Grey's Anatomy s16e09 Episode Script

Let's All Go to the Bar

1 MEREDITH: If there's one thing I hear patients say even more than "save my life," it's this "I want to go home.
- It's weird spending all of your time in a place that most people hate.
What's the time, Mister Wolf? If you got the time, Mister Wolf - I'll make you mine, Mister Wolf - If you just step into my little red ride, Mister Wolf You're back.
You're back.
- [SIGHS.]
- Are you still drunk? No.
Are you nervous? No.
Are you? I was, but I snuck in and did two lap choles before breakfast, so - [CELLPHONE CHIMING.]
- - Welcome back.
- Hey.
Have either one of you seen a package at the house? What package? Well, Cristina was sending something you know, "Congratulations on not becoming a drifter slash getting dumped by a resident" present but I don't know where it is.
Maybe it's a stripper.
What is wrong with you? Sorry.
Well, knowing her, it's a cadaver.
But this hospital, in particular ALL: Welcome back, Dr.
Grey! - it's where I grew up.
It's where my fondest memories happened.
TARYN: This is the best day of my life.
Mine, too, Helm.
Bailey re-hired you? Well, I was gonna tell you, but you were too busy dumping me.
I did not dump you.
I asked you to take some time.
It all means the same thing.
It's home.
Get your residents together.
Time for rounds.
Even if it's a broken home.
: Wendy Bliss to Urology.
Wendy Bliss to Urology.
You still need to eat.
How you holding up? I'm still standing.
You talk to Maggie? Gemma.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I have to ask.
Just be easy on her, okay? [TELEPHONE RINGS IN DISTANCE.]
Who was that? A friend.
I'm looking for Chief Karev.
Uh, Karev's on a personal day.
Can I help you? I'm Dr.
Daphne Lopez.
I'm here for a walk-through.
Oh, oh.
Right, right.
Karev said that you were coming.
You're the ER doc from UCLA? Yep.
That's me.
- Well, and good to finally meet you.
- Yeah.
I'm Owen Hunt, and this is Dr.
Richard Webber.
- Pleasure.
- Nice to meet you.
Um, Karev said that we're trying to woo you [CHUCKLING.]
to see if we can get you to come over here instead of Seattle Pres.
Well, I'll tell you a secret you're winning.
They can't afford me.
JACKSON: You really should start bringing all your patients here, you know? VIC: Oh, yeah? "Sorry, sir.
I know you're having a heart attack right now, but my dude works across town at Grey-Sloan, so" - Yeah.
- "we got to go.
He'll understand.
- Yeah? - What time does your shift end tonight? - Tomorrow morning.
Well, maybe I'll show up at the fire station - with an emergency.
- CATHERINE: Jackson.
And then I'll be at the hospital across town.
Hey, Ma.
Mom, I did not know you were back in town.
New ride? Well, apparently limos can be death traps.
Oh, yeah.
I've seen them take out entire wedding parties.
And, uh, this is? I'm I'm Victoria Hughes, ma'am.
Station 19.
Station 19? What is that? A TV channel? No, ma'am.
It's a It's a fire station.
Well, I - Yeah.
- I'm gonna I'm gonna go.
- Mm.
- Sorry.
- You lean into all paramedics like that? - [ENGINE STARTS.]
Hear the phone ring every night Can't get no peace You want to say sweet nothing’s to me - Can't get no relief - I like the hormones.
Hormones are good.
You're better.
You beg and plead For someone who can answer to your every need - You have rounds.
- Oh, I can't.
I don't want to.
Ah, just go.
Face them.
I'll reward you later.
They are so mean.
I want my reward now.
Think it's time you let it go No.
And you find someone new who can give her time - Levi, be great, okay? - Oh.
I'm not the woman for you Go prove them wrong.
- Let me be Quit callin', please, lose my number [ELEVATOR BELL DINGS.]
I'll play.
I hope our baby has your eyes and my nose.
I hope our baby has my hair and your brain.
I don't know.
I'm not sure I want this amygdala in our baby.
