Grey's Anatomy s16e01 Episode Script

Nothing Left to Cling to

1 Mm-mm Mm-mm MEREDITH: The organs in the human body have entirely different functions.
The cells which make up those organs act independently of each other.
Mm-mm, mm-mm-mm Down at the bottom of the deep, deep well But in a healthy body, seemingly independent cells quietly depend on the functioning of the others.
Dark so dark, it's hard to tell Pain from night and night from hell Down at the bottom of the deep, deep well Because when one system stops working Mm-mm the others can't function for long.
Mm-mm Mm-mm, mm-mm-mm Down at the bottom MAGGIE: Jackson! Of the deep, deep well Jackson.
- JACKSON: I'm here, Maggie.
- Jackson! - [SIREN APPROACHES.]
- Maggie, I'm here! Jackson! Jackson! - [SIREN WAILS.]
Pierce, did you call for help? - Oh, no, no.
Down the - JACKSON: Help! Over here! No, no, i-it's Jackson.
He's down there.
- I don't know what happened.
- Okay, you stay on the road.
VIC: Grab the climbing gear! Okay.
Sin's gonna wash in the morning light - Hello? - Yeah, yeah, down here! - [GROANS.]
- Down here! They were climbing.
Give me your hand.
- He fell, and I caught the rope.
- I took over, but he's dead weight.
I got no leverage here.
- Is he alive? - I don't know.
He has to be.
He has to be.
Uh Tie him to an anchor point.
I'm gonna attach a Prusik.
I'm gonna slide in here, okay? Alright.
Let's go.
Alright, dig your heels in.
We're gonna pull.
Ready? - Yeah.
- Pull! - [GROANING.]
- Good, good, good.
- Keep pulling.
Go! - Pull! - [GRUNTS.]
RICHARD: And the person who I trained, the person I mentored, fired me.
Without a word of apology or regret.
And my own wife said nothing to defend me, not one word.
Look, I-I-I know I have my part in this, but I do not see me forgiving anyone but myself anytime soon.
I did it myself.
I take full responsibility for my actions.
Andrew DeLuca had absolutely nothing to do with it.
What now? We go to the police? No.
Now you go home and I do what I do.
I go home? Will they let Andrew out? After the charges against him are dismissed.
And then what? Well, we'll schedule a hearing.
You'll be deeply repentant.
You'll get a few weeks of community service at a free clinic, and you'll pay a fine.
And what about my medical license? That's up to the board if they want to pursue action, but I'd say it's highly unlikely.
- So I just go home.
- Yes.
Is there a problem? No.
I just I did this long, dramatic goodbye with my kids.
LINK: Well, this is good, man.
This is a good thing.
She's getting the help she needs.
Yeah, well, it's just I have a history with some people who had that kind of help, and it doesn't help.
Jo's not those people, and she isn't just a fighter.
She's Rocky.
She's Ali.
She'll get better.
Let's talk about something else.
I think Amelia dumped me.
You think? Little hard to tell.
Somebody wants to meet his baby sister.
Leo, Leo.
Look, look.
This is your little sister, Allison, and, Allison, this is your big brother, Leo.
- Leo, being a big brother is such an important job.
Oh, uh, Hunt, Shepherd, I have incoming trauma.
- Well, I just had a baby.
- He just had a baby.
- Yeah.
- I'm aware.
She's very cute.
I still need you to come.
Altman, you're excused.
What Are you serious? Due to criminal activity, [SCOFFS.]
Meredith Grey, Alex Karev, and Richard Webber no longer work here.
What? And Andrew DeLuca's in jail.
What do you mean "criminal activity"? - [PAGER BEEPS.]
- Incoming trauma.
What do you mean "criminal activi" Would you? Oh.
Oh, yeah.
Uh, sure.
- Hey.
Oh, boy.
Okay, okay, yeah.
- Bye.
We gotta go.
- Okay.
I know.
Oh, I Hey, help.
