Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO) (1999) s01e01 Episode Script

The Legend Begins (double length episode)

-Did you buy a new album? -No, I didn't.
White, nice.
Well, it's about time.
I'm kind of nervous.
Hey, pal! You.
You! You, blondie.
You were looking up at that high school girl's panties, weren't you? You should know better at your age.
It's a crime.
You peeping pervert! Give us your wallet or we'll call the police after beating you up.
Now, here is the question: Who is going to get killed? Me, a pervert with a second-degree black belt or the pathetic pair who are, unfortunately trying to swindle money out of me? Now, which is it? Hey, Eikichi, where are you? Oh, Ryuji.
Thanks for picking me up! Shit.
I didn't realize it was this late.
Sorry, guys.
Thanks for the money.
Next time you try to extort money, be careful.
-Let's go, Ryuji.
-Wait! It's not even funny to be late from day one.
I'm gonna speed up.
Only today.
Why do I need to give you a ride? Come on.
We are best buddies, aren't we? It's been six years since we came out to Tokyo.
Now you are in charge of a store.
What a change! Look who's talking.
I can't believe what you're doing.
About what? Stupid! Student teaching, what else? You, of all people, trying to be a teacher! Student teaching! It gets me excited! A bunch of innocent high school girls.
I can't wait! Onizuka-sensei, please explain this to me.
Where is it? Right here.
What? Where? Right here.
Such good stuff could happen.
It's just out of this world! Seriously! Okay, I see.
Wow, that is amazing.
Right, isn't it amazing? So, please let me go today.
I'll be a public servant like you.
I'll introduce a girl to you.
Now, you sign here.
That's why.
My adrenaline's always flowin' So it feels like I'll overheat Even if I explode and turn to ashes I'll probably still be laughing Just like this Blowing past the town To the ends of the world Let's burn rubber And die together like lovers Let's cut loose Until we reach our limit So we can reach the horizon Crash! Into the rolling morning Flash! I'm in the coolest driver's high Toward the best finish Musashi-No-Kita High School -See you.
There are boys too, but he only sees the girls.
Gosh, lively gals with super miniskirts everywhere.
Good! -Teacher! -Calm down, calm down.
Excuse me.
Underwear! Aren't you a teacher? Yes.
Right, I'm a teacher.
So, what do you need from the teacher? Could you give me the ball at your feet? What--? Oh, I didn't notice.
Silly me! -Here you go.
-Thank you very much, teacher! This is like a dream.
You already have your eye on someone? Who is it? Don't use such a threatening voice.
I am Hidero Osawa.
I am a student teacher like you.
How is it going? Really? You too? Third time? You're repeating student teaching so many times! -Well, there are various reasons.
-Various? These, these.
You mean the female students.
Hey, of course it was mutual.
Teach me.
How did you? Well, there are all kinds of-- We're going to be late.
Well, let's keep up.
In this career it is possible to marry a 16-year-old girl in your 40s.
In my 40s16-year-old.
I will teach you the techniques later.
Master! Student teaching is part of the college curriculum.
But our students won't view it that way.
Please be cautious.
If you have questions, please ask your homeroom teacher.
Please don't get into trouble during the two-week period.
Though I feel somewhat responsible as a homeroom teacher this class is quite a piece of work.
In my 40s, 16-year-old bride.
In my 40s.
Welcome home, teacher! Would you like a bath? Or dinner? Age 40 Oh, Yoriko! Oh, no, not here.
No, teacher! Every man's dream.
When I am 50, she's in her 20s.
When I'm 60, she is in her 30s.
The peak of her womanhood.
Here we are.
Good morning, everyone! What a bunch of.
Where am I?! frumpy Long Skirt Legion? Why aren't there teenagers with miniskirts and ganguro? Onizuka-sensei, I will leave the rest to you.
What? Wait! I am Onizuka.
I would like to enjoy the coming two weeks with you.
You aren't listening.
Bastards! Damn it! What a bunch of turkeys! I wanna kill them! If I didn't have an obligation as a teacher, I would-- What? What is it? What do you want from me? A handshake? Of course, you want to make friends with me.
That's cute, though your face is not cute.
