Grey's Anatomy s09e08 Episode Script

Love Turns You Upside Down

Most people hate hospitals.
But not the interns.
For them, the hospital is a magical place.
It's poetic the rhythm of the machines, the crackle of a trauma gown.
It's a place full of promise, excitement, surprises.
It's a place where dreams can come true.
Just look at them.
They're so fresh and shiny.
Laughing, talking.
It's pathetic.
They're pathetic.
I can't believe we used to be them.
Why are they still staring at us? Just keep busy and look cool.
Come here.
Shane's right.
Just gotta focus.
On what, your boobs? Breast awareness is the first, most important part of breast health.
My cousin thought that she had breast cancer once.
But it turned out it was just a big zit.
Hey, if you need a breast exam I don't.
Are they still out there? Rounds are in five minutes, freaks.
Coast is clear.
Oh, thank god.
You're on peds, right? Do you want to switch? I'm with Yang.
No, I am not feeding your creepy obsession with Karev.
Well, guess you'll be stuck watching me outshine you all day, Murphy.
Don't take it personally.
Yang loves me.
No way I'm trading.
I've got outpatient surgery with Kepner.
Sounds like I'll be cutting all day.
Kepner dud of attendings.
No way you're doing something that cool.
I like Kepner.
She's the only one who's actually nice to us.
'Cause she's the dud.
Well, I'm in the pit with Medusa today if anybody wants to trade with me.
- Nope.
- No.
- Unh-unh.
- You're late.
I hate late.
Who's presenting? I guess I am.
Samantha Morgan, 3 months old.
Born with idiopathic neonatal cardiomyopathy.
She's currently status 1b on the heart transplant list.
What did I miss? Is there any update on a heart? I know how hard it is to just sit here and wait.
But sometimes that's all we can do until a heart becomes available.
she's been on the list already.
But who's counting, right? She'll get a heart.
I know she will.
The good news is, your daughter's stable for now.
- Oh.
Oh, no, she's not - He isn't I'm not, um Laura and I met here.
Our kids were born about a week apart.
My son Rhys is right over there.
We're both doing all of this alone.
It helps to have a second set of ears to hear all the medical jargon.
My turn next? Yes.
Rhys Rutstein, status 2 on the heart transplant list, born with a single-ventricle defect.
Post-op from receiving a central shunt and recovering very well.
It's possible you might be able to take Rhys home some time next week.
Home? Next week? Ah, yes.
There's no reason Rhys has to wait for a heart here.
Oh, Noah.
That's amazing.
Oh, I'm not I-I don't think I'm ready for this.
I mean, I am, but home without all the doctors or nurses or you You can do this.
You and Rhys are gonna be just fine.
We'll check in with you later.
Yang, did you read the recent "West coast surgical journal" article on central shunts? They listed some very compelling statistics.
No, I didn't.
I'll get you a copy.
Check out the new girl.
I was gonna call her Droopy.
But maybe Perky now.
Or Doc.
Look at that thing.
What do those run, 5k? - I don't know.
It was a gift.
- Oh, from daddy? No.
All right.
Don't get defensive, princess.
Just a question.
What's this? That's your job this morning.
I'm on my way into surgery.
But, uh, little Carter Kaynig in room nine, he swallowed some crayons.
Crayons aren't toxic.
Don't we just wait for them to pass? That's exactly what his parents have been doing for the past eight days.
Bowel's impacted.
The kid's in a lot of pain, and he won't be passing it on his own, so You don't want me to Start digging, princess.
You might want to take off your watch first.
I'm here, I'm ready, I'm excited Stop right there.
That all of that fake enthusiasm I see through it, and I don't appreciate insubordination.
Okay? So just order these by date of appointment made.
Uh okay.
Problem? No, no, no.
It's just outpatient surgery.
I was hoping I'd be doing some surgery on the outpatients.
Oh, you'll be cutting.
It's lump and bump day.
Yay? This hospital likes to schedule all of its outpatient mass and growth removals on one day.
So one lucky surgeon will find herself carving out glorified pimples for 12 freakin' hours.
It's called whittling.
A hillbilly with a pocketknife could do it.
