Greenleaf (2016) s03e11 Episode Script

The End Is Near

1 Previously on "Greenleaf" Have I made that much already? I said, "who's using who, James?" I'll never doubt you again.
We'd like to ask you a few questions, though, about a girl who lived here once.
Rochelle Cross.
The sisters, Rochelle and Tara, but Cross wasn't their last name.
- What was it? - James.
- Rochelle Cross.
- What about her? Daddy, she is Gerald James' daughter.
She's the half-sister of Basie Skanks.
I heard you been a bad girl.
If I thought I could lose this case, Coralie, I wouldn't take it.
Okay, I'll do it.
Well, you couldn't even tell some hoe on the radio that we were together.
I'll claim you when you start acting like someone who deserves me.
- It's about the accounts.
- What? Over $200,000 was deposited into it over the past three months, then withdrawn, but I can't seem to find where it went.
What do you want, Lionel? I want to talk about my daughter.
Come on, now.
I'm not gonna waste this whole week propping up a floppy old puppet with one dangly eye.
My reputation is on the line here too, girl.
You've got to sell this thing.
Sit down.
When James cheated with Mavis I still don't know why you stayed after that.
I leave a man if he scrapes his fork too loud on his plate.
I wanted to leave him, at least for a little while, you know, to scare him, but then we had this annual vacation coming up with Lionel and Patrice.
The Lionel you had your fling with? Yes, and that's all it was meant to be, was a fling.
I mean, I just needed to get my groove back a little.
- But then I got pregnant.
- No.
And now that Lionel is dying, he wants to tell the woman that he's sure is his daughter the truth.
- Grace? - Who else? I'm telling you, God has it in for me.
Is she really his daughter? The timing of it would seem to indicate that Oh, Maxine, this selfish old man wants to die like an exiled patriarch, leaving me behind with this girl blaming me.
For what, not telling her? Oh, she's gonna think, "oh, this is the key to all my sorrows.
"This is my answer to life.
My mother, the whore, was ashamed of me," and you know what? She wouldn't be completely wrong.
Look, you know what you got to do, Mae.
Drink bleach and walk into traffic? You got to get ahead of it.
You're about to step into the holy of holies.
Pastor, you got to get yourself clean.
Secrets have no place in the company of the king.
Amen Amen Ooh, ooh Oh, oh When Rochelle's mother went to prison, she and her sister wound up in foster care, so I went to see their last foster mother yesterday.
Now, this form from child protective services shows that the Flannerys took in two girls 26 years ago, Rochelle and Tara, and the foster mother confirms that the girls' last name at the time was James.
A bewitching coincidence.
Daddy, the details all line up.
Their father died in a fire.
Mother went to prison.
It all fits perfectly, and then the foster mom gave me this picture.
That is Rochelle.
It just doesn't make sense.
Facts are facts.
And what about Basie Skanks? He was their half-brother.
Foster mom remembers hearing them talk about him.
He was their hero.
[BIRDS CHIRPING] It just doesn't seem possible.
Why is this so hard for you to believe? Because Because why? It's all there, Daddy.
Because of everything that Rochelle has done, because of the way she carries herself in my company.
She's a virtuous woman, and I just I just can't believe it's true.
She raised money for your defense fund.
She donated generously to our church.
She helped me pay off the IRS.
Now, if she is the vengeful person that you say she is, why would she do that? Why? Wait a minute, now.
I'm sorry.
They won't listen.
- Who won't listen? - FBI.
- FBI? - Yes, ma'am.
- Please step aside.
- You just stop right there.
We have a search and seizure warrant, ma'am.
Please step aside.
What's this all about? You're being investigated on suspicion of bank fraud, theft, and embezzlement of church funds.
We're here to confiscate any computers, disks, files, or any paperwork we deem relevant to the investigation.
But we weren't the ones who were I'm gonna ask you to please step outside now.
Let's just let these folks do their job.
Let's go.
Come on.
Oh, one more thing, Mr.
That's Pastor Greenleaf.
I assume you have an accountant.
Of course we do.
I'm agent Krenshaw, FBI.