Nurse? TEDDY: Let's see.
Look at this.
What's this? Wh You You had the baby! [WHINES.]
I-I tried to reach you.
I-I didn't hear from you.
And then I had the the Spidey Sense, and [GASPS.]
Look at her.
What a beauty.
And that is little Leo Hunt, am I right? You must be so tired.
You need a hand? Come here, little Leo Hunt.
Come here.
Wait, so, tell me What So, tell me did she get back together with your daddy? Is that what she did? Yes, she did, didn't she? Did he ride in on a white horse and make all the right promises? I think he did.
Yes, I do.
That's what I think.
Oh, Tom, please don't don't don't blame Owen.
This is This is me.
This is It's my fault.
I'm just You know, you are [VOICE BREAKING.]
You are such a wonderful man.
Oh Oh, I know I am.
I'm funny and I'm smart and I'm kind when I want to be, generous with my money and with my tongue in bed.
So, you will regret this decision, and when you do [CHUCKLES.]
I'll still be here because, uh, I'm in love with you, and I don't think this thing with Hunt's gonna last.
And in the meantime, we are friends.
- Okay? - Ma.
Yeah, do you want me to take little Leo back to daycare? - Yes, please.
- Yeah? [CHUCKLES.]
He's crazy about me.
Come on, little Leo.
Let's go back to daycare, you and me.
You fired them? [SCOFFS.]
What do you suggest I should have done? Anything but fire them.
Mari Prishna, 34, GCS 15, open right humerus fracture with extremity paralysis.
Page Lincoln and Kim.
What do we got? Jai Prishna, 35, GCS 11, with a left open femur fracture and right lower leg deformity, secondary to a fall over a cliff, thready pulse.
- Systolic's in the hundreds.
- Okay.
Uh Uh, you two hurt, or? - No.
- No.
- We're fine.
- We're fine.
And we're good to go.
He wanted to cut off my leg.
I didn't want to, I suggested that it was the safest course of action.
But then you were wrong.
But then I was a miracle worker.
After he begged you and cried.
You love me because I'm a sensitive guy.
Alright, can we let our interns do their job now, please? Qadri? Mari Prishna, 34, seven days post-op after she was a warrior goddess and saved her husband's life.
Avery was the warrior.
He saved Jai.
I mean, if he hadn't come along No, Mari, you caught the rope, and you held it for hours on a broken, shredded arm.
You saved his life.
We did a debridement of her wound and then put in a right humeral plate.
So, today will be her brachial plexus surgery for definitive nerve repair.
Uh, I'm checking in my wife Josephine Karev.
GUARD: You need to drive around.
You say goodbye there, she goes in on foot.
I hate that I did this to you.
Did what? Became another name on your list of crazy women.
Listen, for the record, you are way saner than any woman I've ever dropped off at a treatment center.
Look, it's 30 days.
You go in, you talk about your feelings or whatever, and I get to come visit you on Saturdays.
You don't have to.
Alex, we're not even legally married.
We never filed a license.
You have an out, and I guess I'm saying that I love you enough to understand if you want to take it.
LINK: Bipolars, please.
AMELIA: Look at the posterior cord.
I have no idea how she hung onto her husband for that many hours.
I'm thinking I would have let go at about the 20-minute mark, if not sooner.
Sounds about right.
Okay, so, clearly, we have had a misunderstanding.
Can we talk after surgery? I'm happy to talk now.
- I'm not listening.
- And I don't care.
I like you a lot.
I would like to keep seeing you.
What I don't want to do is bury myself in you.
- You know what I mean? - No, he doesn't.
He doesn't? You don't? Of course he doesn't.
You're not speaking in a language - any dude could possibly understand.
- They're not wrong.
I would like to go on dates with you and get to know you better before I'm all in, because I have a history of going all in too fast, and I would like to change that.
Better? - Better.
- Better.
Can you come back later, please? Okay.
She won't stop crying.
