Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO) (1999) s01e28 Episode Script

Whatever Can Go Wrong, Will Go Wrong

Love song sung For a million people I don't just feel it This street makes me love Easy love! Easy come! Easy go! The future looks more realistic Than we ever imagined Cars don't look like they will float In the air anytime soon And today, I get on the subway Like always Silent strangers leave me behind On the streetso then Lonely, lonely, Even in the painful and frail night Lonely, lonely, keep on Giving me your original love Lonely, lonely, longing for you, My life is so cold I decided I won't do What I can't put into words Only she can caress my heart, I want to forget Love me, love me With strong and fragile heart Kiss me, kiss me, I worry in the lonely night Who are you?! I represent the Magazine Glossy Princess Contest! In short, MGPC! MGPC? Yes.
We'll introduce all 12 girls in our magazine.
We'll ask our readers to vote for the top star of the 21st century.
The winner will appear in a 20-page layout in our magazine, and we'll give her full support.
We want her to compete.
Now we are going to start a press conference for the Magazine Glossy Princess Contest.
We're going to introduce the 12 girls competing in the contest.
Entry number one, Kyoko Sasaki.
Nice to be here.
Entry number two, Miki Wakamatsu.
I'm Miki Wakamatsu.
Entry number nine, Kaori Ueda.
- She isn't here yet? - I'll do my best.
- As usual, she's slow - Entry number ten, Yuko Nagashima.
- I ask for your support! - I'm sorry Hurry up! Your turn is coming up! Yes! Entry number eleven, Megumi Hoshino.
Megumi Hoshino.
I'm 17 years old.
Oh, no! It's not her turn yet! I can't believe I've been invited to compete in such a big event.
I'll do my best in the contest.
I ask for your support! What is she doing? Wow! Oh, I'm sorry! - What on earth is she doing?! - Are you okay? I'm fine.
Are you all right? Protect those boobs! Entry number twelve, Tomoko Nomura.
Tomo-chan That's it.
These are the twelve.
What were you thinking? Tomoko is not a comedian! You gave her cheap encouragement! I'm fine, Manager-san.
I like comedy, too.
Are you listening to me?! In a situation like that, it's better to be the center of attention.
TOROKO IS IN FACT SLOW Toroko is already one step ahead.
I don't think readers of this magazine read sports newspapers.
Oh? Teacher, did you give anyone an address for Tomoko's fan letters? Yeah, the publisher asked me, so It's Toroko's home address.
What were you thinking?! Her fans will swarm her home! It wasn't me! I faxed the office address.
Really! But it's likely that teacher might have faxed our class registry by mistake What are you going to do with this?! Oh, shut up! It only says "Address for fan letters.
" If they don't know this is her home address nothing will happen.
I'm now in front of a Ramen Restaurant in Kichijoji This isn't a restaurant with the longest waiting line in Japan.
It is the result of new star Tomoko Nomura's address being published in Shonen Magazine this week.
It has become a huge disturbance, with fans and media in front of Nomura-san's home.
Despite Nomura-san being unknown to the public it's becoming a serious problem here, and police have been called.
It is because the magazine has a circulation of five million.
Some say Nomura-san's production team put down her address on purpose.
That's the only reasonable explanation.
- It's selling her name.
- Onizuka-san, they know now! Because of this, I've been busy responding to the media since this morning! But you have time to come here This is the only place the media doesn't know about! Don't make a fuss.
It isn't cool, Okkie! Not cool?! Whose fault is that?! Don't you remember our goal? We're going to make Toroko the top star of Glossy Princess.
That's our ultimate goal.
We can't choose our strategy right now! Teacher! Today's magazine! The first results of the voting are published in today's magazine.
You can complain after you see it.
This is! She's at the bottom Don't worry about the ranking Beautiful sky Don't change the subject! Good! Good! The main readers of the magazines are young students.
They don't like sensational accidents like that.
I guess It's too late to analyze that.
Thank you, that's all! Thank you very much.
