Grantchester (2014) s06e06 Episode Script

Series 6, Episode 6

Oh, this sounds cheery.
I sent him home with a slap on the wrist.
Meanwhile, there's Leonard rotting in that place.
You're supposed to be taking my mind off things.
Have you been to see him yet? I can't.
Not until I can bring him some good news.
I've written to everyone I can think of asking for clemency.
I mean, someone has to listen.
Another game? I'll trounce you for a third time, if that'll take your mind off things.
Hi, I'm Rachel.
From the student CND.
Oh, God, not you lot.
Might I tell you a bit about our campaign? - It's to end nuclear weapons.
- Absolutely not.
Did you know that, if there was another war, nuclear bombs would reduce the entire planet to ruins? Or you could say nuclear bombs ended the last war, which would've reduced the entire planet to ruins.
Well, it's no excuse to do it again.
I don't know why anyone would be against it.
World peace is a pretty good reason.
- Is this your dad? - Give over.
I, er, take after my mum.
You must have got the looks from her, then.
All right, cheeky.
You know, it'll be the next generation that suffers if we make the same mistakes that yours did.
You know, after Hiroshima, most ended up with cancer.
- How old were you in 1945? - Eight.
Ah Read it.
Yep, leaflets, that'll do it.
You won't change his mind.
- Newcastle fan, eh? - Magpie till I die.
THEY CHUCKLE A good war.
That's what the youth of today need.
- What? - Nothing Dad.
WIND HOWLS We couldn't get another drink, could we? Hm? What, you don't want to go home? Oh, it's just so quiet.
Even the dog's depressed.
- The dog is not depressed.
- No, he is! - Dogs do not get depressed, Will.
- No, no, you haven't seen him.
He's inconsolable.
Christ on a bike! - How the hell did they do that? - WILL CHUCKLES Well, it's one step up from leafletting.
Oi, watch it.
Oh, looks like they're not done yet.
- Someone should call the police.
- Well technically, they're already here.
I thought we were going for another drink.
Come on.
Uptight pinkoes.
I'll get uniform to deal with it.
Move back.
I said, move back! Students always got a bee in their bonnet about something.
First, it was the Marxists.
Then, the Leninists.
Now, it's this lot.
And who's gonna have to get up there and clean that paint off, hm? - Muggins here, that's who.
- Er, this is Mr Allison.
The college porter.
I saw them moving about on the roof.
I went up to give them what for.
They ran.
I was at the top of the stairs when she fell.
- And you saw her fall? - Well, I heard a scream.
I looked over and there she was.
Right before you fellas turned up.
How many others were up on the roof? Maybe two or three.
Any one you might recognise? Well, this is a ladies' college, but it could've been boys.
Hard to tell the difference these days.
When was it ladies took to wearing trousers? And what's wrong with a nice frock? Another war, Inspector, that'd sort this lot out.
Thank you, Mr Allison.
- If I'd known - Don't think like that.
- I could've stopped her.
- Rory! It's not your fault.
Detective Inspector Keating.
This is Reverend Davenport.
Were you all friends with Miss Bromilow? Rory St Clair.
Her boyfriend.
Was her boyfriend.
Our sincere condolences.
What happened here last night, were any of you there when she fell? I lead the Debating Society.
I was at a meeting.
Did you know what she'd planned? Do you think I'd let her do it if I'd known? Well, anything else you can tell us? Anyone who might have helped her, perhaps? Who might have witnessed the accident? So, she managed to paint that and stumble to her death all on her own, did she? Thank you very much.
You've been most forthcoming (!) We can't let this be how we remember Rachel.
She died for what she believed in.
She didn't just talk about peace.
She lived and breathed it.
If we're to honour her memory, so must we.
It starts with us! Well, if it starts with them, God help us! - Where are you going? - To speak to her roommate.
Their address is on the leaflet.
HE SWITCHES OFF THE MUSIC - Er, do you have a minute? - No.
It's in relation to the death of your roommate.
Were you there on the roof with her? I won't deny it.
May I? - Did you see what happened? - No.
We'd finished painting when the porter found us.
So, we split off in different directions.
Who's "we"? Rachel and I.
No-one else? You know I can't say.
Can't or won't? I don't want to get anyone in trouble.
"With regard to your application, "we have the pleasure of offering you the position "in our International Trade Department.
