Grey's Anatomy s16e06 Episode Script

Whistlin' Past the Graveyard

MEREDITH: Researchers have theorized that nightmares are the brain's way of processing unsettling events of the past.
Oh! Paula.
What? You're scaring me.
Happy Halloween.
Anybody ever tell you, you snore like a trucker? - Not in those exact words.
- Like a truck, then? I thought a semi was barreling towards me.
- You woke me up.
- I have allergies.
- Gonna take what's mine, what's mine - Ohh.
- What time is it? - Does it matter? Yes.
I'm getting out today.
I'm counting the minutes.
Ooh! Well, I'll count, too.
Once you leave, I'll be able to sleep.
I never stay down 1, 2, 3, 4 Others believe nightmares are how our subconscious mind prepares us to deal with our real-life fears.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Where are the kids? - OWEN: Daycare.
What? So why'd you text about a hand-off? - To bring you this.
- What's this? My mom brought them over this morning costumes from when Megan and I were little kids.
These are amazing.
She made them all from scratch.
Your mom worked full-time and still managed to make costumes? Mm-hmm.
Every year.
- I come in red hot - [CELLPHONE CHIMES, VIBRATES.]
I got to go.
I guess I'll see you up on the PEDS floor for trick-or-treating? Okay.
Gonna take what's mine, what's mine I'm too much woman for you to handle Either way, they agree that nightmares are most commonly brought on by one thing 1, 2, 3, 4 - [EXHALES SHARPLY.]
- stress.
Red or yellow tie? JO: Mm.
Why don't you compromise, go with orange? Hey, can you come help me with my dress? What about blue? Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh Boo! Hey! - [SIGHS.]
- Seriously? You can't even pretend to be scared? Nothing's scarier than my real life.
I got half a dozen investors coming to see Pac North today.
Gotta convince them to sink more money into it.
You found a janitor giving himself a CT scan.
That place has nowhere to go but up.
Hey, have you seen my wedding shoes? Why are you wearing your wedding dress? Uh, it's expensive.
I'm gonna wear it every Halloween.
- To work? - No.
I have the day off.
I'm gonna stay home, I'm gonna eat most of the candy, and scare all the trick-or-treaters.
- Love you.
- Love you.
How come my mom hasn't called from sleepover community service? Oh, she's probably busy.
It's not like a slumber party with friends.
- Oh.
That's your ride.
Okay, everybody, get your stuff together.
Come on, guys.
Get your backpacks.
ELLIS: I hope we get candy at school.
Oh, did you guys forget your candy? Go get your candy.
Candy! Come on.
- Let's go, guys.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I am so sorry that I'm late.
I had to borrow Carina's car.
How are the kids? Hair is brushed.
Lunches are packed.
Halloween costumes are on.
I am killing the auntie game, right, ZoZo? Yeah, but are you gonna get dressed? Good idea.
I'm gonna go get dressed, and Dr.
DeLuca is gonna take you to school, okay? - Okay.
- Need some help with that? - Don't! You're not my dad.
All right, let's get the rest of your stuff together, guys.
- All right, let's go.
And then I reminded her that I'm going to Capitol Hill with Nico for Halloween, and she got all weird.
She's sad you're not helping her hand out candy.
Well, that's what I thought, but then she asked me not to post pictures.
She said a lot of our family follows me.
She doesn't want them to know you still dress up for Halloween? Yeah, if by "still dress up for Halloween" you mean "are gay," then I think so.
- I thought she was cool with it.
- Yeah.
So did I.
I'm not gonna let her ruin Halloween.
I'm gonna power through rounds so that I can leave early and meet Nico.
What's your costume? It's a paladin.
From "Dungeons & Dragons.
" It's a subclass of fighter who has the ability to heal wounds and cure diseases.
So it's a nerd suit.
They can detect evil.
ALEX: We, uh, revamped ER triage protocols to improve patient flow.
That reduced wait times by 10%.
DOUG: Okay, no more candy corn in your nose, bud.
- Got it.
Oh, no, no, no, don't do that.
Uh Dr.
Webber is, uh, enhancing the education program to include doctor-patient communication and other soft skills.
