Grey's Anatomy s16e04 Episode Script

It's Raining Men

1 MEREDITH: If you're in an O.
- and it feels like the sky is falling - Hey.
that's because sometimes, - unfortunately, it is.
- Hey.
Why don't you call in sick today and I will, too? Let the good vibes roll Bailey's probably gonna fire me soon anyways.
I've missed so much already.
I could go in late, though.
I was once doing a laparoscopic appendectomy, perfectly routine [KNOCK ON DOOR.]
- MAGGIE: Meredith! Open up! - [KNOCK ON DOOR.]
when out of nowhere, my patient developed an air embolus.
Carbon dioxide that was filling his abdomen leached into his circulation.
I don't know about you, you, you - What? - Were you gonna tell us? Tell you what? It just keeps going on.
What keeps going on? Your article.
You wrote your article? No! His blood pressure plummeted as the air bubble went to his heart, causing utter chaos.
This is savage.
You went after everybody Big Pharma, insurance, institutionalized discrimination.
I-I didn't write an article.
I-I sent them, like, some ideas that I could write about with, like, headline and description, and they could choose one.
I started CPR, trying to keep blood flowing to his brain.
Well, they chose.
We placed a central line as quickly as we could, but before we knew it, his lungs were filling with fluid.
This is every idea I gave them but without the context and explanation.
I mean, this is gonna terrify people.
I think that's the point, judging by the headline.
"Hospital Hell at Grey-Sloan Memorial Fired Surgeon Speaks Out"? I didn't say that.
I would never say that! They just made that up.
Yeah, they make the headlines up.
AMELIA: 90,000 likes so far.
You're a hit.
My routine lap appy was now a case of multi-organ failure.
Bailey's gonna kill me.
No, Bailey's gonna kill me.
And there wasn't a damn thing I could do to stop it.
"In the eyes of the hospital, you are your insurance.
What? It's funny.
You don't think it's funny? "Hospital Hell at Grey-Sloan Memorial"? This is about the place that I work.
I offered you a job with me.
You shoulda taken it.
VIC: You know, walking and texting is one of the leading causes of head injury.
- Hey.
- Hi.
My, uh, colleague - former colleague - Mm-hmm.
My friend, uh, published this list today.
"In America, the rich live 10 to 15 years longer than the poor.
The healthcare industry sells its time to whoever can afford it.
" Mm.
Is that true? Unfortunately, yeah.
You know, when a house is on fire, we just put it out, no questions, no charge.
But I guess that's why everyone loves firefighters, huh? I think I understand why.
- See you later.
- Stop it.
Hey, man.
Why aren't you in scrubs? The rig's less than a minute out.
Uh, Allison's at my mom's, and I'm just dropping off Leo.
- And? - And I'm on paternity leave.
- For how long? For as long as Koracick's restraining order lasts.
Koracick! Yan Huang, 35, dialysis center patient.
His left A.
fistula ruptured while getting access.
Okay, let's get him a fluid bolus and another unit on standby.
Where's the Where am I? Uh, Grey-Sloan Memorial.
We're gonna take good care of you.
Whoa, whoa.
Don't S-Stop.
Don't take me out of this ambulance.
But, sir, we have to repair your fistula before you - You take me inside, and I'll sue! - No, no, no, no! Don't do that! Sir, go easy.
You need some help, sir.
Not here! I've seen that list! - [BREATHING HEAVILY.]
- What Uh, Pac-North is closest, okay? - Let's go.
- What?! What are you Let's go.
Let's move.
- What list?! No.
No! "Healthcare is a $3.
5 trillion industry for a reason.
" "Drug companies aggressively influence doctors to write you prescriptions, which sometimes make you even sicker.
" Is there an explanation or something at the end of the article? Nope.
It ends with number 40 "Thanks to Big Pharma, it's cheaper for you to travel out of the country to buy the medicine you need than to get it in your own hometown.
" God, Grey is such a badass.
She torched this place.
Did you actually read it? It's about the whole healthcare system, not this place.
Yeah, no one's gonna look past that headline.
Ah, well, fortunately for me, I have Hopkins on my résumé and Tom Koracick as a mentor.
