Grey's Anatomy s02e22 Episode Script

The Name of the Game

Previously on Grey's Anatomy: [Laughs.]
- I told Thatch I'm leaving him.
- You left Thatcher, Ellis.
- If you could hold still - I'm working, Thatch.
Thatch? I look like Meredith's dad? Why didn't you stay and fight for us? Why didn't you try harder? I just saw my father for the first time in 20 years.
I slept with George.
Can we please just go back to everything the way it was? I don't know how to go back.
At some point you are going to have to talk to me.
Want to see something really cool? - [Chatter.]
- [Man.]
All right! [Meredith.]
A good basketball game can have us all on the edge of our seats.
Games are all about the glory, the pain and the play-by-play.
And then there are the more solitary games.
Dude, is she knitting? The games we each play all by ourselves.
You know, as a friend, I got to tell you, you look a little weird.
I am making a sweater.
You're knitting.
In a bar.
You're scaring the customers.
- Come on, have a drink.
- I can't have a drink.
I'm celibate.
You mean sober? She means sober.
I'm practicing celibacy, and drinking does not go well with celibacy because it makes everything and everyone seem kind of porny.
Then my head gets all cloudy and the next thing, I'm naked.
And my point is, I'm celibate, and knitting is good for surgical dexterity, so I'm making a sweater.
You, celibate? - I just don't buy it.
- No more men.
No more men? Really? You? And I'm asking because we are friends.
Every guy I meet turns out to be married.
- Ooh.
- Sorry.
Or Mark.
- OK, I'm going to go over there now.
- Sorry.
Or remember the horrible thing I did? Remember George? - You're making a sweater.
- I am making a sweater.
The social games, the mind games, we use them to pass the time.
To make life more interesting.
To distract us from what's really going on.
He's just not George anymore.
He's broken George.
First he chops off his hair.
Then he starts hanging out with this Callie.
That is not a name.
Who is she anyway? I'm his best friend.
- Not that he talks to me anymore.
- Triple word score.
69 points.
Woman, I'm beating the pants off you.
- Pay attention.
What are you doing? - I'm knitting a sweater.
Actually, Meredith, my friend that broke George, she is knitting the sweater.
She's not really knitting the sweater because she cannot knit, but I want her to think she is because we took a celibacy vow, so she's replacing sex with knitting, so I'm knitting some of Meredith's sweater so I can switch them out with hers so she can really believe she's knitting because if anybody needs to be celibate, it's Meredith, because she broke George.
You know? - You took a vow of celibacy? - Yes.
How am I supposed to get in your pants if you're celibate? That's inappropriate to say to your doctor.
You know what's inappropriate? Promising sexual favors to a patient to get him to live and then backing out.
Denny Duquette! I so never ever promised In my head, you did.
In my head, you delivered.
Well Don't worry.
You weren't very good.
You know what? I was being nice.
I was letting you win.
Because you're "Mr.
Sick Needs A New Organ Guy.
" But just for that comment, I'm going to kick your ass.
Yeah, I'm going to You put down "mount," Denny? There are those of us who love to play games.
Any game.
And there are those of us who love to play a little too much.
OK, uh, disastrous FEMA director.
- No.
- Oh, uh.
- Poo is? - Brown.
Poo is brown! Michael Brown! - Yes! - Time! Time! - Whoo! - [Both hum.]
Yeah, thank you.
- Impressive, O'Malley.
- Thanks.
"Poo is"? - Apparently, we think alike.
- Can't believe you're proud of that.
Are you supposed to open that ahead of time? - Hey! - It's called strategy.
- Cristina, it's a game.
- I know that.
You seem a little intense and we're having fun.
I'm having fun.
Let's do this.
- OK.
- Are you ready? - Mm-hmm.
- Go! Blond Ambition tour.
[Cristina sighs.]
- Blond Ambition tour! - Oh.