Good job, Takeda.
Leader of harassing student teachers! What is it, teacher? What are you holding? -Are you gonna punch someone? -Hey, way to go! Oh, no, are you gonna stop? Go ahead.
Punch me.
Right here is fine.
Do it hard.
If you do, I'm gonna run to the board of education! We'll also talk to the media! Teacher.
Excessive corporal punishment! The scoop from a real classroom.
That's a great idea! What bad luck! Isn't Class O with a bunch of delinquents? I can't stand it.
I might kill them tomorrow.
Take it easy.
I will send a cute girl along from my class.
What about you, Momoi? Crappy! The worst bunch of weirdos! They stare at me and up my skirt.
That's too bad.
In my class, the teacher is the worst.
He is pretty annoying.
The students in my class are all nice.
I didn't ask you.
I don't know how many are seriously thinking about becoming teachers.
But we shouldn't have much hope for education.
Kids nowadays are screwed up with bullying and drugs.
Teachers should keep their distance and collect their pay.
That's right.
If you are too serious, you get screwed.
A quote from The Apology for Socrates by Plato: "I believe that I don't know what I don't know.
This simple fact makes me superior.
" This statement by Plato is-- Hey, hey, isn't that what Socrates said? Making mistakes as if you were a teacher! He is just a college student? Must be from a third-rate college.
What Socrates is saying.
Those bastards! Just mumbling away.
I wish I could kill them.
Kill them! -Does anyone understand? -Yes.
Oh, you.
Socrates says that humility in a truth seeker leads to proper self-awareness.
Is that so? Wait.
Oh, yeah.
That is correct! Thank you for yesterday.
I am glad you came to our class.
I'm Nanako Mizuki.
Please call me Nana.
TEACHER BANZAI Oh, she is absolutely awesome.
She is out of this world! -Stupid.
-Onizuka there, Ryuji Danma! Pay attention to what I have to say.
Well, I am sorry to put a damper on your story but what Osawa might have a point.
What do you mean? You are the dauntless and powerful Eikichi.
It's unreasonable to expect that you'd become a decent teacher.
I don't think all the young kids today are screwed up.
But if you get too involved you might get yourself in trouble and get fired.
Finally, a path has opened up for me to become the greatest teacher.
Leave me alone.
I will keep at it and succeed.
You used a stand-in to get your high school certification.
You should not be talking about it.
I, the teacher, will get mad! Dear sweet teacher.
I should hurry home to get ready for tomorrow.
You are Mizuki.
What are you doing here so late at night? I had some trouble with my parents.
So I ran away from home.
I don't have any place to go.
Ran away? Well, you.
Teacher, welcome home.
A bath first? Or? A 16-year-old bride! I don't have to wait till I am 40.
Teacher, is anything wrong? No, nothing.
Let me spend the night at your place.
TEACHER BANZAI You must be hungry.
Can you wait while I make sukiyaki for you? The broth for sukiyaki is hard to perfect.
You have to be careful with the meat flavor.
Let me taste.
Teacher, I won't look.
Put some comfortable clothes on.
It would have been nice if there was a portable stove.
Maybe I will bring one from home next time.
Sukiyaki is my favorite food.
Do you not like sukiyaki? No, it's not that.
A bachelor like you probably wouldn't cook sukiyaki.
It's kind of hard to cook sukiyaki for just one person.
That's right.
My family.
My dad owns a franchise of Japanese restaurants.
And my mom owns four import goods stores.
Daddy said to have a matchmaking meeting after I finish college.
He said I should meet an heir to a huge company.
That's no joke.
I don't want to.
Let me marry Nanako.
Sweetie, this is the gross sales from last month.
One billion.
Less than I expected.
We'll do better next month.
Why am I having such delusions? What's wrong? Nothing.
So, that's why you ran away from home? I want to be free.
I don't want to return to that house.
I don't care about anything anymore.
I wanted to leave such a cold family.
I thought about just obeying them and accepting an arranged marriage.
I don't know what to do anymore, teacher.
What do I do? I do have these feelings.
I shouldn't be doing this now.
But I will probably succeed.
What's wrong? Are you hot? Teacher.