She just She won't stop crying! Alright, Teddy, listen.
This This is crazy.
- Just come home with me.
- No.
No, I am not going back home to the house that you bought for Amelia.
That's not the way you and I are supposed to start our lives together.
I know it.
I know it in my soul.
What, and this hotel room this makes sense to your soul? My soul needs a shower, and our baby needs a diaper change.
Thank you.
- Shh, shh, shh, shh.
Uh, hello, I'm, uh, I'm Dr.
Webber From the health app? Oh, please, come in.
Dumbledore, stop that.
Stop it.
- Stop that.
Stop that.
- Sorry about that.
- Yeah.
This is Lolly.
Hi, honey.
So, she's got a fever and a headache and a sore throat, and this morning, we were at the park, and we were playing.
I'm not really sure what happened.
She seemed fine.
Oh, my God.
Well I guess maybe she has the flu.
- I - I'd say maybe.
Shepherd was able to do a complete repair of Mari's nerves.
That's good.
That's good.
How's Jai? He's improving, actually.
How's that ankle? It's a little better.
How about us? How are we? Hmm? It's been a week, Maggie.
We agreed To let our tempers settle before we talked further about You abandoning me on a dark and foggy road? That walk that I took - That walk you took? - ending up saving two lives.
Is that what we're calling it now? That walk you took? You left me in a car on an unfamiliar road i-in the woods, surrounded by fog and bears and wolves.
There were no bears.
Why None that we could see, but I could hear them! This is why we should wait to talk.
Yeah, got it.
Grey's bleeding heart got the better of her, but she is an award-winning surgeon.
She saves lives every day, and she Did you bring an actual violin, counselor? - Judge - Dr.
Grey, you're a partial owner of Grey-Sloan Memorial.
So why commit insurance fraud? Why not just pay for the surgery yourself or do it for free? Repentant.
Your Honor, the little girl has cancer.
She needs hundreds of thousands of dollars' worth of care over a period of years, and I didn't think that her very proud, hardworking father would accept charity from me.
And I didn't think he should have to.
The system should've supported them, and the system is broken.
Do you regret your choices? To the extent that I can, knowing there's a very sick little girl out there, who's beginning to feel better.
- KLEIN: Your Honor - I've heard enough! She has three kids.
Don't throw her in jail.
MARI: Help! Somebody help my husband! Help! Help! Help, help! Somebody help me! Help! We were just talking, then - he started acting strange - Call in a code.
and he stopped talking, and I can't wake him up.
Jai! - I got a pulse.
- Jai, please wake up.
- NURSE: Rapid response.
- Wake up.
- Crash cart and intubation tray! - Jai.
- I'm on it.
- Give me the mask.
Wake up.
Please wake up.
- 100% oxygen.
- NURSE: Pushing saline.
Please wake up! Please wake up, Jai.
You put Tom Koracick in charge of me.
I put him in charge of all Catherine Fox Foundation hospitals.
He's Chief of Chiefs.
You said you would have my back.
I did have your back.
I sat here silently while you fired my husband and two of your most effective department heads.
Because they had broken the law! When I was 15, I stole a lipstick just to see if I could get away with it.
Do you think that means I shouldn't get to practice medicine? What? That's a false equivalence, and you know it! My husband is working for an app! He's making house calls like it's 1965.
He leaves the house before I wake, he goes to sleep at night before I get home, and if our paths happen to cross in the daytime, he avoids eye contact.
That's what standing by you cost me my marriage.
So Tom Koracick is my punishment.
I am living with cancer.
I don't have the energy I once did.
And all the things you used to bring to me, you will now bring to Tom.
- Tom is a world-class surgeon - I know what he is.
DeLuca? You want to explain yourself? Yeah, you fired several doctors, and other doctors quit in solidarity.
But I've been cleared of all my charges, and I think you might need my help.
This This is cocky.
You want me to leave? I can leave.
Just get to work.
You really a doctor? I might be.
