're talking about.
Will! You're just a small-minded little bully who thought what? He was an easy target to make an extra couple of quid? Well, here's your money.
I hope you're proud of yourself.
You've got it all, haven't you? Friends, lovers.
I didn't intend to take the file.
I was out with the pram and found myself outside Joan's.
And the door was open, as ever, and so I entered, unlawfully, I admit, and helped myself.
I didn't see Joan, let alone kill her.
So, why take the file in the first place? I guessed you might look into us after the business with Mr Connor.
There were things I didn't want anyone knowing, least of all, James, in future, if they became public.
BABY CRIES It says here you had doubts about the adoption.
I enjoyed working, for the family business.
Only informally, of course, but it allowed me to sit on the board for various charities.
That's how we met Joan.
I felt relevant.
James, please.
Give him here.
Here you go.
Shh, there you go.
You're obviously a natural, Inspector.
I know we're supposed to love them, cherish them but I'd never seen myself as a mother.
When Marcus and I couldn't conceive, it wasn't a problem for me.
So why change things? Marcus hated the shame.
Childlessness, the horror! And of course, he wanted an heir.
Someone to carry the Asper name forward.
He and Joan could be very persuasive.
She told me I'd regret it if I lost the chance.
You must think I'm a monstrous woman, Inspector but I didn't kill Joan.
- Bit suspect, isn't it? - Hmm? Woman, not wanting a baby.
Try looking after one for a week.
Maybe you'll understand.
I wouldn't mind.
I like babies.
Because you are one, Larry.
So, last night you say you were at home together.
What were you doing? - Having a game of whist.
- Oh, come on.
We know you weren't with Molly, so why lie? I didn't want him getting in any trouble.
A woman's been murdered.
He might be an idiot, but he wouldn't do nothing like that.
He's a good man.
- She said that? - Mm-hm.
So now that Joan's dead does that mean Billy's adoption can be stopped? That's not how it works.
But if you weren't with Davy where were you? Home.
And I told you, I never had a problem with Joan.
She helped me, so why would I kill her? Women today None of them want babies.
I wouldn't take everything at face value.
What? You think she's lying? Nah, I think she's telling herself what she needs to hear.
But if she's lying about that, she could be lying about being the killer.
So could any of them, Larry, so could any of them.
- You know, you didn't need to come.
- Course I did.
- I'm not gonna let you go alone.
- And I appreciate that.
But it's not your fight.
What'd you mean? We're both on the same side.
Leonard? I used to feel like Bryan.
Not long ago.
Bitter, lonely hating the world myself.
I'm sorry.
I know you were just trying to help.
- I owe you 50 pounds.
- No, look There's a girl here to see you.
Another one.
Nicola? D'you think it's a sin to give up your child? No, I don't.
But you thought Miss Beaumont was wrong for telling me to do it? I just felt that she was quick to encourage you in that direction when I'm sure there were plenty of things to consider.
But why? Why would she do that? I suppose it was her charity, and people get used to doing things a certain way.
And I'm sure she thought it was the best thing for the child.
How would she know that? Did she speak to any of the children that she gave away? Nicola, I know this must be difficult Do you? How do you know? How do you have any idea what I'm feeling? The nanny put him down for a nap about an hour before they rang us.
They took him! The bastards took him! Why are we here? We should be out looking! We have a clear suspect, and my men will find him.
Mr and Mrs Asper, if there's anything I can do? - Find our son! - I'm sure he wouldn't hurt the baby.
Joan Beaumont's killer's out there, it could be him! PHONE RINGS Hey! I want to talk to you! Where's that idiot boyfriend of yours? He's not my boyfriend and I'm not his keeper.
- You've never cared about that child.
- Mr Asper What sort of woman gives away her own baby? - Marcus, that's enough! - Why, because you feel the same? I thought you might come round in time, but look at you.
You're not even upset.
Why did you even agree to it? Because I wanted to make you happy.
Because you made me feel like I wasn't enough on my own, that our marriage wasn't enough.
But it was.
For me.
Mr Asper.
I'm sorry, he's very upset.
I mean, he was wrong, wasn't he? Of course you still care about the baby.
Joan said that once you let go you have to let go for good, or it'll be there forever.
- Joan wasn't right about everything.
- Oh, so who is? You? - No, no - Then what does it matter?! I got no room, no money, I keep him, and I can't feed the other two.
He's better off with her.
Vicar? A Mrs Chapman on the telephone.
I mean, it's not unreasonable, is it? To want a child, someone to follow in your footsteps.
Well, if that's what you want, you're better off with a dog.
Hmm, three daughters.
Only place they'll follow me is to the shops on payday.
And my little lad, I want him to be a footballer but he takes after his mother, she can't play for toffee.
Don't get me wrong, I love them.
But looking back, I don't know how we got through those first few years.
In fact, I don't know how we got through last week.
