Grey's Anatomy s10e22 Episode Script

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

Sometimes, you just need to get out of town, get a new perspective.
But you can't always see that you need a new perspective because you, well, need a new perspective to be able to see that.
Hey, Cleveland clinic wants to know if you can come present your paper there.
It's complicated.
Why? 'cause the guy who won the Harper Avery's too busy? This loss does not define you.
Well, good.
So then stop trying to get me to go somewhere to get over it.
And Zurich's been calling three times a day, - wanting you to present there, too.
- Owen This past year has been all about the conduit trial.
Let yourself be flown first-class to the Alps and take the time to figure out what it is you want to do next.
I know what I want to do next Get this board meeting over with.
Okay, that's everybody.
Shut the door.
Well, wait.
Where's Avery? We can get started without him.
I asked Hunt to share some news with you.
Russell spoke with me yesterday.
- He's leaving the hospital.
- My boss Russell? He assured me four times that it had nothing to do with this Harper Avery situation.
Which means it has everything to do with this Harper Avery situation.
I'm sorry, am I missing something? What situation? No one from this hospital will ever win a Harper Avery.
Catherine Avery told that to Richard.
Richard thinks we should appeal.
You mean I should appeal and humiliate myself further? This is not about you, Yang.
This is about the hospital being able to get money for research and to attract more surgeons.
We're already losing top talent.
Eh, Russell's a loss, but he's no Cristina Yang.
Yeah, but Cristina Yang can't be Cristina Yang if we lose funding.
The N.
funds winners people with track records.
People with Harper Averys.
Appealing the decision is not the worst idea in the world.
What do you think, Yang? You in? Let me go.
I hate this, Mer.
I just want one day where I'm not reminded of the Harper Avery.
A-and now the hospital's in danger of losing grants? How is being nominated for this award going to cost me grants? Did everyone forget that I put a printed conduit in a kid and it worked? A bunch of guys in Zurich didn't forget.
They want you to come and speak about it.
It's a free trip.
I mean, an hour of talking for five days in the Swiss Alps? I'm not running away.
I know that.
Yeah, but that's what everyone's gonna think.
No, they don't.
Everyone here is angry for you.
Everyone supports you.
Okay, can we just stop for a minute about how the hospital is one big, happy family? It's a business.
I get it.
Catherine Avery made a business decision.
I've moved on.
Everyone else should, too.
And there you go.
See right there? That little blueberry's what you've been waiting for Or not.
This wasn't the idea? Uh, well, sure.
Are you looking to terminate? - God, no, no.
- No, no.
Okay, then.
Well, get dressed and meet me in my office.
You don't want to terminate, do you? No.
I want us to be happy about this.
I-I am happy.
The Coopers chose to do their surgery here because we've done so many of them that we're getting good at it.
This one is a little bit tricky because it involves the brain.
- Are you ready for this? - Third time, yeah.
I'm just saying, this is a very big surgery.
Derek, you asked me to do it.
If you're having second thoughts about me, just It's too late for that now, isn't it? You must be Annie and Liz.
Nothing gets past you, huh? - Be nice.
- I am.
It's just unlikely he's gonna confuse us with another patient.
Kenzie? Yes.
The girls' pediatrician.
But, for the record, we're 25, and he's no longer our doctor.
He's more like our groupie.
I was gonna say family.
Our mom died a few years ago, and since then, he's really been There for us.
Well, it's nice to finally meet you.
- I'm Dr.
- And so am I.
- His sister.
- Mm.
Good-looking doctors run in the family.
And these are some of the roughly 40 people who will be working on you.
I'm not gonna ask you to learn their names.
Maybe you should.
We could take a test, before and after surgery.
See if you cut through our memory centers.
Will you stop saying things like that? I'm just keeping it real.
Oh, you're impossible.
Oh, I am so late.
This has got to stop.
We can't stay up until 3:00 in the morning, talking about how much you love your new job.
Well, that's not all we were doing.
I miss having you here.
You can always call me if you need help.
