Grey's Anatomy s13e15 Episode Script

Civil War

1 [Serena Ryder's "Got Your Number" plays.]
Meredith: There's an old story of a father who had two sons.
When he knew a civil war was about to break out, he sent one son to fight for the North and one to the South.
The chains are gonna come You bought my love He figured if he had sons on both sides, there'd be a better chance one would survive Step 29 in the interspeed, gone But it's too late, too late Change, you're gonna come Love is blind, but now I see I don't love you no more I got 20/20 Got your number because when you fight a war at home, the casualties are your neighbors See my lightning, hear my thunder I got it, I got it, I got it, I got your number [Alarm beeping.]
your friends, your family Don't want a ring, ring Don't got a ring, ring I don't need you anymore, got everything, thing leaving you all alone.
Got your number, I got your number I don't need you anymore, got everything, thing Got your number, I got your number I need you to do something.
[Exhales heavily.]
I told you I'd do it.
Just separate out the delicates.
Not laundry.
My thing is fun.
I need you to clip an aneurysm at the hospital.
I'm on leave.
Yeah, I need you to be off leave.
- No.
- Please.
Come on.
It's this sweet little old nun, and she needs open-heart surgery but she can't have it until her brain aneurysm is clipped.
It's so sad.
Poor Sister Agnes.
Don't "nun" me.
The nun detail was a little bit much, but please.
Come on.
I need you.
You're the best.
And don't tell me that you don't miss the O.
Just one little clip, and you can scratch that itch.
Just one little clip.
You'll be in and out.
And I'll make sure that Owen doesn't see you.
Give me 10 minutes.
- Morning.
Good to have you back.
- Morning.
Thank you.
So, when I was Chief Interim Chief.
I took the liberty of catching you up on all your backlogged resident reports, department budgets, supply orders, so - I was gonna do that.
- Of course you were.
I just figured, you know, the same way you fill the tank with gas when you return someone's car You stole the car.
You're welcome.
Look who's back.
Have to say, I thought you'd last longer.
- You folded quick.
- I didn't fold.
You're here, aren't you? The chief didn't fire Minnick.
Webber asked me to come back.
There was no folding.
If you say so.
If you're into the guy, why not just be with him? - Because I don't want to be with him.
- Oh, come on.
Is it because of Maggie? She'll get over it.
I don't want to be with him.
- Okay.
You do, though.
- [Cellphone vibrates.]
But I don't.
[Indistinct talking over P.
So, listen, are we cool? What do you mean, "Are we cool?" I don't want there to be any problems with patients.
Just, are we cool? I mean, to work together.
- We're cool.
- [Elevator bell dings.]
I had to ask.
It's kids.
We're cool.
The mattresses? Yes.
You need to replace every mattress in every on-call room.
- Unacceptable.
- He's not wrong.
These mattresses are lumpy.
They're misshapen, zero lumbar support.
Our surgeons need solid rest, not spinal damage.
You might tell Dr.
Webber that if he wants to sleep soundly, he should come home and sleep next to his bride.
Uh, I'll take this under advisement.
New mattresses! Hey.
You okay? No.
My back hurts.
Oh, and there's nothing like having your dirty laundry aired for everyone to see.
Oh, that bad, huh? And as long as Minnick's here, it's gonna stay bad.
I don't know what to do except give up and give in.
No, no, that's not acceptable.
Everyone's behind you.
Everyone was behind me.
The longer Minnick's here, the more people like her.
And the more people like her, then Well, I'm behind you, then, so just Listen, why don't you stay at my place? I have a guest room, and it's got a very good mattress.
I-I-It'll be fine.
Arizona, thanks for sticking with me.
You're a good friend.
We're losing ground.
Everybody loves Minnick.
I wouldn't say that.
I mean, who said that? And now Meredith.
I stood up for him and got suspended.
Yeah, and now you're back.
You rolled over.
Because he told me to come back.
That's not what it looks like, all right? You weakened our position here.
Well, we don't have a position if he is asking us to stop.
