Grey's Anatomy s04e02 Episode Script


Previously on Grey's Anatomy: He's gone.
It's over.
So over.
Burke handed in his letter of resignation two weeks ago.
I was named chief resident.
I would have made an excellent chief.
We're breaking up.
It was a breakup kiss.
A breakup kiss.
I'm Lexie.
Lexie Grey.
I'm your sister.
Why are you avoiding me? I'm all alone in the forest.
All alone in the forest.
Where are you? I love you too.
In the hospital, we see addiction every day.
I feel this this this exhilaration.
It's like I finally figured it out.
You know, it's like when it's like I was sleeping and I woke up.
And it's just it's just amazing.
It's shocking, how many kinds of addiction exist.
This is the best breakup ever.
I don't know why we didn't a long time ago.
What are you doing? Sleeping.
No, no sleepovers.
Yes, come on.
It's three in the morning.
Broken up people don't sleep over.
Sex is the only part of the relationship that works.
Why screw it up with everything? Dinner.
You're mocking my severe emotional limitations.
I can live without conversation, meals or sleepovers We shouldn't have sleepovers.
You snore.
But mockery, I don't know.
That's a deal breaker.
Sex and mockery it is.
It would be too easy if it was just drugs and booze and cigarettes.
She said she loved me and you know what? My dad Oh, God, he loved her and and, you know, when he died, then I I shouldn't have gotten married.
I think the hardest part of kicking a habit is wanting to kick it.
I mean, we get addicted for a reason, right? I thought it was right, but it wasn't.
It's not.
It's not.
Often, too often, things that start out as just a normal part of your life, at some point cross the line to obsessive.
Out of control.
I I got to tell her.
I have to tell her that the marriage is over.
It's the right thing to do.
It's the high we're chasing.
The high that makes everything else fade away.
He loves me too.
What do you think of the board? Good.
Looks good.
You did a good job.
I didn't do it.
I'm delegating.
I am being a delegator.
I'm doing it all different.
Making time for my wife.
Oh, yeah? She talking to you yet? Will when she sees I'm a delegator.
I should move that surgery up there.
Yeah, right, right.
It's good.
It's fine.
I'm delegating.
Being a delegator.
What's wrong with the chief? He's a junkie.
Him? You're the one who looks all strung out.
I'm just tired.
Let me guess.
You and Meredith are up all night doing the horizontal salsa.
Horizontal mambo.
Meredith and I, we're just friends.
Sexy friends.
You're the most juvenile human being I've met.
The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.
How many nurses you slept with? That's not a problem, man.
That's an adventure.
It is beautiful.
It's the Belgian Flip Round Pro.
What do you want? What do you got? Next projectile vomiter, I lose your pager.
I know you better.
Surgeries, baby, preferably cardio.
Are these all wedding gifts? She's giving them away.
Dibs on the Mixmaster.
I'm not giving you the Mixmaster.
You're supposed to return them.
Burke registered for this crap.
Now I'm the one stuck dealing with it.
I'm using it for professional gain.
You're ready to part with this? She's not! I want it.
I want it.
I am if I help on the rhomboid flap in your next Mohs defect repair.
Come to Daddy.
You steal this? Make her give me something.
Give her something.
Mixmaster! Face it.
You have nothing I want.
Would you look at the residents.
Big, snazzy residents.
Standing around, playing with housewares.
Turn a blind eye, the soup tureen's yours.
Four! Take this Mix Hey! Take the Mixmaster and all this crap and put in my locker.
Carnage in the pit.
My day's improving.
We're not gonna round? Carnage trumps rounds.
Write that down.
Carnage trumps rounds.
Oh, hey.
I know, I know.
I never made it home.
Got swamped with paperwork and fell asleep in an on-call room.
I need to talk when you have time.
I have no time.
This chief resident thing is kicking my ass.
Later then? Tonight when we're alone.
Is it serious? What do we got? Uh, gas main blew in a building.
Five injured.
Some badly.
It's horrible.
Marla Kristler, 34-year-old female, abdomen blown out, skull fracture, third-degree burns over 40 percent of her body.
Ok , I got this.
Open OR Two.
Page Dr.