That's not why I miss you.
And why would I need help? I'm not saying you do.
I'm saying if you do.
I am perfectly capable of making medical decisions without the help of my boyfriend.
Dude, you're being weird.
Get out of the car before you escalate.
These are the most complex brain scans you will ever see.
As you will see, these women share brain matter.
Separating them is made even more complicated by the fact There is one shared sagittal sinus supplying blood to the brain.
First, we need to determine which lucky twin gets to keep that, and the other twin gets a graft.
Grey and Dr.
Webber will harvest the saphenous vein.
Which will be used as the new sagittal sinus.
Meanwhile, Dr.
Torres will Be making a mold of the cranial bone flap, so then we'll be able to replace the missing part of the skull Which we will cover with a flap for now.
But I'll place skin expanders so we're able to fully cover the entire defect.
We need to move quickly and meticulously to turn one brain into two with the least amount of deficit.
If this surgery scares you, if you're not up to the challenge, let me know.
I need everybody confident in there.
Get ready.
I'm on Dr.
Bailey's service today, and Dr.
Bailey's avoiding us.
Uh, we wouldn't let her put H.
into our son.
It's replacing an enzyme.
It's not Oh, we know.
But we stuck to our guns, and now look at him.
Um, his numbers are fantastic, so I'll see if Dr.
Bailey wants to graduate him to solid food.
Oh, and tell her we're not mad at her.
Oh, we're a little mad.
We're just thrilled that Braden's doing so well.
Sabine? This was Frankie's pillow.
I just bit the head off of an orderly who tried to take the pillowcase.
I should, uh I should probably go and apologize.
Don't-don't worry about it.
Don't worry about it.
But he's been so good to me.
He came to Frankie's funeral, and he's been taking care of my family.
I'm discharging you.
What? All of you.
Link is on the transplant list.
He can wait for a heart at home.
And Ivy is stable.
She should recover in her own bedroom, with her stuff and her friends.
We can go home? We can go home.
You suffered an unimaginable loss, and you have two kids who are alive and getting better.
Your family needs to heal, and you can't do that here.
- All right.
- That's one ticket, round trip.
And your destination is? Zurich.
Zurich it is.
You've reached the voicemail of Dr.
Meredith Grey.
Please leave a message.
Hey, you're probably asleep or something.
I-I have no idea what time it is there.
I barely know what day it is.
I love Zurich! Well, what I've seen of it, which is my hotel room.
But, Meredith, oh, it is ya-hoo! This bed is like a giant's bed or something, if a giant were rich and liked weird-shaped pillows.
I have slept for 24 hours, literally.
Oh, and I have to give my talk, which is in a few hours, and then I'm flying back.
So you can't get my chocolate.
So I-I don't think I'm gonna have time to get you your stuff.
Why can't you just get it at the airport? Wait you know what? Maybe I can just grab something at the airport.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- Ultrasound's ready.
- Okay.
We're gonna see which saphenous vein to harvest.
Ooh, that's so cold.
Oh, wait.
How did you We share some of the sensory cortex.
When they were little, I'd give Annie a shot, and Lizzie would cry.
The whole office would come in and watch us do our party trick.
It's gonna be so weird not having an audience for everything we do.
Good weird, Annie.
I know.
It's just I don't know how to do anything without you.
I-I mean, I walk by leaning on you.
I don't drive, because you're on the driver's side.
And at work, when a client gets obnoxious, I let you yell at them.
Well, I'll still yell at people for you and drive you to work, but you're gonna have to learn to walk on your own, or that's just gonna be weird.
Stop making everything a joke.
- Stop thinking about mom.
- I'm not.
Dude, we share a brain.
She just always said it was too dangerous to separate us.
Your situation has changed, Annie.
I think even your mother would see how necessary it is now.
Your blood supplies overlap.
Liz's heart is doing more work than yours, which is causing high-output cardiac failure.
Your bodies can't sustain this much longer.
Meaning if we don't do anything, we both die.
I'm gonna do the stupid surgery.