And with, uh, additional funding, we can upgrade the skills lab to improve surgical technique.
Well, unless there are any questions, we will go see construction on the new research wing, which is not only on budget, but ahead of schedule.
Uh, Chief, a word? Uh, we're on our way to you now, Eddie.
I think there's something you should see before anyone else does.
Okay, well, they're not, uh, quite ready for us yet, so Dr.
Webber will take you to see the ICU, and I will meet you guys there in a few minutes.
Uh, okay.
Uh, the ICU is this way.
- Oh, God! No, no, no! - [MONITOR BEEPING RAPIDLY.]
You got to clamp it first! Oh, but, uh, you know, if we go in this direction, I can show you our new MRI on the way.
- Thanks.
- Thank you very much.
Oh, my God.
: Dr.
Chatmon to Radiology.
Chatmon to Radiology.
Shepherd, uh, you got a second? Bailey, are you okay? I I'm sorry.
Um I'm pregnant.
And I hear you are, too.
You, too? That's Are your ankles swollen? Do you have intense cravings for root beer? Are you panicking about how you finally have the career you've imagined for yourself, but will now be breastfeeding for the next 12 months because the AAP strongly recommends it? Yes to all, but my cravings are for pepperoni, which, historically, I hate.
This morning, Tuck texted me a picture of him in his Halloween costume, and I burst into tears.
That's the hormones.
That's normal.
Okay, well, I don't like it.
I can't cry at work, not in front of the staff and certainly not in front of Tom Koracick.
The last thing I need is for the self-proclaimed chief of chiefs to see me reduced to a puddle of tears.
Isn't "chief of chiefs" his actual title? [STAMMERS.]
Not the point.
If you feel like you're gonna cry, try pressing your tongue to the roof of your mouth.
You can also try looking up at the ceiling.
I'll try it.
You know, all I wanted to do was vent, and you gave me useful advice.
Thank you.
: Dr.
Sutton to the Step-down Unit.
Sutton to the Step-down Unit.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Lunch today? - Sure.
- My afternoon's clear.
- Great.
Uh, my parents' reservation's for 12:30, so see you in the lobby at noon? - This lunch is with your parents? - Yeah.
Remember when I did that for you? I thought your parents hated each other.
They do, but it's my cancer-versary.
Uh, that's What is that? That's the anniversary of my doctor telling us that my scans were clear.
- We go to lunch every year.
- That's nice.
It is for the first 15 minutes.
Then it turns into a competition to prove whose life is better since the divorce.
But this year will be different, though.
Because they will both hate me? - I am terrible with parents.
Because we'll tell them about the baby.
Lobby at noon? Yay! Right.
They are gonna love you.
- [SIGHS.]
: Dr.
Daimers Dr.
Daimers ANNE: Really? They have to special-order the UV coating that we need.
We're kind of at their mercy, Anne.
That's ridiculous.
- I-I-I know that.
- LEVI: Whoa.
It is dark in here.
I know that, but what else are we supposed to JACKSON: Excuse us.
I'm sorry.
Good morning.
Schmitt's gonna go ahead and get us started today.
Mary Rose Hawkins-Garrett, age 11, diagnosed at 6 months with xeroderma pigmentosum, making her unable to withstand UV light without risk of severe burns or skin cancer, which is why we have the curtains for protection.
Mind if I go ahead and take a look? Mary Rose was admitted for second-degree burns on her arms, due to apparent UV exposure.
We don't know how it happened.
I mean, she's never out in the sun without - Mnh-mnh.
- protective clothing and sunscreen.
Where's Dr.
Alex? You know what? Dr.
Alex just started a new job at another hospital.
He's been her doctor since she was born.
Did he quit because of the "hospital from hell" article? Something like that.
So, by the looks of it, this UV exposure's happened in the last couple days, certainly long enough for your arms to get infected.
It's a large enough area that I think we'll need to debride in an operating room.
She needs surgery? You really don't know how this happened, huh? ANNE: No.
We're careful.
- Dr.
Karev knows.
- Okay.
Will I be done in time to trick-or-treat? Halloween's the one night where all the kids are outside, and I can be with them without my stupid protective helmet.
Oh, even if Dr.