Torres, triage the rest.
Yang, you're with the chief.
Thank you.
One, Four, come with me.
What about us? Uh, go help Bailey in the clinic.
My wife came in another ambulance.
Is she here? Straight to surgery.
Are you injured? No.
My son.
Eighteen months old.
Contusion, possible head injury.
BP and pulse are elevated.
Everything's going to be ok, baby.
Karev! I'm supposed to be on plastics.
I'll take it.
You're with the Kristlers.
What about me? Were you up late last night? You look tired.
Perhaps you should sit this out.
I'm fine.
Not up late.
Went to bed early.
Early and alone.
Hello, Mr Roche.
Archie Roche.
"Age 60, second, third-degree burns, chest, upper abdomen, facial contusions and fracture.
" Reading the sports section, next I'm looking up at a hole in the ceiling in Dave and Marla's apartment.
Burns should be débrided.
We'll do a trauma series and shoulder films.
Got it.
Where's your pain? Just promise me you'll take care of Marla and the baby.
Are they your family, sir? They might as well be.
How close to the explosion was he? We were in the living room.
His mom was in the kitchen and Did the gas line blow? I think it was the stove.
Gonna run some tests on the baby.
Karev, I'm going into surgery with the chief.
Keep me posted.
Marla and David are friends.
I was just leaving when the kitchen blew up.
The blast knocked me into a wall.
Have you seen this? Grim.
You guys look grim.
Clark, we need to get a CT just to check for internal bleeding.
Internal bleeding? I was on my way to work.
I need a resident to help me in the clinic to oversee the new interns while I'm working on this patient.
I'm sorry.
I can't help.
You can't help? The clinic is voluntary, Bailey.
I'm not gonna force residents with this much going on.
You can have as many interns as you need.
Tell Kent he's got to find himself another OR.
The chief's taking his.
Waffle maker.
We covered this.
But now I got something you want.
Yeah? What? Hello.
I'm Jane Burke.
Burke's mother.
Nice to see you.
I'm looking for a Dr.
Cristina Yang.
Yang, Yang.
Let me see.
Yang I'll page her.
But I think she's in surgery.
I'll wait.
Waffle maker? Fine.
What's the 911? Mama is here.
I'm working with Callie.
Got to find George.
Your mother? What? Not my mother.
Mama is here.
George? He's your intern.
Burke's mom.
Make the synapses fire more quickly.
I was with a patient.
I'd be happy to go back.
No, help.
I'll help.
For Mixmaster and George's location.
Yang, you scrubbing in? Yes, sir.
Just get rid of her, ok? Politely.
What? George! Hey.
It's ok.
Brian, I'm here.
It's ok, sweetheart.
Brian, stop crying, baby.
I can't think.
Why won't he stop crying? Hey there, Brian.
You're a big boy.
Do you work out? You take care of yourself.
CT results.
Should I page Shepherd? He's in surgery.
Let me take a look.
What do you see? There's nothing acute.
Nothing? So he's going to be ok? Yeah, I'm gonna I need to run a couple more tests, ok? Schedule an MRI and have the lab run a tox screen on Brian's blood.
Why? I said so, Nancy Drew.
Just do it.
Rooms one and seven are private and should be used for conversations with patients, not for closed door socializing.
All carts are set up the same.
Memorize where everything is.
Will we do procedures on our own? No, you are interns.
You are in charge of nothing.
All procedures will be discussed and overseen by an upper level, all charts will be signed out by an upper level, and all patients will be looked at by someone other than you! And what if? Ooh! I'm sorry.
I sorry.
What if we can't find anyone? Mrs.
Burke! What a surprise to see you here.
Are you visiting someone? You're the maid of honor.
Miss Grey.
That's me.
When you stood up in front of Preston's friends and loved ones and you said, "It's over, it's over, it's so over," were you trying to smash the hopes of the best man or were you just trying to be funny? I Because making light of that situation would be inappropriate.
And to use that moment to send a message to your boyfriend, well, that's selfish.
So were you being inappropriate or were you being selfish? I am I apologize for that, Mrs.
I'm just gonna go.
Miss Grey? Yes, ma'am.
