Grey's Anatomy s02e19 Episode Script

What Have I Done To Deserve This?

Previously on Grey's Anatomy: - Who's Mark? - Derek found us in bed together.
- How come you forgive her? - I didn't forgive her.
Denny, this is Dr.
She'll be tending to you prior to surgery.
That guy Alex, you with him? - No.
- I won't have to fight him for you.
Where is my husband? Got into a car accident trying to get here.
- This is our son.
- He's beautiful.
He broke up with me for a girl who doesn't know he's alive.
You, Meredith Grey? Never gonna happen.
You look sad.
I saw my father for the first time in 20 years.
- Is there anything that you need? - I don't need anything from you.
You could just try telling her how you feel.
I will never stop loving you.
OK, so sometimes even the best of us make rash decisions.
Bad decisions.
Decisions we pretty much know we're going to regret the moment the minute especially the morning after.
I mean, maybe not "regret" regret because at least, you know, we put ourselves out there, but still, something inside us decides to do a crazy thing, a thing we know will probably turn around and bite us in the ass.
Yet we do it anyway.
I'm coming, Doc.
Just hang on.
Just hold it until I get there, please.
- I'll walk him.
- No, it's my turn.
No, it's OK.
I'll walk Doc.
You just sleep.
The good fresh outdoors.
Spring morning.
- You just sleep.
- OK.
- Unless you wanna talk.
- Oh, God.
Here it comes.
I'm not saying we have to talk.
I'm just saying if you want to talk, we could.
I can start and you can talk about anything at all you want to talk about.
It's too early for me to interpret "girl flip-out" into conversation.
It's just that usually you start yelling when you get mad.
Mark showed up and you haven't yelled yet and I'm trying to give you a chance.
- Just go.
- I don't wanna yell.
- You don't wanna yell? You? - I just wanna sleep.
Doc, he wants to pee.
Preferably not inside this trailer.
You could yell if you want to.
I can take it.
I'm ready.
All right.
I'm going.
I'm going.
Come on.
What I'm saying is we reap what we sow.
What comes around, goes around.
What? So, I slept with him again.
So I'm a big whore.
A big horny whore who can't get enough.
Can we get over the shocked silence already? It's karma.
And any way you slice it What's going on? karma sucks.
her doing Mark Sloan.
There's something going on.
Look at them.
All right.
He walked in on her doing McDreamy.
Did I just call that dude McDreamy? - Oh, you know you did.
- Awesome.
You are ruining my life.
- Uh-huh.
- Get a room.
- Guys? - Excuse me.
What's going on? - Nothing.
- You know we're gonna find out anyway.
- If you tell us, we can help.
- There's nothing to tell.
That means there's something to tell.
- Come on.
- There's nothing to tell.
Well, how about gardenias? Like masses and mountains of gardenias.
- Are we worried about bees? - That's why I love him.
- No gardenias.
- Who would like to present? Keith Paulus.
Admitted last night with chest pain.
Status: post acute Ml.
No family or personal history of heart disease.
- No cardiac risk factors.
- Healthy as a horse.
A horse who's in bed after just having a heart attack.
Any minute, I think you're gonna tell us that this was a false alarm.
- She talks when she gets nervous.
- I understand.
Paulus, unfortunately the scan shows a mass around your heart.
A very, very large mass.
Is that code for tumor? OK, that's absurd.
He doesn't have a tumor.
He's incredibly healthy.
We won't know without further exploration which is why I'd like to do an angiogram today.
Did Meredith say anything to anyone about anything? - No.
Are you going to dish? - No.
Then leave me alone.
I'm working.
Because I don't want to talk about it ever.
- Fine.
Then don't.
- I'm just saying.
Why are you? That's weird You need to throw up again? There's no shame in needing to throw up.
Dad, I don't need to throw up.
Shawn Begleiter, 11 years old.
In for vomiting after a minor head injury.
Oh, I wouldn't exactly say minor.
- He was hit with a baseball.
- Playing first.
This little dolt Harry Doppelhammer hit this line drive when Shawn wasn't looking This is my fault.
