Graves (2016) s01e02 Episode Script

You Started Everything

1 Margaret: Previously on "Graves" Did you read that article in Slate online? "Richard Graves, worst president in history.
" This is your new assistant Isaiah Miller.
Wolf Blitzer:News of former First Daughter Olivia Graves' marriage dissolution has been confirmed.
Bring your car around back.
We're slipping out today.
Jacob: Seems Big Bird found his way to his library and did some redecorating.
You're out here getting high with some random waitress you just met.
There's no way that was on the books.
- President Graves.
- Now you want the truth.
All right, the truth.
And this breaking news.
CNN just learned the furlough hearing for Martin Treadwell, President Richard Graves' would-be assassin, will be held in 30 days.
This is Treadwell's first release request to be considered since his attempt on the president's life.
This is the last thing I need now today.
Really, the last fucking thing.
Isaiah, I don't want him to read the paper or watch the news today.
Jacob, what's happening with the president's library? Being repaired.
Should be up and open in two weeks.
Still can't believe it.
All right, Richard's been asleep for 12 hours now, which is great because I want him to rest.
I'm seriously worried about him.
I want him doing nothing but relaxing, Isaiah.
- Yes, ma'am.
- Good morning, sweetheart.
Would you like a bowl for that, darling? A spoon perhaps? Ma'am, we should sign these before we go.
For the Mothers of Veterans.
Oh, which reminds me, Isaiah, one more thing, please.
- Later on, the president has to FaceTime - With your son Jeremy.
from his army base in Afghanistan.
So Richard cannot be late.
He is always late.
- You get him there.
- Okay.
Jeremy's coming home in a few days, which is to say I'm a nervous wreck.
FaceTime with Jeremy, no Treadwell, got it.
Ramona, I'm assuming you're getting Jeremy's room ready.
Of course, Mrs.
Okay, all I need is the sky not to fall.
And by the sky I mean my husband.
(theme music playing) Reporter: And now the man who pulled the trigger, Martin Treadwell, who has spent every day since in a mental health Good morning, sir.
You look rested.
Oh, I feel rested.
How are you, Isaiah? You actually said my name.
(laughs) It's the little things, right? - Yes, sir.
- (arguing in Spanish) Ramona, what's wrong? Gerardo wants to leave early for his daughter's quinceañera.
Half the day, Mr.
Well, let him.
It's fine.
It's okay.
- Okay.
- (speaks Spanish) I hear Livy's home.
(music playing) I'm no good No good, ooh I'm no good So, how we holding up? I don't know, Daddy.
It's the worst.
Oh, I'm so, so sorry.
You were always way, way too good for that guy.
You know? - I love you.
- I love you, Daddy.
I'm gonna go do some yoga.
All right, honey.
you gave up like this You came along So, what appearance of geopolitical importance does my wife have planned for me today? None, sir.
She thought maybe some golf.
You know, take it easy today.
Just relax.
Yes, and then maybe we could go to the rest home for bingo and a water aerobics class.
Hmm? Good Babe, I'm no good I'm no good.
I would like to share with you the truth about me.
And that is that I stand here today only because of all those women who have paved the way, who've opened doors for me.
And when I speak of women, I'm not talking about heads of state or famous civil rights figures.
I'm talking about mothers.
I'm talking about you.
Long before I was First Lady, before I was married to then Governor Graves, I was the daughter of a divorced single mom living paycheck to paycheck.
We had very little.
But what I did have was a mother who made sure I knew exactly how much she loved me.
Today I know your children will be strong because of your strength.
It's you who has the power to open doors for them.
Thank you so much for coming.
(applause) She's like a rainbow Coming colors in the air Everywhere She comes in colors Have you seen her all in gold? Like a queen in days of old She shoots colors all around Like the sunset going down Have you seen a lady fairer? She comes in colors everywhere Ah, you must be hungry, huh? Thinking maybe like a sandwich, try a salad.
- Think I saw some chili.
- There you are.
I wasn't sure you'd show.
Dude, the other night was insane.
Your wife looked a little pissed.
She didn't think that you and I were She's the First Lady, Samantha.
Yeah, I guess.
You okay? Yes.
I'll have a coffee and club sandwich, thank you.
Okay, so it's like that, huh? The president is feeling especially presidential right now.
Okay, whatever.
It's just I guess I was a little concerned about you - with the news and all today.
