Grey's Anatomy s02e04 Episode Script

Deny, Deny, Deny

Previously on Grey's Anatomy: - [Baile7.]
Patient's name! - How many times - [Yang.]
Ellis Grey.
- Meredith's mother.
It's not that Burke broke up with me, it's how he broke up with me.
Have you even told Burke about the baby? Cristina! [Addison.]
It's an extrauterine pregnancy.
Stop talking to me like you're my boyfriend! Stop talking to me at all.
If you came here to try to win me back, forget about it.
I just know I still love you.
Hating you is the most exhausting.
The key to surviving a surgical internship is denial.
We deny that we're tired, we deny that we're scared, we deny how badly we want to succeed, and most importantly, we deny that we're in denial.
When I left, Cristina said she was OK.
Nobody goes through what she did and is totally over it by now.
- Cristina can.
- She's fine.
Too fine.
She's cold.
No, she's hardcore.
She's got ice in her veins.
- She does what she has to do to.
- She lost a baby.
And a fallopian tube.
She acts like she doesn't care.
She's all "Hello, I'm totally fine.
" She's my friend too but she's acting like she has no emotions or warmth, Iike she's missing a soul.
- God, she's gonna make a great surgeon.
- George! It's true.
You show no weakness, you make it to the top.
Some people just keep their feelings to themselves.
We only see what we want to see and believe what we want to believe.
And it works.
We lie to ourselves so much that, after a while, the lies start to seem like the truth.
Meredith kissed me.
Addison kissed me.
My wife and my girlfriend kissed me on the same day.
Joe, do I look friendly to you? Oh.
Yeah, you're a tiny little kitten of joy and love.
- What? He saved my life.
- His first mistake.
McDreamy, go sit by someone who cares.
We deny so much that we can't recognize the truth, right in front of our faces.
Everything's gonna be fine.
Addison'll go back to New York.
Meredith and I will start over, everything's gonna be fine.
Right? You so damn stupid.
I want everyone focused.
With Cristina out, we're short an intern and I feel it will be one of those days.
- And, Karev, see the chief today.
- What for? Do I look psychic to you? He's the chief.
He asked.
You go.
- What did he do now? - Maybe he gave the chief syphilis.
So we're in the middle of the Belizian jungle and this jaguarondi jumps out and bites one of the guides.
They all look at me.
They're yelling, "You're a doctor, help him!" This is one time a Ph.
does no good.
I'm sorry, did I miss the bell for social hour? - Missionary tales.
- You're a missionary? No, my parents.
We traveled a lot.
They still do.
This stuff is great.
Um, this is Dr.
Burke's patient, Kalpana Vera "Kull-punnah.
" Named by villagers in Nepal.
Presents with multiple syncopal episodes and ventricular arrhythmias.
- So you've been passing out? - And having palpitations.
History of rheumatic heart disease with mitral valve stenosis.
They had to ship me from Zambia to the States for three months of treatment when I was eight.
Rheumatic fever almost killed me.
What are the primary causes of ventricular arrhythmias? Valvular disease, mitral valve prolapse, stimulants, drugs, and metabolic abnormalities.
Scrub nurse to OR Six.
- What? - Out.
- I'm fine.
- Out! You better be in your room by the time we round on you.
- And when will that be? - In fifteen seconds.
Fourteen, thirteen, twelve, eleven - Nice panties, Yang.
- [giggling.]
In your dreams, Evil Spawn.
Cristina Yang.
Post-op day three from a unilateral salpingectomy.
- And ready to get back to work.
- Is she? I'm taking solids and my pain is controlled with oral meds.
I'm ready.
Didn't the nurse say this morning you had a fever? - Mother.
- Cristina, did you have a fever? Temp spiked to 101 last night.
Big deal.
She worked two shifts with a 102 degree flu.
Exactly, George.
Thank you.
And we appreciate your dedication, but you stay in bed until it normalizes.
I keep telling her there's more to life than surgery and career.
Go upholster something.
Look, I need you to relax, shut up, and get better.
You're a patient this week so you can be a doctor next week.
You cannot leave me alone with her.
I am flying over the cuckoo's nest here.
Save me.
- You need time to heal.
- I'm healed.
I'm healed! Oh, God.
OK, Dr.
O'Malley, you're presenting.
OK, Dr.
Grey is post-op day three from a tumor resection.
Wrong, wrong, wrong.
He's got it all wrong.
It's not asthma, it's GERD.
He needs a Nissen fundoplication.
- I don't want her in the room.
