Grey's Anatomy s08e02 Episode Script

She's Gone

When my mother left my father, she didn't tell him she was leaving and taking me with her until we'd landed on the other side of the country.
In those days, it was called family troubles.
Today it'd be called kidnapping.
Could you page Dr.
Shepherd one more time? I paged him two minutes ago.
It's really very important that I speak with him right away.
He's a brain surgeon.
Everyone looking for him thinks it's really very important.
I'll let you know when he calls back.
Sir, you know how I said I wanted to do a gunther today? I sent you an e-mail with my new screening criteria for my clinical trial.
Did you get a chance to look at it? Not yet.
Uh, Torres has a patient from the sinkhole.
She would be perfect for You know, I'm inserting an islet cell device this afternoon.
I'd like you to be there, see how it works, okay? Oh, no.
You're gonna do a hundred of 'em.
Can I see the next one? Today's just not a good day I'd like it to happen today.
No, sir.
The fifth years are at each other's throats.
And it's affecting the work.
I almost pulled a spleen out of a man with a hole in his lung.
I need you in this surgery.
I can't have you supervise a gunther.
Torres can supervise.
It's her patient.
Who doesn't love a gunther? Fine.
Do a gunther.
But be in my O.
by 4:00.
What are you doing? Oh, Bailey paged 9-1-1.
Well, what happened to the chest tube? An intern's doing it 'cause it's intern's work, which I love.
I'm-I'm loving the back-to-the-basics thing.
It's so valuable, but, uh, 9-1-1, so - Hey.
- Oh, and you have to go.
So no worries.
We'll talk later.
Um I had such a good attitude today, - and now it's gone.
- Dr.
Webber called.
He's gonna put the thing in.
Now? At 4:00.
They just call why would he do that? I don't know, but I'm not complaining.
I just want the damn thing over with.
So I'll, uh I'll call you when I'm in a room.
- Okay.
- Okay? - Bye.
- Bye.
You see that? I wish I did.
I can't see anything.
Hold the nerve root retractor.
It's yours again, Dr.
Why is my pager going off every 30 seconds? Gloria's checking on it.
His S.
s are coming back up.
There's still a lot of epidural bleeding.
Shepherd, when you have a second.
Does it look like I have a second? What the hell is the problem? They said it's something about your baby.
She was pinned under her car, her leg was amputated in a pit of dirt, her abdomen is pulp, and her pelvis is probably crushed.
You will work together to assess her injuries and repair them.
Oh, in the O.
? No, at the jiffy lube.
Yes, in the O.
Now Dr.
Torres will supervise your work.
If you're killing her, she will step in.
Otherwise, you're on your own.
Don't screw this up like you screw everything else up you've touched lately.
Ladies and gentlemen, step away from the patient.
- Is she is she here? - She is, - and as soon as - I want to see her.
Hey, hang on.
We need to check you out first.
- Does she know about her leg? - She's unconscious.
All right? I'll go and see how she's doing, okay? Hey, lie down.
I will see how she is doing.
I'm gonna get someone to take you to C.
and then I will come back with a full report.
Okay? Okay.
All right.
It's an open book pelvic fracture.
And a comminuted femur fracture.
Has anyone fully examined the stump? Pneumopericardium and an enlarged cardiac shadow.
She needs a chest tube and a C.
Free fluid.
She needs the O.
An embolization and angio would help stabilize the pelvic bleeding.
- An angio's just gonna waste time.
- We could pack her in the O.
Call the O.
Tell them to - prep for an emergent laparotomy.
- Hello? A C.
Excuse me.
- I'm telling you guys - Oh, no, no.
- Something is going on with her heart.
- What do you mean, no? That's my patient.
- We're doing a gunther.
- What the hell's a gunther? It's, uh, like a team-building exercise.
See, the hospital does it when the residents aren't working well together.
It seems to help.
If the patient doesn't die.
One time, the patient died, and then it didn't help at all.
Um, so what, they, uh, prep her and then Uh, no, no, no.
No attendings.
Just the bunnies.
In the O.
? Yes, the O.