Y'all, good luck getting any jobs after CASEY: Qadri got a job Michigan.
I read the article.
Don't stop on my account.
I-I'm, uh, late for rounds.
I I'm gonna Yeah.
Don't sweat it, man.
Being liked is overrated.
When the scans come in, page peds and call that hospital in Portland for a family history.
Oh, make sure you dictate the H&Ps for all the admissions last night.
And, uh Oh, don't forget to check Whoa, okay, it's just this is kind of a lot.
Maybe I should write this down.
Have you seen this list? Yeah.
For once, it's a lot of horrible press about someplace that isn't here.
Bailey must be losing her mind.
Meredith didn't have to pull it all down in her wake.
That place raised her! That place kicked us out.
Whose side are you on? RUBY: Dr.
Karev? The patient who escaped psych last night, we found him.
Someone escaped psych? Yeah.
He's fine.
Security got him before he changed into scrubs.
It's amazing what passes for good news around here.
Um, I would like to schedule more ALPPS procedures, if that's okay with you.
"Not enough residency positions to train doctors, and with an aging population and overwhelmed workforce, we are stretched too thin, and patients are paying the price.
" So, is that a yes? Hey, uh, Chief, uh, some of the residents are a little confused.
"There's a nationwide epidemic of physician burnout, increasing the risk of medical error, lowering your quality of care, and costing patients and doctors their lives.
" Wow.
Yeah, she was as confused as the rest of us, all right? Oh, really? Uh, well, she didn't write, "We doctors are the sick ones.
We have the disease.
The call is coming from inside the house"? L-Link was supposed to be with Qadri, and Simms was supposed to have Hunt.
They're all just a little lost, so That sounds like a chief resident problem.
There is no chief resident.
Kang quit this morning.
Because of this list? I'm guessing.
Well, congratulations.
You are my new chief resident.
Maybe you can fix what your girlfriend broke.
Bailey, with all due respect, this is not Don't "all due respect" me, DeLuca.
You had to know this was coming! Hey, you work here.
Your career, your future prospects are all right You think I can control what Meredith Grey writes? Well, I-I-I think you could have warned us.
I think you could have sent up a flare.
I think you could have had some type of loyalty to the institution that's raising you and training you Why is it 100 degrees in here?! Is it your heart? Do you need to sit down? D-Dr.
DeLuca, uh do you feel this article is an accurate representation of our hospital? No, I do not.
Bye! Okay.
Just keep breathing.
Just keep breathing.
JACKSON: You want to film my surgery? No, absolutely not.
Not sure if you heard, but a disgruntled former employee wrote a slash-and-burn exposé of this place.
It wasn't about this place.
Headline says otherwise.
Okay, so, what, your idea is to throw a camera in my patient's face? For Catherine Fox's kid, it sure takes a long time for that oven to preheat.
We're in damage-control mode.
You should be thanking me for setting all this up on such short notice.
And yet I'm not, Tom.
This kid's parents are already blaming themselves for letting her condition get this bad, okay? A little kid is not a spectacle.
I know.
She's a beautiful little miracle, and you are the angelic, camera-ready plastic surgeon who's gonna make her all better.
It's a win-win.
and Mrs.
And you must be Clervie.
Come on in, Dr.
Excuse me.
Nice to meet you.
How are you? Hello.
How you doing? - Good.
- Yeah? - They just shaved my head.
- All right.
We're gonna take really good care of you, okay? Our patient fell from a plane? No.
A person fell from a plane and hit another person.
Sounds like what Dr.
Grey did to Big Pharma.
Oh, my God.
How is he alive? Alicia Chen, 19, GCS 8, with bilateral lower-extremity deformities, possible pelvic fracture.
Saw some ST elevation on her EKG.
JOSH: We were just hanging out outside my dorm, and he f-fell from the sky.
All right, page cardio and ortho.
Let's get her in trauma one.
Is Alicia Is she dead? Sir, what's your name? - It's Josh.
I'm Josh.
- Hey, Josh.
All right, you know what? You need to stay here.
We're gonna assess your friend and take good care of her.
