Grey's Anatomy s03e06 Episode Script

Let the Angels Commit

Previously on Grey's Anatomy: When I said I was done competing, that was me breaking up with you.
- I broke up with Finn.
- Yeah.
Patient died from complications following a heart transplant.
- Denny.
- Are there any questions for me? I got shot.
I'm not fine.
You're not fine.
You quit being a surgeon.
You stand on my right side.
I'll look at you and you'll do the sutures we've practiced.
Nobody has to know.
To make it, really make it, as a surgeon, it takes major commitment.
We have to be willing to pick up that scalpel and make a cut that may or may not do more damage than good.
It's all about being committed.
Because if we're not we have no business picking up that scalpel in the first place.
Put Burke in OR 2 tomorrow at 1 Oam, the usual scrub team.
And get rid of his valve replacement at 2.
That's no good.
Yang, brought you a latte.
- You're not scrubbing in.
- But Burke always lets me scrub in.
- Hey, Yang.
Can I get in on Burke's? - No.
OK? No residents.
Burke says you crowd him.
So just go away.
Make sure you put the instrument tray on his left-hand side.
He needs the extra elbow room.
OR 2, no gallery.
Burke was specific.
Burke's become very specific since coming back to work.
Do you want me to tell him you said that? Burke's back and Cristina runs his board? Does she think she's Bailey? She's helping him.
She's taking advantage.
She gets out of rounds, scrubs in for Burke's surgeries, orders residents.
You guys are overreacting.
It's completely illegible.
She's writing on the OR board.
Maybe I should sleep with Burke.
You've been busy.
Derek hasn't called yet.
I told him I broke up with Finn a week ago.
She's busy.
Talk to me.
How about talking to me instead of ignoring me? Callie? George! That's talking.
It's a good start.
- Oh, God! - Hey, stranger.
You don't call first? Hi.
You know, I Meredith.
Let me explain.
I take it that was the slutty intern you cheated on Addison with.
She's not slutty.
What are you doing here? You bailed on Thanksgiving, Christmas, live in a trailer, getting a divorce.
- There's the slutty intern.
- I don't like you.
You love me.
Feeling good.
Really good.
- Good.
- Good.
Yeah, first day back.
It's big.
Kind of nervous.
But feeling good.
Do I look OK? - Great.
- Great.
I want to get off on the right foot.
Gotta get my ID renewed, new time card, sign some papers to legal, and then I'm back.
Really back.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
This is me.
Human Resources.
See you guys on the floor.
I'll be Cristina for you if you'll be Izzie for me.
Derek had a woman in his trailer last night.
She was ugly.
Very ugly.
Except she was tall and beautiful and he was naked.
Uh McDreamy was doing the McNasty with a McHottie? That McBastard.
- How was that? - That was good.
- Really? - Yeah? Yeah.
- Channeling Izzie.
- OK.
Callie, she won't forgive me.
She won't talk to me.
She dumped me.
Which is, I don't care about, you know, at all.
Good because you deserve better.
You do.
You are George.
I mean, seriously.
- Was that Izzie optimistic? - Yeah, that's very Izzie.
What the hell has happened to us? We are now the people that the people we want to be with avoid.
We have careers to think about.
We don't need attention from men with perfect hair.
You know, we should make a pact.
There's no more dating.
- No more Derek or Callie.
- 100 percent focus on work.
- They're dead to us.
- They are freaking corpses to us.
Preston Burke.
What a pleasure.
I have read so much about you.
Well, thank you.
Pruitt Byrd.
Medevac brought him in.
He presents with a primary cardiac tumor.
We've been told Pruitt needs a cardiac auto-transplantation.
- A cardiac auto-transplantation? - A Humpty Dumpty surgery.
I know what it is.
Byrd, this is a very complicated surgery.
- You'll need thorough testing.
- Done.
He is a perfect candidate.
You understand what this entails? We have to remove his heart, cut it open, scrape out the tumor and put his heart back together.
- Which is risky.
- But possible.
Which is why we're here.
I want the very best for my Pruitt.
- The best.
- She means you.
I know that.
However I scheduled Mr.
Byrd for surgery this afternoon.
Just trying to be as efficient as possible.
Legal cleared Stevens.
Explain her parameters and make sure she understands.
- She's being assigned to me again? - She's your intern.
But I didn't think that Wouldn't it be better for her to start fresh with another resident? - You don't want her, huh? - I want her to succeed.