Don't get all weepy, Kenzie.
Bailey Braden Morris' parents think that you're avoiding them.
I'm not avoiding them.
Yeah, well, they want to make sure that you know that they're not mad at you.
Imagine my relief.
They're thrilled, because Braden's doing great.
He's got 500 T-cells.
It's a miracle.
Can he have solid food? He can have whatever he wants.
Um, monitor his vitals every two hours - and get a full set of labs again in four.
- Okay.
Wilson, I have back-to-back patients, and Babs Martin, my colectomy patient, needs a central line.
- She has no peripheral access.
- Got it.
I'll do it now.
- Good.
- Oh, no, you won't.
and the delightful but demon-like little girl next door also needs a new feeding tube.
And they're kids little, tiny humans and we don't make little, tiny humans wait for things like feeding tubes and drain removals, do we? No, we don't.
You're awesome.
Okay, I will take care of twin "A.
" Amy will take care of twin "B.
" - Dr.
- What? No, I mean my name is Dr.
You said "Amy," and that makes me sound like some sorority girl tagging along on your brain surgery when, in fact, I am your co-surgeon.
I apologize.
Everybody clear on their role? Uh, Torres? - Yeah, I'm good.
- Avery? Yeah, me too.
Amy uh, Dr.
I'm ready.
All right.
See everybody in surgery.
Get some food, people.
This is the last time you'll be eating for a while.
Amy, let's go over this one more time.
All right.
Mer, would you grab me an energy bar? Yeah.
You know, he thinks you're great, so I don't know why he treats you like I'm incompetent.
Because he's twin "A.
" Always has been, always will be.
Which makes me twin "B.
" Super fun.
Hey, uh, Raynbow Williams in bed three needs an abdominal exam to rule out appendicitis.
Ooh, "Raynbow.
" I'm gonna add that to my list of baby names.
Really? Yep, right after Bubba, Toolio, and Agamemnon.
Agamemnon? That-that is that's-that's pretty.
No, it's not.
It's child abuse.
But Callie keeps shooting down all the cute names that I suggest, so my new strategy is to bury the cute names in a sea of terrible ones.
So, um Zamboni, Hashtag, Digger.
You guys aren't even pregnant yet, and you're so Crazy? No, no.
I was-I was gonna say excited.
Imagine how insufferable I'll be when there's an actual baby to talk about.
Once we came up with a closed seeding system, we were able to speed the time between bone-marrow aspiration and graft implantation.
I have a question.
Does the difference in tensile strength between the patient's tissue and the bioprinted conduit increase the risk of turbulent flow at the anastomosis? No.
Our conduits exhibit laminar flow.
And testing revealed a tensile strength of 0.
6 megapascals.
Without long-term follow-up, how can you claim that your conduit supercedes the standard prosthetic conduit? We expect our conduits to grow and remodel throughout the patient's lifetime.
Thus obviating the need for serial operations.
More time-consuming up front, but worth it in the long run.
Don't you run the risk of your cells undergoing apoptosis when seeded on the hydrogel? That was a concern initially, but we discovered 90% of the seeded cells remained viable after one week.
I was very surprised.
Thank you, Dr.
We would love to see the data from your initial patients.
Oh, well, uh, your office has my e-mail.
I'd be-I'd be happy to share it with you.
You were wise to bring her, Burke.
She'll teach us all a thing or two.
She certainly will.
You did this? I thought it was someone named Weiss.
Weiss is one of my staff.
I didn't think you'd, uh, respond to an invitation from me, given the circumstances of our last interaction.
Me in a white dress and you fleeing the state.
Well, a follow-up to that is delicate.
Why am I here? Because I wanted to talk to you about your unpublished details of your protocol.
And you brought me Well, this is my hospital.
I get to fly people 6,000 miles to ask them questions.
Let me return the favor Show you what I've been working on.
I have a surgery this afternoon.
I would really love for you to scrub in unless you have plans.
I have to make a phone call.
Oh, go ahead.