Why does no one seem to get that part? No, no.
Not this patient.
I just pulled her out of a hole in the ground that almost ate her alive, and her husband had to cut off her leg.
- Dr.
Torres will be there every step of the way.
- Bailey - They can handle this.
- I said no.
The chief said yes.
I'm sorry.
Oh, yeah? Who died and made you God? Okay, look, I think what we need to do is, we just need to take a moment April, you're chief resident not chief of surgery.
Did somebody call the O.
? No, because she needs a C.
to assess her cardiac injuries.
- What did I say about - No one gives a crap what you have to say.
Still want to take her to radiology? Maybe wait in line for a little while till the machine's free? Is somebody gonna call the O.
? They're still finding their groove.
You've reached Dr.
Meredith Grey.
I can't Let's check the liver first.
It's the most likely source.
What? No.
- Hey, Yang.
Where's Meredith? - I don't know.
She's in cardiogenic shock.
That's our main concern.
- Yang - They-they fired her.
Maybe she's putting anthrax in Karev's locker.
's tanking.
We need to up her fluids.
Her pericardium is filled with air and blood.
- Do you listen to anyone else, ever? - All the time.
Just not you.
- Or me, apparently.
- Look, she's not answering her phone or her pager.
I haven't seen her.
I was in the pit.
She's not in the pit.
I was in the elevator.
She's not in the elevator.
Page Dr.
I just did, sir.
She didn't answer Page her again.
Grey's Anatomy Season 8, Episode 2 "She's Gone" Chief.
Henry just told me that you called him in to insert the device today.
I had an opening.
Well, but he hasn't had his pre-op labs and he hasn't had Well, we can rush the labs.
It'll be fine.
Well, but he could come in in a week.
I mean, it just seems a little weird to race him in here Look, it is a simple procedure.
It'll be over in an hour.
Don't worry about it.
I wanted to keep an eye on the gunther.
An intern just pulled me o I need you now.
You need to spend some time with the mice.
This is why I left my gunther? Once you put a couple of devices in mice, putting one in a human's a breeze All that space.
Sir, I have a full schedule that I already had to take apart so I could watch you put this thing in a person this afternoon.
Henry Altman's husband.
I would like to keep an eye on the gunther Put on a mask, Dr.
Even with mice, you need a sterile field.
This is mouse T.
He's skinny.
So it won't be easy.
Get yourself some gloves.
Danny, you have a little bit of blood in your brain, so I'm gonna have one of my colleagues take a look at your films.
Is it bad? It's probably nothing, but I just don't want to take any chances.
Did Susannah wake up? They're starting her surgery now.
And she does have some internal bleeding that they need to repair.
Well, and wh-when will y when will you tell her about her leg, after the surgery? We'll just see how it goes, all right? But-but I-I will she be able to feel it? - I mean, what if what if she sees it - Danny And nobody's told her? Her leg is not the big problem right now, okay? She just needs to get through the surgery.
But she has an incredible team working on her.
Really, they're unbelievable.
Give me a 10-blade, please.
Don't give her a 10-blade.
The woman just had her leg hacked off.
She doesn't need her chest cracked open for something we're not even sure she has.
Yeah, well, I'm sure, and if her heart craps out, she's not gonna give a rat's ass about her leg.
Look, we know that she is bleeding from her pelvis and her abdomen, which gives her plenty of reason to be hypotensive - Let's just do an X-lap and see what we're dealing with.
- No! - Karev, start the incision.
- Oh.
W-why him? Just because you're pissed that I'm chief resident doesn't mean that you can pretend I'm not here.
Nobody cares that you're chief resident.
Can everyone just shut up, please? We are wasting time arguing.
The only logical conclusion is, take care of the heart first.
Hey, is the E.
still a zoo? No, they got everyone who survived out of the hole a while ago.
- It's quieted down.
- I'm right.
The changes were subtle on the X-ray, she got the crossword down there? Sudoku.
You ever try it? - Bores the crap outta me.
- Amen.
A major potential source of bleeding.
You're outvoted, Yang.
