Grey's Anatomy s06e11 Episode Script


- [Derek.]
Previously on Grey's Anatomy: - [Mark.]
I have an 18-year-old daughter.
I'm having a baby and I don't have anywhere else to go.
Bailey, have you seen the chief? There's something wrong with his emergency chole patient.
You may have accidentally clipped the common bile duct.
That's one of the most serious mistakes a general surgeon can make.
Have you told anyone what you saw? Have you told Derek? No.
I have loved you forever.
I'm in love with Cristina.
[Film projector running.]
We assume the really serious changes in our lives happen slowly, over time.
But it's not true.
The big stuff happens in an instant.
- You're up early.
- Yeah.
I want to get some stuff done so I can meet the chief this afternoon.
He's gonna show me another old surgery tape.
Again? It's every night this week.
I thought last night was the last one.
He got held up.
He couldn't make it.
I went by his office on my way out.
He was sound asleep on his couch.
Aah Which is why he couldn't make it.
I think maybe he just doesn't sleep well at home, with Adele gone.
I need something from you.
- That, too.
- Mmm.
I need you to give Sloan an ultrasound today.
It's been almost three weeks.
Can't someone from OB do it? Yeah, but she likes you.
All the Sloans do.
[Mark chuckles.]
Hey, do we have any more? Oh! Ew! - Sloan! - Whoa! [Meredith.]
Becoming an adult.
Becoming a parent.
Becoming a doctor.
One minute you're not, and the next - Sloan? you are.
- Sorry about that.
- Whatever.
There's no more cereal.
Why are you sorry? She's the one who didn't knock before she came in.
I'll get some cereal this afternoon.
How about some juice? Lexie's gonna give you an ultrasound today.
Why don't you pick up some breakfast at the hospital.
It's gonna be more.
- You need some for lunch, too? - Yeah.
- I'm gonna shower.
- Can you hold on a minute? I'm probably gonna have to hurl this.
Sloan Sloan monopolizing your bathroom again? - Yeah.
Yours? - Owen's in mine.
Oh, God! - They're in there.
- You should knock first.
I'm late.
My hair is dirty.
And he just gave her 80 bucks for a muffin and a sandwich.
- That's quite a sandwich.
- She's gonna spend it on jeans that show off her butt crack, and then ask me for half my pasta salad.
- You sound like my mother.
- Knock much? I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
There's no more hot water.
Ask any doctor, and they can point to the one moment they became a physician.
It usually isn't med school graduation day.
Yang, you're going solo today.
- Been there.
- Cardio solo.
- Whatever it is - Valve replacement.
nobody forgets it.
- Porcine or? Mechanical.
I can try out the sub-annular stitches? I didn't teach it to you so you could crochet.
Thank you! Oh, my God! - What? What? - Altman's letting her go solo - on a valve.
- Wow! - Feel ready? - [Meredith.]
She's ready.
- She just needs to breathe.
- I am breathing.
I am a living, breathing cardiothoracic surgeon, as of right now.
I have to go prep.
Sometimes, you don't even know anything's changed.
You think you're still you and your life is still your life but you wake up one day and look around, and you don't recognize anything.
Not anything at all.
Hey, do you have any cash? I lost the headset to my phone.
How about you hold the phone up to your ear? You were the one bitching at me last night for being on the phone so late.
Maybe if I had a headset, I wouldn't have to talk so loud.
Maybe if you had your own apartment, you could talk whenever you want, but we're all making compromises.
Here's the head.
- It looks like an alien.
- It's gonna be a very cute alien.
Boy alien or girl? Dude, does it have a thing or not? I'm not looking at the sex, I'm I don't Yeah.
I'm new at this.
I'm not very good.
So why don't we go upstairs.
There's a better machine upstairs.
Maybe we'll have someone else take a look.
Adamson with me, Meredith with Bailey, Karev with Torres.
- Tom Kates is in this ambulance.
- The quarterback? - Yeah.
- See photographers, call security.
Tell your interns no autographs, no pictures.
I see anyone pull out a camera phone, it's going in the toilet.
- The three of us on one patient? - Come on.
He's a high-profile patient, he gets a lot of attention.
I thought we agreed to stop meeting like this.
What can I say, man, I missed your smiling face.