I shouldn't have let him play Little League.
- It's clearly a dangerous sport.
- Rick, let's let the doctors talk.
Michael, I'm telling them what happened.
Shawn's going to be OK.
Right? Yeah, we have to keep a close eye on him.
OK, recommendations? It could indicate anything from a concussion to intracranial hemorrhaging.
I'd start with an H and P, do a thorough neuro exam, and get a CT.
- Good.
- Sure you don't need to throw up? [sighs.]
- Tucker.
- Dr.
How um How are you feeling? I'm feeling great.
I get to go home! That's fantastic.
Is Miranda going to meet you there? - No, I'm driving him there.
- Oh, thank God.
- Are you OK? - I need a consult.
- I'm not working.
- [coughs.]
I need a consult.
- Oh, no.
- Please don't say that.
Addison, I'm so, so sorry.
You have poison oak where nobody wants to have poison oak.
- [George.]
Like I was saying - Oh, God! payback's a bitch.
It's official, my friend.
You get to go home.
I can't thank you enough.
I thank you, my wife thanks you and my son thanks you.
Where is your wife? You can't drive for another six weeks.
Shepherd's a stickler when it comes to patients' recovery.
I know.
Hey, Richard.
Wanted to stop in before Bailey took you home.
Well, she's here somewhere.
Your wife came in earlier.
Said she needed a consult.
Consult? Bailey's on maternity leave.
It seemed like some kind of personal consult.
It's OK.
I don't mind waiting.
- All right.
I'm back.
- Oh.
You didn't make a chart? Please tell me you did not make up a chart? I did not make up a chart, so we are officially stealing this calamine lotion and these gloves.
You take it up with the chief.
- I cannot take this up with the chief.
- I'm kidding.
Did I make jokes when you were in the stirrups? No, you did not.
And I'm apologizing.
Oh, my.
- What? - These blisters are growing fast.
- I gotta give you a shot of steroids.
- Steroids? I have never seen a case a poison oak this bad.
Ew! Girl, what did you Oh, for the love of God! Miranda, the calamine! Right.
- What happened with you and O'Malley? - Nothing.
Whatever it is, I've done worse.
How do you know I did something and George didn't? Because Bambi looks pissed and you look guilty.
Here we are! Come on, buddy.
Let me help you up there.
There you go.
Fine, I did something.
A terrible, terrible something.
One time I put a raw egg in my sock drawer for a month, then I smashed it in my teacher's grade book.
- Ew! - My dads were really mad.
Well, what I did was worse than that.
- Cool.
- Cool.
- Stop pouting.
- I'm not pouting.
Oh, please.
I don't even have to look at you.
I can feel you pouting.
Whatever Meredith did, it wasn't on purpose, so get over it.
[Burke coughs.]
I am not being inappropriate.
He's acting like she's skinned his puppy.
- Yang, this is not nice.
- I'm not a nice person.
If you knew what she did you would understand.
No, I don't understand.
I don't wanna know.
What I want is to analyze this angiogram, book this sucker into surgery and excise his cardiothoracic mass.
- Doesn't look like a mass to me.
- That's because it's not.
What we thought was a mass is actually a coronary artery aneurysm with a fistula into one of your heart chambers.
Is that, uh, easy to fix? Before you answer that, I want you to know that we're getting married.
We're getting married and we're not so young, so we've been waiting a long time for this.
I have my dress and everyone's coming and it's supposed to be the happiest day of our lives.
I'm telling you this because you have this look on your face, this dark, ominous look, and we're silver-lining kind of people.
So I just thought it might help if you knew that.
Yang? Would you close the door? Well, we can We can operate on the aneurysm, try to repair it, but this type of lesion is extremely delicate.
Chances of it rupturing in surgery are high.
What keeps if from rupturing if I'm just walking down the street? Nothing.
The risks are high either way.
This isn't happening.
This can't be happening.
- It's OK, Amy.
- No, it's not.
I know it's a lot to process, but if we're going to operate, we need to do it as soon as possible.
- We're getting married.
- Honey.
We're getting We're getting married.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
They seem like a really nice couple.
