Grey's Anatomy s05e21 Episode Script

No Good At Saying Sorry

[# Emilie Mover: Brand New.]
- [Alex.]
Chicken! - [George.]
Good chicken.
[Meredith and Cristina.]
lt's chicken.
l know it's chicken.
l want to know what it tastes like.
Tastes like chicken.
- l'm having surgery today.
- Maybe.
lf the mets have shrunk.
l am maybe having surgery and as such l cannot taste the chicken for myself.
So l really need you guys to tell me what it tastes like.
l need to announce it on Meredith and Derek's wedding website.
- There's a website? - Can you please be more articulate than just ''chicken?'' [gasps.]
Yay! Oh! That's the one! [chuckles.]
Very dapper, Dr.
You're serious about this? lt's not some cruel joke? And you look fantastic.
He looks fantastic, right? - Yeah.
- Whatever.
Remember when we were little and we'd accidentally bite a kid on the playground? - Good luck.
- [George.]
Good chicken.
So? Pork! [Meredith.]
Our teachers would go, ''Say you're sorry.
'' Oh! [sighs.]
Fine, l'll taste the chicken.
We would say it, but we wouldn't mean it.
Because the stupid kid we bit totally deserved it.
l'm sorry.
- Take care now.
- [sighs.]
So, l can't afford rent.
- Owen just told me to ''Take care now.
'' - [Callie.]
Three words.
More than she's getting from any of her family.
My mom, silent.
My aunts, silent.
My sister Aria? l know, l know how much power my father wields.
But seriously? What am l, invisible? Dead to them? To my mother? You just have to give them time.
Why can't you just tell them you broke up? lt's no one's business, right? And l will leave you to ponder that.
But as we get older, making amends isn't so simple.
- You really think l should lie? - l think you should pay rent.
But, you know, whatever.
Take care now.
After the playground days are over, you can't just say it.
- You have to mean it.
- l got you a present.
You can't give me money.
Even if you are a fancy plastic surgeon.
l'm not your charity case.
Not your mistress.
l am your friend.
Your equal.
lt's not money.
Really? l was just doing the ''poor but proud'' thing for show.
- Better than money.
- [woman shouting.]
Of course, when you become a doctor, ''sorry'' is not a happy word.
It either means, ''You're dying and I can't help'' She fell out of a tree and broke all her limbs.
Ooh! That is better.
or it means, ''This is really gonna hurt.
'' [Richard.]
How many days? - Twenty-nine.
- Fresh from rehab? l could tell you some good meetings in the area.
Thanks, they gave me a whole list.
One more thing we have in common.
Have you talked to Meredith? To Lexie? [sighs.]
Ow! OK, Willow, l'm afraid your cheekbone looks broken, too.
l'll need to wait a few weeks until the swelling goes down to repair that.
ln a few weeks, l'm gonna be up a tree in Utah.
Those corporate bastards, the same ones who just bulldozed me out of Kaili? They wanna clear-cut acres to build another ski condo complex.
Sons of bitches.
There is so much about that sentence l do not understand.
You were ''bulldozed'' out of something? Kaili.
She was the tree that l was living in for the past six weeks.
She was a beautiful 200-year-old oak in a grove full of beautiful 200-year-old oaks.
You named a tree ''Kaili?'' Kaili is Hawaiian for ''divine beauty and wisdom.
'' [Willow.]
And she was all of those things.
She was all of those things and now she's gone.
They're all gone.
And for what? Yuppie housing? Those corporate bastards.
l'm sorry, but you're not gonna be climbing any trees for a long while.
How does one exactly live in a tree? l mean, how exactly does one, say, eliminate waste? He's asking where your poo goes, which may not be the most sensitive question while she's mourning the death of her [chuckles.]
tree friend.
Excuse me, doctor? Oh! Excuse me, young and yummy doctor.
- Can l help you? - l don't know, can you? Are you looking for someone, ma'am? Oh, gosh, l'm gonna pretend you didn't just call me ma'am, because l have this image of you and me in my head playing doctor and that just kinda ruined it.
l'm gonna go back to work now.