Come with me.
Publer? Pube-publer? Pu-publer? We're seeing all of them today? Oh, this is just this morning's.
Sharpen your pocketknife, Jethro.
Crossley's getting a pacemaker today for a complete heart block.
Barring any complications, she'll be going home this afternoon.
What'd they say? I'm going home later today, honey.
He's deaf in one ear.
We'll be prepping you for surgery soon.
It should be a fairly simple procedure.
Well, I wasn't planning on staying here overnight.
No one's arguing with you, honey.
See you soon.
I took the liberty of reserving O.
three for you.
I know you prefer it.
And I e-mailed you a list of Mrs.
Crossley's latest rhythms for reference.
Perky Man the NICU.
Check my post-ops.
Grumpy, scrubbing in.
Ah, look at that.
Guess I'm scrubbing in.
What are you doing? Oh.
Uh, I'm sorry.
I was I was just Never mind.
I don't care.
Go away.
We need a doctor.
Sir, sir.
Just calm down.
Just tell me what happened.
- I think we killed bigfoot.
- Bigfoot? Yeah.
I was just having a go at some whitetails, and I heard this scream.
You shot someone? I-I didn't see him.
I swear.
It just happened so fast, and then I saw this thing coming at me, like-like a monster.
- Did you shoot him again? - I may have fired a warning shot.
And I was just headed into town and it jumped into the road.
I tried to swerve, but Wait.
You shot bigfoot? And then you ran him over? Yes.
Well, where's bigfoot now exactly? You're doing great.
Ultrasound shows the baby has C.
I'm sorry.
What? Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia.
He may not be able to oxygenate well when he's born.
Well, why didn't you page Dr.
Karev? He's in surgery.
He sent you.
Um, how old is she - The mom? - 15.
Don't just stand around watching.
Do something.
My baby's in pain! Could you page Dr.
Karev again, please? Aah! I can't do this.
I can't do this.
- I can't do this.
- Yes, you can, Kimmy.
One last push.
Here we go.
Watch the monitor.
He's so small.
He's just What do we do? What do we do? You're the surgeon, hon.
You tell us.
Wilson, what do you want us to do? Okay, okay.
His SATs are low.
We need to intubate.
Get me a laryngoscope and intubation tray.
It hurts.
It's okay, sugar.
It's okay.
Right? Everything is okay? Okay, hand me a size 4 E.
No, no, no.
A smaller one.
SATs are dropping.
There you go.
Okay, hang on.
His epiglottis is floppy.
- There no time to hang on.
- What's happening? Somebody want to tell my baby what's happening? If I could just get this tube to pass.
Wilson Got it.
Got it.
I got it.
- You're doing just fine.
- Okay.
Now what's next? Um, I think that, um How about suction? And maybe you want to put in an umbilical catheter.
And please page Dr.
Karev again.
I'll page him.
Guy's crazy, wearing this thing.
I-it's like he wanted to get shot.
Brooks, get over here and help with the cutting.
Did you cut him? Don't cut my ghillie suit.
His what? It's army issue.
Best damn camouflage there is.
Yeah, for war.
Not hunting deer.
We wear orange coats for a reason.
Oh, I got it.
I got it.
You know, I myself prefer hobbies like stamp collecting or crochet Something that doesn't involve guns and helpless little creatures.
- Um, Brooks, escort the gentlemen outside.
- Okay.
- This way.
- Hi, Dr.
Torres, we just heard back about the cadaver nerves, but the longest they have is 7 centimeters.
Oh, damn it.
We need more than that.
No blood in the pericardium.
There's definite abdominal guarding.
Brooks, reach in my left pocket.
Get my phone.
Go into my phone book.
Go to "Shepherd Nancy, Amy, Liz, and Kate.
" Call all of his sisters.
See which one's willing to donate a nerve.
First one that bites, grab me.
Okay, Derek was very clear.
He wants to use a cadaver nerve for his hand surgery.
You're on sister duty.
You're sure you don't need more hands, you know, in here? - We got this.
- Nope.
- We got it.
We should turn him over.
- Yes.
- See if there's an exit wound.