They don't seem like they deserve this.
- They never do.
- Really? I guess I just think I believe in karma.
You know, good people deserve good things.
At least I thought that's the way the universe worked.
How can you think that and practice medicine? Why I'm not saying that everybody who gets sick or everybody who dies is bad.
I'm just saying that I think that there's a balance.
Or there should be a balance.
There should be some sort of balance.
Good God, O'Malley, what the hell did Grey do to you? What do you mean when you say blood in the ventricle? Oh, my God! His brain is bleeding? There's no need to panic.
It's a small amount of blood.
These injuries often resolve themselves.
But what if it doesn't? Will he lose lQ points? He's very smart.
That's important to him.
He likes to be smart.
Should we sue that little brute that hit the ball? - Or the coach, should we sue the coach? - Shawn loves the coach.
- Shawn's brain is bleeding.
- Rick Dad.
I'm fine.
Yeah, he's awake, alert, minimal pain.
These are good signs.
I just want to monitor him for 48 hours.
Hear that Shawn? Good signs.
That means, honey, you shouldn't be scared.
- I'm not.
- I am.
We know.
They paged you too? Must be something big.
- Nobody paged me.
- They didn't? Can you tie this? - Nobody paged you either.
- Yes, they did.
I just got a Did you page me? Alex [gasps.]
Ooh! - You free tonight? - I might be.
- Are you still working with Meredith? - I'm trying to kiss you here.
Did she say anything about her and George? I'm starting to get worried - Pulse is rapid and irregular.
- Oh, my God.
It's Denny.
- What? - It's Denny.
- What'd he get in the field? - He's my patient until I sign him over.
I know him.
He's on top of the list for a new heart.
That makes him surgical.
Burke's on his way, so you'd better start signing.
What did he get in the field? after six of adenosine.
- What do we got? - It's Denny.
Transplant candidate, acute dysrhythmia and CHF.
Vitals all over the place.
- His heart rhythm is a mess.
- He's in heart failure.
Bisoprolol can reduce mortality.
What about ACE inhibitors? And digoxin.
Somebody load him with dig! Slow down.
He's holding on.
Barely, but he's holding on.
There has to be something more we can do.
The best we can do is get him up to ClCU and see if his heart will stabilize.
- lzzie, we should go.
- No, you go.
I'm gonna stay.
- No.
Yes, yes.
- I see you.
No, you don't.
Your husband was discharged over an hour ago.
- I'm not here.
- Go home.
You're not working.
You're on maternity leave.
- Have you made your decision? - Oh! Uh, about the surgery? Um No, we're still We're still talking about it.
We were thinking maybe we should wait until after the wedding.
- So how is he? - He's pretty much the same.
- Well, that's good, right? - Uh, no.
Not really.
It With your condition, you're gonna be OK until you're not.
If you opt against the surgery and leave, it's just a matter of time.
You might make it to your wedding, but you might not.
You're just gonna be OK until you die.
What [chuckles.]
You're trying to comfort me? No.
I'm trying to convince you to let Dr.
Burke operate.
So that he can die today? He might die today anyway.
But Dr.
Burke is the very best.
And he's your very best chance.
WC: 13,700.
Stevens, everything all right? Oh, it's just It's just not fair.
You know, it's really not fair.
We treat jerks all the time.
Patch them up, send them off, whether they deserve it or not.
No big deal.
But Denny He's a good guy, Dr.
He's a really good guy with a bad heart and all we can do for him is wait.
Believe me, I know.
I've been treating Denny a long time.
He didn't deserve this.
He deserves the best cardiac care and we're giving him that.
You really like him, don't you? He just He just doesn't deserve this.
All right.
How's that? Is that ice pack helping? I don't know.
I don't think so.
Mind if I ask how exactly this happened? - I slept with Mark! - Oh! And he had poison oak on his No! I slept with Mark a year ago.
And, apparently, this is what I get.
But how did you I live in a trailer.
I have Meredith Grey's dog.
And I went outside to throw a stick and I had to pee.
So I squatted.
I didn't want to go inside and wake up my husband because the way he's been looking at me, I just wanted a few minutes of peace.
