Grey's Anatomy s02e07 Episode Script

Something to Talk About

Previously on Grey's Anatomy: I'm touching the aorta.
- [Burke.]
- Yes, sir? You just flew solo.
O'Malley plugs a hole with his finger and everyone acts like he's a hero.
I have one off day - You chickened out.
- I hesitated briefly.
Why didn't you kiss lzzie? - Cristina - It's my first day back.
- I've got - I'm not waiting forever.
OK, we're a couple.
Don't make a big deal about it.
So pick me.
Choose me.
Love me.
Derek, have you ever thought that even if I am Satan and an adulterous bitch, I still might be the love of your life? - You're staying with her.
- Yeah, she's my wife.
It's the first thing we really learn in life.
She didn't even know he was married.
His wife just shows up and he dumps her.
I heard she flipped out.
What does she expect? She got what she deserved, dating an attending.
Dating McDreamy.
Have you seen his hair? No guy is that perfect.
I think it's kind of sad.
She has to work here.
With him.
With them.
Everyone knows.
Funny thing is, once we grow up, learn our words, and really start talking, the harder it becomes to know what to say.
Or how to ask for what we really need.
What do you need to make this marriage work? I need her to move to Seattle.
- That's just a - Addison.
What do you need? - Him to stop talking to Meredith.
- It's my I work with her! You want me to pick up my entire practice and move here? Fine.
- I want you to give up your girlfriend.
- I did give up my girlfriend.
You wanted me to take you back, I did.
In Seattle.
- It's all about what he wants.
- I am not the same person anymore.
I know, you're a flannel-wearing, wood-chopping fisherman.
I won't talk to her if she behaves like this.
Sorry, guys.
Time's up.
Good progress.
Well, we have to do something.
Meredith's become like an exhibit.
Like that Hey.
Like a zoo animal.
Like that rare panda that everyone stares at.
Please don't say that to her face.
I think that panda died alone.
[Cristina laughs.]
This could just as easily be you.
If people knew about you and.
Take that back.
I'm just saying we should do something to cheer her up.
- Don't worry about it.
- It's under control.
- What do you guys have going on? - Nothing.
- What? - Where's Karev? Probably somewhere not kissing somebody.
Let's go, O'Malley.
Hey, so, after rounds, we have something to show you.
- Mer? Meredith, can you hear us? - She's not deaf.
Well, she looks weird.
Well, Derek didn't pick her.
She's gone mental.
- Meredith, have you gone mental? - I have not gone mental.
See? OK, she's fine.
We have something to show you.
So whatever you do, do not get assigned to a surgery this morning.
- [Addison.]
If you give it a chance.
- I gave it a chance.
He's a moron.
Straight ahead.
That's the intern.
OK, yeah, mind your own business.
Kimberly Griswold.
History of heart disease and surgeries.
In for a beating heart quadruple CABG.
- You're late.
- Yes, Karev.
Nice of you to join us.
Why keep the heart beating, Dr.
Yang? I don't know.
What? I have no idea.
Oh, I don't know either.
Just don't.
Because of Ow! - Anyone else? - Stress reduction - O'Malley.
- I know the answer.
I'm asking O'Malley.
Scar tissue's too deep.
Heart's too weak to start up again.
You only immobilize the portion you're working on and leave the rest of the heart on its own.
- Welcome to the case.
- Thank you.
OK, move.
- [Mrs.
What is that? - PJs.
That is unfair.
He's punishing me for the elevator.
No, because you were late for rounds.
You want to tell me why you were late? Dr.
Shepherd needs somebody on his nerve case today.
And you three, brush up on how not to embarrass me in front of the attendings.
Or I'll see to it that your hearts stop beating.
Clear? Sorry, Dr.
Bailey, we really apologize.
- [Meredith.]
What is going on? - We found a case.
- You stole a case? - Borrowed.
From Psych.
The prelims This thing is totally unprecedented.
- And we found it.
- Stole it.
OK, found, stole, hijacked, whatever.
Meredith, behind this door is the coolest medical mystery I have ever seen.
Now, you can either walk away, you know, guilt-free.
Or walk through this door, risk your place in the program, which could lead to spending the rest of your life serving fries in bad clothing.
So you in? Hell, yeah.
- Mr.
Herman? - Oh.
No, please call me Shane.
I gotta hit the can.