Excuse me! First of all are you seriously thinking about Tomo-chan?! Of course! Toroko is my student! I think of her as my top priority.
It's a lie! It's definitely a lie! DRESSING ROOM Oh, no What's the matter, Toroko? I can't find it I'm telling you.
I'm thinking of letting her compete based on her glossy picture as this is a glossy princess contest.
Are you sure? Don't complain until after you see the swimming suit I picked.
Excuse me I can't find the swimming suit.
No way! We had it a few minutes ago.
I turned my bag inside out.
No, we can't find it.
That means What are you going to do? Today is the last day of the photo shoot.
Toroko's size is F.
We can't get another one very quickly.
Don't say that you'll let them photograph Tomo-chan nude just because we don't have her swimming suit! No way! Oh, shut up! I'll take care of it! MGPC 2nd INTERIM REPORT See, I did take care of it Have we ever seen a photograph showing the beauty of a woman so boldly and sensitively? No, never! This is a true glossy photograph which can represent the 21st century.
It's art! Don't you agree?! Right? But she is at the bottom of the rankings We agreed to take this photograph with "once-in-life-time" courage.
But it hasn't changed the result! What are you going to do?! Kids don't understand this art.
What can I do? But this is not good If this continues, she'll be alone at the bottom of the rankings Don't jump to that conclusion so quickly.
This kind of contest is based on the number of postcard votes.
I have a secret weapon for that.
He gathered the motorcycle gangs here.
What is he thinking? Are you serious, Eikichi? Of course I'm serious, very serious.
With the name of the biggest group in the Kanto area everyone has to write at least one thousand postcards! Don't cheat! I can't believe he called us together to write postcards.
And what about the cost for the postcards? It comes out of your pocket! Eikichi won't pay for that! What kind of secret weapon is this?! But block votes are certainly the best method for collecting votes.
Don't slow down! MGPC 3rd INTERIM REPORT The sky is getting more and more blue You've got to be kidding me! Fifty thousand! We wrote at least fifty thousand postcards! Why did it increase only by one thousand? Maybe someone misspelled.
Or the handwriting was so bad that they couldn't read it Maybe the publisher found out about the block votes and we got penalized! That must be it! There is nothing that says block votes are unacceptable.
Stop talking, and you write more, too! It's strange Before depositing them in the mailbox I checked all of the postcards.
I didn't see any postcards that might be invalid.
Even if we got penalized for some reason they wouldn't impose a penalty without contacting us.
Then Something fishy is going on behind the scenes GREAT TOROKO OPPAI Who's the contestant in first place? First place here it is! This is it.
Megumi Hoshino.
Oh, she belongs to Warning Productions.
Warning Productions? The biggest production company in the industry.
People say if you are against Warning Productions you can't survive in the industry.
I see.
Competing against someone from Warning Productions our chance of winning is Why am I discouraging myself?! Tomoko Nomura is the best! Tomo-chan is going to win! All right! If that's the case, I'm going to write postcards! She was the one in the photo session before Toroko, wasn't she? Before that, at the press conference, Toroko knocked her down I see Good, Tomoko Nomura.
She's running alone at the bottom.
You embarrassed me who belongs to Warning Productions.
You should disappear from the entertainment industry! What's the matter, Megu-chan? This isn't like you.
Don't worry about the contest.
What are you talking about? There's no way I'll worry about it.
Yes, I see.
But just in case TOMOKO NOMURA MEGUMI HOSHINO Eighty percent of the part-time workers who are totaling the votes are on our side Your win is assured.
Is that right? So I'm finally joining the stars There will be a presentation ceremony of the MGPC here at Nippon Budokan at four o'clock this evening.
This event has produced a number of famous people.
We are going to find out who is going to join the stars this year.
Finally the day has come Is she going to embarrass herself in front of the whole country? I hope she isn't at the bottom.
Why are you guys losing confidence? Until the last report, she's always been last.
How can we have confidence? Winning is an impossible dream.
We don't know the results yet, winning or coming in last But Trust me! A miracle will happen! I've heard that before Shut up! Miracles happen all the time! Then they aren't miracles.