- [sobs.]
This is what I get! - No, no, no.
Don't cry.
Don't cry.
Please don't cry! Please don't cry! Stop! You're gonna make me Iactate.
- Can you give some gauze? Here.
- I'm sorry.
- [knocking.]
- Just stop! - [sobbing.]
- Can I help you, chief? Dr.
Bailey I don't know what you're doing in there, but whatever it is Oh.
Oh, no.
Um [coughs.]
Bailey, uh, I'm sorry.
Carry on.
OK, fill me in.
I was doing his routine neuro check.
I noticed he was altered.
Most likely a clot.
Acute hydrocephalus.
- We need to relieve the pressure.
- Cranial access kit's ready.
Cranial access? Access to Shawn's brain? - Debbie, get them out of here.
- Gentlemen.
- Rick - We're not going.
I'm about to drill a hole into your son's skull.
He's our son.
We're not leaving.
We are not leaving his side! drain as soon as I penetrate the dura.
Do not panic.
I want the drill.
Almost OK.
Look at that.
Catheter quickly.
- Pupil's reactive.
- Pressure stabilizing.
- Is he OK? - I want neuro checks every hour.
- We're in the clear for now.
- In the clear? - You guys did well.
- I have a headache.
- Welcome back.
- [pager beeps.]
Dad, you look white.
Are you OK? - [vomits.]
- Oh, great.
[beeping alarm.]
You got here quick.
We gotta get his heart rate under control.
Push 300 of amiodarone.
- Status? - Atrial fibrillation.
His heart's beating too fast.
If we can't slow it It'll give out.
All right.
Let's try synchronized cardioversion.
Push five of morphine.
Izzie? - You're awake.
- Hey.
I was hoping I might get to see you.
You're working us pretty hard.
The things I have to do to get a girl's attention.
Denny, we're about to send electric currents through your body.
Hopefully, the shocks will be enough to slow your heart rate.
- I'll be here the whole time.
- Is it going to hurt? - It won't be fun.
- Maybe you oughta hold my hand then.
- Mind if I handle the paddles? - Be my guest.
- Ready? - Yeah.
Hit me.
- Clear.
- [Denny screams.]
No change.
Try it at 100.
Clear! [screams.]
Holy smoke! [regular beeping.]
Denny, you are a lucky man.
Oh, Doc.
I oughta kick your ass, making me yell like a baby in front of the girl I'm trying to impress.
Oh! Jeez! Take care, man.
Bailey! Didn't you hear me? - I'm a little distracted right now.
- Oh, yes.
I've been paging you.
I'm not on call.
I'm on maternity leave.
I've been paging my wife as well.
You know where she is.
Just because I know doesn't mean you should.
There's some things you don't get to know.
And, really, you don't wanna know.
You have to tell me where she is.
I saved your husband's life.
- She saved my baby.
- So baby trumps husband? Baby trumps husband? Hey, Amy.
The website said that you should save your receipts.
- I'm sorry? - Just in case something happens.
You know, to have them.
I have all of ours right here.
I've got, you know, I've got my dress and the band and I've got the ballroom deposit and honeymoon.
My mom said I shouldn't keep them.
Said it was bad luck.
It was It was tempting fate.
This isn't your fault.
You have a life.
You fall in love.
You make plans.
You have fantasies.
And none of them involve all of them ending in a blink of the eye.
[whistles tune.]
- What are you doing? - Hiding.
All right.
So you slept with O'Malley.
Get over it already.
- He told you? - Uh no.
Oh, I was just kidding.
I mean, it's not like I should be surprised.
Why not? Because when your life is sucking, you get drunk and sleep with inappropriate men.
It's your thing.
I find it charming.
You sleep with inappropriate women when you're sober.
One inappropriate woman.
And lzzie forgave me for that.
- O'Malley won't get over this.
- She hasn't forgiven you.
- Yes, she has.
We're together.
- No, you're not.
Izzie will never see you the way she saw you before you slept with Olivia.
Why are you trying to piss me off? You're suggesting it's forgivable for you to sleep with Olivia, but not for for me to sleep with George.