- Yeah? Okay.
Fill me in.
Baby born with a C.
I intubated him.
But the SATs are still low.
Ah, it could be pulmonary hypertension.
You ever hooked a baby up to ECMO before? I never intubated a baby before five minutes ago.
Okay, we hook up catheters into his neck, pump his blood into the ECMO machine, which puts in oxygen, and takes out the carbon dioxide.
Then it cycles it all back in.
You need to make sure that you get good borders so we can send this to path.
That's Whoa.
What do you mean? What's "Whoa"? I don't know.
It just keeps coming.
You don't know? Hi.
I know how scary this must be for you.
But I want you to know that we are taking really good care of you, okay? Dr.
Ross a word.
What was that? I don't know, but it's disgusting.
You were, like, a magician with a handkerchief.
Ross, these lumps are attached to people.
Scared people.
You need to acknowledge that fear and ease it.
You look them in the eye, you talk to them like you care.
I-imagine if it were you and I was pulling a wormy handkerchief out of your flesh.
I I'm sure you think this is beneath you.
Okay? I get it.
I know you guys call me "The dud.
" But that doesn't mean that these patients don't deserve your respect and care, now matter how crappy you feel.
Do you understand? I I think so.
Enough with the attitude.
Hello? And here you go.
I'll see you soon.
Dude, I am a rock star.
I just rocked pacemaker post-op dictation on my own.
That is how much Yang trusts me.
That's cool.
Not as cool as this maybe.
That's disgusting.
- Yeah.
- Hey, have you seen Leah? 'Cause I have some more gloating to do.
Oh, yeah.
I just passed her.
What do you see? Is that an effusion around his heart? How could he have C.
? He has a shunt.
His shunt might be leaking.
- He's tamponading.
- What happened? He was fine, and then he just he wasn't.
It's okay.
It'll be okay.
Let's prep him for transport.
What can I do? Do you need another set of hands in there? I need you to keep an eye on my patients and call the O.
tell them we're coming up.
Look at that.
Guess I'm scrubbing in this time.
Uh, the bullet's torn through the colon.
We're gonna have to resect this.
Um she belong to any of you? Brooks, do I look like I enjoy multitasking? What's the report? I-I left messages for Kathleen and Amy.
Nancy hung up on me.
I called her back.
She hung up on me again so I'm guessing that she's a "No.
" But I did talk to Lizzie, and she might be in.
Also, she wanted to know what size Zola wears now.
And I thought maybe a 2-T, but that's just a guess.
Anyway, can I scrub in? Meredith.
I just got call from Lizzie.
She's under the impression she's gonna donate a nerve to me.
Yay! Not yay.
I thought I made it clear, I didn't want my family involved.
Well, a live donor nerve is preferable, and it's definitely easier to find.
My hand, my sisters, my decision.
The longer we wait, the less chance we have that it will work.
And we need this to work, sooner rather than later.
Sounds like a no-brainer to me.
But what do I know? I don't have sisters.
Who'd you get to make the calls? Call them all back and undo what you did.
Don't undo a thing.
You're doing great.
You've isolated the jugular and the carotid, avoided the vagus nerve.
Now you need to put in a venous drainage cannula.
- I hadn't even - He's coding.
Switch with me.
You need to do C.
While I hook the kid up to ECMO.
At the same time? How will that work? Start the compressions now.
Keep going.
Keep going.
How long have we been going? Stop.
Karev, I heard you had a crash ECMO.
You need my help? You need me to take over? No, no, just connecting it to the circuit.
Initiate bypass.
We did it.
Son of a bitch.
And it seems like only yesterday that I was showing you how to do your first pulmonary hypoplasia.
I hope you're taking notes, Wilson.
He's one of the good ones.
So what's next? Well, now that he's hooked up to ECMO, the baby needs to be monitored 24/7.
Gonna be a long day and a longer night.
You might want to go grab a power nap, princess.
Why do you keep calling me princess? Mm.
Have you seen yourself? You see anything? Looks great so far, ma'am.
What is it? Hi.
I know this must be scary for you right now.
I want you to know we're gonna take really good care of you, okay? There's just a little gross growth bump on your bottom.