Why isn't he on a gurney? He's obviously bleeding.
It's not his.
It belongs to the guy who fell.
He just exploded all over us.
Okay, look, why don't you All right, on my count 1, 2, 3.
Well, change the headline at least! I love Grey-Sloan.
I own Grey-Sloan.
I wouldn't write anything to tear it down.
I don't really care if it's the most shared piece of the month.
The headline is so misleading! Well, run it up the flagpole quickly, please! [SIREN WAILING IN DISTANCE.]
In cases of craniosyno stosis, the the structures of the skull fuse too early, resulting in abnormal growth and development.
Well, what we'll be doing today is carefully removing the top of Clervie's skull, break apart the bone, and use those pieces to re-shape her skull, allowing everything to fit perfectly and have plenty of room to grow just the right way.
Our pediatrician said it was just a mild case and she would outgrow it.
PETER: It just kept growing and getting worse, and now it's It's more dangerous, right, now that she's older? Well, it's slightly more complicated, but, honestly, it's absolutely nothing we can't handle.
What's important is that you're here now.
We're gonna take great care of your little girl, I promise.
When Dr.
Koracick called this morning and said you could do the surgery for free I mean you hate to have to think about money with your child, but we were gonna have to take out a second mortgage.
Thank you.
Yeah, th it's our it's our pleasure.
You were born for the camera, Avery.
Schmitt, baby steps.
You bribed desperate parents so you can use their fear and pain for cheap publicity? Finally, Wonder Boy gets it.
Just when I thought I couldn't possibly like you less, you surprise me.
Hey, now, give them some space but not too much.
And remember, anyone prays, get that on camera.
- That is gold.
And you did it again.
We need to skip the E.
Page your head of vascular.
We don't have one.
Well, then page Karev or Webber.
I'm gonna hand him off in the O.
Hey, I don't know where your O.
Let's go.
Hey, hey! It's good to see a friendly face.
Dialysis patient, 35, uh, ruptured left A.
fistula, lost a good amount of blood and refused treatment at Grey-Sloan.
- Refused treatment? - Mm-hmm.
Did you read this list? I'm glad nobody wrote about us.
Hey, hey, hey, hey! Come here.
Get this man to O.
4, and if you can keep your mouth shut, you can scrub in with me.
- Thanks for the business, Hunt.
- Sure.
Hey, man.
- Hey.
- Bailey send you to spy on me? [CHUCKLES.]
No, no.
I'm just dropping off a patient.
I'm, uh, taking some time off.
Koracick is driving me insane, so Teddy's taking over the E.
, and I'm staying home with the kids for a while.
Well, if you don't have to rush home, I'd love to to give you a tour.
Well, you have to use your imagination, you know? Try to picture it with, uh, new lighting, paint job, a few new walls, qualified medical personnel.
Pelvis X-ray shows a type II A.
compression fracture.
Where did she fall from? The guy fell on her.
Cops think he was a stowaway on an international flight.
TEDDY: Helm, get the ultrasound.
Reminds me of a guy in Germany who snuck into the wheel well of a 757.
All was fine and good until they hit cruising altitude.
What happened at cruising altitude? It's colder than Everest, and there's less O2.
Brody, let's order some, uh, bilateral leg films.
And when the landing gear opens, it's like dropping an ice pack on the ground from a mile high.
But the ice pack is made of blood and muscle tissue, so pbht! splat.
What do we got? 19-year-old, bilateral tib-fib fractures, unstable pelvic fracture.
And the X-rays show that Widened mediastinum, sternal fracture.
What's the ultrasound? Uh Turn on the color flow.
Looks like severe aortic insufficiency.
EKG showed ST elevations in leads II, III, and AVF.
Could be ischemic changes secondary to aortic root injury.
All right, her pressure looks stable.
Let's get a CTA to get a better look.
Yeah, seems like you guys got this covered.
LINK: All right, as soon as I finish getting this binder on, you can move her.
HANNAH: I think that's her boyfriend out there panicking.
There you go.
She's good.
I'll go check on him.
Pierce is kind of a genius, isn't she? [CHUCKLES.]
Not kind of.
