Grey's Anatomy s14e19 Episode Script

Beautiful Dreamer

1 You shake me like tambourine MEREDITH: When you're little and you announce to your parents that you want to be a doctor, they're thrilled.
ARIZONA: Hey! Look.
It's family day! It's "Nanny has the flu day and three kids is so many kids day"! You want my coffee? I have no kids, thank God.
Bless you! "Thank God"? It's hard to just up and move countries when you have bambinos, that's all.
You practice medicine on your stuffed animals.
And you dream.
Hey, we could get a place in Fremont.
We have a place.
My place.
Yeah, but your place has a roommate with a hairless cat.
Good morning! Hey.
You know what we should do? We should do like a breakfast or a pre-work double date - Never.
- What? - Carina.
- Dr.
Bello's rounds are too early, and she doesn't want to get fired.
Not hungry! And I don't want to get fired.
Or be late to rounds, which I am.
You know, we live together now.
Playing house with a stalker.
How sweet.
It's not playing house when it's an actual monogamous relationship that goes past three months.
So, if you ever get there, please let me know.
When you were a baby, I wanted to put a pillow on your face.
- Okay, Carina.
- It's not too late, you know.
The dreams turn to plans pre-med, med school, residency, fellowship.
Maggie, how long are we going to do this? All right? It was kind of sexy at first, the petulance, the silence, but now Petulance? Wow.
Pot, kettle.
Who's the pot? I'm not the pot.
You think I'm the pot? Petulance is childlike sulkiness.
You are a grown man who never learned how to apologize.
I am excellent at apologizing when I've actually done something wrong.
My mom always said men show you who they are from the very beginning, if you're paying attention.
I'm pretty sure she stole that from Maya Angelou.
It takes almost 15 years to prepare to be a surgeon.
Can I sit with you? I'd like that.
But no matter how much you prepare 15 years isn't enough.
He's been in there for days.
Has he slept? He sleeps.
In the chair.
MAGGIE: How worried should we be, like on a scale from one to super worried? I think he's okay.
I think I think he'll be okay.
I'm not so sure about Alex.
No progress on Kimmie? I found a doctor in Chicago who's doing a similar kind of ultrasound research.
Uh she hasn't published much yet, but I'm hoping she's further along in the process than I am.
Text me if anything changes.
- Whoa.
Where are you going? - Rounds.
- Uh, skip this one.
- Uh, I really can't.
No, you can because Ollie is dying, and Richard doesn't need to hear you say it again.
There are protocols.
When you break them, you're Meredith Grey.
When I break them, I get a write-up.
Just do it out here.
Roy? But I need to see the patient's latest vitals, in the room Be creative.
Qadri? Uh That's right That's Molly? Ollie.
Olive Warner.
She's 66.
End-stage liver failure and cardiomyopathy.
Surgical protocols were rejected in favor of end-of-life support.
Excellent, Bello.
Move along.
It's the chemo that makes me so sick, not the tumor.
No, it's the chemo that's keeping you alive.
It's the chemo that's making me wish I wasn't alive! Come back later.
Kimmie I tried it your way, Dr.
Alex! All this time, I stayed here, and I tried to shrink the tumor, and I waited on your miracle cure.
It didn't come, and it sucks.
But it's not your fault.
You tried.
Now just I want to go see some shows.
I want to see Broadway before I die.
And not just on my computer.
I want to touch it, and I want to smell it, and I want to sing like I'll just stand on the street, and I'll sing.
On Broadway.
Maybe that sounds ridiculous, but it's my dream.
I-I have a surgery on another kid to prep for, but when I'm finished, I'm going to come straight back here, and we'll talk about this.
Over ice cream.
I'll even bring the peanut butter to put on top, as gross as I think that is.
Just hang tight.
Okay? Okay.
Aronson to the ER.
She's not taking any food? Are you the only one doing the the feedings? My mom has her when I work.
Oh, okay, good.
Hey, something is going on with you, little one.
We're going to figure out what it is, okay? Obviously, I think that might be her heart.
She has a coarctation of the aorta, and I think that maybe we should start her on I'm sorry.
I thought I could do this, but I can't.
Every time I look at you You'd like another doctor.
I-I know you were Ruby's No, I was I was her doctor in utero, and now that she's out, it's perfectly appropriate.
I will have someone else come and see her.
Whatever you need, Matthew.