" What, Rachel was offered a job with the Home Office? Rachel was the most brilliant of all of us.
You were good friends? It's important our message isn't lost amidst the noise.
I have to make her sacrifice worthwhile.
Will that be all? GEORDIE: A German fighting for peace.
- There's an irony.
- I think it's inspiring.
Of course you do.
What do you mean, "Of course you do"? You're an idealist, Will.
Only you could make that sound like a failing.
Messages for you, Inspector.
- Am I gonna want to hear them? - I doubt it.
The Head Of College called.
He's had complaints about an officer harassing grieving students.
Harassing? Hardly! The University Vice Chancellor, the same message.
And Johnny Richards called again.
He's hoping to hear from you.
The postmortem results for the Bromilow girl are on your desk.
The second to last page might be of interest.
What's wrong with being an idealist? It gets you nowhere.
Marching for peace it's about as useful as praying for it.
It's called hope, Geordie.
You remember hope, don't you? "Numerous broken bones, internal bleeding, fractured skull.
"Probably died on impact.
" Probably? Second to last page.
There's a puncture wound in her back.
- What, a knife? - No, it's something smaller.
But whatever it was, it pierced her heart.
Even without the fall, she would have bled to death in seconds.
So, she was stabbed before she fell.
Or after she was pushed.
Either way it was murder.
There is no testimony without test.
And as the Bible says, we should glory in tribulations - DOOR OPENS - for tribulation worketh patience.
And patience, experience.
And And, er And hope maketh not ashamed.
So, how should we respond when tested to our limits? We turn to God and trust in Jesus, who suffered for us.
And like him, do not grow weary in doing good.
- See you soon.
- Thank you.
Interesting sermon.
- Rather whimsical.
- Rather fitting, I thought.
If I'd known you'd be checking up on me Not at all.
I came to introduce you to your new curate.
Mr Henry Jones.
"Whither thou goest, I will go.
"And where thou lodgest, I will lodge.
"Your people shall be my people.
" It sounded slightly less sinister in my head.
Er, the Bishop's told me a great deal about you.
I see.
And, er, did it not strike you as unusual to be interviewed by the Bishop rather than the Vicar? Is this how you intend things to be done from now on? This should be my decision.
I've been following Henry's progress for some time.
He's wholesome, upright engaged to be married.
The ideal candidate at a time such as this.
I don't doubt that.
But I really get no say in the matter? You must be the Chapmans.
I see you've met Mr Jones.
HE SIGHS HEAVILY My room's down the hall.
And, er this is yours.
Fantastic, thank you.
DOG WHINES Who's this handsome fella? Eh? Hello.
DOG WHINES I'm sure he'll warm up in time.
I can't get enough of it.
Make it your business to stretch.
I've, er, got some business to attend to.
Of course.
Please know I'm not here to step on anyone's toes.
I just I want to help you do God's work.
DOOR CLOSES TEARFULLY: My boy's never coming back, is he? I mean, how dare he go over my head like that? You must've known it would happen eventually.
No, not like this.
A new curate, that is my choice.
- Say something, then.
- I will.
Don't you worry about that.
Minutes from the meeting the boyfriend said he attended.
"Rory St Clair chaired the Debating Society" Debating Society! Isn't that just arguing? "from 8:15pm to 10:15pm.
" She died at 10:01.
KNOCK ON DOOR Boss, it seems there's a bit of a to do going on down at the college.
Out! Get out! Get out, you bastard! Rory PROTESTERS SHOU Is it true? - That she was murdered? - The investigations are ongoing.
It's him, the pervert! Get out and face us, you coward! - Hey, hey, hey - All right! I don't want to have to arrest you, son.
All right, that's enough! That's enough.
Back to your kennels.
Go on, there's a good student.
Back to your kennels.
Go on, shoo! All this talk about peace.
They're savages, the lot of them! Why are they calling you a pervert, Mr Allison? I'm the one who ought to be flinging accusations.
They're the ones who broke in, stole my paint! Oh, they broke in? At what point did you think you'd share that little detail? Well, I didn't want things getting out of hand.
A girl has been murdered.
Could it be any more out of hand? It wouldn't exactly help me get my paint back, either, so No-one cares about your damn paint! I didn't ask them to take my property.