Hey, um, we got a few minutes? I need to go talk to my wife.
Oh, is it about that list? Avery told me.
It's about that list.
Now, what's your name, bud? Josh.
All right.
All right, that accident must have been tough to see, huh? [BREATHING HEAVILY.]
I'm gonna do a little exam, okay? All right, Josh, hey, those two doctors in there, they don't make them any better.
Your girlfriend - Ali Alicia.
- Alicia.
They're gonna do everything they can to help Alicia.
All right, you hear me, Josh? Can you take a deep breath for me? [BREATHING DEEPLY.]
All right, we're gonna clean you up and, uh, get you something to help you calm down.
Are you currently taking any prescrip Where did you get that? My hood.
I tell you what, um, I'm gonna get you some clean scrubs to change into, and while I'm at it, I'm just gonna Hi.
Lisa, is it? Hi.
So, I did, um, both sides of the street up to 1st Avenue and then the parking lot.
I don't give out gold stars.
Head back over across the street.
There's a lot of empties over there.
Actually, so, I have an emergency, and I-I really need to go.
Grey, I know all about you and your emergencies.
I wrote something, and and it's been taken out of context.
The headline has actually nothing to do with what I said, - and I need to go take care of it.
- You have five more hours for today.
Human to human.
It's a real emergency for me.
I really need to go take care of this.
You walk away before your time's up, I'm calling the judge about all your extracurriculars.
You decide.
Please don't call the judge.
I will make up my hours.
I have to go.
Please don't call him.
I promise I'll make up the hours.
Grey! Grey?! Well, Mer's list really freed up my morning.
I've had two surgeries cancel.
Are you mad? Mm.
A little.
But I never win fights with her, even inside my head, so I'm just shoving it down.
Have you seen Link? I'm craving some gravity blanket.
What? Oh, we used to do this thing where he would just put all of his body weight on top of me, and it was like a thunder jacket for a dog.
But now I've got the little peanut, so he just bear-hugs me.
I'm claustrophobic.
I can't think of anything less soothing.
But sounds like you two are a match.
We kind of are, aren't we? I mean, I get all spinny-outy, and he's just like a big, calm mountain.
Well, uh, right now your mountain is trying to calm down my patient's boyfriend.
- What happened to your patient? - [SIGHS.]
Just imagine Never mind.
Don't imagine.
Pierce! I need a word.
Uh, if this is about Mer's list, I don't want to hear it.
I stand by her as a surgeon and as a sister.
I don't care.
Follow me, please.
And just need one last sample to confirm blood type in case there's any bleeding in the O.
Otherwise, we'll be fine.
Thank you so much.
She really is just such a happy little girl.
We've learned so much from her, and we feel so blessed to have to have met the doctors here so she can [CLEARS THROAT, CHUCKLES.]
so she can get the help that she needs.
This is no good.
Too much backlight.
Oh, uh Uh, Peter, uh, sorry.
Uh, technical stuff.
You okay? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
Uh, we're gonna get you to, uh, say that again, I mean, just just like you did but just a little bit more, uh, over here.
- Yeah.
- All right.
- Okay.
- Actually, you know what, Peter? I think it was perfect.
There's no need.
Take a break.
You know what? Dr.
Avery is right 'cause we need to talk to Mrs.
Martin anyway.
So yeah.
Thank you, guys.
This man is in fear, right, real fear.
His daughter's 3 years old.
This surgery's gonna be traumatic, painful, and life-threatening, and you need him to say it all again with better lighting? Dr.
Avery, I don't think you need to be reminded, but just in case, I am your boss.
If you need more clarification on the matter, lemme know, and I can have your mom call and explain it to you.
Well, while you have her, ask her how much longer she's gonna be punishing us with you.
Ah, funny.
No chest pain, no shortness of breath.
Your EKG shows no changes.
I see no arrhythmias or abnormal flow.
So Grey didn't give me a heart attack.
You're just warm.
I'm in a sauna.
How long has it been like this? A few days? I don't know, Pierce.
Uh, you know, I got a lot on my mind, and this list isn't making it any better.
Well, it's not your heart.