No! No, no, no.
They do not go in there.
Are you serious? This is a teaching hospital.
Well, this is a teaching moment.
He is a father who lost the mother of his baby in childbirth.
And now the baby has a failure to thrive, and he is breaking, and he needs a minute! Go! Ruby has failure to thrive? What do you think it is? April, please don't go in there.
No, I won't.
You know, I have research to do.
Look, I am your chief, and I made you my right hand for a reason.
So you can cover my service for one day while I get caught up on my TrailBlazer.
You know everybody's calling it the TailBlazer, right? Excuse me.
Are you Chief Bailey? I am.
Hey, how you doing this morning, Dr.
Bailey? I'm Agent Martin Fields.
I I need to talk with one of your surgeons.
Uh, Agent Fields? I'm sorry.
Are you FBI? Or Oh, no, ma'am.
I'm with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
Yeah, it says here it's a surgical intern.
BOTH: Which one? Okay, if this is about Mr.
Bartlett's ventilator, I barely bumped it, and the plug was never technically all the way out of the socket It's not about that.
Good, because I think it was already loose.
If anything, I saved him We don't have a lot of time, but I need you to pay attention, and I need you to stay calm.
Okay, he's waiting in my office.
Who is? There's an agent from Immigration and Customs here, and he wants to speak to you.
No, no, no, no.
Okay, Bello, what is this about? - Are you undocumented? - No! I'm a Dreamer.
I'm I'm here under DACA.
I have a work permit, so I'm protected.
Okay, and everything is up to date, your status? Of course! The only way I could get deported is if I break the law, but I-I don't! I I don't speed.
I don't do drugs.
- I don't do anything wrong.
- Okay.
This is good.
Okay, so they probably just want to check your papers or something.
I have to run.
I-I-I have to hide.
- I - Bello, Bello, calm down.
I have a friend from high school.
She She was at work an intern in a law firm.
ICE came to her work.
They said they just wanted to talk.
Two days later, she was dropped off in Mexico City with a bag of clothes and a check from her family she had no way of cashing.
She just She doesn't even speak Spanish.
She came here when she was 2.
Bailey, how do I calm down? Okay, I found Dr.
Great! Sadly, she is in surgery.
And how long will that take? Well, it's a renal reconstruction with ureteral implantation.
If all goes well, barring any complications, it's difficult to say, at this point, when it would be over.
When will you know? When it's over.
- Ah.
- Yeah.
I will wait.
Okay! Hey, I need you to postpone this morning's colectomy.
And, Helm, I need a favor.
You didn't call me Hellmouth.
What's wrong? Who died? Is it Vik? Tom Koracick sings your praises.
- Oh, Tom.
- I know.
I'd love to compare data.
We successfully did the ultrasound procedure on a hypothalamic tumor, but we have a patient with a mass that's encroaching on Wernicke's area.
I'm giving a lecture next week at UW.
Maybe I stay a few extra days, and we can share acoustic spectrum secrets.
That would be incredible.
And I bet I can get the foundation to pay for your expenses.
- How's that? - The foundation? Grey Sloan is a Harper Avery hospital.
I didn't realize that.
Is that a problem? Yes, unfortunately, it is.
I'm really sorry, Dr.
Nice talking to you.
Good luck! Wait What was that? Dr.
DeLuca, uh, Dr.
Grey needs you.
Grey? DeLuca's on my service today.
I'm sorry, but she needs you right now.
She's 3 months old, and she has a coarctation of the aorta.
Her complaints include occasional vomiting, difficulty feeding, failure to thrive, tachycardia, irritability.
We were hoping we could hold off on cardiac repairs - until she got older, but - Did you talk to Karev? Well, he has a surgery that can't wait, which is why I'm giving her to you in the meantime because I trust you, and I need this baby to be okay.
- Mm.
- She's going to need a cardiac consult.
Dad is emotional this is a hard place for him to be but you cannot let him leave with her.
Okay, but I have a busy pit today, so I'll cover it.
I was eavesdropping.
I'll cover the pit.
You just take care of Ruby.
I'll take care of them.
Who even called them, okay? They can't just take you.
They can, Andrew.
They can detain me for as long as they want.
And if they decide to, they can send me back to El Salvador.
But you don't even - Have you ever even been to El Salvador? - No.
My entire family moved here when I was one.
I don't know a single person there.
You should get married.