- What news is that? I really don't think did you have any split pea I feel like I saw The crazy dude that went all "Taxi Driver" on you he's up for release.
It's a ways off, sir.
Thank you for your honesty.
Unlike the ass-kissing sycophant in my life, you can't help but speak the truth.
My assistant Judas here will give you a private number.
If there's anything you ever need, please call me.
Thanks, Prez.
Home, Judas.
Get me home right now.
(chatter) There she is.
Brilliant as usual, Maggie.
Aw, thank you, Silas.
- How are you? - Just right.
Michael Steele.
Good to see you, Mrs.
What are you doing way out here? Donating to my shelter, I hope.
Not exactly.
We need to talk to you, darling.
Isaiah: But I promised Mrs.
Graves I would get you on this call.
Richard: Not gonna happen, you turncoat.
- Ramona: So how was lunch? - Snakes in the grass, Ramona.
Fucking snakes in the grass.
Look, I'm sorry I didn't tell you about the Treadwell news, but I know this call is important.
Tell him I was held up.
- But he's your son.
- He hates me! - (beeping) - Oh, uh Who the hell are you? I'm Isaiah Miller, sir.
I'm President Graves' new assistant.
Just please just go get my father.
He, um he couldn't make it.
Oh, okay.
Oh, well.
Then I guess this is how we're gonna do this.
But I need you to really listen to me, okay.
Can you do that for me, Isaac? It's Isaiah, but yeah, yeah.
First, I need you to go tell the president that I say hello and that I wonder how he's doing.
And I'm really bummed I missed him today, okay? I figure he's super busy.
I mean, you know, not like in a war zone busy where he only gets three minutes to talk before he has to go light a shit barrel on fire, but whatever, it's all good.
Now, if he does ask about me, I mean, if he happens to inquire on his own, which he may not, but if he does, if he asks how I'm doing, you can tell him that, hey, I'm not dead, so high fives all around on that.
You know, Jeremy, if I could just jump in really quick, I think No, you cannot, Ivan, okay? Because after the whole Jeremy's alive celebration, I need you to tell the old man that I'm gonna be staying at home with him and Mom for a little while when I get back.
And if he seems foggy as to the context of what you're saying, if he just stares at you with that blank fucking look, maybe you could remind him that the emotion he should be feeling towards his son having to move home after four years in the army is compassion.
I'd go for happiness, but who the fuck are we kidding here, right? Got to lead a horse to water and just pray to Christ he doesn't try and drink the goddamn sand.
You hear me, Graves? I know you do! - (thuds) - Richard: Ah, cocksucker! Dad just took off running, didn't he? Like a cheetah.
Maggie, we want you to run for Tom Udall's Senate seat.
Stop it.
Come on, now.
Well, it's opening up as you know.
We think you can hold it.
You're really the only one who can.
Are you serious? As the heart attack I had in June.
The Senate? Oh, I don't know, Silas.
You know.
You've always known.
Guys, you'd have to have an exploratory committee.
Consider yourself explored.
Your primary challenger would be an antiestablishment protest candidate.
A bomb thrower just to the right of Attila the Hun, but polling well.
Well, that could get ugly.
Look, we need someone with your compassionate voice to help us rebrand the Republican Party.
Who would run it? I was thinking Annie Novak.
She ran Susan Collins' last campaign.
I gave Annie her first job.
She knows you and Richard.
She's in town.
Available for breakfast tomorrow to discuss.
Well, how about that? Meet with Annie.
Talk to her.
This is your time.
Now or never.
I've honestly never considered it.
Graves? Are you okay? I was just asked to run for the Senate.
That just happened.
- No! - Yes, just now.
Oh, my God.
I mean, at this point in my life a senator? It's amazing, ma'am.
Would you like to call the president? No.
Not yet.
I'm gonna I need to take some time and own this for a couple of hours before Richard just stomps all over my moment.
Oh, my God.
Wow, right? Right.
Fucking wow! Oh! (exhales) Wow.
Reporter: With Martin Treadwell's furlough hearing now set, Richard Graves is back in the news.
Staying on the subject, we are reopening what we affectionately call the Graves Files.
Affectionately, my ass.
As we reported earlier, ICE has issued the largest number of deportation notices it ever has at one time.
Widely called D-day for this nation's undocumented workers, it will affect thousands.