- Mom! She's a child and I won't have her on my team.
We'll meet you outside, Dr.
Marash to Cardiology.
Marash to Cardiology.
- Skipping rounds? - Avoiding mother.
Meredith - You've got a wife.
- Yes.
- Your life is complicated.
- Yes.
I don't need complicated.
I have complicated all on my own.
- Yes.
- Stop saying yes.
I'm trying not to make any sudden movements.
- You think this is funny? - Addison's leaving.
She doesn't have any more patients here.
- There's no reason for her to be here.
- No reason? None whatsoever.
Well now, isn't this cozy? Can I join in or are you not into threesomes? [PA.]
Shannon, 1436.
- I have to go.
- Meredith You really are Satan.
You realize that, right? If Satan were to take physical form, he'd be you.
- Everywhere, all the time.
- I am so not Satan.
Why haven't you gotten on your broomstick and left? - Stop being petty.
- Stop being an adulterous bitch.
[elevator bell.]
You are going to forgive me eventually? You can't just There was a time you thought of me as your best friend? There was a time when I thought you were the love of my life.
Things change.
Divorce papers.
Your lawyer said they're OK.
I haven't signed them yet.
The ball's in your court.
If you sign, I'll sign.
I'll sign and be on the first plane out of here.
I'll sign them immediately.
I want you out of here soon.
Derek, have you ever thought that, even if I am Satan and an adulterous bitch, that I still might be the love of your life? [# Psaap: Crazy in the Rocket.]
[gulls cry.]
[steady beeping.]
It's my chart.
You're the patient.
Not the doctor.
Act like one.
- It's been tough finding you alone.
- Yeah? Well - How are you doing? - You have my chart.
You tell me.
How are you doing? I'm fine.
Perfectly OK.
- I had a right to know.
- Well, now you do.
- Cristina - Look.
Now you know.
It's over.
There's nothing for you to deal with.
So what else is there left to say? - Plenty.
For starters - Oh, look.
It's my mother.
Preston Burke.
Nice to meet you, Mrs.
Actually it's Rubenstein.
Saul Rubenstein of Beverly Hills? The oral surgeon? I'm remarried.
Been remarried since Cristina was, what? About three? Mom, that's too much information, he has other things to do.
You're good-looking.
He's good-looking.
Why don't you ever bring home a man as good-looking as him? - Stop.
- What? - Stop talking.
- Cristina.
Forgive her.
I don't know what I ever did to raise such an unpleasant girl.
- Oh, me? I'm unpleasant? - Excuse me.
- Do you know who that was? - Who? - That was my boss! - I only said nice things.
Why'd you call me unpleasant in front of my boss? Lighten up, please.
OK, I was thinking that maybe we might want to you might - OK, we both have tonight off so - You are so into me.
- Shut up.
- It's sad.
The worship.
The adoration.
And I'm so handsome, I intoxicate you.
OK, you know what? Forget it.
Izzie, would you like to go out with me tonight? On a date? And you wear something gorgeous, I pay for food - Are you making fun of me? - I'm not making fun of you.
OK, then.
- Good.
- Good.
I said I never wanted to see you again.
'Cause you're too lazy to learn anything more.
Meredith Grey, Jeremiah Tate.
Thinks he knows so much because he was my first intern patient.
I knew as much as her.
She was clueless about how to treat cystic fibrosis.
A cholecystectomy turned into a month-long stay.
Better not be alleging malpractice.
Guy raises about 100,000 grand a year for cystic fibrosis, running triathlons.
- Thinks he's a big shot.
- You run triathlons? - Why not? - Pain for one.
- Finally admitting to feeling a little? - A little.
How little? Truth.
Enough to keep me awake at night.
Had some seizures.
Too weak to work out.
Anyone been through here with your CT results? No.
It's probably just my pancreatitis kicking up again.
All right then.
We'll be back.
With your results and a plan.
Where do your parents think you are this time? [chuckles.]
New Jersey.
What about his parents? He doesn't like to bother them until he's well or about to get discharged.
He understands his reality.
He just chooses to ignore it.
Denial works for him, Grey.
"Abdominal pain.
" "Perirectal abscess.
" "Gunshot wound to the head.
" Where the hell's this GSW to the head? Why wasn't the trauma team called? Hello? Are you people insane? There's your gunshot victim.
Him? I'm redoing the living room in beige silks, I'm thinking.
And modern.
Very mid-century.
- And the dining room - Mother, give me back my toes.
I change the subject.