Excuse me.
What do you do when you need to Sorry.
When you need the lab to fast-track a a specimen? What is wrong with you? That lady has the most disgusting butt scab.
It's just Oh, my gosh.
You're a child.
Tell the lab to Tell them that I said to push this to the front of the line.
We're gonna need those results stat.
Would you mind doing it? Nope.
Leah's a shark.
Don't know why Yang can't see it.
Oh, how great does this feel? Hit me, vitamin D.
Mama needs a power nap.
I smell crab cakes.
We're by the kitchen.
No, it's not crab cakes.
It's meat loaf.
I love/hate it so much.
Oh, man.
It's like Vegas in there.
No idea when it's day or night.
Sun, meet Shane.
Shane, sun.
Nice change from the black hole of sepsis I've been staring at for the past half-hour.
You should see the thing growing on this one woman's ass.
It is so nasty.
Wouldn't bother me.
I am just fine with nasty things.
Although all Karev does is call me "Princess.
" What is that? I don't act like some priss, do I? Am I prissy? What? I am not prissy.
How do you like that? You spit like a priss.
Just let it go to voice mail.
I can't handle another raging Shepherd sister.
Actually, I think you should take this.
- It says "Bigfoot.
" - Oh! I'm here.
I got your page.
How can I help? Oh, sorry, sorry.
That was me.
I needed Grey.
I forgot you had her phone.
Um, well, maybe I can help since I'm here.
I could-I could irrigate that wound or Are you gonna get that? Hello.
Grey's phone.
Heather speaking.
Oh, hey, Lizzie.
Yeah, I know.
She just keeps getting cuter every day.
Um okay.
I'll ask.
- What did she say? - That Zola's the cutest niece ever and she's wondering if you're visiting for Christmas, 'cause there should be snow.
What about the nerve? Uh, she's getting back to me.
Hi, again.
I understand.
It is a lot to ask.
Hey, hang on.
Heather Brooks.
Hi, Kathleen.
How did you get my cell phone number? Sorry.
Hang on.
Yes, Liz.
I-I have Kathleen on another line.
I-I-I don't know if she booked her flight yet.
Please don't make me repeat all of that to her.
The other line's going.
Oh, hang on.
Grey, it's Dr.
Simpson's office.
They want to confirm your ultrasound.
Hang up.
Right now.
Oh, is Rhys out of surgery already? No.
I just I couldn't wait in the surgical waiting area.
It's where I found out my wife had died.
It's not my favorite place.
I'm sorry.
They'll page me when it's done.
And in the meantime, I get to watch Laura play solitaire on her phone.
I'm addicted.
It's pathetic.
She never takes her eyes off the screen.
You know, I don't even know if she knows what I look like.
Big nose, receding hairline, tiny, beady eyes.
Well, I've been told I look like George Clooney.
Edwards, I've got U.
on the line for Dr.
Oh, my god.
It could be Samantha's heart.
Or it could be a routine call.
This is Dr.
Part of my job is to keep you from letting your emotions get away from you.
Remember? But, yeah, it could be her heart, and by the end of the day, she could have a chance at a real life.
Yes, I've got the chart right here.
And Rhys is gonna get out of surgery.
- He's gonna be fine.
- Wait.
What? And they're both gonna be regular kids.
And you and I are gonna - keep being there for each other - Mm-hmm.
'Cause I can't imagine going through any of this without you.
I mean, I I can't imagine life without you.
How is that for not letting my emotions get away from me? Okay.
Was that is there a heart? Uh, I-I'm-I'm gonna go find Dr.
Yang, I just received a call from U.
A heart's available.
We have an hour to let them know if we want it.
We want it.
Call them back right away.
Charge to 5.
Is there a heart for Samantha? Mr.
Rutstein, could I talk to you? Uh, what is it? Is Rhys okay? He's still in surgery.
He's in critical condition.
- Oh, god.
- It's gonna be fine.
Rutstein, could I speak with you privately? - Oh.
- I'll be outside if you need anything.
I-I want you here.
I need you here.
Rhys has gotten worse, much worse, 'causing his status to change.