There's still a good deal of fallout after the Duquette M & M.
There's been talk.
I don't need to tell you that there are doctors who have concerns about your judgment.
- Concerns about my judgment? - Stevens was your mistake.
Do you, sir? Do you have concerns about my judgment? Do you? You're not going to put those concerns to rest by avoiding taking responsibility for Dr.
She's your intern.
Transfer from Mercy West.
Noelle Labatt, One appears to be developing more slowly than the other.
- Hi.
- Hi there.
Greg Stanton.
This is my fiancée, the future Mrs.
Greg, you're the only person who cares if we're married or not.
They said we had to come here because it could be serious.
Is it serious? At first glance you don't seem emergent enough for Mercy to send you over here.
You're not in labor and your vitals are fine.
They said I need a specialist because of my thing.
- Your thing? - Two uteruses? Ms.
Labatt, Noelle was born with two uteruses.
- Uteruses.
- Uteruses.
That's very rare.
I'm here.
That paperwork took, well, forever, but I'm all done with it now and can I just say how really grateful I am to be back? You understand there are rules to your probation.
A protocol to follow? Oh, yeah.
I know.
Legal already took me through lots of that stuff.
The mandatory counseling, the extra lab hours, the volunteer work with transplant patients.
That's stuff you're doing for the chief.
I'm talking about what you'll do for me.
OK, what am I doing for you? Let's start with what you don't get to do.
You will not interact with any patients.
You will not be alone with any patients.
You will be seen and not heard.
You will perform no procedures.
The OR is off-limits.
No pre-op.
No post-op.
No anything having to do with an "op.
" You have no authority.
You have no opinions.
You have no choice in this matter.
Am I understood? Is there anything I can do? I want to be useful.
Well, I can't use you.
You've got to earn back the right for any of us to trust you again.
Until then, you will shadow a different doctor each day.
Who am I with today? Dr.
Montgomery? You? - Dr.
Bailey, you paged? - Dr.
Meredith? You are to make sure that Stevens observes only.
You want me to Wait.
Meredith Meredith is the boss of me.
- I'm sorry about this.
- It's not your fault.
You want me to fetch you coffee? Rub your feet? I did not ask for this assignment.
I'm fine with it.
It's fine.
I'm so sorry.
- Dr.
Welcome back.
- Hey, Dr.
- OK.
- Uh, Meredith.
Meredith? Sorry.
I can't leave.
I got to stay by my boss' side.
The trailer sucks, but in the light of day the land's nice.
Seattle is pretty in the day.
Plus you have your thing for ferries.
- Ferryboats.
- Right, whatever.
This is my sister, Nancy.
- Oh.
- Sister? - Yeah.
- You're one of Derek's sisters.
I knew you didn't think I was the wife, seeing as you ran her off.
Nancy is visiting from Connecticut.
She's on her way home.
Straight home.
- Well, it was nice to meet you.
- OK.
- McDreamy's sister is McBitchy.
- What are you doing? You put me in charge of scheduling.
To make sure I didn't get a surgery like this.
A handful of people do Humpties.
You're the best on the west coast.
He can go to Houston.
You want to tell the chief? - Pruitt will die without it.
- You didn't tell me.
You told the patient we were doing the surgery, but not me.
- I have been doing that all week.
- Do you realize what this entails? I have done my research.
Stop worrying.
We are a well-oiled machine.
- Uh, Dr.
- Yeah.
I understand there are some concerns about my judgment.
Since Denny.
Everybody loves a scandal.
So you think it's just gossip? Not actual concern about me as a doctor? Sure.
Because Ow.
Set me up for débridement and dressing.
It was stupid.
I know better.
When I'm studying for the Bar, I'm a mess.
Can't focus on anything but torts and real property, constitutional law.
- The biosynthetic ones.
- We never use those.
We do now.
Sloan changed the burn protocol last week.
I was about to start a practice test.
I wanted some tea.
So I put on a pot of water and hit the timer, and just forgot.
Half an hour into my section on contracts and the smoke alarm was blaring and, well, you know the rest.
- You're going to be a lawyer? - I have to pass the Bar exam.
I failed before.
But this time I'm ready.
I'm going to pass.
Good for you.
That was just mean.
Kathleen told me to find out why the intern's panties were on the bulletin board.
Four sisters and not one brother.
And you wonder why I don't call.
Feel free to explain the panties anytime.
It's great to see you.