Well, what is it? [SIGHS.]
It could be hor It could be hormonal.
I have to be in surgery in 15 minutes, but I could do a quick blood draw and, uh, check your levels? Okay, well, do it right quick, then, if you have to go.
I-I need a full blood panel, CBC, thyroid Yeah, I know how to do a blood panel.
Schmitt, uh, where are we with, uh, cran Mom, no.
Tell Aunt Carol she doesn't need to reschedule her carpal tunnel surgery.
We're still a good hospital.
I-I-I'm at work right now.
I have to go.
My mom sent Grey's article to everyone in our family, and they gave me the money for med school, so they're very invested.
You're on the phone, and you're not doing your job.
You're basically a bullet point on Grey's list.
Get back to work.
I sent a proposal to the board to see if they'll expand the NICU.
I swear, this place must be backed by Russian Mafia or something because they are not afraid to write checks.
That doesn't hurt.
Over here, I want to, uh, put in the new innovative pediatric surgery unit by spring.
You know, this place is really shaping up.
Oh, my God! Somebody, help! Miller, what happened? DOUG: Patient just had colon surgery due to a perforation.
His wound vac started filling with blood and I don't know.
Did you send blood for a coag panel? Hmm? Ma'am, I need you to stand back now, please.
I feel warm.
WOMAN: Why won't it stop?! Karev, is it okay if I jump in? Yeah, please.
What do you need? Okay.
You, get me a crash cart, two units of blood, gauze, and suction, okay? Now! See what I have to put up with? [SIGHS.]
Ohh! I've had a really crazy day, and I can't really talk.
I thought you might be in the E.
, seeing as how a body just fell from the [LAUGHING.]
I mean, I've never seen anything like it, I mean, I've seen some things.
Okay, Miranda, look, if if you're still upset about Grey's list But, hey, it'll blow over, all right? Try not to make yourself more angry by staring at it all day.
That's not why I'm angry.
It's It's not? I'm angry because it's 1,000 degrees in here, and I can't stop crying because my hormones are hitting me like a tidal wave because I am in menopause! - Miranda, we don't - No! Don't bother telling me that that's not what it is, because I saw it happen to my mom at a young age, and now it's happening to me.
And I know it's the natural order of things.
I am woman.
Hear me roar.
I knew it was coming someday! I'm sorry, Ben.
No one really warns you about all the feelings.
Just tell me what you need.
Just Here.
Just sit here with me for like five minutes and let me have all the feelings.
Oh, God! Stupid.
- Okay, okay.
Hey! How bad is it? Okay.
Well, um, residents are panicking.
Everyone else seems split.
Some are pissed.
Some are calling you a hero.
Alex couldn't stop laughing all morning.
Where do you land? Well, I wish you hadn't name-checked the hospital that just made me an attending, but I think it'll start some much-needed conversation once tempers calm.
Like Bailey's temper? Okay, her rage level is so high, I'm worried for her physical health.
Well, I would like to explain how this happened.
Especially to Bailey.
I owe it to her.
I mean, I named my kid after her.
She might ask you to take that back.
- Um - Good luck.
You see that? That's the source of the bleed.
- The aorta.
- The aorta? No.
What year are you? Second.
Superior epigastric artery.
One of the cardinal rules in trauma is to find the source of the bleeding and? - Uh - Get proximal and distal control.
Okay, looks like poor hemostasis after surgery.
Let's get him in the O.
and do a repair and a quick washout.
All right.
Miller, book the next available O.
for Dr.
Hunt right now.
Um, who's Dr.
Hunt? - Him.
- Me.
All right, page me when Clervie's ready.
Try not to trip on any camera wires.
Cameras? Yeah, doing a craniosynostosis on a 3-year-old, which Koracick is turning into a feel-good video so he could fight the bad attention around Mer's list.
Also, he bribed the family with a pro bono surgery.
And yet totally on brand.
Meredith's kind of lucky, when you think about it.
Uh, losing her job and possibly losing her license? Well, I mean, yeah, obviously, but she doesn't have to worry about all this crap, you know, how things look.
She can just do the right thing.
I love a good dare.
- That wasn't a dare.
