Grey's Anatomy s10e24 Episode Script

Fear (of the Unknown)

Today's forecast Hey, mid 70s! Unseasonably warm and clear in the pacific northwest.
It's gonna be a great day, Seattle! He doesn't know that.
He's an idiot.
It sounds like it's a good day to get outside.
For all he knows, it could be the worst day of his life.
Why is that on? - Thanks, Len.
Next up - Oh! Um, I wanted to see the weather.
I have to fly today.
You've been saying that for two weeks.
Well, only because Link McNeil kept getting close to getting a heart.
I really wanted to see that through.
I can't put off Zurich anymore.
There is a staff meeting on Monday, and if I'm not there, it'll be a terrible first impression, and I'll lose control before I start.
So this is goodbye then? Last night wasn't enough? No.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Owen, no, no.
You made me late already.
Meredith made you late.
You were out drinking till 2:00 in the morning.
Well, 'cause that was our big goodbye.
Oh, we are not having a big goodbye here.
I I'm gonna be at the hospital later to check on my last conduit kid.
We have a big goodbye here, and then I'll see you there, and I'll feel all "duh, bye, again.
" No, no, no, no, no.
I-I-I got to go.
I got to go.
You know how people say, "who knows? I could get hit by a bus tomorrow"? That seems pretty farfetched Oh, crap.
Oh, crap! Oh, no! My phone is dead! Until you have a friend who got hit by a bus.
- And I need a european charger.
- Cristina Oh, no, now I have to go to the stupid mall! I'll see you later.
The point is, we never know what kind of day is coming.
How is everybody? Ah, so, Zozo's in her room getting dressed, and this little guy just pooped, so there's that.
- How was your flight? - Rough, but mwah! We have a place to live in D.
We got the townhouse in foggy bottom.
- We got it?! - We close in a month.
I just need you to sign the paperwork.
- What is today? Is today Tuesday? - Today is Thursday.
Oh, good.
Then Amy's got my surgeries.
I can sleep in all day.
Okay, but first, that guy has a foggy bottom, and I can take a look at these tonight.
Hey, you want to look at the brochure again and remind yourself how much you love it? Hmm.
Oh, it's pretty! It's the freaking batmobile is what it is.
It's either this or a boat.
Everybody at the practice has a boat.
Are you really a boat guy? How should I know? I never had a boat.
- Mm.
- Ooh! Are you looking to buy a road-penis? It's that or a boat.
Oh, no, you don't seem like a boat guy.
- What are you here for? - My first anoplasty.
Is Lebackes grooming you? Are you gonna be Dr.
Junior Butthole? Oh, no! That's what they'll call you.
I won't hear them 'cause I'll be squealing away in this.
- Congratulations, lil' butthole.
- Thanks.
Any thought on who will fill the three empty seats on the board? Uh, it's only one seat, actually.
Shepherd and Grey will keep their seats.
They'll telecommute from D.
for meetings.
Yang says she won't have time.
I think she just wants a clean break.
So that just leaves her seat open.
Morning, gentlemen.
You'll be happy to know that former bubble boy Braden Morris had his first follow-up with his pediatrician.
He is healthy as a horse.
Uh, I have a consult, if you'll excuse me.
Ah, you can stay.
You should What's up? Disappointing news, actually.
The foundation cut our budget, so we are unable to continue funding your genome lab.
Oh, well, who's gonna fund it, then? We're shutting it down actually.
It's simply not producing the results that other projects Did you not just hear what I said? I-I gave an immunodeficient child deactivated H.
and saved him! And almost got the hospital sued in the process.
And almost lost your license and landed in jail.
So is that really where you want to plant your flag? Yes! And so should you! Hey, two years ago, I was wiping your butt and changing your diaper, and now you want to do this to me? N-no, no.
I-I will not stand for it.
It's budgetary, and it's done.
Won't stand for it! Hey, have you talked to Leah? Oh.
She's still on her couch, still depressed, eating everything.