It's still undecided.
What did you do? Robbed a bank.
Really? [CHUCKLES.]
I keyed my ex-boyfriend's car.
Did he deserve it? Oh, he very much did.
So, I got this mole.
Think you could take a look? [DOOR OPENS.]
Heard about Jai.
Yeah, radiology says he has watershed infarcts, which makes no sense in this case.
He's 35, he could do an Ironman, and he just strokes out.
- Out of nowhere.
- Did you do an echo or a V/Q? Of course I did, Maggie.
I I'm trying to help.
Jai was hanging on the edge of a cliff with two shattered legs, and Mari hung onto him.
She hung on so hard that a tree sliced through the nerves in her arm and almost cut it off.
But she hung on, pulled him from the brink, like the edge of certain death.
And then we show up and we bring him back here and we put him through excruciating surgeries, and now he's on life support, somewhere between alive and dead.
So, I'm wondering if she should have back at that cliffside, if she should have just let him go.
Because there's something inside him that we can't find.
Hell, we can't even name it.
There's something there that's broken beyond repair.
In this metaphor, am I the thing that is broken beyond repair? Am I the thing that, um should just be thrown over a cliff now? No.
Not you, Maggie.
So, you're still broken up? That's sticking? It's very, very sticking.
I think I deserve better than someone who regularly abandons me for, you know, trees.
- AMELIA: Right? - So, yeah, it's sticking.
You're okay, right? I mean Yeah.
Oh, yeah.
We're fine.
I mean, we're friends.
Our parents are married to one another.
So, yeah.
Or like siblings.
We're definitely not like siblings.
Mommy, can I wear this to school? No.
Because Mommy needs that for work.
Aren't you supposed to be in there? They tried to take a selfie.
They climbed all the way to the top of a mountain.
They made it up through rain and fog, and then they tried to take a selfie, and he stepped back and slipped.
He was a miracle, and now he's not.
And we don't know why.
And that [SIGHS.]
It hurts my body.
It makes me ache.
You okay? - Uh, yeah.
- Baby? Oh, she's fine, I think, but, um, I don't know where Teddy is.
Have you seen her? Uh, she panics and she brings the baby here sometimes.
Why? Because she doesn't trust me.
B-Because everything I do, everything I say, is wrong.
New baby.
That's hard.
Oh, God.
When we got Leo, it was hard, but it wasn't this hard.
No, motherhood is hard no matter what, but giving birth is a beast.
I mean, it's a beast that changes your whole body and your whole mind and your whole heart forever.
Hormones are insane, so just be patient.
I offered to milk her.
What? She had a clogged duct and she was in pain, and I her the heat pads weren't working.
- I just - So you offered to milk her? Yeah.
- In those exact words? - Yeah.
Wh I was just trying to help! - [ELEVATOR BUTTON CLICKS.]
- What? And you said you are available to start immediately? I am.
And may I ask why? Why I'm available? Why you're interested.
Why I'm interested to be your chief of surgery? You've worked at Grey-Sloan Memorial for a very long time.
You are well-regarded and well-respected.
Well Well, thank you.
But this job is enormous.
Our new investors are looking to turn around a hospital that is ranked last in Seattle.
This takes vision and Vision and experience, yes.
Some experience, sure.
But, Dr.
Webber, aren't you considering retiring anytime soon? [SIGHS.]
I am not.
Jackson, please.
Right, right.
I never thanked you.
I should have.
Oh, God, no.
No, my patients would have been roadkill if it wasn't for you.
Well, how are they doing? She's doing well.
Actually, really well.
Uh, he's not as well as I'd like.
- I got you.
- Oh, thanks.
But, uh, still, thank you.
Oh, just doing my job.
So Uh, you know what? I'm going to grab a burger at Joe's.
- Yeah, I like burgers, but, um - [ENGINE STARTS.]
maybe some other time? Deal.
When you tried so hard to talk to me and I couldn't, I felt shame, fear, and pain.