But good luck with whatever.
Well l am looking for a doctor.
Gosh, l guess she's a patient now.
lsobel Stevens? l'm, uh l'm an old friend.
- After you.
- Oh, a doctor and a gentleman.
Now, that's a double yummy.
Oh, my God, who's getting married? Oh, my God.
What are you doing here? Mom? Shh! Cricket, you don't want that hot doctor to think l'm old.
[both chuckling.]
You got paged, too? Yeah.
''Report to the chief's office, stat.
'' What do you think? Why? Why would he page us stat? l don't know.
We kill anyone lately and don't remember? Your father's here.
He's 29 days sober, just out of rehab.
He's taking it seriously.
He's working his steps.
The ninth step is to make amends wherever possible.
lt's the key to an alcoholic's recovery.
To take responsibility for the wreckage of his past.
l paged you here to ask you to please hear him out.
As a favor to me, to please hear him out.
- Uh, l'm covering the pit, chief - l'll cover it.
- But there's a trauma - l've got it, Meredith.
- What are you doing? - [sirens.]
The chief asked me to cover Mer in the pit.
- l'm on Hunt's service all month.
- O'Malley! Hey there, now.
O'Malley, update me.
Two ambulances.
Three patients, one critical.
Multiple gunshot wounds.
Mike Carlson, 35, multiple GSWs.
Last BP, 88 systolic after two boluses of LR.
Where was he shot? Chest, abdomen, back, legs, shoulder - Someone meant business.
- Not so sure about that.
She didn't mean it, it was an accident.
She really didn't.
She's sorry.
Maddy, tell them you're sorry.
She's the shooter? Somebody page the chief.
- Breath sounds are better.
- Three to the thoracoabdominal area.
- What's that brings the count to? - Three plus seven to the legs Two on the side.
Could be through.
Put a swab through, see where it goes.
- Do we roll him now? - Finish his catheter.
- [Owen.]
Does it enter and exit? - [George.]
Hold on.
Yeah, that makes 1 1 .
- What can we infer from these? - Blood in the urine.
Guessing kidney.
O'Malley, let's roll him.
On your count.
One, two, three.
- Yeah, more wounds here.
- Yang, page Shepherd.
Let's get an accurate count while we have him positioned.
Maddy, how's this feel? Does it hurt when l do this? Good.
What about this cut? Can you tell me how you got this big cut on your face? [woman.]
She's scared.
Scared she did a bad thing and you're gonna take her away.
The police will want to talk to both of you about how Maddy got the gun.
We called social services and they'll be here soon.
They'll give you the support you need to come back from this.
And nobody's gonna take you away from your mom, OK, Maddy? lt hit her in the face.
The gun, the kickback.
Huh - 'Cause this doesn't look like - That's how she got the cut.
Her daddy shoots targets in the backyard.
He put the gun down for a minute.
lt was really stupid.
She never meant to hurt him.
You'll tell the police that and it'll be OK.
Everything'll be OK.
And l'm so deeply sorry for every time that l ever hurt you or disappointed you, or let you down.
l don't deserve your forgiveness, but l hope l so hope that you'll give me the opportunity to earn it.
Thank you.
Congratulations on [Meredith.]
You seem well.
Good luck.
And you remember Jade, from 1 1 4? Well She had a spot of cancer last year.
lt was breast cancer.
That was such a shame, l thought.
She had such a great rack.
Remember what a great rack she had? You used to do all those exercises to try to get yours to grow like hers.
[woman laughs.]
My point is, Jade, she had 'em cut off.
Both, just to be on the safe side.
They look even better now.
For real.
Life gave her lemons and she made cantaloupes! [laughs.]
So, maybe, honey, there's an upside in this for you, too.
Right? Um Mom.
Just, uh, just listen, OK? [lzzie.]
l l don't have breast cancer.
l have skin cancer, or what started out as skin cancer Hang on.
