Grey's Anatomy s07e09 Episode Script

Slow Night, So Long

We doctors take pride in the fact that we can basically sleep standing up [pop music plays.]
anytime, anywhere.
- Jackson.
- [Screaming.]
- Stop! - [Screaming.]
Stop! Hey, hey, Jackson! - What? - Stop.
I'm sorry.
- But you need to take something.
- Where's Charles? Charles! Where's Charles? Hey.
Hey, hey! Stop.
It's Lexie.
Wake up.
[Music continues.]
- It's time for work.
- Yeah, just about.
But it's a false pride because the truth is after about 20 hours without sleep you might as well just come to work drunk, doctor or not.
So it's no wonder that fatal medical errors increase at night, when we doctors are, - proudly, sleeping on our feet.
- [Alarm beeping.]
Recently, our communal pride has been shattered and our egos have been wounded by new laws Hey.
that require that we sleep all day before we work all night.
Oh! Dr.
Shepherd! There's French toast and coffee if you want breakfast.
- It's 6pm.
- Right.
Uh Bacon for your dinner? Thank you, no.
We're not happy about it.
But as someone who may one day need medical care, you really should be.
It's Night of the Living Dead out there.
I'm still sleeping.
A whole day happened while you were sleeping.
Let's see, I did three aneurysm surgeries, I consulted on a massive spinal tumor, that was neat.
Got the Phillips grant, and oh, by the way, the, uh, soup of the day in the cafeteria was potato-leek soup.
- You got the grant? - Yeah, I got the grant.
- You got the Alzheimer's grant? - [Laughs.]
Yeah, I got it! [Laughs.]
I am late for work.
Gotta love the night shift.
- Proud of you.
- Thank you.
- Nice face.
- At least I can do surgery.
- How's that hand? - It would be better - if you hadn't run your face into it.
- [Chuckles.]
So he beats the hell out of you and now you're laughing about it? - Eh, some of us can move on.
- You're sitting on my coat.
And some of us can't.
Did you just yawn? Was that a yawn? Don't tell us you're tired after getting to sleep all day.
- It's not as easy as it sounds.
- [Bailey.]
Not easy? Not When I was a resident, I actually worked for a living.
I did every other night call for five years.
There were days I didn't go home for 72 hours.
I loved it.
As you trudged through the snow while you whittled your own scalpels.
- [Snickering.]
- [Stark.]
Sorry, I didn't quite catch that, Karev.
Uh, Karev, I need you to follow up on my post-ops, and here, take this research, divide out all the fistula cases.
Avery and Little Grey, Hunt is waiting for you in the pit.
All right.
Try not to screw up our patients.
Good night.
- And good luck.
- [Mark.]
We'll be over at the bar.
- Try not to need us.
- Dr.
Shepherd's wife.
- You're with me tonight.
- [Meredith.]
I heard you're good.
Listen, I'm late for dinner.
So, um, I made a list of my patients, their protocols.
Basically, everybody's stable.
Just try and keep them that way.
And if I need to get in touch with you, sir? - You won't.
'Cause you're good.
- [Elevator dings.]
Nice to meet you.
Everybody else is stable.
Watch ICU bed 12, he may need to be intubated.
And call me if there are any major traumas.
Avery? - How you feeling? - What, my hand? It's fine.
- Just a little bruised.
- I'm not talking about your hand.
Trauma demands a cool head.
If you're not up to this No, I'm good.
Karev and I are cool, that's, uh over.
- Out of my system.
- [Owen.]
You don't have to prove anything here.
- If you need a couple shifts off - I said I'm good, sir.
All right.
I'm I'm not asking you to talk to me.
I'm telling you, talk to someone.
You got me? Have a good night, sir.
[Indistinct chatter, laughter.]
There's the man of the hour.
- Thank you very much.
Thank you.
- [Cheering.]
First round is on me Um, guys [rock music plays.]
- There.
- [Bartender.]
No, try again.
You need to tilt the glass like I said.
Tilt - [Cristina.]
I'm tilting it! - [Bartender.]
I know - Let me try again, OK? - All right.
Why are you behind the bar? Uh, Owen told me to get a job.
So I'm working.
What's everyone drinking? - [Laughter.]
- [Glasses clinking.]
She sat on the sofa for three days straight watching infomercials and eating cereal out of the box.