And what was that shame about for you, Jo? That I lost the ability to receive the love that he was offering.
Tell him.
That I couldn't receive the love that you were offering and, um, I pushed you away.
I'm sorry, and I'm afraid that I won't be able to regain your trust.
Alex? Did you do your homework? Oh.
When you didn't talk to me, it made me feel "I felt.
" Nobody makes you feel anything.
Those are your feelings.
When you shut down, I f I felt fear.
I still do.
Can you talk a little more about that fear? Alex You've had enough pain and crazy to last you a lifetime.
You deserve someone who doesn't break like glass and need to be swept up and shipped off to places like this.
Do you think that person exists? [VOICE BREAKING.]
I think some are s-stronger than other others.
Jo, you've had a depressive episode caused by intense trauma, and even though our society tells us places like this mean we're broken, I think the truth is coming to a place like this makes you stronger than most.
LINK: There was an episode of hypotension in the second surgery, but we got that under control.
That is unlikely to cause a stroke.
I know.
Try this.
If I eat any more, I'm gonna have to unbutton my pants.
Okay, new game.
Name three things that you have never done, but you really want to do.
Good one.
Surf a 20-foot wave - um, ride a camel through the Sahara - Mm.
and, um cure Parkinson's.
Now you.
Same question.
Go to a psychic medium and talk to my dead father, get licensed in scuba diving, and have sex with more than one person.
You've never done that? You have? I lived in Venice Beach for a year.
So did I.
And you never had a three-way? They're offered up like mints in Venice Beach.
I had a medical practice there.
Yeah, I worked in a bike shop.
Fat embolus.
What? In California, we had a patient.
Muscle Beach body builder, shattered his femur, just like Jai.
He didn't wake up from surgery.
It looked like it was a stroke.
Turns out it was fat embolism syndrome from the long bone injury.
There was a telltale rash.
Did you check Jai for a rash? Wait! - Just stop! Just wait! - LINK: What are you doing? - Extubating.
- Why? This is his worst fear.
He doesn't want to live like this hooked up to machines.
We're climbers.
People have accidents.
We've talked about this.
We're both way less afraid of dying - than just being kept alive on - He has it.
- Has what? - W Link, that's it.
That's the rash, under his arm.
Is this reversible at this stage? Wait, what what rash? What does that mean? It means maybe we can wake him up.
VIC: A fat embolus? That man didn't have an ounce of fat on his body.
I mean, it's the fat from the bone marrow in long bones like the femur.
- Bone breaks, and - Oh.
that fat can travel into the bloodstream, which can get lodged in the brain, and it looks like a stroke.
I never get to know how the people I rescue do in the end.
We run into fires or pull people off of cliffs, and then we hand them off to you, and then we run into some other fire.
So, it's, um it's nice, I guess, to know how he's doing.
I hope he wakes up.
Yeah, me too.
I am just getting out of a pretty serious relationship.
Uh, me me too.
Did you love her? I did, yeah.
Me too.
And, um, he he died.
- Oh, I'm really sorry to hear that.
- [SIGHS.]
Me too.
So, probably - [CHUCKLES.]
- not the very best time for either one of us to be starting something new.
Yeah, probably not, because we're both supposed to just feel miserable for as long as possible.
Well, if you're gonna put it like that - [LAUGHS.]
Well [LAUGHS.]
MAN: All the way down to the corner! Dr.
Grey? Is that you? Suzie Wilson.
I'm the classroom mom at Zola's school.
Hi, Suzie.
What are you doing here? Is this some sort of volunteer thing? Something like that, yeah.
Oh, I just love that.
Love that you're doing this.
I always wondered why we never saw you volunteering at school, but now I get it.
This is really nice to see.
You know, Suzie, when working moms don't volunteer at school, it's usually because we're working in the daytime and parenting at night, so we generally don't have time to participate.
Grey! This is not happy hour! Get back to work before I tell the court you're in contempt! Nice to see you, Suzie.