I'm the victim here! Does this belong to you, Bernard? When did you last go into the tool box? I'm not sure.
I use it most days.
Does anyone else have access to it? Like I told you, those pinkoes broke in.
Maybe they left the screwdriver there.
So, they broke in once to steal the paint, and then broke in again to plant the screwdriver? It's possible.
They don't seem to like you very much, Bernard.
Why's that? A few nights back, she was arguing with that boyfriend of hers.
I took her into the lodge to calm down.
- What were they arguing about? - Usual sort of nonsense.
I simply said young Mr St Clair is going places.
If he wants a wife that stays at home, then where's the harm in that? Why were they calling you a pervert? I gave her a little cuddle.
Only to calm her down.
Just a cuddle? If I hadn't taken her in, God knows what would've happened! - You didn't try and take things further? - I didn't hurt her! Maybe it was you who got angry, Bernard.
I never hurt her.
- No prints? - Nothing.
The handle was wiped with turps or some such.
Why clean the handle, but leave the blood? It's what you do if you're trying to frame someone.
- So, it was planted.
- But by whom? I mean, we're no closer to knowing who else was on that roof.
It doesn't help that the students have closed ranks.
I'm not going to like where this is going, am I? Well, maybe what we need is someone on the inside.
You know, someone of a similar mind.
- An idealist, if you will.
- Mm.
The notorious Leonard Finch.
We meet at last.
What are you up to in here? Transferring all the parish contacts onto my Wheeldex.
Wheely what? Wheeldex.
Henry Jones.
I take it that isn't your real name.
Of course it is.
Why wouldn't it be? Well, it's very British, isn't it? As am I, Mrs Chapman.
I'm as British as fish and chips.
Though, technically, it was the Belgians who first fried the potato and the Iberians who fried fish, so Go ahead.
Give it a whirl.
What does it do, this wheely-what? Wheeldex.
Every piece of information right at your fingertips.
A modern masterpiece of efficiency.
Just one of the many advances I intend to bring to Grantchester.
Says you and every other new clergyman who comes here.
Just think of me as a new broom ready to sweep away the cobwebs.
There are no cobwebs in this house, thank you very much.
Given Rachel's untimely death, we need to vote in the new leader.
- As deputy leader, I - I nominate Rory.
Well, if he's good enough for the Home Office.
Let's face it, the clever bastard will probably be Prime Minister one day.
With Rachel gone, it would be an honour to stand in her memory.
Who else agrees? That's seconded.
Thank you.
Any other candidates? Anyone second Petra? All those in favour of Rory, say aye.
ALL: Aye! Well, I think that's unanimous.
Thank you for putting your faith in me.
We won't let Rachel down.
APPLAUSE CONTINUES The second order of business, our next protest.
Good luck topping Rory's genius idea.
Defacing the college was inspired.
It wouldn't have been possible without you, Josh.
UNDER HER BREATH: It was Rachel's idea.
Should we be discussing operational details with? Ah, with the pervert in custody, there's no harm, is there? - Well, actually - Actually, what? They are charging him? There was only circumstantial evidence, so MUTTERINGS OF OUTRAGE We need to keep memento while also holding the authorities accountable.
Come on, this isn't the best use of our time.
Petra you are keeping the minutes, aren't you? I just wanted to do some good.
When Rachel and I started out, it wasn't about who was richest or prettiest.
Why did it have to become a popularity contest? Don't lose hope.
I think you're inspiring.
You - You believe in something.
- You don't have to say that.
No, I mean it.
You don't just talk about things.
You act.
It's not just posturing, like some of the others.
I grew up in Dresden, you see.
They talk about war as if it's only the men that suffer.
But I saw women and children.
I saw their bodies in the fires.
You don't want to stand by and see it happen again.
It's never been about us, it's always been about you.
- Sorry? - Hey, hey! Stop! Stop! What the hell was that? We've had far too much to drink.
Haven't we, Josh? - Whatever you say, Rory.
- Sorry.
Josh is always pushing people's buttons.
He was on the roof with you, wasn't he? I don't want to get anyone in trouble.
I know you don't, but this is important.
Josh liked Rachel.
- She didn't like him.
- Did you see something? I saw them at the top of the stairs.
I saw them struggle.
Do you think Josh killed Rachel? Petra? I hear you're quite the engineer.
- Top of the class.