- Thank you.
I don't really think that she's lucky! [MONITOR BEEPING, SUCTION GURGLING.]
MAGGIE: Good to be back? You have no idea.
But I love being a mom, too.
No judgment here.
Meredith calls bowel resections her "me time.
TARYN: Would you be willing to tell her how much I loved her article? Um, yeah Helm, sure.
How amazing and important and just perfect it is? And that she's still my mentor, even if she doesn't work here anymore? I will pass it along.
All right, clamping the aorta.
All right.
We are gonna stop the heart with cardioplegia so we can replace the aortic root.
That's weird.
The heart's not stopping.
How is she? Finally got her boyfriend calmed down.
Well, it looks like the blunt injury also caused a coronary artery dissection, so we're gonna have to pass the cardioplegia through the coronary sinus so we can get this heart to stop.
- She cannot catch a break.
- How can I help? All right, well, we're gonna have to do a bypass, so you can harvest a vein from her leg - while Pierce and I - [MONITORS BEEPING RAPIDLY.]
- No! Start pressors! - Crap.
The root is rupturing! - I'm gonna go scrub.
- Yep.
Get that suction in there.
Get that suction in there.
You busy? I just did a cervical decompression.
Now I'm gonna grab enough lunch for multiple humans.
I can buy you something from the vending machine on the way.
On the way to where? JACKSON: Don't worry.
We'll remain right on schedule.
You don't want Dr.
Koracick to operate? My sister texted us an article about this hospital.
Is that what this is about? Is he part of the problem? No, absolutely not.
Tom Koracick is a brilliant neurosurgeon.
Then why make a change? Well, for starters, I'm better.
Dana, Peter, I know that you only agreed to let Tom film the surgery so it would be free, but I can see now that you're both a little uncomfortable.
And I can't blame you.
This is a very big decision.
It's your family's privacy.
You shouldn't have to think about that under these conditions.
So, I want you to know that no matter what happens today, no matter what you decide, your surgery's not gonna cost you a thing.
W-Why Why would you do this? Well, I have a little girl of my own, and if she needed a surgery, I'd want to make sure that her doctors aren't thinking about anything except for her.
Your little girl means more to me than some some good press.
And thank you.
All right.
Let's get going, then.
All right, guys, let's come on in.
Thank you so much.
You know Tom is gonna blow a gasket when he hears about this.
Oh, I know.
Added bonus.
Time of death 16:04.
- Injury was just - [CLICK, FLATLINE STOPS.]
It caused too much damage.
Damn it.
It's not just the medical system that's broken.
It's the whole world.
Why'd the stowaway have to fall out of a plane? And how bad was his life that he had to climb in the plane to begin with? And why did this girl, who could have been anywhere in the world, [VOICE BREAKING.]
been in the just worst place possible? The whole world is broken.
Now I have a baby, and it just makes it so much scarier.
I can close.
Thank you.
Get the drill ready.
Stencil's almost complete.
You kidnapped my surgery? Oh, it was never your surgery, was it, Tom? Tap out, Shepherd.
I'm scrubbing in.
Shepherd's actually got it all under control.
Uh, the family, on the other hand, has had a change of heart about you filming this whole thing.
So if you get your camera crew within I don't know one foot of my O.
, security will be called.
The foundation put me I am the foundation.
And I own more shares than anyone on the board, so if you want to get technical, I am your boss.
Not to mention, the people that come to me for cosmetic procedures make up a huge percentage of hospital profits.
So maybe you want to, um, stay the hell out of my way.
You just threw away millions in fast, free publicity and took arrogance to a level even I've never reached.
This thing Grey started? You should know better than anyone how fires like that spread.
And if it does, it'll burn down a lot more than this hospital.
Hey, Tom, great rage in that reaction, really.
But you were a little backlit, though.
I'd love it if you could give it to me from the top, a little closer to the door.
I was kinda hoping my part would be done by the time he found out.
Sorry about that.
Osteotome, please, Schmitt.
Schmitt, come on.
Thank you.
500 feet? That's ridiculous.
Bet it was worth it just to zap the guy in the nads, though.