- Who's the father? - Mid-century, did you say? Someone you work with, right? Was it just for sex? You make such a point of not forming attachments.
of peace and quiet.
The daughter I raised would appreciate her mother's help.
The daughter you raised is begging for you to go.
I didn't have to come here.
You know I'm very busy.
Yeah, I know.
Redecorating your house.
Well, can you get me a mocha latte, please? A non-fat one.
A fat one! You're walking, you're talking, there's no exit wound.
- This mark here looks more like a burn.
- I'm telling you, I shot myself.
Pulled the trigger cleaning my.
I thought the clip was out.
If you're thinking suicide, don't.
People make mistakes.
I made a mistake.
And now I'm paying for it.
But I did shoot myself.
- Where's your lV? - I'm taking solids.
I Hep-Locked it.
- On whose orders? - Mine.
How about this order: "Bed rest, out of bed to chair, bathroom privileges.
" Nothing about stealing charts.
OK, you know what.
Give me that.
Satisfied? I'm "out of bed to chair.
" - I'm telling your intern on you.
- Meredith? - Yep.
- Oh, I'm so scared.
- Dr.
Grey, how are you doing? - You're here.
I need the results of the barium esophagram or the EGD.
And you have neither.
OK, no worries.
I'll be here when you get back.
So today you're her intern.
Well, that's better than being her husband.
- That's a matter of opinion.
- Good morning, Ellis.
Richard, good to see you.
I need those labs immediately.
Chief? She's not a surgical patient anymore.
And I'd really like to get back to the OR.
So, do you think I could hand her off to someone else? O'Malley, Alzheimer's causes her reality to shift depending on situation or mood.
She needs stability right now.
That's why I'm depending on you to keep a special eye on her.
Yes, I know, sir.
But, you know, it just doesn't seem fair to me.
I need those studies yesterday.
You heard the doctor.
Get moving.
I saw that.
I saw you take that pill.
Oh, it's my pill.
You know, the pill.
It's not in your chart.
You're supposed to tell us all the meds you're on.
You're not my doctor.
You shouldn't even be here.
- She's right.
You shouldn't be here.
- She took unauthorized medication.
I'm on the pill and I had grapefruit juice this morning.
Since the juice inhibits enzymes involved in the metabolism of OCPs, I avoided the interaction by taking it two hours after food.
She has a doctorate in neuropharmacology.
- I don't see oral contraceptives.
- Guys.
Now you will.
Go back to bed and stop poaching my patients? This is ridiculous! Go back to bed and stop poaching my patients! [rapid beeping.]
- She's in V-fib! - Call the code! - [PA.]
Code blue, second floor.
- [loud gasp.]
- Code blue, second floor.
- [coughs, inhales deepl7.]
- [man.]
You got the code equipment? - It's all ready to go.
- No code? - Not anymore.
- Can you help us get her back in bed? - I'll help.
Would you just go back to bed? Go! Oh, God.
You know, lzzie, if she's on OCPs, can we mark it down, OK? Yeah.
Jeremiah's got a mass in his midepigastrium.
Diffused enlargement of the pancreas.
That, with his hypoglycemic seizures He's gonna need an exploratory laparotomy.
But, despite his triathlons, his lungs still make me hesitant to cut.
What are we going to do? - I don't know that yet.
- Doctors.
- Dr.
- How old is he? - He's 26.
- A survivor, huh? And then some.
My patient for at least five years.
- I'm not gonna lose him now.
- You planning a laparotomy? Yeah, but his lungs.
You know, I think I could help you with this.
I've seen one case like this in a nine-year-old.
We had to do a total pancreatectomy.
I'd be honored to take any help you can give me.
You're a neonatal specialist.
What This isn't your area.
I'm just saying.
I I did genetics research in cystic fibrosis.
- I've pretty much seen it all.
- Oh.
Ramirez, please call extension 543.
Just because she offered her services doesn't mean she intends to stay.
- Well, what does it mean? - It means that she's a good doctor.
- Why are you suddenly defending her? - I'm not.
Meredith, she gave me divorce papers.
She filed.
Well, that's good.
All I have to do is sign, and I'm free.
We're free.
Is there anything to think about? No, of course not.
I read through them, sign, then Addison's on the next plane out of here.
- You say he got shot in the head? - He says he got shot in the head.
I say he's a mental defect.
- Hi.
- Ma'am, you can't be in here.
I'm looking for Samuel Linden, he Oh, my God.
Well, how bad is it? - Are you his wife? - For 21 years.