Great to have you here.
But I have a job.
I have patients.
I have a mother at 35 weeks with twins.
Where is her OB? Her OB should be on a plane back to Connecticut.
We've covered the trailer.
We need the slutty intern and the divorce.
You know what? You sound more and more like Mom every day.
Take it back.
So two uteruses.
That's pretty cool.
- And you're engaged.
That's also cool.
- Greg talked me into it.
Oh, man.
From the first moment I saw Noelle, I was ham.
- Did you say "ham"? - You're either ham or eggs.
- Here we go.
- You got to ask yourself: Are you the chicken or are you the pig? I'm sorry.
Pig or chicken? You got a plate of ham and eggs, right? Now the chicken is involved in the meal.
But the pig is committed.
So the question is, are you involved or are you committed? - Ham or eggs.
- Yeah.
Ham or eggs.
- Karev, you free? - Absolutely, sir.
Take this.
I'm on hold with the DMV.
A mix up about switching my license and registration to Seattle.
- Take care of that for me? - Thanks for thinking of me, sir.
How's it feel to be the new gynie grunt? Oh.
I got a patient who is born with and is pregnant in two uteruses.
Two uteruses.
Jealous? No.
I'm busy.
I'm on hold.
- Important business.
- Right.
- For Sloan.
- Right.
It's super important, I'm sure.
Noelle Labatt.
Room 2314.
Hang on.
Can I see that? For a second? Did I just hear him say two uteruses? - I'm sorry.
You must be? - Nancy-pants? Hey, loser.
I wish Derek had told me you were coming to visit.
- Like he tells you anything these days? - I'm working on that.
What are you doing here? Trying to torture him? He's my family, Nancy.
Plus I needed a change of pace.
Plus I slept with my tennis partner's wife and he went out and bought a gun.
There it is.
Oh, my God! Nancy! God.
- Let me guess.
Mom send you out? - Derek's trying to ban you.
Did he tell you he's living in a trailer? Yeah.
I want to see the two uteruses.
Yeah, um, find me later.
- I miss her.
- Yeah.
Me too.
The Diesel pushes past cornerback Don McNeal.
He's at the 30.
He's at the 20.
He's at the ten.
Touchdown, Washington Redskins! Sorry.
One of the twins gets rowdy and Greg gets carried away.
He's decided that the baby is into sports of all things.
She's Daddy's little girl.
I can tell, see, because when I talk to her The rhythm of your voice helps calm her.
I read a couple of articles on that.
I knew you secretly missed my service.
Greg, Noelle, I have very good news for you.
According to our tests, the babies are both perfectly healthy.
But they are substantially different sizes for a very unique reason.
The tests indicate the babies have different due dates.
According to our calculations your son was conceived a full six weeks before your daughter.
- I - Oh, God.
I don't understand.
That can't be right.
- That's impossible.
- It's quite possible.
Our tests are extremely accurate at predicting due dates.
But we broke up.
See, she got pregnant.
I wanted to get married, she didn't.
I gave her an ultimatum and she left me.
Greg, I am so sorry.
I am so, so sorry.
We were barely speaking six weeks after the conception, let alone having sex.
Or at least I wasn't having sex.
It was one night, Greg.
It was one night.
I didn't think that this could happen.
It was nothing.
I can't believe you did this.
I can't believe you didn't tell me.
God, I can't believe this.
He's not the father of both babies.
I just accidentally broke the news of my patient's infidelity to her fiancé.
And yet no one is questioning your competence as a surgeon.
What? I need a button.
I'm down to my last clean shirt and I'm missing a button.
- Adele always handled my buttons.
- You called her? Adele? Oh, no.
I wouldn't want to bother her with something as trivial as a button.
I don't suppose either of you would want to? I'm sorry.
I have two uteruses I have to attend to.
I have many skills.
Many skills.
Surgical skills.
Your button ruptures its esophagus, I'm your woman.
Otherwise I hear you burned your hand because you were studying? I can't be allowed to warm soup within days of the Bar.
- You burned your hand while - Burning my soup.
- When you grabbed the pot - Dropped it.
It was red-hot.
Must have held on to it for a little while.
- This burn's extremely deep.
- Yeah.
No, that's right.
- I held on and then I dropped it.
- There are some deep burns.
Give her a gram of cefazolin and a tetanus.
It's too bad, really.
That I did this to my hand.
- I was going to take the Bar Friday.