Vogue! Oh, are you kidding? OK, she's blonde! She's ambitious! With the She's ambitious! And with the tour! And the vogueing! Honey, OK, look at me! OK Shut up! Cones! Cones! Blond ambition, boob cones, and, uh, vogueing, honey, vogueing.
Sean Penn! Sean Penn! [George.]
Time! [George laughs.]
Zero points for Madonna.
Oh! Madonna.
Who doesn't know Madonna? - [Sneezes.]
Sore loser.
- I am not a sore loser.
And so what if I am? The point of games is that there's a winner.
A first place.
You want a second-best surgeon operating on you? No, you want the very best.
And second best is mediocre.
And to settle for mediocrity is is frankly, you know, a sign of self-loathing and substandard work ethics.
I've got to get George out of my apartment.
You could sleep with him and right in the middle start crying.
It's painful and humiliating and unbelievably cruel, but apparently it works.
Would you just keep knitting? Kick him out so that he can come back home to us.
No, I can't kick him out.
You know, he's Burke's puppy.
It's got to be Burke's idea.
I just got to figure out a way to make him do it.
Got a lot of metastatic disease here.
How do we proceed? Definitely excise the endobronchial mets for symptomatic palliation.
You've been doing your homework, Karev.
Lot of late nights.
Look at this.
The mets have adhered to her chest wall.
Dude, she's toast.
Don't you think that's a little insensitive? - She can't hear me.
- You don't know that.
Bedside manner is part of the job, Karev.
Late nights won't get you anywhere.
You have to figure that out.
- Good morning.
- You going into surgery or coming out? Going in.
I had to push back.
Doc's sick.
- What are his symptoms? - Polydipsia, lethargy, and vomiting.
- Any sign of fever or dehydration? - It's unclear.
I was considering IV antibiotics and a saline drip.
- Seriously? - No, Addison.
He's a dog.
I dropped him at the vet.
They'll observe him overnight.
- Meredith will check on him.
- I got a transfer in from Mercy West.
- Will you wait for me to get home? - Yeah.
Today we'll be covering - Yes? - Cristina Yang.
Surgical intern.
Will we be covering both intra and extracorporeal knots in today's seminar? We'll be training in all aspects of laparoscopic general surgery.
- Starting with basic instrumentation - Dr.
including tissue approximation.
The suggested time for You're taking the class? It's a good refresher course.
Should be fun.
Now, who would like to volunteer for our first Dr.
Molly Thompson, 22 years old, Transferred from Mercy West when an ultrasound diagnosed the baby with congenital diaphragmatic hernia.
Hello, Molly.
I'm Dr.
Addison Shepherd.
You're supposed to be the best.
And not to put any pressure on you, but this is my baby carrying my grandchild so I really hope that you are.
The best, I mean.
Mom, you're kind of threatening the doctor.
Don't threaten the doctor.
My husband tells me I have to try not to be such a mother lion because Molly's a grown woman and has her own life and everything, but roar.
It's OK.
I can take it.
I am the best.
You can fix this, though? Right? We'll insert a scope into your uterus and then inflate a balloon in the baby's airway which should help stimulate the lungs to grow.
It's not going to be easy on either of you.
But I do have a strong record with this surgery.
Make sure you get her to the MRI and get me the results as soon as you can.
I will.
Sir? Can I help you find something? Uh Is there a Dr.
Meredith Grey working today? Yes.
She's here in the hospital, right now? I can have someone page her for you if you want me to.
Wait! Excuse me, sir.
Are you What's your name? Thatcher.
- You're - Grey.
- You're Meredith's father.
- Yeah.
Are you sure you don't want me to page her for you? No.
I'm sorry.
It's complicated.
Thatcher, honey? We're right here.
There you are, Susan.
Did you tell him? I roared a little.
Couldn't help it.
Oh, well, I knew you would.
Uh I'm sorry, I'm Dr.