Skin cancer? Oh, God, lsobel Stevens, oh, you scared the hell out of me.
And you made me come all the way up here to Seattle for some ugly old mole? - [woman.]
- [lzzie.]
No, l didn't.
l didn't make you come up here.
l, uh l didn't even call you.
l'm really l'm curious.
Who did? Who called? Who called her? Seriously.
Who called her? You OK? Are you crying? - My dad's here.
- OK He's here and he's sober, and l'd really like for you to meet him.
Oh Oh.
Umm Oh.
How about dinner tonight? Camparo's at 8? Lexie, uh dads historically do not love me.
And by that, l mean that when l was a teenager dads did not love me, and then that's the last time l had to meet anyone's dad.
l'm crazy about you.
l know that my dad will be, too.
You have nothing to worry about.
That's what you said when you told me to tell Derek.
Lexie, l'm closer to your dad's age than yours.
So l'm thinking he may not love me so much.
You know, what we have is fantastic.
Why don't we just keep it for us? Excuse me, l'm looking for my sister, Karen Zelmann? We have a Willow Zelmann in there.
- Her name is Karen.
- [Willow.]
My name is Willow! [woman.]
l told you this would happen.
l told you to come out of the damn tree.
- [pager beeping.]
- How'd it go? Dr.
Grey, Maddy could use a little cleaning and repair.
l'm being paged.
- Absolutely.
- [Richard.]
- You OK? - l'm great.
Hey, Maddy, l'm Dr.
Mind if l take a look at that cut on your face? She's so sorry.
She's so sorry.
ls my daddy gonna die? l don't know.
l hope not.
- [Cristina.]
Five bullets still inside.
- [Owen.]
How many gunshots total? Twenty-five wounds total, five are lodged inside, two graze wounds, nine through and through, so about 1 7.
Seventeen? Thought this was an accidental shooting.
- How come? - How come what? How come he don't die? l shot him lots of times.
How come he don't die? [woman.]
She's just a little girl, a baby.
She wasn't really trying to kill him, she was She doesn't even understand what that means.
She was just trying to stop him, she was only trying to stop him.
So that cut on her face didn't come from the gun? He was hitting her.
He loves us.
Daddy loves us, Maddy.
Sometimes he just gets mad.
And he's been working on it.
He's been working on it so hard.
But she was just trying to stop him.
She wasn't trying to kill him.
Please understand.
She's just a little girl.
Really? Uh-huh.
Really? Oh Yeah, that's great, that's great.
Oh, thank you.
Yeah, thank you, hon.
Thanks a million.
Oh! Oh, that's great news, Cricket! You're gonna be just fine! Oh, yeah? Let me guess.
Your psychic told you that? lt's not just any old psychic.
He's the best that l've ever heard of.
Anyway, he said that skin cancer is highly curable if caught early.
Oh, that's so great.
A psychic with lnternet access.
Let me guess how much that call cost you, mother.
$1 9.
99 a minute? When you have a sick child, Cricket, money's not really the first thing on your mind.
You seem like a very capable doctor, Dr.
Can l trust that you caught my daughter's skin cancer early? - Um, well, Mrs.
Stevens - Oh, no.
Call me Robbie, hon.
No, Mom, don't call her ''hon.
'' Don't call Bailey ''hon.
'' [lzzie.]
You know, if you have questions, you can just ask me.
She's very busy and this thing l have lt's complicated, so l know it's complicated, lsobel.
l'm not a complete idiot.
Now, l saw this thing on Tyra's show There was this woman who had a mole on her private parts.
- [groans.]
- The dermatologist did not check 'cause she thought the gynie would've done it.
The gynie didn't do it Maybe she didn't even go to the gynie Anyway, it was bad.
She was bald and everything.
She did not have a mole on her private parts, did she? [snorts.]
No, ma'am.
No, she did not.
We need to take him in now.
GSWs to the abdomen, hematuria, vital signs are unstable.
Ma'am, he has major internal injuries.
