Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO) (1999) s01e43 Episode Script

Onizuka's Final Battle

Hyakuman nin no tame ni utawareta love song nanka ni Boku wa kantan ni omoi wo kasanetari wa shinai Koi seyo to semeru kono machi no kihon kouzou wa Easy love! Easy come! Easy go! Souzou shiteita yori mo zutto mirai wa genjitsuteki dane Kuruma mo shibaraku sora wo hashiru yotei mo nasasousa Soshite kyou mo chikatetsu ni nori Mukuchi na tanin to machi ni okizari ne Dakara lonely, lonely, setsunakute kowaresouna yoru ni sae Lonely, lonely, kimidake wa original love wo tsuranuite Lonely, lonely, aitakute kogoesouna mainichi ni Kotoba ni dekinai koto wa murini shinai kotoni shita Ano hito dake kokoro no seikantai Wasuretai ne Love me, love me, tsuyoku yowai kokoro Kiss me, kiss me, aseru hitorino yoru A student attacked a member of the Board of Education.
It's unheard of Really, kids are unpredictable these days What is the school doing? Did that girl really say she stabbed Saito? There is no other way of looking at it I'm not asking for your opinion.
I'm asking you if the girl herself really said so.
No She didn't say so but when I asked her, she didn't deny it.
Is there a problem? If Saito were to find out about Mizuki Yokoyama's suicide what do you think he would do? How is his condition? The doctor says he is in critical condition.
I feel bad for him, but it is a break for us.
Unless he speaks up the connection between Mizuki Yokoyama's suicide and us will not be revealed This incident will finally be put to rest.
Ah, then, everyone.
Regarding Onizuka's Eikichi dismissal and Miyabi Aizawa's surrender to the police we're going to hand in our votes.
All right? Vice Principal, please wait.
What is it? I don't know how much authority the Board of Education has but these one-sided demands are unreasonable! But, Fuyutsuki-sensei what Aizawa did was undoubtedly a case of assault.
We don't know if she really stabbed him! After all, we've heard Kikuchi and the others' stories.
And we're still obeying the Board's orders? It's wrong! But Yokoyama's pregnancy is just a rumor.
We have no hard evidence and yet the school runs the risk of being shut down.
There are many other schools.
If you're only thinking about yourself you're no different from the idiots on the Board.
You are so rude! I am thinking about this school! Then why don't you fight against the Board of Education?! That is Principal! If we continue arguing like this, we will make little progress.
Please cast your votes! Principal! We won't vote yet.
What?! - What did you say?! No way! - This isn't what I was told! I believe the students' story and Onizuka-sensei.
Principal! If we settle the matter now only to save the school the problems which are rampant in the school won't go away.
They will actually get worse.
But, Principal, if we do nothing Vice Principal.
This term may be out-of-date nowadays but we are Seishokusha (professionals in the sacred vocation).
Seishokusha? Generations might have changed.
The way of education might have changed.
But this thing should never be shaken even if we need to hold on with our last ounce of strength.
We have to stand firm as professionals in this sacred vocation.
Onizuka-sensei! The Principal is on your side! Onizuka What's this? Excuse me.
! I'm just a show biz agent How could I do such a thing?! - Just spread the word - Good morning! -that it's a scoop.
That's all! - Good morning! - We'll do the rest.
- It smells like tobacco again.
- But - You have to get some air - This is the last time -in here.
It isn't good for you I'll bother you.
Tomoko, that window is.
! - What are you going to do? - What's with this wind?! - Never mind.
- It's too windy.
- I'm counting on you.
- Close it now! I'm sorry! That's all right.
It only needs to be cleaned up It will take the whole day, won't it? Oh, I'll help you.
Never mind! Just do your job.
- I screwed up again! - Hello.
Hey, can you really do that?! Security's tight Of course.
Getting into the database of the hospital and reading the death certificate won't be easy But there is no other way.
We don't have evidence that the Board of Education hushed it up.
But if Yokoyama's medical records have been altered that means there had to have been someone who altered them.
Although they may not say anything the media will get suspicious about the Board of Education.
Really Come to think of it why do I need to lose my job because of those shitty brats? Right, buddy?! - Yeah.
- You think so, too? They don't have manners.