I'm, uh Uh, well, Excuse us.
Uh check on our daughter.
Uh, Dr.
Bailey! You have an extra intern? - I'm available.
- No, no, no, no.
I said intern.
- Shepherd, look at the board.
- OK.
What am I looking at? My name isn't there.
It wasn't there yesterday and it won't be tomorrow.
- Did you piss off the Chief? - Yeah.
I went and had a baby.
I gave birth.
I created a human life.
I'm a surgeon.
We don't do that.
He's mommy tracking me.
- He's just going easy on you.
- No, I change diapers, I clean spit up, I sing the ABCs.
I'm covered in mommy.
But I will not be mommy tracked! - You're freaking out.
- I just need a surgery.
So for today, I'm your intern.
I have not begun to freak out.
All right.
Come on.
Cristina told me that George had a date with Ortho Chick.
Games night.
She didn't even take him home afterwards.
She hinted that she wanted to and then said she couldn't.
Weird, right? George made it perfectly clear that I'm not in his life anymore.
Think Ortho Chick is hiding something? Stevens.
Hold this.
George mentioned you're not big on ortho.
Grey? Take the osteotome and the mallet.
Follow me.
Carver, unfortunately, we found that the cancer has metastasized to your chest wall.
We took out a small tumor obstructing your airway which will help with your breathing, but it's not a cure.
So this is the end of the line.
That's what you're saying? I die now? - Beatrice - I want you to go back in and I want you to cut out everything that you can.
As much as you can.
I want as much time as you can give me, you understand? Unfortunately, additional surgery Excuse me.
Mom, I'm not eating any of that crap in the cafeteria.
We'll have to order in Thai food or something because I'm starving and the food here blows.
I'll have the nurse bring a menu by and we can have a picnic in bed.
- God, how many doctors do you have? - They were just leaving.
After trailing by ten at the half, the offense stepped up.
Leading a 13 and 0 run to begin a seesaw battle right up to the end.
In five to ten years, cutting, as we know it, will be virtually obsolete.
[Machine whirs.]
- Very nice, Dr.
- Thank you, sir.
A little less tension there, Chief.
Watch your grip.
There you go.
- I wasn't copying you.
- Of course not, sir.
[Machine whirs.]
Done! I'm done! I totally finished first.
I'm done.
- So, Dr.
Torres - Hold it steady, Grey.
Did you always want to specialize in orthopedics? Did you always want to model? Oh.
Grey, I mean it.
Watch your grip.
And your husband? Is he a doctor too? What are you trying to ask me, Dr.
Stevens? My history? My marital status? My deep dark little secrets? - I'm George's best friend.
- Oh, I see.
Well, it's just funny because from what I understand, as his best friend, you haven't been the best matchmaker in the past.
[Bell pings.]
- Hi.
- Hey.
Your hair's growing.
I still think you should cut it.
I could cut it for you, if we still lived together.
Or we could just hang out and talk, about stuff.
Like your new friend.
She's, uh, she's very, um You know, if you like her, I will like her.
- I can't escape her.
- What? All I want to do is forget her.
All I want to do is just escape her and you know, I can't.
You want to escape Callie? Thank God, because she is like a total freak and I'm starting to get really worried about you.
Not Callie.
Who? Or, uh Oh! Meredith again.
Let me tell you something.
The minute I tell you this, it officially becomes your problem.
- Not mine.
- OK.
Meredith has a sister.
- [Derek.]
How we doing? - [Nurse.]
Turning the skull flap.
- Patient's sedated.
- Very nice.
Nicely done.
- He's a kid.
- Yes.
I just didn't think it would be a kid.
A tumor that size - What happens now? - Now we wake him up.
- We're doing awake brain surgery? - Yes.
Thank you.
Andrew? A little more.
Andrew? Can you hear me? Hey.
Want to count for me? - One - Good.
Keep going.
The tumor is located near the language center of the brain.