Has she said what she's gonna do? Won't even talk about it catatonic.
What are you doing? Just finished an aneurysm clip with Dr.
Shepherd or Shepherdess? Shepherdess.
"Shepherdess"? Really? Uh, sorry.
It's just very confusing.
I kind of like it Shepherdess.
Oh, well, before, it was just "Shepherd's little sister.
" Edwards, do you like working on neuro? Don't ever say that to me again.
I e-mailed Dr.
Yang twice about the conduit babies, and her only response was, "not your problem.
" I'm the head of cardio.
I'm her boss.
And the way that she talks to me sometimes Look, Dr.
Pierce, I "Maggie.
" "Margaret.
" "Maggie" is fine.
Yang will be coming in later today for a final checkup with her conduit baby - Before she - And then she's leaving? For good? Yes, yes, she will be gone by the end of the day.
Is that it? Yes.
I have a patient in pre-op.
It's that way.
- I'm getting it.
- Mm-hmm.
- Chief.
- Mm-hmm? Can I talk to you? - You are.
- Privately? Um, do you have a minute to go into, like, a trauma room? - Spit it out, Kepner.
- I'm pregnant.
I know it's sudden and it's soon, and I know it makes your life hell, but I will work until it falls out of me.
Kepners are built to have babies, sir.
W-we've dropped them in fields.
Kepner, I'm happy for you.
I'm thrilled.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
It was earlier than we thought, but my mom always says that if you wait for the perfect time to have a baby, then you'll just die childless.
If you're just joining us - We have breaking news - Turn that up.
Of an enormous explosion.
It happened only minutes ago at Seattle's mall of the woods.
We are getting reports of massive fatalities - Oh, my gosh! Explosion! - And scores of people injured.
- Oh, my gosh! - Officials have not yet determined - Page all available surgeons.
- Clear the E.
- Bring them to me.
- Discharge all patients who can be.
- Cancel all elective surgeries.
Admits - Let's get them upstairs.
I want a security lockdown on this floor.
I want all available beds and gurneys down here.
Call blood services.
I want all the O-neg they have.
The concern right now and what we're all wondering is is this an act of terrorism? - So it's chemical? - I'm not saying that.
Some patients are presenting with blisters and rashes, but the cause is not yet known.
This could be nothing, but we are taking proper decontamination precautions.
The main message here is that we are fully equipped to treat the injured.
If you're coming to the hospital to look for a loved one, if, uh if you've, uh if you've lost someone, then please stay clear of the emergency entrance.
Come straight to the main entrance.
- Thank you.
- One more question! - Chief Hunt? - Hm? Ray Pelletier, homeland security.
There are some patients we need to talk to.
Follow me.
Okay, take this one to trauma four now.
Kepner, how are we? Good.
We've taken in over 30 injured.
More on the way.
Triage areas are laid out reds here, yellows here, - greens in the hallway.
- And upstairs? We've started rotating O.
s, one surgeon in each, with steady turnover.
Talk to these men.
Help them find who they're looking for.
And, Kepner, get a mask on.
Oh, god.
Yes, sir.
Thank you.
Thank you.
This way, guys.
You've reached the phone of Dr.
Cristina Yang.
I'm O.
s one through three are general.
We're gonna need more.
Neuro's in four, and cardio is in five.
Who's in the cardio O.
? Pierce, the new cardio chief.
Okay, you guys, uh, Kepner needs help with triage downstairs.
Karev, you see Yang this morning? No.
Wasn't she with you? Yeah, she said something about going to the mall.
You got to be freaking kidding me.
We don't worry until we're sure we have something to worry about, but if you see her, you let me know, okay? - Don't tell Mer! - Yeah.
Your airway looks good.
This cut will need to be stitched up.
And the blisters? What is this? We don't know yet, but we're running some tests, okay? I can't find him.
I-I looked all over down here.
- I looked outside.
I can't find him.
- Who? Leo my boy.
Our little boy he was with me.