Maybe my basal ganglia? Jo, do you think that our baby should have my prefrontal cortex or Link's? What? Are you okay? Yeah.
I signed up to be a Safe Haven volunteer, which means that, when a baby is dropped off at a fire station in the vicinity, they call me, and they just called me.
- Whoa.
- Shepherd.
: Dr.
Brooks to Oncology.
Brooks to Oncology.
How's your resting heart rate? Oh.
Um up 15%.
- Is that weird? - No.
- Blood pressure? - Down.
Ooh, this is fun.
It's like we're in a club.
See you.
Which therapist told you to do this? Carly.
But she she didn't tell me to do it.
She told me that she did it.
And how is that helpful? Well, hearing her story made me feel better and I don't know it just sounded nice helping someone.
You sure it's not too much too soon? Can you come with me? Alex went to Iowa to help his mom.
I have a surgery.
I can cancel? No.
It's I'm It's good.
Are you sure? Yeah.
I'm fine.
Ooh, cake.
None for you, traitor.
I didn't mean to rat out Grey, and you all know that.
I was just doing my job.
That's what the Nazis said.
Okay, my great-grandfather was in a concentration camp, so that's really not cool to say.
Apologize to the traitor.
Sorry, traitor.
- Excuse me.
Coming through.
- [SIGHS.]
Excuse me.
- [SIGHS.]
Look, Grey's back, all right? So you can all shut up about it now.
- Hi, Elliott.
Finley? - Hi.
Wheelchair? What happened? - Jasper happened.
- Jasper.
4 pounds, 14 ounces.
You had the baby! I thought he wasn't due for another month.
- Oh, he wasn't.
- No, but he's okay.
- He's in the NICU.
- Yeah.
Oh, yeah, show her, show her.
Check out this little alien.
- Yeah.
- Isn't he cute? We're calling him "E.
" for short.
Yeah, I was in the middle of my usual pre-surgery fast when her water broke.
He wanted to postpone, and I was like, "No.
You don't postpone heart surgery.
" Yeah.
Jasper's immune system's still a little wonky.
They're not letting me hold him until I get discharged.
Schmitt, present, please.
Elliott Calhoun, 39, here for a fourth aortic valve replacement due to congenital aortic stenosis.
DELUCA: Okay, 64-year-old male.
In remission for over a year after being treated for mesothelioma.
Primary complaints are night sweats, weight loss, and an inguinal and testicular mass.
SIMMS: Lymphoma.
It's a little early to jump to that conclusion, Simms.
Pretty solid conclusion to jump to.
Uh, you all can go on to the next patient.
I've got this.
Captain Herrera.
I'm so sorry to see you back here.
Please don't tell your husband my cancer's back.
Okay, first, we don't know that, and of course I won't say a word.
Good morning, good morning.
- Good morning.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Good morning.
- Jamie Caldwell 13.
- Jamie.
I know Jamie.
I took out your gallbladder two years ago.
How are we doing? Zachary just commented on Tessa's photo with a heart emoji.
When I'm dying.
You're not dying.
She's not dying.
Right? Jamie presents with a palpable 3 by centimeter mass in between her ribs on her right side, which - Hurts like hell.
- Yeah.
Can you cut this thing off before Tessa's bat mitzvah? Zachary Schultz isn't gonna dance with a hunchback.
Who's presenting? There a problem? W-We already started.
Who are you? Cormac Hayes, chief of pediatric surgery.
Since when? Since this morning.
For the future, let's not round on my patients when I'm not here.
Start again.
DELUCA: Jamie Caldwell, 13, presents with persistent back pain JO: Hey, Alex.
I'm at the fire station.
I'll explain later, but call me.
And say "hi" to your mom.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Um there was a-a baby dropped off here? Oh.
Yeah, okay.
So, uh, if you change your mind, according to law, you have 72 hours to Oh.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
I'm not the mother.
I'm the Safe Haven thingy.
I'm sorry.
So sorry.
I'm Victoria Hughes.
Thanks for coming.
Oh, yeah, Vic.
Um, you're Jackson's girlfriend.
Girlf Girlfriend? Well, no.