It's always important that we don't damage it.
Andrew? I need you to keep talking.
Can you do that? Can you talk to me? I'll I'll try.
- Great.
Now what grade are you in? - Um seventh.
You into sports? - Not really.
- How about baseball? Um baseball's a sport.
What about, uh, girls? Do you have any girlfriends? No.
Um you probably don't have time for girlfriends, right, Andrew? - Probably too busy, right? - Yes, ma'am.
What are you busy doing? Getting ready for the National Spelling Bee.
I won the greater regionals last month.
Oh, well, in that case, you need to spell some words for us.
- Uh, can you do that? - Sure.
Uh You usually provide the word, Dr.
I don't hear you coming up with one.
Uh, let's see.
Oh, right! Um, "acetaminophen.
" Acetaminophen.
Origin of the word? Heck if I know.
- Do you have Molly's MRI results? - No.
I haven't.
Not yet.
- What the hell have you been doing? - I was just going When I assign you to a case of mine I expect you to give it your full and undivided attention.
Give me one good reason why I shouldn't take you off this case.
Molly Thompson's maiden name is Grey.
Her father is Thatcher Grey, who is Meredith's father, so Molly and Meredith are sisters, but I don't think Meredith knows Molly exists.
That I don't care.
I don't, except I'm on this case and apparently God hates me.
- OK.
- OK.
I want all this out now.
I'm getting out of the hospital.
- Oh, we can't, Beatrice.
- Tomorrow is my daughter's birthday.
Apparently, it's the last one I get to celebrate.
I'm not spending it here.
OK, I'm so sorry.
But if we remove this tube, your lung will collapse.
You don't want to spend her birthday this way.
I'm a quick healer.
I'm breathing better.
The removal of some of the tumor opened up your airway.
That doesn't mean that you are well.
You're at risk of infection or hemorrhage.
Your kid doesn't even know you have cancer.
You really want to risk dropping dead on the street outside the hospital? [Breathes heavily.]
So you thought scaring her back in the bed was the way to go? It worked, didn't it? She's lying to her kid.
She's frightened.
She's in shock.
It is not your job or your place to take a tone like that with a patient.
Not ever.
Are we understood? Yes, sir.
So what are the sister and the father like? Like? They're like people Meredith is related to and never met.
- They're nice.
- [Lzzie.]
Can you imagine? A sister, a whole family you know nothing about.
- You think she's going to freak out? - It's not my responsibility to care.
Heads up.
Heads up.
Hey, Chief.
Seems I'm a little rusty on my bead transfer and rope pass.
Yang here, has been kicking my ass all day.
- Oh, I can't imagine, Chief.
- No, really, she has.
Of course, speed and precision aren't the most important surgical skills, Dr.
The basics are the key.
You need a solid foundation before anything else.
OK, um Well, I'll see you back at the lab.
- Enjoy your lunch.
- [George.]
You too.
Have a nice day, sir.
OK, I really am kicking the Chief's ass.
- George.
- Not my responsibility.
- See you guys.
- So who's going to be the It's OK.
I can accept rejection.
I've got my knitting.
- Mer - The weird thing is, - I thought I just saw my father.
- Oh.
That's good.
That's so good.
Did you meet your sister too? "Appoggiatura" won last year.
The year before that? Akshay Buddiga.
He fainted, then got up and spelled the word "alopecoid.
" Kid's a major legend.
All right.
Now it's my turn.
" - Fibromyalgia? - What's wrong with fibromyalgia? Andrew won the regionals.
He's going to D.
He's probably insulted by fibromyalgia.
- Fibromyalgia.
- Suction.
- She's right.
That was kind of easy.
- OK.
You want me to bring on the heat? I'll bring on the heat.
" - Omphalocele.
- Mm-hmm.
More suction in there.
- [Slurs letters.]
- OK.
Andrew? What's happening? Mark that.
We've hit the language center.
We have to pull back.