- Meredith has a point.
- The problem isn't Minnick.
Maggie: The problem is that her program is good, and now everyone knows it, including Richard.
You guys are unbelievable.
You're just gonna abandon him now? - No.
We're not.
- No.
Well, I'm not gonna do that.
I'm gonna fight for him.
- How? - My mother's not the only Avery in this hospital.
It seems like the colovesical fistula closed off on its own, after all.
No abdominal reconstruction needed.
I was hoping to avoid having to call Jackson in.
Things still difficult at home? [Sighs.]
I'm not sure I can stay there anymore.
I mean, I want to.
It's been so easy with Harriet, but But everything's so much harder than it needs to be right now.
- I know.
- Yeah.
- And - And what? [Sighs.]
It's just embarrassing being demoted.
You were not demoted.
From Chief of General Surgery to Trauma Attending? - It looks like that.
- April, April.
A title is only as good as the person who earned it.
Grey is very good, but when she wasn't here, the person they turned to was you.
Oh, I know Do you? Then act like it.
[Baby coos.]
So Hey.
Heads, he's Leo.
Let's just wait until we know he's okay.
Oh, come on.
You agreed that we'd decide with a coin toss.
I noticed a systolic murmur at the post-birth exam.
It's probably nothing, but I called just in case.
I'll check it out.
DeLuca, get a pulse-ox.
[Baby crying.]
Baby, our little guy is gonna need a name hey definitely before school, but probably before we leave here, so Heads, he's Leo, tails, August.
Okay, why is the name I like tails? Fine.
Heads, he's August.
Heads? August it is.
[Both laugh.]
Pulse-ox is slightly below normal.
Let's get some labs and page cardio.
Uh, what's happening? Is he okay? He's got a heart murmur.
I need to take him to get some tests.
I'll let you know more as soon as I do.
What's the little guy's name? - Gus.
- Gus.
- Gus.
- [Baby crying.]
[Cellphone vibrates.]
Jackson: Hey, you got a minute? Ah.
Just got paged to the pit.
Can it wait? I need to talk to you about this Minnick situation.
What situation? She's doing great.
Don't pretend you don't know what you did, Mom.
People have been fighting this since the minute you brought her here.
- Bailey brought her here.
- At your urging.
And since I am the voice of the Avery Foundation at this Wait.
I'm sorry.
You're the what? I'm the foundation's representative on the board, right, a position that you gave me, that you made me take.
Yes, and you kicked and screamed and whined every step of the way.
And then I took it on.
So I am the Avery of this hospital.
The foundation speaks through me.
The foundation oversees.
We guide.
We do not interfere in hospital politics.
How can you say that to me? You started this by effectively ousting Richard Webber, which, by the way, our rank and file finds completely unacceptable.
I'm gonna be making the decisions from now on.
I'm gonna go to the governing board.
I'm gonna get Richard back in and Minnick out.
I'm going over your head.
I don't understand.
He's never been that interested in the foundation.
I know.
He does not appreciate our role or the scope of it.
77 hospitals nationwide, 43 full-service clinics.
Not to mention the Worldwide Health Initiative.
Somebody's been doing her homework.
I've just been curious.
Or maybe you just like being in charge.
You know, the thing is, - I was good at that job.
- Mm-hmm.
I like doing that stuff the admin work, the scheduling.
Meredith doesn't even like it.
You know, I want you to see the Avery Trauma Center in Chicago.
They do things very differently than you do here.
We should go.
Ab Absolutely.
I'd love to see how they run things.
No, honey.
I want them to see how you run things.
- [Siren wailing.]
- Oh, yeah, I-I'd love that.
- Thank you.
- Trauma 1.
- What do we got? - Turkey-fryer accident.
Propane tank exploded, blew shrapnel everywhere.
His family's behind him minor injuries, but he caught the brunt of it full-thickness burns to the neck, down the left side of his body, extending into the perineum, left leg partially de-gloved.
One, two, three.
Man: All right, check on that gauze.
- Oh, wow.