I appreciate everything you do for Zola's class.
Go! I got it! [EXHALES SHARPLY.]
Aren't you still on maternity leave? I hate maternity leave.
Which is I know.
There are women the world over who would kill for the privilege of being able to stay at home with their newborn baby and know that they have a job to come back to.
I know that I should be grateful, but I hate it.
Owen called me a cow the other day.
He did what now? He offered to milk me.
Yeah, I don't even know what to do with that.
I have a brilliant mind with no opportunity to use it.
So, I-I came to work.
I'm not working, but I'm at work.
Tell Bailey, tell me tell me.
Come on, tell me a little bit about work, please.
I fired all my favorite people, and my least favorite person now has power over me.
And the anger I feel The righteous anger is it's exhausting.
I think I might be a terrible mother.
For what it's worth, I hated maternity leave, too.
And I am an excellent mother.
What do you want? RICHARD: Well, that's a nice way to greet your mentor.
Coffee? I'd love a cup.
Applied for a job last week with Pacific Northwest General.
Did they call you? Put you down as one of my references.
I don't know.
You don't know? I don't answer the phone if I don't recognize the number.
You don't check your messages? You know, I hate your generation.
I hate any generation other than my own.
Eh, I'm not gonna get that job.
The woman doing the hiring is a child.
She practically called me grandpa.
Well, can't you get your wife to do something for you? No.
Where is your wife? Does she let you live like this? Eh, she's out of town.
Is she coming back? I don't know.
You know, so you got to get it.
What? The job at Pac-North.
I mean, it's still open.
I just checked this morning.
Wait, the job's at Pac-North? Of course it's still open.
Nobody wants to work there.
- No, you want to work there.
- Why? Because you could turn it around.
And if you get the job, you can hire me.
Look, Dr.
Webber, I really want to help you, but Oh, look at yourself, Karev! You're drowning in your own filth! I'm not asking you to help me.
- I'm asking you to help yourself.
- Alright, stop yelling at me.
This is my house, and I don't work for you anymore.
You're worried about your marriage? Give your wife a reason to come back home.
They've been doing this every day for a week, and nothing has changed.
It's an experimental protocol.
You have to give it time.
I don't want to give it time.
I want them to stop.
I promised that I would never let this happen.
We promised each other.
Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! - Hey.
- Stop! Hey, what is going on? I don't know what to say.
What if this makes him just better enough that he can't die? What if What if this makes him just better enough that he is just stuck in this body for another 20 years? My husband is living his worst nightmare! Mari, Mari, Mari, look at me, okay? I know it's easier to imagine worst-case scenarios than it is to hold onto hope, alright? But we are not there yet.
Do you understand me? It is not the time to give up on him.
Will you tell me when it's time? Yes.
I promise I will.
Hi, Mari.
Thanks for coming.
How are you, um Please don't ask me how I'm doing.
Mari, there's something we want you to see.
Come on.
I found a place for him.
It's a pretty nice long-term care facility.
Didn't smell quite as bad as the other ones that I saw.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Is this real? Is Are Sorry.
Is this real? AMELIA: It's real.
He's fragile, - but his cognitive tests are good.
- Hi.
Hi, Jai.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Thank you.
Thank you.
When I heard your voice - I love you.
- I love you.
The distance caught me by surprise again I love you.
And I know you claim that you're alright But fix your eyes on me I guess I'm all you have You came.
And I swear you'll see the dawn again - You're here.
- There's something I have to do.
It's a little cheesy, but I'm gonna Well, I know I had it all on the line [CHUCKLES.]
I don't want an out.
You hear me? You offered me an out, and you were right.
I was scared.
So, I thought about it, and what I know for sure now is I'm a better man with you.
You'll always be my only guiding light I want to be your husband.
I want you to be my wife.
Relate to my youth I did the work here, but I'm not magically fixed.
I can't promise that it won't happen again.