Well, I do.
It's because we wanted them.
Both of us.
More than anything.
And then you realise, they're not for us.
We're for them, so they can be whatever they want.
Hopefully, better than us.
Isn't that the point? James will be better off with us.
I think he's better off with who loves him most.
Mr Connor? Davy? - That's close enough.
- Come on.
- We both know you're not gonna hurt him.
- Try me.
If I can't have him, why should they? Look, I know how painful this must be for you.
I came here because I needed help.
- And I know you must feel justified - You're supposed to do the right thing.
I came here because you're supposed to listen.
You're right.
I know that taking him was wrong.
But he's my son and I'll do anything for him.
I promise you I didn't kill Joan.
But I would've done.
If it meant getting him back.
There's got to be a way, hasn't there? I've never been a father.
And my own dad wasn't much of one, either.
I wish my dad cared as much about me as you care about Billy.
BABY GURGLES I suppose there are some things you can't change.
We just have to make the best of them.
Look at you.
You're gorgeous, you handsome little thing.
Molly? I'm sorry.
He looks healthy.
You're doing a great job.
And so could you, I'm sure.
With the right help, financial and otherwise.
Penny here is a trustee of a number of charities.
I'm sure Joan Beaumont's adoption agency needs new leadership, patronage.
We're gonna to have to prove none of them were involved in Joan Beaumont's death before any of that can happen.
Well, I can't prove it, but I'm sure Davy's innocent.
Same for the Aspers, I reckon.
There was another set of prints found on that vase.
Didn't match any of theirs.
What did you say to Asper to change his mind? Kids are more trouble than they're worth and he was better off getting shot of it.
What did you say to Connor? That I wish I had a dad like him.
Or like you.
But I didn't.
I'd thought you'd made your peace with that.
Ah, so did I.
But I suppose it casts a bigger shadow than I thought.
Well, that's the past for you.
What? What was Nicola's surname? Hart.
Why? I'm looking for the form Nicola filled in when she registered with Joan Beaumont.
- The flowers in the vase.
- What about them? - They were pink carnations.
- And? Well, legend has it they first appeared on Earth from the Virgin Mary's tears over Jesus' death.
The flowers are a symbol of a mother's undying love.
The birth certificate with no name from 19 years ago.
And Nicole Hart's registration form.
Same date of birth.
19 years ago.
KNOCK ON DOOR HE KNOCKS AGAIN Nicola?! Urgh! Argh! Urgh! KNOCKING Nicola? Just a minute! What's going on, Nicola? It was the only way I could get her to see me.
I wrote and I wrote but she wouldn't reply.
We know.
Your birth certificate.
- She kept it.
- No name, but the same date of birth as the one you put on the form you filled in.
You were the reason she did what she did.
To help other women in the same situation she'd been in with you.
She was so young.
So why kill her? You were angry? No, I I was grateful! I've got a fantastic life, living here, parents that I love.
They were the ones that told me the truth.
I just wanted to meet her.
NICOLA REMEMBERING: I wanted to hold her, and maybe have her hold me.
Hello Mum.
No It's not you.
- No, you're lying.
- I'm not.
- Someone told you.
- It's all right.
You're trying to trick me.
You can't be my daughter! - Can I hold you - Get away from me! - Mum, I just wanna - Argh! THUD, CRACK SHE GASPS I didn't want to hurt her.
But you put that bump back on again.
I I didn't know what to do! You felt responsible, didn't you? You came back here.
So, you put it on, went back and called the police.
That's why you put the flowers in a vase, isn't it? Because you were sorry.
SHE SNIFFS She's my mum I never meant to kill her.
RAIN PATTERS This is for you.
- It's a first instalment.
- Oh, Leonard, come on! It's my stepfather's money, I'd rather a blackmailer have it.
Have you heard anything from Bryan? Good.
Merry morning, campers! BOTH: Merry morning, Mrs C.
I suppose that'll do.
I've made some jam.
- Mmm.
One each.
You're spoiling us.
- One between you.
I thought you could give one to Mr Marlowe.
Daniel? Does he not like jam? I can do marmalade.
No, no! He loves jam.
BIRDS TWEE Two women came to Solomon, both claiming a baby as their own.
They argued in front of him, until Solomon asked someone for a sword.
"Cut the baby in half," he ordered, "then each of them shall have a part of him.
" One of the women shouted, "Well, go ahead, "then neither of us shall have a baby.
" But the other woman said, "Please, I love him very much, but give him to her.
"Just don't kill him.
" And Solomon pointed to her and said, "She is the real mother.
Give her the baby.
" Now, I'm not saying that I'm wiser than Solomon, but I think that one was pretty straightforward, compared to this.
What's harder is having the wisdom to admit when you don't know, and the courage to learn.
William James Connor, I baptise you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost.
If you'd like to follow me.
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