- This burn is bad, but we'll get you fixed up.
You'll be fine to take the test on Friday.
I will? She's Iying.
Something's off about Gretchen's story.
You're only supposed to be observing.
I am observing, closely, and I'm telling you something is off.
Did you see her reaction when Sloan said she'd be OK for the test? That was not relief.
That was panic.
It's OK to be nervous about being back here at work.
About failing.
You haven't even been back a full day and you're pushing to bend the rules.
This is so not about me.
This is about our patient.
I am worried about our patient.
Get off your high horse.
This is my patient.
Try to remember that.
- Fine.
- Iz.
A Humpty Dumpty surgery? Burke's doing a Humpty Dumpty today? Um Yes.
I've never seen a Humpty firsthand before.
Me neither.
- What are you doing? - Scrubbing in.
You'll let Burke know? Sure.
I know you're not talking to me, but I have something to explain.
All you have to do is listen.
You and me? We're like ham and eggs.
I was the chicken.
I know that I was the chicken.
You put yourself out there and were committed.
I was just putting the eggs, not the ham because you're the pig.
I was involved, but now? I'm committed.
- Did you call me a pig? - It's a metaphor.
Calling me a pig? The point is you're not the pig anymore.
I'm the pig.
Now I am the pig.
I am the pig.
I've been waiting for half an hour in the cafeteria.
Since when do we eat in a patient room? Izzie, meet Really Old Guy.
We found him a couple of days ago.
He sleeps all the time.
It's quiet in here.
Nobody bothers us.
What are you doing? It turns out I'm not doing anything.
I'm literally not allowed to.
I knew coming back was going to be an adjustment - What are you doing right now? - Eating.
If you want to socialize or get in a quick therapy session, go do it over there.
- Seriously? - Goodbye, Izzie.
O'Malley, your chick with the two uteruses? You're on scut.
Glorified plastics scut.
You are in no position to mock me or my uteruses.
- Any cervical changes? - Why do you care? - I don't.
- I'm so glad to be back.
Not complaining about you.
You and I are fine, boss.
- This is weird.
- I called Callie a pig.
To her face? What happened to "she's a corpse"? I can't get over how much everything has changed.
- How many times? - Just one.
- I get one too.
- Deal.
- Gin.
- Wha? - What was with that? With Meredith? - We have a thing.
You have a thing with Meredith and I don't know about it? - I live with you.
- It's a work thing.
The whole point of hanging out with Really Old Guy is he doesn't talk.
The man is sedated.
This is supposed to be a quiet place.
See? Changed.
She's changed.
Everything's changed.
I gave the other nurse a list of his medications this morning.
My husband needs his pills! He needed them hours ago! Why don't you check on the meds again? - I have checked on them.
- Meds.
- I'm sorry.
I am sorry.
- It's fine.
It's fine.
I was never a yeller before.
I'm becoming this horrible person who yells at people who are just trying to do their job.
You are just looking out for your husband.
You do what it takes to protect him and that does not make you horrible.
It makes you smart.
He said he was leaving.
She's hyperventilating.
The baby's had some bradycardia.
I need you to get back into bed now.
- Is Greg out there? Did he leave? - Take deep breaths.
I always give him a hard time about everything.
He likes weddings, I hate them.
He loves kids.
Me? They scare me to death.
Have you had any cramping, any contractions, any pressure? I can't do this without him.
We have to get past this.
Damn it.
Right now I need you to get into bed, OK? Why? What's happening? Stay on your left side and whatever you do, do not push.
OK? I need slow deep breaths.
So tell me about the slutty girl.
Fine, the slutty intern.
- I have a problem with the slutty part.
- She's not single.
She is single and wonderful.
She's smart.
A lot of things.
- She's none of your business.
- Wow.
Never seen you like this over a girl.
Even Addison.
I've never been like this over a girl.
Especially Addison.
Don't be bitter.
Shame on Addison and all that, but he's Mark, Derek.
What did you expect? He's just Mark.
And who hasn't gone there once or twice? - What? - Everybody sleeps with Mark.
It's practically a rite of passage.
Derek, I get it, OK? I get that they made a terrible mistake.
It wasn't a mistake.
Nancy, it wasn't a mistake.
It wasn't just one night.
It was months.
They were together for months.
Didn't you know that? No, I had no idea.
Then shut up about it and eat your lunch.
Derek's sister is in town.
Are you mad at me? I've been trying to talk to you all week Everything is not about you, Meredith.