We were buying shoes when Marilyn, I'm gonna give you some sedation.
Just try to breathe, okay? What does Leo look like? He's 10.
Brown hair.
It's long.
It's too long.
He won't, uh, cut it.
Brown eyes.
He has braces.
If he's here, we'll find him.
So, you said you're 31 weeks pregnant, Leanne? - Uh-huh.
- Homestretch, huh? I'm actually expecting a baby, too.
Is the baby gonna be all right? We have to do surgery on your arm, but if your baby goes into any distress, we'll need to do a C-section, okay, Leanne? No, no, no, no, it's too soon.
She's too little.
No, your baby's gonna be just fine.
- It's not my baby.
- Sorry.
What? It's someone else's baby.
I-I'm a surrogate.
Can you please try to let it get to term? It's their baby.
We will do what we can.
A-and they're a super-nice couple, and they trust me, and it'll kill them, and I really like them.
Leanne, we're gonna take care of you now, okay? Don't worry.
One, two, three! Let's get her to the ICU.
Turn the room over.
Let's go! - Right away, doctor.
- Next! - When did you get here? - As soon as I found out.
Are you okay? - I'm fine.
- You want to switch out? - No.
- You want to switch out? Derek, you want me to take over your service, Let me take over your service.
- Next patient, please.
- A 26-year-old left frontoparietal subdural hematoma.
Burr hole's not gonna do this, so what you're gonna need to do I'll see when I get in there.
Make a path, people! Coming through! I got it.
- What are you doing here? - Isn't it obvious? Actually, I came to visit my son.
Apparently, I'm going to be a grandmother.
- Mm.
- Webber, we need to open another O.
Can you go up to six? I'll start throwing patients at you.
Uh, on my way.
It's a weekday, right? Shouldn't you be in class? What were you doing at the mall? Where's Nicky? Where's my friend? Nicky's gone, Mike.
It's just me and you.
Now, you want to talk to me? What was in your friend's backpack? Mike! His eardrums are ruptured.
He may not be able to hear you.
Okay, he's coming with me.
Get his clothes.
You can't take him anywhere.
We have to watch him.
You said he isn't badly injured, right? What I said was, so far, his work-up has been negative, - but internal-blast injuries take a while - Okay, so, you're saying he was likely very close to the blast? - No, what I'm saying is - Right next to it? Was he-was he running We need some help in here! You got it, doctor.
He's okay.
He's tachycardic.
Abdomen's rigid.
We got to get him to the O.
right away.
Ma'am, we don't know if this is over yet.
If he dies on your table before I question him, we have nothing left.
And if he isn't the guy, you have a dead civilian on your hands whose care you obstructed.
- Move! - Ma'am, please! It's "doctor.
" You're the boss out there.
I'm the boss in here.
Get out of my way.
Let 'em by.
I need some help here! Now! What happened? He was walking and talking, and he just went down.
His airway is clear.
No breath sounds.
I can't feel a pulse.
Get a crash cart, chest tube, and chest tray now.
- How long's he been down? - Almost a minute.
- Crap.
Has he been sprayed down? - No, sir! - Spray him down now! - I'm on it! Everywhere! Get him everywhere! That's it.
Hold it.
Hold it.
Damn it.
Damn it.
I need that chest tray! Get me a chest tray now! Got it.
Oh, my god.
Thank god you're here.
- Of course I'm here.
- Hunt said you went to the mall.
No, I didn't have time.
I was What are we doing? Sudden loss of vitals with penetrating injury to the chest.
You're gonna have to open him up.
- Shouldn't you do it? - No, you're there.
You got it.
Go for it.
- Oh, my god.
- What? I was gonna go to the mall.
Diane, officials are seeking to question these men seen entering the mall minutes before the explosion occurred.
Of course, the biggest question is, "could there be more attacks on the way?" That's right.
i-in fact, some people are wondering if this could be a terrorist strategy to send victims to the hospital and then target the hospital itself.