Sorry! I got it! What a scoop! What an outrageous thing you did, Onizuka-sensei! We can sell the photos for megabucks to a magazine.
I'd say, for a million or so.
What are you gonna do, teacher? Mizuki, you.
Teacher, I'm sorry.
They said I would get my share.
Don't forget to eat the sukiyaki.
If these photos get out, you'll never become a teacher.
We'll give you a week.
Bring us a million yen.
Otherwise, we will scatter these around.
He is speechless.
Mizuki! Was this your intention from the beginning? Was it all acting? Why would I go to a teacher for help? Idiot! You were dreaming.
You are just a teacher.
See you later.
A million, okay? The expression on his face was priceless! He looked like a carp with its gaping mouth.
Mizuki was excellent.
It was the best acting ever.
I almost cried just watching her.
We need to thank her.
Can't beat a million yen.
Too noisy! Your motorcycle! What did you say? Are you fighting us, the Silver Fly Trio from Kichijoji East? You bastards.
Do you know where you are? Are you saying we are noisy at our own meeting place? So how are you gonna settle this? We didn't know.
Please forgive us.
Didn't know? You must be underestimating us.
Onizuka! That's.
Stop it.
Don't challenge him! Boss! He is Eikichi Onizuka, of the legendary Onibaku Group from Shonan.
He destroyed the legendary Midnight Angel! Did you know? Please excuse us.
What have you done to them? Nothing.
Not yet.
Is that so? Good.
Teacher! These guys are my prey! Lift them up! How do you like the pond water in Inokashira Park? Isn't it good? Please don't kill us, Onizuka-sensei.
Don't worry.
I'm not gonna kill you.
We haven't done the crotch-splitter, burning-at-the-stake or sandbag hell yet.
You are a teacher, aren't you? How could you torture your students? No whining! You call me teacher and become my students when it's convenient.
Don't underestimate me, you bastards! Teachers are human too.
They have times when they get mad and blow their tops! Besides, I am not officially a teacher yet.
Forgive us.
We will never do it again.
Why don't we take down the barrier just once? The annoying barrier between a teacher and student.
It all depends on the relationship between people.
But if one side whines the relationship does not hold water.
You wipe your own ass.
That's the attitude we all should have as humans.
Teacher! Okay, let's keep going! You bastards! If I don't get to be a teacher, it would be all your fault.
I will show you a living hell for the rest of your life.
Here are your draft beers.
Wow, unbelievable.
Then you hung them upside down in Inokashira Park on Saturday night? I don't believe it's something a teacher would do.
By Monday it'll be big news.
-Maybe I will get fired.
-No question about it, stupid! Where in the world would you find a teacher who tortures his students? What are you gonna do? Everyone is panicking because there aren't enough jobs.
Who'd hire a former gang member and third-rate college graduate with a history of violence? Maybe they would.
Those yakuza scouts seem to be looking at you with intense interest.
Don't look! If our eyes meet, I'll get hired.
Thank you for coming! Are you okay? Why are you so eager to be a teacher? You should give up.
Teachers don't get paid well and have many problems.
Maybe it was a good thing.
Those annoying kids you couldn't have left them alone.
You are amazing.
Since we came to Tokyo six years ago you graduated from professional school got certified and become a store manager.
You are making your dreams come true.
But me, I have been.
Why are you showing weakness? It's not like you.
You were called Eikichi the Evil.
Whining don't match your image.
When we first came to Tokyo, we promised.
I know, I know.
I bet I'm fired.
Onizuka-sensei! -Here he comes.
-What did you do? Here we go.
-We are absolutely stunned.
-I knew it.
-You are a very promising teacher! -It'd be nice if I could ask them to pretend that they heard nothing about it.
I understand.
What?! Like I said, our principal said he'd like you to join our faculty.
Well, we were so amazed to hear that those delinquent students would clean the school because they respect you and they want you to become a teacher.
What did you do to transform them into such good students? Attention, everyone! Onizuka-sensei has arrived! Good morning, Onizuka-sensei! Good morning! Please tell me what you did, Onizuka-sensei.
Teacher, thank you very much for yesterday.
What you told us was very moving! Well, just a little bit of tough love.