Avery and I work as fast as we possibly can, y-you're probably still gonna have to stay, uh, a night or You know what? The hospital does have a pretty great Halloween party.
I mean, it's got games and trick-or-treating.
And we've got a really cool costume parade.
And I'm pretty sure there's no helmet required.
- Is that right? - Nope.
So, uh, how's that sound? Pretty good? All right.
Well, Dr.
DeLuca will go ahead and get you started, - and I'll see you in a minute.
- Thank you.
There's no party.
Karev always assigned it to a resident, and he's not here anymore, so So you'll make sure it happens.
- Oh, I have plans.
- I know.
I just gave them to you.
Eddie, why isn't anyone working? I told the investors we were ahead of schedule.
What is it? Well, I'm no doctor, but I think that's a skull.
That's another one.
And that's a lot more.
You want us to keep working? Yeah, I'm I'm gonna need a minute.
They call these "fun size," but they'd be more fun if they were bigger.
Are you sure you don't want one? I prefer not to lose my teeth.
Whoa, whoa, whoa! Let's get you back on that gurney.
My leg's just a little scraped up.
This is all fake.
It's my friend.
PARAMEDIC: Austin Goodrich, 18, auto versus pedestrian.
He's got visible head trauma.
Left pupil's blown.
Hypotensive and tachy despite 500 cc of LR, likely due to abdominal bleeding.
Oh, you mean where that giant ax is? That is not real, but also difficult to remove.
We were walking to school when this car plowed into him.
Driver said he just didn't see him.
Austin always wins our costume contest.
He's, like, a master of fake blood and guts and organs.
Is he gonna be okay? We'll know more when we take a look at his real organs.
Let's get him into trauma one! - WOMAN ON P.
: Dr.
Danforth to the ER.
- And to help them, we [CLEARS THROAT.]
Danforth to the ER.
Uh, w-would you excuse me? Uh, M-Michaela? Over there.
Thank you.
- Oh.
- Go.
I need advice on breaking bad news to the investors.
Well, I've always found it's best to be up-front and straightforward.
Investors would rather hear it from you than through the grapevine.
Why? What's happening? C-Construction is stopped due to a a a mass grave.
A A what, now? The new wing is apparently on a a burial ground from, uh, 100 years ago.
You're pranking me for Halloween, right? This was once apparently a mental hospital, and once people died and nobody came for them and Ugh.
Well, you definitely don't want to tell the investors that.
O-Okay, y-you handle it, and and I'll keep them busy.
Sure explains why this place feels haunted.
It's not haunted.
Help! Ohh! Someone help me! [GROANS.]
I'm bleeding so much! Ohh! Aah! Really? Seriously? Look how good this makeup is.
You weren't even a little bit scared? I'm a corpse.
Well, it's kind of a dime a dozen around here today.
There's a graveyard under our construction site.
- Seriously? - Yeah.
And I'm waiting to hear back from County, and I don't have time for this.
It's Hunt.
Multiple patients crashing in the ICU.
Let's go.
You know I don't work here, right? I don't have more room for dead bodies today.
Come on.
BAILEY: Man, I don't want to tear his skin, but this is really stuck.
I think it's spirit gum.
Um, I-I need more alcohol wipes.
What's spirit gum? If you're old enough to know what it is, - you're too old for trick-or-treating.
You want to put an age limit on Halloween? A town in Canada did 16.
After that, it's just panhandling in a costume.
All right, he's bleeding from his belly.
We need to get him to an OR.
Tom, how much longer? To retract the scalp and the galea, create an osteotomy, incise the dura, and decompress the hematoma? - [METAL CLATTERS LIGHTLY.]
- I'm done.
What happened? Ohh! See? That is the appropriate reaction.
Cecil Taylor, my wife, Jo.
Two patients crashed, and now a bunch of have cardiac arrhythmias.
- How many? - All of them.
And no idea why.
Your hospital's haunted.
I'm saying not everyone likes surprises.
Just people who lack a sense of adventure.
- Oh, please.
Hey, there he is.
- Hey, guys.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- So glad to meet you.
- You, too.
So, you must be Amelia.
- Yes.
- I'm Maureen.
- Hi.