Alana, should you even be there? I know, right? It's an intensely dangerous situation.
- What did she just say? - Turn that TV off! No, no, I did work here like two weeks ago.
- No, she's okay.
Let her through.
- What can I do? Uh, yellows, reds, and greens in the hallway.
Assess and treat what you can.
Okay, but I don't I-I don't have privileges.
- I can't operate - Whatever needs to be done, do it.
And if you see a 10-year-old boy with brown hair, brown eyes, and braces, come find me.
- Let's go! Let's go! - Coming through! Let's go! Next! Him? He's got peritonitis, probably from a perf in the bowel.
Head C.
shows a probable TBI.
I called neuro for a consult.
Okay oh, Bailey, DHS wants to speak with him.
He's a possible suspect.
So, uh, you page me when you finish.
Got it.
Transradial amputation below the elbow, at least.
Why would they hit a shopping mall? There's nothing there.
Except people regular people.
They want to scare us.
It's the scariest thing we can think of.
Has that rash shown up on any of our doctors yet? Not yet, which is good.
It means it might not be airborne.
The news said they might be targeting hospitals now - Oh, Edwards, shut your mouth, please.
- I'm just saying.
Whoa! Oh! Oh, did her water just break? The baby's in distress.
- Late decels on the fetal heart monitor.
- We need O.
down here, stat! And page Dr.
Tell her we might be delivering a premie in here.
On it.
What are you doing here? I thought you had a big meeting.
They blew up Seattle, Mer.
I can't leave.
You should.
No one has a beef with Switzerland.
So, we're going to D.
Um, we sign papers on the townhouse tonight.
It's nice.
It's gonna be good.
What are you doing? I'm happy for you.
People do this.
- Are you? Happy for me? - I got to go to the O.
Alex gave a kid an emergency thoracotomy.
Watch my finger.
I can't see out of it.
Is it gone? No, no, it's definitely there.
It's orbital compartment syndrome.
- Glove me.
- Hey.
Are you okay? You have a little blood behind your eye, and I'm gonna release that.
This is gonna sting a little.
Now look at his finger.
Now open for me.
I'm starting to see something.
I can see.
Thank you! - Thank you so much.
- You got it.
Ross! I need you in the O.
! Hey! Does that kid have braces? Hey, hey, listen.
Yang, I just got a call from UNOS.
They've been trying to reach you.
Oh, my phone is dead.
A heart's become available that's a match for Link McNeil.
Now? We tell them to do it at Seattle Pres, right, - because there's no - No, no, no, send it here.
No, I-I-I got to do it here.
Tell the McNeils to come.
Center of the crisis at Grey-Sloan memorial.
Byron, what can you tell us? What have you learned at the hospital? Right, Diane, there's concern now that the skin reactions on patients we're hearing about could possibly be caused by radiation - from a so-called dirty bomb.
- Damn it.
And the fear is it might not be as easily treatable as an attack from chemicals, as we previously thought, - but the fact is - The fact is, you don't know.
Oh, uh, here's the chief of surgery.
You are lying to them now.
You are saying anthrax.
You are saying radiation.
Nobody else is.
The fact is we don't know how bad this is, okay? So stop wondering out loud, report what you know, and stop scaring people for no reason.
What I mean, who let you in here?! Get out.
Turn off the camera.
Well, we seem to have lost Byron there.
Tensions seem to be running pretty high, as one would expect in such a dangerous situation.
Stay with us for complete coverage.
We will be right back.
I'm ready.
Where's the O.
? Uh, no show, but I prepped her for them.
Decels are really frequent.
You need to get that baby out of there now.
- Well, where the hell's the O.
? - The baby's down to 60 beats per minute.
All right, Avery, you're gonna help me.
- 50 beats and sustained.
- I need a 10 blade.
Okay, hang on, sweetie.
Let's get you out of there.
She'll want a stapler.
We've isolated the hilum stapler.
How are you gonna cope with it? - With what? - The boredom.