Who do you think the gunther is? - This is not a democracy.
This is surgery.
- What do you mean? Is this your first one? Yeah, and there are certain rules to follow Hmm.
The name gunther comes from the doctor, not the patient.
One of the residents always kind of emerges as a leader when they do this.
And the first time, it was this little quiet guy named Gunther, and everyone thought he was gonna flame out of the program, - but it turns out, he's the alpha dog.
- Great.
Airway and breathing are taken care of We know it won't be Avery.
He doesn't have any balls.
Well, Karev's got the balls, but everyone hates him.
So I don't really see them following his lead.
You know what? I'm not Bound to be Yang.
I don't know.
Kepner's kind of a dark horse these days.
Your anatomy book a good read, you'll realize that the heart You feel good about that position? - It's the main pump.
- Huh? - It goes, everything goes.
- You willing to back that up? Tell us what you think is wrong with her heart.
- What, like, 50 bucks? - Finally.
I think she has a tear in her pericardium.
- You think she has a cardiac tamponade? - Bring it.
She doesn't even have any but she's hypotensive.
We got a plenty of other reasons for the hypotension.
How are they doing? Still trying to agree where to start.
I just had to put an islet cell device in a mouse.
Do you know how small a mouse's omentum is? I'm gonna go with really small.
Strongly consider a thoracotomy.
Up the dopamine to 15.
Happy now.
She's bottoming out.
Well, if we'd get in there and pack the pelvis, that alone will help the blood pressure, right? Well, yeah, I hope so 'cause her systolic's down to 68.
Because her heart is exploding.
- Okay - Is this where I step in? We need to stabilize the internal bleeding - and then we can get a T.
while we're in there - Yang! - What are you doing? - Opening her chest.
What does it look like? Rib spreader.
Oh, my God.
We'll have these lab results back in a few minutes, then you'll get a happy cocktail, and they'll take you up to the O.
- I mean, his glucose levels aren't spiking or anything? - No.
I mean, nothing that would make you want to push this up? Nothing.
We got an opening.
- Opening, right.
- Yes.
Are you nervous? No.
She's nervous.
It's kinda cute.
All right.
I'm I'm-I'm gonna go.
I love you so much.
And you have made me so happy.
I mean, like like really, really happy for the first time in my life, I think.
Are you saying good-bye? No.
'Cause you-you keep telling me, this is a simple procedure.
It is.
It is.
It-it's it'll, um It'll-it'll it'll be fine.
Yeah, but that sounded like, "and if I never see you again, remember I love you.
" It did.
I should go.
I think it's a good idea.
It's a rim subdural.
It'll probably reabsorb.
I'm not that concerned.
You should keep an eye on it.
Everything all right? Uh, Meredith disappeared with Zola.
Wh-what do you mean, she disappeared? She had a rough day.
She probably just went out for a walk.
Derek, there are a hundred possible explanations.
Don't assume the worst.
You know why I do that? Because lately, the level of insanity in my wife's behavior defies imagination.
I know, but sometimes even with Cristina sometimes, they surprise us.
Got some bleeding in the upper right quadrant.
Give me more suction and lap pads.
Do you see any bile or pancreatic secretions? - None here.
- Negative.
Hey, I'm watching Henry's surgery today.
- We should set up for autotransfusion.
- Why? 'Cause the chief loves an audience.
Not because he's worried that something's wrong and he-he wants you there to help? - I don't think so.
- What are you doing about it? Have his accu-cheks been bad? No, but he wasn't supposed to be in surgery for another two weeks And then this morning, he calls Henry up and has him race into the hospital He's getting batty in his old age.
Oh, well, that's great, 'cause he's cutting open my husband today.
I'll be standing there, contemplating my mortality.
If the batty acts up, I'll lend a hand.
Did you check the duodenum? Something is not right.
You can detach the omentum from the anterior You know what you sound like? - To get a better look.
- I'm aware of that.
- Metz.
- A wife.
Cardiac rupture, like I said.
A lot of bleeding down here.
Jackson, uh, help her hold pressure there.