We're rushing him to surgery now.
Wait! Maddy needs to tell her daddy she's sorry before he goes.
Baby, you need to tell your daddy you're sorry.
Maddy, people die in surgery.
You don't want your daddy to die without telling him how sorry you are.
Come on, let's go tell him we love him.
- You know? No.
- What? Maddy, stay right here, OK? - Dr.
Grey - No.
She will not go apologize to him.
You should be apologizing to her.
l understand you're a victim, but there's no room for you to be when your six-year-old is on the line.
She's stronger than you.
Your six-year-old is stronger than you.
At least she did something.
She stood up for the two of you, which is more than you did for her.
No, she won't apologize to him.
Thank you so much.
All right, l'll call you back.
Listen, l have great news.
l have a contact at Schuster and Werner.
More like Dirtbag and Felon.
They've agreed to pay your medical bills and to not sue you for trespassing if you sign a contract saying you won't sue them and you won't trespass on their properties ever again.
Do you know how many acres of forest they have single-handedly destroyed? How many ecosystems will never be restored? The bees are dying, Julie.
The temperature is rising! l'm sorry.
ls it possible l could have a moment alone with my sister? - [Julie.]
You'll sign this deal, Karen.
- My name is Willow! Can't say l'm sorry l never had siblings.
- They're yelling 'cause they care.
- That how it works? Yeah, it is, in some families.
lt is.
l expected them to yell, you know? l didn't expect silence.
Call them and claim temporary insanity.
You don't have to end it with Roller-girl.
Just say you did.
Yang said the same thing.
That's because it's none of their business.
There's no reason you should have to hurt this much.
[exhales deeply.]
l can see that you're angry with me, and maybe angry with your mother Don't do that.
l'm not your friend, and l'm not your family.
You don't get to call me into your office on personal business, and you don't get to speak to me this way right now.
lt's an abuse of power.
l'm a resident.
l work for you.
You have to speak to me like l'm a resident.
And for the record? Someone had to stand up for that girl.
l make no apologies for that.
You want to just be a resident? Fine.
All right then.
That woman is a victim of domestic violence.
This hospital is supposed to be a safe place for her to come tell her story.
As her doctors, it is our job to help her.
You did not do your job.
You further battered a battered woman.
- What about - Dr.
Grey! You will stay away from that child.
You will stay away from that family.
You will not come within 1 00 feet of them.
lf you do, you will be suspended from this hospital, pending re-evaluation of your emotional and mental fitness for residency.
The lVC and the aorta are nicked.
O'Malley, get in there with some clips.
Gonna need the angled vascular clamp.
Nothing's stopping.
Still bleeding out.
Don't move, Yang! Need some more suction in there.
- l know Webber is your friend.
- Not about Richard.
lt is.
lt is about him.
l have to deal with him on a professional basis every day.
l've tried to draw a line with him and he won't respect it.
He uses his relationship with you - Richard doesn't - Stop defending him.
Be on my side.
l need you to be on my side.
- OK.
- He's not your best friend.
He's not your Cristina.
Which is why l feel OK to say to you he is not invited to our wedding.
l swear, Derek, if he's there, l won't be.
l'm the bride, so l have to be.
So l'm begging you.
He's not invited.
OK? - OK.
- Thank you.
lf you don't make this deal, who's gonna pay your bills? Take care of you? They tried to kill me, just like they killed Kaili, just like they kill all those defenseless trees, all of the creatures that live in those trees.
You are not a defenseless tree-living creature.
You are an adult woman who made a decision to trespass.
lt was unbelievably stupid, naive, just unbelievably irresponsible.
- What about unbelievably brave? - Excuse me? Trees may not be my thing, but even if it was stupid, it was brave.
She slept in a 200-year-old tree and watched as a bulldozer knocked her off.
She was standing for what she believed.
You have to admit, she's brave.
How can trees not be your thing? - [beeping.]
- Karen? Karen? Damn it.
Pulse is weak.
Start her on O2.
- See if you can get a femoral pulse.