Seems like I gotta go every 30 seconds these days.
- Just a guy.
- Wait for it.
I sure am glad to be off that Psych floor.
- What's so special? - Wait for it.
[groans, sighs.]
I'm not nuts.
I'm just pregnant.
[# Psapp: Cosy in the Rocket.]
I was fine.
And then last month huge belly.
My doctor just kept telling me I was gaining weight with my wife.
- She's due on the 30th.
It's our first.
- Congratulations.
The admitting intern shipped him to Psych.
Barely did a physical.
Hear that? It's not fluid.
There's something in there.
No joke there's something in there! I've been able to feel it getting bigger and bigger, growing in my you know.
My womb.
Yeah, I know I sound crazy.
I do.
But I can prove it.
This room is supposed to be unoccupied.
Whose patient is this? [both.]
Who transferred him? I don't have any paperwork, any transfer documents.
Gimme a break.
We shuffle rooms all the time.
You know, if we need a bedpan changed, we'll let you know.
OK, Doctor.
You do that.
OK, where's his chart? You steal a patient and don't take the chart? - That was your job.
- I was a lookout! How you doing? You good? You look good.
Come on.
We're friends.
What's my name? All right.
So I don't know your name.
It's not like we can't talk.
You don't have to be a surgeon for me to talk to you.
- Really? - Really.
Because I thought you only talked to attendings.
Now, Nicole, you've been having problems with spasticity? Mom? She says the spasms "make her legs dance.
" We just wanted to make things a little easier for her.
- [man.]
She starts college this fall.
- [woman.]
Seattle Community.
Not that she wouldn't have her pick of schools out of state.
But she's not ready for that yet.
What? Not because she's in a wheelchair? Has Dr.
Ostfeld mentioned something called a cystoplasty? It's an operation to enlarge Nicole's bladder.
It creates an opening called a stoma.
It's improved life for a lot of my paralysis patients.
- [man.]
We toyed with the idea once.
- [woman.]
It's not for us.
Maybe we should revisit it? [woman.]
An invasive procedure with a 20 per cent failure rate? I don't think so.
Nicole, it's something worth considering.
You wouldn't have to wear the catheter all the time.
Not to mention the medical benefits.
It would improve your quality of life.
You know, you'd be like girls your own age.
You'd be in control of your own bladder.
You'd have a more normal sex life.
When that becomes an issue, of course.
We're here for the pain procedure.
That's it.
They share the same brain.
She's not getting surgery.
Take Nicole with you everywhere today.
Labs, to coffee, take her anywhere.
Just get her away from her parents.
You want me to baby-sit the wheelchair chick? Nicole.
She thinks you're cute.
She's a teenager, she might even listen to you.
You want me to convince her to get that surgery.
- Convince her to make the decision.
- How am I supposed to do that? Dr.
Karev, you're creative.
You'll think of something.
Thank you.
This will be an extensive operation, even for an open-heart veteran like yourself.
My room was bigger last time.
It was brighter.
More sun.
Alan, this water is warm.
I need more ice.
I'm sending you in for a nuclear scan, then we'll get you into the OR this afternoon.
You do understand all of the risks? I've been through it too many times to not understand.
Get the blinds.
Open the blinds.
This room is depressing.
[Burke sighs.]
I'll check back a little later.
Take her for the thallium scan, pick up her X-rays on the way.
Burke, thank you for choosing me to assist you today.
- Well, you're my guy, O'Malley.
- I am? I mean, yeah.
Hand me the tissues.
No, no, wait.
Hospitals have germs.
Get my hand sanitizer out of my case.
Why would you be with someone who makes you that unhappy? - Excuse me? - I mean like Well, like you're happy with Cristina.
And she's happy.
Well, happier.
You know, Cristina-happy, which is not normal people's happy but But, you know, happy since you guys started Scans.
I'm on it.
I'm your guy.
[man on PA.]
Hamill, 4147, I'm an idiot.
Just look at this.
Maybe we could, you know, talk? [lzzie and Cristina.]
- [elevator chime.]
- [Alex.]
- What'd you do to get stuck with me? - Nothing.
Come on.
I know you're not just wheeling me around for kicks.
- Nope.
I was late for rounds.
- Why? 'Cause I had things to do.
Hey, lzzie! Izzie! Hey, dollface! I was gonna ask you a favor.