People have green card marriages all the time.
Let's do it.
Today! What? You're ready to get married? Well, I Do you not want to? No, yeah.
I-I-I just, I thought we were still figuring stuff out.
Yeah, no, it is soon.
It's really soon, but I just didn't know that you were there that we were there yet.
No, sure, but I want to see if we can get there.
And we can't get there if you're not here, so if we need to get there to see if we can get there, then Okay, let's just keep our eye on the prize, okay? - Right.
- Right.
It won't work.
It doesn't work that way for Dreamers.
Getting married won't give me legal status.
Well, bright side, that was the worst proposal I've ever seen.
No, no, no.
I wasn't That's not how I would actually do it! [EXHALES.]
Okay, we'll figure something else out.
- CARINA: Oh, here she is! Dr.
Robbins is here! Hi.
Robbins, I don't think they actually gave me the epidural because I still feel the soccer ball with the knife-like edges.
I just increased her dose.
I know it hurts, Lanie, but it's going to kick in any minute now, okay? Is everything progressing well? Yes.
She's five centimeters dilated and contracting three to four times in ten.
Great! So you are in active labor now.
So the baby's heart is okay? And my heart is okay? Everything looks really great, Lanie.
She has a history of a Fontan operation for a single ventricle, which was also evolving in the baby.
So I did a fetal aortic valvuloplasty at 26 weeks, and it's been smooth sailing for the little guy.
Isn't a C-section indicated? - I wish! - No.
A vaginal delivery is safer here.
There's more potential for blood loss with a C-section.
But then it would be over faster.
I know.
I know that it hurts, okay? Just keep breathing.
Keep breathing.
I want an EKG, her most recent echo, a nasal cannula, oxytocin, bisoprolol, digoxin, and a setup for vacuum delivery all by Lanie's bedside.
Oh, I also want a cardiologist on standby.
Am I missing something? You just said she was fine.
Are we supposed to lie to moms? Arizona, she's fine.
You have too many statistics from the maternal mortality project in your head.
She's not showing any signs of Neither was the last patient who died postpartum.
She wasn't showing any signs of anything.
Go get my stuff.
Any word? Still at it.
Let need to be clear with you, Dr.
If you're lying about the whereabouts of Dr.
Bello, you're breaking federal law.
Oh, I am clear on that, sir.
And I assure you that Dr.
Bello is in an operating room.
Did Dr.
Bello break any laws? I'm not at liberty to discuss her case with you.
I apologize.
Stomach trouble? [SCOFFS.]
When was your last physical? Why do you ask? Because you've been sitting still for quite some time, and your jugular is bulging so much that I can see your pulse from here.
I'm gonna say 120, resting.
May I? - Let's see.
- Dr.
Bailey, you don't Mm-hmm.
Your pulse is irregular.
Have you seen a cardiologist? Dr.
Bailey, let's not play this game, okay? I'm just doing my job.
As am I, Agent Fields.
Look, heart health is nothing to mess around with.
I will just wait here for Dr.
Bello, okay? Thank you, though.
- Bello's from El Salvador? - Barely.
But if we don't come up with something, they're going to put her in a van, put a bag over her head, and send her back there.
I don't think that's how it works.
Still, I need ideas.
Don't you know anyone? - What? - Your dad he was a drug dealer, right? Isn't there an underground or something? My dad was a drug user.
He didn't know crap.
You know who you should talk to? You're going to need $1,500.
- I don't have - We'll get it.
You're going to go to New York, and you're going to talk to a guy named Mikey.
I'll vouch for you.
Mikey will file a false police report and get you a death certificate.
It's usually from someone who died in another country.
The tricky part is getting the corpse, but Mikey has some sort of side hustle with the city morgue.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa - I don't want to become another person! It worked for me.
Is that what you did? You faked your death? No.
That was my Plan B.
I just legally changed my name, and I moved states.
But I was just hiding from a person, not a whole country.
I graduated college magna cum laude.
I was valedictorian of my high school.
I was captain of the dance squad.
Okay, what does that have to do with She's saying she's not the fake-your-own-death kind of person.
- Okay.
- Okay.
So we'll think of something else.
Okay, so what exactly is the problem, then, or what was the problem? I really can't say.
I'm just trying to help here.
So, did you used to work for us? Or is this a noncompete situation? No, I mean I cannot say.