We have a few questions we need to ask you.
Thank goodness you're here.
There's something going on here that's highly unorthodox.
Let me show you.
A day with Lady Mae? Now, that was a wonderful tradition, but this is going to be a complete upgrade.
- Well, tell me.
- She changes everything.
- That's the name of the event? - Yes.
And it's going to be a day of renewal and rededication, preaching and teaching, singing and holy dancing.
- Amen.
- Yes.
Will your daughter be speaking? Charity will be singing, yes.
No, I mean Pastor Greenleaf, your famous director of outreach.
A few months ago, she was hailed in the paper as the new face of Calvary.
She might make an appearance.
She won't.
I mean, this fabulous roster of speakers we have is full as it is.
But with this legal fund of hers making front page news, folks will be wanting to hear what she's up to now.
Won't she be speaking? [FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING, INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] Here's what I can tell you.
The spirit of God will be up there speaking.
No matter who's in that pulpit, I can guarantee that, and Memphis, you don't want to miss it.
Excuse me.
It's going to be a glorious event.
MAN: You want to follow us? - Mama.
- Just stay calm.
Mama, what is going on? I have FBI agents asking me for my laptop.
It has something to do with your father, no doubt.
All of my arrangements are on there.
There are not backups.
What am I supposed to do? I know I should've Charity, please, just for once, can you find a way to be useful in an emergency and not somehow make yourself the needy little center of attention, just once, please? Oh, heaven, help us all.
What are you oh.
Where do you think you're going with my computer? Grace, Grace, what is this? Does this have anything to do with the court case and that Coralie? This has nothing to do with that, mama.
This is about Daddy and the IRS.
They're taking all of our computers.
Well, you're not taking mine.
My sermon is on there, my powerpoint, my music, everything.
- Please, sir.
- It's gonna be okay.
You, stop right there, son, or I will rip your ears clear off your head.
I told you she wouldn't let you do it, and you can give me back mine now, too.
Miss, stand back, please.
- Log this into evidence.
- Yes, sir.
I don't know what this is about, but if it involves James Greenleaf, it does not involve me.
You must be the first lady.
She's the Pastor now.
And an ex-wife, free and clear.
Your name is on the warrant as well.
GRACE: They tried to take my computer.
- Grace.
- Mama.
- Grace, where is your father? - Excuse me.
Excuse me.
He's right there.
They won't let him back into his office until they're done.
Are you please.
Hey, mama, please.
[SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY] Get off the phone.
Get off! I'll call you right back, but have him call me immediately.
What is the matter with you? I am taking care of this, Mae.
- I'm solving it.
- No.
I'm solving it.
You just back off.
Divorcing you wasn't enough.
I'm handling it.
Now, there's been some kind of misunderstanding.
I have done everything I can to cut ties with you, everything, but your sin and your stupidity, you dragged me right down into the fiery pits of hell with you, and I'm not going to let it happen.
I'm not gonna let you do it.
I am not.
You have no responsibility in this at all.
They're taking everything.
[BEEPING] [PHONE RINGS] Pastor Greenleaf, good morning.
Counselor garner, how soon can you get down to Calvary? As soon as I need to.
Why? - Take it to your office, please.
- All right.
We need your help.
Here's what the feds think happened, from what I've been able to piece together.
Jacob transferred $200,000 of church funds into what turned out to be a personal account.
All right.
First of all, I didn't transfer any money anywhere.
I didn't do that.
Tasha, she's the son, son, let the man talk.
And then you, Bishop Greenleaf, so they think, withdrew all those funds and used that as a down payment to the IRS.
I did no such thing.
Rochelle set me up with an investment account.
Let the man talk, pop.
Did you withdraw $200,000 from that account, sir? [PAPERS RUSTLE] Yes.
Um Yes, I did, but this is my account.
That is the same account that Jacob deposited Triumph's money into.
This is an investment account, a church-based cryptocurrency investment account.
There is no such account.
And how you could ever even think there would be is just stupid.
- Watch it! - Jacob.
My money manager, Rochelle Cross, installed an app on my phone that allows me to check my balances every day as it comes in.