- [beeping.]
She's bleeding out.
We need her stabilized.
- What's happening to my sister? - Julie, you need to clear out.
- Get her out of here.
- [Julie.]
Karen? Karen? [Callie.]
Get her ready for transport and tell the OR we're on our way, now! Damn it.
Too many bleeders.
Hang another bag of O neg and get me some fibrin sealant.
- Can l help? - You are helping.
You've got more bleeders than you have hands.
- Sorry.
- No, that's it.
You get in there and take over.
- Yang, run to my truck! - What? Run to my truck.
lt's where l always park it.
Run fast.
ln the glove box, there's a green bag.
- Pull harder on that retractor.
- l am a surgeon l'm trying to save a life, Yang.
Run! [mumbling.]
Oh The Lovers card.
Do you know what this means? Yes.
Yes Mom, can you please shut up? Meat.
Definitely some kind of meat.
You're killing me, you know that? lt means the sex is hot.
l bet that little mole didn't get in the way, right? [lzzie.]
Honey, hey.
lsn't it time for my scan? lsn't it time for my scan right now? [Alex.]
l'll go check.
- See if l can get things moving.
- Thank you.
Tell me about Dr.
How long have you been together? Mom? lt's not just a mole.
l have stage lV melanoma.
lt's in my organs.
lt's not just a mole.
You don't have skin on your organs, hon.
Doesn't make a whole lotta sense.
Don't just sigh at me, lsobel.
Just, you know just explain.
OK, um You remember when Grammy had that tumor on her thyroid? Grammy died.
She died.
She Really soon after that, she died.
Why are you telling me You have a mole.
l don't understand You have a mole.
l'm sorry.
l'm sorry, that was a bad comparison.
What l have is nothing like what Grammy had.
- No.
No - OK.
l'm sorry.
l'm sorry.
Just breathe.
lt's OK.
l'm OK.
Just breathe.
OK? lt's OK.
lt's OK.
l'm OK.
Just breathe.
l've got a good feeling about this.
l think those mets are shrunk way down, and l think l'm gonna go right in and take the rest out.
Really? You think that? Did your psychic tell you so? This scan has to be good.
lt has to be good.
Listen, if it's not, it's not the end of the world.
There are other therapies She'll never leave.
lf this scan isn't good? lf l can't give her good news She won't leave.
l love my mom.
l don't mean to sound ungrateful l just lt was me.
l called her.
l really l thought it was Alex.
Or George.
lt was me.
Because l'd want to know if my kid was sick.
And if l was sick, l would want my mom.
l thought you were being too proud, or you were trying to protect her.
Now l get that you were trying to protect yourself.
She's not a bad person.
She was a great mom.
She's just limited.
She's limited.
This scan has to be good.
lt has to be good.
lt has to be good.
Hang more blood.
Come on, Willow.
Come on.
You lived in a tree.
You crapped in a bucket, for God's sake.
- You can do this.
- She crapped in a bucket? - What're you doing here? - Saw it on the board.
Never seen an intermedullary rod put into a femur.
So bucket? Yeah.
Bucket on a pulley.
She's up in the tree.
She lowers a crap bucket to her friend, every day, who empties it, cleans it, puts food in it and sends it back up.
- That's friendship.
- Yeah.
They teach us in med school how not to care so much.
We drape the patients, so we don't see faces.
We do a thousand things to care a little less.
But you care like crazy and l love that.
And l'll keep loving that, even if you decide to lie to your family.
Nice work, Yang.
Open the bag.
See the bottle with the blue label? Open it, pour it in a sterile basin and give it to O'Malley.
Shake it onto the wound.
Right over the bleeders.
A lot of it.
What is this stuff? Use it in the field all the time.
lt's not FDA-approved, but it's saved a lot of lives.
When you don't have time to stitch a guy up, pour some of this on, and it holds things till you get to an OR.
Look, it's locking up the wound.
Replicates the clotting process.
Not a permanent solution, but it buys us some time.