- Ohh.
His bowel is eviscerated.
I need to examine this wound and the perineal burn.
- Somebody call plastics! - On it! Yeah.
So, this kid definitely has HLHS.
Start him on a PGE.
Labs are back.
All righty, Gus, let's take a look at your labs.
Oh, they landed on Gus, huh? How did the O.
not catch this? Okay, DeLuca, we need to get him on the transplant list, ASAP.
Hold on.
We're gonna do a Norwood.
I don't think so.
He has mitral valve regurg.
I don't think the little kid can survive a full reconstruction like that.
I know he won't survive the wait for a newborn donor heart.
He's stable for now.
He can tolerate a Norwood.
So, what's next? Parents are freaking out.
We go talk to them next.
[PA chatter.]
[Telephone ringing.]
Where did they take Dad? Let me check you out.
It's okay, Pammy.
It's gonna be okay.
Your fiancé just deep-fried our father.
That is not okay.
This is from a turkey fryer? It's the one thing I know how to cook.
I-I-I was just trying to do something special.
You mean unforgettable, like that time you killed my dad? Pam, come on.
He didn't mean to.
Rodney, Dad's leg melted off.
You have no eyebrows.
- I'm so sorry, honey.
I'm so sorry.
- I know.
Your arm has a partial-thickness burn.
You'll need to learn to dress it while it heals.
I can help.
How can I help? Oh, I don't know.
Go back in time, when I told you, "Deep fryers are dumb," and listen to me! Can you tell me how my father is? Pam, I'm sorry.
Maybe just stop talking.
Someone will come dress those burns, and I'll go get an update.
All right, he's got a lot of neck swelling.
Can you get me a fiber-optic scope just in case? This wound extends deep.
The bladder is destroyed.
I need to get him in an O.
for a repair.
Uh, no, you can do the bladder repair later.
I need to do an ex-lap with an abdominal washout first.
Yeah, I can't even see his vocal cords.
- Here.
Let me try.
- No, I got it.
I got it.
Warren, call up to the O.
Tell them to place the patient in a lithotomy position for a perineal evaluation.
Warren, let them know we need a perc nephrostomy setup and a possible ileal conduit for reconstruction.
His small bowel is sticking out of his abdomen.
What ileal conduit are you talking about? Jackson, the tendon is exposed.
He's gonna need a skin flap.
- No, no, no, that can wait.
- I'm just saying I know when flap coverage is warranted and when it isn't.
And another bickering family.
Warren, did you say something? Uh, I said I'm gonna go book an O.
- Okay, well, hop to it, then.
- Well, hurry up, then.
- Get going, child.
- Come on.
Let's get this.
Sister Agnes is good to go.
It went great.
In, out, no problem.
Feels good to be back, huh? Yeah.
Back at work.
I'm still not ready to see Owen.
I just, uh, don't know what I would say to him.
Okay, well, I'm just riffing here, but you could start with "Hi, Owen.
" Sorry.
When you're ready.
No judgment.
Uh, could you just check the hall so I can get out of here? Yes, of course.
- All clear.
- Okay.
[Monitors beeping.]
It's called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome.
The left side of Gus' heart is underdeveloped, so it can't deliver oxygenated blood to the rest of his body.
Okay, so, what do we do now? He'll need surgery? There are two options a heart transplant or an open-heart surgery to reconstruct Gus' heart, called a Norwood.
I think we go with that.
And I think that we should consider waiting for the heart transplant.
I'm concerned that your little guy doesn't have the strength to withstand a staged procedure.
A staged procedure? Yeah, the Norwood is the first of three separate surgeries that are performed over the first three years of his life, as opposed to just one for the transplant.
But with a heart like Gus', the wait could be more time than he has.
Also, you're looking at a lifetime of anti-rejection drugs.
As opposed to the strain of multiple surgeries, often resulting in a transplant in the long run, anyway.
And in Gus' case, we have a bit of time before his symptoms become intolerable.
I'm not willing to accept that risk.