I'm getting an an error message here.
Watch it, pop.
And you opened a bank account you don't even know about.
- And you spent money that - how stupid is that? You spent money that doesn't even belong to you.
Both of you, just stop it.
Both of you got played by these women, and both of you put this family in jeopardy.
Not to mention the faith of thousands of innocent people if we don't disprove this.
What can we do, Mr.
Garner? For now, just wait.
They obviously staged this raid to send a message to other churches, and if what you all are saying about these women is true, we'll figure it out.
There's always a digital trail.
I'm finally on the verge of taking control of this church, and by the time I do there won't be any church left.
Do you know how many demons were on my tail when I leapt over Jordan into my blessing? Mae, this is how Satan works.
Right when God's about to bless you, he bites.
We can put together a brand-new powerpoint presentation.
You can rewrite the sermon, and I bet it'll be better than the one you had.
[INTERCOM BEEPS] WOMAN: Pastor Greenleaf, Lionel Jeffries on line one.
[BUTTON CLICKS] - Call back, please.
Have you talked to Grace yet? And make sure those are unpacked the minute we get back.
Agent Dallas? Miss, you'll get your computer back as soon as it's not about my computer.
[SIGHS] Okay.
So what can I do for you? You have the whole rest of my life in your hands right now.
Will you just let me explain, please? Thank you.
Why isn't she taking any of your calls? Why is this website gone? - Hey.
- Hello, Darius.
Come on.
Hey, you heard what happened? Yeah, from my boss, actually.
You got a second? Go, go.
[TELEPHONE RINGS IN DISTANCE] How can you come to me like this? I thought we had a deal.
Our deal was that I wouldn't cover Calvary as long as we were together, and I'm not covering the story.
No, but you're a source, right? That's why you're asking me all these questions 'cause you're a source.
Because my editor asked me to be.
And the only reason you're not really covering this story is because your paper will not let you due to a conflict of interest you wish you didn't have.
This has nothing to do with our deal.
All I'm asking you to do is confirm a few facts, which will come out anyway.
The facts are that Rochelle James and Tasha Skanks, probably with Basie, have conspired to wreck my family, my father.
You know all this.
Can you prove that? When I can, I'll let you know.
Just say what you have to say.
Have you ever heard the expression P.
, agent Dallas, Pastor's kid? I have, as a matter of fact.
Well, it's not a joke.
It's a very real thing because when you grow up in the church with so many eyes on you, so much expected, it feels like you're walking a tightrope.
I can't imagine the pressure.
Well, that's why a lot of P.
s do silly things sometimes, just to break free.
And why are you telling me this? Well, a few years ago, I had some pictures taken.
I thought I wanted to be an actress for a hot second, and I let a boy take pictures.
Nothing too serious, but my mother handled it, had to pay him, and the whole thing went away.
And those files are on your computer? No, they're on hers, so if you could please just give me five minutes with her computer, just five minutes, I don't want anyone to see those photos, especially somebody like you, someone so virtuous and upright.
I'll have to speak to my supervisory special agent.
Excuse me.
[DOOR OPENS] Looking for Grace, Pastor? Yes, do you know where she is? No, she left a few minutes ago but said she'd be back before going home.
I can let her know you came by.
That'd be fine.
Thank you.
[INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] All I'm saying is the FBI just rolled in here, asking all kind of questions, right, and I just feel like the only person who can answer all those questions is you.
Tasha, hello? Don't hang up on me.
I just don't know what to say.
I know you opened that account.
I know you took the money.
But I also know that you couldn't have come up with that by yourself.
Basie put you up to that? Basie is gone.
Well, Rochelle, maybe, I don't know.
But whatever and whoever it is, you have got to come clean and tell the truth.
Look, I promise I won't press charges, but you got to help me out here.
You got to get me out of this jam.
- I've told you what I know.
- Tasha.
I don't know nothing about no secret account or nothing like that.
- I don't.
- Okay.
Okay, Tasha.
[WHISPERS] Tell her you love her.
Tell her.
Tasha, Tasha, I love you.