BP's going up.
He's stabilizing.
l think it's gonna be fine.
l think those mats are gonna be teeny tiny.
lt's, uh, ''mets,'' Mom.
- Mets.
Like baseball? - Yeah.
Like baseball.
Good news.
Great news.
The cancer's practically gone.
Looks like your psychic was right, Mrs.
Looks like we caught it early after all.
Oh, thank you, God.
Thank you! Oh, my baby.
Jesus, Mary and Joseph.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, thank you.
Mm! But l knew it.
Didn't l? l knew it.
l knew.
Because you're my Cricket.
Nothing can happen to you.
- l love you, Mom.
- Oh, l love you, too, my baby girl.
l love you so, so much.
God, look at me, l must be a mess.
l'm gonna go clean up.
And then, uh And then l'm gonna call Jade and Ms.
l got them all so worried.
[# Brett Dennen: So Far From Me.]
Just tell me.
The mets have shrunk some.
But there are new mets, too.
Several new mets.
ln the small bowel.
- No surgery, then.
- Oh, l'm gonna operate.
l'm gonna take out absolutely everything l can, be as aggressive as l can.
We'll take it from there.
- OK.
- OK.
You just have to give her room.
You two have history - l apologized.
- l know and it's loaded.
She keeps yelling at me that l'm not her father.
Well, l'm not.
l fell in love with her mother.
That's all l did.
Her mother never got over you, and she That's not my fault! l was young.
Lots of people have affairs.
They have affairs and they don't What Ellis did after l left, that's on Ellis.
And l'm trying to run a hospital here.
- She's doing the best she can.
- Her best isn't good enough.
lf any other resident pulled the crap she did today? She is still here because of my history with you.
That's it.
That's the only reason.
Keep saying you're not her father, but Since we're talking You're the most professional guy.
The most level-headed.
Except when it comes to Meredith.
You gave me hell.
You weren't gonna give me Chief because l was dating Meredith.
You told her about the ring, sent her to bring me back.
That's not running a hospital.
You paged her to try on dresses.
You paged her today for Thatcher.
You have history with her.
You keep saying you're not her father.
But the way you act, you consider her family.
For what it's worth.
- What happened? - Hunt is incredible.
The guy shouldn't be alive.
1 7 bullets? He has one lung, one kidney left - Dr.
Grey! - Meredith? l'm sorry for the way l spoke to you earlier.
- [Richard.]
Grey! - [Derek.]
l know l was out of line.
l know l can't possibly imagine what you've been through.
But l also know that this can not be your daughter's story.
That she shot her dad 1 7 times to protect her mom and you went back to him.
You have to change her story while you still have a chance.
For both of you.
But for her, for your little girl You have to change her story.
l'll pack my stuff.
She lost a lot of blood, but she's stable now.
They weighed the cost.
l'm sorry? They weighed the cost of killing her over letting her stay up there.
And then they got a bulldozer and knocked her out of a tree.
They knocked my baby sister out of a tree.
Jules? l'm here.
Hey, l'm here.
l filed a lawsuit, against Schuster and Werner, a ten million dollar lawsuit.
We're gonna make those bastards pay for this, you hear me? l'm gonna make them pay.
We can plant so many trees with ten million dollars.
And when we win? The check will be made out to Karen.
My tree girl made it through? l can't lie.
Even if they think l'm wrong, even if they don't understand, even if they think l'm crazy l'm me.
They're supposed to accept me.
They're supposed to support me.
They're supposed to love me, you know? l can't lie.
[Richard clears throat.]
ls this another heart to heart? l know you don't like me.
You have every right not to like me.
l have abused my power, but now l'm here on your turf.
What l need to say What l need to say is, l saw what your mother was doing.
l saw how neglected you were.
l saw her drive your father off.
l spent a lot of time beating myself up about that.
But what does that do for you? Nothing.
l wasn't your advocate.
l didn't fight for you.
l never stood up for you.
l let myself off the hook.
l told myself l was young and didn't know better.