Okay, but he he says that Gus won't survive your thing, the - Norwood.
And I think he can.
- Yeah, but he's a heart surgeon.
And I operate on babies all the time.
I've seen more of these cases than he has.
I know how well they do.
Also, I'd rather invest in a sure thing than wait for a donor that might not show up in time.
Okay, so, you're just saying that there's a poss Okay, well, then just tell us what to do.
My baby is dying, and I don't know how to help him.
You're just confusing us.
Just, what do we do? I I-I think that we should just go with - the transplant.
- Norwood.
Um you said that we have some time, right? What the hell, man? They're overwhelmed.
They just had a baby.
What, so they shouldn't hear the whole story? They don't need to hear you argue with me.
Well, you should have heard me out before you went running in there.
There's nothing to hear.
He's my patient.
He's a good candidate for a Norwood.
- Well, I disagree.
- Or at least he is now.
He might not be once they spend a bunch of time deciding.
DeLuca, let me know when they're ready.
Call UNOS.
Put that kid on the cardiac transplant list.
I-I think Dr.
Karev's really into the Norwood idea.
Yeah, well, Dr.
Karev's not making the decision.
The parents are.
And when they decide on a transplant, I don't want to have missed out on a heart because we waited.
Just put him on the list.
And don't tell Karev.
I don't want to hear about it.
Jackson: The bladder isn't the only thing at stake.
- That's why I'm saying - I'm saying we can The patient's prepped.
We delay soft-tissue coverage, period.
It's a Gustilo type three.
It's an obvious fix-and-flap.
Not in a dirty wound like this.
We need to do a delayed reconstruction, not a primary bladder repair.
Reconstruction should happen now We have a penetrating wound to explore.
before the tissues become edematous.
Okay, what about this? Webber and Kepner explore the wound as Avery evaluates the burns to determine the need for more coverage.
The other Avery can do a perineal evaluation, and after a full assessment, it'll become clear how to proceed.
I jus You know, Minnick said that we should work the problem with you.
Actually, Warren, that should work.
Thank you.
[Indistinct conversations.]
What? You called it with Riggs.
- What do you mean? - The guy's a snake.
I didn't say that.
Look, he just made a mom cry.
Well, her kid's in the hospital.
There's a high probability of tears.
He thinks he's a cardio god or something, like he knows everything.
When I'm the peds guy, I know things if he would just listen.
The guy's a total snake, just like you said.
Well, I definitely never said that.
[Indistinct talking over P.
Oh! Oh, my God! Oh, my God! You're back! - Oh, actually - Ahh! I'm so happy! [Laughs.]
Oh! Dr.
Minnick's method is awesome, but I've really been wanting to do it with you.
- Edwards - And I Uh, wait.
Are you anti-Minnick? Please don't be anti-Minnick.
- Stephanie! - What? What? I'm not here.
You didn't see me.
Would you mind just walking through the E.
to see if Owen is in there? - No.
- Thank you.
I mean, "No.
" I have to work.
I don't want to get dragged into your marriage again.
You know, boundaries.
- Of course.
- Sorry.
Come back! - Okay, bye.
- Okay.
- Hi! - Hi yourself.
How big is your stove? I don't I don't know how to answer that.
I want to make pierogi for you, but my stove sucks.
Ooh, that sounds nice.
Uh, what is it? Something I do very well.
I don't have to stay or anything.
Just pierogi.
Jak posmakujesz moje pierogi, to nie bedziesz chciala innych.
I have no idea what you just said, but I'd like you to say much more of it.
- I'll see you around 8:00.
- Okay.
- I'll bring everything.
- Okay.
Let's divide this segment, and then I'll prepare for diverting colostomy.
Instead, actually, I think we can do the primary bowel repair right here.
Kepner, you're no longer running General Surgery, so how about you let me do my job? But she is running this case.
She brought in the trauma.
Her department, her patient.
[Monitors beeping.]
3-oh vicryl for bowel anastomosis.
I checked my calendar for Chicago, and I'm pretty booked for the first two weeks, but the weekend of the 25th might work.