When you report back to Cristina, would you tell her, please, that I am waiting for her? And that I will continue to wait for her.
Yes, ma'am.
Oh! Sorry.
Any news on Marla? My neighbor? I promise as soon as I hear something, I'll give you an update.
Crap! Sorry.
I'm really sorry.
Really sorry.
Three-part proximal humerus fracture.
Percutaneous reduction and internal fixation.
That boy of theirs, Brian.
And sometimes they're not.
The kids.
Sometimes they're ugly.
You have any kids, doctor? Not that I know of.
You're not married either, are you? I'm afraid I haven't found anybody who will put up with me.
Well, get on the stick.
Don't do like I did.
Don't be a bachelor your whole life.
You can only play the field for so long.
Then, suddenly, one day, your whole life passes you by.
Those parts aren't working like they used to.
They have medicine for that.
They don't have medicine for that all alone part, do they? No, I suppose not.
You got some pretty ones right here.
I'm off the market, Mr.
I'm very happily married.
I'm really sorry.
You can't tell her.
We decided.
I was supposed to tell her.
I have to tell her.
I know.
You can't.
You just you can't, ok? I'm working with her.
She's my boss.
Damn it! Shh! Maybe it'll just work itself out if we wait.
You'll grow apart.
She's working long hours.
Maybe she's avoiding you, having an affair.
Izzie! Don't tell her.
How long would you suggest I wait until I tell her about us? I don't know.
At least until she's not in such a bad mood.
A week.
A month.
I'm sorry.
But well, then, you know We can't I know.
Then you better walk away.
I better walk away.
Yeah, I really better walk away.
So George has Clark in line for his CT and we're waiting on his blood work.
Yes? Grey.
Yes? Ok, I need you to work in the clinic, Grey.
Well No.
Before you tell me the reasons why you can't, just let me say this.
I need this because I have idiots.
You understand me, Grey? Idiot interns are down there in my clinic, a clinic dripping with my blood, sweat and tears.
And I am not convinced, not at all convinced, that they will not burn it down with their ineptitude.
Look No, I'm not telling.
Because I understand I do not have the authority to tell.
So I'm asking.
Ok, I'm just saying, if I ever did anything for you, like, I don't know, save your life If you ever felt you owed me a debt of thanks, now is when I'd like to collect.
Oh, no.
Are you working down here today? I don't know.
I Great! No idea what we're doing.
Plus, I was really hoping we'd get a chance to speak, so, yay.
I can't believe this.
This is surreal.
You're claustrophobic? No.
I'm not claustrophobic, it's just I was on my way to work.
On my way to work and stopped at a friend's house and the next thing you know I'm in a CAT scan machine.
It's like How did this happen? Dr.
Karev? Baby.
It's ok.
Lab work? It's crazy, isn't it? Stay here.
Stay and do not leave.
Do not leave that man alone with that child.
Yang, was that Dr.
Burke's mother I saw in the waiting room earlier? Mrs.
Burke is here? I don't think I wouldn't know.
How we doing up there, Shepherd? Good.
She's looks good from my end.
It's the best part about the job.
Giving good people second chances.
Believe me, I know.
I get it.
You know, it's life.
It happens.
You're going down one path, and all of a sudden then you realize, "No, no, no.
This is the wrong path.
This is No, this isn't the path for me.
" And it's good because you learn.
And you realize that you can handle it.
And you can.
You can handle this.
You Clark? Clark! Clark! Code blue! We need a crash cart in here! Chief.
The one-year-old? Brian Kristler? He's strung out on meth.
- What? - It was a meth lab that blew up.
This woman and her husband are running a meth lab.
- Oh - Clear! Ah, yes, the joys of surgeondom.
Saving lives for those who deserve it most.
Tell Dr.
Torres to follow exposure protocol for children.
I'm counting on her to take care of this.
Got it.
Sure you don't want to page somebody to take over so you can go handle that? I'm trying to get back with my wife.
In order to get back with my wife, I have to learn to Delegate.
Torres can handle this.
Shooting him up? They weren't.
When you cook meth, the fumes coat the walls, the floors.
The baby crawls around, puts its hands in its mouth.
It gets in his bloodstream.
