Grey's Anatomy s13e02 Episode Script

Catastrophe and the Cure

1 Meredith: As surgeons, we are our brothers' keepers.
Ride or die.
Womb to tomb.
[Exhales sharply] We see each other's fears.
We see the white-knuckled panic of failure.
We see ourselves.
And who the hell likes looking at that? Alex, we should get going.
That's the wrong tie.
Well, it's not gonna really matter what tie I'm wearing when, uh Did I tell you I have a thymectomy today? Patient has myasthenia without a thymoma, so I'm thinking I can get away with a partial sternotomy.
So, we're avoiding what's actually gonna happen today.
We're discussing medicine.
We're doing our rounds.
Surgery and work.
That's what's going to get us through today.
[Siren wails] I don't spy on my co-workers.
I'm not asking you to spy on your co-workers.
No, you're asking me to be your mole.
I'm asking you to keep this hospital safe.
This Karev-DeLuca thing is a mess.
I have an attending who posted bail for another attending, an intern pressing charges.
People are taking sides.
I'm trying to hold us down, but I need someone to be my eyes and ears.
Baby, baby, I'm just starting to get my reputation back.
Just my eyes and ears.
No! When Webber was Chief, I was his eyes and ears.
Okay, but, Chief, Chief, you can have my whole body Don't be nasty.
But not my eyes and ears.
I'm not your mole.
[Groans] - You're right.
- Hm? I know.
What am I right about this time? Okay.
You need eyes and ears.
I could be your mole.
[Scoffs] Won't work.
People shut up when you're around.
If they know I'm around.
Have you heard of Hercules Mulligan? He was a great Revolutionary War spy, helped defeat the British.
No one saw him coming or going.
I know who Hercules Mulligan was, and you're no Hercul Hm, well, damn.
[Indistinct conversations] Hey, I thought you had Alex's thing this morning.
Uh, we do.
We are keeping our heads up.
We are working.
- It happened again last night.
- Again? Riggs walked me to my car.
And we said good night, and then he took me in the parking lot over and over again.
That's the third time this week.
Mer, these dreams are really hot.
In the parking lot? No.
- I should just ask him out.
- Here you go, Doctor.
- Thanks.
- I know.
I'm his boss.
What if I ask him and he says no, or it comes off like some gross sexual harassment? Which is the only kind of sexual harassment.
But what if I don't ask him? Am I just gonna wait around for my life to happen? Just wait for my big love? You've had yours.
Amelia has hers.
I want mine.
So I am acting like a grown-ass woman, and I am asking him out? - [Elevator bell dings] - Was that a question mark? No.
Unless you think that it should be a question mark.
This is happening.
I'm doing this.
This is definitely happening.
Good talk.
[Elevator bell dings] And the wedding photographer wants us to pick our favorites.
Wait, from 500 proofs? We have jobs.
We are very, very busy.
So busy all the time Ooh.
- [Clears throat] Hey.
- Morning, Riggs.
- Morning.
- Morning, guys.
Oh, I almost forgot.
You want me to bring anything tonight? I make a whitebait fritter that's out of this world.
You invited Riggs to our house? We have a new home.
We're supposed to have friends and family over to warm it up, right? Wait.
This is a housewarming? Who else did you invite? You two were so happy at the wedding, and you were so close once.
That was a long time ago.
You should have checked with me first.
You're right.
I meant to.
[Sighs] You were never gonna check in with me, were you? - Probably not.
- Hm.
Shepherd, how's it going? I suck at marriage.
I'm sorry.
I need a favor.
Can you take Wilson on your service today? No, I have Warren, and he's already familiar with my Wilma case.
You know how gnarly she's gonna be.
But if you put Wilson on your service, she doesn't have to work with Karev.
I see you've picked a side.
I'm on the side of "We all want to punch interns, but we resist.
" So, Wilson gets neuro.
What do you get out of it? A surgery? What? Nothing.
Just trying to be a good friend.
That's all.
- I'll take Wilson.
- Thank you.
Oh, and can you take pictures of Wilma? - I want neuro porn.
- [Chuckles] Ben: Dr.
Karev, this is Zach Thompson.