Did you hear about the student teacher in Class O? You mean he salvaged that delinquent Class O? Amazing! He can't be an ordinary guy to rehabilitate them.
That's right.
I heard he used to be in a hot-rod gang.
Really? Okay, that's good.
Thank you for your hard work today, Onizuka-sensei! We would appreciate your instruction tomorrow.
It's awesome you tamed them so well.
You did a great job.
You think so? The whole school is talking about you, about the amazing student teacher.
I envy you.
You're the principal's favorite.
You've pretty much secured your job.
No, no.
It's not that.
You might be a better teacher than you think.
Me? I don't know.
If you say so.
You could be right.
See you.
I'm pretty busy too.
It's becoming reality, seriously.
If I don't cause trouble, I'll secure the teaching position of my dreams.
Yoo-poo! Yoo-poo! What the hell is "yoo-poo"? Say it correctly.
Oops! You are acting a little cold, teacher.
Don't bug me.
Go away.
That's too bad.
Nana wanted to praise you.
Praise? I'm the one who developed that torture-a-teacher trap! Usually, the victim stops coming to school or he would pay the money.
You are awesome, teacher.
I commend you.
Someone like you is called a devil.
Hurry home.
I don't have time for games.
Hey! You are really irritating me! Teacher, don't you wanna come to my house? -Absolutely not.
No way.
If you come, I will give you panties fresh off my butt! Fresh off your.
No! Eikichi Onizuka, 22 years old.
This is a trap.
Get her off! But if I keep going, the wind will lift up her miniskirt and she's not wearing.
It feels good to ride a motorcycle! What is she up to? Why is she inviting me to her house? I wonder if there is more to that trap.
Yeah, that's it.
That must be it! No, don't be fooled, Eikichi Onizuka, I won't fall for a young girl, even without underwear.
I won't fall for what's under that skirt.
I won't, I won't.
What are you expecting, teacher? Could it be this? You are blushing.
How cute! Wow, what a huge house! Is beer okay? Make yourself comfortable! I don't touch anything, even if I stretch my arms and legs! It's like a showroom.
There is no dust on the floor.
A maid comes in twice a week to clean the house.
Your family is rich for real.
That's not important.
Here is your beer.
Thanks! But I don't trust you yet.
Just because you are rich doesn't mean you can manipulate me with money.
I will not sell my soul for small change.
Wow, sushi! Are you having guests today? -That must be for me.
-Yours? I'll be late.
Eat this.
Mom Look, it's Chu-toro! And Oh-toro! Isn't this a super-deluxe combo? Hey, Mizuki! You're not gonna eat this by yourself, are you? For the sake of our relationship, I will be happy with Oh-toro.
No, you can have Oh-toro.
Maybe you can give me Chu-toro.
Oh-toro, sea urchin, salmon roe! Shit! It got mixed with garbage when the trash can fell.
Let's go for a drive! It felt so good to ride a motorcycle.
Please, please, please! I might be able to save some if I look carefully.
Please, let me spend the night at your place.
Oh-toro is the fatty part of tuna's belly.
The ones from black tunas caught offshore in Hokkaido during winter are the best.
Please let me spend the night.
Just tonight! Black tunas between 86 and 150 kg are less stringy and considered most suitable for sushi.
Now it is considered king of nigiri sushi.
Please, please, I don't want to go home.
The smooth flavor and texture delights gourmets all over the world.
Teacher! Don't nag me.
What were you thinking? You're crazy! What the hell?! I don't want to go home! I would rather die than go home.
I'm sorry.
I just wanted to do something outrageous.
Did you eat sukiyaki I made for you the other night? I don't waste food.
We used to cook sukiyaki a lot.
Those days, we were living in a tiny apartment.
The payday once a month was sukiyaki day.
That day, my mom bought meat and vegetables from the grocery store where she worked.
I would wait with my dad for her to come home and cook dinner together.
I enjoyed it very much.
But I think my dad and mom didn't like it.
So my dad opened a restaurant and my mom studied to get a license.
They started working a lot and built a company.
We moved to a bigger house.
I was given my own room.
And my dad had a room and my mom had a room.
After a while, we stopped eating sukiyaki together.