Call the police and social services.
What about the dad? He's still in there.
Call the police.
They take care of the dad.
You take care of the baby.
Sloan! We got a situation.
You're doing a fine job.
You were acting awfully odd before.
Had me a little nervous.
Roche, I'm gonna ask you a question.
I don't want you to be offended by it, but the answer could affect your surgery.
Fire away.
Are you a crystal meth user? You're kidding, right? He's, like, 60.
No judgment.
I need a yes or no answer.
Crystal what? It's a drug, sir.
It's addictive and very dangerous.
Unless you put it in my blood pressure medicine, I've never touched the stuff.
What's going on? The Kristlers had a meth lab in their apartment.
It caused the explosion.
Marla and Dave had a drug lab in their apartment? No.
Absolutely not.
I've known those two for five years.
We've gone on picnics, to ball games.
I baby-sit for them.
I baby-sit for drug dealers? O'Malley! What happened? He coded.
He coded? Coded.
Out of nowhere.
Heart stopped, coded.
Probably a drug addict.
What? I came to tell you.
That fire that he was in? It was a meth lab explosion.
He could have cardiomyopathy.
That would explain it.
It's a miracle I got him back.
You ran the code? Where's Grey? She's covering in the clinic.
What is she doing in the clinic? I told you to take interns.
I didn't want interns.
Sorry about that.
Some things, O'Malley, some things just don't need to be told.
How about here? Does it hurt here? Weird.
It feels weird? No, that lady is staring at me.
Or my fat.
Don't worry, she's staring at me.
I'll be right back, ok? Well? How'd surgery go on the mom? She'll live.
That's not the mom I'm worried about.
I tried.
I tried.
Mama is not budging.
And she is very scary.
Yeah, obviously.
What does she want? Did Burke send her? I don't know.
I mean, you have to go.
You have to go deal with Mama.
Just go get it over with.
Come back and tell me all about it because I could use a pick-me-up.
Mama Showdown is not for your enjoyment.
Besides, my patient is stable and until I'm paged I'm gonna stay right here.
Ok, she keeps staring at us.
Make her to stop.
You're her sister.
I'm an only child.
You're her resident.
If you have time to stare, you have time to get me coffee! So move, move! Two, stay! Hmm.
Now see? If you could just do that with Mama.
Dell to the NICU.
Dell to the NICU.
Burke! I don't think I know you.
I'm George O'Malley! I'm a friend of Burke's.
I was Burke's guy.
Oh, hi, George O'Malley, Burke's friend, Burke's guy.
Please sit.
I guess I have a minute.
One time he let me live on his sofa when I had no place else to stay.
How is he? Is he ok? He's Preston.
He's a gentleman.
And so he doesn't like to talk about it.
And I just really don't know what to say to him.
Maybe, uh I don't know.
You could tell him that he dodged a bullet.
I mean, marriage is Once you're in, you're in.
Burke is smart, you know.
He didn't make a mistake.
Because a mistake that, you know It's hard to take back.
Which even if you want to take back, you can't.
So you can tell him that.
"Once you're in, you're in.
" Have that engraved on your wedding ring when you get married.
I'm already married.
You're already married? George O'Malley, Burke's friend, Burke's guy, staying in a marriage out of obligation? That's no way to live.
It's no way to love.
But I think you know that.
I do.
Sometimes, I do.
Your timing could not be more perfect.
Where are we going? What do you mean? You paged me, right? I did.
So, on-call room? I was thinking, maybe, we could go to the cafeteria.
Thought you might be hungry.
Why are you looking at me like that? Derek, we agreed.
S and M only.
S and M? Sex and mockery.
Right, S and M.
So you're eating lunch? I am.
Want to come? No.
Meet me in the lobby at 8:00.
And eat your dinner first.
That's a big needle.
Do you have to use such a big needle? His IV came out and he needs to be hydrated.
Look, I'm look, I'm just freaking out a little bit here.
Can you give me an update on my wife? Your wife has a crater in her abdomen.
If she does survive surgery, it's gonna be a long, hard, painful recovery.
She's gonna be ok, right? I mean, she's got to be ok.
My wife Brian, sweetheart.
Look at me.
