Greenleaf (2016) s04e05 Episode Script


1 Previously on "Greenleaf" Goodbye land, hello, dream house.
You selling cookies? I see you inherited our mother's sense of humor.
My condolences.
I came to see my mother.
- You two are in contact? - Don't worry.
He told me about your deal and how he's supposed to stay to in the dark like some kind of secret until you say it's cool to come out.
I get it.
I won't tell.
Just get me something on Grace or neither one of us are gonna appreciate this church.
Understood? Hey, Noah.
It's me, Charity.
What were you thinking coming by Calvary and not saying hello? You still think it's a good idea to holiday in Atlanta? May, it's just one Sunday.
- Isabel just threw me out.
- Why? Charity called the house and left a message.
So what are you gonna do? I'm moving back to Memphis to get to know my son.
Just thought you wanna know.
You know I'm gonna be very busy.
'Cause I'm gonna be preaching almost every other Sunday.
I'm gonna be helping Pastor Phil run the church.
Are you gonna be a mama's big boy and get used to not seeing me as much as you have? [KNOCK ON DOOR.]
- Come in! - Huh? - Hi.
Oh, look who's here.
Auntie Grace.
Auntie Grace! - You called Noah? - When? A few days ago.
What do you mean when? Yeah, I left a message.
Charity, why would you do that? Have I upset you? Yeah, I'm a little You know what? We could talk about this later.
No, wait, hang on because now you've got me worried about you.
- Maricel? - Yes, ma'am.
Would you be a doll and take Nathan downstairs and get him started on his dinner? - Of course.
- I will be right down.
Why would you call him like that? I'd heard he'd come and gone and didn't say hello and I wanted to see how he and Izzy were doing.
Since when do you care? Grace, I've been knowing Noah almost as long as you have.
And there was a time, maybe you don't remember, when the talk around here was me and Noah - not you and Noah.
- When you were 5 years old? So I guess we go back quite a long way.
You know Isabel has a thing about me.
I know that you know that.
Because you messed around with him while he was engaged to her? She's still mad about that? Yeah and she didn't know that he'd come to the church to see me.
Well, Grace, there's no way for me to know that if y'all have some secret little there's no secret.
Kinda sounds like there is.
She kicked him out of the house and she asked for a divorce.
He's moving back to Memphis and in with his folks.
You broke up a marriage.
You know as someone who learned the hard way how to take responsibility for my own problems, I would say that maybe Noah broke up his own marriage.
Or maybe you did.
I don't know.
Amen All right Amen Uh-huh, hmm Ooh-ooh, ooh Well Oh-ohh, ohh Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh - Amen, amen - oh Yeah That is why Jesus says, "judge not that ye not be judged "for with what judgment ye judge it shall be measured back to you again.
" When you go messing with other people either from a distance or just silently in your heart.
You are seriously playing with fire and that is the hardest fire devil has got.
- Amen.
- Amen.
Father, I know nobody's ever got more chances to play than I've gotten.
So I just want to thank you.
I want to thank you for reigniting my heart for the homeless during this very difficult time for so many people in this city and I beg you to use me mightily on their behalf today.
Thank you, man.
And I praise you.
- Morning, Mae.
- Morning.
Oh, is that Bob Whitmore's new book? It is.
I've just been skimming it for clues as to why on earth he's chosen to set up camp here.
What can I do for you, dear? - Is it that obvious? - I've raised four children.
I can feel a need stalking me a mile away.
Well, what I was wondering is can we take the furniture when we move? Move where? You just moved here.
I know, I know but we've had our eye on this house and now that we've sold the land we have an opportunity.
And we can pay you eventually, it'd just make things a lot easier.
Kerissa, when you and Jacob first moved out and took up residence in that flimsy parsonage over Triumph, - you took our furniture then.
- We did and we were grateful.
And then you left it for that Nigerian to sell on ebay.
We had to in order to avoid a civil suit it was part of the agreement.
This is not a sensational sofa showroom.
- I don't think it is, Mae.
- And I am sure that the pride you'll take in choosing your furniture yourself and paying for it yourself will be a refreshing change of pace.
It was just a question.
When someone pokes a lion with a chair, it is not a question, it is an entertainment, and I have never very much cared for the circus.
Well, what are you two contriving? Oh, Corinne is helping me to upload all my old sermons onto a hard drive.
- So we can binge watch you? - Research for Atlanta.
You're still intent on doing that? Still intent.