It was an accident.
A happy accident.
Bailey must be homicidal, having Koracick as her boss.
You a little bit happy about that? Well, I mean, I'm mad that she fired me, but Bailey's still Bailey.
She shouldn't have to take orders from him.
That's exactly why I left.
So, you sick of it yet? Staying home? I'm happy to do it for Teddy.
It's way harder than I expected.
Come work for me.
Take head of trauma.
You know, structure the department however you want, ground up.
I mean, Webber and I are helping, but we can't do it all.
I mean, look at this place.
It's really messed up.
Way to sell it, Karev.
Today was kinda fun.
If there's one thing I can promise you, it's that there'll be more days like it.
Kind of reminding me of the Army.
- With worse food.
JACKSON: All right, piece "S" and "C" are in place.
Ohh Why you look so sad? Tears are in your eyes Come on and talk to me now Nothing you confess Could make me love you less Could make me love you less I'll stand by you I'll stand by you Won't let nobody hurt you Nobody hurt you I'll stand by you Take me in into your darkest hour And I'll never desert you Never desert you I'll stand by you Ooh, ooh, ooh And we're done.
Everything fit.
It's perfect.
Minimal blood loss.
All right, why don't you get Clervie down to the PICU, and then we'll update the family.
I mean, it's perfect.
It's miraculous.
And if you'd have let Dr.
Koracick film it, it might have really helped this place.
I'll stand by you I don't concern myself with headlines, Schmitt.
I suggest you don't, either.
You don't have to.
You already have a career.
Your future is safe no matter what.
Not all of us have that luxury.
All right, you're so disappointed, why don't you get her bandaged up and settled in the PICU, and I'll go update the family myself.
Never desert you I'll stand by you I remember telling security to deactivate your keycard.
I-I'm sure this is a bad time.
Uh, no.
A great time, in fact.
I'm having a red-letter day.
There'll be cake any minute.
I would like to explain how this happened.
It was never meant to be published.
I only pitched them a few ideas.
- From "Hospital Hell"? - That, I never even said.
And I would never say that.
Anything that I actually wrote wasn't even directed at this hospital.
Then have them change it.
Have them take it down.
I tried.
They won't.
I can write a retraction, an explanation.
A retraction won't help, Grey.
Nobody reads the retractions.
Bailey, you know me.
You know I love this place.
I grew up here.
Any good I've ever done, any awards I've ever received have been from things I learned here, in this program, from you and Richard Webber.
I I'm sorry if if any of this has hurt you.
I really am truly sorry.
I know what you learned, Grey.
I spent years of my life teaching it to you.
Remember, I stayed late almost every night explaining procedures and technique when I could have been home with my family, right? I made you study.
I made you practice.
I was your friend, your mentor, and every time you needed me, I was there.
So you can sit there and apologize to me and say all the the moving words, but the damage has been done.
Bailey, I You can close the door on your way out.
A resident thought that that was the aorta? - What is wrong with people? - OWEN: [LAUGHING.]
If Karev hadn't been giving me a tour, then the guy might have died.
W Y-You got a tour? Yeah.
Evening, Altman.
- Hey.
- Leo! I'm not turning around, Tom, so if you need to call the cops, then go ahead.
I'm dropping the restraining order.
We need every good doctor we can get, so I'm taking the high road.
You can have your job back.
Yeah, well, thanks, but, um you didn't fire me.
I quit.
And I have already taken a job at a very up-and-coming area hospital.
- You did? - W-What hospital? One that will be excellent when I'm done with it, so It's Pac-North, isn't it? It's not a dirty word, Tom.
Yeah, but it's a dirty place.
You call me when you realize the error of your ways.
Same to you.
I hate that guy.
I know.
- Pac-North? - Mm-hmm.
Really? Wait.
Did you not read Meredith's article? Your high horse has no legs to stand on.
That is not the saying.
MAGGIE: We did everything we could do, but there was just too much damage.
I'm so sorry.
LINK: Do you have any contact info for Alicia's folks or any family we could call? We just met a month ago, in biochem.
I don't even know her parents' names.
It's okay.
We'll find them.