- Good to see you.
- Head trauma, but GCS 15 since regaining consciousness.
He got high-lowed by a couple of linebackers, dropped like a rock.
Get X-ray in here for a trauma series.
Tenderness in the left upper quadrant.
- I'm gonna need a CT.
- Got it.
There's pain and crepitance in the knee.
Get an X-ray of the left knee with the trauma series.
I saw that hit.
That was a bad hit.
I knew it the minute I saw it.
I knew before you even hit the ground.
That was bad.
Hi, sweetheart.
And that's my boy! - He's very cute.
- Dr.
Shepherd? He's gonna be fine.
He'll be fine.
I can't have you in here with the baby.
- Littlest high five in the world.
- [Bailey.]
We'll come and find you - the second we know what's going on.
- I love you, babe.
Don't give him too much morphine.
It makes him goofy.
- How great is that kid? - He's pretty great.
- Did you tell Sloan to move out? - No.
- Not that it's a bad idea.
- You're making her feel like crap.
She said you wouldn't even be alone in a room with her.
- No - Why do I have to chaperone - the ultrasound? - There's something wrong with the baby.
- See, right there, on the left thigh? - Yeah.
On his other ankle, too.
- Wait, it's a boy? - I hadn't gotten that far.
There's a lot of swelling on the right foot.
It's very constricted.
- What the hell are you talking about? - The baby's got strands of amniotic tissue wrapped around his legs.
They're called amniotic bands.
There's a danger of them compromising one of his limbs.
So, what, one of his legs is gonna, like, fall off? - That's the worst-case scenario.
- He's gonna have stumps? We don't know what we're dealing with yet, and whatever it is, we're gonna take care of it.
I can't have a stumpy baby.
Can't you fix it? - Um, I don't know.
- [Mark.]
I have an idea.
How about we don't answer any patient questions with the phrase, "Um, I don't know.
" We're gonna fix it.
Let's get a fetal MRI.
- I'm not sure - I wasn't talking to you.
You're done.
I'll be right back.
Get me Addison Montgomery.
I adore you.
I was in the middle of breakfast.
She had an MRI.
Right's worse than the left.
- I just need to say it once.
- Go ahead.
- Grandpa, grandpa, grandpa.
- OK, that was four times.
- Is it out of your system? - I don't know.
Look at that, he thinks he's got an opening behind Martin, then - Back that up again.
- I would never ask for an autograph.
But if he signed a consent form and there's a copy lying around - [Bailey.]
Torres! - [Callie.]
What? - Look who's here! - You get lost on the freeway? - What are you doing here? - Sloan's got a little something - going on with the baby.
- She OK? - We'll figure it out.
- I'm gonna go see if they're ready.
You know how long I've been waiting? You pull his blood out with leeches? - Ooh - [Callie laughs.]
- She's perkier than usual.
- Divorce'll do that to you.
- Sad.
- She'll move on and be happy.
- She needs somebody to move on to.
- That can't be so hard.
Hey, wait.
What about you? Can't you find her someone? That guy from Oncology, the cute one.
Isn't he still here? - That's not my area.
- He used to play basketball with him.
- Dave.
- Torres should do it.
They're friends.
- She thinks I'm loopy.
- You are loopy.
Come on.
It's Bailey.
She's lonely.
He needs a transfusion.
That splenic lac is bleeding more than I thought.
Take a look at his CTs and come up with a game plan.
All set.
- Ah.
- I'm coming with you.
You know Dave from Oncology? He's single.
You wouldn't be starting a conversation about my personal life, would you? Bad idea? He's handsome.
- Bad idea! - OK.
I tried.
Hi, Ruthie.
This is Dr.
She'll be performing your surgery today.
She's the best of the best.
You're gonna like her.
- Oh, good! I am so glad to meet you! - Hi.
I have a couple things I want to discuss.
- Of course, of course.
- I have allergies.
I know they write them in the chart, but I find if you don't tell everyone, it kind of gets lost in the shuffle.
- Yeah.
- Aspirin, ibuprofen, bananas, zucchini, all forms of squash.
Pumpkin is a squash.
People forget that.
Latex, dust mites.
I asked the nurse with the red hair for a new pillow.
I would also love to get a new nurse, because I think the redhead brought back the old pillow with a new case and it's making me sneezy.
