Greenhouse Academy (2017) s03e08 Episode Script

The Beeps

It'll all be over soon.
Can't wait, baby.
- You know what to do, right? - Always.
Wait, where's the magnetite? What? Did you think I'd bring that poisonous rock here? I found the perfect place to store it.
This new piece of magnetite caught me off guard, I admit.
But then I thought, "When life gives you lemons, spread a deadly virus while drinking your lemonade.
" - What? - Next time someone walks into that cave, we'll trigger a mechanism to heat up the magnetite, then the whole world will witness what this virus can do.
Or what it can't, which is, be cured.
But people might be able to figure out an antidote - if they have access to the virus.
- Yeah.
I thought about that, too.
The whole place is set to blow up once they leave the cave.
But why why would anyone go there, anyway? What? Don't tell me you thought of something.
Now the Rams have a chance to put the game away Hey, you.
Why is it I feel like we live ten feet away from each other, and yet I never see you? Yeah? They keep us, uh, pretty busy here.
Well, sit down.
What a coincidence, the Eagles are playing Los Angeles.
How is the life of an Eagle, anyway? Actually, they're not so good with dealing with losses.
- My Eagles, I mean.
- Oh.
You know, I was the one who convinced your mother to let you stay there.
- Really? - Yes.
'Cause I trust you, Hayley.
You know what you're doing.
Thanks, Dad.
Oh, come on.
Now they'll have to spike it.
And it's second and goal with eight seconds left on the clock.
Rams, five guys Do you hear that? - What? - Listen.
Ah, it's probably just a car alarm.
No, it's too high-pitched.
Dad, you don't hear this? Thanks for the reminder that I'm old.
I know that sound.
So, Enzo gave this to you? His grandmother had a stroke.
He had to race out of here.
That is so sad.
He said his job was to take care of her now, like she took care of him growing up.
Oh, my goodness.
What a good kid.
I'm so pissed.
I needed a lightbulb for my makeup mirror, and it turns out, that groundskeeper, he quit this afternoon.
And his room was locked, so I couldn't even get inside.
- Hey, psst! Did you hear that? - What? - Enzo quit today.
- Seriously? That's great.
Isn't that great? I don't know.
I guess.
Oh, my God.
The magnetite.
- Do you think he stole it? - No, no, no.
He called it moon crap.
Yeah, moon crap that's worth thousands of dollars.
Oh, man.
I'm gonna call Max.
- No.
- I knew it.
Ugh! That scumbag! What were we thinking? You're the one who told us we should do what he said.
- Okay, it's time to tell Ryan everything.
- No! No, no, no, no.
We talked about this already, okay? We will be kicked out in a heartbeat if she finds out what we did.
But what about the magnetite? We have to tell everyone it's dangerous.
Why? I mean, he stole it.
It's his problem now.
What if it ends up hurting innocent people? What, you think he's gonna donate it to the Smithsonian? Listen, whoever ends up with that rock will be just as slimy as he is, okay? - Yeah, you're probably right about that.
- Thank you.
I mean, besides, what are the chances someone heats it up, anyway? I mean, that thing sat in a cave for a hundred Thousands.
Hundreds of thousands of years.
- I was gonna say that - Okay, okay, okay.
Guys, we take this to the grave.
- Hey, guys.
- Hey.
- What's the score? - Uh, just finished.
Big shocker, Los Angeles lost again.
Damn Eagles.
Well, my groundskeeper just quit.
Really? You know, I thought I came here to work with students, not broken pipes.
Speaking about broken, there's this crazy beeping sound in the house all night.
It was here, I swear.
Well, I don't have anyone to fix it right now.
I'll I'll try and deal with it tomorrow.
Actually, uh, we have that winery tour tomorrow.
- Oh - What? But Mom hates wine.
Yes, but she likes the big donors for the school.
Ah Well, in that case, I'm going to bed.
At one point, I felt this tugging on my life jacket, and realized it was Max holding onto me.
Hey! Hey.
Um Okay.
- Hi.
Can I have a chocolate shake, please? - Sure.
hardest thing I've ever had to do.
You were hypnotized, locked in a cave, watched your brother go to prison and that's the hardest thing you've ever had to do? The beeping came from the cave! Hayley, are are you okay? Guys, I have to tell you something.
I was at my parents' place I mean, the headmaster's residence, and I heard this beeping sound, and I swear I could have heard it before.
It was sort of like a And now I've realized it was the beeping sound I heard in the cave when I was locked in there with my mom! It came from behind the wall in the far corner of the kitchen.
What's behind that wall? My brother's old room.
Do you hear it? You're right.
It is similar to the beeping from the cave.
But I don't know.
That's it.
I'm sure of it.
I'll never forget that sound.
I think it's coming from there.
What is this? Oh, my God.
My fricking brother.
Come with me.
Hey, babe.
I just wanted to check on Oh.
Apparently, you're doing just fine.
Daniel Daniel.
Daniel, come on.
I can't believe I'm saying this, but it's not what you think.
Oh, so I didn't see you alone in the living room with Leo? No.
Actually, you didn't.
Brooke was there, too, and we were You just really must miss those Ravens, huh? You know what? Yeah.
Yeah, I do, sometimes.
But that's not the point here, Daniel.
What is the point, Hayley? That I love you.