I'll catch up with you later.
And, uh, tell Meredith I said hello.
Hey, is that her? Mnh-mnh.
We keep missing each other.
Is she having a good time? Uh, yeah.
She's just saying her speech went well and - Burke is here.
- What? - Burke.
- Shut up.
What? Nothing, nothing.
She's saying that, um, she got a standing ovation.
I knew this trip was gonna be great for her.
- Mer, call me back.
- Mm-hmm.
I can't do this.
You guys, the last time I did this, I went Through the table.
We know.
That's why we're practicing.
What are we doing? Dr.
Shepherd picked Leah to do the burr holes on the Cooper twins.
Doesn't he know that last time she - Shut up.
- How's scut? Mm.
I'm actually killing it.
You're killing her! I can't do this.
Stop it.
That was your first one.
You know how hard to go now.
Try it again.
I just think it's kind of shocking that the first option tossed onto the table for a pregnant woman with mixed feelings is termination.
I think she's just doing her job.
Can you just be on my side? I am on your side.
I just don't think we need to vilify the O.
- for one comment.
- I wasn't.
I-I was Maybe I was.
I don't know.
I don't want to fight.
Me neither.
What about Phoebe if it's a girl? Phoebe Freebie? Slutty.
Uh, but, uh, cute.
It's one of the better names.
Webber, did I hear that you called a meeting of the board? Yeah, I did.
Well, next time, could you please make sure I'm available? Well, we needed to discuss some issues with the foundation.
Your input wasn't needed.
Excuse me, sir.
If you have something to say about the foundation, you say it to me.
I would appreciate that.
Okay, well, here's what I'll say, then.
I built this place with certain ideals in mind, and I'm not gonna let them be trifled with.
We got in bed with your foundation too fast.
It's clear that there are certain fundamental differences of philosophy.
It's not gonna work.
It's a doomed marriage.
Okay, Babs, let me know if you feel any pain or discomfort.
Wilson, everything okay in here? Yeah.
All good.
Just passing the catheter.
Well, you're running Braden's labs? Yeah, just like you said.
Keep me updated on them.
All right.
Catheter's in.
Babs, we're almost done here.
I just need to remove the wire.
My lucky charm.
Didn't feel a pinch.
I've had lots of practice.
- Oh.
- Ow! That hurts.
It's not coming out.
The wire snagged on something.
Oh, what's happening?! Push 0.
5 of hydromorphone.
Babs, just try and relax, okay? The contours are virtually seamless.
I'm impressed, Torres.
It took hours of meticulous work to perfect these pieces, Derek.
Amelia better not screw it up.
Why would you think that? You treat her like she's the village idiot.
- I do not.
- Yes, you do.
And I need you to tell me that she's not the village idiot.
She is not the village idiot.
I wouldn't let her near the Coopers if she weren't exceedingly capable.
Hey, is that the A fully functioning robotic leg? Yes, it is.
Well, I thought my absence totally stalled the progress.
It did.
So I kind of took it in a different direction.
I'm redirecting the peripheral nerve signals to send commands directly to the prosthetic leg, eliminating your sensors entirely.
I've cut out the middleman.
Oh, so I'm the middleman? No.
I still need you to connect the nerves.
- So I'm just the mechanic? - Kind of.
But I would never let you near it if you weren't exceedingly capable.
You have one new message.
Before you do something rash, remember a few things.
Remember that he cut away pieces of you.
Remember that his mama took your eyebrows.
And remember that you've worked the past seven years to get over It's just coffee.
You still drink it, right? You know, I'm gonna go.
I don't want to miss my flight.
Oh, you're fine.
I had Weiss put another ticket on hold for you.
You know, all this secret making of plans and shuttling me around on your own schedule it's manipulative.
Oh, I'm sorry you see it that way.
You've been following my work? You gonna tell me you haven't been following mine? This surgery you're about to see is new, though.
I didn't want to publish it until I was sure I had what I thought I had.
Do you? Come on.
I'll show you.
They're prepped and ready to go.