Just tell me how he is.
Fine, for a man who says he shot himself.
He shot himself.
He was cleaning his gun.
What is wrong with you people? We'll know when we finish his CT.
- This is a restricted area, ma'am.
- My husband has a bullet in his head! Then we'll find it.
Wait outside, I'll be with you as soon as we know something, I promise.
Of all the fine doctors in the city, you accept a consult from Addison Shepherd? - Montgomery-Shepherd, isn't it? - She should be on her way home.
You're trying to drive me crazy, aren't you? - [bell.]
- Hey, don't You think this has something to do with you? You think I'm even thinking about your romantic problems? I'm trying to help a patient very near and dear to my heart.
And if consulting with your wife, your ex, your mistress, whatever she becomes, if that's what's needed to save my patient, - then I'm damned well going to do it.
- I understand that.
I deserved that.
It's Look, you have put yourself between two very fine women and you're looking for an easy way out.
You want to use me, the hospital, somebody to make the decision for you, and it's not gonna happen! - Could I just say a couple of things? - Just You scared us a little there.
How's her work-up coming? Electrolytes are within normal limits, urine tox was negative and EKG's fine.
Tilt test is scheduled for noon.
Oh, and she's on contraceptives.
- So? - That's what I said.
That other doctor made such a big deal of it.
She didn't tell us before.
So I documented it in her med list.
- What other doctor? - Cristina.
She was wandering the halls.
Take her down for an echo.
An echo? What about cardioversion or ablation? Won't I need a pacemaker or a permanent internal defibrillator? Although it would be unusual for rheumatic heart disease to cause ventricular dysrhythmias, we've still got to check your valves.
I thought your doctorate was in neuropharmacology, not medicine.
It is.
Addison gave Derek divorce papers, which is good.
I mean, she's still here, being Addison, but it's not like I'm jealous.
- That's odd.
- It's odd that I'm not jealous? No, you have every right to be jealous.
It's your territory and she's peeing all over it.
What's odd is Burke's patient.
Four other hospitals this year.
Something's not right.
- Why the interest in Burke's patient? - This has nothing to do with Burke.
You lost a fallopian tube, a baby, and a boyfriend all in one day.
You have the right to be upset.
You're losing McDreamy to his wife.
You have a right to be jealous.
I did not lose McDreamy.
Divorce papers, remember? And I'm not jealous.
- And I'm not upset.
- You really should be in your room.
If this was reversed, would you want to spend time with your mother in a confined room with one window? Do you think we're like them? Our mothers? [announcement over PA.]
Uh, where's your mom? Exactly.
Where is my mother? - Where's your mother? - Funny you should ask.
Oh, crap.
Oh, man, you are not going to believe this.
It can't be.
The guy was reading a freaking magazine.
It's definitely a bullet.
Tracked clear through his head.
Now are you people just going to sit here or get him into surgery? Here's the missile track.
As you can see it doesn't even cross the midline.
He's lucky.
This guy may have even been sitting there talking to you.
He'll need debridement of the entrance wound and repair the dura, but we won't need to remove the bullet.
That's an excellent diagnosis, Dr.
I'm Dr.
Shepherd, I'm your neuro consult.
Grey, they need you upstairs.
- You'll book the OR and staff? - I'm on it.
- Unbelievable.
- O'Malley.
Can you not handle this, doctor? I can handle a lot of things.
Come on, Dr.
We won't know for sure until we go in there, but it looks like I'm gonna have to take out your pancreas and re-route your intestines.
Did you tell her my lungs don't do well with anesthesia? Don't I always have your back? Your kidney function is decreasing and I'm afraid you'll go into multi-system organ failure if we don't operate.
- If I say no? - There's no guarantees, Jeremiah.
It's going to be a long, hard surgery, and put a lot of stress on your body.
Yeah, but I'm me.
- But you're you.
- So if we don't operate, I die.
And if we do operate, I may die.
Basically, yes.
Well, I like those odds.
And 26 years with this disease is awesome.
And that's the reality.
So if I get lucky, great.
If I don't it's been sweet.
It's gonna stay sweet.
We'll need to do a psych evaluation.
How many times do we have to tell you? He wasn't trying to kill himself.
- It was an accident.
- They're just doing their job, hon.
- Their job is to make you better.
- Where were you at the time? I was in the next room.
And I heard the shot.
And it was awful.
- It's over now.
- [Alex.]
Why didn't you call 911? Because he was only unconscious for a moment.
And then he was walking, and talking and You'll have to give a report to the police.