- I don't care.
I love you.
But don't just slip away I want to grow old with you, no matter what.
For better or for worse.
In sickness and health.
Don't just hurl your words Marry me again, please.
From on high Yes.
- Yes? - Yes.
You'll always be my only guiding light [DOOR CLOSES.]
If we come back and we're broken I listed the house.
And I already have a Realtor looking for a new one, and I have about a hundred house listings for us to look through, and I put us in the suite upstairs 'cause this room is ridiculous.
I already ordered room service, and Leo is with my mom tonight.
Give us something to believe in You listed the house.
Being a new mom is hard, and it is way harder when you try to do this all on your own.
I love you.
Teddy, I love you.
I want to help.
Let me help.
'Cause I know I had it all on the line [VOICE BREAKING.]
Thank you for listing the house.
You'll always be my only guiding light Ah, Dr.
Call me Amelia.
I've been wondering if you would come see me.
You have? Well, I've noticed the changes in your body, and the fullness in your breasts.
I, uh didn't know it was mutual.
M-Mutual? I mean, I kinda had a crush, but I didn't know if [SIGHS.]
Um, this is weird.
Because I'm seeing Link, but he knows I'm here because I'm wondering if, uh Ah.
This is awkward.
Um Amelia, okay, are are you here for your pregnancy, or just asking for a ménage à trois? Not pregnant.
No, no.
I've just gained a little weight.
And I'm not really asking for a ménage à No, I am.
I was.
I just Sounds a little dirtier in French.
I, uh I just I've been feeling these, like, curiosities.
And, um surges.
The sexual cravings can be very intense during pregnancy.
I-I'm not pregnant.
No, I've just been eating a lot.
Link eats a lot.
Listen, uh Oh, my God.
When was your last period, Amelia? Oh, my God.
Everyone, everyone I've ever met - Hasn't yet - [INDISTINCT CONVERSATION.]
- Made me feel - [LAUGHS.]
Like you Everything, everything I've ever seen, doesn't mean When did that happen? When did When did, uh, what happen? Please don't be intentionally obtuse.
Vic and I are friends, Maggie.
Come on.
Friends with benefits? No, actually.
No, or not yet? High and dry Why does your love leave me so high and dry? Her fiancé was my patient.
- You leave me so high and dry - He died.
I know.
It's, um It's none of my business.
I agree.
Tell me lies, tell me lies 'Cause I don't like you and you don't like me.
We're not friends.
So it's none of my business.
So if you love me Why don't you tell me? Why does your love leave me Just as organ systems are codependent for survival, so are human beings.
Studies have shown that our happiness and health depends upon our relationships not just functioning, but thriving.
Tell me Pac-North?! You're going to work with Alex Karev at Pac-North?! Tell me if you really You stood by and watched Bailey fire me, so you don't get to judge where I work now.
You betrayed me, Richard Webber.
You chose your loyalty to Meredith Grey and her criminal enterprises over your loyalty to your wife and her foundation, and now you want to humiliate me and go work at Pac-North? I'm sleeping on the sofa.
- Sometimes the best we can do - [DOOR SLAMS.]
is bear each other's burdens and ease each other's pain.
So, Zola overhears the school-mom tell the teacher I'm a criminal, and then she asks me how to spell "criminal.
So, that was fun.
Listen, I'm you know, I'm healthy.
My kids are healthy.
- And I'm not in jail.
- Yes.
I'm getting exercise.
It's quite meditative, actually.
You sort of just pick up the trash, one piece at a time, and I'm helping the city, I'm helping the planet.
I still feel a sense of accomplishment.
So, it's kind of like a roadside vacation, then.
- I want a roadside vacation.
- Right? Maybe I'll go rob a store or something.
Please don't do that.
What is it? [INHALES DEEPLY.]
It's a letter from the medical board.
They're going to pursue action against my license.
There'll be a hearing.
And hold each other's hands in the dark.
You leave me so high and dry
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