Grey's Anatomy s12e14 Episode Script

Odd Man Out

1 Previously on "Grey's Anatomy" Dr.
Hunt and I go back a bit.
She's joining the program at Grey-Sloan Memorial.
- Perfect Penny killed my husband.
- Get her out of my house.
Wilson, go away! If you're out with Grey, you're out, and I'm out.
You just signed divorce papers, and you don't want a drink? - What are you, pregnant? - I think I am.
You have to tell him.
Obviously, I'm going to tell him when I'm ready.
If you want to start over, forget all that, - well, let's do it.
- Just like new? This is Major Thorpe.
It's great what you did in there.
I'm just glad I saw it.
Well, we said we'll follow up, and we will.
I'd like that to follow up with you.
That guy definitely just asked for your number.
And that's what flirting looks like.
When babies are born, they usually come out crying like there's no tomorrow.
It's loud.
It's jarring.
And it's completely unfair.
That adorable, tiny baby was forced out of its mother's womb.
And forced to breathe outside air into its brand-new little lungs.
It's human nature.
No one wants to be left out in the cold rejected and alone.
I want to meet with the residents immediately.
When a bedridden patient stays in one place, what's the outcome? - Bedsores.
- Exactly.
When a surgeon stays in one place, what's the outcome? One of us has bedsores? Stagnation.
A limited mind.
You have a short time to learn here, people, and you've snuggled up to your specialties like a warm, comfy bed.
Well, I am your alarm clock.
I'm pulling you out of bed and broadening your education.
This is a Resident Scramble.
This is filled with attendings' names.
Come on up and draw your new service at random.
- Bingo, Shepherd.
- Put it back! - But I - Back.
Grey, I was told to report to - Did you see the scans? - Yeah, I'm sorry I'm late.
I just got off the phone with Bauer Medical.
They said that Carson's recovering well and his incision sites and flaps are doing great.
That is great news.
Yeah, Dr.
Thorpe thought so, too.
He also thought you might have given him the wrong number.
Thorpe? Who is Thorpe? He has the right number.
Oh, okay, so you're just gonna what, ignore his calls? Wait.
Will someone please tell me what is going on and who "he" is? Meredith exchanged numbers with a hot military surgeon over at Bauer.
He says he called but radio silence.
What? It's nothing.
Why wouldn't you tell me this? - Because it's nothing.
- Mm-hmm.
Wilson, are you following me? I'm with you today.
I'm on your service.
Blake is with me.
No, actually, all of the residents were switched.
You need to go talk to Blake, then, because I don't have the time to get you up to speed.
So, how hot is hot? We have surgery.
I heard there were puppies! I thought it'd weird, you know, the small talk, the eye contact, the polite eating, but really, it wasn't.
I mean, she was nice.
It was nice.
So you're getting out there, huh? I don't know about that.
I mean, it was sudden, but yeah, it was a date.
Does Kepner know about it? No.
No, and do not tell her, okay? Sure.
I mean, I'm not lying, you know? I just don't want her to hear it from someone else.
I mean, I'll tell her, you know, when the time is right.
Uh, we all hear the dogs, right? There are dogs somewhere.
Once a month, a rescue group brings in a bunch of puppies for the kids.
It's good for morale and healing and crap.
- No.
- What's the matter? Okay, I'm on peds today.
Hope you like dogs.
Long night? 75-year-old man ran his car into an electrical pole.
Electrocution and a big intracranial bleed.
And a pacemaker implantation.
Uh, so I booked a reservation around 8:00, so we should maybe head out around 7:00.
That work? Yeah, I can do that.
How fancy is this? Well, first date, so I took a big swing.
Is this Mr.
McColl? - Yes, Blake.
- Why? The patient's wife is downstairs.
Why are you telling me this? Where's Edwards? Dr.
Webber mixed us up today.
I pulled your service.
- No? - No, where's the wife? She's downstairs in admitting.
Webber told me Tell Dr.
Webber I said no.
I'm I'm in a whole other bracket? Well, yes.
Your income has jumped significantly since last year and your husband's hasn't, so Are those our taxes? Hey, Chief, stop harassing my patient.
Hey, people ask us for free medical advice all the time.
It's not harassment unless I don't want to help her.