I was supposed to get a mechanical valve, but I've been thinking about the clicking noise they say the mechanical valve makes [clicks.]
That would be irritating.
Don't you think that might make you nuts? I'm sorry, but a different valve is a whole different procedure.
Yes, but I think the pig is a better idea, the pig valve.
It's organic.
They say they're very clean.
All that business about, "You're such a pig," that's just bad marketing.
And this blanket, this has a smell.
Like I'm not saying it's not clean.
It's like a chemical of some kind.
It's chafing and causing Can you see my rash? [Addison.]
As the legs continue to grow, the bands will cut off his circulation.
If we wait, we risk severe damage to the left leg, possible loss of the right entirely.
But if we operate, 22 weeks, it's still risky.
If you don't operate, you're not gonna kill the baby.
We can rehabilitate the remaining part of his leg after he's born, and we can fit him with a prosthesis.
It's possible that he'll walk.
- Oh, my God! - Honey, we've got options here.
If we operate, Dr.
Montgomery can remove the bands.
He'll be just fine.
Or we can wait a few weeks till he's bigger and stronger and we know the surgery's less risky.
Which one of you did he sleep with? Oh, not me.
- You told her? - She's my kid.
We were bonding.
That's not how you bond with children! - I'm still getting the hang of it.
- You're sure he didn't, like, knock you up and leave you with a child to raise on your own or something? You're not really pissed and trying to get revenge? No! No.
It was a long time ago, OK? The fact is, Mark, your father, is a good guy.
And I think you're a good kid.
I'm gonna do everything I can to help you with your baby.
Well, let's get these things off his legs right now.
I'll book an OR.
Stupid quarterback only has a concussion.
- Tragic.
- I know.
I'm on his ortho stuff.
There's bound to be a surgery in there.
- You wanna share? - Why would I do that? - 'Cause you like me.
- Not that much.
Sure you do.
Come on.
Let me scrub in and I'll take you out for drinks afterwards and You know.
Really? OK.
- What? - "Let me take you out for drinks and you know.
" What's "you know"? - Whatever.
- It's sex.
Charlie, get over it.
You're trading sex for surgery.
That's prostitution.
Is that the part I'm supposed to get over? - Are you calling me a whore? - Explain what "you know" means.
I'm messing with him.
Karev knows it, and I know it.
- He's gonna want to collect.
- Charlie, go find something else to worry about.
Bailey, this is Dr.
Stanton from Radiology.
Rob, Miranda.
Rob was looking over Tom's CT, and I thought he should talk to you.
- OK.
- Rob's new here.
I thought you might give him a tour of the hospital while you discuss the CT.
Excuse me.
What are you doing? You spent Christmas with me and Meredith.
That can't be what you want.
True, but I do have a patient that I have to do a follow-up on right now.
- I don't have time to - I can do it.
Have fun.
Take care.
Have a good tour.
- You want to show me the scan? - How about we look at it over lunch? I'm in the middle of a divorce.
People call me The Nazi, and it's not because of my ice-blue eyes.
I spend 12 hours a day carving people up and I like it.
I have a child.
And I have no room for casual anything.
I'm angry all the time and deeply confused, because a lot of people in my life have let me down recently, and one of them was me.
It's devastating, but not completely because it turns out I like sleeping crosswise in the bed and not having to shave my legs.
My three year old used to be potty trained, and now he isn't because his father no longer lives with us and his world no longer makes sense and the only thing he thinks he can control is his bladder, so he urinates in a lot of places you wish he wouldn't urinate.
You want lunch or you wanna show me the scan? [Clears throat.]
Morris, I'm Dr.
I'll be filling in for Dr.
Bailey today.
- You're here for a follow-up? - Yeah.
I had my gallbladder out a couple months ago.
Months? You're still getting follow-ups? - I am.
Once a week.
- Once a week? Yeah.
B says she just wants to make sure I'm in tiptop shape.
- Dr.
Webber did your surgery? - Yeah, chief of surgery.
Fancy, huh? You guys are the best.
People say a lot of crap about health care, but they've never been here.
- You take care of people.
- We certainly do.
B was all worried 'cause I turned yellow after my first surgery.
See? But it went away.
I'm fine now.