So yeah, I told her to get a job.
But you didn't specify what kind? [Owen.]
I thought she'd go to a lab - or the morgue.
I didn't expect this.
- Tell her you changed your mind.
Tell her she can be a housewife for all you care.
[Callie laughs.]
I think that the only thing she'd be worse at than bartending - is housewife-ing.
- What's so bad about bartending? - She's not dancing on a pole.
- I give this one night.
And this Cristina Yang of Beverly Hills? She does not enjoy serving people.
All right! I call this the Early Onset Alzheimer's.
Because you won't remember anything after you drink it.
Mm! To Shepherd and his genius brain crap.
- To Shepherd! - To Shepherd! [Coughs.]
Oh! Oh, my God, this is strong.
- [Coughing.]
- Ugh! - Yeah, I'm gonna need a Scotch.
- Make it two.
- Babies.
- [Derek.]
Early Onset Alzheimer's? You don't think that's a little distasteful? - I think it's delicious.
- Cristina - Um, you want a beer? - No, I'm on call.
I want to talk.
A bachelor party just came in.
Uh We'll talk later.
[Men chattering.]
- [Cristina.]
Hi! - [Man.]
Yes! Is someone getting married? Who's getting married? [Men cheering.]
- He said, "Any major traumas.
" - We are not calling Hunt.
- We don't even know what this is yet.
- ER's swamped.
We had to split - Trauma Three, put them both in there.
- Did you call Dr.
Hunt? - We're not calling Hunt.
- [Man.]
On my count.
Ready, one, two, three.
- [Boy.]
Reilly, you OK? - [Boy 2.]
Lucas? It hurts.
- It hurts really bad.
- [Lucas.]
You'll be OK, Ri.
All right? - We'll be OK.
- What've we got? Car versus train.
Two brothers, 17 and 15, tried to outrun the Coast Starlight to Portland.
The train won.
I know, it was stupid, it was so stupid.
I'll never do it again.
The driver was inside the car, the other was thrown out.
No seatbelt.
Avery, come take a look at this.
Call Hunt.
McNeil? I'm Dr.
I'll be taking over for Dr.
Stark tonight.
Drew's in a lot of pain.
OK, well, that's not unusual for this type of chest surgery.
Abdominal pain is not normal after pectus excavatum surgery.
And it's been going on for two hours.
I'm a nurse at Seattle Pres.
- [Moans.]
- It's OK, Drew, honey.
Mommy's right here.
His abdomen does seem a little tender.
I'm concerned about his vitals.
And I know my son.
He's not a complainer.
Something is wrong.
- Can you please call Dr.
Stark? - I will.
I'll call him right away.
[Drew whimpering.]
- [Rock music plays.]
- [Glasses clinking.]
- [Laughter.]
- [Sighs.]
You're back already? That date wasn't even like, what, an hour? - [Teddy.]
I need a drink.
- [Callie.]
Careful Hey! That was mine! Now you have to order me another one.
Oh, God, that's disgusting.
So get this.
His very first question? "So, what's your favorite food?" - What'd you say? - French.
But that's not the point.
Why would he ask me what my favorite food was? Like he read that's some good ice-breaker from some Internet handbook that was handed out at the loser fair.
Ugh! This is why you don't meet people on the Internet.
You're married.
You don't get to have an opinion about my pathetic forays into Internet dating.
- You do need a drink.
- Thank you.
- Go to Africa.
- What? Arizona's an idiot.
And she's a fool, and you need to go there and tell her that I told you to say that dating is evil, and that what the two of you have is rare and that she's an idiot! Get on an airplane and go to Africa and thank God that you never have to go on a first date again.
Yeah, I'm not going to Africa.
Well, then you're just as big an idiot as she is.
- Oh.
- [Derek.]
Torres is a grown woman.
You can't make her do something she doesn't want to do.
OK, again, Mr.
Perfect Married Guy, - you don't get to open your mouth - [men chattering.]
- One, two - [blows whistle.]
Chug, chug, chug! Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah! - Who's first?! Oh, groom! - [Men cheering.]
What the hell did I miss? You guys Super Glued yourselves together on purpose? Apparently, my son and girlfriend's love is so great, they can't hear you.
Yes, they Super Glued their arms and hands together on purpose.
- Uh, why would they? - We're moving to Wisconsin tomorrow.