- You told him? I - George! When I am wrong about someone, I am really wrong! - No, George! It's not what you think.
- Dude, chill.
You chill! You chill! I'm not gonna chill! - George.
I - What's going on? - Fetus is freaking out.
- Why? You think that someone is your friend.
And that at the very least she will respect your privacy! - What's going on? - He's freaking out.
- She can see that.
- Why is he freaking out? - George, can we at least talk? - I don't wanna talk.
Not to you! I wanted to keep my mouth shut! And if you hadn't been running away from me, you would know that! OK, you're right, but can we talk now? You want to talk now because you told everyone that we had sex! - You had sex? - You had sex with George? - You didn't tell them? - No.
- Damn it! - George! - [George yells.]
- George! [Alex chuckles.]
Go away.
[# Get Set Go: I Hate Everyone.]
He's gonna be OK, right? He dislocated his shoulder.
He's gonna be fine.
That's not exactly what I meant.
Meredith, if you can't make this right, if you can't fix this with George Just so you know, if it comes to choosing sides I'm on his.
He's the weaker kid.
I mean, even I don't beat up on weaker kids.
It's cheap.
I did a terrible thing.
I didn't I did a terrible thing.
He's been in love with you since day one.
There's no way you didn't know.
- We all do terrible things.
- Thank you.
You're welcome.
- George O'Malley? - Uh, hi.
The heart-in-the-elevator guy.
- Yeah, that's me.
- That was amazing.
Uh, thanks.
I dislocated my shoulder.
- Yeah.
- Oh! - I can see that.
- It's really not so bad.
Yes it is.
Pick your poison.
Uh No painkillers, thanks.
- Bold choice.
- No.
Officially I'm on duty.
- And planning to stay? - Mm-hm.
Bolder choice.
All I need is help popping it back in.
- You got into a fight? - I fell down some stairs.
- Where? At your girlfriend's? - Wha - No, I'm single.
- Single, huh? - [snapping.]
- [George groans.]
Hurts less if you don't see it coming.
- All set? - All set.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Don't.
- Don't? Don't be nice to me.
I did a terrible thing.
- We all do terrible things.
- No.
I I did a thing that I can't even believe I did and I was sad and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna lose all my friends.
You won't lose me.
- You're not my friend.
- Yes, I am.
Well I could be.
I'm a very good friend.
We can't be friends.
We could be friends.
You'd be lucky to have me.
How? How can we be friends? We could uh hang out.
I walk Doc every other morning, Tiger Mountain trail.
We could meet, have coffee, watch Doc play and discuss the complex nature of our existence.
- Right.
- We could.
Might be fun.
- I could be your friend, Meredith.
- No.
We can't be friends.
Just adding nitro.
Your blood pressure's stable now, your CHF is improved and the atrial fibrillation resolved.
- I like the way you say fibrillation.
- Fibrillation.
- Tease.
- How are you feeling? You, uh You believe in karma? Um Actually, I do, yeah.
I think you might be mine.
You must have been very, very good to deserve me.
I must have.
[# Boy Least Likely To: Be Gentle With Me.]
- I wouldn't do that.
- Dr.
Bailey If she wants privacy, we will give her privacy.
Understood? - Dr.
Bailey paged me.
- She did? - Yeah.
- I did.
And I'm still not here.
I'm still on maternity leave and I still need privacy.
Come here.
No peeking, no pulling the curtain.
Stand there.
Let her talk to you.
Understand? - Is this really necessary? - Do you understand? - I'm not mentally challenged.
- I'm not sure about that.
Let her talk.
- Addison, this is ridiculous.
- Stay where you are! Promise! OK, I promise.
I'm going to show you something and when I do, you do not get to laugh and you do not get to gloat.
- Why would I gloat? - I have poison oak.
What? Mm.
You do indeed have poison oak.
So are we even yet? Is this bad enough? Have I repaid my debt to society, Derek? - [Derek.]
Let's take a look.
- Ow! Oh.
Good morning, Tuck.
Let's take your daddy home.