Since you're better with people than I am - No.
- You haven't heard what No.
You're like a broken record.
God, you're only ever nice or friendly or anything when it's convenient for you.
So no to your favor.
No to you.
- What's up with you? - I put on a dress.
I did my hair.
I had one night off in two weeks, and I used it on you.
And what do I get? Nothing.
No respect.
No apology.
You couldn't even be bothered to kiss me good night.
You know what? You're a coward.
And you're just as shallow as you seem.
So I am done trying to be your friend, or whatever.
I'm over it.
She's really mad at you.
A urine sample is the last thing we need, Mr.
- Uh, meet Shane's wife, Tina.
- Hey.
She's also pregnant.
What precipitated the psychotic episode - that got you admitted to the hospital? - It wasn't an episode, OK? And I'm not psychotic, I am pregnant.
I mean, wouldn't you freak out if you were me? Honey, did you bring it? - Yeah, yeah.
- Oh, good.
I can prove to everyone that I'm not crazy.
That is my patient.
He's ours now.
If you wanna fight me for it I guarantee you I'll win.
- What is going on in here? - Dr.
Bailey, just a moment here.
- Please, look at his abdomen.
- It's a male hysterical pregnancy.
It's a Psych case, and it's mine.
It's not hysterical! I am pregnant! See? Psych.
No, his belly is distended.
There's no signs of ascites.
And I clearly feel a mass with deep palpation.
- Guys.
- I told you I could prove it.
- Psych! - Surgical! - [Baile7.]
You're doctors.
Act like it.
- Guys - Psych! - Surgical! Guys! Shane took a pregnancy test.
And it's positive.
He's definitely a surgical patient now.
Do not think for a moment I condone stealing patients.
That said way to go.
The first pregnancy test I took was a joke, to make Tina laugh.
We didn't think it would lead to, you know, this.
Herman, I can assure you, you are in no way pregnant.
That's a relief.
To hear it officially.
- [Shane.]
But why was that stick blue? - [Baile7.]
We're going to find out.
Do a shotgun workup, including tumor markers.
And get CT to make some room for us in line.
- [beeping.]
- What's this for again? Uh Medical journals, monthly case reports.
Annual banquet highlight reels.
- Hey, whose pager is that? - Mine.
But I found him.
- So can someone else go? - No, we don't ignore pages, Yang.
Will you excuse me? to get to the top.
We'll be finished soon, right, Dr.
Bailey? Good.
Patient in 4243 needs a rectal.
Then I've got two infected wounds, a Foley, a groin abscess, four debridements and a case of explosive diarrhea.
- You're kidding me, right? - I'm not known for my humor.
Why did you page me about? None of these are my patients.
You're Bailey's intern, right? Then these are your patients.
- [phone rings.]
- Debbie here.
A portion of intestine is used to enlarge the bladder, and then we construct a pathway to a hole in the belly button.
It's a very tiny hole.
It's virtually invisible.
She could wear a bikini and no one would ever know.
A bikini? She doesn't know how to swim.
She could go to the beach, lie in the sun, hang out with friends.
She's so self-conscious now.
- Exactly.
- Nicole could have friends her own age.
- When will Nicole be back? - After her labs.
Just think about her future.
Nicole could be independent.
She could go to college anywhere, have a job, her own apartment.
- Date.
Get married.
- These labs are taking a long time.
She can spend more than 20 minutes away from us, Elaine.
- I'm asking about my only child.
- She's not a child anymore.
She's my child.
She'll always be my child.
Alan! Watch your step.
You're hitting my chair.
- I'm sorry.
- And hold on to my bag.
- I got it.
- Don't rummage through it! [man on PA.]
Glenn "Please" and "thank yous" were never her strong suit.
- You're a very patient person.
- Years of practice.
- Whoops.
- Oh.
I just try to keep her calm.
They didn't think she'd survive the first surgery, Iet alone three more.
Here it is, ten years later She's still here.
Yeah, it's a miracle that she's still alive.
That's what everyone says.
What do you say? Uh It's right there in the vows.
"ln sickness and in health," right? Thanks.
A pregnant guy? You had a pregnant guy and you didn't tell me? Well, we can get you floor space in the OR for 50 bucks.
We don't even know what's wrong with him.
Whatever is inside has to come out.
We're just brokering a few deals.
Like backstage passes.