No, you're moving, Dad.
I'm staying here with Lauren.
No, you're not.
You're going to Wisconsin with me - and your mom and the dog and the cat.
- No.
Not without Lauren, I'm not.
Nobody can tear us apart, Mr.
I know that, Lauren, but the doctor here is still gonna give it a try.
I wish we could glue our lips together forever.
Me, too.
I I will figure something out.
Thank you.
Have you ever had the tiramisu at Gino's Trattoria? - Excuse me? - Tiramisu, Gino's Trattoria.
Uh, ladyfingers soaked in rum.
- No, I haven't.
- Neither have I.
Because you felt the need to drag me away from my dinner - to examine a kid with gas.
- Gas? I thought Uh, when I called you, he was in a lot of pain and his vitals were borderline.
They're better now because I gave him a liter bolus of IV fluids at 20 cc's per kilo, but his pain And yet, what you should have given him was an anti-flatulent.
Abdominal pain after chest wall surgery in a patient on narcotic pain killers is gas or constipation until proven otherwise.
- But Dr.
Stark, what if his pain? - Tiramisu.
- Avery, what do you have? - Large gaping wound to the abdomen.
Looks like something sliced right through him, debris inside.
- We need to get in there.
- [Owen.]
Book an OR! Reilly? Reilly, talk to me! Reilly can't talk right now, OK, buddy? He's got a tube in his throat - to help him breathe.
- Reilly, I'm right here! All right? Put more pressure on that.
Lean in there.
Pack it, pack it! We were gonna be late, so I ran it.
Funny, right? We didn't want to get in trouble with Mom.
- [Rapid beeping.]
- So I I go back to school, picking him up after band practice.
We're halfway home, he forgets his stupid saxophone.
- Two hundred.
- [Paddles charging.]
- [Lucas.]
He forgets everything! - Three hundred.
- Everything! - [Owen.]
[Soft acoustic rock plays.]
Continue compressions.
Push one of epi and one of atropine.
I know it was stupid.
The guard rails had just come down.
I thought we could make it.
It's my fault.
He's my little brother! - He's he's little - [Jackson.]
They're working on him.
OK? I just need you to take it easy.
All right? Take it easy.
He's gonna be all right, right? [Flatline tone.]
Time of death, 20:48.
Hunt, we need to intubate him and get him to the OR now! - Another Scotch? - Yeah.
Mm - On the house.
- Uh, hey.
If every drink is on the house, then eventually there'll be no house.
- Right.
Uh, six dollars.
- It's actually eight dollars.
- You having fun? - I am.
That's good.
Keep it.
Thank you.
Hey, here she comes with our shots! [Man 2.]
Bring 'em over! [Mrs.
His pain is getting worse, his color looks bad, his vitals haven't stabilized.
I've seen gas, Dr.
This isn't gas.
We have to give the medicine a little time to work We gave it time to work.
It didn't work, which means this is not gas! I've worked the night shift.
I know what goes on.
I've lived through horror stories of patients falling through the cracks because residents are running around half-asleep and their attendings are nowhere to be found.
- I will not let that happen to my son.
- I won't either.
I promise.
And I agree that it's not gas.
So let's run some tests, - and find out what's going on.
OK? - Thank you.
[Drew moans.]
It's gonna be OK.
- [All chattering, cheering.]
- [Cristina.]
To the groom! [Mark.]
It's rude to ditch out on your own party, you know.
Yang is bartending.
Do you know how disturbing that is? It's a phase.
She's gonna be fine.
Besides, you won one of the most prestigious grants out there.
This night's about you, not Yang.
[Men laughing, chattering.]
Suit yourself.
[Cristina, men shouting.]
How are we letting this happen? I mean, seriously, - how are we just OK with it? - Oh, I'm not OK, I'm jealous.
Cristina gets to live out the twenties we never got to 'cause we were stuck in med school.
Watch, ten years from now, we'll all have a midlife crisis and end up doing the same thing.
Except we'll be in our forties and won't look as cute.
- How many of those have you had? - Hey, my son is with his father.
I am 24 hours child-free.
If Cristina Yang can tend bar 'cause she wants to, - then I can drink 'cause I want to.
- [Cell phone rings.]
- [Cristina.]
Double fisting! - [Callie.]
Has she mentioned me? - What? - I know she writes to you.