Six months post-renal transplant, complaining of abdominal pain.
I know the history.
- Dr.
- Hey, buddy.
Hey, Reena.
I didn't want to see you guys here again.
- Yeah.
When did the pain start? This morning.
It came on kind of gradually.
I got scared.
His kidney is so new, and I worry.
- Ow! - Sorry, bud.
No, I'm fine.
Don't make me give my kidney back.
[Sighs] Well, look, I'm gonna have to run a few tests, and I need you to be brave.
But remember what we say? No matter how bad it gets, no matter how scary Nothing's as bad as broccoli.
nothing's as bad as broccoli.
Here's our girl.
Hi, sweetie.
Gimme, gimme, gimme.
Harriet is gaining weight right on schedule.
- She's healthy and fat.
- Fat baby.
Fat baby.
And healthy enough to go home today.
Yeah? Are you sure she's ready? What about her respirations? I thought I Kepner, you can take your kid home.
[Cellphone chimes] - [Baby cooing] - Yeah, I know.
- Oh, yeah.
- Look, I got to go.
Oh, that's today.
Congrats on the fat baby.
Okay, yeah, thanks.
[Baby coos] Why the face? It's a good thing.
Not for me.
What do you mean? My incision opened back up.
They want to do wound therapy.
Harriet's going home.
But I'm not.
[Cooing] Meredith: So, they're just charging you today.
I know.
It'll probably be a misdemeanor with probation.
I know, Mer.
Is the State ready to charge? We are, Your Honor.
We're seeking felony assault in the second degree.
Felony? This must be a mistake.
It's not, Your Honor.
What the hell? I thought The State is pulling this at the last minute.
It's called prosecutorial discretion.
It's overreaching.
- It's not, Your Honor.
- This is a misdemeanor case.
Tell that to the victim seated here in the courtroom a first-year surgical intern who almost lost his career when the defendant, his professional superior, his teacher, was unable to mask his rage.
This act was a felony.
The State and Dr.
DeLuca want the appropriate justice here.
You want to argue this now? Fine.
The defendant is a pediatric surgeon with no priors.
- He - We're not at trial.
We're here to enter a plea to the charge.
And the charge is felony assault in the second degree.
How do you plead, Dr.
Karev? How do you plead, Dr.
Karev? You have to answer.
Not guilty.
[Birds calling] This is just a charge.
Yeah, a felony charge.
But you haven't been convicted of anything.
- Alex.
- Every single one.
Every guy I grew up with is either right where I left him, dead, or in prison.
I thought I was special 'cause I went to med school.
Guess you can't wash the stink off trash.
You're not trash.
You're a surgeon, and you are not going to prison.
- You don't know that.
- You are not going to prison.
Do you know the charge? Yes.
The D.
subpoenaed DeLuca's medical records and your personnel file.
What now? What now? What now? [Sighs] You know, people come to this hospital so that we can help them.
Do you know how many problems I have to deal with already? Who gets the expensive experimental drug? Whose body deserves the organ transplant? Which parent is ready to hear that, "Yes, your toddler is dead, but here is a bill for a quarter million dollars anyway.
" Problems! Real problems, Karev.
Yet somehow you are now problem number one.
A pediatric surgeon walking around this hospital with an assault charge.
Do you realize what happens if you're convicted of a felony?! Yes, Dr.
Bailey, I realize.
Well, do you have a decent lawyer? Do you need help or Are we done? DeLuca's starting back today.
Is there gonna be a problem? Not from me.
Then we're done.
[Door opens, closes] When you get home, just put her in the little yellow onesie with the frogs on it.
[Voice breaking] That was her going home from the hospital onesie.
I know.
I'll take pictures.
[Sobbing] Hey.
She's going home without me.
And what did we just say about that? The important thing is that she's healthy and I'm healthy.
That's crap! She's supposed to be with me bonding and attaching or whatever.
Smelling me like birds and dogs.
Birds and dogs? Shut up.
It's nature.
How's she gonna attach to me when she's there and I'm here? You're gonna be discharged soon.
And then what? I'm still gonna be in recovery.
You know the ins and outs of post-op incisions.