I signed a legal agreement that says that I can't talk about the legal agreement that I signed.
Okay, well, my grandfather has passed, so you can feel free to discuss anything with me.
- Where'd she go? - Yeah.
She does that.
What? That's rude.
All right, we'll get somebody else, then.
No, there is no one else.
I need her.
I can't look at Alex and tell him that I'm done trying to save his favorite patient.
I need fresh eyes.
I need fresh in I-I need her.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Lanie wants to walk around and let gravity do its job Oh, no.
No, no.
She needs continuous monitoring.
WOMAN: Code blue! Are you okay? It's hard.
It's hard to see Matthew here with Ruby.
I know, and I'm so sorry about that, but Lanie is fine.
She's progressing well, and she's experiencing no signs Crash cart.
- What? - I I need a crash cart.
- Who's crashing? - No, no, no.
I need a crash cart for before they're crashing! Oh! Bloodbank.
All right, you need to come with me.
And bring all that stuff.
How he's doing? Well, he'd be doing a lot better if I could get him to take a walk, get some air.
I'm gonna get him a hot meal.
Even if he doesn't eat it, at least I'll feel like I'm doing something.
Hey, have you heard of Dr.
Rebecca Froy? Neuroscientist based out of Chicago? - Why? - Well, Shepherd wanted to meet with her about her ultrasound work, but when she heard we were a Harper Avery hospital, she canceled.
I guess she signed some agreement with Grandfather? I think I do remember that.
Yeah, some dust-up over research.
Harper took her to court.
She lost.
End of story.
You know how your grandfather loved a fight.
You know what? Maya Angelou and your mom were right.
People show you who they are.
I've done that.
I've shown you I'm loyal.
You know I'm not a gossip.
And you certainly know I'm not just going to stir up drama for no reason.
What you've shown me is that you keep secrets very effectively and that you lie by omission, and if you've demonstrated loyalty to anyone, it isn't me.
- This is where you wanted it? - That's perfect.
Thank you, Dr.
What's that? EKG machine in case you change your mind.
Is that like a blood-draw thing? Like needles? No.
Just a few stickers.
Takes five minutes.
Owen! I need you to call Megan and ask for a favor.
- What? - Sam Bello needs a hole to hide in for a while.
I'm gonna need more information.
Because our government is in the habit of deporting neurosurgeons in the making.
What? Sam Bello is a Dreamer, and ICE has come for her.
We're trying to get her someplace safe so she can get an immigration lawyer and get this stuff sorted out.
We smuggled Megan's kid into the country, so I figure she owes us one.
- Okay, just wait - She's great, Owen.
She's my best It doesn't matter how great she is if she's not law abiding Have you met Sam Bello? She is not a criminal, Owen! She's my favorite intern! Please help! Okay, so you want to send her down to Southern California - Yes! - where she'll be far away from immigration problems? Can you call someone in the Army and have them talk to ICE? I think you're grasping at straws.
If it's the man, call in the man.
- Isn't that how it works? - Nope.
Parker with NICU.
It's great, right? I just found this emergency cart, gutted the thing! It's got room for everything.
But is someone gonna need this somewhere? - There are more, right? - But you did this all wrong.
How is it wrong? I just made it up! Because you put the hemorrhage supplies in the bottom drawer.
- So? - I mean, okay, what drawer do you put your underwear in? - Um Pass? - You put it in the top drawer because it's what you grab first.
Then surgical equipment in the bottom drawer.
Cardiovascular event, and then preeclampsia, - sepsis, hemorrhage this zone.
- Yeah.
And that's hold on, and then I think that I want to put this in here.
This is the EKG for Agent Fields.
Is this a patient of yours? Uh, that gentleman.
He works with ICE.
And he's here to talk with Dr.
Bello, whose Dreamer status is in question.
There's an ICE agent here? Yes, for one of our star interns.
But hey, that's neither here nor there because this man's heart Oh! Okay! Yeah, I can run all the tests.
I can do an echo.
I can do a treadmill nuclear stress test Just look at the EKG.
I'm gonna look at it.
I'll look at it really thoroughly.
I'm going to I could even do a PET scan if you need more time Dr.
ST and T wave changes.
This isn't good.
This is what I'm talking about.
Is this Dr.
Bello? Oh, no, this is Dr.
Pierce, our chief of cardiothoracic surgery.
She just looked at your EKG Oh, come on.