Want in on the cash? - No.
- I didn't need a pregnant guy.
I was Burke's new go-to guy.
But that's over, thanks to you.
- He didn't know that I knew - Stop talking.
What on earth? [# Annie: Chewing Gum.]
- I'm Alex's charity case.
- I like her already.
- Are you volunteering? - Don't ask.
Why? It's not like we have any idea what's going on in your tiny, tiny, tiny little brain.
She has a point.
- [pager beeps.]
- I am hungry! So this is cool.
A real live lunchtime.
In a real cafeteria, with trays and friends.
- We're not his friends.
- lsn't there a cafeteria at school? - I'm home-schooled by my parents.
- That explains a lot.
Are you the "cool kids" around here or something? What would make you think that? Seems like everyone's talking about you.
I feel sorry for her.
drop her.
The guys and I were taking bets on who'd get to scan this dude.
Beers are on me tonight! Next up, the wager on what this thing is.
- You're taking bets? - On what's inside his belly.
You want in? Ten bucks.
Well, we know it's not fat, fluid, or fetus, so Jeez.
Are those teeth? Cristina is going to be so mad she missed this.
I was told to page you, and only you, if something like this came up.
Who told you? Bailey? [retching.]
- No.
- Oh, yes.
And all I can say is, you must have made one serious faux pas.
- I hate vomit.
- You're going to need this.
Bailey knows.
- Knows what? - She knows.
- Well, O'Malley knows.
Why not Bailey? - So you didn't tell her? - Why would l? - This is bad.
We have to manage the damage ourselves before it spins out of control.
- That means coming clean to the chief.
- What? - Then no one has anything to say.
- No.
No way.
No way.
- That's the only way.
- Good morning.
- Morning, Chief.
- Right.
Thank you, Dr.
You're welcome.
Great board, Chief.
Could you make sure they get the breathing tube out of my throat right after surgery this time? Are you trying to cut off my circulation? He's just doing his job.
What did you say? I said he's just doing his job.
Well, I don't really care whose job he's doing.
He's squeezing my arm off.
Are you just gonna sit there? [sighs.]
Shut up, Kim.
Just shut up, huh? - Hey.
- You complain to me, about me, around me, all day, every day.
A little silence would be nice.
A few measly minutes of quiet! - Can't you for once - Mr.
in your life just shut up?! - [rapid beeping.]
- [gasps.]
- [Burke.]
What we got? - She had a Levine sign.
EKG shows ST-elevations in the inferior leads.
She's having a heart attack.
Give her four migs of morphine.
Run nitro at ten mics per minute.
Let's do this fast so we can get her into surgery, people.
I did this.
I did this to her.
Mesenteric teratoma, Chief.
- [lzzie.]
In an adult male.
- Is this possible? It is now.
Large bilobed cystic lesion - [lzzie.]
With a calcified structure.
- [Richard.]
A deformed mandible.
Labs show elevated HCG levels.
That explains the false positive on the pregnancy test.
- [lzzie.]
Which also means - Probably malignant.
You OK? You look a little green.
I think he needs some air, Chief.
Deep breaths, Mr.
It's just most of this medical-speak goes right over my head.
You have what's called a teratoma.
And it's really very rare in adults.
Which is why you're so popular.
It's just a mass of cells that's probably been there your whole life, - only now - It's growing.
Growing jaw bones.
And toenails.
And, uh, clumps of hair.
Yeah, I've been listening.
- No one's really talking to us.
- Just about you.
- I know what that's like.
- [Cristina.]
What did I miss? Is that Is that rectal jelly on your scrubs? [pager beeps.]
Bailey, all the attention, all the people, they are making them panic.
When you said you'd found a lunch spot with a view, I knew I should have taken you literally.
I found it in my Best of Seattle guide.
It's hardly brown-bagging it on top of the Empire State Building, but they do have these cute little viewfinders.
You always find something to complain about.
Is there anything that you like about me anymore? Because if there is, I really need to know now.
Well, I like that you like cute little viewfinders in every city you live in.
I don't live here yet.
Are you going to stop talking to Meredith? - I will.
- When? Today? Tomorrow? Next week? Maybe I'm not ready yet.
Are you ever going to be ready, Derek? - What if I say no? - Then I'm not moving here.
Well, I guess we're at an impasse then.
We never finished our conversation.
Yes, we did.