You want to look at my scar or wait till after I pee in the cup? Dr.
Altman, the patient is no longer interested in the mechanical valve.
I couldn't give you a total unadulterated dream case.
- People would talk.
- I just spent hours prepping for the mechanical.
A pig valve is a whole different surgery! Two for the price of one.
Think about how much you're learning.
You want me to get someone else? No.
It's a concussion, no worse than you've seen before.
Nothing we need to go in and fix.
Initially, we thought the injury to your spleen would resolve itself, but it's bleeding too much.
Bailey needs to remove it as soon as possible.
The surgery is gonna have you out for a couple weeks.
But you'll be back in the game for next season.
- Tom? - [Gasping.]
I can't I can't breathe! - Get some oxygen! - I can't breathe! Get a crash cart! Tom Let's get an EKG just in case.
Tom, have you had a panic attack before? I'm fine.
It's just, uh - It's nothing.
- [Woman.]
There's Daddy! - How's my guy? - He's fine.
How's my guy? - [Derek.]
He was - Brain's OK.
But they gotta cut my belly open.
- I can't play till next season.
- Honey Don't worry, next season will be here before you know it.
- What's the deal with you and Reed? - Nothing.
You're not trading her surgery for sex? - Give me a break.
- Because if you are, it's gross.
If I sleep with her, it's 'cause I want to.
You look me in the eye and tell me Derek never threw a craniotomy your way after the two of you spent an hour in the on-call room? Please.
I know it may not feel like it, but you are still married.
And lzzie You know what? I'm done worrying about lzzie.
She sure as hell ain't worried about me.
This is the old Alex.
Sleeping with some random person because you're angry and hurt.
- That's what you always did.
- Then we grew up and got married.
Turns out your stupid Post-it is ten times the marriage my church wedding ever got me.
I'm moving on.
Tom Kates is having panic attacks? Yeah, I don't know why.
He's not talking.
I took care of your chole patient.
It's all good.
- Thanks.
- He's getting high-class care.
Six visits with a surgeon? A nurse practitioner can do this.
I like to do after-care myself.
He wasn't even your patient.
He was the chief's.
There was an error.
- He's fine.
- So why all the? I have a thing for him, OK? - Sheldon Morris? - He caught my eye.
Sheldon has a quality that I'm drawn to.
I I can't put my finger on what it is exactly.
Want to keep his picture? [Derek scoffs.]
Do you know what my sister had for lunch today? Pork chops.
I watched her eat.
I didn't feel any kinship.
With the pig.
I think the pig valve may be the wrong choice.
You feel more kinship with cows? - I don't know.
- Mrs.
Carlin, we've prepared the porcine valve replacement.
A bovine replacement is a whole different surgery.
Like the mechanical valve was a whole different surgery.
Do you think it's possible I could see the valves? The pig and the cow? Maybe then I could recognize one as more familiar.
We don't do that.
We don't march the parts around the hospital.
Maybe we should call this off.
Can I do that? - If you're not comfortable - No, no, no.
I mean, I can get the valves.
And I'll bring them here.
OK? Oh You're so wonderful! - You really are.
- Great.
- She's so wonderful.
- She is.
Richard, Tom Kates needs a splenectomy.
Any chance I can get you to do the procedure? Well, I asked Bailey to take over my service.
With the merger and all It's a high-profile patient.
I thought you could make an exception.
- You must have extras lying around.
- We don't.
You never drop one? Open up the box and see that the pig has a cholesterol problem? - Let me check in the back.
- OK.
She thinks maybe one of them will speak to her.
- It's ringing.
- I'm prepping for three different surgeries in one day, chasing animal parts all over the hospital.
Teddy thinks it's hysterical, but this may actually kill me.
Maybe one of them will speak to her.
There're pros and cons for each.
At the end of the day, it's a gut thing.
Pig or cow.
It's not a gut thing.
It's a decision based on fact and reason.
Hey! Where are my parts? Lzzie, it's me.
I know you want space, but you can't have space, because Alex might be moving on.
Come back and work in the clinic! You're throwing your career away! - Cristina - She got fired from surgery, - not all medicine.
- Ignore her.
Just call me back.
That wasn't so difficult, was it? OK.
Got the first band.
Let's move down so I can take a look at the second.