- So glad that you could join us.
Me too.
- Ahh.
- Okay.
- Ahh.
I-I didn't even know that Link was seeing anyone until today.
How long has it been? Um [EXHALES SHARPLY.]
a few months? But we've known each other longer than that, though.
Actually, my sister, uh, tried to set us up a year ago.
Well, a lot can change in a year.
Yeah! So much! [CHUCKLES.]
A year ago, I was living with my ex-husband and two kids.
Uh, not our kids.
Um, well, one is ours, but, um, but mostly his.
He's adopted Leo.
The other is Leo's birth mom.
She was not with us very long, but, um, between her running away and going to rehab, it was petty messy.
Plus, um, Link was kind of asking out my other sister.
Sometimes things just work out better the second time around.
Speaking of which - [SIGHS.]
- I have some news.
- Well, actually, um, so do - I am getting remarried.
Oh, wow.
- Really? - [CHUCKLING.]
Congratulations! Do we have to talk about this now? Yeah, you know, it all happened pretty quickly, but I'm feeling really good about it.
And I know that you are gonna love him.
Can't wait to meet him.
You don't have to.
JACKSON: She is lucky, I mean, that's a hell of a burn, but not quite past the dermis.
How's Grey handling lock-up? - Oh.
- I mean, she's great with a scalpel, but I can't picture her wielding a shiv.
- No.
I can, actually.
- It's hard to say.
I mean, she's had about eight minutes of phone time total, which she spent talking to her kids, obviously.
So you're playing house over there? I'm helping out when I can.
I'm not sure it's welcome.
Zola looked like she wanted to shiv me this morning.
Really? Why? - What'd you do? - No clue.
Yeah, well, welcome to fatherhood, buddy.
I'm not trying to be anyone's father.
No, you're just taking care of your girlfriend's children while she's behind bars.
Totally different.
- Okay.
- Gauze, please.
With kids, it's hard to tell, but it's almost always for a reason.
You just got to figure it out.
We checked to make sure - his lip lac isn't real, right? - TEDDY: Yeah.
When did everyone start spending so much time on costumes? What's Allison gonna be? A baby.
Lap pads.
You know that Owen's mom made all of his and Megan's costumes when they were little? Like, put sheets over their heads - and called them ghosts? - No.
Sewed and glue-gunned and embroidered.
She was an amazing Army nurse and a mom who made other moms feel inept.
I don't think anyone equates good costumes with good parenting.
Well, Owen might.
I have no idea.
We went from best friends to family of four almost overnight.
There were many steps that were skipped, I mean, steps that would have prepared me for what we're doing right now, which is I have no idea what it is.
Me neither.
Tom, you were you were so quiet that I forgot that - I'm sorry.
- Don't be.
And you are not "inept," except maybe in your choice of baby daddies.
And don't let ginger beer or his mom make you feel any other way.
I'm sorry.
I-I shouldn't have brought it up.
It's just that that those costumes were so terrifying and and and not in a Halloween way.
Halloween's a phony holiday, anyway.
Dangerous, too.
Kids are twice as likely to be hit by a car and die on Halloween as any other day.
This kid's lucky we were here to keep him alive or at least I was.
The ventriculostomy is draining perfectly.
I will be in the ER with the other Halloween casualties.
How did you date that man? Well, he has his moments.
Oh, no.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
No, he really does have some good qualities.
Pancreatic head looks severed.
Probably blunt-force trauma from him falling onto the plastic ax.
basically caused half a Whipple.
- All right.
What do we do? - [SIGHS.]
Well, we don't have a choice.
We have to finish a Whipple.
PAULA: You staring at that clock's not gonna make it go any faster.
There isn't really much else to do here.
You could help me with this puzzle, stop wearing out that floor.
Hey, hey! Hi.
Um, I'm Meredith Grey.
I'm supposed to get out now, actually.
Paperwork's not here.
Where is it? Hasn't arrived from court.
Should I call my lawyer? It'll show up.
Happens all the time.
But, wait.
Hold on.
It's You know, it's Halloween, and I have three kids at home, and they shouldn't have to suffer for the court's mistake.
I have to get a costume.
You could go as "sad mom.