Told you.
[SCOFFS] [DIAL TONE] [BEEPS, TONE STOPS] Basie, I-I don't know what he's thinking.
You don't? Because I think I do.
Hey, Cameron wanted barbecue from dva.
You good with that? - I mean - I mean, I can get Sushi, too.
You know what? Actually, don't worry about it.
I got mad dudes coming to the studio to bang out this record.
You can just hang here, order in.
I always come to the studio with you.
Why? You don't want me to come? Of course.
It's just sometimes you be sitting over there looking bored out of your mind.
I feel bad.
I'm never bored out of my mind.
You know what? [EXHALES] Here, take this.
Go get your nails done on me.
All right? Chill out.
I'll see you when I'm back.
Hey, and can you get me that bottle out the cabinet now? [BOTTLE CLINKS] Here.
Have fun.
Kill it.
See you later.
[DOOR CLOSES] [HORN HONKS IN DISTANCE] Grace, what a surprise.
I didn't expect to see you in my office.
Don't tell me Coralie doubled back into cut the crap, Rochelle.
I'm sorry.
Have I done something? I know you're Basie's half-sister.
- Is that a crime? - No.
- But it does give you motive.
- Motive to do what? To set up my father, make him pay for the death of your father.
Are you insane? You are.
That cryptocurrency investment website you had my father going to is a dummy.
It never existed.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
Cryptocurrency what? The FBI raided Calvary this morning, Rochelle.
Please, stop acting like you don't know what's happening.
And stop acting like you do.
Grace, I have endured your paranoid PTSD bullshit for months with Patience, out of respect for your father.
Now, I literally have no idea what you're after here.
Your father hasn't mentioned any of this to me, nothing, the FBI, nothing.
Now, last night, in your father's bed, I professed my love to him, and he did the same.
That's a lie.
And he talked to me in earnest about the future with me at his side and the church and in his - everything you say is a lie.
- You know what, Grace? I know I can never be a mother to you, but should your father and I decide to marry, maybe I can be your sister if you let me, but you've got to let go of this mania.
It's not of God.
[KEYPAD BEEPS] You can't possibly think that remaining in the pulpit at this point is best for the church, can you? I think that with Mae about to fan her feathers and fly off, continuity in the pulpit would be a-a sign of hope.
Or a sign of a deeply tin ear.
Mae's name is on that warrant, too, Connie.
I'm not here lobbying for Mae.
What are you here for, Connie? Because this I'm giving you fair warning that I've called an emergency meeting of the Deacon board to discuss your removal.
And who will you get to preach here? I've reached out to Phil Demars of the Harmony and hope ministries.
He'll be here next week to visit and talk about some candidates.
Calvary is an independent church, and I will never let it become a part of any denomination, full stop.
The faith of this congregation has languished long enough under the shadow of your eccentricities.
We need light, accountability, a fresh start.
Thank you, Connie.
[INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] Your opinion really doesn't matter.
No, I don't you can't I can get you a glass if you want.
Here, here.
I'll take it.
[PLATE THUDS] - Don't do that.
- Don't do what? Don't play-act like you're the good little wife, and now you know I know it ain't like that.
- Don't.
- I didn't do anything wrong.
I was out there every night on the road or in some flophouse trying not to get my ass killed, praying to God, begging him to put you in my dreams just so I could see your face, and the whole time, you were loving on Jacob Greenleaf.
How many times do I have to tell you? Nothing happened, and even if it did, which it didn't, you had me thinking you were dead.
Tasha, I kept my existential status a secret to protect you, in case someone came looking for me, asking questions.
Well, you told Rochelle.
I knew it wasn't going to be easy, but I figured it only going to be a couple of months.
It ain't like Tasha going to find someone new that fast, but it turns out, you faster than I thought.
No, I'm not.
You have to I said don't.
I don't trust you anymore.
- What? - And to be perfectly honest, I don't know if I'm ever going to trust you again.
What's up, bro? [SHUDDERS] Darlene, you know where the Bishop is? Koryn said he's down in storage.
- Okay.
- Your mother's looking for you.