[Machine humming.]
- [Lexie.]
Like that? - Good.
Why can't I grab his leg? - Problem? - No, it's just that one of the bands is holding the leg in place.
It's a little difficult to get around.
Can you move the ultrasound up here? - Oh, come on.
- What's the matter? Her uterine arteries are engorged.
But the only way in is in between them.
OK, I'm gonna need another trocar.
Hold this? You sure you have enough room? Those arteries are huge.
That's why I'm gonna be very, very careful.
What happens if you nick them? Dr.
Grey? She could bleed out.
They both could.
- I don't like it.
It's too dangerous.
- Mark, I've assessed the risk factors.
I'm 95 percent confident I can get around the arteries.
- I'm choosing to continue my surgery.
- I don't like the other five percent.
You hit any one of those, she bleeds out right on this table.
Look, you're nervous, I get that.
I'm a surgeon, and I'm looking at a time bomb in a uterus.
Shut it down! Now, Addison! Let's close her up.
[Indistinct chattering.]
- Good to go? - [Bailey.]
You baby-sitting? 'Cause I'm new at this.
- Where's the chief? - I don't know.
Check his office.
- He said he was gonna do this surgery.
- [Bailey.]
Told me he didn't have time and asked if I would do it, which I was planning on in the first place.
- So I said yes.
- He said something about a budget meeting.
I think he's pretty swamped.
If he's got time to watch old surgical films with you, he's not swamped.
What the hell is going on? The chole patient, your boyfriend, it was the chief's mistake.
He hasn't touched a patient since then.
- He's been busy with the merger.
- I've heard that story before.
What is going on? It is not my job to get involved in his personal life.
Just like it's not your job to get involved in mine.
Ten blade.
I made a judgment call, you didn't like it, I'm sorry.
You threw me on a plane in the middle of my morning coffee - because you wanted my judgment.
- It was risky.
That's not your call to make in my OR! You acted like a father.
Why do you think they don't let parents in the room during an operation? I'm not her father, Addison.
Biologically, yes, but I just met the kid.
I'm helping out.
You reacted like a parent.
Now, I don't know when, I don't know how, but at some point, you became a dad to that little urchin, because you just lost it in my OR, and Mark Sloan never loses it in the OR, not ever.
Yes, it was risky.
And yes, most surgeons would have jumped ship at the sight of the engorged arteries.
But I am not most surgeons.
And neither are you.
- [Inhales deeply.]
- We can try this again.
With you in the waiting room.
It's too risky.
She's just a kid.
Well, have Morrison monitor the bands as the baby grows.
It might be OK.
I gotta go.
I have patients at home.
You're a parent.
[Exhales sharply.]
- Neither one is speaking to me.
- For God's - Are they speaking to you? - They aren't.
If I put your own valve in front of you, it wouldn't speak to you either.
I have a cousin.
His wife is a cardiologist.
I should call her.
No, no, no! No more calls.
This is about you and your heart.
You need to use your instinct and make a decision.
Right now.
- Pig or cow.
- But I Pig or cow.
Pig or cow! Don't think! Just pig or cow! Go! Now! Pig! No.
Cow! Pig! Pig! Pig.
Procedure went well.
You're gonna be back on your feet in no time.
You're scared to play.
You thought you were done.
And when I said you'd be back in the game next season, you panicked.
Um I used to be able to block out the fear, but ever since Des was born, I'm on the field, my heart starts racing.
I can't catch my breath.
I look at the guys who played their whole careers, hit so many times they can barely remember their own names.
I'm scared he's gonna grow up without a dad.
- I'm scared all the time.
- It's a natural reaction.
You're a father.
- Why don't you retire? - Come on.
Two years into a pro career? I can't.
I know I'm not a soldier in Iraq or a rocket scientist or any kind of real hero.
I know I'm just some big, dumb jock.
But I'm a big, dumb jock the entire city roots for.
Guys on the street.
I can't let them down.
This is the tradeoff.
- I get hit.
- Mmm Some guys can't even feed their families, you know? Some guys are soldiers in Iraq.
They get shot at.
So I'm not complaining.
I'm just I'm scared of the hits.
I wanna be able to remember who my kid is.
No more bubbles.
Pressures are good.
Let's come off.