" Is anyone in your family sick? I'm a doctor.
I could help.
I like it better on this side of the bars.
You're a doctor? - Yeah.
You need help? - No.
I'm just wondering how the hell you let yourself get locked in here.
Dead bodies like corpses or murder victims? No one was murdered.
Get back to work.
- You figure out what happened? - Not yet.
It's kind of a war zone here.
Your hospital's creepy.
- You're not helping that situation.
- Okay.
Those are the patients who are okay.
Those are the ones who had arrhythmias.
These had jaundice.
Those had fevers.
ALEX: What? Owen: You see something? The pink.
Transfusion forms.
All these patients got blood.
We've gotta call Central Blood Supply, see if there's anything's wrong with Actually, we have our own blood supply.
It's in the floor's medical fridge.
- Okay.
Where's that? - We need to see it.
- Damn it.
It's another V-fib.
- I'll get it.
You guys check on the blood.
Uh, Link said you live in different cities, so how did you two, um I moved to Denver for my job earlier this year.
I didn't know anybody there, so, uh, I signed up for one of those dating apps.
First person they matched me with was Maureen.
I swiped left.
Been there, done that.
ERIC: I switched apps.
I figured that one's algorithm was bad.
But the next one matched us, too.
And then when we matched a third time, I texted him to laugh about these dumb apps, and he suggested that we have coffee.
And, uh, turns out the apps weren't so dumb.
ERIC: We've already had a big wedding, so this one's gonna be low-key.
But I would love for you to be my best man.
You two, uh put me through hell with your divorce.
You used me like a pawn.
You You made me a go-between.
You forced me to pick sides.
I spent Christmas days on an airplane so I could have breakfast with you and dinner with you.
I double-majored in college [CHUCKLES.]
So you could go to separate graduation ceremonies.
It took me years to learn how to manage parents who could barely sit through a lunch without tearing each other apart, and now now [CHUCKLING.]
now you're you're getting back together? I don't I don't even know what to say.
I think they just want you to say you're happy No, no, no, they they don't get to tell me what to say.
They gave up that right when they sat me down and told me our family was a "painful lie," which, together or not, we are never gonna do to our kid.
Oh, yeah.
You're gonna be grandparents.
You know what? I need some air.
Surprise! [CHUCKLES.]
OWEN: Okay.
Temperature gauge seems to be working.
Feels cool.
- Wait.
It's zero degrees Celsius.
It's supposed to be between 1 and 6.
- It's gone bad.
The blood hemolyzed.
We basically pumped them with straight potassium.
A few more minutes, and the ICU would be nothing but corpses.
And I've already got a backyard full of those.
Okay, we're gonna need labs for anyone who's been given blood from this fridge in the past 24 hours.
From now on, every department uses Central Blood Supply.
That's why it's there.
TEDDY: Anastomosis looks patent and intact.
I mean, this has got to be a parent's worse nightmare.
Do you worry about Tuck trick-or-treating? My son and his girlfriend are going to horror night in the park.
They're both zombies because they wanted to do a couple's costume.
I have ugh other things to worry about.
I need, uh, drains and 3-0 nylon.
You know what? Don't worry about the costume.
There's never enough time to do everything you want, so spend it with your babies.
That's more important than any perfect costume.
All right.
It's not the prettiest gastro-J.
But it got the job done.
MEREDITH: So, I was picking up trash for my community service.
And I'm waiting for the medical commission to decide whether or not to take my license, which I can't lose, because I have three kids and I love being a surgeon.
I would miss the OR and miss my patients.
Do you have kids? Two.
And two jobs to make ends meet.
One night, my childcare fell through.
I couldn't find a babysitter or a sub for the graveyard shift at the mini-mart, so I put my two kids to bed, and I went to work.
I was less than a block away.
I ran back and checked on them every break I had.
But my 8-year-old woke up and called 911 when he saw I wasn't home.
Oh, no.
I tried explaining it to the police, but they were in no mood to listen.
One of them came towards me.
I guess I waved him off, out of instinct.
My hand hit his face not hard or anything.
But they arrested me, said I assaulted a police officer.
And a jury found you guilty of that? I haven't had a hearing yet.