[LAUGHS] Of course she is.
Thanks, Darlene.
We'll get through this, won't we? If you say yes, I'll believe it.
I don't know.
It don't matter what Grace Greenleaf knows or thinks she knows.
If you and Tasha did like I said, bro, we're home free.
We nailed all those Greenleafs, take them down and their churches.
I signed it.
I don't remember when, but that is my signature.
[SIGHS] Well, it's a good thing I didn't quit my job because we are done here, Jacob.
We're done, and we barely got started.
[TELEPHONE RINGS] - Who is that? It's Tasha.
[RINGS] Hey, Tash.
I want to get out of here tonight, be across the border by tomorrow Can you meet me tonight? Yeah, of course, where? I'll text you the spot.
Jacob, I'm scared.
Hey, don't don't worry.
All right? It's going to be okay.
I hope so.
What's that look for? You care for her.
I do not.
Yes, you do.
I care about saving this family and our church, pops, too.
And you care for her.
I can see it.
Okay, you know what? I'm not having this conversation.
I'm not gonna have it 'cause it makes no sense.
[CABINET THUDS] We'll have to round up all those old photographs and scan them again and Is there time to do that? It took weeks to get those biddies to hand over those photos in the first place.
We'll get what we can.
[TELEPHONE RINGS] - I will get it.
- [RINGS] Hello.
Pastor Greenleaf.
Mae, it's Aaron Jeffries.
Aaron, would you please tell your father that I'll he's dead, Mae.
He just passed.
[EXHALES SHARPLY] Well, I I'm so sorry to hear that.
Yeah, they started him on a new chemo medication.
He had a bad reaction, and his system just couldn't handle it.
Just thought you'd want to know.
Well, Aaron, your father was a good man, and he had a good life, and you have every reason to be proud.
Thank you for saying that, ma'am.
You looking for me? So so we we'll talk soon, I'm sure.
- Okay.
- Bye, now.
[RECEIVER THUDS] You wanted to see me? Um, yes.
I-I just wanted to say that I know it was presumptuous and infantile of me, how I snapped this morning.
I was just in such a state.
Well, I think we all were.
Well, that's it.
I'm sorry.
Uh Apology accepted.
Koryn, please, now give me a moment.
Of course.
And hold all my calls, please.
How can I help? Tell me the truth.
Did you sleep with Rochelle last night and tell her you loved her? No! Because that's what she told me.
Where are you going? To settle this once and for all.
Change, ooh Change Change, ooh, ooh Ah So glad he changed me Changed my walk Ooh, ooh, changed my talk Ah, ah, ooh Oh, Maxine, it's beautiful.
Ooh, thank you, honey.
- So what did she say? - What did who say? Grace.
What did she say? Oh, Maxine, I no longer have to talk to Grace about it.
Lionel died.
When did he die? - This afternoon.
- Oh, okay.
Uh, Antoine, sound is perfect, darling.
Are you okay? Yes, yes.
I don't know what I am.
You still have to tell Grace.
Why? I told you, I don't even know if this man is her father.
Why would I put our family through that? Because you have to, because you're about to ascend into the role God made you to play, and if Satan has any hooks in you to pull you back down, he's gonna use them, and who do you think you are to tell anyone else about the truth? Look at yourself.
You can't tell your own daughter who her Daddy might be.
- You can't admit who you are.
- Can you just is that the voice you want to hear every Sunday morning in your head? The sissy stuff you're pulling, that's for men.
Women speak.
They tell the truth.
The future might be female, but it will only be fantastic if women tell the truth.
Otherwise, it's just gonna be more theft and secrets like every time that came before.
Patterson? Tell Gloria I need a hot rock massage and that cocoa nip tea.
[SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY] Look at bae, so serious.
[LAUGHS] Hey, what you hiding for? No, watch out.
What you doing? What's going on? Nothing.
- Ooh.
- [LAUGHS] Stop it, you stop it.
I'm getting back to work, okay? He said he had to talk to his supervisory special agent, and he never came back.
Carlton, I'm just I'm worried.
Oh, shoot, he's here.