Which one is twin "A"? Um You need to identify the twin with the best prognosis.
If things start to go poorly in surgery, the team throws all of their resources toward the stronger twin twin "A.
" It's better to have one alive than neither.
I'm a doctor.
I know how it works.
I delivered these girls, Dr.
I've been to their college graduation, met their boyfriends.
I helped bury their mother.
And I'd like for you to tell me which is twin "A" so I can ask god to take a little extra care of her sister.
Lizzie is twin "A.
" If things go bad in there, all of our resources will go to her.
God help Annie.
Grey, we're ready.
See you on the other side.
And we're gonna want doughnuts, Kenzie.
Don't worry, Annie.
I'll get you doughnuts.
We're almost finished procuring this vein.
Okay, Murphy, how are we doing? She's doing great.
She's done seven burr holes and hasn't punctured the dura.
Checking the last burr hole.
- Well done, Murphy.
- Whoo! Delicate vascular work here.
I'm sorry.
Okay, next, I'll need a number 3 penfield to strip away the sagittal sinus from the bone flap.
Alex, pick up, pick up, pick up! See? I was right.
You need me.
So, what did you screw up now? - Alex, I-I - Look, I'm kidding.
And I'm in the middle of a thing here.
- Can I call you later? - Yeah.
- I'll see you later.
- Hi.
Babs, the wire's caught on something in your chest, so we're gonna take an X-ray to help us see what's going on inside.
Oh, hey, I know.
Uh You know that you still haven't done the drain removal on 3922? I'm glad that you know that, because for some reason, it's not I'm-I'm coming right now.
Babs, just hang on.
Everything's gonna be okay.
This vessel looks like it belongs to Liz.
I'll continue my dissection millimeter by millimeter until we're sure they're stable enough to start ligating the remaining vessels.
The vitals, please? Twin "A," 110/70.
Twin "B," 140/90.
Okay, now, I'm gonna start clipping the bridging veins.
Oh, no.
Does that look like - Yes.
- Damn it.
It's getting dusky.
- Probably propagating.
- Tissues are edematous moving medially - Towards the sinus.
If it gets there - Both flows are compromised.
I know.
- What's happening? - Liz developed a clot, and now they're trying to keep it from spreading to Annie's brain.
They have to move quickly if they're gonna save Annie's life.
We have to separate them now and fast.
- Dissector.
- Try to stay midline.
We'll control the bleeding once they've separated.
Okay, medium clips keep them coming.
- Come on, Annie.
- I'm confused.
I thought that Liz is twin "A.
" I thought that if things went wrong, we were supposed to throw all our resources to her.
Not anymore.
A trancatheter aortic valve replacement.
What's so special about this? You'll see.
You lost the Harper Avery.
Yes, I did.
Uh, you shouldn't feel bad about it.
Well, it's easy for you to say.
You won one.
That's why I can say it.
There was a high after I won and I rode it for a long time.
And then there was a truly awful crash the fear that my best work was behind me.
And, uh, the pressure I put on myself was enormous.
I had to get away, so I came here.
Started working quietly at first, and then I met a gentleman that made a billion in the European bond market, wanted to put his name on something.
He bankrolled this whole place, I brought in people from all over the world just to study hearts.
You don't get government funding? Don't need it.
The interesting thing about this patient is that he has an irregularly shaped valve.
That does not make this interesting.
Does this? That's his heart in hologram.
Composed of pre-op scans.
Complete intraoperative visualization.
You can see it from all angles in real time and even slice it to see the anatomy, assess the ramifications without bearing any of the risk of blind entry.
That's what I've been waiting to publish.
I just wanted to get the kinks out.
Was it worth you sticking around for? Yes, it was.
Wait till you see the rest of the place.
And now.
Irrigate the field.
Drape her loosely.
Derek, you go with the viable twin.
I'll stay here.
No, you go.
I'll be right there.
I just want to try and retrieve the clot.
It's a last-ditch effort, but it may work.