So I'm asking you if she's mentioned me.
- Well, you know, she's been very, um - [Bailey snickers.]
She's, uh She just sort of dove right into the medicine.
And she's been she's been busy.
And just, uh Does that help at all? I can't believe this.
I honestly I can't believe that I am here again.
No, you're not doing this.
You're not going down this rabbit hole.
I have to start all over! All over! I don't even know how to do that! [Mark.]
I do.
You might need a little sexual palate cleanser.
A palate cleanser? Are you serious? - What? It works.
- Sexual sorbet? [Laughs.]
I love it! [All laughing.]
See that redhead back there? [Mark.]
She's been eyeing you all night.
Really? Oh.
OK, yeah.
Thank you, Mark.
All right, I'm gonna, um - I'm gonna go for it.
- Oh, no.
- [Laughs.]
- Oh, oh.
Wish me luck.
All right, liver hemorrhage is under control.
Let's move on.
Uh, there's another one.
No, two.
- What is that? - Part of the steering column maybe? Might have shattered inside the abdomen.
- There's an infrarenal hematoma.
- We should expose the retroperitoneum.
- [Owen.]
Good idea.
- I'll get the aorta - below the mesocolon.
- Slow down, Avery.
We need proximal control first.
You keep looking for this kid's dashboard - and I'll take care of that.
- Can I get more light in here, please? [Nurse.]
Hunt, his parents are here.
They're asking for an update.
- Avery? - I'm staying.
I'd I'd like to stay.
- Grey, tell them where we're at.
- [Lexie.]
What are you doing in the attendings' lounge? - You could get in trouble.
- Pizza? [Sighs.]
I have stupid teenage patients who Super Glued themselves together so their parents can't tear them apart.
- Mm! That sounds romantic.
- Yeah, more like moronic.
I have no idea how to get them apart without taking off half their skin.
- Try acetone.
- Try going away! [sighs.]
- Meredith, any ideas? - Mm Acetone? Thank you.
- So, what's the deal with Stark? - A lazy, back-stabbing weasel.
Why? Because I called him in to examine this patient You called him in? Ha! I wish I could've seen that.
- You don't call Stark.
- Well, my kid just had pectus excavatum - surgery and he was in serious pain.
- Yesterday, my fundoplication patient - was vomiting.
You don't call Stark.
- Well, this kid's mother is a nurse - at Seattle Pres.
- Let's play a game.
There's one rule: You don't call Stark.
Alex, I'm serious.
Normally, I would handle this myself, but I haven't been on Peds in a while.
You know the complications with kids.
- Did you order blood work and a CT? - Mm-hm.
I'd add a LDH, a CRP and a sed rate.
With Stark you have to cover all your bases, so if you do end up calling him, he has no excuse but to get off his ass and come in.
[Pop music plays.]
[Indistinct chatter.]
Thank you.
Well, turns out she was eyeing my new haircut, and not me.
I gave her the hairdresser's number though, so Well, you tried.
You put yourself out there.
- That's what counts.
- [Teddy.]
Uh Yeah, no.
Actually, that counts for nothing.
'Cause I put myself out there every day.
You know, I write online profiles, and I check the boxes that say - I like hiking and dogs - [Bailey.]
Is there a box for fistulas? 'Cause that's what I want.
A guy that can talk fistulas.
I want a guy that can direct me towards a better scientific understanding of just why a fistula may occur in patients that are healthy one minute and die the next.
Find a man that's interested in fistulas and pancreases, and you'll find a man that's not Internet dating.
What's wrong with you? You didn't call Stark again, did you? No, I'm not calling him until I get my CT results, and there's only one CT tech down there and he's really backed up.
So Have I mentioned that I hate the night shift, and I hate Stark.
Hey, chief.
What are you doing here? It's late.
When a screaming mother calls me at home to tell me my residents are about to kill her son, time becomes irrelevant, wouldn't you say? Dr.
Grey, are you familiar with Mrs.
McNeil? She called you? I did not give her your number.
She's a nurse.
She worked the system.
But what concerns me is not how she got my number, it's why she felt the need to call me in the first place.
Now, what the hell is going on? [Meredith.]
I have a plan in place.
I'm just waiting for a CT, and the guy's just very backed up down there.
- How long have you been waiting? - Two hours.
[Elevator dings.]
- Get up.