I'm not even gonna be able to pick her up with without help.
I'm gonna have to hire someone to come and take care of her, some mama bird who smells good and bonds with my baby while I just lie there and watch.
You know what? You should just go.
I'm not going anywhere while you're this upset.
You have to because I'm not gonna stop.
- I'm just gonna die of dehydration.
- Shh, shh.
- It's gonna be all right, you know.
- Get out.
[Sobs] Dr.
Karev, uh, I've got Zach's labs.
His CRP is a little elevated, but, um - Dr.
Karev? - Hm, what? I just didn't know if you heard me.
Uh, just, uh, tell me what the C.
Well, his kidney looks good, but he is showing signs of early appendicitis.
What? Appendicitis? So he needs another surgery? Well, I want to avoid that.
The immunosuppressants he's on because of the transplant put him at greater risk for post-op infections.
I want to start him on broad-spectrum antibiotics, see if it clears up on its own.
I'll be by to check on him every hour.
Thank you.
Which means you and I are gonna be here hanging out all day.
I bet I can score a video game for your room, deal? Deal.
So, uh, how's Alex holding up? He's working.
I'm working.
We're focused on medicine.
Right, yes, good.
We should all focus on medicine.
Lap pads.
Just How should I ask Riggs out? Is there a way to do it so that the boss thing isn't a thing? Oh, you actually meant that.
You're ask gonna Riggs out? Grey, what are you doing tonight? Nothing.
Uh, Amelia invited Riggs to dinner at our house.
She's trying to make us I don't know friends again.
[Chuckles] I need you to come over and talk to him so I don't have to.
- I'm busy.
- Wh Come on.
You guys got along at the wedding.
It was a wedding.
I had tequila.
You need a buffer? I can buffer.
- I'm a great buffer.
- You're free? Tonight's perfect.
What time? 8:00-ish? Uh, awesome, I'll be there.
We'll see you at 8:00.
Hey, you changed your mind.
If you're going, I'll go.
I-I just want to say thank you for letting me work on your service.
I know that you Stop thanking me.
We got work to do.
Wilma is waiting.
Wilma? Nasty, annoying Wilma.
It says here Patricia.
So, how we doing? I'm fine.
[Whispering] It's not Wilma.
So, you know the drill.
We are going to draw a few more labs, do a pre-op C.
, and tomorrow, it is all about Wilma.
It's Patricia.
Oh, she's talking about the tumor, dear.
I'm Patricia.
The tumor is Wilma.
She named her tumor after her ex-husband's mistress.
Wilma because they're both parasitic mounds of unwanted flesh.
And tomorrow, we are kicking Wilma's ass.
Yeah, that bitch is going down.
- Mm-hmm.
- [Grunts] Wilson, meet Wilma.
Tomorrow, we beat the crap out of this bitch.
[Sighs] Come on.
Show some enthusiasm.
I'm enthusiastic.
It's just that the tumor is a woman named Wilma.
So? And you're excited to kick Wilma's ass and beat the crap out of Wilma.
And it's cute when it's the name of a tumor.
It's just that when it's the name of a woman, it's it's It's what? It's nothing.
It's nothing.
[Beeping] The Karev thing I'm an idiot.
Here I am, saying all these violent things after what you've been through.
What I've been through? Witnessing Karev attack DeLuca.
I'm sorry.
I'm bringing up bad memories.
You must think I am the worst person.
It's It's okay.
I'm fine.
Are you? I don't have any place to live.
And the entire hospital won't stop whispering about the scarlet letter on my chest.
So it just feels like I'm trapped in a glass box and everyone's on the outside watching while I run out of air.
But, yeah, it's [chuckles] I'm great.
I'm having a housewarming party, and you are coming.
You need a break from your life.
Alex will not be there.
I just picked a side, and I'm on yours.
[Cash register beeps] It's been quite a day.
They're have been rumblings about some sort of turf war over who gets control of Dr.
Torres' ortho lab now that she's gone.
Oh, and, uh, doctors at the Duquette Clinic, they feel overworked.
- At the clinic? - Mm.
That's not news.
- Hm? - You know what's news? Karev was charged with a felony.