No labels.
But, um, did he say something? Did You know what? Never mind.
Um, sorry.
Who are you? - I - BEN: Uh, that would be Jo Karev.
- Hi.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Oh, wow.
- Oh.
That's a brand-new baby.
- Yep.
Fresh out the oven.
BEN: We're guessing three days old.
DISPATCH: Engine requested to 368 Great Marsh Road.
That would be Mrs.
Wiinikainen again.
What else does she have to burn down? Um, Mrs.
Wiinikainen tends to light things on fire when she gets lonely.
- Oof.
- Come on, guys.
We got a call.
- Yeah.
- Let's go.
Oh, my goodness.
Come on.
Let me show you around.
- Okay.
So, I have a valve replacement on a chronic aortic stenosis.
You want to scrub in? Okay.
- Why? - Hmm? Why do you need me to scrub in on a valve replacement? No, I don't.
I don't.
I just thought it would be fun.
Okay, but it's a valve replacement, which I'm pretty sure you can do with your eyes closed.
Okay, well, if you don't want to help No.
I do.
I do.
God, I haven't seen a heart that isn't traumatized in months.
- Too real.
- Okay.
It feels hard almost like a bone.
Have we ordered a CT? I was about to, but then I got interrupted.
Jamie, I'm gonna get some scans so we can get a better idea of what's causing your pain - and the, um - Zit-hump? Right.
Okay, Parker.
Let's get her up to CT.
Like I said.
Happy first day.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
We'll see you soon, Jamie.
Oh, how's the baby? How are you feeling? Oh, we're both good.
But she's acting up today, though.
She? Just a hunch.
Uh, I'll find out for sure later today.
- Okay, you ready? - No.
That's a mass, isn't it? We won't know if it's malignant until we get a biopsy, so let's not write any letters home yet.
With my history, with the statistics about firefighters and cancer? No offense, but it doesn't take a medical degree to put that together.
No, but it does take a medical degree to rule out all options before panicking.
So, I am going to get a biopsy.
We'll go from there, okay? [EXHALES DEEPLY.]
So? Guess that caught you by surprise.
My son sneaking around with another woman in plain sight? What? No.
Nobody's sneaking, okay? I broke up with Maggie months ago.
There's no sneaking.
I would have told you all of this, but you're traveling so much, I didn't want to do that on a text message.
And I promise, this is not gonna affect your marriage to Richard.
I'm not sure how much longer you have to worry about that.
What's that supposed to mean? Richard is working with someone that he may or may not have a romantic past with.
So, kind of like you and Koracick? - That is different.
- How? Because I don't have a history of cheating on my spouse.
Oh, Mom.
Come on.
Richard would lie down in traffic for you, - and you know it.
- I might ask him to.
Sometimes, when you get an idea in your head that you don't like, you retreat.
I do it, too.
We've just barely spoken in weeks.
Have you barely spoken, or you just don't want to listen? - [MONITOR BEEPING.]
- If I've learned anything, it's don't be a hero.
Use formula when you need formula.
Oh, trust me, I'm all over that.
Breast is best, but, sometimes, Mommy needs wine.
MAGGIE: Okay, one more deep breath for me.
We're ready to prep you, Elliott.
- Okay.
- Uh-huh.
I'm gonna go watch bad TV and eat pudding and ice my lady parts.
Enjoy it, 'cause it's gonna be your last alone time for the next 18 years.
- [SIGHS.]
I don't have to be scared, right? If I die, don't ever leave him with my mother for the weekend.
Shut up.
And I won't.
We're gonna fix you up so you can hold that beautiful boy.
- Hey.
- Huh? Not my usual spot for a meeting, but this will do.
How are you feeling, really? Well, between losing Sabrina and things with Catherine, um [SCOFFS.]
I don't know.
Loss is hard enough without suffering it alone.
When my husband died, I was I didn't know you were ever married.
Oh, I don't talk about it that much.
We married young.
He died young.
I was a widow young.
That's when I started to drink.
Come on.
Let's pray.
- Okay.
Hi, Dr.
Um, Dr.