- And a climber, too.
Now, you really have done your homework.
Can you account for your movements after Rachel's body was discovered? I drove the equipment back to the workshop.
I don't suppose you had a screwdriver handy? Of course.
Amongst other things.
You don't think I could have killed her? There's absolutely no chance! - Why not? - Because I I was fond of her.
Fond of Rachel? Rachel, your best mate's girl? Is that why you and Rory were fighting last night? I've never had trouble when it comes to women.
Oh, you surprise me.
When Rachel asked to meet up, I thought, you know But she just wanted help with the stunt.
She should've been clearer in her intentions.
She rejected you.
Rejected? - Rather an overstatement.
- Petra saw you together.
She saw you struggle.
I wasn't even in the building when she fell.
Can anyone give you an alibi? Yes.
I was halfway down the street when she died.
Can I go now? CND, my arse.
They're more interested in hanky panky than world peace.
- Not all of them.
- It's a fad, Will.
They'll be on to the next thing in a few weeks.
Why does it bother you so much? What's wrong with believing in something? There they are! ALL: Justice for Rachel! Justice for Rachel! Justice for Rachel! The police allowed Mr Allison to pester young women unchecked for years.
- That's right! - Cowards! Then what do they do? Let him go and arrest an innocent man.
The little bastard.
One of our members is being unjustly targeted.
How did they know we let him go? I, er, might have said something.
Does anyone else smell a cover up? ALL CHANT: Cover up! Cover up! Cover up! Cover up! Cover up! Cover up! Cover up! Cover up! They do have a point, though, Geordie.
You did let Allison go.
You could've charged him with something.
Miss Scott have you seen that lot out front? I'll get some of the boys to move them on.
Their friend just died, they're grieving.
They're not revolutionaries, Will.
And neither are you.
- Will you stop sticking up for them? - What is wrong with you? Getting heavy handed with people you don't agree with.
Isn't that what the Nazis did? - Are you calling me a Nazi? - No, of course I'm not.
You see, if you had the first clue you would know just how insulting that is.
OK, back to this again, are we? - We're back to what? - I didn't fight.
I didn't do National Service.
No, you don't do much of anything, as far as I can see.
What? All this idealism.
It's nonsense! - You You talk and you talk.
- But? Your friend's in prison, Will.
And you're writing letters.
And you can't even drag your sorry backside down to see him! Why is the air on fire? I've made dinner for myself and Mr Davenport My mum's efo, spinach stew and amala.
Pounded yam.
Would you like to try? I've made you lamb casserole.
That's very kind, but I'm not partial to meat.
Don't worry, I'm very self sufficient.
You'll have a hard time keeping me out the kitchen.
My kitchen.
No self respecting Nigerian raises a child who can't cook rice, pound yam, or make a bed by the age of ten.
Well, if there's nothing else.
Do you know what time Mr Davenport will be back? Must be something vitally important for him to be out this long, I can imagine.
You'll catch on soon enough.
Johnny come in.
HE SIGHS I thought you were avoiding me.
Well, you did try and bribe a police officer.
What you have to understand is the people that I represent they operate in the grey.
Sometimes, they offer me a cut and the way I see it, I've earned my money, you know? Everybody takes back handers now and then.
I thought your lot were always at it.
HE CHUCKLES What's the first thing that comes to mind - when you hear, "Ban the bomb"? - Ah.
- Load of old bollocks.
- Thank you! Thank you.
Youngsters today, trying to change the world with no idea how it really works.
A protester was murdered.
Anti nuclear.
Her pals are using it to further their agenda.
It's easy for people who've never fought in a war to protest against the kind of weapons that end them.
There's a whole generation who know nothing about sacrifice.
Now, what they don't understand is that there is no right or wrong.
It's just survival.
Do you fancy another? - I should be getting home.
- Oh, yeah, to the four kids.
- Come for dinner.
- No.
- Come and meet them.
- No.
- No, you don't have to do that.
- Nah, I want you to.
Come to dinner.
CLOCK TICKS LAUGHTER Whiskies! Double! - SHE GIGGLES - Now, now, I Wait, erm No need to be so hasty.
- Andrew - Mm-hmm? Andrew! Ahem! If you have to fill her up with booze first, it's probably not true love.
- Who the hell are you? - Her husband.
Now, kindly take your hands off my wife.