Sounds good.
All right.
There's an architectural boat tour.
Ben: Oh, I've done that.
It sounds boring, but it's actually fascinating.
- Oh, fun.
- What is happening? Weekend of the 25th, I'll be out of town, so you'll have Harriet.
You two taking a vacation? It is not a vacation.
You're taking a boat tour, Mom.
Ben: If you're going to Chicago, you really have to take that boat tour.
It's We're visiting the Avery Trauma Center there.
Richard: Trauma Center? Why's that? Is our trauma program next on your chopping block? I'm also getting us "Hamilton" tickets.
Yay! You're going to "Hamilton" without me? [Monitors beeping.]
[Indistinct talking over P.
I'm starving.
I've been in this complex sarcoma excision for seven hours.
And guess who got to dissect the tumor from the vascular structure.
That's right.
What's wrong? Is there something wrong? No.
I, uh It's just, I'm on a case with two attendings who want different treatments and have given me competing instructions, and [sighs.]
I don't know what to do.
Well, you'll make the right choice.
You always do.
[Cellphone vibrating.]
I got to go.
[Siren wailing.]
Incoming MCC.
I'm on it.
- MCC? - Unhelmeted.
GCS of 4, intubated on the scene.
He's got an open-skull fracture.
- Conscious at the scene? - No.
He has decorticate posturing.
Page neuro now.
Neuro's here.
[Radio chatter.]
Let's go.
Let's go.
Minnick's method doesn't just get residents up to speed.
It gets them there faster.
Faster isn't better unless you're cutting corners or creating some kind of factory.
- I'm doing no such thing.
- In your opinion.
You know what? This stitch that I just did no one else does it like this, and do you know why? 'Cause Mark Sloan took the time to teach me how to do it, 'cause I watched him and I watched him and I learned from him, much in the same way so many surgeons have learned from Dr.
Webber, learned from his artistry.
And you're telling me what, those days are over? Dr.
Webber makes artists here.
Minnick makes robots.
Three-oh silk, please.
Bringing Dr.
Minnick here was not the right call.
Okay, you know what? To be clear, that particular decision was made by Bailey.
- Isn't that right, Warren? - Let's just leave me out of this.
Even if Minnick's program was good, the way you two went about implementing the entire thing had zero respect for the history of this institution, certainly no respect for Dr.
Jackson, that's okay.
I mean, are you really telling me this is good management, Mom? You think this is good for morale? Maybe if you hadn't talked the entire staff into forming a coup, you might have listened.
The patient getting coagulopathic.
Mayo scissors.
And you know what? You have no clue about management.
Oh, I almost forgot you got a new minion in the deal.
Oh, come on.
What is it you want to learn from my mom exactly how to get an entire hospital to turn against you in a day or Jackson, stop it! Just stop it! You keep saying, "I'm an Avery, I'm an Avery," but you're not, not in the way you're trying to be.
A title doesn't mean anything.
It's the person who owns it.
Yes, I took your father's name, but it's what I did with it.
It's what I made with it.
That's what matters.
You? You are an outstanding surgeon.
[Exhales sharply.]
[Clears throat.]
He's too far gone for us to do anything more tonight.
We should take him to the ICU, start fresh tomorrow.
- Agreed? - Yeah.
[All murmuring.]
Those sutures should control the bleeding, but he's got a big openskull fracture up here.
- FAST exam negative.
- Pupils are sluggish.
I didn't realize you were back.
There's no other obvious injuries.
I'm gonna need to see those trauma films.
I just stopped by for, uh, some stuff.
- Stuff? - Stuff.
I was shopping, odds and ends.
I needed floss and realized I had a bunch here.
Then this guy pulled up.
Positive Babinski.
Can't sleep without it.
I know.
- [Knock on door.]
- Stephanie: Labs are back.
Trauma films are clear.
Thank you, Edwards.
Uh, page someone from neuro, please.
What? Why? [Stammers.]
It's fine.