I just had fetal surgery and I've been stuck on bed rest for weeks.
Which is actually pretty great if you're an accountant during tax season nothing else to do but work.
No distractions except, well, for this.
See, um, I-I normally do our taxes.
It's sort of my thing.
But, uh, Courtney thinks that maybe we should change our filing status Hey, you.
You can't tell me what to do.
- I'll just - Yeah.
Okay, I don't even Warren.
Um, just give me a minute to DeLuca.
Okay, uh, Courtney Hall, 23 weeks pregnant.
She's post-op from a fetal laser photocoagulation to separate a shared blood vessel between two of her babies.
Wow, uh, quadruplets? Yeah.
That's what I said when I found out.
Oh, good.
You got it.
This is for you guys.
No, you did not need to do that.
Yes, we did.
You are the reason all four of our little deductions are still alive right now.
She means babies.
You kept all four safe inside where they belong.
And I get to lie here for eight more weeks.
She means "thank you.
" Fetal medicine has its perks.
Surgery? Oh, God.
Well, his heart rhythm had become very erratic, probably due to the electrical shock, so I had to implant a pacemaker.
Oh, no.
Poor Griffin.
The other concern is Griffin suffered a brain bleed, which I operated on.
A brain bleed? Your husband will be awake soon, and we'll know more then.
Oh, he's Well, Griffin's not my husband.
- He's - Hello, Lena.
How's my husband? I understand he's been in a terrible accident.
I'm sorry.
Uh, we thought you were the I am the wife.
She's the slut he's been hitting on the side.
It's been 11 years, Gayle.
How is Griffin? Is he dead? His accident was severe.
He needed surgery on his heart and his brain So, he's almost dead? We can take you to see him if I don't want to see him until he is dead.
So, first, we need to check on Kim Coley's baby's tracheal balloon, and after that - Warren.
- Hmm? - Go someplace else.
- Why? 'Cause you're on my service, and I said so.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- How you feeling? - Uh, good.
How are you? How are you feeling? Fine.
12 weeks and fine.
Did you tell Jackson? I'm worried that you're doing this alone when you don't have to.
I'm not.
I'm not alone.
I told you.
Okay, okay.
So, then, let's do this right.
Let's get out in front of it.
I think I'd like to start with booking a 3D ultrasound, and then, um, I'd like to run a genetic test to see if the fetus has osteogenesis imperfecta.
April, I get it.
With what you went through last time, you don't want a bunch of needles - being stuck in your belly - Arizona, I don't But I can do a CVS, and then if it's there, we'll see it and then we'll just we'll know.
The baby's not getting tested.
What? Why? Because my baby will be fine.
She said, "Because my baby's fine!" O.
can be diagnosed early.
Why wouldn't she take the test? That's crazy.
I know.
Well, then Avery will have to convince her.
She won't tell him.
I don't I don't know what to do.
Well, I'm not doing this.
I'm not lying to my friends.
No one's asking you to No one asking you to lie.
I say, "Pass me the coffee," and I feel like I'm lying to him.
Well, then, we need to talk to her.
"We"? I didn't want to know about this thing in the first place.
I will talk to her.
So what kind of surgeon is he? Oncology.
We can work with that.
Guessing 40s.
Kind of tall.
And he's ranked in the military, so he has an authoritative side.
I can hear you.
But you can't hear the phone ringing.
Maybe her ringer's off.
It's not.
Sometimes your ringer is off, and it's been off for so long that you forget that it's off, and you need someone to help you figure out how to turn it back on.
- But once it's on - Oh.
Oh, that's it.
Your ringer needs to be turned on.
You've been on vibrate for too long.
Shut up.
If I answer, then he'll ask me out.
And then I'll have to say no, and there will be a lot of back and forth, and I won't know when it's okay to hang up, so why answer? Dr.
Grey, I saw all your clinic patients.
Can I scrub in? Did you drain Mr.
Kurtzman's wound? No.
Okay, Blake, well, go get that done.
- Wilson.
- What? Forget it.
See? Now you're mixing up your residents.
You need to get that ringer turned on loud and fast.
My ringer is fine.
Are you almost done? I have three more returns to get through.
Don't bother her during tax season.
It's the first rule.
Should be done in just a second.
Um, okay, there's Baby A.
Oh, there's Baby B.