I'm sorry if I was out of line.
You weren't.
If the files are not related to the case, turns out, they can be requested.
- So I can have them? - Yes, ma'am.
But I'm gonna have to take a look at these files before they can be released.
So you have to see the pictures? I do.
There aren't any pictures.
I know.
Now, why don't we take a look at the files you really wanted, P.
? What the hell is this? Heya.
I told you where I was going.
Is she why I couldn't come? The team wanted to do a little meet-and-greet thing, and I knew it would be packed.
All right? You know the a/c over there bugging.
Come on.
Are we even really together? [UTENSILS CLATTER] [SIGHS HEAVILY] Babe, of course we are.
It doesn't feel like it.
Baby, come on.
You know you my one and only, right? You know you my first lady.
What about her? She's a burn.
You the only one thinking about that girl.
Come here.
Give me a kiss.
Mm, you smell good.
What's this? Your powerpoint presentation and your photos.
Useful enough for you? Hey, stranger.
What happened to you? My father passed away this afternoon.
Aaron, I'm so sorry.
Come here.
Is there anything I can do? Maybe sit down for a minute.
Yeah, sure.
Whatever you need.
This must be so hard.
It's even harder than you think.
You expecting someone else? - Where's Tasha? - Where's Kerissa? How about we worry about our own wives for a minute? - You've been busy.
- How so? Setting up me and my pops.
What happened with you and Tasha? What do you mean? It's not a difficult question, Pastor.
What happened? What transpired between you and my wife in my absence? What happened? So it must have been something 'cause, "nothing," takes about a second to say, and you ain't said it yet.
On the phone, you said, "I love you.
" You meant that as a Christian, right? - Whatever happened was my fault.
- I place no blame.
- Well, just don't blame Tasha.
- I place no blame.
Sin is sin, and the world is steeped in it.
All good.
But what happened? If I go home believing the worst, then the worst is what'll happen.
It was just one kiss, brother.
That was it.
I'm not your brother, brother.
One kiss, one.
Well, thank you for your honesty.
It's more than I could get from her, but they are the weaker sex, right? Basie It was nothing.
I can see it was nothing to you, but one man's nothing is another man's everything.
Oh Don't worry about texting Tasha no more.
I got her phone right here.
I'm actually gonna be out of the country for a spell, so I would suggest you sell those now.
I'm gonna have to call you back.
Okay, bye.
I'm sorry I haven't gotten back to you today.
If you can imagine, I got a late start this morning and you told Grace we slept together? I didn't volunteer it.
It came up when I was defending myself.
- But that didn't happen.
- It didn't? No, and you know it didn't happen.
Why would you say such a thing? James, you really don't remember? Why are you doing this? What are you talking about, baby? Is this some kind of "man of God, I don't do that sort of thing" type of amnesia? 'Cause I can play along.
Are you Darrell James' daughter? I am.
So I assume you entered my world from day one, came onto me, got me to invest all this money all with an eye to get back at me.
Invest what money? - Rochelle.
- Oh, you must still be drunk.
I didn't kill your father.
I know.
My father died in a fire in a church that you owned, a church that you couldn't pay upkeep on.
Do you think you killed my father? If I thought that, how could I ever be in love with you or do what we did last night? It wouldn't make sense, and about the investment, whatever you meant by that, I don't mix business with pleasure, so look.
I just want everything to be okay as it you got me.
You got me.
But you won't get away with it.
Bitch, I already did.
Antoine, can we have less time in between each slide? - Sure.
- And then I think we'll be good.
No problem.
Oh, God.
Oh, you almost gave me a heart attack.
[EXHALES] Looks good, mama.
Thank you.
You know, your sister moved mountains to save them from the lawmen, and how she did that, God only knows.
All right.
See you tomorrow.
Aaron Jeffries came to see me.
So you heard that, uh, Lionel passed? I did.
You know, we torture ourselves over these little dramas, and then death sweeps them all away like a tide.
It's a shame we don't remember how, um, small they'll seem in the end.
We'd be more forgiving, I think.
Is Lionel my father? I don't know.