[Bites apple] I did not hear that.
[Elevator bell dings] First day back? Mm-hmm.
How is it? It's fine.
DeLuca, I know I don't know you very well, but you know I was attacked.
I remember.
I didn't want to forgive the guy who attacked me.
But I did because I needed to.
The guy who attacked you was in a fugue state.
Karev knew what he was doing.
Have you ever made a horrible mistake because you overreacted or you just had the wrong information? Dr.
Karev is genuinely sorry and would like to tell you himself.
Well, I'm I'm not ready for that.
Just you are an intern, and you shouldn't be spending your time in a courtroom.
You should be scrubbing in on surgeries.
This job is hard enough.
Just don't need to make it any harder.
Look, we shouldn't talk about the case, all right? Okay, okay.
I'm Look, I know you can keep me out of the O.
You can end my career, and you can ruin my life if you want to.
I'm not trying to ruin your life.
You don't get to.
You think because you're an attending and Dr.
Karev's an attending you can threaten me? I don't care.
It's not gonna work.
[Elevator bell dings] [Babies cooing] [Indistinct conversations] Okay, so, this is bad.
Well, save it, 'cause I don't need it.
I think I might have just threatened DeLuca.
What? What? I was trying to help.
What?! I didn't mean it.
What did you Why would you s What exactly did you say? He twisted my words.
I just got charged with a felony today.
This is my life, Mer.
I was just looking at Zach's latest absolute neutrophil count, and I saw it.
It's fine.
Well, his heart rate is inching up.
I've had him for three years.
His heart rate rises every time he comes here.
He's a nervous kid.
- But this looks - I looked at it.
I saw the labs.
I did my job, now do yours.
I'll keep you posted.
[Sighs] Crap.
You think DeLuca's gonna say anything? - I don't know.
- Yeah, he will.
Or he won't.
We can't control it.
All we can do is just go on, live our lives, be there for our patients and our friends, and go to dinner parties.
I'm not going to a party.
You have to go because I have to go.
And if I can go to court for you, you can go to a dinner party for me.
[Doorbell rings] Sorry, I had an aortic valvuloplasty and I Wilson.
I mean Hi, Wilson.
Should've warned you this is just casual.
What? I'm casual.
- [Door opens] - I'm casual.
You look hot.
I look hot? Your butt looks like an apple.
Hey, Pierce, when did you get here? Okay.
I'm tagging you in.
Riggs is right over there.
- Oh.
- She's your buffer? No, Maggie, you are not tagged in.
I'm tagging her in.
That kind of defeats the point of all of this.
I didn't agree to all of this.
No, tag me in.
It's fine.
You're starting a thing here.
No, it's okay.
All good.
And you're not even giving it a chance.
Guys, I'll tag myself in.
You obviously need to talk about this.
And I am right behind you.
- No, you don't have to.
- I don't mind.
Jackson: You're still crying? Of course I'm still crying.
April, come on, okay? I'm gonna bring her by every single day at the hospital.
We already talked about it.
As soon as you get home, we'll fly your mom back out, get her to stay out here for a couple months.
My mom already came for as long as she could, okay? I can't ask her to come back out.
She's She's got work.
Well, get a baby nurse who can stay and live with you, then.
I can't afford that.
I'm loaded.
I can.
Well, I'm not.
And we're not married.
Yes, I know.
You can't fix this, okay? I have to figure this out.
I am a single mom.
April, I'm her father.
I'm right here.
As long as Harriet is fed and sleeping and happy, you're doing your job.
You don't need to, like, check in on me, okay? Or call unless Harriet needs me, okay? So I'm just supposed to let you cry, then? Yes! Good night, Jackson.
Feelin' like you got the whole world on your shoulders Try to walk with it, but you stumble and fall again You're here.
He's been with Maggie for a while, but you're up next.
I had not put my bag down yet.
If you don't get in there, Amelia's gonna make me talk to him, and we're gonna fight about it.
You've been married for like two minutes.
Right, so just get in there.
Fine, fine.
Hey, hey.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Have you had the tour yet? Owen gives a great tour.
Yeah, I helped him move in.