They leave their textbooks at school.
When I scold them, they talk back.
When it gets worse, they use violence, too.
They do Enjo Kosai.
They smoke tobacco.
In the end they call me bald in public and laugh at me.
With these kids why do we need to keep ourselves as Seishokusha? Principal Is she really going up against the Board? No! No! I won't let it happen! Whatever people may say about me I won't let my little bit of happiness be ruined! Can you do something about that man? I'm sorry Really, he's a nuisance.
Seishokusha It sounds so sweet now ODEN God, what do you want me, Hiroshi Uchiyamada to do now? Oh, Fuyutsuki-chan.
What's up? Staying up late is not good for your skin.
Get serious.
Onizuka-kun, what are you going to do? Fuyutsuki-chan.
Can you lend me some money? You see, Ryuji would make a fuss and demand that I return his money right away I didn't think you would If you lend money to someone like me you don't know when it will be repaid Please don't go I've been wanting to tell you for a long time Fuyu and Tsuki stand for winter moon It's a nice name.
In winter the air is dry so the moon looks much clearer than it does right now Don't worry about me.
I'm going to another extracurricular lesson as always.
Here they come! We should go, too! Wait! Vice Principal! Quickly! I know I know We've been waiting for you.
I told you that was an order.
You must be joking.
Does the Board of Education have such authority? I don't have any intention of following yesterday's two demands.
Are you defending a suspect accused of assault and a violent teacher? Miyabi Aizawa might not have stabbed Saito-sensei.
At least I believe she didn't do it.
I also believe in Onizuka-sensei.
Even though he might have overstepped his authority I won't fire him because of that.
Overstepped?! It's not so easy! That was a threat! His being a teacher itself is a big problem! If you want us to take responsibility I, as the principal, will do so.
But I have no intention of taking Miyabi Aizawa to the police now.
If we do, no truth will be revealed and she may be judged as a criminal.
Truth? Saito-sensei might have tried to commit suicide.
Last year when his relationship was exposed by the media in front of his students, Saito-sensei swore that he would continue the relationship with her.
In spite of that he changed his position and denied it in front of the investigation committee.
He was a very enthusiastic teacher who was respected by his students.
I wonder if someone, with such character could lie to his students.
I believe Saito-sensei really loved Yokoyama.
So when Saito found out about Yokoyama's suicide I think he wanted to end his life, too.
And why did he need to lie in the first place?! Are you trying to say that we forced him to lie? Shoot! What's the matter, Kikuchi? I was able to enter the database but I don't see any trace of alteration of the data.
Our enemy won't be caught so easily What should we do, Kikuchi?! The meeting has already started! Don't blame Kikuchi! I know that! Kikuchi What, Yoshikawa?! Why are you playing a game at a time like this?! I'm not! This looks like Saito's home page.
What?! He seems to be responding to his students' questions Look at this Let's see I have had a forbidden love affair.
So I really know how hard and terrible it is.
But I thought this way.
What is best for our future? We shouldn't listen to others' objections if we're okay, that should be enough.
But can we call it real happiness? To be blessed by everyone that is the best.
So I have decided to wait until then.
Because I really love her Saito-sensei didn't betray us! We have to let everyone know! All right.
We should go to the school! These days the erosion of education is a big issue.
So I understand that you are very nervous about scandals.
But in order to save the reputation of your organization you have sacrificed two lives no, to be precise, three lives.
That's stupid! You have no evidence.
And if the incident is revealed the reputation of this school which is considered elite, will diminish.
Are you still going to defend one student? Yes.
Hey, you guys.
Why don't you stop this insane principal? She is about to cost you your jobs.
Prostrating Vice Principal.
How about you? What's the matter? We are not saying you have to take responsibility.
It's idiotic to throw away your life for just one student, isn't it? Students nowadays have no respect toward their teachers at all.
They use violence without hesitation and if there is something they don't like they go out of control.
- Even if the student here - Wait attacked a person with a knife -it wouldn't come as a surprise.
- Hey - And Enjo Kosai - Wait a minute not coming to school - We've reached the limit.
- Wait a minute.