Roth paged me to do a Dobhoff tube, but I have a very serious gag reflex, - so I was wondering - Um, just do your job, Perez.
Got it.
Thank you, sir.
Nice to meet you, Mrs.
Come on, now.
God BOTH: grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change.
Do you need anything? Oh, uh, no.
Um, Ben is grabbing a bottle for him, so I just God, I don't know.
This is just so surreal.
Yeah, babies freak me out, too.
Oh, no.
Um, this this baby is me.
I was, uh, abandoned at a fire station by my mom when I was 5 days old.
So, you know, it's seems perfectly natural and healthy that you would volunteer for this, then.
What? Well, it made sense at the time.
So, you grew up in the system? Yeah.
Me too.
Did you have any good parents? [SCOFFS.]
All crap.
You? I had one good family.
It only lasted about a year, though.
But now I got these fools, so all of it worked out in the end.
So, um how often does this happen? We only get like seven a year.
In the whole city.
Only seven abandoned babies? Wow.
What a freaking blessing.
We don't like to use the word "abandoned.
" I mean, they're, uh, they're surrendered.
By people who decided they weren't fit to parent.
We try not to judge.
But sometimes, we do.
Look, Jo, you know no one's ever happy about surrendering a baby, but at least they know that we'll keep the baby safe.
Hey, you, uh you want to feed him? - [CHUCKLING.]
Oh, my gosh.
Look at you.
LEVI: You can't hate me forever.
I know I screwed all of us by getting Meredith Grey fired, but I was just trying not to get myself fired.
I made a mistake, and I thought you, of all people, would understand that.
Why me of all people? Because you mess up, too.
You're just better at covering your ass than I am.
Hey, guys? Uh, if I don't make it through this surgery, I'm gonna be really bummed if this fight of yours is the last thing I hear.
BOTH: Sorry.
Actually, can we make a stop? [SIGHS.]
Oh, God.
I just wanted to see him before I went under - just in case.
[AS E.
Go get a cow valve already, will you? Moo.
- I love you guys.
Okay, page me the second Path has results.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I think my morning sickness has passed.
My morning sickness came in the afternoon.
- Mm.
- Glad that's over.
I'm having the ultrasound later today, but I'm torn.
A-Are you gonna find out the sex? Nah.
I never understood the whole gender reveal thing.
I mean, as if you could know a kid's gender from a blood test.
- Well, you can.
You can know the sex, not the gender.
Gender is more than just pink or blue icing in a sheet cake.
You know, in some cultures, they recognize as many as six different genders.
So, on your last ultrasound, you opted not to find out.
I, uh, actually haven't had one yet.
How many weeks are you? Mm 20? Amelia Shepherd.
You're a doctor.
I know.
I should have had one already.
I just am [CLEARS THROAT.]
terrified of what I might find out.
I just can't stop thinking, "What if?" What if it happens again, or w-what if it's something worse? What if it's an alien? Or a tumor? What if I am not even pregnant, I am just a crazy person, and I just exploded my boyfriend's life for no reason? The best way to fight fear is with information.
You can't fix what you don't know.
Pregnancy Club just got way less fun.
: Laurie Reed, return to the admit desk.
Laurie Reed, return to the admit desk.
I checked with the mail room.
- No packages for you.
- Thanks.
Didn't realize the residents were also our personal assistants.
I was doing Dr.
Grey a favor.
Well, Grey, if you've got errands to run, I've got this covered.
Look at that.
Mass between the 9th and 10th ribs.
That's easily accessible.
Simms, book an OR.
Make sure the lab's ready to run the biopsy.
But it may not be a tumor.
Well, maybe you haven't seen many sarcomas.
I've seen everything, thanks.
And I did take out her gallbladder two years ago, so some gallstones may have spilled and migrated to her back.
So, your medical opinion is you did shoddy work? My medical opinion is I see no need to worry her mother with talk of tumors or cancer unless we really need to.
Who are you, exactly? Meredith Grey.
I'm chief of general surgery.
Oh, Grey.
I've heard of you.