- Excuse me? Get on your feet.
I understand you're a little behind schedule.
Yeah, it's just me tonight, so we're backed up.
- Why didn't you call the on-call tech? - He wasn't feeling so hot.
I thought I'd cut him a break.
He does the same for me.
Listen Hawk.
We're in the business of saving lives.
Now, I don't care if your friend is lying in a ditch bleeding, he will come in tonight.
Now, get him on the phone now.
Hello? No, this is not your dude.
This is Chief Webber.
What do I need? I need you to get yourself into this hospital in the next five minutes or you and your dude can kiss your jobs goodbye! Now, that's how you get things done at night.
I just left Lucas in surgery.
He's critical.
It's very touch-and-go at this point, but we're still working, and, um, we'll keep you updated on his condition.
- Thank you.
- OK.
- I'll let you know.
- [Father.]
And Reilly? [Mother.]
Our other son, Reilly.
How's Reilly? Has anyone talked to you? No.
We've been waiting.
Um OK.
- Mr.
And Mrs.
Nash, I'm, uh, afraid - No! No! - I'm sorry to say that - [father.]
Please don't say that.
despite our efforts to save - Please don't say that! Reilly's life - [mother.]
No, no! his injuries were too severe, and he died in the emergency room.
Oh, my God! - [Mother.]
My baby! No, my baby! - I'm so sorry.
[Mother sobbing.]
[Mother wailing.]
No! [Mother.]
Oh, my God! No! No! [Lexie sighs.]
Please tell me he's gonna live.
The parents didn't know the brother died.
Not to mention how he's gonna feel when he finds out.
- How do you live with yourself? - Shut up! Just shut up, please.
- [Owen.]
Avery? - Sorry.
I just This is a really tricky part right here.
There's something - What is this? - More suction and some laps in here.
- Here.
- [Lexie.]
Is that a piece - of the turn signal? Come on.
- [Owen.]
It's right next to the aorta.
Can't tell if it's just kissing it or if it's perfed.
Get me some umbilical tape and let's pull it so we can get some control.
OK, pulling.
- Wait, wait, don't, don't, don't! - Clamp.
- Give me the clamp.
- Avery, I'll do this.
Give me the clamp.
Give me the clamp.
Here, take this.
- Got it.
- I've got the bleeder right here.
Nice work.
Nice work, Avery.
[Indistinct chatter.]
So this won't sting, but as the skin starts to separate, - you may feel some pain.
- I feel nothing but pain right now.
- Me, too.
- [Cell phone rings.]
It's your mother, Lauren.
This is just gonna take a few more minutes, right? Hopefully.
Is it working? God, I can't look.
If we could just stay together one more day Well, you'll definitely be together for another hour because this is not working.
Yes! Ah! Dr.
Bailey! Yes! Dr.
Bailey! [sighs.]
I'm so glad you're here! I'm not here, you don't see me.
I just need a nap before I go home.
But first I need some food.
This will just take a second.
I got these two 15 year olds.
They Super Glued themselves together.
They're in love, or they think they are.
Anyway, I tried petroleum and acetone to separate them, but - Don't separate them.
- What? Young people need love too, Kepner.
We all need love.
If the world had more love, we could get rid of wars and fistulas.
Why won't this damn thing take my money? Dr.
Bailey, are you drunk? Tipsy.
Mm A little tipsy.
Um, I'm gonna go ahead and take care of that for you.
- [Bailey.]
Oh - Mm-hm.
Hey, Dr.
Altman? Are you available for a consult? I'm just waiting on some CT results.
Uh, well, Joe took my keys, so I'm pretty sure I shouldn't be practicing medicine.
- What are you doing here then? - I'm killing time until Joe - gives me my keys back.
- Can't you do that at the bar? Cristina Yang is bartending, so no.
I can't.
It's just too depressing.
Cristina's bartending as, what, some kind of joke? As some kind of bartender.
Yeah, I know.
That look on your face? That's how my whole body feels.
And not just 'cause Cristina makes the world's strongest drink, but because my aspirational couple has broken up and they're living on two separate continents and 'cause I'm dating men who still live with their mother, but they don't admit that on their profiles.
They wait.
They wait Thank you.
They wait until I've spent an hour applying my makeup and driving across town, and then they tell me that small, little detail.
Thank you.