Stop crying.
Brian, please.
Brian, stop crying! He can't stop crying! Ok? He can't stop crying because his nervous system is shot.
Because his brain and his heart and his renal system are all compromised.
He can't stop crying because he's in withdrawal from crystal meth, you son of a bitch.
No, no.
That's impossible.
He wasn't in the room when we were making it! It was all over your apartment, ok? I tested him because I smelled it on his skin.
I love my son.
We were broke.
I lost my job, but I don't use drugs! And I'm a good dad and I love my family! Well, now you can love your family from jail.
It's all right.
Come on.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, chief? "Yeah, chief"? Is it that you don't know what's going on in my hospital, Dr.
Torres, or that you don't care? Um, I'm sorry.
I guess I don't know.
I delegated the meth lab situation to you.
And now one of your residents has been attacked and a baby is missing.
I don't understand I don't want excuses.
Finish up here.
You better hope that baby shows up.
I think you're a good chief resident.
What? I know that you've been having a hard time with it, and this thing with the baby, clearly, it's not an easy job and I think you're doing a good job at it.
I can take it from here.
What? Get out of my OR, Stevens.
Now! So the happy little family makes meth? There's no such thing as a happy family.
What's with her? Well, Mama Burke is here and we don't know why.
My guess is that she's here to kill Cristina.
She's hovering again.
If you're done with the charts, go fold something.
Like sheets.
What are you looking at? Don't look at her.
Your sister, she's hot.
I'm an only child.
Don't talk to me about Lexie.
Oh, the police want to talk to me.
All I want to know is why she's here.
Is that too much to ask? Hey.
Aah he's not returning my phone calls anymore.
He's doing his best.
Do you think? Do you think she really loved him? Cristina? I think she loved him the best that she knew how.
That would not have been enough for you either? No.
No, it wouldn't have been enough for me either.
So you would have ended it too? Well, Burke and I are built differently.
He's stronger than I am.
He was strong enough to And we're not built the same.
Honorable men are all built the same.
And you think I'm an honorable man.
Do you know when to walk away? Do you know when not to take less than you deserve? If you do, then you're an honorable man.
When you got injured in the fire, the shock to your body, combined with the drugs and the damage, your heart seized up and you went into cardiac arrest.
You are also bleeding internally, so you need to stay for observation.
Which means that you are probably about to go into withdrawal.
But you can't leave because it is still quite possible that you'll need surgery.
You got any good news, Dr.
O'Malley? I wish I could say yes.
Come on.
Come on, come on, come on.
Where are you? Damn it! How's the surgery on the old guy? Fine.
Can't talk now.
I have to find a baby.
Are you ok? A baby was lost on my watch.
I am chief resident.
I am responsible.
The chief gave this to me and I blew it, and now a baby's missing, so no, I'm not ok! No.
No, you are not ok.
Plus, I think I think my husband's having an affair.
If that's true, he's an idiot.
If that's true, you need to talk to him.
You know, as an alternative to destroying your career.
Um Dr.
I was wondering, do you know where the thermometers are 'cause? Do you not know where the thermometers are or are you looking for an excuse to talk? I Simple question, Lexie.
Are you an idiot or a stalker? Ok.
That was a mean thing to say.
I'm aware of that because I'm generally not a mean person.
But I'm a person who just doesn't want to know you.
And you are a person who's making that very difficult.
So please, just stop making it so difficult for me to not know you, ok? Oh, my God! Brian! Brian! Please wake up, baby.
Please wake up.
He won't wake up.
He was shaking and then he just he won't wake up.
Let me take him, Mr.
I love my baby.
I don't want to leave my baby.
A seizure.
I don't want to go to jail.
If you love him, let me take him.
It's going to be ok.
I'm sorry.
Nurse! Baby.
He had a stroke.
A one year old with a stroke.
You can yell, you know.
Not my job anymore.
I'm just saying, you can if you want.
I deserve it.
You do deserve it.
You do deserve, Dr.
Karev, to be chastised for your stunningly poor decision making.
You certainly earned a reprimand for your unbelievably destructive tactical error.