I believe it, too.
Tomoko has enough talent.
She can come from behind! Hum This is the first time we agree on something.
I wrote 230,000,000.
I did 300,000,000.
You did well.
Because I'm her manager I believe it, too.
It is already a miracle for me to be here and my photographs were in the magazines.
If teacher says so, a miracle will happen again! Let's show them a miracle! Yes! TOMOKO TOMOKO HANGIN THERE, TOMOKO! Thank you for waiting.
Now we are going to have the presentation ceremony for the Magazine Glossy Princess Contest.
We are going to announce the top five.
In fifth place, Kaori Ueda, 320, 057 votes! Kaori-chan! In fourth place, Kyoko Sasaki, 356, 840 votes! In third place, Miki Wakamatsu, 380, 123 votes! In second place, Hiromi Tatsukawa, 437, 111 votes! And we're going to announce the first place winner after showing all other rankings on the board.
Why are they making us wait?! Just tell us who's in first place.
TOMOKO NOMURA As we thought What?! No way! That means the winner of the Magazine Glossy Princess is after receiving 1, 145, 231 votes Megumi Hoshino! Now we are going to have the award ceremony.
That's not right! There is no way Tomo-chan could get the fewest votes.
That's right! All my friends voted for Tomo-chan! Shut up! The award ceremony is starting.
Be quiet! What did you say? What?! Calm down, please calm down.
The audience in Budokan is protesting.
I wonder what is happening.
Tomo-chan! - Tomo-chan, Tomo-chan - What should we do, Kibayashi-san? - Tomo-chan, Tomo-chan - Let's give out the trophy and end it.
Roger! Before presenting the trophy, let's have the winner Megumi Hoshino, say a few words to her fans.
Everyone, thank you very much for your votes.
Because of you, I'm now the Glossy Princess.
Thank you very much! Shut up, mean girl! The winner is Tomo-chan, of course! Who do they think they are?! Teacher! I've found out the trick.
This! There are a million postcards like this! This is the one I wrote What does this mean? What a dirty trick! I don't forgive them! I don't care if they are the biggest production company! Teacher, Toroko is Tomo-chan Thank you This is like a dream that so many people support me.
I was able to debut and compete in such a great contest because you supported me.
No matter what my ranking is I'm really touched.
So, everyone, please calm down.
Thank you very much Toroko received an invisible trophy.
What? Then let's give the trophy Megumi-chan! Megumi-chan! Everyone, thank you very much.
The event is not over yet.
Please don't leave your seats.
We've got proof that Warning Productions leaked Toroko's address and stole her swimming suit.
But with Toroko's speech It's a waste.
That's all right! It was fun! Thank you, everyone.
If Toroko says so Even though a miracle didn't happen I wouldn't say that Well, the results already came out.
Kichijoji, Kichijoji.
Thank you for riding.
- This is - Platform No.
3 - The doors are closing.
- What's that sound? Please watch out.
Right now, big crowds are gathering around Tomoko Nomura's home in Kichijoji.
Tomo-chan-fans Tomoko Nomura fans are gathering here.
Look at the number of young people! There are more here than at Budokan.
Tomo-chan! Keep on going! We're cheering for you! Teacher! WARNING PRODUCTION'S PUT-UP JOB DISCLOSED TORO-CHAN'S BIG BREAKTHROUGH!! You can't love everyone It's only for the one you love No breaking your faith or doubting Don't you judge or hate? Just stay innocent Am I hurting anyone? My emotion quietly blazes Deep inside my eyes I am so happy that I found you In the infinity of eternal time What is there for me to do? It may be small now But the fire cannot go out A tear is about to drop Hold it back in your chest Live strong every moment Like a single drop of your tear NEXT EPISODE Traitor! I guess you can't, because you're a princess.
Unbelievable! I hope this lasts long I've got some interesting information.
Don't worry.
Make him drink until he can't remember anything.
Hum 1.
12 million yen Did I lose it?! What?! A secret school uniform bar? SEE YA NEXT TIME