He's been moved to the top of the transplant list.
There is a heart.
Our team is harvesting it as we speak.
But if it's in good condition, it's not going to Samantha.
It's going to Rhys.
Don't even try to get in on the transplant.
It's mine.
We don't have to do this.
The fighting, the competing, it's What's wrong? You worried that Yang's starting to like me better? Please tell me that heart is on its way.
The harvest team will be here in 30 minutes.
What's wrong with your face? I had to tell Noah his son gets a transplant in front of Laura.
It's like I personally stole her daughter's heart.
An equation decides where the heart goes, - not us.
- I know.
Scrub in on the transplant, Grumpy.
It'll cheer you up.
I'm so sad and sensitive.
" "I really could use some cheering up, Dr.
" Nicely done.
You're saying, the baby needs that machine to stay alive? Well, for now.
ECMO, it works a little like bypass to give your grandson's heart a rest.
For how long? 'Cause my friend Nikki's having a party for me on friday, and I'm supposed to bring the baby.
Kimmy, your baby will be here a lot longer than friday.
How much longer? Weeks? Months? It's hard to know at this point.
I'll have to call Nikki.
She ordered cupcakes and stuff.
Mom, where's your phone? Oh, here.
Kimmy, would you like to go in and see your baby now? No, thanks.
Are you sure? You won't hurt anything.
I can wheel you right up next to the bed.
It's not like he's gonna know who I am or anything.
I'm tired.
Can I just go back to my room? Sure, baby.
Oh, I can't believe we didn't get through everybody today, and now I am on lumps and bumps again tomorrow.
Still, we got through a bunch of Word of advice.
You want to avoid lump and bump day again, just make sure you pass your stupid boards, or you will always get stuck doing Sorry.
Um You can go, Ross.
That's all.
You want me to help tomorrow? Don't mock me, Ross.
It's been a long day.
Just get outta here.
Oh, my god congratulations.
No! Did the doctor call back? Yes.
To confirm your appointment for the 8-week ultrasound? So you know that? I do? Okay, let's be clear.
You never heard anything.
You know nothing.
And you don't ever mention any of this to anyone, ever.
You got it? Is there anything else you would like to say before we drop this subject for the rest of eternity? Congratulations? I can't wait to scrub in on something like that.
That should be me down there.
Look at that.
Yang just ligated the pulmonary artery with one stitch.
She's incredible.
Yes, she is.
You sure you're not asleep with your eyes open? You've been staring at that kid for an hour.
She didn't even want to see him.
She cared more about her best friend's stupid pizza party than seeing her child.
Well, she's 15.
It doesn't matter.
She oughta You don't know her story.
Not everybody lives in a perfect little world like you.
I never said my world was perfect.
Oh Princeton, Harvard, perfect G.
Look, not all of us go to Ivy league schools or drive fancy cars or rely on our richy-rich daddies to bankroll our pretty little lives.
Some of us have to overcome more than others.
I know that.
So get over it, princess.
You're in no position to judge.
Did you also know that I blow my nose with $100 bills? And my 1-year-old birthday cake was made out of caviar.
Also, in one of the rooms of my obscenely big mansion, instead of paint, I just lined the walls with mink.
Shut up.
It's true.
Guess how many fireplaces I've got.
Well, 28 if you count the butler's room.
But, please, he's the help.
Explains a lot.
Obviously, the next 24 hours will be critical, but so far, he is the poster child for transplant.
Do an A.
every two hours and monitor his pH level.
We've been waiting for a heart for months.
Her SATs aren't budging.
She's dying.
I sit here and play solitaire because I can't watch my baby die.
And I That was her heart.
That was her heart, and you I want to be happy for you.
But right now I can't.
I just can't.
Oh, give me that coffee.
I'm so tired right now, I'm sleepwalking.
Which I do, by the way.
In college, I sleptwalk into this guy's room, and when I woke up, we were doing it.
No, he was hot.
Where did you get that? The coffee cart's closed.
Would you judge me if I told you I stole it from a nurse when she wasn't looking? She's a stealer, too.
Little baby hearts.
No wonder you guys get along so well.