She's gonna be a handful, right, hon? She's a kicker.
And there's Baby D.
And - Go get Robbins, would you? - Yeah.
What? What? - Is something wrong? - Nothing.
It's, um It's quadruplets, right? - Yeah.
- Why? I'm just, um I'm looking, and uh it's probably just me, but What? I can only find three babies in here.
If I had known she wasn't actually his wife - You should have known.
- You're right.
You're absolutely right.
I just didn't Get your facts straight before you let me go spilling medical information to just anybody.
- You embarrassed me.
- I'm sorry.
She said that she was his Why are you even here? I said to tell Dr.
Webber Dr.
Webber said that he chooses to decline your proposal.
Well, then take the day off.
Webber rejected that, too.
Watch his monitors, don't touch him, and stay out of my way.
The nurse will bring up his personal things.
These are patient pamphlets on pacemakers.
Give it to the side piece.
She can change his diaper.
I'm waiting for the funeral.
McColl, your husband My husband, my dear, was a sweet man who turned into a philandering bastard who only cared about his money, which I should have known when he handed me that prenup for my wedding present.
That thing is as tight as my Spanx.
I see.
If he dies and we are still married, I get his $30 million, which is way less than I deserve for putting up with that son of a bitch.
But it'll have to do.
I'm waiting him out.
Well, I don't think we have to.
He's 75 with a bum heart, high blood pressure, and a cracked skull.
He probably won't even wake up.
Right, Dr.
Shepherd? We We're doing everything we can.
You wouldn't screw with me, would you? Oh, Gayle, I wouldn't.
There's not much hope.
So there's hope.
So if you want to just sit right over here and wait Why the hell Oh, come on.
That's what she wanted to hear.
It's refreshing.
I mean, most family members are like, "Please, please, save him.
" I mean, this takes the pressure off us a bit.
- Shepherd, I'm kidding.
- That's dark.
- Yeah, sorry.
- Really funny, though.
- Dr.
- What? Mr.
McColl's waking up.
I called that wrong.
What Who the hell are you? Mr.
Griffin, it's me.
It's Lena.
You've been in a pretty bad car wreck.
You've had surgery Where's Gayle? Gayle! Where's Gayle? Griffin, just relax, okay? You need to calm down.
Bugs! Help me.
Bugs! He's hallucinating.
Give him 5 of Haldol Bugs! He's calling me.
I'm Bugs.
He hasn't called me that in 30 years.
There you are.
Bugs, come here.
Bugs, come here.
Come here.
Honey what's happening? What Just What happened? Where would he have gone? Nowhere.
He's in here.
Warren's just a little behind on his fetal medicine.
- He's in here somewhere.
- Good.
We came in here with four babies and we want to leave with There! See, there he is.
He's Just moved down.
Why? To get away from his sisters? Courtney, I'm afraid that you're in labor.
No, I can't - I can't be.
It's too soon.
- Months too soon.
No, I can't have them now.
They'll They'll all die.
I can't be in labor.
I know.
I know.
But you are.
Am I even having contractions? I would notice, right? When the babies are this small, sometimes you don't even feel the contractions.
Well, that's because she shouldn't be having them.
Are you sure you're not wrong? No, I'm not wrong.
From the position of Baby C Charles.
We're calling him Charles.
Okay, Doug.
We're taking her into the O.
In case something happens, we'll be ready.
What? No one's coming today.
- Doug - No! It's too soon! They they need more time, right? - Please.
Do something.
- I am.
I can start her on medication to stop the labor and I can temporarily sew her cervix closed, and that might give us enough time.
Might? Labor's like a boulder rolling down a hill.
Once it starts, it's hard to stop.
But you're stopping the boulder.
I am.
I am trying to stop the boulder.
He doesn't remember me at all? A brain injury of this nature, it's not uncommon for some memory loss to have occurred.
We've been together 11 years.
He wanted a divorce, but she wouldn't Can I talk to him? Help him remember me? He's still confused and agitated.
He's asking for It's best if you wait out here.
Her? I took up with that lady? Why? Because you're a stupid son of a bitch, that's why.
Heart rate's looking good.
Wait, why would I take up with her when I have you? My wife.
You are the funniest.
She is.
She's the funniest gal I've ever met.