Still right, yep.
What are you doing, Bishop? Oh, I'm helping a friend by filling in one Sunday - at his church in Atlanta.
- Oh.
Well, I never thought that I could find a way to admire Nero fiddling while Rome is burning.
But he did stay in town.
Well, I wouldn't worry about it.
I want to start with this one here.
I wish I didn't have to work today.
I would sit right here and watch them all.
What a nice thing to say.
You know, I can't tell you how much I miss preaching.
I'm sure.
Anyway, let's yeah, start with this one that was a good one.
I'm going to hell.
Did you send another email to Judy Whitmore? - I told you.
- I didn't send any emails, but I wish I had.
- I broke up a marriage.
- Whose? - Noah's and Isabel's.
- How? Don't they live in Denver? It's too complicated to explain but I did it.
I couldn't even sleep last night, Carlton.
I'm so scared.
Charity Greenleaf, I don't know what you did, but hell just for those folks who don't want to turn to God and it sounds like you already have.
I have, but he's looking at me funny.
And why is that? Come on, you know.
I haven't fully turned away from the sin that got me into this mess.
So do it.
- Pastor Greenleaf.
- Pastor Demaris.
When you say Pastor, always has a little bit of goo dripping off it, as if you'd owe me some kind of favor.
- It wasn't my intention.
- Isn't it? I wouldn't do you any favors.
Your brother wants to present this homeless program to the deacons.
I saw it on the agenda for the board meeting today.
- What about it? - As with nearly everything else your family promotes duplicates a perfectly - [SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY.]
- H&H program.
I don't wanna be put in yet one more position to say no to an idea that should never be raised.
Take it off the agenda.
The homeless problem in Memphis is worse than it has ever been.
And as associate Pastor, Jacob has every right to submit whatever program he wants.
You know I'm on your side, right? Your brother's, too.
It won't pass.
I'm just trying to save you both time.
Consider me advised.
- What are you doing here? - I need some cash.
Did anyone see you come in here? Not that I'm aware of.
I don't know.
AJ, this is Weird? Me showing up here.
Is everything okay? Yeah, everything's cool.
This your Mom and Dad.
You don't know the time I spent online just looking at all these pictures of people I don't know.
They look like good people.
AJ, there's there's no way for me to say this without sounding rude but You can't just show up here.
Don't worry, I'm not here to blow your spot.
It's a beautiful church.
And like I said I'm low on cash.
Didn't I just give you money? - That was like a week ago.
- It was three days ago.
Are you gonna give me the money or not? Ever since I got here I'd done everything you asked.
And it's not like, you don't have it.
That's all I got on me.
I'll deposit more in your account later when I have a second, okay? Thank you.
How's the job search going? It's going.
Need me to make some calls? - I'm not a damn Charity case.
- Sorry to interrupt.
- It's not a problem.
What's up? A gentlemen I believe is your lawyer is in the conference room.
I'll be right there.
Hey, do you know where Corinne is? She's at the house helping Bishop.
Oh, so she took a sick day.
The Bishop no longer works here.
She's helping me.
Got it.
Well, the Lord is good.
All the time.
Who is that? No one important.
Thanks, again.
For everything.
Oh, hey.
Why don't you go out this door? What's this door here for? It's in case of fire.
I guess I'm a fire.
Hey, Nikki, what's up? Hey, girl.
What you doing? - Just stuff for little saints.
- Little saints? Sunday school.
I'm a teacher.
For real? Girl.
You need to get over here.
- Where? - To Dante's.
We're having a party.
- When? - All day.
Dante just found out he's all star.
So it's gonna be super lit.
I'll text you the addy right now.
Okay cool.
Well, I'm on my way.
See you when you get here.
That copy is yours.
And as of this moment the Bishop's IRS bill is paid.
No more money troubles.
You say that so easily.
Like you don't really know my family.
The worst is behind you.
There is one more thing.
I know.
That's all I'm really good for these days.
Grace, I'm always happy to help, what's up? So there's this kid in the church he's in his 20s.
Okay, you want me to talk to him? No.
He's got a record.
Nothing violent.
Just he needs a fresh start.
He is a good kid.
So what does he need? Legal advice? Mm, a job.
Doesn't have to be anything fancy just something to get him started back into the stream of things.
He needs a routine.
Really? If you're vouching for him, then yeah.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
- Just send him by today.
Let me meet him and we'll figure something out.