Bailey, I've been here all day.
Agent Fields, I had a heart attack a couple of months ago.
It almost took me out of the game and left my child without a mother.
Please, sir.
Listen to what Dr.
Pierce has to say.
Hey, I thought you were covering the pit.
I am.
It's covered.
Have you heard from cardio? Not yet.
I was just telling Matthew I don't think it's her heart.
- Why? - I don't know.
It's just a feeling.
But we have her medical records.
No, I know, but You don't have any kids.
Look, if Harriet had this, I'd be thinking all sorts of other things, like GI obstruction or reflux, pyloric stenosis, sepsis.
But Harriet doesn't have a known heart condition.
- Ruby does.
- No, I know.
I know, but can you please check it out, I mean, since you're waiting, anyway? Please.
Of course I will.
- [SIGHS.]
- Sure.
WOMAN: Nurse Parker to the cath lab.
- Nurse Parker to the cath lab.
- [SIGHS.]
- Hey.
- Hey.
Sam's an American, okay, just like me.
She came here when she was a baby with her mother, just like me! [SPEAKING ITALIAN.]
Andrea! I deported no one! I would never do something like that to you, to her Wow.
Are you gonna finish what you started? The hour is late You're the only hand that can resolve it Hey, hey, hey, hey! You took more than you ever even wanted - Where are you going? - We're checking out.
Did Alex Did Dr.
Karev sign off? Dr.
Karev won't sign off.
He'll never sign off.
Shepherd is looking for a new partner for the ultrasound.
Wilson, you've all been so good to us.
I asked you to fight for Kimmie, and you fought.
Now I want to do what Kimmie wants.
I'm taking her where she wants to go.
- Come back here - Does Alex know? Will you tell him I said thank you? And that when I said it, I was smiling? Unraveling Are you going to stand there watching me unraveling? Hey.
How was surgery? Good.
Quick and easy.
Were you able to help out Bello? Uh, no, I don't think so.
I think I actually just scared her.
So, no church wedding.
What? I thought that we could start wedding planning.
So, maybe a restaurant or a bar.
I mean, not Joe's Bar.
Or maybe Joe's Bar if we decorate it We got time to figure it out and plan it.
I know.
I just I thought it might feel good to plan something.
I got to check on Kimmie.
- Alex? - Yeah? Kimmie left.
What? When? Just a bit ago.
She She told me to WOMAN: Dr.
Teller, extension 2219.
Teller, extension 2219.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Extra shot.
You're such a good boy.
How's she doing? [SIGHS.]
She takes about one breath a minute.
It's very slow, very painful.
Not for her.
For Richard.
Sorry to hear that.
Well, you let me know if there's anything else I can do.
Oh, I spoke to Evan in legal about the Rebecca Froy thing.
Oh, leave that alone, honey.
It's not worth your time.
Well, Shepherd's trying to save children with brain tumors, Mom.
Some petty fight over research should not get in the way of that.
I've asked the lawyers to waive whatever agreement Harper made with her.
- You did what? - Yeah.
Took five minutes.
Hey, how is she? - She's in love.
- What? With her healthy baby boy, who has yet to be named.
5 pounds, 14 ounces.
She only pushed three times.
No bleeding? No No - No complications? No forceps, no no vacuum extraction? - None of that.
- Oh! I was just trying to be cautious.
I know.
So should I return the cart or You should just just leave it, Bloodbank.
So it's not her heart? No, it's her belly.
She has pyloric stenosis.
See this area here? It's a little spot where the muscle is getting too big and won't let the food pass through.
And what happens now? It is a simple, simple surgery.
Half an hour, and she's going to be good as new.
I-I'm sorry.
It's, uh It's a lot.
I know.
I know.
You're taking care of her on your own.
I'm sorry.
I can't imagine Yeah.
It's, uh, tough.
Nights are tough.
But she cries, and I go in and take one look at her, and I'm just so happy to see her, you know? [SIGHS.]
I'm sorry.
Thank you for catching this.
Oh, no, I didn't.
Kepner did.
- Dr.
Kepner? - Yeah.
She's a mom.
And she had a feeling.
I'll come find you when we're done, okay? Okay.
Pyloric stenosis? Yeah.
She didn't have all the obvious symptoms, but at least we caught it early, and she's gonna be just fine.
- Oh, thank you.
- Yeah.