We painted the bedroom since then, so - Okay.
Nathan, you want to - Hm.
Oh, actually, I need to talk to Dr.
Riggs about Mrs.
, uh, Peterkin.
She relapsed.
So it's just us, then.
Let's go.
Come on, let's go.
Who's Mrs Peterkin? There is no Mrs.
- You just - Maggie is going to ask you out.
On a date.
Oh, so Maggie wants me? She wants to date you.
And you are going to be nice and say no.
Oh, so she doesn't know that you're madly in love with me.
I am not madly in love with you.
You're close.
You will be.
I am close to hating you.
Really? Oh, then we should just end this right now.
Let's just make out on the couch.
Sends a clear message, then everyone knows.
Mm, you're considering it.
You're disgusting.
And yet you're falling for me.
Shut up.
You are going to say no.
You are going to be very nice, but you are going to say no.
Got it? Okay.
Oh, hey, you're here.
I don't know why I came.
He was charged with a felony.
I don't know if you know.
I know.
I was there.
I don't know what's going on with you guys, but he's Alex is in a really bad place.
Maybe you could talk to him.
Why are you telling me this? I'm telling you this because you said you showed up in court.
I thought you care.
I do care.
Okay, so then talk to him.
I care about what Alex did to Andrew.
That's what I care about.
Owen says they get great morning light.
Light is good.
- Yeah, I was thinking, um, do you want to - No, we shouldn't.
double team on that transplant with me tomorrow? It should be fun.
Oh, yeah, okay.
We should do that.
- Okay, definitely.
- Mm-hmm.
And then maybe after that, we could, um, finish up my resident competency reports.
I'm I'm way behind.
Excellent, definitely.
I can do that, too.
Great, sounds good.
- No problem.
- Great.
I'm gonna go help Amelia.
She can't cook.
[Sighs] - Hey.
- Hey.
- Mommy, I'm scared.
- I know, baby.
What's going on? His pressure's dropped.
Getting central access.
All right, get me an art line kit.
It'll be okay, honey.
Thompson, please, step back.
I'm sorry.
He doesn't know you guys.
He needs Dr.
Where's Dr.
Karev? Yes, uh, can we find out where Dr.
Karev is, please? Hey.
Uh You're, uh I, uh, didn't know you'd be here.
How are you? I don't know how to answer that.
I'm leaving, so you can go in.
[Cellphone vibrating] Jo I don't want to go in there.
I want to be home with you.
And I messed that up, and I know that, and I'm sorry.
You can't just say that.
I mean it, and I'm gonna keep saying it.
It doesn't fix anything.
Sorry doesn't fix Well, what do you want me to say? You lash out and you hurt people, and then you think you can just walk it back with "I'm sorry.
" I'm not walking anything back.
I might be going to prison.
But you and me You and me? What you and me? You walked out.
You left.
And I came back.
And then you called me trash.
And you just You said it so easily.
You were trying to hurt me.
It worked.
Jo! [Cellphone vibrating] I got your page.
Took you long enough.
What happened? His appendix ruptured.
He's septic.
All right, uh, gown and gloves.
Uh, no need.
Karev will not be scrubbing in.
You're not touching this boy.
Bailey, this is my patient.
Not anymore.
You're off this case.
[Stapler clicks] [Clears throat] This is just painful to watch.
Owen, can I see you? Sure.
[Grunts] - You're off the hook.
- I told you.
I don't know why you feel you need to I'm a fixer.
I fix things.
I see something sad and broken, maybe just a little pathetic, and I want to fix it.
It's a compulsion.
But we're done here.
Party's over.
No more meddling.
You promise? Yeah.
Good, thank you.
[Sighs] Yeah, she just won't go back to sleep.
Well, let let me try.
Can she Can she hear me? - Is the sound okay? - Yeah, yeah, she can hear you.
Well, I guess it'd be nice If I could touch your body I know not everybody Has got a body like you But I gotta think twice Before I give my heart away And I know all the games you play 'Cause I play them, too Oh, but I need some time off from that emotion Time to pick my heart up off the floor And when that love comes down without devotion Well, it takes a strong man, baby But I'm showing you the door 'Cause I gotta have faith I gotta have faith I gotta have faith, faith, faith Baby I know you're asking me to stay So please, please, please don't go away You say I'm giving you the blues Maybe You mean every word you say Oh.