I told Torres she had to let you scrub in if she was cutting.
- Cool! - Book an on-call room.
What? What happened to drinks first? It's kind of a waste of time, right? Cut to the chase.
Hey, Reed.
- Do you know lzzie Stevens? - Grey.
I met her before she got fired.
You know she's Alex's wife.
And she's not here right now, - but they're still married.
- Meredith, shut up! No.
Some people think you're divorced, and you're not.
How about you shut up long enough to watch your friend tank her valve.
- How? What? - [Steve.]
She's tachycardic.
Take this.
Laps, I need more laps.
Someone get me a sponge stick.
- [Monitor beeping.]
- [Cristina.]
Um I'm having difficulty locating the bleeder.
- Dr.
Altman? - Keep looking.
BP's dropping! How come Altman's not doing anything? Suction! More suction.
[Indistinct chattering.]
Knee looks like crap, but that's been true for a long time.
He should be able to play through the pain.
What if he can't? What about a knee replacement? Right now.
He needs to stop.
How about we make it so it's not his idea? - Systolic's down to 80! - I could suture directly or clamp.
- I don't know which to do.
- I don't know either.
My guess is if you came and looked at it, - you'd have a better idea.
- I'm sure that's true, - but I'm not the one operating.
- [Steve.]
This is a lot of blood.
- She's crashing! - You're over-thinking it.
- Dr.
Yang? - Look at the aorta.
- What does it tell you? - I have two options - and I don't know which one to do! - [Reed.]
This is crazy.
- Why isn't she helping her? - How's it going? Yang's killing her patient and Altman's reading The Atlantic Monthly.
If I suture, it might not hold.
If I clamp, it could rupture.
- BP's tanking.
- What the hell are you doing? - I'm teaching.
She's learning.
- [Owen.]
She needs help.
She may be too proud to say it, but how about we don't let this patient die - and give her a hand anyhow? - She asked, she's not that proud.
And I said no.
This patient is not going to die.
- She's going to save the patient.
- Pig or cow.
If you sit on your hands because you're angry - Get over yourself.
- [Owen.]
That patient Dr.
Hunt, you are blowing my concentration! Get out of my OR! Pig or cow, pig or cow, pig or cow Pig! Clamp.
Three-oh wool pledget.
Torres and I think your knee needs replacing.
That's been true since college.
There's just too much degeneration.
The joint is completely shot.
You need a unicondylar repair or you may lose the ability to walk.
Knee replacement'll take me out of the game.
- OK, it's coming up.
- [Film projector running.]
Look, right there! Look at that.
That's the minute we knew your mother was different.
That other hand holding the retractor? That's Garber.
He was the chief of surgery back then.
No one could believe it.
She walked in that room a resident, and walked out a legend.
Derek was worried when you didn't show up for the Tom Kates surgery.
Derek worries.
It makes him a good guy.
Look, look, look.
If Dr.
Montgomery had hit it during the procedure It's dangerous.
What about that band that's squeezing his thigh? - He's not gonna have a knee? - Sloan, you could have died.
- I can't have a gimpy kid.
- I know I haven't been your father for long, but if you say "gimp" one more time, I'm gonna smack you.
You don't get it.
He needs legs! OK? He doesn't have a dad! He's got a stupid, slutty mom! Don't you see? I've already hurt him enough by giving him me as a mother.
- He needs feet! - Sloan I don't know how to take care of any baby.
OK? I can't have one that's hurt.
I can't handle it.
My mom doesn't even talk to me.
I'm doing this alone.
You're not stupid.
And you're not slutty.
The Sloans are a passionate people.
You dragged yourself across the country so you could get help taking care of this baby.
That's not being stupid.
That's being a mom.
I'm not gonna let anything happen to you.
Or the baby.
Go to LA.
Addison said 95 percent.
That's not that bad.
Let her do the surgery.
Looks like we're going to LA.
You're not gonna do this alone.
After the baby's born.
Live with me and Lexie.
Raise the baby with us.
I don't know anything about being a dad, you don't know about being a mom.
Maybe we could figure it all out together.
- Really? - Yeah.
OK! [Monitor beeping.]
Drill, please.
Are you sure there's nothing I can do to help? Uh, no.