We decided we're not going to tell you-know-who about us.
We decided? You're worried about your career and your reputation.
What if he hears about us through the grapevine? - He doesn't have to hear at all.
- He will.
It's just a matter of time.
Unless you're hesitating because of some different reason.
You are not thinking this through.
Like not wanting to admit to this relationship at all.
We are a couple.
- Fine.
- Burke I said fine.
So what's up with you not wanting to get this procedure? - I'm fine the way I am.
- Good point.
Your choice.
So you're not going to try and talk me into it? Right now I'm going to study.
Nuclear something-fancy-name-ology.
Is that why you were late? You were studying? No.
Is that girl lzzie your girlfriend? No.
Do you want her to be your girlfriend? I got stuck with you because I was late, so if you don't mind, kid, kinda busy.
- I'm 18, you know.
- What? I'm not a kid.
I'm 18.
And I don't have to stay down here.
I could go back to my room.
So go.
- lzzie's right.
You're an ass.
- And I'm not an ass.
Well, OK, I am an ass.
But I'm a cute ass, right? How come you didn't kiss her? Thought you were leaving.
If I had a chance to kiss someone I liked, I wouldn't hesitate.
If I had the chance to lose the urine bag on my ankle, I wouldn't hesitate.
Then again I don't let my mommy do all my talking for me.
- I don't like you.
- Yes, you do.
- Jerk.
- Motormouth.
- Baby-sitter.
- Two-wheeler.
Now that's politically incorrect.
Looks like Mrs.
Griswold is doing well.
Can we fix the mechanical stabilizer here? Right now it's gonna hit Look at that.
A perfectly exposed, partially numb beating heart.
It's a beautiful thing.
Code Red! - [woman.]
Stand back! - It caught fire.
- Her heart's on fire.
- [Burke.]
We have to save Mrs.
Begin fire protocol.
Code Red.
- [alarm.]
- [man.]
We need wet towels! - [Burke.]
Disconnect the leads.
- [George.]
Got it.
Any unnecessary personnel in this room, evacuate now.
Shut down the O2.
- [George.]
On it.
- [Burke.]
Start manual respiration.
OK, I've got the Ambu bag.
Starting manual respiration.
Gotta control this bleeding.
Her vitals are stabilizing.
We might just have a chance.
She was on fire.
I have never seen anything like that.
What was that? - It was a freak accident.
- I mean, she was on fire.
- Yeah, you already said that.
- I know.
But she was on fire.
- George.
You OK? - She was on fire.
That was intense.
Are you OK or I'm fine.
O'Malley! Let's go.
[pager bleeps.]
I am so over this! [Cristina coughs.]
Hey, I heard a heart caught on fire in the OR? I am the best intern you've got.
And you are wasting me on puke and boils.
And I get it, I even deserve it, but please you can't keep me away from this surgery.
I earned this surgery.
I stole this surgery.
- What are you talking about, Yang? - You.
Punishing me.
You have no idea what I'm talking about, do you? Well, then, who has been paging me all day? The nurses have been on me nonstop.
Bit of respect and you could have saved yourself a very long day, Dr.
- Hi, this is Debbie.
- Pissing off the nurses.
- Stupid.
- Well, I can still scrub in, right? [Addison.]
He wants me to move here, Richard.
To pick up everything and move.
Don't stay for him, Addison.
Stay for me.
Stay for yourself.
- Richard, l - In Seattle, you'll be front-page news.
With your reputation and the money I'll put into promoting you, Seattle Grace will become the foremost neonatal hospital west of Manhattan.
[Addison laughs.]
- You're serious? - I'll put my money where my mouth is.
- Turn around.
Walk away.
- From what? - From my intern.
- What? I wasn't.
Yes, you were.
Come on, look, you can't do this.
You don't have the right.
Not anymore.
- I just want to find out if she's OK.
- She's not.
She's a human traffic accident and everybody's looking at the wreckage.
She's doing the best she can with what she has left.
I know you can't see this because you're in it, but you can't help her now.
You'll only make it worse.
Walk away.
Leave her to mend.
Go on! It's not that I don't want the operation.
I do.
I want things.
It's just What if I'm not ready? Ready for what? For everything.
For taking care of myself, for being on my own.
For sex.
For love.
I've never had a boyfriend.
I've never even been kissed.