What's going on? Because George and Alex are saying - I don't care.
- What is your problem? I have bigger things in my life right now.
What? Nothing.
Ten blade.
Hey, Dr.
Can you, uh, tell me what's happening in there? She thinks you left her.
Look, man, this is all a lot to digest.
I mean, our daughter.
My little girl isn't even my little girl anymore.
Noelle is in there freaking out because you left.
Just tell me if she is OK.
She's gone into premature labor.
Montgomery-Shepherd Dr.
Montgomery, is about to do an emergency C-section on one of the babies to stop labor in the other.
So you're delivering one of the babies right now? Today? In just a few minutes.
- The boy or the girl? - Greg Ham or eggs? You ready to go? I've already made note of it.
That's it.
You say you want a career in plastics and you can't tear yourself away from the baby catchers to show me you want it.
Being on hold with DMV has nothing to do with plastics.
It does.
Because being on hold with the DMV has to do with me.
And I have everything to do with your career in plastics.
Tyler, Addison Montgomery needs two units of B positive blood in L&D.
Stat! I'm on it.
The biosynthetic dressing should ensure that you won't need skin grafts, - that's good news.
- Would grafts take long? I mean, how long would something like that take? If I had needed them? That would just depend on the severity of the burn.
So more severe than this one? It would have to be more severe? Just to make sure I have everything accurate, you burned your hand - We've been over this.
Haven't we? - I'm sorry.
Look, I have a test on Friday and I have work to do.
So I have to I want to go home.
- I'm ready to get out of here.
- I'm sorry.
- Did you burn your hand on purpose? - Izzie, you heard Dr.
It's OK if you did.
It's just, did you burn your hand to get out of taking your test? I can't fail that damn test one more time.
I just can't.
It's all anyone in my family, in my life, it's all they talk about.
It's all I'm known for.
"Oh, Gretchen the failure.
" Can you imagine failing the Bar exam five times? Five times.
I mean that's absurd.
I mean That's just That's pathetic.
I cannot sit for two and a half solid days of testing again just to prove to everyone, again, how pathetic I am.
Not when I You feel that pathetic all by yourself.
I've completed the incision and I'm going to ask you to move the top uterus to the side so I can reach the one underneath.
Got it.
Now, I don't want to alarm you or make you nervous in any way, O'Malley, because you seem like a decent person, but I've got about 120 seconds to get Baby One out of Uterus One while you're holding Uterus Two.
And if you so much as hiccup, you could tear the uterine wall and kill this woman's child, so, do what you can to be careful, OK? OK.
- Wow.
Look at that.
- Amazing, huh? Applying the final hemostasis suture.
- Great.
Don't be afraid to - Grab a bigger piece? Got it.
Very nice, Dr.
- Applying pressure.
- Gently.
It was attached to the interventricular septum.
- Going to use a graft to repair? - Somebody's been doing their homework.
Four-oh prolene, please.
Thank you very much.
Ready to perforate Uterus Two.
Scalpel? Wait.
My baby's moving.
It's really moving.
I can't hold it.
I need you to hold her still if I'm going to do this.
- I'm trying.
- I mean it.
O'Malley! What should I do? I can't hold it.
You're sending her into distress.
You need that baby to stop moving.
- How do I do that? - Talk.
- Alex! - Karev, back away from the table.
Talk to it.
To the baby.
To calm it down.
Talk about what? October 30, 1974.
It's the fight known as Rumble in the Jungle.
World champ George Foreman is pitted against Muhammad Ali.
- His first major fight in three years.
- It's working.
Foreman is favored to win.
He's younger, he's stronger - Scalpel.
- But he's not prepared for rope-a-dope.
In the second round, Foreman comes out swinging.
Ali's backed up against the ropes.
That's not going to stay.
You're giving it too much slack.
You're blocking my light.
You need to think of it as a basic corner stitch.
I can figure out how to sew on my own buttons.
I am a surgeon.
All right.
Oh, for God sakes.
You sew this and I'll get rid of Addison and Sloan.
- Really? - No.
Fine, I'll do it anyway.
I heard you've got a sister wandering the halls.
- She planning on moving here too? - I hope not.
I know it's been hard on you.
He was like my brother.
I had four sisters.
Four very annoying sisters.
Mark was my brother.
It's hard.
Divorce isn't all it's cracked up to be, huh? I just want it to be easy.
I want it to be over and move on.