Lap pads down in there, please.
- Looks like Yang's the gunther.
- Did you get it? Yep.
No surprise.
What does that mean? It means she took over while everyone else is standing around looking like idiots doing whatever she says.
Can you suture it? I mean, look at Avery.
I gotta go.
What was I thinking? More lap pads over here.
Oh, no.
No, no.
This is the opposite - of what she should be doing.
- I need a clamp in here.
I got a bleeder.
I'm trying to teach her some humility, and she's running the O.
on a massive trauma.
What can you do? Some people are racehorses.
She's a racehorse.
I need the paddles.
Charge to 20.
No change.
Okay, I need 1 of intracardiac epi.
- Someone take over massaging the heart.
- I got it.
Ow! Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Alex? Look at me.
Alex, look at me.
Alex? - Oh, my God, Alex! - What the Alex! - Racehorse? - My bad.
What the what the hell just happened? Epi.
Give me another epi.
- Here you go, doctor.
- I can't find a pulse.
Why the hell doesn't he have a pulse? I need a crash cart.
An epi doesn't stop a healthy person's heart.
- What did you do? - I don't know.
All right.
Her heart's back.
I'm gonna deal with the pericardium.
Forget about the pelvis for now.
She's bleeding through the packing in the right upper quadrant.
- Should I repack it? - Try a pringle maneuver.
Graft, please.
Hey, uh, get me and Dr.
Altman gowned and gloved, and I need something to stand on.
Bailey, it's under control, okay? We got a lot of hands in here, and two more surgeons are only gonna confuse matters.
I'm gonna ask you to step back, please.
Can I get another pledgeted - V-fib.
- Charging to 200.
Alex? Alex? Alex, can you hear me? Alex? You crazy bitch.
You almost killed me.
I called home.
I scoured the hospital.
I even had an intern call every E.
in the city to make sure she wasn't run over by a bus.
There's no simple explanation.
Uh, why don't you let me handle talking to Nicky's dad? - I don't mind.
- I'm fine.
How is he? There were three fractures in Nicky's spine.
We repaired the damage.
Looks like, neurologically, he's intact.
This is the "wait and see" part.
Can I see him? He's in recovery right now.
They're not gonna let you see him.
I can't believe that this is happening.
We were just walking down the street, talking about why people don't have gills.
I was holding his hand, and he just slipped away.
How do you go through the day when one minute to the next, your child could just Excuse me.
I'm sorry.
He's Let's go find Nicky.
I thought you said, they weren't gonna let me see him.
Well, we're gonna figure something out.
You need to see your son.
Don't touch me.
I'm not touching you.
Don't touch my gurney! All right, get this artery.
See right there? Yeah.
Now do a tie on the hemostat.
Who'd have thunk it? Avery's the gunther.
What the hell happened? Yang almost killed Karev, and Avery's the gunther.
- Avery? - Mm-hmm.
- Get outta here.
- Hand to God.
Avery Good job, son.
Thank you.
I'm right here if you need anything.
Oh, damn it.
My guy won.
We're gonna be great together.
A little hiccup in the gunther.
Well, take your time.
You know, I've seen you open an abdomen before.
Whereas Dr.
Grey I don't want an observer.
I want an assist.
Oh, okay.
Is something wrong? No, this is a teaching hospital.
And you're not too old to learn.
Yeah, but it'd be good experience for Grey to see Dr.
Bailey, if I wanted a resident's help, I'd ask for it.
Here you go, doctor.
Thank you.
Whenever you're ready.
All right, then get back to me with her post-op crit.
And make sure you're aggressive with the dressings on her leg.
I'm still worried about an infection.
You know why she just did what he said, right? Because he's the gunther.
How did it go? We'll have to go back for definitive repairs, but we stopped the major hemorrhaging, - got the leg all cleaned out.
- Good.
- Nice work today, Avery.
- Thank you.
- Thank you, doctor.
- I just hope she, uh, pulls through.
How's Alex? He should be fine.
Apparently, he had an underlying arrhythmia, so the epi I was moving too fast and I made a mistake.