I really will do something for you one day to make up for all this.
Actually, every time I have a drink, I think, "I know where I'm gonna to find my kidney.
" - [LAUGHS.]
I'd be proud to give you one.
Come here.
Thank you.
Of course.
Got a second? For you, always.
Did you see the young man with the dreads - who came to see Grace? - No.
Find out who he is.
Phil, I can't do this anymore.
- You've barely done anything.
- And that's already too much.
What are you talking about? When you told me to get something on Grace.
I called Noah's house.
Noah, her ex? The one who visited? Yes, and now they're getting divorced.
So he and Grace actually are She says they're not.
No one gets a divorce over one phone call.
Sounds like they are.
Well, either way, I'm done.
Look I want to be AP.
I want to preach and I want to share my story with the women out there who need to hear it, but I don't want to mess up people's lives to get there.
And the way I'm feeling, I don't even want to mess up Gigi's.
I'm out.
All right, just let me be clear.
Uncovering evil is an evil, it's good.
You're doing the church and God a favor.
I'll do everything I can to support, Phil.
But I won't snoop.
- Just ask her who he was.
- No.
From now on if a thing doesn't want to be seen, I'm not gonna lift up the rock.
I'm not like you.
May I approach the throne? Flattery hot on the heels of disrespect is doubly insipid.
Give the girl the furniture.
She asked you about it when I made my position on the matter plain? She told me the two of you spoke, yes.
Oh, am I alive? Am I a spirit nobody hears insubstantial? Do I speak an ancient language that only the dead understand? Sometimes it seems like that, yes.
I am not giving her the furniture.
Oh, bless them as they leave.
I want my son in my house.
That's not your decision to make.
Don't go to Atlanta.
You mean quid pro quo.
I mean, don't go to Atlanta.
In exchange for the furniture.
Yes, if feeding a treat to that impudent labradoodle is such a satisfying notion, you may have to pay for the pleasure.
- Don't go.
- I've already told Desiree, yes.
And I've already told Kerissa, no.
You're unbelievable.
In a house full of sleepwalkers, the one person awake is bound to seem a bit vivid by comparison.
You know how Misty feels about me.
I'm sure Connie feels the same.
The fire of loyalty to the Greenleaf name is dying and it needs tending.
This is no time to go wandering off to Atlanta.
I'll tell her your answer stands.
"An offer you can't refuse.
" Grace speaks very highly of you.
How do you know her? Just through church.
How about you? We go way back.
How far back? Our families used to vacation together.
And you two were [LAUGHS.]
No, I'm gay.
When'd you get out? About a month ago, a little less.
How's it been? Hard, would be my guess.
Yeah, it's, uh You can say it.
Whatever it is.
The whole world seems fake.
It just all seems kind of fake.
Well, Grace is the real deal.
- You think so, huh? - You don't? You mean 'cause she's, like, a Pastor.
She's like a Saint.
She's the closest thing I ever seen in the flesh.
I've seen her literally give strangers the shoes off her feet, complete strangers.
Lucky strangers.
And it's not just being good.
She feels life more than other people do.
The pain of it.
The puzzle.
She's special.
You know Is there a bathroom I can use? Yeah.
Yeah, sure.
It's just right down the hallway.
It'll be on your left.
Cool place.
I mean, it's packed.
Girl, this is nothing.
Just wait till later.
My man.
I'll see you.
Yo! Look who came through.
What's up? So what are you drinkin'? Drinking? I don't know.
Hey, you gotta try my special Dante all Saunders.
It's Henny with some kind of juice in it and And a cherry, but it's mostly Henny.
How many have you had? - Mm, mm.
- Probably, like, two.
He's such a lightweight.
Sister Greenleaf.
Get behind me, Satan.
Have dinner with me tonight.
- No, I told you, I'm out.
- You said you weren't like me.
Yeah, I'm not.
Do you really think you know what I'm like? Have dinner with me tonight.
- I'll think about it.
- Charity.
I said I'll think about it.
You're the only person I respect at this church.
And to think that you have the wrong idea about me, it hurts.
I just Just give me a chance to explain.
Bob Whitmore just offered me an opportunity to speak at the national women's gathering of Harmony and Hope next fall in Washington D.
- What did you say? - No, thank you.
I said that my people needed me here, that I was still feeling quite unsettled by his intention to integrate Calvary, and that I wanted to maintain a presence.
Thank you for thinking of me.
I said what a good person said.
Oh, Mae.