Making buttholes will be your whole career.
How will you not stick your head in the oven? Screw you.
I'll cry about it on my boat.
Get a reload ready.
Yeah, right, you just saw a kid, knew he had a hemothorax, reached in, and fixed it.
You know, you're never gonna do that again.
Saving kids with ping-pong balls or making an end stoma with an appendix stapler.
How did you even know I did that? You think I wasn't paying attention to you proving me wrong? I mean, I thought you were competent Well, no.
When you got here, I thought you were an imbecile, but you got competent, like a decent handyman.
But eventually, I had to accept that you were good good hands, and you think fast, act faster.
I mean, you'll never be as good as me, but you're very, very good.
Okay, let's, uh, get ready for the leak test.
Irrigation? Thank you, Shane.
And you're putting all that talent in a drawer.
So maybe you are an imbecile.
Oh, god, what a relief.
I'm still right.
Yang, did you schedule a pediatric heart transplant to come here today? Oh, hey, yes.
Uh, good.
Are the McNeils here? Why? Why would you think that we could do Don't worry about it.
He's not your problem.
It is my department, and I'll decide what should be sent out to other hosp I'm a little busy here, so can you just tell me where I can do the transplant? I've just finished in O.
You can do your transplant in there.
Great! Uh, can you, uh, see if Link McNeil is here yet and, um, prep him for me? Thank you.
I'm gonna miss you.
Seriously, though.
Link McNeil today? I just need something to feel finished.
- Shane can close for me.
- Mm-hmm.
Are you sure you want him to close this kid? I taught Shane how to close.
There won't even be a scar, will there, Shane? - Nope.
- Mnh-mnh.
Avery, I'm cutting the uterus, so pull up on those clamps.
Got it.
Okay, now reach in here and pull away from me.
You got to you got to pull harder.
Tug it, Avery! Okay, yeah.
All right, I got it.
Clamp and cut the cord.
- Okay.
- All right, you got her.
You're okay.
All right.
You're okay.
I got you.
I got you.
How long till we can have him? I have to get him to recovery to make sure he's okay.
Doctor, I don't think you understand the nature of what's happening here! Do you want him healthy enough to answer your questions? Yeah.
Thank you for your time.
What just happened? Situation's changed.
He's no longer a subject of interest.
That's all I can tell you.
But what about him? Don't you think you owe him an apology? Doctor, you have a very tough job keeping people alive.
I do, too.
- Dry-cleaning fluid? - The CDC report says that's what's causing the patients' blisters.
There was a big dry cleaner at the mall.
Victims were laying in puddles of the stuff.
Prolonged skin exposure can cause rashes.
So it wasn't a chemical attack? It was just a bomb? Dr.
Hunt, you'll want to see this.
And we will be bringing you more information as it becomes available.
We repeat now investigators have determined at this hour that the mall of the woods blast was caused by a gas-main explosion.
Officials say they found no evidence of foul play and that fears of a terrorist threat were unfounded.
Thank you, Jesus.
Seattle power officials say the gas main ran directly Yep.
Second that.
- Under the mall's east end - All right, chief, what's next? How does this change what we're doing? It changes nothing, Kepner.
There was still an explosion.
The wounded are still wounded, and people are still lost.
I think I found your brown-haired kid.
Ross and Karev were taking him into surgery, - and he's just on his way out.
- Oh, thank god.
I-I need to go tell his parents.
- Go.
- Dr.
Sabine, what are you doing here? Uh, they told us there's a heart for Link.
Today? They told you to come here? I know, but Dr.
Yang told us to come right over.
You spoke to her? You spoke to Dr.
Yang? Yes.
She told us to come.
S-should we go somewhere else? I know that there's so many people here that need help No, no, no, no.
Uh, Link is gonna be fine.
Everyone's gonna be fine.
Come with me.
I'll help you find her.
Hunt! We need you here, stat! They dug her out.
Coded twice in the field.
Penetrating trauma to the abdomen.