- [Slurs speech.]
- [Bailey.]
Andrew? Andrew? Oh, Andrew.
Uh, spell it again for me.
- [Slurs speech.]
- Give me the probe.
Shepherd's working on it.
I don't want you to be scared.
I want you to wait.
Wait, I want you to hold on.
Mark that as well, please.
- OK, try now.
- OK.
All right, Andrew, spell "omphalocele" one more time for me.
Mark that, please.
- Omphalocele.
- That's it.
That's perfect.
- [Bailey sniffs.]
- Dr.
Bailey, are you crying? Ooh! I got something in my eye.
You're doing great, Andrew.
- We're almost done.
- Stop looking at me like that.
- It's my hormones.
- Mm-hmm.
I'm still a surgeon.
I'm just a surgeon with an excess of estrogen.
Deal with it.
Andrew, can you spell "estrogen"? E-S-T-R-O-G-E-N.
Here's a word for you.
" [Andrew.]
[Glove snaps.]
Today's final assignment will show how well you can take the skills you have learned and apply them to a single operation.
[Cracks knuckles.]
You may begin.
So I'm going do the surgery with a small scope.
It will be minimally invasive.
You'll be able to do the rest of your recovery from home.
Thank you.
Uh Uh, Molly, this is Dr uh This is Meredith.
She's going to be continuing your prep work and taking your vitals.
- Hi.
- Hey.
- Uh, do you mind if I, um? - No, it's fine.
I'm getting used to being poked and prodded.
That's, uh, a pretty ring.
Oh, thanks.
It was my grandma's and then my mom's.
You think I'm too young to be married.
- No, I - That's OK.
Everybody thinks I'm too young.
If I saw me, I'd think I was too young.
Um, how how old are you? And he's in the army and he was getting shipped out.
And I just love him so much, you know? Anyway, I proposed.
And your, uh, parents? They approve? Oh.
Oh, my parents are amazing.
You know how dads can be.
Mine's pretty overprotective.
But you know, at my wedding, when he gave me away, my dad cried, which was I had never seen my dad cry before.
But I think it was also kind of weird for him 'cause I'm his little girl.
I'm the youngest, and my sister's nowhere near ready for marriage.
But it was good crying.
Like he was proud of me, you know? I'm sorry.
I'm nervous, so I'm talking.
- No, that's OK.
So you have a sister? - Yeah.
She's in medical school.
She's the smart one.
You should see how my dad is about her.
He's like crazy proud.
[Molly sighs.]
- Well, I'm going to go.
- Meredith? - Hmm? - Do you think my baby's going to be OK? Oh.
Well, I hope so.
Me too.
[Music plays.]
- I need some bones to break.
- What? Some bones to break.
Something to smash.
Can you help me with that? Um you can clean up this cast crap if you want.
- She freaking out? - No.
She's fine.
- Oh.
- She's great.
So, George he's really, really your type, huh? You don't see him.
Either of you.
You don't see him.
He's just He's just George to you.
He's - He's just O'Malley.
Your roommate.
- You don't have to get all up He makes my world stop.
George O'Malley is sweet and kind, and smart and strong.
And he makes my world stop.
So you shut up about him.
Don't forget to clean it up.
When you're done smashing.
Holy crap.
George is her McDreamy.
I'm done! I'm done! I'm done! Flawless, Chief Webber.
Absolutely flawless.
They call me Dr.
Webber! That's why I'm the Chief.
That's why I'm the Chief! That's why I'm the Chief Chief.
So when is my mom getting out of here? I'm sorry, honey, but it's going to be a few days.
Can you call Aunt Sue? See if she can pick you up? So I get to spend my birthday hanging out with Aunt Sue? - Perfect.
- I promise you, next year.
Next year we'll do something really special for your birthday.
You name it.
It's done.
I promise.
So, this whole lying thing? This is working out for you? Excuse me? You're going to die.