James, why are you doing this? Do you know what it feels like to be unwanted and desired? Ignored? Hmm? No, I don't think you do.
Somehow you've arranged things so that everyone in your life just crawls up wanting attention, stops by wanting permission.
You're never unwanted.
Ever! That's not true.
All I want is one more Sunday to feel what it's like to exist.
Rachelle Cross.
What do they have to do anything? Every time you went to one of them, whether I knew where you were going or not, James.
I felt unwanted and despite the fact that you think sniffing around for sex is evidence of desire, it is not the kind of desire I respond to.
I want to be respected and I want to be heard.
I think you mean obeyed.
If what I say is true to abide by it is not obedience.
It's wisdom.
You notice I haven't once mentioned Lionel or that made me feel.
If it's so important to you, James, go to Atlanta.
I understand that Harmony and hope has programs.
But the poor people of Memphis are not the poor people of Phoenix.
WOMAN: Mm-hmm.
And you can't have a board room make a program - and say one size fits all.
- That's right.
Now if you go on the streets of Memphis, though, and you say real church a program I had for just about a year, - it still means something.
- Mm-hmm.
I'm sorry, excuse me.
It's my daughter.
So what we're talking about is not a lot of money here, folks.
All right, just enough to get the word out and to get folks in here on Sunday with us.
Um, I'm sorry excuse me.
I need to take this.
Jacob, right now is not the time.
Zora keeps calling.
Something's wrong.
Excuse me folks.
I'm sorry.
Well, I think we've heard enough to vote.
Amen? Hey, sweetie.
What's going on? ZORA: Please don't get mad.
Where are you? Just promise me not to get mad, please.
Just get over here.
Dante's out of control.
- Light it up! Light it up! - Let that flag burn.
I'm on my way.
Let that flag burn! Let that flag burn! Congratulations.
Program won on its own merit.
Program is the person they like.
- Well - Like I said, congratulations.
Aaron, hey.
How'd it go? I thought maybe you could tell me.
Why? What happened? He left in the middle of the meeting and never came back.
It's barbecue time.
Let that flag burn.
Let that flag burn.
Let that flag burn.
Let that flag burn.
Let that flag burn.
Let that flag burn.
Let that flag burn.
Yeah! - Hey, yo, Trey? - Yo, what's up? I don't know what's up, one time.
Hey, I don't know about y'all, but I skipped breakfast this morning.
And I'm ready for some barbecue.
Yo, what's up, brother Greenleaf? Hey, somebody give my mans some drink here real quick.
- Here.
- Yeah, oh, yeah, for sure.
You can take that.
Who's ready for some s'mores? [CHEERING.]
Zora, you stay right there.
He'll be going for three points.
- Dante, calm down.
- You're playing defense? Oh, okay.
I got you.
No problem.
- Dante.
- I'm making s'mores, man! Chocolate and marshmallows.
The end of racial prejudice.
I'm gonna burn this racist flag.
What are you doing? Dante, don't do this.
You're gonna lose everything.
All right, don't do this.
Come on, man.
Not this Again.
Hey, guys just relax.
It's under control, all right? Nothing's happening.
Just get out of here.
Nothing's happening.
It's happening, fellas.
Stay tuned.
Save it for the off-season when we're not chasing a championship.
Ha! Coming from the end of the bench? [LAUGHTER.]
- Dante! No, no, no.
No, no, no, no, no.
Hey! Dante! Hey! Are you serious? [CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS.]
Dante! Stop! Dante! [GRUNTING.]
Answer your phone.
It's dead.
What happened? Well, after the second time Bob visit my church but in 2003, he offered me the job.
The job you're doing now? Regional conference minister or whatever? Yeah, but the job I'm doing now isn't really the whole job I do.
So what do you do? Are you a hit man? And you promise to keep this between us? Whatever happens? I never told Grace I'm a spy.
I know but this goes beyond Calvary.
This is the real Phil Demaris we're talking about here.
I can't wait to meet him.
I'm Bob Whitmore.
You're Bob Whitmore how? Every sermon Bob gives every book he writes, I write, I write it all.
Why does he have you do that? Because I'm good.
Why do you do that? Why would you? Historically, for the money.
The chance to share my vision with the world.
Lately, Bob has given me to understand that once Grace completes this interim year that I can maybe take over Calvary.
He said that? Well, Bob doesn't say anything.
He's very careful that way.
But he has given me to understand it could be so.