Funny, isn't it? I thought it'd be more fun if we lived in a bigger house.
My dad and mom worked hard for it.
Our house now has a thick wall between his room and her room.
The wall is very cold if you touch it.
Nanako, when we become rich someday, we will live in a huge house.
That's right.
We will have a yard and put in a swing set.
We'll build your own room too.
-Really? Are you sure? -Of course! Teacher, I wonder what happened.
I lied about that arranged-marriage meeting.
I want to go back to those days: My dad, my mom and myself in that tiny apartment.
I don't want to see that thick, cold wall anymore.
Why are you whining about a wall or two? In my apartment, a young couple lives next door.
I can hear their giggles and moaning.
How I envy-- No, that's irrelevant.
We cannot.
We cannot go back to the past no matter how much we try.
No matter how wonderful it was, the past is nothing but the past.
That's so.
Mizuki, go back to your house.
Teacher! Stupid! I hope you get killed! Okay, that will be fine.
This is a rare occasion.
You never come home this early.
What's gotten into you? -There was a call from your store.
-Where is Nanako? Nanako? Nanako! I always tell you to take your calls in your own room.
Look who's talking.
Don't give out our home number to weird women.
-Wasn't her name Mitsuko? -She is a client! -Yeah, right! -What do you mean? Yes? What is it? What's wrong? What's the yelling about? Hey, who are you? I'm a teacher.
Eikichi Onizuka, 22 years old.
I came to pay a visit to my student's house.
Teacher? That's a lie.
There is no way you could be a teacher! Teacher! What? Where are you going? Hey! You're a teacher at Nanako's school? Hey, wait a minute! -I'm gonna call the police! -Is this it? Stop! -Wait, aren't you a teacher? -Are you listening? Say something! Nanako! Mizuki, is this the one? Is this the wall you were talking about? -Yes.
-Nanako! What do you want? Money? We have no cash here! Stop! What are you doing? Have you gone insane? Aren't you a teacher? Let's call the police! Nanako, come over here! Nanako! See, Mizuki? The wall you hated I destroyed it for you! Now you take it from here.
Hello, police? Please come right away! A strange man is here-- -Nanako, what are you doing? -Hey, you, wait a minute! Let go, Nanako! Nanako! Wait! Well, everyone, it was short, but it was a good experience.
I will keep striving to become the greatest teacher in Japan.
Thank you.
You are the best, Onizuka-sensei! Bonehead guys! Why are you so attached to a teacher? Shut up! Onizuka-sensei is awesome! It's finally over, student teaching.
How was it? Everyone, look at this! My students gave me such a wonderful.
I have never been moved like this in my entire life! What happened to Osawa-kun? I heard that he was expelled because he seduced a student.
I am not surprised.
Well, we will have to do a good job starting in April.
Didn't you say you didn't want to be a teacher? I promised my students that I will be back in April.
Now, someone is motivated! Dear teacher: Thank you for the other day.
After, we were busy with the police and with having family meetings.
My dad and mom were very upset at first.
But now, they don't want to fight.
Thanks to that, we have more time to spend together.
On top of that I witnessed my dad and mom smiling at each other through the hole in the wall.
They looked a little embarrassed.
But, as soon as the wall was fixed, they stopped talking again.
But it will be fine.
This time I will destroy the wall between them in their hearts.
Little by little, no matter how long it may take I will do it.
It was fun, teacher! Make sure you become a teacher! I will remain a virgin and wait for you! You should be 10 years older to say that, kid! You're not taking me seriously.
See? Great.
TEACHER BANZAI You and me, let's go away To look for new emotions today Together we can overcome Because I want to enjoy a new tomorrow Open your eyes and open the door The world in front of your eyes I want to go out With my favorite sounds I will taste my childhood emotions I'm here to enjoy the sunlight I'm enjoying myself More than in the past I want to see you, but I can't So I just embrace my love Even walking on a crowded street Your smile makes my head spin -PREVIEW -Why are you looking at me like that? EIKICHI ONIZUKA -HIROSHI UCHIYAMADA -What? -AZUSA FUYUTSUKI -I'm so nervous.
Now, I will be GDO.