- Mrs Davenport.
- Mr Davenport.
A man of the cloth? I can see why you're after a bit of excitement.
- Love - Oh, there you are.
Oh You must be the famous Cathy I've heard so much about.
Even more beautiful than Geordie described.
Ah, you can come again! - Do I have to beg for an introduction? - Oh, sorry.
- Cathy, this is Johnny.
- Hi.
We served together in the war.
Oh, well, it's always lovely to meet an old friend of Geordie's.
I thought Johnny could join us for dinner.
Take pity on an ageing bachelor on a diet of tinned pies.
Of course.
The more the merrier.
Esme, set an extra place for our guest, please.
Let's see if we can hail you a taxi.
- Oh, not so fast, oh, brother mine.
- Stepbrother.
You can't scupper my plans for the evening and then saunter off scot free.
I think you'll find that I was saving you from a regrettable course of action.
Do I look like some damsel in need of rescuing? No, just someone who's had more than enough to drink.
How dare you? I will have you know that my dainty appearance belies a sailor's constitution.
- Hm, impressive.
- It's my middle name.
SHE LAUGHS Looking away to protect my modesty? How quaint! I'd wager that's the most female flesh you've seen in years.
Or maybe ever.
Well, actually - there was this nun.
- SHE GASPS - Tell me everything! - That would be ungentlemanly.
- You're a dark horse, Mr Davenport.
- You don't know the half of it.
Fancy a boat trip? Come on.
I never took you for the timid type.
I'll have you know, I have been expelled from some of the finest boarding schools in the land.
- Where are we going? - Wherever the night takes us! SHE GIGGLES Where did you learn to make these? All right, Es, let him finish his meal.
In a place where I had a lot of time on my hands.
Do you mean the war? That's how you know my dad? Yeah, we were in Burma together.
What was that like, Burma? - Dad never talks about it.
- Esme.
You know not to ask questions like that.
Yeah, there's a reason people don't talk about it.
It was a hard time and and we saw a lot of suffering.
But knowing who you can count on when times are tough the courage and loyalty of the men around you those things aren't easily forgotten.
HE GRUNTS You know what Geordie said? He said I'm all talk.
I do stuff.
I do stuff all the time! You're stealing this boat.
I'm stealing this boat.
And what's wrong with being an idealist? Well, for one thing, they're terribly dull.
I'm not dull.
- It's cos you're not an idealist.
- So what am I, then? A romantic.
SHE YELPS THEY GIGGLE You see? A romantic.
Prove you're not all talk, Mr Davenport.
And a very good morning to you, too! No You cannot You cannot be here.
You invited me.
Tamara, please, I cannot afford for anyone to see you here.
And definitely, definitely not like this.
A bit too quiet, if I'm honest.
I'm not complaining, Eirwen, it's just the Bishop told me this place was akin to Sodom and Gomorrah.
Speak soon.
I love you.
- Oh, Jesus! - Is Lord! Er, Henry, er, this is This is Tamara.
Who knew the priesthood was so handsome? My stepsister.
That wasn't the impression he gave me last night.
She is just going.
Ordinarily, I don't leave sleep overs without satisfaction and breakfast in bed.
You really have disappointed me, Will.
And a disappointed woman is a dangerous thing.
FRONT DOOR OPENS DOOR CLOSES I hope your friend Johnny got back to London all right.
I'm sure, he's fine.
Oh, the little ones were disappointed they didn't get to meet him.
I don't think I've ever met anyone from that part of your life.
I just assumed you never stayed in touch.
Why have you not mentioned him before? What's with all the questions? It's hardly the third degree.
You were having a laugh last night, now you've got a face like a dropped pie.
He seemed nice.
Very charming.
Perhaps a little too charming, I don't know.
- Do you think you'll see him again? - Cathy! Can I not have five minutes' peace before I start work? KNOCK ON DOOR I'll get it.
- DOOR OPENS - Oh, hello, Will! I'll leave you boys to it.
Come in, then.
Erm Something, er Tamara said to me this morning got me thinking.
Tamara? And where did you see Tamara this morning? - You didn't, did you? - No! No, of course not.
- I don't think.
- You don't think? She's your stepsister.
Look, Rachel Bromilow's killer.
Who's the most disappointed person in all this? HE KNOCKS Will! Come in.