And soon.
You get that, right? There's no rosy picture to paint here.
You're not a mother.
You don't know what it's like to hold your newborn baby in your arms, and smell her head and know that your only job in the world is to protect her.
- You think you're protecting her? - I am protecting her.
I guess you can call it what you want.
But you should know, you're leaving behind a kid that will probably hate you the rest of her life.
- [Door squeaks.]
- [Burke clears throat.]
- Dr.
Karev - No.
I'm talking this time.
- Excuse me? - I tell the truth.
It's what I do.
It doesn't make me a bad doctor.
Everyone walks around this place lying.
We tell the patient that's dying that there is hope when there is no hope.
Maybe I'm a pig.
Maybe I'm an ass.
Maybe I'm a vermin like everybody says.
But I tell them the truth.
It's the one thing that I've got going for me.
And you don't get to take that away from me and call it a lesson, sir.
I saw a picture once from a long time ago.
You look just like her.
Your mother.
You look a lot like my girls.
Especially Molly.
- You were talking to her? - I didn't say anything about anything.
Oh, she knows about you.
Or she knows that her father was married before and had another daughter.
- Has another daughter.
- No, had is right.
Your father thinks about you.
He thinks about you a lot.
He just Your mother Your mother - She broke him.
- [Clears throat.]
Excuse me.
I I have to work.
[# Anna Nalick: Wreck of the Day.]
I spent years studying this board.
Holding a crying baby, trying to get an idea when my wife would get out of surgery.
Appy takes about an hour.
Anything with the word "cardio" and I knew not to plan on seeing her at all that day.
Are you aware of what's going on with Ellis? You have no right.
No right to talk to me about Ellis.
I'm sorry.
But I was trying to talk to you about Meredith.
Thatcher, Ellis has early onset Alzheimer's.
It's advanced.
And it's hard on Meredith, as you can imagine.
And I thought you'd want to know.
Hey, Andrew.
It's Dr.
Remember me? I was in surgery with you.
I'm I'm sorry.
No, don't worry.
Don't worry.
A lot of times kids who are awake during surgery don't remember afterwards.
Anyway, your operation went really well.
We got all that tumor out of there and you're going to be just fine.
I I Thanks.
You know, I have a son, too.
And I'm going home right now to tell him that today I met the best speller in Seattle.
- Oh, hey.
- Hi.
I was looking for you.
You're Before, when I was asking about Meredith, you know her.
- You're her friend? - I used to be her roommate.
Oh, wow.
- You know her really well.
- I know her pretty well.
Um, she she came to see me a couple of weeks ago.
- And - A couple of weeks ago? Yeah.
I I didn't know what to say to her.
She looks so much so much like her mother.
Ellis was cold.
I mean, I was a coward.
I was I I left.
But her mother would never let me know her and now I don't know how to know her.
Uh Well, Meredith is anything but cold.
She smiles.
Not that often, but when she does, uh you know, because she's been going through a lot but it's it's like you feel warm.
She's kind.
I mean, she can be a little selfish.
She can be She's flawed, but she's kind.
She cares about people.
And, uh, she cares about about her patients.
I think she's going to be a brilliant surgeon.
You know, around here, she's known as the one to beat.
So, I I mean, I guess she has that in common with her mom, but I think the rest of her I think, uh, I think the rest of that she gets from you.
Do Do you know where she is? I think she left already.
But I could tell her you were here, if you want me to? Yeah.
Thank you.
- OK.
- OK.
Thank you, George.
The hernia is causing the baby's abdominal - Hey.
- Hey, still knitting? Oh, yeah.
I'm getting so good at it.
I did a craniotomy on a kid today while he was awake.
I met a sister I never knew I had.
And I saw my father which was, uh - I don't know what it was.
- Hmm.
You OK? I have my knitting.
Study hard, keep your grades up.
But starting next year you're going to want to take two AP classes a semester if you want to get into a decent college.