I'm I'm Well, this looks like it's gonna be an uphill climb, and if you're not actually back Owen, stop.
Edwards, show me the skull fracture.
I just spent the day trapped on a case with my wife and Jackson and April.
- Yikes.
- Yeah.
So, if I may, I would love to take you up on your offer, after all, and stay at your place, enjoy some good company, and get a good night's sleep.
Oh, okay.
Uh, t-tonight? If the offer hasn't expired.
Well, I mean, I have a date now, but I can cancel it.
- Oh, no, no, no, don't.
- No, no, I can.
I can.
I just made it today.
And I-I probably shouldn't be doing it, anyway, so I can cancel.
I wouldn't dream of it.
- You go have fun, all right? - Are you sure? Yeah.
I've got a patient who's touch-and-go.
I should probably stick around here, anyway.
So, um, give me the dirt tomorrow.
You're still here.
Still here? Uh, I got pulled onto a case.
Oh, okay.
Well, Sister Agnes is recovering well.
Her neuro scans are perfect.
- Great job.
- Thanks.
Thank you for coming in this morning.
No problem.
Thanks, Pierce.
So, you've been here since morning? - [Computer beeping.]
- Look at that.
The scans are up and [Beeping continues.]
First day back and pulling an all-nighter.
[Telephone rings.]
What's going on? Why are you being a jerk? What? Alex said you were being a jerk.
Of course.
He tattled.
Let me make something very clear to you.
If you want to get anywhere with me, messing with Alex is not the way.
Do not contradict him in front of patients.
And please don't speak to him like he's an idiot.
Back it up.
Get Get anywhere with you? - So, you admit it? - Admit what? That there's somewhere to get with you.
Don't change the subject.
I'm talking about Alex.
Karev is pissed because I'm giving a really sick baby a chance at a miracle.
He's giving it a Band-Aid.
Maybe he just wants to play it safe.
I don't know.
But whatever it is, I really don't care.
- Why don't you care? - Because I'm right, and I don't have to keep justifying Forget it.
Where are you going? We're having a conversation.
I'm done.
So, you're just gonna walk away? Damn right! I'm a jerk! But when your father began to decompensate We decided to hit pause, give him some time to rest and get stronger before we continue.
Oh, God.
Can we see him? "We"? Who is "we"? Jim.
I meant you guys, obviously.
Can they see him? That's not really a good idea, Jim.
He's not out of the woods yet.
I'd really like him to rest so we can go back in tomorrow.
Right now you guys should just get some food, get some rest yourselves.
We aren't going anywhere.
Tell you what you guys stay here, and I'll bring us in some food.
Food? You're gonna get us food? You? [Voice breaking.]
Rodney Oh, Father, tell me Maybe you should go.
- We get what we deserve - Sure.
I'll come back in a bit.
- Just shoot me a text and - No.
Oh, we get what we deserve I know you meant well, but my father is I can't.
It's all I'll ever think about when I look at you.
And way down we go, go, go, go, go Oh.
And way down we go - Oh, Rodney - I think you should just go.
Way down we go Way down we go Oh, you let your feet run wild Amelia: I mean, this guy's got an epidural hematoma and diffuse axonal injury.
Surgery may not help, but we can try, obviously, even if it is a lost cause.
Yeah, but for the fall, ooh, my You've been working, doing cases? No.
Oh, 'cause they will run you down Were you planning on seeing me at all today? Yes, and they will run you down No.
So, you're just hiding.
And they will run you down, down till you go Is today your first time coming in, or? Yes.
I-I-I came in as a favor to Maggie.
- That's it.
- [Door opens.]
The patient's prepped.
We're ready.
Way down we go Way down we go You should leave.
We're scrubbing in.
You said it yourself it's a lost cause.
Ooh, ooh Well, page another trauma surgeon if you don't want to go in.
I'm going in.
There are no lost causes.
Oh, way down we go - [Door opens.]
- I'm late.
I know.
Did I miss the window? No.
I'm good.
I'm ready.
Oh, no.
- You're tired.