I'm so glad they reached you.
How's Zach? He's still in surgery.
Why aren't you in there with him? Reena No, I want you in there.
I'm not on Zach's case anymore.
I made a mistake.
I missed a sign that there was an infection.
He's in there because of you? I checked his labs before I left.
You promised me you'd check him hourly.
Not his labs him! I know.
I gotta have faith And what about his kidney? I gotta have faith If the infection spreads, it could affect his transplant.
They're doing everything they can.
So the next few hours are crucial.
I'm sorry.
So, he could lose his kidney.
Would you please go? Faith, faith, faith, faith Where's Alex? This is his patient.
Not anymore.
What is this I hear about you threatening DeLuca? I didn't threaten DeLuca.
I was trying to advise him.
What, you were talking to him about Karev, and you know it isn't your place to discuss that with him.
- Bailey, it's Alex.
- Yeah, I'm well aware.
I've just spent six hours in the O.
because of him.
You are not Karev's guardian angel.
You are blinded by this thing.
Look, I know you want to help.
But there's no need to go down with him.
I'm his family.
Who else is going to help him? Did Karev tell you what happened with this patient tonight? Huh.
You should ask him.
I gotta have faith I thought this little one got to go home.
Uh, yeah, she did.
We're just back visiting Mommy.
May I? [Chuckles] Sure.
There we go.
How's April? Well, she was up all night crying.
You know, I took Harriet home, so she misses her.
She's sad and angry, and she doesn't really want any help from me.
Maybe she doesn't want to ask for help.
I've been there.
Needing prove I could do something on my own, determined not to ask for help.
Yeah, well, I can't make her lean on me.
We're not married anymore.
Now, I thought you were your mother's son.
You two have a beautiful baby girl together.
Kepner's family.
Be persistent.
It's what you do for family.
[Razor buzzing] which lights up the borders of the tumor so that we can get it all.
I know what to expect.
I'm ready.
I can see that.
I can't wait.
Cut open my head.
[Laughs] I get it.
The headaches must be terrible.
No, I know terrible.
I was married to the same man for over 30 years.
Wasn't the best choice.
He was a preacher.
Thought he could cheat on me because he had a hotline to Heaven.
And I just let it happen.
I was a church mouse.
[Chuckles] Literally.
I thought of leaving, but I kept thinking about how the church would react, that he'd lose them.
So, I made myself small.
And then I met Wilma the tumor.
I knew I had to start looking out for myself, so I walked right out that door with a tumor the size of a cantaloupe in my head.
Stronger because I had to be.
Wilma made you brave.
No, she made me pissed.
Being pissed made me brave.
She shouldn't have taken that case from you.
I messed up big time, Mer.
Well, we all mess up.
I mean, why is everyone around here acting like they've never made a mistake before? Stop.
I torched a kid's kidney, and he could lose it because I screwed up.
And I keep screwing up.
Just open your eyes.
You're backing the wrong damn horse.
Ben: Dr.
The Chief wants you to scrub in on a surgery.
Well, I have lap chole scheduled, so She asked for you.
Uh, the patient has a renal artery thrombosis post Who's the patient, Warren? Zach Thompson.
There's no blood flowing to his kidney.
It failed.
We have to remove it.
- Dr.
Grey, we should go.
- Okay, okay.
Got it.
I'd keep you under lock and key It's like you're drippin' from the ceilings Wall to wall, you're all I see Although everything around me is screaming otherwise You're the last thing on my mind You asked for me, Dr.
Grey? Yes, have you ever scrubbed in on a kidney transplant removal? It's a yes or no, DeLuca.
When I go outside No.
No, I haven't.
Well, booty up fast.
We're going in.
Down our beat-up steps Every crack is just an echo of the morning when you left Where's Dr.
Alex? I want Dr.
Oh, Zach, I'm Dr.
Alex can't be here.
But I know he'd want me to tell you how brave you've been.