Okay, we need take her straight up.
Let's call ahead, and let's clear an O.
Oh, um, take Mrs.
Help her find Dr.
And, Murphy? Thank you for coming in.
He's still intubated.
He's had his left lung removed, but Dr.
Yang says he'll recover just fine.
That's-that's not him.
That's-that's not our son.
Four by fours.
Four by fours.
April, where do you keep the four by fours? Oh, hi.
You're here.
What's wrong? It was a shopping mall.
Didn't you hear? It wasn't terrorists.
But that's what we thought.
We live in a world where that is the first thought that crosses our minds.
I don't think I can do it.
I don't think I can raise a child in a world where they could die going to buy new shoes.
I remember when I was 10 years old, sitting in a restaurant with my father, getting waffles.
I loved waffles.
I didn't like eggs still don't.
This was 1960, in Texas, in a town so small it probably has forgotten its own name by now.
And I remember some ignorant young men telling us to leave, dumping my father's food in his lap, throwing hot coffee on him.
Was I scared? Yes.
I begged him to take me out of there.
Do you know what he said to me? What? "Not until after you finish your eggs, young lady.
" What-what did they do? What happened? Nothing.
They went on to bother somebody else.
He wasn't afraid, so they didn't have any power.
April, there's always gonna be stupid people.
There's always gonna be accidents.
But that's not what defeats you.
It's the fear.
Now, if you had told me on that day in 1960 that I would have the job that I have today, the child that I have, I would have laughed till I cried.
It seemed beyond impossible.
But this is the way the world changes, sweetheart Good people raising their babies right.
Now, come on.
Where are the four by fours? - We got things to do.
- Okay.
We got work to do! Did more come in? No, it's slowing down.
What are you still doing here? What time is your flight? I can't leave, Meredith.
They just bombed Seattle.
No, they didn't.
No one did.
It was an accident gas main.
So, no different than a train derailment or a ferry-boat crash, so you can go.
When I heard it was the mall, you know what I thought of? I thought about the time that Callie and I played hookey and we bought all the furniture for the firehouse.
What time is your plane? Two hours.
But Link McNeil has got a heart, and I have to do that first.
No, the new head of cardio can do that.
You don't have the time.
Plus, you'll have to re-scrub.
- What - So there's that.
Meredith! You have been stalling for two weeks.
You know what? I have to I have to finish something here.
Nothing feels finished.
None of it feels finished.
Owen and I We split over something that hasn't even happened.
And we never even split up.
And y You and I are not finished.
George is dead, and Izzie is gone, and it is supposed to be you and me and Alex.
And now nothing is finished.
I am not finished.
You don't feel finished because this isn't the end for you.
There is no finish line.
There is no end point.
- You just have to go.
- I know.
I know.
I know, a-and I'm and I keep trying to, but I don't know how to just do it.
You got to help me, Mer.
Yang, the donor heart was delayed in traffic.
- How long? - Can't say.
Let's go.
- Okay? - Okay.
Any more come in? Not for a while.
It's not fair.
Webber was wrong.
Maybe you just need to Really, Shane? I hung on his every word all year.
All of us did.
He's the greatest teacher I have ever had, so maybe if it were someone else saying this, I wouldn't believe them, but Webber? I got to find what I'm good at.
And I will.
You will.
Good luck.
Oh, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, everything's okay.
What happened? There was an explosion.
But it's over, and you're fine, okay? You're gonna be just fine.
The patient in bed four is awake.
Thank you.
I would have thought, you know, now that you're minister of education or whatever that you could tell the stupid board I don't control the budget, Bailey.
W-well, did you at least fight for me to keep my lab? No, I did not.
Now, when it came time this morning to decide who would staff the O.
s, who had the stamina and the talent to run patient after patient, it was a no-brainer.
I mean, some people belong behind a microscope, but you don't.
You are a surgeon, Bailey.
It is what I trained you to be.
And anything else would be a waste of your time.