You think? Boy, you got a mean streak.
I mean, you look like a nice girl, but scratch the surface Don't mess with the nice ones.
I think I stole a baby.
Okay, first of all, you didn't steal the baby.
She's your baby.
What you did is, you took her for a nap in a very odd location And you failed to answer your phone.
But, you know, many people find all the technology in our lives to be intrusive.
So you're not the first person who didn't answer her phone or her pager.
Well, and, you know, all we have to do is is find a reason why you were awol for an hour.
Four hours.
Janet was gonna take the baby, so I took off.
You know, people make mistakes.
I mean, I almost killed Alex in the O.
So we'll just figure it out.
How? - I don't know.
- No.
How'd you almost kill Alex? With a C.
of epi.
You know, he'll be fine.
Just, um just stay here.
I'll fix this.
- What are you gonna do? - I'm gonna fix it.
Hand me a 10-blade, please.
Have to be careful not to cut too deep into the omentum.
Uh, Dr.
Uh, Teddy Altman here.
Yeah, nice to see you.
I-I thought that Dr.
Bailey was just observing.
Yeah, well, she's here, so she's gonna make herself useful.
Webber, I'm a surgeon.
That's the word on the street.
You have an attending assisting you in a simple subcutaneous device insertion.
You rushed Henry into surgery with an hour's notice.
What wh-what are you not telling me? Dr.
Altman Is there something that he didn't tell me about his checkups? I mean, is-is-is his hba1c to high? Here we go.
Look, I am a doctor and I know when something is wrong, and something is wrong.
Altman, I'm fond of you, so I'm gonna count to 30 in my head before I call security.
Richard, I'm-I'm just asking you Get out of my O.
right now.
I don't need to be here.
They just want to observe me and make sure I don't pass out again.
Not a bad idea.
How'd the kid do? He has a few spinal fractures, but it looks like he's out of the woods.
You need to make up with your friends.
One of them almost killed you today.
It was an accident.
Nobody has your back.
Nobody is looking out for you.
That's when accidents happen, okay? This isn't a personal problem.
This is a professional one.
It makes you a bad hire.
Also, it means that I have to worry about you, because no one else is.
And I don't want to worry about you.
I'd much rather be kicking your ass on my peds ward.
Do you want to sit and talk for a minute? I do.
I I really very much do, but I have to go do something right now, and it can't wait.
Please please believe that I want to talk to you and I'm not blowing you off because I'm a terrible person or because I don't care about you.
None of that is true.
She okay? Uh, no change.
I just I don't want to mess this up like I messed up everything else.
What? You were great in the O.
I wasn't the gunther.
I was a super-duper assistant.
Are they gonna fire me as chief resident? No.
It was your first day.
They'll just make you do it again.
It's time to place the device.
What do you want me to do? Place the device.
Sir, is there anything you want to tell me? Don't screw it up.
A surgeon doing the early stages of human trials on his experimental procedure never hands over the reins to someone else, ever, unless something is wrong.
Altman said this was weird, - but I just thought she was being a wife.
- Bailey Are you drinking again? Ooh, that would explain a lot.
Yes, it would.
God, I wish it were that simple.
Pick up those forceps, Dr.
Now watch the superficial arteries.
That's where it gets dicey.
Let's get more retraction, Dr.
Don't-don't don't rush it.
All right.
You see those blood vessels? Yep.
Implant the device as close to those as possible.
Without their oxygen supply, the islet cells would die off.
And eventually the vessels will just take over the oxygen delivery to the device completely.
Look at that.
It's interesting, right? It's actually kind of beautiful.
Nice work, Dr.
Close him up.
Did-did-did he just He just left? Get up.
I'm under 24-hour observation because you almost killed me! I revealed an arrhythmia you didn't know you have.
I probably saved your life.
I'll run an E.
on you later.
Just get up.
You're supposed to have my back.
I made a mistake.
All right? I-I-I was drunk, - I was pissed off - Oh, for the love of g No, I screwed up! You screw up all the time.
I don't have anybody.
You guys are all I have.
- You have to forgive me! - Fine! Whatever.