MAN: Help! Oh, my God help! Someone help me! My wife is bleeding! She's bleeding! Someone help! Hey, Schmitt, Schmitt! Grab the cart and follow me.
- What happened? - Somebody help her! You have to help her! She had a vaginal delivery late last night no complications.
WOMAN: Ahh! Something's wrong! Start her on high-flow O2, 10 liters, and we'll need a bolus of 10 units of oxytocin IM followed by an infusion.
Okay, no, hold on.
Sorry it's right there.
Schmitt, top drawer, oxytocin.
- Speculum and 4x4s? - Got it.
- Balloon catheter? - Bottom drawer.
- I don't see it.
- It's on the right.
No, it's on the left, underneath the packing.
- Got it.
- Look at me.
Hang on there, okay? Just hang in there.
- We got you.
You've got this.
It's It's not good.
You have severe defects in blood flow to your heart during stress, which suggests major occlusions - Occlusions? - Oh, blockages.
Your coronary arteries are almost completely clogged shut Leaving you at high risk for a heart attack.
Very high risk.
I thought you guys were just stalling me Right? But no, no.
No, we, um You're in very grave danger.
I swear to God, if this is some sort of game Agent Fields, I swear to God it is not.
I'm recommending a cardiac catheterization.
I'll go in, open up the arteries right now today.
Well, can I Can I call my wife? I mean, she-she's gonna be out of her mind with worry.
Of course.
Right, yeah.
Call whoever you need to.
- We'll get you started.
- Mm-hmm.
Bailey, thank you.
I'm grateful.
But I'm going to have to call my office, and they're going to send somebody else for Dr.
Agent Fields hey, I know that there are protocols, but can you please just tell me did Dr.
Bello break the law? - A red light? - That's what he said.
Said they have her on camera.
MEREDITH: Well, I run a red light once a month.
They can deport her for that? Apparently.
I was at work for 36 hours.
There was a six-car pileup in the pit, and I scrubbed in on on three different surgeries, and I was floating all the way home.
Till I heard a horn, and some guy behind me riding my bumper.
And the light turned yellow, and no one was coming, so I pumped the gas.
I thought I made it through.
I thought I thought I made it through.
BAILEY: Okay, if if you end up in El Salvador it's likely your medical accreditation won't transfer, and you'll have to start over from scratch.
Look, we will do everything we can to try and land you somewhere at the same level you are here.
My mom took my sister and I out of that country because there was a war, and she saw my dad get shot on our front porch.
We moved to Florida, and she worked two jobs 20 hours a day to keep us safe.
No, I not going back there.
I won't.
We should run.
I have a friend in Canada.
We get somebody to drive us across the border.
We hole up, and we wait.
- No.
- We run, and we wait.
You can't run.
Listen I'm all for driving the getaway car, but right now, they are treating you like someone who snuck into this country in the trunk of a car.
Don't become what they're trying to make you.
If you run, you're a criminal.
If you're a criminal, you could never practice medicine again.
Do not give them that.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Lanie is stable, and so is the baby boy, Gryffin, named for Gryffindor.
Steady numbers across the board.
Our patient with the postpartum bleed is stable, too.
Thank God.
She would have bled out in minutes if we didn't have all this, you and your little cart.
You saved her.
I think that we're finished.
What? Our project.
Maternal mortality.
I think this cart is the next step.
I mean, if we had one on every OB and delivery floor, then we're prepared for any postpartum complications.
The key to not turning birth into a trauma is to prepare for it as if it is a trauma.
You're brilliant.
Are you Are you going to move to another country? What? Well, just You're a free spirit, and you you like the freedom to just, you know, move countries.
But Listen.
Your research is almost done, and our project is almost done, and I I'm running scenarios, and I just want to be prepared.
I want to know how loaded my crash cart should be.
I don't want a crash cart.
You You don't You don't want a crash cart? Or you don't want a crash? I'm sorry.
I just I'm mixing up my metaphors.
I don't want to leave you, Arizona.
If you have someplace else to be, I can page you when I'm done here.
Oh, no, I'd like to see him through to the end.
I'm dying? No.
Um, if I make a diagnosis, I want to see my patient through treatment.
I don't like doing my job halfway.
I don't like doing my job at all.
I don't even like wearing the jacket.
Some guys like wearing the jacket.
I used to.
I used to feel good about it.
I believe in law and order.