Okay? Now, please come with me.
You have to see this.
We found something crazy.
That rat.
I can't believe he had this all set up.
What the hell is this place? Looks like some sort of connection to the cave.
And look at that.
- Do you think that's the door to the cave? - It must be.
This is how Jason was able to control so much while still working at the Greenhouse.
If my dad saw this, it would kill him.
- We should tell your mom.
- No.
She's really overwhelmed right now.
I mean, eventually, but first, let's figure out what this is before we get everyone worried.
And it's probably nothing.
Maybe something's shorted in the cave, and that's what caused the beeping.
- We could go down there and shut it off.
- What? Are you kidding me? The last time I went down into that cave, a bomb was about to go off.
But the police swept the cave.
There shouldn't be anything dangerous.
Look, two of us can stay here, and two of us can go down there.
It's too dark now.
But my parents are out tomorrow morning, so we could do it then.
After breakfast, we all meet back up.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Yo.
What's up, dude? - What's up, guys? - Hey, what's up, buddy? You good? - Hey.
I'm good.
- Bon appétit.
- What? This is preventative.
I need something to soak up all the wine.
- Damn it! - What? Coach wants us for an emergency practice in the gym.
He's still not over that loss.
- We'll be quick.
- All right, then, let's do this.
You and Brooke stay here.
Me and Daniel will run down to the cave, and you open the door when we get there.
We'll check it out, and give you a call when we need the door open again.
Wait, but your Louies won't work in the cave.
There's no reception there.
How long do you think it'll take you guys? Couple of minutes? Five? Okay, so we'll time it.
We'll re-open the cave after five minutes, and you guys have to call us after you leave the cave when you're done.
All right, well, let's go.
We have to make it quick.
Does this feel like déjà vu to you? Man, this place gives me the creeps.
Hold on.
What? Hello? Where the hell are you? I, uh Something came up.
I'll be there in 15 minutes, Coach.
If you're not here in two, you're off the team.
What's going on? - Hello? - Hey, are you there yet? No, um Look, Coach said he'd kick me off the team if I don't get there right now.
What do I do? I guess you should do what you think you need to do.
I'll be back.
All right? I gotta go.
- Seriously? - I have to.
Do it again.
You look weak.
I'm here, Coach.
Get your uniform on and get out there.
Okay, I'm here.
You can open the door.
Wait, just one minute.
Wait? Wait for what? For me.
- What are you doing here? - Think I would let you go in there alone? Partners in crime again, Woods? So it seems, Cruz.
But you were going for Ryan or her stupid husband.
That's why we put the beeping device in their apartment.
This is better.
- More entertaining, in a way.
- They're only kids! Yeah, two kids responsible for you going to prison, remember? This is sweet revenge for you, buddy.
Start heating the magnetite.
Thank God.
Thank God.
I was hearing that in my sleep last night.
Well, uh, mission accomplished.
- Now what? - Uh, I don't know.
I guess we wait four and a half minutes till Brooke opens the door.
Well, that's about four more minutes than I've spent with you in about three months, so I'll take it.
So, how are you? Um, I'm good.
Mostly good.
Can anyone ever be all good? Never afraid to ask the deep questions, are you, Woods? Is anybody here? Brooke! What are you doing here? Hayley let me in.
I was, um looking for a necklace that I lost when I used to live here.
Well, wasn't this your brother's old room? Yeah.
But, um, it was my mother's necklace and my brother took it.
Oh, that's terrible.
Uh, let me help you look.
Oh, okay.
Um, weren't you Um, Hayley said that you were supposed to be somewhere today? Yeah, we were on our way to a winery, and, uh, I forgot my allergy pills.
I am allergic to every plant known to man.
So, I figured I should be prepared.
- Well, I don't wanna keep you.
- No, it's okay.
What is that smell? It smells like something's burning.
I don't know.
Oh, God, Cruz.
We're in trouble.
We gotta get out of here.
Come on.
Go! Come on, Brooke! Honey, let's go.
Oh, my gosh, go.
I'm totally fine here.
- Okay.
I'm sorry I wasn't more help.
- No, no, you were great.
- You all right, Brooke? - Uh, yep! Just moving my brother's bed.
Come on, come on! What? What? What is it? I think I stepped on the trigger for the Explosives.
If I move my foot This whole place goes.
I'm sorry, Coach.
I gotta go.
- What? - Brooke thinks we're out.
Hang on, okay? We're gonna get you out of here.
- I'm so sorry, Cruz.
- For what? For dragging you into my mess, for bringing you here for everything.
That's what I love about you, Woods.
You make life so interesting.
Where's Hayley? Why isn't she here? - She went to the cave with Leo.
- What? They should be out by now, but they're not answering their Louies.
- Well, then open the door again.
- Okay.
Do you think we should go down there? I will.
Well, you stay here, just in case they come back.
Whoa! Whoa! What the hell? - Hey! - Hello? - Stupid! - Hello? Hey! Hey! Hello? Hello? - Go, Cruz.
- I'm not going without you.
I'll run after you.
- What about the bombs? - I'm fast.
I'm an Eagle, remember? Go! Go.
She's gonna close that door soon, and I can barely breathe.
Please! Go! Please! Yeah, but you come right after me, okay? - Right after - Go! Go! Come on, Woods! Hayley