And you got the softest hands.
It's soft as a rabbit's foot I had when I was - Uh, Griffin.
- Go on.
Feel them.
I-I'll take your word for it.
Eh, suit yourself.
You're missing out.
What happened, Bugs? What did I do? Uh, we fought.
A lot.
About money.
Oh, I don't care about money.
Yeah, well, you didn't when we met, but you've done very well for yourself.
What did I do, Bugs? Why would I ever hurt you? Oh, I've been asking you that for decades.
It's like a time machine.
I'm good here.
You can go.
And magnesium's up.
Okay, Courtney.
We're gonna wait and see if this medication calms everybody down.
And what do I do? Just lie here? Yeah, and try to relax.
With four babies trying to get over the wall? And I still have 73 tax returns? Well, I said "try.
" Contractions increasing.
Can I ask you something? If a couple's been married for three years, - why not file jointly? - Warren.
- I'm just - No, no.
It's okay.
Well, that's not the problem.
You guys have a pretty significant earnings disparity.
Well, I I don't know if I'd call it "significant.
" It's more than 200%.
A little more than that.
Her income increase is raising your tax bill by a lot.
This is relaxing me.
Honestly, she shouldn't even be filing as an individual.
- She should incorporate.
- Page Kepner.
Tell her to meet me in Exam Room Five.
I will be back.
Do not take your eyes off of these monitors.
If there is any change in any of them, you get me back here.
- Mm-hmm.
- Ooh, theres' another option.
You could both file as single individuals.
Well, how's that? You could do what some of my clients have done.
You could get divorced.
Why would we For the taxes.
Grey still ignores me.
Gross, gross, gross.
She refuses to fill me in on her patients.
You can't restart Mrs.
Wheeler on tube feeds yet.
She had high residuals last time.
I thought her ileus was resolved.
- Crap! - Mnh-mnh.
You know, this is urine.
I've been urinated on three times today.
What did you expect from babies? I'm talking about puppies dogs.
There are puppies upstairs with the kids.
Why aren't we up there right now? Because the only thing worse than peds is peds with puppies because we're surgeons, not veterinarians, because we should not be urinated upon.
I'm being crapped on.
You have to help me with Shepherd.
Shepherd wants me dead.
At least she knows who you are.
Grey keeps calling me your name.
That doesn't even sound new.
Being kicked out bed was almost better because then she would see me - Jo.
- She'd have to see my face to slam a door in it.
All right, you get 10 more seconds.
- What? - You get 10 seconds to complain about Meredith Grey.
After that, you're done.
No more talking about it again, ever.
This is an excellent plan.
How is this far? You talk and you talk about Grey, but you don't do anything to change the situation.
You get 10 seconds.
After that, the only person you can talk to about Meredith Grey is Meredith Grey.
- I can't say it all in 10 seconds.
- No, 'cause you have 7.
What am I supposed to say to her? - She's the head of - 5.
A friend would listen.
A friend would not Time.
Never again.
Can I just say one more Ever.
I got your page.
What do you need? Hey.
Do you trust me? Arizona, I am swamped, and I mean, I'm the only one that you ever told, so do you trust me? Yes, of course.
I trust you.
I can feel the boulder starting to roll, and I need to stop it.
So if you trust me, then let me help you.
And you have to let me help you my way.
Which means that you need to tell Jackson.
And you need to let me give you a full work-up.
You're acting like I'm not taking care of myself, but I am a doctor.
I'm not stupid.
I'm just not interested in getting certain tests.
I don't want you going through what you went through last time, April.
I'm not worried about me.
I am! And I am trying to help you get what you want, which is a healthy baby.
One that's not gonna go through horrible pain.
Isn't that what you want? - Dr.
- Not now, DeLuca.
Warren sent me.
It's Courtney.
Oh, thank God you're back.
You say her contractions are more regular? Yeah, and Baby C is getting - Charles.
- Charles is showing recurrent decels.
Okay, Courtney.
I think that Charles is still trying to make a break for it.
What? How do you know? Because I'm holding his feet.
How could she not know she was birthing a baby? It's a quad at 23 weeks.
He's about the size of your hand.
Going from one litter to another.
Peds is weird.
We'll need at least two full NICU teams - down here for the transport.
- Okay.