Mom, this is really morbid.
And your Aunt Sue is kind of lazy when it comes to personal hygiene so you may have to be the one to remind her when it's time to get your eyebrows waxed or get your hair cut, but eventually she'll get the routine down.
Can we not have this conversation? This might sound random, but wear underwear with pantyhose.
I know it might feel a little bulky, but honestly, it's a little slutty not to and also that's how you get yeast infections.
Mom, this is totally gross.
And marry a kind man.
One who's nice to his mother.
Now, if he lives with his mother, you run the opposite way.
[Short laugh.]
Mom, I'm not getting married any time soon.
You will someday.
And when that day comes, just have one glass of champagne and then you drink water for the rest of the night because there's nothing tackier than a drunken bride.
Mom, I don't want to Why are you telling me all this? Honey, I've been sick for a long time and the doctors don't think that I'm going to get better.
Listen to me.
Look at me.
- [Sniffs.]
- This is important.
This one is is really the important one.
Someday you're going to have a baby.
And you're going to feel overwhelmed by this little life you're responsible for.
And you're going to think worry everything you do is wrong.
And that's normal.
You're going to obsess about what to feed it and where to send it to school and whether it should take violin or piano.
But I'm going to let you in on a little secret.
It doesn't matter.
Whether your kid is a concert pianist or a math genius, it just doesn't matter because at the end of the day, all that matters is if your kid is happy.
So you're going to feel sad for a little while.
And that's OK.
That's That's fine.
But don't feel sad forever.
OK? You can promise me that? You promise me that you won't feel sad for too long? - I promise.
- OK.
Thank you.
You make me feel much better.
Life is not a spectator sport.
Win, lose or draw the game is in progress whether we want it to be or not.
Ta-dah! You made me a sweater.
In one day, you made me a sweater? Yeah, well, you know.
I just had some time, so That vow of celibacy must really be something.
You know what? Just accept your gift and say thank you.
Does this mean I don't get any sexual favors? Sweater instead of sex? Smell it.
Go on, smell it.
It smells like lzzie.
Yeah, I wore it for three hours.
So that is the closest you're going to be getting to this body, mister.
You want to play some Scrabble or you too tired? Scrabble, please.
- Just show me one boob.
- [Laughs.]
- Sir.
- Nice work today, Yang.
Hopefully your fellow interns will be as adept on the scope as you.
Thank you, sir, but, um, you weren't even looking.
You actually had your eyes closed.
So, how I was watching you and and you didn't even need the You didn't even need the screen to help you guide the needle holder.
Old school, Yang.
Muscle memory.
You want to win, always go back to the basics.
- It's my move? - [Grunts.]
Cristina, what the hell are you doing? Oh.
Um being comfortable in my apartment.
I didn't see anything! Dude, I did not see anything! Get out.
So go ahead: Argue with the refs, change the rules cheat a little take a break and tend to your wounds.
[Ringing tone.]
[Musical ringtone.]
But play.
[# Joshua Radin: The Fear You Won't Fall.]
Hello? [Meredith.]
- Hi.
- Um, hey.
- [Laughs.]
Um - You live here? Yeah.
[Clears throat.]
I'm not crazy or anything.
I just spend so much time here in the hospital.
It's just It's easier.
So I'm not I'm not crazy or anything.
Do you know how to cut hair? Play hard.
Play fast.
Play loose and free.
- [Scissors clatter.]
- Play as if there's no tomorrow.
Come on.
Dandridge's Veterinary Clinic.
We certainly do.
Thank you.
You getting the hang of it? Not really.
You give up men? No.
I don't actually need to see the vet.
I really just wanted to sit with Doc.
I just want to spend time with my dog.
I'm Finn Dandridge.
I'm Doc's vet.
And you are Dr.
Doc's other owner.
We finally meet.
OK, so it's not whether you win or lose it's how you play the game.
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