But l did know better.
And l wasn't much younger than you are now.
l should've fought for you, Meredith, like you fought for that child today.
l told myself l wasn't your father, that it wasn't my responsibility, that l was right not to butt in.
l let myself off the hook.
[# All Thieves: Turn And Turn Again.]
You were helpless.
You were a baby.
A beautiful, smart, funny little girl.
And no one stood up for you.
l'm so sorry.
l'm so sorry.
l'm so sorry.
l'm so sorry.
As doctors, we can't undo our mistakes and we rarely forgive ourselves for them.
But it's a hazard of the trade.
But as human beings, we can always try to do better, to be better, to right a wrong, even when it feels irreversible.
You sure you don't want me to stay? l'm sure.
l'm OK.
l'll be OK.
lf you're not, you know where to find me.
l love you, Mom.
l love you so much.
But we do better loving each other from a distance.
You were always too good for that trailer park.
That l knew.
l might not know that much and l might not be quite as smart as you, but l always knew that.
Of course, ''I'm sorry'' doesn't always cut it.
Maybe because we use it so many different ways.
As a weapon, as an excuse Nice work today.
''Nice work today?'' Seriously? - l'm sorry? - ''Run to my truck?'' You got O'Malley clipping bleeders and you tell me to run to your truck? You know what my truck looks like.
O'Malley doesn't.
And that run saved a guy's life.
All day you were teaching O'Malley and ignored me.
O'Malley wants to be a trauma surgeon.
You declared cardio.
l didn't do anything wrong today.
l treated you like l would anyone else.
l am not like anyone else.
''Take care now?'' What is that? What, are you, like, happy now? What are you? Just a ''choke 'em and forget 'em'' kind of guy? ''Hey there, now.
Take care, now.
Nice work, Yang.
'' What is this? My shrink gave me these sentences.
We came up with them together.
They're three-word sentences, so l'd have something to say instead of the three words that are that are killing me.
The three words that you know l feel, but l can't say them, because it would be cruel to say them, because l am no good for you.
l don't want to torture you.
l don't want to look at you longingly when l know l can't be with you.
So l'm smiling, and l'm saying, ''Take care, now.
'' l'm letting you off the hook.
l'm trying so hard to let you off the hook.
l'm trying to make it right what l did to you.
Can't you see that? l'm trying to make it right.
Take care, now.
But when we are really sorry When we use it right? When we mean it? We're leaving.
For good, we're leaving.
As l understand, you'll be too weak to follow us soon, so l'm sure you won't be able to follow us later.
So We're here to say goodbye.
Say goodbye to Daddy.
This is the last you'll be seeing of him.
Bye, Daddy.
Feel better.
- Bye, Dr.
- Bye, Maddy.
[# The Hard Lessons: Wedding Ring.]
When our actions say what words never can [Mark.]
Sorry l'm late.
Um Dad, this is Mark Sloan.
Mark Sloan.
- He's my - Teacher? [laughs.]
He's my He's Mark.
Nice to meet you, Mr.
l'm So nice to meet you.
Vice versa.
Please, grab a chair.
lt tastes like shrimp.
Alex But listen, the shrimp kinda tastes sweet and spicy.
Like our first date.
The good part.
The part before l didn't kiss you on the porch.
The chicken tastes like a drive to the beach with the windows down and the dog hanging out.
Like when you're a kid.
Salty Tastes good.
But l vote for the shrimp, if we have to choose.
There's one more.
OK, yeah, that tastes like crap.
OK, the OR's prepped and ready.
How about you? Yeah, l'm ready.
- Now l taste like crap.
- [laughs.]
When we get it right, ''I'm sorry'' is perfect.
We have to move the wedding up for lzzie.
She's OK.
Packing up your mom's journals? Yeah, there's nothing in these for me.
l keep thinking l don't want to throw them away.
So l was gonna give them to the chief.
And he can come to the wedding.
lf you want.
He can come.
When we get it right, ''I'm sorry'' is redemption.

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