So why do we have to take Grace down? Won't he just remove her? That's what I'm saying.
With Bob, there's no guarantees.
And Calvary being the only black church in the H&H family.
It's my only chance.
We're more alike than I thought.
I know.
So you just left without saying anything, without going back.
Why would you do that? I couldn't take it anymore.
Couldn't take what? How he thinks you're so good.
How he doesn't know all that I had to go through.
How What? There's just about nothing you can imagine that I didn't have to deal with.
A name I didn't get called, a floor I didn't get thrown down, on a sky I didn't sleep under.
I didn't have to eat, a punch I didn't have to take.
I knew if I stayed there one more second I was gonna mess your Up just to do it.
So I got out of there.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so, so sorry.
You know, this ain't working out.
It has to work out.
It can, will you just trust me? I don't.
I don't.
You know why? There are guys in jail.
Pure evil.
Those are the ones you can trust.
It's the ones that think they're good you gotta worry about 'cause they can't even see their own shadow and that's you, Grace.
We're done.
What do you mean we're done? Just what I said.
I'll figure out some way to pay for rent and get a job.
All the things that I'm supposed to.
But you and me, Grace? This? - Forget it.
- Sweetheart Next person that asks me who I am, I'm telling them.
Where you're going? None of your business.
What are you looking for when God is looking for you? Don't you know that God is longing to sit with you and talk it all out.
Oh, sinner, God.
God misses you.
Ooh, yes.
God misses you.
So, so much when your life is too hard.
You got to have a talk with God.
Are you listening to me? When your life is much too hard just go have a talk with God.
Yes? Bishop told me about the furniture.
I wish you had some so I could take it from you after what you did.
Divide us up like that.
I expect that kind of behavior from a teenager, but not a full grown woman.
And please don't tell me you're here to ask again.
It's furniture.
Get a credit card, Kerissa.
I'm not asking again.
I just wanted to say since we'll be moving out soon and actually, wrote it in a letter.
I think I need to say it to your face.
Oh, Lord, here we go.
No one and I do mean no one has ever hurt me the way that you've hurt me and I don't know how it happened, Mae, but from the first day that we met, I only wanted to please you.
My mother, she always treated me like I was her greatest competition.
So I think I just wanted you to like me.
But you never did.
And it hurt.
So I just wanted to say that no one sees Grace's faults more clearly than I do, but this mess, this whole mess which one? Everything from Mac, Faith, Faith walking into that lake, Bishop going to jail.
Harmony and Hope is all your fault.
- No, excuse me.
- All yours.
And if you knew that you would be holed up in a in a shack somewhere in sackcloth and ashes instead of gliding around this house like our float in the Rose parade.
You are in old rusty jalopy with a corpse in the truck.
Ah! [GASPS.]
Your trash.
You get out of this room.
Did you not hear me? I said leave.
I'm leaving and I'll leave for good.
- Get out! - And I'll leave for good! You will never see me again and I will send Jacob up here with the children like I would anybody to a grave.
And I am not gonna waste my time on you anymore I want you out of here.
I'm not gonna hear another word.
'Cause I am done! Dancing attention to you.
- Hey! - Shh.
Have you two made peace? Huh? [CHUCKLES.]
We've come to an understanding.
Oh, good.
- Good night, Bishop.
- Mm.
Good night.
If you are here to attack me in the slightest don't.
I'm too bored.
I'm not going to Atlanta.
I called Desiree and I told her no.
I'm not going to say thank you.
No, I am.
You know, God's been trying to get me to slow down, see myself, see him in all this busying myself.
All this Atlanta nonsense.
It's just been me running away.
Now you knew.
And I I should've listened.
What what's the matter? Oh, we'll get new furniture.
Oh, God.
- What's so funny? Um Nothing is funny.
Nothing at all.
- Oh.
- James.
Oh, that board meeting went late.
I left early, actually.
How come? Something came up with Dante.
What? You haven't seen the news? It's on TV, all over the place, apparently.
Why? What happened, Jacob? Dante got out of line, way out, and I got fired by the red devils.
You're gonna have to wait on that house.
- Hey, mama.
- Hello, Pastor, how goes it? Oh, you know, same old same old.
Have you delved into Hebrews? - Why? - I'm leading Zora through it, but I have to confess it just mystifies me I know that there's secret inside it.
- Mama.
- Yes, dear? I need your help with something and I'm a little mystified myself.
What is it? My son.