I can't afford bail, so I'm stuck here.
And my kids are in foster care.
Public defender says it's gonna be probably another month.
So you can keep whining about how you might lose your medical license, but I'm gonna stop listening and focus on this puzzle.
I don't know why I'm so mad.
When I was a kid, all I wanted was for them to get back together.
I even tried to "Parent Trap" them.
Seriously? I separately talked them into taking me to the same showing of "Sleepless in Seattle.
" But my dad hated rom-come, and my mom hated my dad, so it didn't work out very well.
I don't think you're angry about them getting remarried.
Uh, I'm pretty sure that they're the root of this anger.
This day is supposed to be about you.
You are their kid.
You survived cancer.
And they are making your cancer-versary all about them again.
For somebody who says they're terrible with parents, you seem to understand mine pretty well.
Well, I understand family dysfunction.
If you want to just leave, we can.
Or you can give them a chance to do better.
: Dr.
Curt Sullivan to Dr.
Curt Sullivan to Ah.
Oh, geez.
- Ohh.
Are you a doctor? [INHALES SHARPLY.]
I'm Dr.
Do you need help? What's wrong? I can't find a Halloween costume.
Can you help me? Uh sure.
Come on.
Let's Let's go look.
Yes, I believe so.
Ah! Just the person I was looking for.
JACKSON: Can it wait? I got to do a post-op check.
Oh, I was talking to DeLuca, but thank you for letting me know that you're busy.
Meet me in Mary Rose's room when you're done.
- Mm-hmm.
- What's up? So, I just picked up the kids from school.
Bailey and Ellis are in daycare, but Zola is refusing.
Because it's for little kids.
I would take her, but I have surgery, and Amelia's out.
- This isn't really a good time.
- She's super easy.
She'll probably just read her book or go to the OR gallery.
I-I'm rounding, Maggie When's Mom coming back? Okay.
She can, uh She can come with me.
- I'll figure something out.
- Great.
So, you're gonna hang out with Dr.
DeLuca, and I'm gonna come and get you later, okay? Mwah.
A: Dr.
Hurdle, pick up Line 2.
Hurdle, Line 2.
Am I okay? Did I miss Halloween? Your arms are fine.
You're fine, and you didn't miss anything.
Trick-or-treating didn't even start yet.
Your parents are down in the cafeteria, in case there's anything you'd like to tell me about what really happened.
I don't know.
Mary Rose.
I want Dr.
Okay, fine.
Lemme get him.
Dude, come on.
Tell me what happened.
Mary Rose, come on.
I'm here to help, you know? Just tell me what happened.
I begged my moms for a cat, so they finally got me one Miss Velma.
But she ran out a few days ago.
I was scared she'd get hit by a car.
So you ran after her, didn't you? I put on my helmet.
But I didn't have time for my jacket.
Please don't tell my moms.
They'll make me get rid of Miss Velma.
- These burns are very serious - And they hurt.
I swear I'm never going out without my protective gear again.
This sucks.
I'll file this under doctor-patient privilege this time.
This is your one pass, okay? See? There's always a reason.
It's just a matter of figuring out a way to get it out of them.
Superman? It's got a cool cape.
Batman, then? [CLEARS THROAT.]
Okay, uh, uh, Captain America? Spidey? No superheroes.
Uh, pbht.
Ooh! How about a robot? Okay, you don't want to be a monster, an athlete, a vampire, a racecar driver, a Pokémon, a superhero, or a robot.
I don't know what else there is.
I want to be a sunflower.
So maybe two weddings next year? Uh, we're just focused on the baby.
Who we're gonna raise together, of course.
You're gonna make a great dad.
Well [SIGHS.]
we obviously have a lot to figure out before the baby arrives in the spring.
Exactly when are you due? Oh, we put a deposit on a wedding venue.
Uh, third weekend in April.
But we're flexible.
We'll forfeit.
How old are your kids? 6 and 8.
Those are good ages old enough to help and still young enough to want to.
I just hope they're okay.
I mean, how are you not climbing the walls? There's nothing else to do in here but think about how screwed up everything is.
It's infuriating.
Oh, I was angry.
First few days I was in here, I almost put a hole in that wall with my fist.