- Can you save her? - Well, if I remove all the clot fast enough, but she'll still have deficits.
Okay, my count.
On three.
Don't worry about Annie.
I've got her.
I know you do.
Okay, let's get Annie next door ASAP.
I need more light, heparinized shunt, and every nonessential person out of here.
All these printers are yours? Yes.
- There's - 49.
We had 50.
One went buggy.
We sent it back.
So you've completed a phase I trial with your conduits.
What's next? I don't know.
I can't I don't know now.
Everything's Because of the award? Oh, I don't care about the award.
Of course you do at least you should.
It's an assessment from people who know that you are what you think you are.
Even you crave that, regardless of I know how valid my work is.
So do I.
I know what's next, and it's big.
But? But You're afraid you can't raise the support after you lost the award.
What is it? I want to print a functional human heart, a beating heart.
We'll do it here.
It's not impossible here.
You can start tomorrow.
All you have to do is say yes.
So, where is Yang on the appeal? I don't know.
I haven't spoken to her since she left.
Well, where is she? She's visiting a hospital in Switzerland.
She's what?! Is she looking for another job?! You see what you did? You go and lose the good ones one by one.
She just went to go give a talk.
I hope you're happy.
Thanks to you and your mother, pretty soon, the only doctors working here will be you and knox.
You have to stop.
It-it was your relationship with the Harper Avery foundation that brought them here in the first place.
You're embarrassed, and-and you're ashamed.
And I'm sorry, but I will not let you take it out on Dr.
Avery anymore.
He deserves your respect.
He's not his mother, so stop it.
Oh, boy.
I never received Babs' films.
I sent them up to Dr.
What?! Why?! It was a critical result, and he's the attending on the chart.
Where is she? With Dr.
Took her upstairs to surgery.
Oh, Steph, I need you! Uh, can you go check on Braden Morris' labs? Bailey is checking for leukocytosis to rule out leukemia.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Leukemia? Why is Bailey How's Annie's saphenous vein graft coming? Patent, thankfully.
Need an extra set of hands? No.
I'm just about to close the dura.
Shepherd fixed Lizzie already? He didn't fix her.
Hunt, I-I should have called you.
If not me, then someone.
This hospital is full of doctors, Wilson.
Because you tried to remove the wire by yourself forcefully, you perforated the posterior wall of the subclavian vein, causing her to bleed.
Oh, god.
And now I have to perform an emergency venous repair, and her colectomy has to be postponed.
I-I was trying to handle everything And you made it worse.
Sit down.
I'll order some dinner.
Are you not hungry? You want me to come work here? That's what I said, yes.
I no longer have the ability to interpret your noises.
Is this some ploy to get me back in your life? Because I'm not interested.
My wife, Edra.
That is Simone.
She's 5.
Vivianna just turned 4.
I'm happy, Cristina.
Edra is the love of my life.
She's my world.
My family is my world.
That's nice.
I don't want you, Cristina.
And, um, okay, I-I don't mean it like it sounds.
No, I mean Edra wants to be a mom.
She trained as a surgeon, and she gave it up.
Now she stays home and takes care of the kids.
She's supportive of me, of my dreams.
Well, that's good for you.
I'm happy for you.
When you do what you and I do as fiercely as we do it, you need somebody that's willing to stay home and keep the home fires burning.
That's the only way you and I are ever gonna have someone.
You don't know me anymore.
I see your life has moved on.
I want you to know mine has, too.
You're right.
I don't know you.
But I know that you've become a magnificent surgeon.
And you've become everything I dreamed you'd be.
You should be in a place like this.
You should consider it.
He has a family and a holographic heart, and he wants to bankroll my research for printing a functional heart.
I mean, he's got like 49 printers and a bottomless pit of money and How the hell are you not answering your phone right now?! Mer, everything I have ever wanted is here except he's here.
So what the hell am I supposed to do? I mean what would you tell me to do? Yeah.
Annie decided to withdraw care? Mm-hmm.
Any change on Lizzie? No.
They'll be withdrawing care soon.