Just get up out of the damn bed.
Oh, sorry.
I was paged here.
That was us.
We paged your wife, too.
Do you know where she is? Well, that is the question of the hour.
I have no idea where she is.
Well, we'll fill her in later.
Shut the door, please.
Webber just informed me that he tampered with the drugs and placebos in your clinical trial.
Excuse me? N-no.
It was, uh Meredith.
Grey apparently was covering for him.
She knew and she was trying to protect him.
You have my apologies.
I destroyed your trial.
She wasn't covering for you.
What the hell are you doing? I'm protecting your wife.
What are you doing? This is wrong, and you know that.
What are you trying to do to her? She was trying to save Adele.
She was trying to save me.
At what point are you gonna stop punishing her for that? And there's no pain in your abdomen? Nope.
Really? Or are you just being stoic for me? I'm a man in a gown.
I can't pretend to be brave and strong.
You can.
I kinda lost it today.
Webber kicked me out of the O.
Really? Okay, um, so You know how we both figured that since I was a doctor that I would be really calm - while you were having your surgery? - Mm-hmm.
That may not be the case.
You're just a mess, like any ordinary wife would be? Yeah, it's pathetic.
I think it's adorable.
I have a chronic tumor condition.
I'm a frequent flyer in the O.
I'm gonna be a basket case every time.
So sad.
Uh, if you're headed in there, you may want to wait.
They're acting like he just came back from the wars.
What? Something happened with the chief.
W Where have you been? We've been trying to reach you for hours.
I'm sorry.
Where's Zola? Hey.
Susannah just got out of surgery, and it went as well as it could have.
We're not gonna know much for a little while.
Look right here.
We had such an awful fight right before.
I I brought up her mother in an argument, and th-that-that is one of the red buttons.
I swore I would never do that.
Why-why did I do that? She'll forgive you.
You saved her life.
Maybe for a while, and then she'll get better and she'll remember why she got out of the car.
Maybe she won't.
You know? Maybe you both just decide to forget, move on Pretend it never happened.
Does that work? It can't hurt to try.
You're married? I-I'm sorry.
It's it's not my business.
I didn't mean to pry.
Oh, that's all right.
Yes, I'm married.
What did you do?! I want you to shut the door and then I want you to sit down.
You're throwing your whole career away for that damn girl? This is not the end of my career.
The FDA will never come anywhere near you again.
That is the end of your islet cell trial, not to mention any other thing you might be cooking up with - the FDA - Sit down! You Open it What And read the first page.
"The artificial pancreas, a cure for diabet" How about "The artificial Pancreas "A-a huge missed opportunity that you blew" - "because you" - Read the next line.
Investigator Miranda Bail" It's yours now.
I have no pending trials with the FDA.
Ever since her surgery, Zola's had weekly blood tests, and, uh, the results I got today were a little weird, so I wanted to take a look at her.
Yeah, and, you know, with babies, I mean, when a doctor calls I got worried, so I just rushed her right in, and I must have left my phone in the day care center.
And your pager.
My pager I had to turn in because they fired me.
What's wrong with her? Her white count was elevated.
make sure there wasn't a post-op infection or a C.
leak or something.
Um, on my exam, she looks fine.
No signs of spinal shock.
I re-ran her C.
, and her white count was 8.
Totally normal.
Must have just been a stress reactant Or a fluke in the labs, 'cause, uh, well, she's fine.
It's true.
leaks are a problem with spina bifida babies.
That's that's great you caught that.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean for any of this I didn't mean for any of this to happen.
I know.
I know.
I still don't understand what you possibly could've been thinking.
They fired me.
Janet basically told me they were gonna take Zola away.
I mean, possibly send her back to Malawi.
You and me? I just needed some time.
I just needed to hold her and look at her and just think about how everything everything got so screwed up.
You should take Zola.
Janet has a problem with me, not with you.
And we need to do whatever we can to make sure they don't take her away, and if that means that you have custody of her and I don't, well, then that's what we need to do.
You're not fired.
Richard's gonna take the fall for you.