And before you continue trashing the board, you ought to know that Yang is leaving a seat open, and I'm recommending you, which the board will agree is also a no-brainer.
W-well, that's Dr.
Bailey, um, Dr.
Webber, I-I just wanted to s She doesn't have time for long goodbyes.
- She has a plane to catch.
- No, Mer Well, you should go, then.
Yeah, don't stand around here talking.
Go, be a surgeon.
That's what we trained you for.
Can I come with you? - Shane, not now.
- I'm not kidding.
Take me to Switzerland.
I can help you.
You're in the middle of your residency.
And my teacher is leaving, the one I want to learn from, to go do the work I want to be a part of.
I want to be in charge of my education, and I choose you.
You can say no, but I will badger you until you say yes.
I quit.
And thank you for everything.
Yes! Want to grab anything else on the way out? C.
machine? - What oh! - Thank you.
Proud of you.
Okay, now.
Come on.
Let's go.
We have to go.
Wait here.
Cristina, we got to go! Ugh.
Lap pads, more suction.
Get in there, Warren.
I know.
Clamp it And make it pretty later.
- Where's this bleeding coming from? - Get underneath for me.
That's good.
Go ahead.
Let's go now, or you never will.
You-you already called me a cab? No.
Is that for Link McNeil? Yeah.
I need to find Dr.
- I'm Dr.
- No! You need to find Dr.
You can go to the nurse's station, and they will direct you.
Meredith, no! I-I can't just leave them.
Yes, you can.
They are in good hands.
Pierce is gonna do it, and Sabine knows she's gonna do it.
She consented.
Owen is here, I am here, and we're gonna follow up with Link post-op, okay? Get to the airport as fast as you can.
- Wait.
- What? What do you need, an "I love you" or something? I love you.
Call me when you get there.
You okay? I just feel bad.
Did you lose someone? No, no, I-I didn't lose a single one.
That's why I feel bad 'cause I feel so good.
This is the thing, Meredith.
This is what it feels like.
It feels like Candy.
But with blood.
Only so much better.
And Derek I mean, I was still in his shadow, but I didn't even care.
And the only thing that would have made it better was if his shadow was gone, so you guys can go.
Have fun.
Be happy.
What the heck? Cristina, what are you doing here? - I can't go.
- Yes, you can! We have to finish.
- You're gonna miss your - We have to dance it out.
That's how we finish.
What are you doing? What, you gonna call someone to make me leave or what I'm finding a song.
- Okay, ready? - Wait.
We'll call each other at least twice a month, and-and we'll text all the time.
- You hate texting.
- Text me.
And don't let Owen get all dark and twisty.
Take care of him.
And Alex.
Take care of Alex.
He needs to be mocked at least once a day, or he'll be insufferable.
Don't get on any little, tiny planes that can crash or stick your hand in a body cavity that has a bomb in it Or offer your life to a gunman! Don't do that.
Don't be a hero.
You're my person.
I need you alive.
You make me brave.
Now we dance it out.
You love this song! I got to go.
You stay here, okay? Okay.
You are a gifted surgeon with an extraordinary mind.
Don't let what he wants eclipse what you need.
He's very dreamy.
But he is not the sun.
You are.
They're asleep.
Did you get those signed? Meredith, you'll talk to her tomorrow.
Knowing you guys, you'll talk every day.
No, it's not I don't think I can sign this.
Sorry, I know you're wiped, but I need to have those on the plane by 7:00.
No, I don't I think I need to stay here.
Torres? Um, the baby's parents are here, and they were wondering if Leanne was up to Yes, yes.
Please, yes.
Yeah? Okay.
Yeah, come in.
Hey, Leanne.
Are you okay? Is she okay? Do you guys love her? Is she all right? She's beautiful.
She's perfect.
Thank you.
We're so glad you're okay.
Are you okay? Yeah.
That's just it's really sweet.
It's really amazing.
I wonder why they wanted a surrogate.