- Why would you say that? 'Cause you were sleeping and because I'm tired.
I'm so, so tired.
I'm wiped.
Residents are a bottomless pit of questions.
And it's cute, but it's also unbelievably draining.
I know.
Well, why don't we rest a minute, like just for just for a minute? - Just a minute.
- Okay.
- Then rally.
- Mm-hmm.
One minute.
45 seconds.
[Cellphone ringing.]
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Hello? Nathan: Seven.
7, if it's available.
What's going on? I got good news great news.
- So, try not to let it piss you off.
- Just tell me.
We got a heart for the Endris baby, a perfect match.
How? He's not even on the list.
Well, I put him on the list.
Without Without telling me? Without the parents' consent? [Sighs.]
Did you know about this? Well, I-if he wasn't on the list Karev, this is a good thing, okay? All we've got to do now is have an awkward conversation with the parents, and then we save a kid's life.
You're unbelievable.
You know that? I can talk to the family with you.
[Sighs heavily.]
Do you want to be married to me? Yes.
Then why won't you talk to me? I'm not ready.
For what? The fight.
There doesn't have to be one.
There does.
We are on opposite sides of this.
We both want completely different things.
We can't both have what we want, so there will be a fight.
And somebody has to win.
Or no one wins.
I'll talk to the family.
Hold on.
This is why you called me all the way in here at this hour? He went behind my back.
He lied to me.
Hey, what's going on? We ready? Hold on.
Look, I don't trust him.
I don't want him in the O.
with me.
Uh, what? Dr.
Karev has raised a complaint against you.
- Oh, come on! - He says that you've been We had a disagreement about treatment.
That's all.
- He would have survived the Norwood.
- Or he wouldn't.
Now we don't have to risk killing him to find out.
You just killed some other kid by directing that heart here.
- Congrats on that.
- All right! All right! Enough.
The only fight here is to keep this child alive, to fix his heart.
You won.
You won that battle.
Now finish the freaking war.
You two figure out a way to work together long enough to put that heart into that baby.
Understood? [Sampha's "(No One Knows Me) Like the Piano" plays.]
- [Heart monitor beeping rapidly.]
- What happened? Ben: Blood was seeping out of the vac, and his pressure was dropping, so they rushed him up here to find the bleeder.
- Have lap pads ready.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What's Got it.
I got it.
I was right here, so No, no, no.
Nice work, Warren.
You go ahead.
Can you see the source of the bleeding? Uh, yes, yes, I see it.
It's, uh It's in the mesentery.
Debakeys and a right angle, please.
Should I keep going, sir? In my mother's home Here.
I'll suction for you.
Really? The patient's a little unstable.
You don't want to take the lead? No.
I don't think I need to.
I think Warren's got this.
So, why are we even here? Some people call a soul Warren? Feel like you got this? Yes, sir.
Two-oh silk, please.
More laps.
Oh, you arrived when I was 3 years old No one knows me like the piano You called UNOS behind my back? I did.
- I thought we were cool.
- We are.
You went behind my back when I specifically said Look, it's like you said.
It's kids.
You know I left, I flew the nest And you know I won't be long And in my chest you know me best And you know I'll be back home [Water running.]
[Water running.]
So, what was that? Excuse me? You're just giving in to this new way of teaching? I was teaching a capable resident, same as I always have, long before Minnick.
In there, that was that was different.
And never let me go Look, we can win this thing, all right? There are strings that I can pull, you know? - I have a voice.
- Jackson, don't do it.
It'll tear you and your mother apart.
Tear us apart? What about you? You're her husband.
You don't think this whole thing is pushing you away? You don't know the first thing about my relationship with your mother.
And you don't know my mother.
I mean, you don't know this is what she does.
She finds a weakness, and she exploits it.
And she's gonna fight you.
All the way here, she's gonna fight and fight We fell in love fighting over this hospital.
We'll be okay.
Yeah, except she's not gonna stop, all right? She's gonna fight until she wins, no matter the cost.
Don't let her.