Then I figured I can go insane with rage or I can find other things to do.
So I started reading all of Toni Morrison's books.
I have an ongoing game of gin rummy with Luiza from D Block.
And I have this puzzle.
Grey, your paperwork's here.
What are you waiting for? Sorry I'm not gonna help you finish.
We finished the edges.
You just got to work with what you got.
When I look back I remember when we met Good luck with your hearing.
- How I felt, how you stayed - Good luck with your license.
How you left, how you came back as someone else When I look back, I remember I remember DELUCA: Zola? When I look back, 20/20 Zola? - We were young, 21 - Just me.
- [SIGHS.]
- We were dumb, it was fun 22, and we were done When I look back [SIGHS.]
There you are.
I remember Want to go check out the trick-or-treating? - I remember - There's some candy.
I'll wait for my mom.
I tried to keep it small, it wasn't enough Can we talk, Zola? It's nobody's fault, it was bigger than us [SIGHS.]
Look, I'd really like for us to get along.
So, did I do something to upset you this morning when I was helping you with your costume? My dad fixed my wings before he died.
They ripped, and he sewed them up.
So you don't like it when other people touch them? I don't want to forget him.
Oh, Zola.
You're not gonna forget your dad.
No one's forgetting your dad.
I mean, he was a legend.
Did you know him? No, I didn't know him.
But a lot of people here did.
And they talk about him all the time.
I've heard the stories so often, sometimes I forget I wasn't even there.
I got no regrets Don't know what comes next [SIGHS.]
I wish you the best [BREATHES DEEPLY.]
You know, one time, there was this lab tech named Isaac, and he had this huge tumor in his spine.
And he'd taken it to all these doctors, and they were all too afraid to operate, but not your dad.
Your dad said he would try.
And when he opened Isaac up, he saw that the tumor was even bigger than it was on the scans.
All he could do was stare at it for 10 hours straight.
Did he take it out? Not that day.
He stayed up all night thinking about it.
And the next day, he opened up Isaac again.
He cut out as much of the tumor as he possibly could - I wish you the best - until all [INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS.]
A burial ground explains a lot patients crashing, the stairwell light that flickers at midnight, the corpse bride who haunts the room where her husband died.
Do you have any more gauze? Oh, my God! Haunted! Look, nothing is haunted.
The corpse bride is my my wife in a Halloween costume.
Okay? The patients crashed because the refrigerator's broken.
And, yes, there's a burial ground where the new wing is going, but we've notified the authorities, and we're exhuming the bodies.
- Everything is getting back on track.
- Mm-hmm.
So stop spreading rumors.
Did you say "burial ground"? RICHARD: Uh Almost had 'em.
JOAQUIN: Keep fighting the good fight, Dr.
But not so hard that you end up back here.
Um, I don't want to get either one of us in trouble, but I do have a small favor to ask.
: Dr.
Axford to the ER.
James Axford to the ER.
TEDDY: Austin is okay, but his head was seriously injured same with his pancreas, which we had to remove.
He's in the ICU, but he's doing fine now.
- Oh.
Thank God.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Can I see him? - Me too.
- Yeah.
I can take you now.
Can I take pictures to send into the costume contest? Maybe he could still win.
Halloween really brings out the weirdos.
Okay, all you've done today is complain the candy, the costumes.
Catherine Fox may have made you chief of chiefs, but she did not make you the Halloween Grinch! Yeah.
You're right.
I'm sorry.
That's it? No cynical argument? - No snarky comeback? - [SIGHS.]
I used to like Halloween.
But my son David uh, he loved it.
His mom didn't, so every year, he and I'd put together his costume and go trick-or-treating.
It was our thing.
One year, he was, um he was really excited about being Luke Skywalker.
So, we were making a stormtrooper, uh, belt, you know, like he wore in the, um when he got out of the trash compactor.
"Episode IV.
" Yeah.
It was a good costume.
It was.
Except he never got a chance to wear it.
He died two weeks before Halloween, and I just [VOICE BREAKING.]
That unworn costume hung on the back of his door for months.
I couldn't bring myself to take it down and [SIGHS.]
Oh, uh hey, hey, hey.
