Green Lantern: The Animated Series s01e19 Episode Script


Previously on "Green Lantern" Wait, Zox! The Green Lanterns will help rebuild your shattered sector.
Whatever reparations you think are enough, start by doubling them! Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.
Season 1, Episode 19: "Loss" We, the Guardians of Oa, vow to make reparations for the devastation our Manhunters caused to the Forgotten Zone.
May this reintegration of Shard into Ysmault be the first step of rebuilding a home world for you, Prime Magistrate Zox, and the rest of the sector's citizens.
While it was an honor to have the Science Director accompany me on my triumphant return to Ysmault, I expected another guest to be here.
Appa Ali Apsa sends his regrets.
But the vast distance and his demanding schedule prevent I understand completely.
Appa said he'd be here, and, oh, look at that, he's not here.
Seems like Guardian promises are worth exactly what I remembered.
Let us not forget the important matter here The long, horrible chapter of the Manhunt is finally at an end.
Tomorrow, the official signing of the truce will take place and the rebuilding of Ysmault can begin in earnest.
You have the word of the Guardians.
So let me get this straight We're flying back into Red Lantern's space, which is pretty dumb to start with, but even dumber is we're coming back to be part of some ceremony? It's like sticking your face near an eye blinder shred vine.
Keep an open mind.
This isn't just any ceremony.
This is the creation of a peace treaty.
Our presence is a symbol of the newly formed alliance between the Red and the Green Lanterns.
A chance for peace in the Galaxy for generations to come.
You know, you sound like one of those professional What's it you're always telling me about? - Politicians? - No.
Isn't it kind of a dicey time for us to be in Red Lantern space? Especially with all the Manhunter activity? They don't actually know anything about it.
And to quote our little blue pal Appa, "It is best that they never know anything about it.
" Politicians What's up with you? I I would like to request that we make a stop.
There is a planet very nearby.
Ah, sure thing, kid.
We're early.
What's it all about? I'm sorry But it's personal.
This marker indicates where the Manhunters first arrived on their mission to annihilate everything they touched a millennia ago.
The mere thought of it makes me sick to my stomach.
Which is why I'm declaring this the first area to rebuild.
A good choice, Prime Magistrate Zox.
A word alone, Zox.
I mean, "Prime Magistrate".
I do not trust the little blue demon.
Let's just kill her and hide the body.
I'll even dig the hole.
Patience, please.
We lost the war, remember? We nod and smile and quietly rebuild our strength while milking them for all they're worth.
It's all part of my genius plan.
Excuse me, please, but Zox, it occurred to me.
Perhaps we should consider putting a large monument to the Red Lanterns Right here, in this area.
Something heroic.
Yes, that is a good idea.
I know that a statue or 2,000 of me might be just the thing to boost morale in the Forgotten Zone.
Give them hope; a new leader rising heroically from the ashes.
Let's discuss it at the banquet.
Razer I apologize for following you.
It is all right, Aya.
I just did not hear you come in.
This place.
I know what happened here.
This is where your love, Ilana, ceased to live.
I shared this memory.
I shared this pain.
- Yes.
- I am intruding upon your grief.
- I will go.
- No, Aya, wait.
Don't go.
I do mourn Ilana, but that was a different life.
And I was a different person.
I am not the man who chose hate all those years ago.
I have changed in so many ways.
Thanks to you.
There is something I wish to show you.
This was once a dead world.
But life is returning.
It It is beautiful.
Aya, Razer, we got to fly.
The Guardian diplomat on Ysmault just called having a cold, emotionless freak out.
We have to get there ASAP.
What took you so long? There's a horrible problem, and What is that doing here? - That's kind of a funny story.
- Enough, 2814.
I thought I ended this A.
experiment once and for all.
You've made our situation infinitely more complicated.
Then explain it to us slowly.
This project was terminated because it deviated from normal, acceptable parameters.
The A.
is too unpredictable.
Aya is a necessary member of my crew, end of story.
I will deal with that issue later.
A much more serious situation demands our immediate attention.
I've discovered a Manhunter, here, on Ysmault.
This Manhunter is active.
Malfunctioning, but operational.
That's no surprise.
Those tin cans have been popping up and turning on all over the Galaxy.
Which is the reason you must handle this one.
It is buried at these coordinates.
I'm overdue at the peace banquet.
Take care of it quietly.
If an operational Manhunter were to turn upon Ysmault today, of all days, the Red Lanterns would surely blame us.
It would be war all over again.
Get ready.
Let's make this short and sweet.
- What the nux? - These are the correct coordinates.
- But where's our toaster? - Making a run for it.
Look! No man escapes the Manhunters.
No man escapes the Manhunters.