Hm? Oh She really didn't tell you about it? No.
God, is that a bad thing? She tells you everything.
It didn't matter enough to her to talk about it.
OK, George.
The pity thing? Not good.
If you want crappy things to stop happening to you, then stop accepting crap and demand something more.
Hey, Amy.
Oh, could you tell Dr.
Burke that Keith is gonna have the surgery? - Great.
- Where are you going? Um, l I'm not strong enough for this.
Amy, I know it's hard, but your fiance is going in to surgery.
You're gonna want to be here when he wakes up.
No, I won't.
Um He's not my fiance anymore.
- You're leaving him? - I'm not strong enough for this.
So the "in sickness and in health" part of your vows you were planning to leave those out? Please try to understand.
I don't like that I'm not strong enough.
I just know that I'm not.
- George, he's crashing! - What? His aneurysm may have blown.
Page Dr.
Burke! [Burke.]
OK, everyone.
It's actually a coronary-artery aneurysm.
- He's gonna live? - Burke's a miracle-worker.
D'you know this guy's fiancee left him? Sounds like he dodged a bullet.
I don't think he's gonna see it that way.
If she can't love him back the way he loves her then she doesn't deserve him.
- You heard about me and Meredith? - Well, everyone heard, George.
You were yelling about it in the hallway.
Must have sucked.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
If I made you feel anything like I'm feeling right now I'm sorry.
That's nice to hear.
[# Brandi Carlile: Throw It All Away.]
- How's that? - It was good.
Really good.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
Because, uh I could do it again.
I like doing it.
- No, it's good.
- I could do it until you No, it's OK.
I'm ready.
- Ow! - Oh, I'm sorry.
It's OK.
- There.
- Right there? Meredith.
[Meredith sobs.]
- What's wrong? - Oh, nothing.
Nothing's wrong.
Why would you think anything's wrong? - You're crying.
- No.
It'll stop.
Just ignore me.
I can't ignore you.
Yeah, yeah.
It's fine.
It's fine.
Just It's OK.
You're almost done, right? No.
- George.
- Meredith George, please.
Sleeping with me is really this awful for you? No, George! It's not! It's not you! George! There's a suitcase in the hall.
I was just getting my shirt.
- There's a suitcase - Yeah, uh I don't live here anymore.
Excuse me.
Why? I just wanna know why you - If you didn't want to - I didn't know I didn't want to.
You were there.
And you were saying all these perfect things and I was sad.
And so I thought, maybe Maybe I've just been overlooking what's been in front of me.
And if I just give it a chance, because you're George and you're so great I didn't know I didn't want to until I knew I didn't want to.
Can we please just go back to everything the way it was? I don't know how to go back.
I'm done.
We're done.
One way or another, our karma will leave us to face ourselves.
We can look our karma in the eye or we can wait for it to sneak up on us from behind.
- You ready? - What? Aren't we I thought we had plans for tonight.
I forgot.
I'm sorry.
- Rain check? - Sure.
[# pop ballad.]
Amy? She's not here.
But you are.
That's what's important.
She left? She really left.
Who does that? What kind of person does that? [George.]
One way or another our karma will always find us.
- Hey.
- Hey, yourself.
I gotta say, not exactly how I'd envisioned our perfect first date.
Are you kidding? Do you know how hard I've had to work to get a cute boy in bed before? You think I'm cute.
Shut up and drink your juice.
And the truth is, as surgeons we have more chances than most to set the balance in our favor.
- George? - Dr.
T orres.
- You going on a trip? - Sorta.
Well, in that case Give me a call when you get back in town.
No matter how hard we try, we can't escape our karma.
It follows us home.
He's your friend and he needed our help.
- Are his problems surgical? - No.
Then, technically, he doesn't need our help.
- You're a good person.
- I am not.
- Good night.
- Oh, good night.
Good night! I guess we can't really complain about karma.
It's not unfair, it's not unexpected.
It just evens the score.
Good boy.
Good boy.
Even when we're about to do something we know will tempt karma to bite us in the ass Well, it goes without saying - So - So Just friends.
Just friends.
we do it anyway.

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