I wonder if I wonder if she couldn't She really helped them.
She really likes them.
That's really amazing, right? Guess what.
I delivered a baby today.
And the good news is, if the O.
doesn't show up for ours, then I get Hey.
Our baby will be fine.
He'll be fine or she will be 'cause she'll have us.
Hey, of course she will.
You know, my mom always says that's how the world changes.
Good people raising their babies right.
Wait, is that is that a thing? I thought that was just my mom.
I love you.
It went perfectly.
Link's heart is responding well, and so is he.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
My pleasure.
Now, I know from Dr.
Yang that you've heard the whole anti-rejection spiel before Ooh! I don't want to get too excited.
Yang's body isn't even cold yet, but No, you can you can be excited.
You got a place on the board! Ah! I will make policy, not just hear it.
I will make changes.
You can keep your genome lab.
We can have a genome theme park.
And It's just What? Webber picked me.
Ugh! Boy, get in there deep, deep, deep.
Oh, yeah, I got you.
I got you.
What-what is this? What is It's from Yang.
Alex, what? It's Cristina's shares in the hospital.
She's leaving them to me.
What? She left me her seat on the board.
Can she do that? I don't know.
She did.
I took the job! And you were supposed to be stepping back.
You said, "take this year and make it count.
" "And I'll make sure you can do it.
" And you lied! Sorry.
I lied.
It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
So, you got this thing, and I gave up that piece.
And I found a way to make it work with my job, my kids, and my research - with less help from you, and I did it.
- You're not a victim.
I'm killing myself just as much as you are.
- And then you wanted - I'm flying back - More pieces and more pieces.
- And forth across the country - Twice a week - And now this is just too much.
- So I can spend time with my kids - You can't just drag us away - And be a good father.
- So I can come live in your shadow.
"Shadow"? You have a job.
You're gonna be working at James Madison.
Right, that's how my father got his first job here.
They wanted my mom, so she had to call the university and pull some strings and find something for Thatcher to do.
It's called a trailing spouse.
This is not like that.
This is exactly that.
And it's not what I signed up for.
You know what? You're-you're being selfish.
Well, I have to be, Derek, because you believe that your career is more important than mine.
At this moment in time, it is! No, not at this moment always.
You will always be that hot-shot surgeon, and I will always be that young intern who fell in love with you.
If that's how you see yourself, that's your problem.
I can't do anything about that.
That is not how I see myself.
That is the issue here.
You can do your surgeries, you can do your research, you can do the portal veins.
There is nothing you can do here that you can't do there.
But I don't want to! We're not just talking about my job, Derek.
We're talking about my life.
I grew up here.
I made my family here.
I helped to rebuild the hospital here that has my sister's name on it, my mother's name, my name.
I live here.
My life is here.
I don't want to leave.
Whenever we think we know the future even for a second it changes.
Rough day, huh? Seven traumas, two of which had right ventricular perfs, topped off with a pediatric heart transplant.
Other than that, how you settling in? It has been the weirdest two weeks of my life.
I don't know anyone.
No one knows me.
I haven't had one conversation that wasn't related to work.
Well You know me now.
God, I sound like a kid crying at camp.
No, it's not it's not that.
It's something else.
I was adopted.
Two years ago, I looked up my birth mom.
I had to go to the court for the records.
She's dead now, um, so I could only get her name.
But she was amazing.
She was a surgeon here.
Her name is all over this hospital.
That's not why I took the job.
I mean, it's a little bit why I interviewed, But it's just so weird.
W-what was her name? Your birth mother.
Ellis Grey.
Did you know her? Sometimes the future changes quickly and completely and we're left only with the choice of what to do next.
You're asking me to choose between this job and my family? I am simply saying I am not going anywhere.
I am staying here.
We can choose to be afraid of it to stand there, trembling not moving assuming the worst that can happen.
Or we step forward Yes? Dr.
Yang? They're all ready for you.
Into the unknown Let's do it.
And assume it will be brilliant.
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