We were just sitting in the grass under that tree.
She liked that.
She said it reminded her of a Y.
novel about teenagers who had cancer enjoying life and grass and the air while they still could, except we didn't have to have cancer.
We would just lie in the grass and look at each other.
It felt cheesy at first, but then [VOICE BREAKING.]
it was all I wanted to do forever.
I should have protected her.
But how do you protect someone from something like this? [SOBBING CONTINUES.]
- Hey! - Hey.
You, uh, lost? You looking for the E.
? No, I just dropped off a guy whose bowling ball pulled him all the way down the alley.
So, this one of yours? Okay.
Uh, yeah.
Yeah, I just rebuilt this little girl's skull from scratch, actually.
Took all day.
That's it? Usually you're all, "I was the only surgeon in the whole world who could do it 'cause I'm so skilled.
" I mean, I wouldn't say the whole world, first of all.
The state of Washington is an argument.
I'd be lying if I said I wasn't impressed.
I'm suddenly starving.
You got 10 minutes? Can I interest you in some particularly disgusting hospital food? Oh, my God, that's my favorite.
MEREDITH: After multiple transfusions, emergent dialysis, and the fastest central line I've done to this day, my patient pulled through.
You're sure you want to do this? But it taught an important lesson.
Let me have it.
But I'm warning you, it is habit-forming.
There is no such thing as a routine surgery.
'Cause I've waited a long, long time To remember all that you've done for me Amelia? And I'm drawing a long, long line I think I'm in love with you.
And I know you said not to say it back, but it's not something I feel very often.
Love is not really my thing.
Dating, yes.
Fun, yes.
Sex, yes.
Love leads to divorce.
Leads to pain.
I think that's been my world view.
But I'm feeling it.
I'm pretty sure.
And it's a feeling I like.
It's a feeling I want to name.
Because sometimes people fall out of the sky, so there's kinda no point in trying to avoid pain.
To remember all that you've done for me Okay.
In between the dark and the light Every time I step into an O.
R I'm ready for the worst.
- Hey.
- Hey.
What What are you doing here? I tried to talk to Bailey.
She thinks I attacked her publicly.
It's I don't know.
I don't I don't know how to fix this.
I mean, what what were you expecting? We're friends.
I thought our history would earn me some benefit of the doubt.
And I walked off work crew, so I got a summons to go back to court.
Wait a minute.
You walked out? Well, I had no choice.
Mer, yeah, you did have a choice.
And And you chose the thing that could put you in jail.
Why would you do that? That headline hurt a lot of people.
You once told me I needed to develop an instinct for self-preservation.
- Remember that? - That was entirely different.
You were claiming a crime you didn't commit.
Yeah, a-a crime that you committed.
A crime that's now threatening your medical license.
And this is just adding to that threat.
You think the medical board just doesn't read the news? There isn't anything that I said that wasn't the truth.
It isn't my fault that they packaged it up like a bomb.
Okay, but don't you think that there was a world where you just finish the community-service hours and came back to work? I should just shut up and sit on my mountain of privilege? And leave everyone else to fight their own battles? Or you work within the broken system to change it instead of bringing the whole thing down with you.
It's self-destructive, Mer.
You really don't need enemies right now.
I don't.
And I don't need this, either.
And if you think there's a world in which I just sit back while something's broken and hurting people and killing people you don't really know me.
At all.
It's not a guarantee against bad outcomes, but it does mean, when the curveballs come, when the sky starts to fall - [KNOCK ON DOOR.]
- You'll turn your head Leave me unwanted Well? Your blood work indicates that you are perimenopausal [GROANS.]
Uh, there was an ellipsis in your voice.
You're also pregnant, Bailey.
I'm sorry? Your bloodwork shows that No.
D I-I It's hormones.
It's, uh, hot flashes, mood swings.
I'm It's menopause.
Yeah, your beta-HCG isn't lying.
You can be perimenopausal and still shed eggs.
I don't understand.
You are both perimenopausal and pregna I heard you.
I just don't understand.
hopefully you're less likely to get completely knocked off your feet.
Please tell me you don't plan to keep this a secret.
Please give me space where I can belong