[Door closes.]
Well, your father's out of surgery.
His recovery is going to be a long haul, but he will recover.
Oh, thank God.
I can take you to see him.
[Keypad clicking.]
What are you doing? It's just that Jim loves Dad.
You're kidding, right? Pam, it was an accident.
Uh, which way? Ah.
How could you do that? How can you do this to somebody you care about? Jackson, you need to stop this foolishness.
What? I just need to know.
I need to know if business is really that much more important to you than family.
This has nothing to do with family.
Of course it has to do with family.
Look, I get it, all right? Business is business.
If you need to fire someone or replace them, do it.
But if it's someone you love, you just Does that mean nothing to you? Jackson, you and I are two very different people.
Yeah, no kidding.
I've never been happier about that fact in my life.
You have never shown one ounce of interest in this business.
That's fine.
Yeah, that's fine because you have April now, right? Yeah, 'cause you finally got that Avery that you always wished that I was.
No, son.
You've always been your own man.
You've always made your own way.
Nothing could make a parent more proud than that.
I am so happy with who you are.
I am.
I just wish you were, too.
[Exhales sharply.]
Saved the baby.
Huh? Excuse me? The The baby, the one that Karev and I were Anyway, the kid's alive.
Oh, well, that's great news.
Now you're the one being the jerk.
Well, because Alex was right about you.
Oh, yes, of course, 'cause everybody's always in your ear, telling you what to think about me.
- Maggie - Nobody tells me what to think.
Okay, good, 'cause I don't want their opinion, okay? I care about what you think.
About you? Actually, I think a lot of things.
No, no, no.
No banter.
No more quips.
I'll tell you what I think.
I think about you a lot.
Okay? I can't stop.
And I'm telling you I am in if you are.
I am in this.
So, I'm just I'm just gonna ask you outright.
What do you think? Actually, don't answer.
Not till you know.
And when you do, just give me a call.
They say sing what you know But I've sung what they want Some folks do what they're told What time is it? Did we fall asleep? I don't know.
I feel rested.
Oh, my God.
That's because it's almost morning.
Some things I've done before I can't justify So, I guess we just, uh, spent the night together.
- There are kings in my past - I guess we did.
Things no one can be proud of [Chuckles.]
- [Door opens.]
- Oh, uh Uh, sorry.
And turn away from any lack of love Oh, and I walked through that door I say here I go War isn't civil.
You see me and nothing more You pick sides and defend them.
You attack.
I know better I know better You hurt people.
You get hurt.
How was it today? Legend is just a name Bad as you thought it would be? Kind of.
We need to talk.
We have to, but No, you don't.
At least, not tonight.
I won't have to cut it off from where it came You weren't even supposed to be here today.
Come on.
You fight and you fight, and you fight.
To what end? This power and the color of my face And I know better Come home.
Oh, oh, oh - What are we fighting against? - I know better What are we fighting for? Ohh, I'll rise from the floor Just get a good night's sleep.
If I don't win I'll bust open that door, so let me in I never wanted to come between the two of you you and Jackson.
I never wanted that.
I know.
When is it time to just quit all this nonsense I know better Oh, I, I know better Yeah I know better Well - good night.
- I know better and simply surrender? That is one nasty throat tumor.
Ugh, God.
En bloc resection? Maybe.
Got a patient up at the, uh, Avery hospital in Montana.
I might have to go out there for a consult.
"Huh" what? I'm going to an Avery hospital.
Now you're going to an Avery hospital.
Oh, come on.
Really? [Scoffs.]
It's not that.
Are you Are you jealous? Is that it? Jealous of my mom manipulating you? No.
Oh, stop.
I'm not some puppet.
I have my own brain.
I have my own opinions.
Working with your mom and the foundation it's full of opportunities for me.
And I get that you never wanted that, and that's fine.
But she sees something in me.
All right, I'm going to bed.
What is going on with you? Nothing's going on with me.
Just leave it alone.
Jackson, I It's not your business.
Good night.
[Door slams.]

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