So I'm not gonna get to do anything in this surgery? - Not worth what you paid for it? - [Reed.]
Shut up.
You guys are worked up about how none of you get to operate anymore, but you know what? At some point, you'll log enough hours with a scalpel.
At some point, you'll be surgeons.
And one day, you'll look up and realize there's more in the world than cutting.
Tom Kates' career is ending.
That is what's happening in this room.
So could you, for one second, think about something other than yourselves? Bone saw.
I can't believe I'm taking out the best quarterback Seattle's ever seen.
You're not.
He was out of the game a long time ago.
I would have stepped in.
I would not have let that patient get hurt.
- I know that.
- She needs to be pushed.
She's like a racehorse.
You need to push her.
- Otherwise, she's gonna lose her mind.
- I know, Teddy.
So nothing else was going on in that room? Owen [sighs heavily.]
You ready to pay up? That was the lamest assist in history.
- Hardly worth - Oh Oh A deal's a deal.
Look, there might have been a little misunderstanding about what "you know" means.
I don't trade surgery for sex.
If you want sex, ask for it.
If you want surgery, go kiss an attending's ass, not mine.
Hey, hey, hey! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Hey, this is illegal and immoral and you two should be ashamed of yourselves.
Charlie, go to hell! [Scoffs.]
How am I the bad guy here? [Mark.]
I should have asked you first, but I was so excited, and I was so sure it was the right thing.
And you know why? 'Cause of you.
Since you, I know, for the first time in my life, - what the right thing is.
- I'm happy for you.
I really am.
Something happened today.
You became a dad.
A real one.
And Sloan, against all odds, became a mom.
But I didn't.
I was barely ready to move in with you, never mind your daughter and a grandbaby.
I just I don't want this.
You wanted to give your liver to your dad.
This is what you do for family, right? I understand why you're doing it.
I just don't understand why I'm doing it.
I think you're doing it for me.
Don't make me out to be the selfish one.
You don't get to unilaterally decide to let a teenager and her infant move into our house.
We'll get a bigger place.
She needs us.
Lexie, I thought I missed this.
This is a chance for me.
Don't make me choose between you and her.
Why? 'Cause you'll choose her? Yeah.
I'll choose her.
I think our relationship just ended.
Something's going on with the chief, I can't figure it out.
I think he's scared to operate.
Is that possible? You don't know or you're not gonna tell me? Did you see that? I'm holding the heart, I feel it almost starting to fibrillate in my hand! I mean, piss-poor aortic tissue, possibly irreparable, and then bam! Sutures hold, and it comes back! I mean, please, I don't wanna see the face.
I don't want to hear what you have to say.
I was fine! I was on fire! I was learning! I felt alive for the first time in I don't know how long, Owen.
- It was like I had air in my lungs.
- She's leaving Seattle.
It's just not gonna work for her.
When I lost my nerve the chief helped me.
It's nothing.
If it's nothing, find a way to look me in the eye.
- What are you doing in here? - Moving in.
No, no, no.
I'm sick of living in a damn trailer.
Go live in lzzie's old room.
You go, she's your wife.
I thought you were shacking up with what's-his-face.
I'm not.
The Post-it didn't say anything about lying.
I didn't think it needed it.
I'm not lying.
You don't need to know every thought in my head.
- I have relationships that don't - What are you doing? [Lexie.]
I'm too young to be a grandmother.
I'm just supposed to be working like a dog and then come home and do stupid things like Bungee jumping.
Or Jell-O shots.
I don't even know what people my own age do anymore.
I know something stupid you can do.
Hmm [Meredith.]
You never forget the moment you become a doctor.
I don't know why I I keep telling myself there's no problem.
But if there's no problem, why can't I just say it? A switch flips.
Suddenly, you're not playing dress-up anymore.
You own the white coat.
Altman, wait.
What do you want? More money? - I'll talk to the chief.
- No.
They can set up a new cardio unit with a research lab - or you can work with vets.
- It isn't about that.
Wait, wait, wait.
No one's ever believed in me like this.
You believe in me more than I do.
And I need that.
- I'm gonna die here without that.
- Cristina, it's complicated.
- Tell me what you want - I want Owen! Take him! [Meredith.]
What you may not notice is the moment that being a doctor changes you.
He's drinking again.

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