I'm just saying.
I have done our taxes every year.
Why change it up now? There was never a reason until now.
Things changed this year.
No, one thing changed this year, Miranda.
One thing your job! It was a pretty big change.
I need warmers and neonatal resuscitation trays, and if you don't have to be in here, get out.
It's about to get crowded.
Hi, Courtney.
My name's Dr.
You're the OUT guy.
We met you during our tour of the NICU.
I am, and I can assure you, we're gonna do everything we can No, no, no.
Don't you talk to me.
Robbins talks to me.
Robbins is the "in" guy.
She's the one.
These babies are staying in.
Robbins is "in.
" You're keeping them in, right? It's Charles, right? Courtney, Charles already made up his mind.
He's partially out, and once he's completely out, - they all come out.
- Dr.
Promise me that they're gonna survive, that they'll live once their out.
All four babies.
I need four umbilical line set-ups.
Just one.
- I'm sorry? - I said one set-up! - Go.
- What are you doing? I'm stopping the boulder! Heading up to check on McColl's vitals.
Make sure Blake's watching monitors.
What is Blake's problem? What don't you like about her? She seems on top of it to me, so what am I not seeing? She's No, she's I'm the new guy.
So if she's the dead fish, I'd like to know.
It's personal between her and me.
You can form your own conclusions.
That's kind of you.
Must be nice for Blake.
What does that mean? Oh, come on.
You and Hunt are obviously pretty tight.
I'm sure you've formed some conclusions about me.
We should go to the steakhouse we went to after our honeymoon.
That place isn't even there anymore.
I'm sorry, guys.
Can I get in here a second, please? What's Something wrong? Mr.
McColl, can you squeeze my hands as hard as you can, okay? - Follow the light.
- Blake, what is it? Page Shepherd immediately.
His ICP is climbing.
He needs a ventriculostomy, stat.
Start a ketamine drip and grab an intubation kit.
What is going on? Ma'am, we are going to help him, but I need you outside.
Have you ever done a ventriculostomy? Yes, but I'm not supposed to touch him, so Can you do one? I'm not supposed to touch him.
You're the neurosurgeon on call.
Shepherd said no, so I'm not gonna drill a hole in his head.
Would you please just do it? You're running out of time, Blake.
So I'm gonna deliver Charles, I'm gonna stop labor, sew up the cervix, and then leave the rest of the three inside for delayed delivery.
- That's impossible.
- Yes.
Once Charles is out, she'll keep having contractions to deliver the placenta.
They'll all deliver.
It's how it works.
Okay, fine.
Fine, great.
Then I don't deliver Charles' placenta.
After I cut the cord, I sterilize it.
I put it back inside, and we put Mom on antibiotics.
Do you know how dangerous that is? If that placenta stays in, it could cause an infection, even sepsis.
It puts Mom at risk, all three babies at Alex, I am a fetal surgeon! I know more about this than you do.
I know exactly how they can die.
Have you done this before? Has Nicole Herman? No.
I I don't know that anyone has.
- Oh, Robbins.
- Don't please stop.
I know that you're gonna say no, and I don't want to be in a position where I go against you.
I know that this is a judgment call, but your judgment is not better here.
I know what has to be done, and this is the only way that I know how to do it.
Okay, what I was going to say Good luck.
Y-You're gonna let her I'm gonna let her do what she's here to do.
And I suggest you do the same.
What are you doing? His ICP was through the roof.
Evidence of herniation.
He needed a burr hole to Relieve the pressure.
Don't tell me what a ventric is.
- Why would you let her do this? - 'Cause she caught it.
And she could.
Get out of my way.
Get away from him.
Ventriculostomy catheter.
Did you prep for the EGD? No.
I prepped for a colonoscopy.
When you said scope, I assumed that that's But I don't need you to assume anything.
Never mind.
Blake knew we were checking for an upper G.
It's just - I'm sorry.
Let me go and - It's fine.
You're just not Blake, and so let's prep for the EGD and page me when we're ready.
I'm not Blake.
I'm Wilson.
Jo Wilson.
Josephine Alice Wilson.
I'm a surgeon.
I'm a human being.
I'm not some stupid lump that you can just kick around or talk down to or talk down about or dismiss and discount.
I get it.
You don't like me, but I'm here.