You know, I I grew up watching Westerns.
I wanted to be the sheriff that rode in at the last minute and saved everyone.
Now I don't know what we're doing.
Staking out schools, taking kids doctors I don't know what we're doing anymore.
Okay, I talked to your mom.
She's trying to reach a lawyer.
I don't even know if I can take a bag.
Do you know if they let you take a Here's a plane ticket to Zurich.
I'm going to Switzerland? You are voluntarily leaving the country to continue your studies at the prestigious cardiothoracic program at Klausman Institute.
Congratulations on your acceptance.
- What? - You applied last year.
I did? Here's your application and your essay.
They were very impressed.
- Who wrote this? - You did.
With the help of Dr.
When you land tomorrow, somebody will be there to meet you.
They will help get you settled, and Dr.
Yang is expecting you.
You're going to love working with her.
She was also the best in her class.
And I'll fall on my knees Tell me how's the way to be Tell me how's the way to go Tell me all that I should know And I'll fall on my knees Tell me how's the way to go Tell me how's the way to be To evoke some empathy Danger will follow me now Everywhere I go I want to have kids with you.
I love how much you care for Kimmie, and it really makes me want to have kids with you.
And take me to my home And if it's okay with you, I would really like to take your last name.
Because I've never had the last name of anyone who's loved me.
And I'll fall on my knees Tell me how's the way to go - Tell me how's the way to see - [BREATHING RAGGEDLY.]
Show me all that I could be And I'll fall on my knees Tell me how's the way to be [EXHALES, BREATHING STOPS.]
Tell me how's the way to go And tell me why I feel so low Danger will follow me now Everywhere I go Angels will call on me And take me to my home Well, these tired eyes My supervisor will be here in the morning, but I can get you started at least with the paperwork.
So, are you looking to foster a child? Or foster to adopt? Foster to adopt.
MEREDITH: We spend our childhoods writing our dreams in diaries.
As adults, those dreams quietly come true every single day only sometimes we forget to notice, until it's too late.
I'm coming with you, okay? As soon as I can.
No Andrew, I don't even want to go! Yes, I am, okay? I love you, Sam.
- You can't - I'm in love with you.
You're not throwing your life away because I have to! No, I'll beg Dr.
Yang for a job No.
I I followed you here.
I'm a liar.
I'm I'm a crazy stalker, and you should stay away from me.
We work.
We don't.
No, even when we do, we don't.
Angels will call on me and take me to my home I have to go.
And danger will follow me now Stay here.
Everywhere I go Angels will call on me And take me to my home Angels will follow me now - Lead me to my home - [CRYING.]
Andrew, I'm so sorry.
So slow down.
- And take it in.
- Hey.
- People can't be with the people they love.
What? All over the world, people can't be with the people they love because of stupid laws and stupid life and stupid death.
And so I see where my aggressive avoidance of you might come across as ever so slightly petulant.
But I still wish that you would apologize.
I just need you to see that what you did was wrong.
- Maggie, April kissed me.
- That wasn't No.
I get that.
And I am not mad about that! I am mad because you didn't tell me! I'm mad that you thought I couldn't handle it! Because my whole life, people have been talking over me and talking down to me and assuming that just because I'm a little awkward and and goofy, that I can't handle simple information! That's not what I was doing Do you think I can't see that what you and April had was big and complicated? I mean, do you think you need to protect me from that? I wasn't protecting you.
I was protecting April.
I was probably protecting myself, honestly, from this.
- From - From all of this.
Maggie, you think of yourself as this goofy underdog.
I mean, that's an old idea.
You're beautiful.
You're brilliant.
You're powerful.
You have all the power here.
I'm over here sunk.
And you keep showing me how capable you are of just walking away.
You have all these reasons over and over reasons to resist us, reasons why we can't be together.
First it's April, and then it's what, our parents? Then it's the fact that we all work together.
Now it's this.
It's just another thing, one moment I had with April when I was trying to be her friend.
And now you're convinced again that you can just walk away again and again.
This keeps hap I'm not.
I am not capable anymore.
Well, then maybe I am sorry.
Let yourself feel it.
Oh, love.
I'm so sorry.
It's all right.
I'm all right.
Are you? No.
None of us are all right.
Jackson Jackson ruined us.
Richard, we are ruined.
Because sometimes even the most beautiful dreams disappear when the sun comes up
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