I think a statue of me would look good here, yes, and a golden Zox would be perfect over there.
Perhaps a stern, yet fair one made of baromite looking down on the crowd in the center of the plaza.
What is going on here?! You! Explain yourself this instant! I am the Prime Magistrate, I demand an answer! Nothing is going on "Prime Magistrate".
Say it with respect, Razer What the Kilowog! A little help? Coming right up.
- Now what? - We hide the body.
Let's get this thing out of here before anybody sees - Manhunter! - This is so not what it looks like.
I knew it.
I knew all along this was some kind of sneak attack.
Whoa, you've got it all wrong, big, round guy.
Let's go to Treachery! Guards, we've been betrayed! Where are my guards? The Green Lanterns are not to be trusted, do you hear me?! I am the Prime Magis trate.
The banquet broke up early.
Apparently Prime Magistrate Zox decided not to show up.
- Did you finish your mission, 2814? - Well, about that.
There's good news and bad news.
The good news is, we've disabled the Manhunter.
Dare I ask what the bad news is? We sort of picked up a new guest.
What have you done?! Remove his gag at once.
Prime Magistrate, I apologize for this terrible mistake, and Mistake?! There is no mistake! This is war! The truth of your vial duplicity has finally been revealed! I knew it all along.
I knew it.
"Peace"? Please! - The Guardians are - Put the gag back on.
So otherwise, how was the party? Calling this a monumental diplomatic disaster would be generous, Green Lantern.
- Your blundering has reignited a war.
- Incoming transmission.
I am tracing an anti-matter pulse, originating near the maelstrom.
Which means the Anti-Monitor is in Frontier space? - That's a little too close for comfort.
- Maybe so.
But we're going to get a lot closer.
Aya, magnify the view screen.
Manhunters This is what you brought me to see? The army with which you'll eradicate my kind once and for all? We're keeping our distance, Zox, because these things are as big a threat to us as to you.
Ha! The robot soldiers you built? It is true, Prime Magistrate, that the Guardians did create the Manhunters.
- But we control them no longer.
- Oh, right.
Then who does? The Anti-Monitor.
The most fearsome creation in all our Universe; born of utter folly.
It started eons ago on the planet Maltus.
A renegade Guardian named Krona became obsessed with constructing the ultimate being, so powerful it could accomplish anything, even time travel.
But his rash experiment had horrendous consequences.
It was a proud apparatus.
And when it became cognizant, instantly recognized its superiority.
It had an insatiable appetite, and the ability to turn everything into anti-matter for its consumption.
It would have destroyed everything had Krona not managed to banish it to another dimension.
Yeah, been there, escaped that.
The Anti-Monitor ate that entire Universe for breakfast.
And now it's loose in ours.
Watch his bloody boots What is it doing to the maelstrom? Eating it.
This is nothing but another weapon the Guardians have built to destroy us! Look at that thing, Zox.
It's eating the maelstrom! If the Guardians were using it to attack your people, you'd already be chewed up and digested.
Warning Apparently the Anti-Monitor has detected my long-range burst scan.
- Uh, Hal? - Don't freak out.
That doesn't mean he saw us.
Pretty sure he saw us.
Manhunters! Attacking me! Get us out of here! Calm yourself, Zox! We are in as much danger as you.
- Who cares if you're in danger? - 2814, get us away from here immediately.
Aya, initiate emergency ultra warp.
However, even ignoring safety protocols, I will require four minutes to prime the impellers.
Come on, boys, everybody out.
We've got to hold them off until Aya's ready.
- Want to help, Zox? - Not so much.
Razer Be careful.
Stay together.
Hold 'em off and thin 'em out.
Right behind you.
Time to leave this party! Come on, kid, we're moving out.
The ship should be ready to go by now.
Inopportune Very inopportune.
Razer is in trouble.
He requires immediate assistance.
- No! He's dying for a better cause.
- I forbid you to leave.
- Where's Red? - He was right behind us.
He's out there, cut off from the Interceptor.
Your A.
has gone after him against my direct orders.
A traitor and a glitchy robot.
I say leave them.
No! We're going back.
Hal Jordan, I order you to fly this ship out of here this instant! Not without my teammates.
Kilowog, give me some cover fire.
I'm on it, Jordan.
Scan for Razer and Aya.
- You came back for me.
- Always.
Got a lock on their position.
Let's move! Aya! No! Aya I will fly you back to the Interceptor.
Too late, Razer.
Only 29.
5 seconds of existence remain.
Download yourself to the ship! Impossible.
Distance too great.
Aya Don't go.
I love you.
I love you, Aya.
Razer I I now understand the meaning of regret.
We we never Now! No!