I've been, erm, thinking about our conversation.
Your disappointment in losing out to Rory for the CND leadership.
It's not the first time you've lost out to one of the popular students, is it? I have a tutorial.
You work tirelessly for the CND, and yet you get none of the credit.
And even with Rachel gone, you were outvoted again.
I believe in the cause.
But not enough to kill someone.
We have the murder weapon.
But no fingerprints, because they were wiped off with turps.
No! No! Did you remove the fingerprints from the screwdriver with turpentine? Yes.
And did you plant the screwdriver in Mr Allison's van? - Yes.
- And when that didn't work, did you drip poison in my ear about Josh? Yes.
Which begs the question, did you kill Rachel Bromilow? No! You must realise this doesn't look good, Miss Neumann.
In Dresden, I saw death.
I saw grief and suffering enough for a whole lifetime.
I could never do this to anyone.
She's very convincing, isn't she? Do you believe her? - Do you? - Of course I do.
I'm an idealist.
- About that - It's fine.
- Will - Look the least I can do is put up with you being a cynical old sod every now and then.
Only now and then? Maybe that's why we're friends.
Cos we disagree about everything.
Well, not everything.
Well, we're disagreeing about whether we disagree, so Would you like to come with this cynical old sod to the railway station? Rachel's parents are on their way.
Poor bastard.
When I phoned, he thought I was from the Home Office.
They were so damn proud, Will.
Well, if he's good enough for the Home Office.
THEY CHUCKLE Rory St Clair what was his alibi? The minutes put him at the Debating Society.
Where are they? The same handwriting as Petra's CND minutes.
She gave him the alibi.
Well, she hates the bastard.
Why would she do that? Read this for me, if you would.
HE SIGHS "Dear Miss Bromilow, with regard to your application, "we have pleasure in offering you the position "in our International Trade Department.
" Position.
Not positions.
Wasn't part of the plan, was it? Rachel was supposed to step aside.
Have a family in a few years.
I knew who Rachel was, she was never gonna be conventional.
She challenged everything.
The status quo, the establishment.
She challenged you.
So, what was it? Was she too fond of flaunting all her achievements? What happened that night? Was she stealing your glory, even then? First the job and now this.
Perhaps you should stay home and play the good, little wife.
And you found an unlikely accomplice.
Petra doctored the minutes to place you at the Debating Society.
What did you promise her in return? Petra hated that the CND had became a popularity contest.
The German and I had an understanding.
She knew what I did.
- I knew what she wanted.
- To be leader of the CND.
Except, you took that from her, too.
Well, the group chose the leader it wanted.
I couldn't be seen to meddle in a democratic process.
Or you couldn't be seen to lose.
You hate losing, don't you? And with Rachel out of the way, you didn't have to admit she beat you to that job.
- It would've been wasted on her.
- What? It would have been wasted on her.
What, all this because a working class girl from Newcastle bested you? See how superior you feel when you're in a cell.
Hey, Will you know, the only one who truly believed in the cause was the German.
I'm sure there's a joke in that somewhere.
Are you not coming to the pub? I'll let you beat me at backgammon.
I've, er, got something I've been meaning to do.
I think I've written enough letters.
It's time I went to see Leonard.
HE REVS THE ENGINE How are things? I trust they're making you feel welcome.
- The housekeeper's - Rather a bigot.
- I was going to say formidable.
- HE LAUGHS You haven't met my mother.
Mr Davenport he's setting a good example, I hope.
Mr Jones? HE SIGHS I knew this posting would be a challenge.
So, I chose to keep an open mind.
Mr Davenport is in truth he's never there.
When he is, he's with a girl.
He said she's his stepsister.
She didn't seem very sisterly to me.
I'm sorry you had to cope with this alone.
What we do is a privilege, not a right.
I've fought to be here.
He treats it like an amusement, something to while away the time.
I'd understand fully if you changed your mind.
God has brought me here.
And I know exactly how to pull it back into line.
Will Davenport.
HE KNOCKS ON THE GATE GATE OPENS DOOR OPENS It's so wonderful to see you.
I'm sorry I didn't come sooner.
I think I was afraid to.
How are you, Leonard? Would you pray with me? Lighten our darkness, we beseech thee, O Lord.
TOGETHER: And by thy great mercy defend us from all perils and dangers of this night.

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