I'm in Alex's life, and I'm staying.
And you have to start respecting that.
I don't know where you're getting this.
I'm trying to move forward, okay? And I can't because you're always around the corner blocking my way, making everything so damn hard.
You are overreacting.
No, I'm not.
That's exactly what I'm talking about.
I'm done.
I'm done with all of it.
You know, call your damn Army guy back and get your own boyfriend.
Are you finished? Oh my Okay, are you ready? - Just Charles? - Just Charles.
His sisters will just have to deal with the fact that he wanted to come out first.
Typical boy.
That's good.
It's safer that way, right? They get more time? Courtney, I need you to hold on for a little bit longer, okay? I need you to trust me.
- Can you do that? Can you trust me? - I'm sorry.
It's just can Doug be in here? We had always talked about the delivery and No, we can't risk any additional bacteria during the procedure.
It's it's just too dangerous for you and for the babies.
Can you Absolutely.
Don't forget that you need to - Eyes on monitors.
- Okay.
All right.
Okay, Courtney.
I just need the tiniest little push.
Okay, ready? Okay, good.
Good, good, good, good, good.
Good, good.
Okay, clamp.
Right here.
What's happening? Everything's happening exactly like it should.
You just breathe.
Here we go.
His CT showed he's having a re-bleed.
I will operate, but the fact that it's bleeding again it's not good.
And when he wakes up, will he be the same, or? Will you please go away? This is between me and my husband.
So please go.
Will he be the same? There's just no way of knowing.
I just got him back.
I lost 33 years with that old jerk.
Only a man that I could love that much would make me feel so angry.
I just want him back.
I just I just want to have the chance to love him again.
Blake, find Edwards and tell her to meet me in O.
Shepherd, you don't have time to go chasing around after Edwards.
You need to be in there now.
No significant post-op changes.
- That's good.
- Yep.
He's called how many times now? Oh, God.
Just give me the phone.
I'll send him a nice blow-off text.
No, not a text.
She is not a monster.
But Callie's right, Mer.
We need a plan.
We don't need anything.
God, between you and Wilson What about Wilson Oh, she just tore into me about how I treat her like crap.
She really lost it.
What? You you kind of treat Wilson like a - Like Callie.
- Like a gnat.
- Yeah.
- You s-swat her.
Well, that's what we do to residents.
I've seen you guys swat.
We're all hard on residents.
We swat.
Yeah, but we like them.
Yeah, I like Wilson.
Do you? Suction.
There's too much swelling.
I want to talk you through it.
I want to tell you what I did and why.
Blake, I don't need your excuses now.
It's not for me.
It's for you.
I think you'd like to know what happens when you're not here.
Edwards says you like that.
Just Suction.
I was tracking his vitals.
He was bradying down slowly and becoming hypotensive.
He had a dilated pupil.
All classic signs of raised intracranial pressure.
I knew that he need the ventric, so I asked Dr.
Riggs to prepare it.
He thought I was qualified.
I knew I was qualified.
Then what? I used your craniometric method for the drilling site Prepared it adequately.
I identified Kocher's point at 11 centimeters, then All right, Betadine.
Just pour the entire bottle on the cord.
- Karev, how are we doing back there? - Uh, APGAR score is 3.
I need a smaller tube.
- That's a 3.
- Then get me a 2.
- Alex! - Give me a minute! - Endoloops.
- Is Charles okay? Dr.
Karev is just trying to get some air into his lungs.
She's still having contractions.
Okay, uh, increase the magnesium rate.
Uh, you know what? Um, I'm still confused.
Take me through the deductions again.
Um, okay.
First, the obvious.
Do you have any dependants? Uh, we do.
We do.
Uh, one.
A son.
Me, too.
I have a son now, too.
You're just packing.
Should we resuscitate? No.
He's gone.
He herniated.
He was brain-dead minutes ago.
Time of death, 18:09.
Did I Was it what I No.
You were perfect.
He didn't make it.
Should I find Gayle? - No, I will.
- No, I'll go.
I mean, you have plans, right? I'll tell her.
But thank you.
Yeah, no worries.
Let's go, Blake.
Is he stable? A little hypotensive but oxygenating well, which is something for his size, so So we got all four.
You got all four.
Thank God.