Aren't you supposed to be with Karev in the ECMO room? Yeah, but I keep falling asleep, so he sent me out to walk around and wake myself up because a tiny, fragile baby's life is in my very tired hands.
That's frightening.
No, it's not.
It's awesome.
All the attendings are asleep right now, - and we're in charge.
- Mm.
We're saving lives.
I'm making phone calls.
Uh, lifesaving phone calls.
And you're removing warts.
And saving lives.
And she's stealing surgeries from me.
Stop complaining.
This is it, you know? We're surgeons.
We're no longer med students waiting to be surgeons.
- We're - Help! Someone help us! What the Oh, my god.
Oh, hell, no.
God, I love this job.
Crossley, you need to put your wife down.
- I've got her.
- Just let go of her ankles.
I'm not putting her down.
If I put her down, she goes out.
Sir, we're doctors.
We can help.
Show 'em, honey.
- I can't feel a pulse.
- Starting C.
I'll grab a crash cart.
I'm picking her back up.
Sir, sir.
You need to back away.
Found one.
What the hell? Now get us a real damn doctor! So, Mrs.
Crossley, you went home, you were feeling fine, you had a coughing spasm, and then, uh, you passed out? Yes.
She slipped when I tried to pick her up, so I just grabbed her by her ankles.
And she regained consciousness.
Please tell me I don't have to spend the rest of my life upside down.
Oh, no.
Your coughing episode knocked the ventricular lead from your pacemaker loose.
We're gonna have to open you back up and reposition the lead.
This is it, people.
Your chance to scrub in on one of the coolest, most innovative surgeries you will ever see.
Was that a yawn? Avery, did you see a yawn? - Brooks, you're out.
- But If you can't handle one overnight shift, you can't handle this surgery.
Look alive, people.
All right.
Now the rest of you will each get a chance to examine our patient before we move on to the skills lab portion of the contest.
Avery, will you bring in our patient? Now Dr.
Torres and I will be performing a nerve transplant on Dr.
Shepherd's injured hand.
We need an intern we can trust.
And that's saying a lot, because we don't trust any of you people yet.
Wilson, you're up.
I'm not gonna bite you, Wilson.
And you're done.
Did you do a proximal or a distal repair the first time? Come on.
You should know the answer to that by looking at the scars.
You're done.
You're done.
I'm Dr.
Yeah, I know who you are, Shane.
I know.
I was just Do you have any pain with prehension or pronation? Yeah.
It's getting worse, though.
I know this must be scary for you.
It would be for me.
That's for sure.
But Dr.
Torres and Dr.
Avery, they're really talented.
They're gonna take really good care of you.
I know it.
Okay, we're done.
I've selected our winner.
Ross is the only one who actually treated the patient like a patient.
You're on the team.
Thank you.
Thank me later.
He gets grouchy.
It's true.
All right.
You can leave now.
Crossley's mine.
I'm prepping her.
Not if I get there first.
Hey, no running! Oh! Oh.
Damn it.
I'm prepping her.
Not you.
Looks like I'm the one who's got the portable monitor.
- I'm the one that's got her leads.
- I got the chart.
Excuse me.
Can I You don't get to steal this from me.
You stole the transplant from me.
I'm sorry, but I Gimmie! Can you guys just hold on one second? Ooh.
Too late.
I'm done.
Oh, my god.
- Pull it out.
Pull it out.
- What? You hooked her O-2 to the I.
No, no, no, no, no.
If an air embolus gets into her heart, it'll kill her.
What? Oh, my god.
Oh, my god.
Oh, my god.
Oh, my What's going on? They're trying to kill me! That's what's going on.
Kimmy, hey.
If you want to get up to the NICU, the south elevator's actually a little bit closer.
- I could take you there - That's okay.
Were you discharged already? Where's the damn elevator? Uh, my shift's not over for another couple of hours.
What time are you coming back? You don't have to talk to her, Kimmy.
I-I I'm not coming back.
What? Of course you are.
Hey, hang on.
You can't just leave.
You have a baby.
She has a baby upstairs.
He's 1 day old.
Yeah, and he's all messed up.
So you're just gonna You can't you can't abandon him.