America's arcane detention and deportation policies can be traced back to the restrictions Graves' conservative administration put into effect two decades ago.
I've been requesting an interview with President Graves for more than 30 years.
He has yet to agree to a single one.
(turns off TV) (music playing) Olivia - Hi.
- Sweeter than honey This song was written for me.
It was for Daddy's big White House farewell bash at the end of his second term.
Yeah, my mother always loved this song.
I bet.
(chuckles) Come on.
I want to show you something.
- Me? Right now? - Yeah.
Oh, no, I'm actually pretty uncomfortable Don't be such a fucking pussy.
No, no, I should probably see what you Sweet little Livy - Wow.
- Livy, don't leave us Sweet little Livy I know.
It freaks me out.
My childhood is a wax museum.
Never get enough of you Little Livy You're so sweet, Isaiah.
I don't know.
Something about you.
You understand all of this on a meta level.
You really love us, don't you? It's deep with you.
Well, who wouldn't want to be a part of all this? - What are you doing? - I need this, okay? This isn't about you.
I'm very distraught.
This is how I process pain.
- Hold this.
- What? (pants drop) Oh! Oh, my God! Holy shit.
Where the hell have you been? Uh, I was, um It doesn't matter.
Here, take these.
They're Jeremy's.
Let's go.
- Go? - On a mission.
(music playing) (singing in Spanish) So we're just crashing this random family's quinceañera? Don't get your panties all in a twist.
Gerardo's been my gardener for 30 years.
(cheering) Today I am so proud.
When I came first here for a better life, I left her mother Anna in El Salvador.
My Anna would be proud of what became of her little Julianita.
Te amo.
(applause, cheering) Bravo.
(music playing) Call this woman.
Tell her I accept her interview.
Tomorrow, one-on-one exclusive.
Shouldn't your PR team handle it? No, Benedict Arnold.
This is between us.
- (laughs) - Yeah, yeah, it's hysterical.
I didn't have time to change, okay? (meows) Hey, sir, do you mind if I ask you a question? You know, do you ever get a chance to go on pause and, you know, just chill out, stop being the president for a while? (laughs) No, it's more of a more constant.
Yeah, that kind of like sticks with you forever, huh? It's like some psycho one-night stand who stalks you and ruins your life.
- (laughs) - Let me ask you guys something.
Now, show of hands, how many of your parents came here illegally? - All of you? - Yeah.
I mean, don't look so surprised.
What, were you expecting us to be all, "Sí, señor, mi presidente.
I cut your grass, mi jefe.
" (laughing) - Do the honors? - Oh, sure.
It'll be a pleasure.
Bottoms up.
Oh, you got the worm.
Oh, thank you.
(chanting in Spanish) (cheering) Oh, my God, that's so much.
I set the interview for tomorrow morning, which wouldn't be so terrifying if you weren't on the precipice of alcohol poisoning.
Your jet is ready, so we should really ow.
You know, you've got little, tiny baby fingers.
Yes, sir, I'm painfully aware.
President, I am so honored that you came.
My whole family is.
No, no, it's me who's honored to be here.
Thank you for everything.
- (music playing) - (cheering) Until death, kid, it's all life.
(singing in Spanish) Shit.
I'm sorry I'm late, Annie.
First Lady, what a pleasure.
Oh, I am so glad it's you.
I was available, which I'm good with because I've seen you behind the scenes.
You're smart, you're decisive, and has anyone in history ever looked better in a black suit and red pumps? I started that.
You started everything.
It's good to see you, too.
This is gonna be fun.
- I haven't said yes yet.
- You will.
The primary opponent is tough.
- Not tough, mean.
- I live with mean.
Thomas J.
He's one of those "can't get pregnant when raped" guys who's hijacked the party.
He's hit a nerve.
He's charming, he's popular.
But you, you're more popular.
- Nash doesn't scare me.
- I know that.
Everybody knows that.
(phone ringing) Margaret: Leave a message, I'll get back to you.
Hey, it's me again, Mrs.
I'm sorry, but it's really very sort of extremely vital we speak.
It's just that, well, the sky is about to fall.
Then why is she changing her fucking mind again? It's making me crazy.
- Ms.
- Mr.
President? It's a pleasure finally meeting you after all these years.
Me, too.
It's an honor.
(chuckles) Listen, I'm almost done here.
Would you like to wait a minute or Is something the matter? Well, according to you, I'm what's the matter.