How's Courtney? She's stable.
She's back in her room with three fetal heartbeats.
It'll be day to day to see if it works, but Well, even just a day or two more inside - will help the other three.
- Yeah.
Look, you know I didn't agree with the whole thing.
I didn't think it would work, but Hmm.
Are you trying to give me a compliment? I'm saying no one else could have done what you did.
Did you talk to Kepner? I tried.
I just I don't I don't think that she hears me.
We We have to do something.
I know.
Hi! Dr.
Robbins? You ready to meet your son? Yeah.
Here we go, hon.
There he is.
Courtney: Hi! Hi, baby.
Oh, he's so beautiful! Hi! Hi, baby.
Hi! Hi! Hi! - rest your head - You paged? Um, Robbins has requested you for her service for the foreseeable future.
Apparently, you're really good with the moms.
Yeah, I'm not.
I just did what Robbins No, you helped that woman through the scariest hours of her life.
I did, didn't I? Yes, you did.
And you got us a new accountant.
Wait, what? I hired Courtney to do our taxes for us.
'Cause, you know, so many things have changed, and, um, we're both so busy and Well, you're a resident, and You're the Chief.
I am.
Are you okay with that? I just, um It's just less work for you, I was thinking.
Yeah, of course.
So I'm just gonna go finish Robbins' rounds.
- See you at home? - Yeah, see you at home.
I'm I'm sorry.
What are we doing here? You got to tell him.
If he figures it out, sooner or later God.
Look, he's gonna hear it from someone else.
Look, I'm just saying the longer you wait, the worse it's gonna be.
- Mm-hmm.
- And you got to listen to Robbins.
You and Arizona.
Y-You're a great team.
Well, we just want No, it's sweet.
Thank you.
You're so invested.
You're like the Supreme Court just trying to tell a woman what she can and can't do.
I don't want to see you guys get hurt again.
Well, neither do I! I'm not telling him because we have been through enough.
Especially him.
Because he never got over the last one.
He never had the chance to, and I am hanging on to every last shred of faith I have that this time, it'll be okay.
But he doesn't have that.
So it'll just be better if he doesn't know yet.
It won't.
You're making it worse.
You're right.
I am hard on you.
Alex hasn't had it easy.
Everyone he's ever been with has run away or stolen his job or gone crazy or broken his heart.
None of them stick.
And he doesn't deserve to take another hit.
But the point is, I I am sorry for for squashing you like a bug or whatever it is that I do.
Thank you.
But, you know, you are what you allow.
And if you let them pluck off your shiny little insect wings, they will.
Um okay.
So don't let them.
Don't let me.
Understood? Yeah.
And for the record, Wilson I am rooting for you to stick.
Are we not going? I'm sorry.
I have not had a chance to change.
This day.
We're canceling.
I I just I lost a patient.
And his wife lost him, too.
Was it Riggs? Did he do something No.
No, Riggs was great.
I can see why you liked him.
It was Blake.
Blake lost your patient? Not at all.
Blake has microscope hands a level head more assured in the O.
than any resident I have ever seen.
She's a natural neurosurgeon.
And now I have to teach her.
I owe it to her to teach her.
Dinner's off.
Owen, I can rally.
It is off.
Come with me.
Come on.
You know, I really don't like surprises.
You'll like this one.
Excuse me, can we get five minutes before you leave? - Yeah.
- Five minutes? For what, exactly? Come on.
Let's go.
Studies have shown that petting a dog can actually lower blood pressure.
And they make a really crappy day a lot less crappy.
Affection, acceptance, and unconditional love.
We all want it.
We all look for it.
Nice night.
See, right about now, you're thinking I'm some kind of stalker.
Yeah, I've called.
And I've texted.
Because I wanted to see you again.
And I thought I'd ask you out, but I can't do that if you don't call me back.
I thought I'd show up here, ask you.
That way, if you wanted to turn me down, you'd have to do it in person.
Looking at my very nice face makes it hard to say no.
So, what do you say, Dr.
Grey? Would you like to go out with me? But when we find it it's flat-out terrifying.
Um, have you seen Dr.
Avery? Upstairs in the lab.
Because just as quickly as we may have found it it can disappear.
Jackson, can we And we're back out there in the cold.
Why is she telling me this? Oh.

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