But You're in a surprising amount of pain.
You and Adele? I'm sewing on a button for the first time in my life.
What does that tell you? Technically, I'm sewing.
I'm just saying.
Radiologist, contact 5310.
So we're clear, you knew when you stepped into that surgery you forfeited your future in plastics.
- But, Dr.
Sloan - I need my phone back.
- Well done.
You were really prepared.
- Yes.
I'm always prepared.
- Couldn't do it without you.
- Thank you.
Burke, could we have a moment alone? I didn't realize that you were one of them.
One of the doctors around here with doubts about me or my abilities.
Miranda, I'm not.
My name was erased from the board.
I have to assume that was you.
- Dr.
Bailey - I just I just need to know why.
I need you to tell me why you didn't want me in on your surgery.
I'm afraid I just couldn't use you.
I understand.
Oh, you should've seen that.
Two uteruses.
So unbelievably cool.
And a cute baby to boot.
- I'm glad you're enjoying your trip.
- Relax.
I'm on a plane in two hours.
So you going to report back to Mom that That you're you.
Still running in circles around all the women in your life, but that's to be expected with four sisters and a dead dad.
I'm not running around in circles.
Can you even remember the last time you were alone? You've never been single, ever.
You're fine, but you're not happy.
And you're not going to get happy until you get some space.
Just get away from Addie, away from the intern.
Just away.
Figure out what you want.
Kathleen's the shrink, Nancy.
Not you.
I gotta go.
Thanks for flying out here.
It was, uh Thanks.
- Where are we going again? - We need to go upstairs.
Wait! Where are we? We're on the psychiatric floor, and we need to place you on a 72-hour hold.
I'm not crazy.
You can't No.
I'm going home.
No, you have to let me go home.
Please? I'll just, I need to go back home.
You'll hurt yourself again, right? Isn't that your plan, so you won't have to take the exam? You need some help, Gretchen.
If the idea of taking an exam makes you hold your palm to a burner, you need some help.
Everyone needs help from time to time.
Someone to look out for them.
Make sure they're OK.
Make sure they're ready.
I have that.
And you need that right now.
- I'm not crazy.
- I know.
Just I didn't want to fail.
I know.
What happened? Are my babies OK? The surgery went well.
You have a healthy boy and the labor stopped on your girl, - and she's going to be just fine.
- And Greg? Has Greg come back yet? No, Noelle.
I'm sorry.
Greg isn't here.
I want an update every half hour and What happened? My babies? Are just fine.
You're coming out of anesthesia, Noelle.
Everything went very well.
Is Greg back yet? I'm so sorry, Noelle.
He's not here.
Be sure to alert me to any fetal distress.
- What happened? - Your babies are healthy.
- Everything's OK.
- Is Greg back yet? I'm right here.
I I saw our son.
He's amazing.
But how's our little girl? You look like you could use a little cheering up.
Not from you.
If I recall, I was pretty good at cheering you up.
One, two, yep.
Three very cheerful times.
It was not cheerful, it was dirty.
And like I said, no.
So your sister really doesn't like me.
It's just she's from the East Coast.
- Well, I - I, you know, I should've called.
But you didn't.
I want us to work.
It's just it's complicated.
- I think I need a little time to - Take some space.
To clear my head.
There are times when even the best of us have trouble with commitment.
I was looking at Dr.
Grey's evaluation on your first day back.
- I get daily report cards now? - She had a lot to say.
Yes, sir.
It was a difficult catch.
Nicely handled.
Good work.
Welcome back, Dr.
I was rude to you before.
I'm sorry.
I understand what you were trying to say.
You're the pig.
You are committed.
Only we broke up.
I've been wanting to hear this from you for how long? And you wait until now to say it to me, after we've broken up? I'm out of my element here.
I break bones for a living.
I used to live in the basement.
Most days, I wear last night's eyeliner.
I don't care what people think about me because I am a happily independent, successful woman and I like it that way.
Only when you say stuff like this It just, it makes things too hard, so please don't chase me anymore.
Unless you're ready to catch me.
And we may be surprised by the commitments we are willing to let slip out of our grasp.
commitments are complicated.
I'm here for you.
Whatever it is.
Whenever you're ready, I'm here.
Thank you.
We may surprise ourselves by the commitments we're willing to make.
True commitment takes effort.
And sacrifice.
Which is why, sometimes we have to learn the hard way.
To choose our commitments very carefully.

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