What? He can't do that.
I'm not gonna let him do that.
Yes, you will.
If you want to keep this baby, you will let him protect you.
Dan? Oh, my God.
Danny, I was scared.
Oh, I know.
I didn't know where you were.
I'm right here.
You-you were asleep, and they-they didn't want me to wake you up.
I fell down.
You sure did.
You stayed, though.
I'm not going anywhere.
Don't go anywhere.
I'm right here.
Oh, I love you so much.
You're a big baby.
- Mm.
- Okay.
All right, the top row all got the device on the first round.
Webber tweaked the protocol pretty substantially after that, which means the second set, that's these guys here, they all tend to do a lot better.
I've been off the project for the last couple of weeks, but I'm pretty sure I remember the drill.
I can walk you through it.
It had to be mice.
All right.
Let's take it from the top.
How's it looking? Can't tell.
They can't just take the baby away, can they? I don't know.
Meredith says you didn't do it yet.
I didn't change my mind.
I know.
I know.
You don't change your mind.
You'd cut off my leg for me, wouldn't you? Well, I wouldn't botch it like that guy did.
I'd leave you a good stump so you could get a prosthesis.
When's the appointment? Now.
Let's go.
I Oh, God.
They're not gonna find a better family than two doctors.
It's-it's gonna be fine.
Anybody want to go check on Sofia? Why? 'Cause when somebody's talking about taking someone's baby away, you want you to see your baby.
Oh, you guys.
She's fine.
I'm right behind you.
Ma-maybe we should leave, too.
I mean, I'm sure they don't want us just sitting here staring at them.
I don't know.
They're trying to keep a family together.
That's not easy.
You know, it can't hurt to stick around, make sure they're okay.
You see, this-this is why you're the gunther.
I have terrible leadership instincts.
That doesn't make me a better leader.
A better person maybe, but We are in a bit of a bind right now.
A lot of questions came up today about your relationship, about your employment Well, she got her job back.
That was a misunderstanding.
She disappeared.
Well, that was a-a miscommunication.
And the part about you two living in separate houses, that's miscommunication, too? Look, I get it.
It's not easy bringing a child into a relationship.
You're allowed to have some bumps in the road.
But this afternoon, when it looked like you two had split up, your wife got fired, she lied to me about it and left with the baby.
I set off some alarms.
Now I'm trying to dial them all back, but it's not that easy to do.
Once the system is set in motion, there's a certain protocol that has to be followed.
Once the agency believes that there are questions about Meredith Janet, Meredith is the best mother a child could have.
She loves Zola.
She loves me.
And if there is a flaw with her, it's she loves people so much that she'll do anything for them.
Derek, please.
I hear you.
But no matter what I say, social services still has to reevaluate the placement.
And while that happens, Zola can't be in your home.
I'll give you a minute to say good-bye.
We should we should let her sleep.
She's ours.
Nobody's taking her away.
And she'll wake up in half an hour, and then we'll take her home for dinner.
So - Nah.
We should wake her up.
- Yeah.
Hi, little baby.
Daddy's here.
- Boo.
- Hi.
Daddy's here Hi, sweet girl.
Little goose.
Yeah, I'm on my way home.
No, I'm not working late.
I told you, I'm having dinner with you.
Yeah, well This time I mean it.
I'm gonna give you an injection to numb the cervix.
If you'd like some I.
diazepam, it won't knock you out, but it'll calm you down.
I want to ask you one more time Are you absolutely sure this is what you want to do? Then let's get started.
Sorry It's time to go.
Here you go.
Janet is a very nice lady.
We like her a lot.
She's gonna find you a very nice family to go stay with for a while.
And then you're gonna come right back to us, and everything's gonna be fine.
Okay? Okay.
She likes her bottle room temperature, not too warm.
And she cannot sleep without that giraffe.
It's in the front pocket of the diaper bag.
And there's extra pacifiers in there.
You're gonna need them when you p-put her in the car.
You think that true love is the only thing that can crush your heart the thing that will take your life and light it up or destroy it.
Then you become a mother.

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