No, you can't.
No! Let me on.
You don't want to mess with me.
You don't want to mess with me.
No, stop.
You can't walk out on that baby! You can't do that! Get off me! - No! - Let her go! - No! - Hey, let 'em go.
You're crazy! Let 'em go.
Why aren't you in the tunnels? Interns always hang out in the tunnels.
This place smells like fish.
Look, I don't know what your deal is, but you can't go around assaulting patients.
She was abandoning her baby.
Then let the cops handle it.
It's not your job, princess.
Stop calling me princess! My mother left me at a fire station when I was 2 weeks old.
I got bumped around Foster homes till I was 16, when I took matters into my hands and started living out of a car.
I parked it behind the gym of my high school so I could sneak in and use the showers before class.
My home EC teacher Ms.
Schmidt she let me do my laundry there for free.
And, yeah, I got into good schools because I worked my ass off.
And when I walked across that stage at graduation, I didn't have a cheering section filled with my richy-rich family.
I had one person Ms.
That's it.
She's the one who gave me this watch when I got the job.
Her son works for the company.
It is a nice watch.
This was not just my fault.
It sure as hell wasn't mine.
You could have killed her.
I understand competition and drive, but you two, You need to figure out how to work together, and you better do it fast.
You're both off my service.
I'll do you one better.
You're both banned from the O.
until further notice.
Thank you.
Guess what.
Butt-scab lady was seen by oncology last night.
The mass was malignant.
They said I might have got it all.
What are you doing here? I told you I'd come help with the rest of your lumps and bumps today.
Who put you up to this? Because nobody slums it down here unless they have to.
I'm here because I want to be.
All I ever wanted to be was a surgeon.
And now Torres just chose me to scrub in on one of the coolest surgeries I'll ever see because of you.
You gave me 27 solo procedures yesterday.
At least one of them saved a woman's life.
I'm grateful for this job and I'm grateful to you.
I'm hardly slumming it.
So I'm gonna glove up and I'm gonna help you with your lumps and you're gonna like it.
But you get the nasty smelling green one in bed two.
I'm off Dr.
Yang's service now.
But I wanted to come by one last time to I'm sorry, but Could you excuse me for just one minute? Yes.
You okay? They say there's still a chance he may reject the heart.
He won't reject it.
This happened before.
It has nothing to do Hey, you.
Yeah, you.
Did you or did you not shut things down with my sisters? Don't bring Brooks into this.
You brought Brooks into this.
They are your family and they want to help you.
Right? Oh, oh.
You're asking me? Yes.
Um, they seemed willing to help.
Of course they want to help me.
I practically raised them.
But if my sisters find out that I need help Look, who did you call so I can call and shut this down? Don't tell him that.
Don't tell her not to tell me.
All right, enough.
You know that live nerves are better than dead ones.
Even I know that, and I'm an intern.
And you.
You put me in a really awkward position today.
You just threw me to the wolves.
Not that I'm comparing your sisters to wolves.
But oh, my god.
They're out for blood.
They are furious with you that you didn't call them yourself.
And they told me some things.
Okay? Unkind things.
And now I know stories about you.
And you, too.
I know things about both of you that I don't want to know.
I don't want to be in on your secrets or your fights.
It makes me really, really, really uncomfortable.
Let me guess.
Your parents had a messy divorce and always put you in the middle.
Am I right? How'd you know that? Lucky guess.
One of the wolves.
Good to see you, Mer.
I hope you got some baby pictures handy because I did not take the red-eye just so my brother could hack my nerves into hamburger meat.
There don't have to be harps playing or birds singing or rose petals falling from the sky I have never been this tired, ever.
I have a jacket.
It's so far away.
I just want to go home.
Hunt really put you guys on probation? And there are definitely days when the romance is dead.
But if you look around Coming through! Things are pretty amazing.
So stop for a second.
Enjoy the beauty.
Feel the magic.
- Drink it in.
- Watch your back! 'Cause it won't last forever.
The romance will fade.
Things will happen.
People will change.
Out of the way! Out of the way! Love will die.
But Maybe not today.
I can't believe they used to be us.

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