- Police? - Why do we need to talk to the police? We have to report any gunshot wounds to the police.
It's the law.
You're officially AWOL, you know.
I'm working.
Trying to figure out what's going on with the crazy woman on four.
You are the crazy woman on four.
I made a break for freedom.
Hand me that dictionary.
You have a better patient than me and you don't even have a patient.
Meredith's got a CF case.
Alex's got the gunshot wound.
Izzie's got the mystery arrhythmias.
I'm not a nanny.
I am a surgeon.
A cutter.
But no, I'm getting fake labs for a fake patient so she can do a fake surgery.
- She's faking it.
- It's real to her.
It's Alzheimer's.
The missionary.
Kalpana [groans.]
God! Thank you! Ow! Uncalled for! - lzzie.
How have her studies been? - I've been looking for that everywhere.
Negative, right? Oh! The echo test showed mild mitral stenosis, the tilt test was negative.
We're doing EP studies.
I know what's wrong without sticking electrodes in her heart.
- Really.
Just by the chart? - No, from the pill she took.
They were contraceptives.
Why are you so obsessed with this? Just go back to bed.
- She's doing this to herself.
- lnducing ventricular arrhythmias? - She'd have to be crazy.
- No, she'd have to have Munchausen's.
You think she's secretly ingesting something to produce real symptoms? - Seriously? - Yep.
Just run it by Burke.
- Tell me what he thinks.
- Tell him yourself.
He's behind you.
[husband and wife talk quietl7.]
- Where are we? - OR Two in 30 minutes.
He's prepped, transpo's on the way.
Do you understand that? - What's that all about? - I haven't got a clue.
I love you.
I forgive you.
You cheated on me.
You cheated on me.
- You do not get to play the martyr.
- I got a bullet in my head.
- And that doesn't make us even.
- You shot me! I think we need to get the police up here right now.
She obviously loves the patient role.
She practically lives in hospitals.
And we're like an imaginary family to her because her real family blows her off to go take care of other people.
- And I saw her take something.
- That's not enough.
We have to rule out everything else.
She lied about her job.
She's a pharmacy tech, not a Ph.
So she's a liar.
I've been lied to before.
- We're not talking about us here.
- Maybe we should be.
- I didn't lie.
- You withheld the truth.
OK, you know what? I remember you breaking things off with me.
You didn't seem so upset about it.
This? This is not a relationship.
- This is not real.
- Cristina! OK, and so what's with the big fake display of hurt and drama? - Cristina! - I'm supposed to be in bed.
Cristina! Officers, thanks for coming.
Ma'am, why don't you have a seat? We need to ask you a few questions.
Uh, of course.
Well, nothing like a domestic dispute to liven up a pre-op, huh? - [Jeremiah.]
Where do I sign? - [Baile7.]
Here, for consent.
And here for DNR and no extraordinary measures.
OK, lift up for me.
You should probably call my parents.
Call them yourself when you walk out of here.
Grey, I have those labs Oh, no you didn't.
You lost her again? Again? I am a surgeon.
A surgeon! [chuckles.]
Yeah, well.
You won't be when Dr.
Webber finds out you lost Ellis Grey again.
We're using three different catheters.
Why are we doing that, Dr.
Stevens? Programmed electrical stimulation maps the heart's electrical system - to find the focus of the irregular - Doctors? Sorry to interrupt.
- [Burke.]
Yes? - Her urine's blue.
What? Why is her urine blue? She says she has a surgery scheduled with Dr.
Shepherd? - I turned my back for - Why did you turn your back? I told you to take care of her! Just get out of here.
You want to find a hot surgery, then find one.
You're free.
I'll take care of her.
This is one sick bastard.
We should flip him over, give him a spine.
Pull back on the retractor, Dr.
A little suction.
Covering for his wife after she shot him? - He did cheat on her.
- And that's worth a bullet in the head? Relationships are built on sacrifice.
- Not that kind of sacrifice.
- I don't know.
Sometimes a bullet's worth it.
Richard, I thought you'd never get here.
Look, the OR's empty, I have a little time before my surgery.
I don't think I'm supposed to be here.
No, you're not.
Come on, I'll take you back to your room.
I need more traction.
Grey? Here, give me some suction there.
Grey, retract the duodenum.
How's he doing? - Hard to ventilate and no urine output.
- He's shutting down.
- Did you increase peak pressures? - Any higher, I blow his lungs.
Pushing one of atropine.
Try ventilating him manually, see if he starts coming back up.