But why isn't he here? you're doing fine, I know it's true - Now, Karev, - Does he - you're still off this case.
- Does he know about his kidney? His mother wanted us to wait until after.
All right, can I see him for a minute? Just for one minute, please.
It's like you're drippin' from the ceilings Wall to wall, you're all I see Dr.
Alex, are you coming with me? Oh, dude, I got to stay out here.
Are you gonna sit with my mom? She's scared.
Are you scared? Yeah.
Ah, it's a piece of cake.
What do we always say? Nothing's as bad as broccoli.
Nothing's as bad as broccoli.
I'll be here when you get out, okay? Okay, let's go.
You're the last thing on my mind Although everything around me is screaming otherwise You're the last thing on my mind You're the last thing on my mind Although everything around me is screaming otherwise Zach wanted me to check on you.
I can only find my happiness in your eyes Although everything around me is screaming otherwise - [Sighs] - You're the last thing on my [Rain falling] [Sighs] I guess it's time for you to get going.
[Baby coos] What? I think you and Harriet should come live with me when you get out of here.
Just until you've recovered.
April, come on, you need help.
I know that.
Good, so then why won't you accept it from me? Because it's from you.
Come on.
I need boundaries.
And I can take care of her.
Of course you can, and you will.
I know that we need boundaries.
I know that I'm not your husband.
I also know that I am Harriet's father.
She needs her mother, and her mother needs help.
Just think about it.
Okay? Okay.
She said okay.
Long, long day, huh? Yeah, it was.
Short ones are boring as hell.
- [Chuckles] - Yeah.
Do you want to grab dinner sometime, like after work, like away from work, like a date? [Chuckles] Like an actual date.
Look, you're an amazing woman.
It's just I'm not, um I'm not ready to date No, right, I anyone, right now.
I-I totally understand.
I'm sorry.
Gosh, no, no.
It's Don't It's not a big deal.
Have a great night.
You too.
[Door opens] [Door closes] Zach is stable.
We removed a large blood clot from the artery, and the kidney pinked up again.
Thank you.
You were the big surprise.
You were most improved.
The person that beat up DeLuca is someone I thought you left behind years ago.
Me too.
I can't in good conscience let you perform surgery in this hospital right now.
You're a good doctor! You're compassionate.
And you're good with people.
You're exactly what we need right now in the clinic.
A little mole told me they're short-staffed.
The Denny Duquette Clinic? Unless you want me to fire you.
All right, then.
You start tomorrow.
[Door closes] Hey.
This is you and Riggs at the wedding.
You invited him.
Okay, what happened to no more meddling? You married a 12-stepper.
Get used to it.
[Chuckles] Why is this so important to you? You guys were like best friends.
You're brothers.
You don't get a lot of those in your life.
So you have to try.
You're required to try.
I am happy, okay? You could be happier.
[Electricity buzzing] So, do you want me to stay or go? 'Cause, you know, I mean, either way No, I'm fine.
You can go.
Meredith: We walk through these doors as interns, chips on our shoulders, loners, lesser rock stars on the verge of greatness.
I still can't believe you saved that kidney.
You would have done the same thing if you were in there.
Bailey was right.
My head's not in the game.
We're thrown into the deep end together, told to save lives together, to save each other.
We become family.
So get it in the game.
[Sighs] I'm gonna be working in the clinic for a while.
- That is just - It's fine, it's right.
It's not like I didn't do it to myself.
I slept with Riggs.
In the parking lot.
In my car.
In the car you drove me home in? It's bad.
- [Door opens] - It was bad? No, it's bad because - [Door closes] - Maggie: Hey.
What are we drinking? Slow down.
My God, that was humiliating.
It was worse than being dumped by DeLuca.
And now he knows how much I like him.
Why am I crying? At some guy who said no? - [Sighs] - Who said what? You live here now, so you're gonna hear things.
[Clears throat] It's Riggs.
I asked him out.
And he said no.
So fast You know what? Forget him.
It's really time to move on.
Look on the bright side.
Yeah, he did say he wasn't dating right now.
And even when you really screw up I'll give it some time.
family is always there, always on call.
Womb to tomb.
Ride or die.