You got in the face of a drug dealer? You got in the face of a dealer before the police had arrived? You got in the face of a felon while his one-year-old child was in the room? Are you stupid? Are you without intelligence? You were taught better.
I taught you better than that, Dr.
Karev! Getting in the face of a drug dealer.
Fool! Thank you.
Oh, no, thank you.
I am a nice person.
I am.
And I don't know what it is that I did to you, but, you know, we have the same dad.
So I was thinking a simple conversation We don't have the same dad, Lexie.
You and I? We do not have the same dad.
My dad disappeared when I was five years old and I never saw him.
Sound like the daddy you grew up with? I kicked a man out of my bed in the middle of the night, the world's most perfect man who loves me.
And I can't let him.
And it doesn't take a shrink to figure out why.
Because our dad chose you.
So I'm sure you are a very nice girl, Lexie.
But I hope you can understand, you're not a girl I ever wanted to have to know.
I never even tried drugs until I was 30.
So stupid.
I went to a party and there was all this meth floating around and I just figured, what the heck? Once won't kill you.
Then it's more than once.
It's all you think about.
Then you're outside your dealer's house at 7:00 in the morning.
This isn't me.
It isn't.
I'm not this guy.
I'm not this guy.
I'm not this guy.
Clark! Hello.
It took you long enough.
Well? I came for Preston's key.
I'd like to pick up some of his things and the necklace I gave you for the wedding.
Of course.
Just, uh, leave it under the mat when you're done.
And I wanted to say I'm sorry.
I I've come to know you, I think.
And what you love even more than Preston is being a surgeon.
You are planning to continue with cardiothoracic surgery like my son, am I correct? Yes.
So I'm sorry you lost the man you love.
But more than that, I'm sorry you lost your teacher.
With him by your side, you could've become a brilliant heart surgeon.
I see.
You're a strong woman, Cristina.
I respect that.
I wish I could have been born at another time.
I might be more like you.
So I shall leave the key under the mat.
Uh can you take the gifts? There are all these wedding gifts and I can't Can you please take them away? Of course I can.
He's never coming back, is he? Not even to say goodbye.
Remember, you're a strong woman.
His heart couldn't take it.
There was just too much damage.
He couldn't take it.
I'm not this guy.
I won't be this guy who I'm going to tell her.
Chief, I I've got paperwork, Dr.
Kidnapped babies make for a lot of paperwork.
I was planning on, maybe, going to see my wife tonight, but instead I get to do this.
I could help.
I mean, I could help.
You've helped enough for one day.
What? How did I get? Well, you were cooking crystal meth and the substances exploded.
Where's where's my? Your husband and your son sustained only minor injuries.
Although it seems your son had been passively ingesting methamphetamine.
He suffered a stroke earlier today and went into surgery this afternoon.
I believe the surgery went smoothly.
Your husband was taken by the police and I'm sure they'll be wanting to speak to you as well.
Ok, you know what? Just try to breathe.
I'm sure it must feel as though everything is coming apart, but you can get through this.
Just breathe.
The thing about addiction is, it never ends well.
Because eventually, whatever it is that was getting us high stops feeling good and starts to hurt.
Want to grab a drink? I have a problem.
What's up? No.
I'm just I'm admitting I I have a problem.
What's gonna happen to them? And the baby? Um His grandmother is coming for him.
I think she's gonna take custody.
They were it.
They were my family.
Can you imagine? After 60 years on this planet, my family is a couple of drug dealers and their kid.
Just because people do horrible things, doesn't mean they're horrible people.
Still, they say you don't kick the habit until you hit rock bottom.
But how do you know when you're there? So I take it you still want to talk? Yeah.
I do.
No! No, I No! You don't! George, please.
Just Please don't say anything.
I'm asking you as your wife.
I am asking you not to say anything.
I am asking you to just not.
Not tonight.
I am your wife.
Do this for me.
Grey, I'm heading over to Joe's, you want to grab a drink? No, thanks.
I'm meeting someone.
Derek asked me to track you down.
He's, uh, stuck with a patient.
He's not gonna be able to meet you.
He sends his apologies.
So Joe's? I think I'm going home.
Meredith! Because no matter how badly a thing is hurting us sometimes letting it go hurts even worse.

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