Hey, take it, take it, take it, take it.
- Ohh! - What? What? - That's okay.
- No, no.
No, no.
It's okay.
Come on.
- Easy, easy.
Let's get out of here.
Today was a a nightmare.
You are amazing.
You are turning a house of horrors into a legit hospital, and I am sorry if those investors can't see that.
Well, don't be.
I'm getting a new research facility.
They gave you the funding? Yeah, they said they were impressed - with my ability to handle chaos.
They don't even know the half of it.
They should visit your childhood.
Hey, you know what? - Yeah? - We should do something to celebrate.
I am absolutely dressed for that.
What? What time does the courthouse close? You learnt my love, you hit the target MEREDITH: Sometimes your worst nightmare comes true, but you find it's really nothing to worry about.
And then you walk out the door You kept me small That's what you wanted Happy cancer-versary! - And I hate that you're gone - [BOTH LAUGH.]
And I hate that I don't want to let go Shh.
And I hate that you think that I'm weak Trick or treat! - 'Cause I don't want to let you know - Mom! [LAUGHING.]
Hey! Mommy, Mommy! - I'm going to build - I missed you! [GASPS.]
Hi! - Castles - Hi! From the rubble of your love Cool costume, Mom.
- Thanks.
- We're sorting candy.
Wanna help? I do.
I'll be there in one minute, okay? Okay, let's give your mom a minute.
Come on.
Welcome home, jailbird.
I'm so glad you're back.
- Ohh.
- How was it? - Castles - It was horrible.
That was always my experience.
From the rubble of your love But, you know, I had a lot of time to think, and I realized that, okay, so, if I don't have a job and I can't practice medicine, I still have a lot to work with.
And I'll figure something out.
Castles from the rubble of your love You're not gonna help us sort candy? - From the rubble of your love - No, I am.
I just I have to call my lawyer.
I-I need help with a puzzle.
Occasionally you discover that what you most dread is really a blessing.
And your life is better because you persevered, despite your fears.
Where's your costume? This is it kick-ass surgeon! - I love it.
- Okay, look, I didn't have time to make Leo and Allison costumes and I am not gonna sew costumes and I am not gonna be classroom mom or do all the other things that your mom did.
I know.
That's why I brought these old costumes to see if they might fit these guys.
You thought I wanted you to sew costumes? - I - So you thought I made this special trip just to hand you my mom's old costumes with the sole purpose of shaming you? Or, like, inspiring me? [LAUGHS.]
I was inspired, if that helps at all.
What are they supposed to be? Zombies? You dressed our babies up as dead babies? Well, that's a terrible way to put it.
LEVI: Oh, hey.
We're just about to kick off the costume parade.
Are these little guys gonna Oh, my Ahh.
BAILEY: Next year, you might want to just buy costumes.
But sometimes your worst nightmare is truly scary.
Get up and move And it feels like it's never going to end.
Gonna keep on climbing That's when support from friends and family is vital.
Going up these levels Till I touch the sky [SIGHS.]
There he is.
Oh! Aww.
What happened to "Dungeons & Dragons"? I felt more like a sunflower today.
This fight in my soul [CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS.]
How you like me now? - Boo! - Ah! Aah! What are you doing here? I couldn't wait any longer to see you.
Get in.
Get in.
Get in.
- How you like me now? - [CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS.]
Aww, aww, aww.
And I'm posting it because joy should be shared.
I'm gonna show you I was born for this Vampire and sunflower that's some serious kink.
You want to surround yourself with people who will wake you up from your nightmare Whoa, whoa "For better or worse" For better or worse "for richer or poorer" for richer or pregnant.
- Whoa, whoa - Let's go What? I'm pregnant.
Don't stop, move Get up [LAUGHS.]
Scared you! [LAUGHING.]
I got you so good.
- Wait.
You're not pregnant? - No.
Oh, my God, you should've seen your face.
- Sorry.
I'm sorry.
Whoa, whoa Hey For richer or poorer "in sickness and in health" in sickness and in health and help you live your wildest dreams.
Your bail's been posted.
Time to go.
What? By who? - Doesn't say.
You coming or what? [RADIO CHATTER.]

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