I'd like you to please stop approaching me.
You, with your liberal agenda, have been tearing me and my presidency a new one for years, turning me into patient zero for all of America's problems.
You need to just back the fuck off.
And you know what? On this immigration thing, you were absolutely (screams) (groans) I need security.
(coughs) Okay, here's the truth, Annie, about all of this.
I'm scared.
I'm scared shitless.
I've spent so long standing behind my husband, and now I I feel like I'm trapped inside this thing we've created, this name.
And honestly, I'm not sure I could survive outside of it alone.
Well, that sounds like a prison.
(phone chiming) Oh, excuse me.
- Yes, Isaiah? - Mrs.
Graves! Oh, my God! President Graves had a meeting with Laura Wolf and she says he tried to kill her.
Ma'am? The president killed her? No, no, no, he tried according to Ms.
And she wants to sue.
- Ma'am? - I'm sorry, I have to leave.
But there's so much to discuss.
- Something's happened with Richard.
- What? - I have to fly home.
- But give me one more hour, tops.
- This is my life.
- It won't be if you run for Senate.
It can't be.
We'll talk.
(sighs) Yeah.
The man put his hands on me.
I have to sue, you know this.
I I think you misunderstood the president.
Really? I misunderstood? "You've got to be kitten me.
" I didn't have time to change.
Look, Ms.
Wolf, whether you agree with his politics or not, President Graves has meant so much to so many people.
Your judgment of his administration doesn't have anything to do with what is human about a president.
So please, for me and anyone who's ever admired Richard Graves, go easy on him.
Why should she? She was right.
She no.
Why are you I was just helping.
Richard: That's what I was trying to tell her.
On certain issues, Isaiah, I am patient zero.
What you just said, Mr.
President, would you be willing to repeat on camera? What? No.
(music playing) First of all, President Graves, thank you for this interview.
Laura, it's a pleasure to be here.
- Ma'am, - Yeah? come quick.
You're not gonna believe this.
On your show recently, you talked about the border and my administration's policies, the ripple effect leading up to these mass deportation notices.
Well, what I did and what others have done, is well, it's - it's a damn shame.
- Sir? There's a quote I love from George Washington.
He said, "I had always hoped that this land might become a safe and agreeable asylum to the virtuous and persecuted part of mankind to whatever nation they might belong.
" This was the dream of our very first president.
So I asked myself how would Washington feel if he could see what we've done to his dream? He'd blow his fucking brains out.
What? Richard.
Sir, reminder, we're on live.
How many more people need to live in fear in the shadows of America while they labor in the fields of our largest corporations, cultivate, pick, cook our food, fix our cars, clean our homes, clean our offices, our toilets? I promise you, Laura, the evidence of your last shit was bleached away clean by a tiny Hispanic woman whose name you didn't have the decency to ask for or care about.
Fuck, yeah.
And for what? It's a moral shit show that's playing out every day as we hide Mexican and South American men, women, and children in the attics of our collective lives.
As far as I'm concerned, to make amends for my past transgressions, any of these undocumented workers that received their deportation notices, if they want to come out to my compound in Santa Fe, you're more than welcome.
And I dare Immigration to take you off my land.
They don't have the balls.
What the hell is he doing? - Thank you, President Graves.
- God bless you, Laura.
And God bless the United States of America.
I'm so fired.
I'm so fired.
Okay, that interview, everybody's seen it by now.
I I that's total insanity.
You have never been this undisciplined, unhinged.
My God, New York and now I mean, Richard, how worried should I be? 'Cause I'm starting to really freak out here.
I'm sorry, Maggie, but I don't know.
I mean (sighs) I'm tired of being a shadow.
You know, I almost died once before.
And I need to start living.
Yours hasn't been a life? You haven't been living? No, no, no, not us.
I mean me.
I need to start living in an authentic way.
Do you understand what I mean? Maggie, please.
Tell me you understand.
- Because I just don't - It's okay.
It's okay.
You're gonna be okay.
It's okay.
It's just me.
It's just us.
I love you, Maggie.
I love you, Richard.
It's okay.
(horns honking) Do you hear something? (honking continues) But I can't find my way home But I can't find my way home But I can't find my way home Still I can't find my way home Hey, Mr.
Presidente! - It's us, remember? - It's us, remember? - Mr.
Presidente! - Mr.
Presidente! What have you done? (chuckles) Yeah.