And my star student, my most promising resident that I have ever seen, is mixing Irish Car Bombs for a bachelor party over at Joe's Bar.
I'm not even gonna mention that she's letting the bachelors feel her up at will, 'cause that just adds insult to injury.
- Crap, I'm I'm really drunk.
- Pictures are up.
All I'm saying is that that redhead missed out.
- [Callie laughs.]
- If Joe's were a lesbian bar, you would've been up to your ears in - Please.
Don't say vagina.
- Huh.
Now, I don't have to.
God! I hate being drunk.
You think it's gonna make you feel awesome and happy, but it just makes you feel tired and gross.
Yang looked like she was having fun tonight.
What, the crazy party girl thing? That's crap.
Every girl who climbs up on a table thinks she's the hottest girl in the room, but really she's just dancing alone.
You OK? [Sighs.]
Yeah, I just I need to sleep.
- I need to sleep.
- All right.
Mm [Callie sighs.]
Drew's got a perforated ulcer.
And Cristina's working at Joe's.
- What? - Forget it.
It's bleeding.
It must be from the anti-inflammatories.
- Wait, what about Cristina? - She's a bartender now.
- I called Stark again, and no answer.
- Well, big surprise.
- This kid needs surgery.
- I know.
McNeil, this is Alex Karev.
He'll be consulting on your son's case.
The CT scan revealed that your son has a perforated ulcer.
- That's what's causing his pain.
- So does he need surgery? - Yes.
- And we've called Dr.
Stark - and he's on his way.
- We can start prepping him immediately.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Hold on.
Are we really gonna call in a whole OR team without an attending? What if Stark doesn't answer the page? What if he doesn't come in on time? What if the kid dies while we're waiting to find out? Look, I'm taking this kid to the OR whether Stark comes or not.
Like the chief said, this is how you get things done at night.
What if we have to do a truncal vagotomy or a pyloroplasty? - Have you ever done those on your own? - Not only can I do it, I can do it better than Stark.
Are you in or out? Like hell if I'm gonna let you do it without me.
I'm in.
- OK.
Is he under? - Is he talking? Yeah, he's under.
- No word from Stark yet? - No.
Call him every five minutes until he answers.
- [Alex.]
And page Dr.
- Bailey's not on call tonight.
Just keep calling her.
I thought you said you could do this better than Stark.
Shut up.
All right, uh, ten blade.
- [Cell phone rings.]
- Ooh! It's the OR.
Uh Hello? Uh, Dr.
Bailey's phone.
No, she is, um She's indisposed at the moment.
- Page someone else, thank you.
- [Laughs.]
OK, good.
That's good.
Now, give me my phone.
- I need to call Ben.
- Who's Ben? My ex.
I dumped him.
Which I now realize was a big mistake, so I wanna call him.
I wanna call him and tell him I have needs.
'Cause he understood how to take care of my needs in a way my husband did not.
I want to tell him that.
Ha! So give me my phone.
- [Stammers.]
Are you sure about that? - Give me - Drunk-dialing never really ends well.
- You are a virgin.
Word really does travel around here.
I'm Bailey.
I know everything.
Come Come here, Kepner.
Closer! Alex Karev is not the boy you want to take your maiden voyage with.
Oh, God! Oh, God, yes.
I know.
I am aware.
You don't need to tell me You take your maiden voyage with a nice boy.
A kind boy.
A boy who loves you.
A boy that you love so much you want to Super Glue yourself to him.
You wait, you hear me? Keep your knees together.
'Cause believe me, even though you haven't met your Ben yet you will meet your Ben.
Not my Ben, but your own Ben.
Who might or might not be called Ben.
Use soap and warm water.
[Bailey sighs.]
On my maiden voyage? On the Super Glue.
Use soap, water, and put a little acetone in it.
It works like a charm.
- OK.
Yes, ma'am.
Thank you.
- Mm-hm.
Mm! [All.]
Salt, shot, lime! Here we go! - [Man.]
Yeah! - You want some more water? You know, you could fire her for drinking on the job.
Are you kidding? I did that three hours ago.
Take her home.
Not until she wants to go.
- Why not? - Because she's got a lot of people telling her what to do, and she doesn't need to hear it from me.
[All shouting, laughing.]
- So, what are you gonna do? - I'm gonna sit here and drink water.
Make sure she doesn't leave with anybody.