- [Baile7.]
Did we miss any bleeders? - Surgical field is clear.
- Agonal rhythm.
- [Baile7.]
Any pulse with that? - [anesthesiologist.]
No carotid.
- Starting CPR.
Push one of epi.
No extraordinary measures, Dr.
He's DNR.
No, this is just good medicine.
[rapid beeping.]
Blue urine? A second drug screen was positive for amitriptyline, which, I'm sure you know, causes ventricular arrhythmias.
You knew it wouldn't show on a drug screen, but I'm guessing you didn't realize it turns urine blue.
I didn't do this to myself.
You have to believe me.
I'm sick.
- I have something - No.
You're just deceiving yourself.
Manufacturing things that really aren't there, seeing only what you want to see.
Wasting our time, our resources, and throwing away your own life.
Your illness is in your head, Kalpana.
We will be transferring you to Psych.
[rapid beeping.]
Come on.
Come on, don't give up.
Come on.
You're getting tired.
Let me take over, Dr.
Bailey, his intestines are cyanotic.
There's no blood circulating.
It's been shunted to his brain where he needs it.
You call those compressions? [grunts.]
[rapid beeping.]
Fight it.
Come on! Why isn't anyone moving? Who's recording? It's been ten minutes since we had a perfusing rhythm.
It's your call, Dr.
- [continuous beep.]
- One, two, three Asystole.
[beeping stops.]
Time of death: 19:26.
It's hard to accept the end when you're too close.
Look, I don't want someone who doesn't want me, Meredith.
But if there's the slightest chance that he does, I'm not leaving Seattle.
What did she tell them? That you cheated on her, that she was drunk, and you were cleaning your guns in the kitchen.
- I'm not gonna press charges.
- It doesn't matter, she confessed.
- Assault in the first degree.
- They arrested her? Man, you should be grateful.
You know what I am? I'm stupid.
Nothing is more stupid than cheating on the woman you love.
You don't know what you're missing.
Your latte's by your bed, and I'm pretty sure it's cold.
- [exhales.]
I don't need it.
- You should be in bed.
Stop it.
I'm fine, OK? My brain is fine.
My body is fine.
I'm fine.
- I don't know why I came.
- Then why did you? You know, l Just stop it.
I don't I'm sorry I'm not that person.
I'm sorry I don't need you here taking care of me.
Well? You were right.
Kalpana definitely suffers from Munchausen's.
I was right.
I was right.
I was right.
I was right.
I was [sniffs.]
I was right.
I was right.
Oh, I'm [bawls.]
I'm right I'm right I'm You took the Clinical Skills section of your medical exams after most interns, so the results are only now coming out.
I got a call from USMLE this morning.
So you're saying Karev, you're still an MD.
You still get to practice medicine.
The hospital grants you four months to retake the exam.
You study it, you pass it, you put it behind you.
One misstep doesn't affect your career.
Right, thanks.
What happens if I take the exam for a second time and I don't pass? You will no longer be a surgical resident at Seattle Grace.
Failing again is not an option.
- What's going on? - I can't stop.
I can't I can't stop.
She can't stop crying.
I can see that.
What did you do to her? Nothing.
She's going to dehydrate.
Cristina, do you want some water? No.
No! I already tried that.
It just made it worse.
I knew she'd break sooner or later.
Just a matter of time.
I will kill her! I am her mother.
We don't do well with mothers here.
Why don't you leave and come back later? Cristina.
Make it stop.
Make it stop.
Somebody sedate me! [sobs.]
Sometimes reality has a way of sneaking up and biting us in the ass.
And when the dam bursts all you can do is swim.
The world of pretend is a cage, not a cocoon.
We can only lie to ourselves for so long.
[# Merrick: Infinity.]
We are tired.
We are scared.
Denying it doesn 't change the truth.
Hi, Mrs.
T ate? It's Miranda.
Miranda Bailey.
I'm calling about Jeremiah.
I'm so sorry.
She doesn't want to be touched.
Sooner or later, we have to put aside our denial and face the world head-on, guns blazing.
- Hi.
- Hey.
- You look great.
- Thanks.
- Are you OK? - Yeah, you ready to go? Yeah, you just You don't seem like yourself.
Look, we got dinner reservations.
We should go so, let's go.
It's notjust a river in Egypt.
It's a freaking ocean.
I'm glad we're doing this.
Me too.
Want a drink? - Yes.
Oh - That's OK, I got it.
I'll get it.
So how do you keep from drowning in it?
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