You do remember how hard it was to find the money to keep this place going.
The foundation was our Hail Mary, and you saved us.
We have to find a way to make it work with them.
I was there the night your mother won her first Harper Avery.
I wasn't with her.
I-I was sitting in the back.
Because my father was with her? That award was our gold standard.
It was the measure of our success.
It was everything we worked for.
And I had to be there to see the look on her face.
She was radiant.
Catherine made it meaningless with this.
She cheapened it.
She cheapened our goals.
She cheapened her memory.
I can't stand that.
Uh, Richard, you got a minute? Dr.
Bailey, I have Braden's most recent results.
Oh, thank you, Dr.
You're testing his white blood cell differential.
- I'm running many tests.
- His T-cell count is up.
A boy with no immune system grew over 500 T-cells overnight.
I think you administered the deactivated virus - against his parents' wishes.
- Okay, it worked! And it's working.
It's amazing.
You're amazing.
I don't know what you're talking about.
So you agree? This resident's not cut out to be a surgeon.
Either you're a surgeon or you're not.
I can't get fired.
My parents will disown me.
I'll end up back in school.
I'll end up back in jail.
Will you stop? If any one of us is fired, it's me.
I went crazy very publicly.
I disrupted an entire O.
I'm a surgical liability.
And Shepherd hates me now.
Hunt hates me.
You should have seen his face today when I screwed up.
My ex owns the hospital.
It's me.
I heard that residencies sometimes clean house, like fire an entire class of residents and start fresh.
What? Nothing.
I just had a really good day.
Next round's on him.
You spoke to Meredith? No.
And, uh, no, I can't take the job.
Thank you for the offer, but no.
Meredith carries a grudge.
This has nothing to do with Meredith or a grudge.
It's far from that simple.
Really? Please don't.
You got me here.
We had our fun.
- Take no for an answer.
- Why? Why? Honestly, it doesn't make any sense.
You think I want to work for you again? I never wanted to work for you.
I wanted to be you.
The best thing that ever happened to me was you walking away from our wedding.
It made me stand on my own two feet.
I am better for it.
You are better for it.
- Will you just hold - So why bring me here? Why offer me a job you know I can't resist? You gonna dangle the carrot, and I'm supposed to chase at it until you snatch it away? I don't want the job.
- Are you done? - No! Now I am.
I don't want you to work for me.
Us working together would destroy my marriage, my life.
The way I loved you was consuming, and eventually you hold the carrot, and I'll be chasing you.
I have a family now, a life that A life I want.
I don't want you to work for me.
You just offered me a job.
I don't want you to work for me.
I want you to take over for me.
I am leaving.
Edra's parents are in Milan, and she wants to be closer to them.
She has made so many sacrifices for me, and now I think it's time for me to do the same for her.
I have been wanting to leave for a while now, but I just haven't been able to find anyone that I was willing to give the institute to, until now.
You're offering me your hospital, like you're Willy Wonka and you're handing me a chocolate factory? Cheer up, Charlie.
You're not serious? You are serious.
This place is yours, Cristina, if you want it.
Do you? Open your eyes.
How did you know I was I know who you hang out with.
You okay? Yeah.
I just needed to sit down for a bit.
Should probably get used to these seats, though.
I can't change who I am.
But that doesn't mean I want to sit at home every Sunday when my family's off at church.
You would go to church with me? You're my wife.
Of course I will.
As long as we can get waffles after.
We can have waffles after.
What do you see? More possibilities? Agamemnon.
Ha! I kind of love it.
Thank you.
Callie Torres has a really interesting project.
She needs an exceptional neurosurgeon.
I recommended you.
Derek, I don't live here.
Maybe you should.
I like having you here.
You're-you're my favorite sister.
You say that to all of us.
But I will choose to believe you, because you are my favorite brother.
Does your new view give you more hope? That's the goal.
Although it doesn't always work out that way.
I ate some.
You're leaving.
Sometimes, a shift in perspective just makes you see what you've lost.

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