Really? That That's your whole plan? Well, if she's gonna act like a stripper [all screeching, laughing.]
l'm gonna act like a bouncer.
Oh, God.
[Men shouting.]
Dictate the op notes and monitor his ABG's.
I'm gonna rack out.
I have to be back here in two hours.
- I got it.
All right.
Good work, Avery.
Go talk to the parents.
Give them the good news.
- OK? - OK.
You can, um You can talk to me, you know.
- If you want to talk.
- About what? I hear you every night.
I'm just saying.
I had sleep problems.
And they turned out to be real problems.
Yeah, well, I don't have any problems.
That kid was practically dead when he got here, and I pulled half his car out of him, so he lived.
He's gonna live to be stupid another day because of me.
His parents aren't gonna lose everything because of me.
I call that a pretty great night.
So, what is your problem? [Electronic pop music plays.]
- [Alex.]
Any word from Stark? - No.
There's the perf.
Anterior duodenum.
- [Alex.]
We could do a Graham patch.
- Excellent suggestion, fellow surgeon.
Can you believe we called an entire OR team and they came? - Amazing.
- We've got balls.
You've got balls.
I've got cajones.
You know those are balls, right? Oh I was just thirsty.
- I didn't wake you, did I? - Oh, no.
I was awake.
Water? [Sighs.]
I want um sorbet.
- Sweet tooth? I think I have some cookies around here somewhere.
Really? Really.
[Music continues.]
I told them about the surgery and his recovery process.
Do you think I should mention his high chance for infection, or? I don't know, I don't want to worry them any more than I have to.
No, just tell them he's gonna feel pretty awful.
That he lived, and his brother died.
That every time he feels glad to be alive, he'll hate himself for it.
Just tell them to look out for that.
He won't want to talk about it, but he'll be glad they know.
[Soft pop music plays.]
All right.
All right.
Under the cover of darkness people do things they'd never do under the harsh glare of day.
[Cristina, men laughing.]
Yeah, nice.
- It's not as bad as it looks.
- It looks pretty bad.
- Yeah.
- Hey.
Thank you for calling.
- I appreciate you staying, Shepherd.
- Yeah.
Cristina? Oh, my God, it's my boyfriend.
I'm your husband.
Sorry, dude.
She's all yours.
Come on.
Come on.
All right.
Good night.
Oh, good! You're awake! - Indoor voice, please.
- Of course.
You know, I really appreciate you opening up to me.
I mean, you always have that, like, super serious Dr.
Bailey face on, I couldn't even tell if you liked me.
But now, I mean, [stammers.]
I don't know if I'd say that we're friends exactly, but sort of, I mean, don't you think? - Dr.
Kepner? - Yeah.
This never happened.
- This never happened.
Got it? - Mm-hm.
Say the words.
This - Never happened.
never happened.
Decisions feel wiser.
People feel bolder.
What can Stark do? We had to operate.
He can yell.
He will yell.
Doesn't matter.
The kid's in good shape.
The mom's happy.
- We did what we were trained to do.
- Remember the first day? The chief said only two of us would make it.
- I thought it'd be me and Cristina.
- I thought it'd be me and Cristina.
How are we the last two standing? I'm gonna make your lives a living hell.
And you know what? I'm gonna enjoy it.
You lied to my patients.
You hijacked an OR.
You performed a surgery that you had no possible business performing! And for the life of me, I I I don't know what you were thinking! Medicine has a hierarchy for a reason! If there had been a complication, you know whose ass would've been on the line here? Mine, not yours! Mine! You doctors in this residency who think you can do whatever you want whenever you want, I got some news for you! I am the attending, you are the residents [up-tempo pop music plays.]
But when the sun rises you have to take responsibility for what you did in the dark - I had to use soap and water.
- What? [April.]
The acetone didn't work on the Super Glue till I mixed it with soap and water.
I could use a little soap and water right now.
I feel disgusting.
- I can smell you from up here.
- Dibs on the shower! - I want a beer.
Who's up for a beer? - Oh! - Where do we get a beer at 6am? - At home.
and face yourself under the cold, harsh [Cristina moaning.]
- [Meredith.]
light of day.
- [Cristina gagging.]
- Water? - [Moans.]
[Cristina vomiting.]
[Alarm beeping.]
Good morning.
Good night.

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