I'm like the oldest living prospective college freshman not to go to first base.
- [Alex.]
- [laughs.]
It's mortifying.
There are way older losers than you, trust me.
Would you kiss me? What? I know you're a doctor, I'm your patient, and it's against the rules.
But I would never tell anyone.
For a kiss to be really good, you want it to mean something.
You want it to be with someone you can't get out of your head.
So that when your lips finally touch, you feel it everywhere.
A kiss so hot and so deep you never want to come up for air.
You can't cheat your first kiss, Nicole.
Trust me, you don't want to.
Because when you find that right person, a first kiss is everything.
- [Mr.
Her heart - [Burke.]
Caught on fire.
There will of course be an investigation.
But you should know this is not unusual as it sounds.
Your wife is going to be fine.
She's well.
We completed the operation.
And I expect that she will make a full recovery.
Griswold groans.]
Griswold? [Mr.
Griswold laughs.]
So That's it, isn't it? Her heart caught on fire in the middle of her fifth open-heart operation, and she survived.
Well, she's like some some mythical monster.
She's never gonna die! Mr.
Griswold? Mr.
Griswold, I know this is an emotional time for you.
- If you'd like to wait - Wait? No, no, I'm not waiting any longer.
You tell her Tell her Hell, tell her she'll survive without me! We can add two more, standing room only.
- Hey, hands off! - [Meredith.]
What is going on in here? - Everybody out! - We already have a Out! Mr.
Herman is a patient, a surgical patient, who's sick and embarrassed and tired of being stared at! You two, this isn't a zoo! Out, out, out! You know, if all of you want to point and whisper and stare at me, knock yourselves out! Look at Meredith, isn't she sad, pathetic and heartbroken? Maybe she's gone mental.
Maybe I have! But leave Mr.
Herman alone! You should be ashamed of yourself.
And what are you looking at? So do you tell his wife, or should l? This is I want to thank you for helping me out in the surgery today, O'Malley.
It was a high-pressure situation today and you were on top of it.
Well, thank you, Dr.
And, I'm sorry about before, about, you know, bringing up you and Cristina.
That just like You're still my guy, O'Malley.
Still my guy.
I always thought I'd hold your hand in the delivery room.
I'll let you know when the surgery is over, OK? OK.
This is as far as I go.
Hey, Dr.
Don't let them show it off, you know.
Put it in a jar, or pass it around or nothing.
- Your teratoma? - Yeah.
I feel weird about having my insides on display like that.
- You promise? - I promise.
At the end of the day, there are some things you just can't help but talk about.
You really want to be the one to dispose of this, Grey? [Meredith.]
I made a promise.
I am worried about my career.
I'm worried about my reputation and my I will not be Meredith Grey.
People won't make allowances for This is not about making allowances and you know that.
- Everyone will know.
- That's the point.
I don't want to tell the chief, OK? I just don't.
Some things we just don't want to hear.
And some things we say because we can't be silent any longer.
I'm getting the operation.
- She's clearly not considering - [man.]
She is considering.
I'm getting the operation.
You two talk and talk.
But you notice how you never ask me anything? Part of it's my fault.
I let you do it.
But I'm not cheating anymore.
I'm not sitting back and giving over control, because I am ready to handle things for myself.
Some things are more than what you say.
They're what you do.
I appreciate your candor, Preston.
I can take whatever you threw at Shepherd.
- I don't need special treatment.
- You're not gonna get any.
You're not married.
You're not hiding.
You came to me.
You clearly value your relationship.
What you two have together, I understand that, Preston.
And it does matter.
Some things you say because there's no other choice.
I've given it a lot of consideration.
And I've decided to move to Seattle.
And, well, Meredith won't be an issue anymore.
She's out of my life.
It's Well, it's taken care of.
I must say, this is remarkable progress.
I applaud both of you.
You've taken a very significant leap.
That's what marriage is about.
Right? Yeah, it's, well, it's about, well, give and take.
Some things you keep to yourself.
She yelled at you? Well, we probably deserved it.
We sold $485 worth of tickets to the surgery.
Did you sell more? - Oh, yeah.
- [lzzie.]
Out of control.
- Hey, Joe.
- Hey.
So you guys really don't have anything else to talk about? [all.]
And not too often, but every now and then What? What? some things simply speak for themselves.
Good night.
- [Cristina.]
- Seriously.

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