! It's not your or our responsibility I'm telling you to shut up! I won't allow any opinions which insult the students! If in order to protect the organization the Board of Education cornered Saito-sensei you are the criminals! You aren't qualified to discuss education! Vice Principal Isn't it right?! Because of that Mizuki Yokoyama had to commit suicide! That means you're the same as murderers! This is so stupid.
He doesn't make sense You're the ones who don't make any sense! Certainly, both this school and the Board of Education are organizations.
But for whom do these organizations exist? They've never, ever been for you or us teachers! All of these organizations exist for the students! No matter how devastated the real world of education is we should never turn away from it as professionals of this sacred vocation and as teachers! Bravo, Vice Principal! Oh, no, I'm just I suppose there is no one who can discuss this in a rational fashion It's no use discussing this with those of you who don't recognize the authority of the Board of Education.
Effective immediately I suspend the operational license of Holy Forest Academy.
Wait a minute! Onizuka! The reputation of the school? The authority of the Board of Education? What are those things? I can break them down right now! Onizuka! You.
! Vice Principal.
If you yell too much, your baldness will get worse.
Is that right? What did you say?! Let's settle this now.
What can you, a mere schoolteacher, do? OKINOSHIMA Go ahead.
Please go to the conference room on the third floor.
Go! Hurry up! We're live, stand by! What are you doing?! It's a violent attack It's very close to it, Tomo-chan.
You! What did you?! Here! Here they are! Director Igarashi.
Did Saito really have a relationship with a female student? Did the Board of Education force him to make a false statement because you were afraid that the incident would be revealed? This is shocking news.
There is speculation that the Board of Education had a role in a female student's suicide This incident started - What's on the news? -last June when a teacher - I don't care about that.
-of an elite private school - Don't change it! -and his student had a relationship and their photographs were revealed - Wow! Eikichi's there! -in a magazine which troubled the Board of Education.
Hey! You can't go to the conference room! Hey, it's on TV! Let's go.
What's going on? Let's go in! Yeah! Is it true you hushed it up? There is no basis for that insinuation!! But is it true that the student - Eikichi -committed suicide? But it has nothing to do with us.
There is a rumor that the female student was pregnant is it true that you made Saito give a false statement? You are rude! - Do you have evidence? - Calm down, Director! The issue we have before us now is that a female student at Holy Forest stabbed Saito! That's not true.
The one who stabbed Saito isn't a student.
It was me, Eikichi Onizuka, It was me, Eikichi Onizuka, What are you talking about?! It was Miyabi Aizawa This is the weapon with Saito's blood and my fingerprints.
Do you have a problem with that? - Oh, no.
- I don't care what you guys - He finally did it.
-have been doing.
- Take me to Onizuka.
- But I will not allow you to turn my students into criminals! Quickly! Onizuka! Teacher! Hey, you guys! Don't skip school, all right?! Teacher! Teacher! Don't worry.
It'll work out.
Onizuka-sensei Onizuka.
! Onizuka Yes? Really?! Hey! Saito's awake! The hospital! Go to the hospital! Did you hear about it? Now we'll find out the real truth in this case.
You've never forced Saito to make a false statement, have you? Director.
Please give us a comment.
What's going on? What's the matter? Are you going to run away? Teacher.
Saito-sensei was seriously trying to protect Yokoyama.
Yoshikawa found it! That's great! You saved me? What? What are you talking about? I'm sorry! I'm sorry We know Saito stabbed himself so why is Onizuka being taken away? They can't just release him, can they? Onizuka! What are you going to do?! He ran away! What?! After all, I didn't want to get arrested! I'm innocent! TWO MONTHS LATER What's the matter, Fuyutsuki-sensei? Nothing From the look of it, I guess he hasn't contacted you yet Right I wonder where he is and what he's doing Don't worry.
As long as you are here, he'll come back.
Or do you want to go chase after him? JUSTICE My adrenaline's always flowin' So it feels like I'll overheat Even if I explode and turn to ashes I'll probably still be laughing Just like this Blowing past the town To the ends of the world Let's burn rubber And die together like lovers Let's cut loose Until we reach our limit So we can reach the horizon Crash! Into the rolling morning Flash! I'm in the coolest driver's high Toward the finish line G-T-O? Yes! I am the great teacher Onizuka 22 years old.
Nice to meet you! SEE YA NEXT TIME