You're the one who got yourself and half the staff fired, yeah? Who hired you? Bailey or Koracick? Why? Bailey usually has too much sense to hire surgeons whose egos are too big to fit in an OR.
Let's prep her for a core needle biopsy, and don't say a thing to her mother about cancer.
Hey, uh, you want a ride to the hospital? Miranda's got an ultrasound, so I'm taking the afternoon off.
JO: How can a person do this? I mean, I-I-I thought I would do this volunteer thing and understand better, and maybe I could forgive my mother.
But I can't.
I-I I can't call what she did brave.
I-I can't call it "surrendering.
" I And just looking at this tiny, little guy, I understand even less how she did what she did.
- Jo, just as a reminder - Yeah.
trauma and and your brain chemicals c-can prompt a human being to behave in ways that people with more balanced brain chemistry can have a hard time understanding.
Link thinks this is too much too soon.
Let's get this guy to the hospital.
You can hand him off to the social worker there.
We did his physical exam, and he is all good.
Except for the fact that his parents don't want him.
No, the people who gave birth to him don't want him.
His parents just haven't met him yet.
MAGGIE: What's the activated clotting time? 485 seconds.
Thank you.
You asked that three minutes ago.
I know.
DeBakey and 15 blade.
I was visiting Owen at Pac North the other day.
Whew! Karev has his work cut out for him.
We've got a good plane between the calcified and the normal tissue.
Owen's been begging me to come over there, fix the cardio department.
Apparently, their top surgeon is, like, 200th in the country.
I mean, i-it might be a good opportunity to build a program.
Time to separate the valve from the annulus.
I mean, I'm happy in trauma for now, and you are doing a terrific job here, but, God, do I miss this.
Altman, I asked you to scrub in today to help speed things along, not chit-chat.
If you want to go work at Pac North, go work at Pac North.
- God.
Where is Dr.
Webber's office? Um, is he expecting you? What is your name? Z Zander Perez.
Have you heard of the Catherine Fox Foundation, Zander Perez? No.
Well, I am Catherine Fox.
I own the foundation, and the foundation owns 30% of all the hospitals in America.
Does it own this one? [INHALES SHARPLY.]
Just show me to his office, son.
Of course.
But, actually, can you wait right here while I page Dr.
Webber? He was having coffee with his wife, so I don't want to interrupt them.
I am his wife.
What are you talking about? I can't believe - [SIGHS.]
- Parker! I couldn't stop him.
JAMIE: Mommy, you said I wasn't dying.
Okay, honey, stay calm.
You're not dying.
HAYES: I want you to have all the information as we have it.
No more surprises than are absolutely necessary.
So, I know this is scary, but Jamie has not exhibited any symptoms that would prompt us to believe this is a worst-case scenario.
So, let's not try to go there.
We'll know more in a few hours.
Mommy, I'm scared.
I know, honey.
Me too.
We'll bring her up to the OR shortly.
Is this what you wanted? This has got nothing to do with what I want.
Am I a terrible mother and a worse doctor for not getting an ultrasound? You haven't gotten an ultrasound? Okay.
Your question kind of answers my question.
I just You're halfway through the pregnancy.
Don't we want to know everything there is to know? [SIGHS.]
He dumped my sister, and you put him on your service? Unreal.
That [SCOFFS.]
- I did not dump her.
- You didn't? - [WATER STOPS RUNNING.]
You want to go clear that up? She doesn't see me as her equal, so I told her to take some time and figure out what she wants.
What? I I want to be supportive because I can see you're upset, but, uh I'm confused.
And she doesn't see you as her equal 'cause you're not her equal.
I mean, no offense.
Neither am I.
I'm great.
She's better.
And you're still a resident.
It's just a matter of respect.
NICO: Yeah, well, my boyfriend isn't my equal.
Doesn't mean I don't respect him.
But if he told me to "take some time" Yeah, no, I would not respect that.
Dude go get her and undo whatever it is you did, because you're not her equal, but she fell in love with you knowing the facts.
But when you try to make the facts not the facts, that's how you drive someone crazy.
TEDDY: Valve's in, and we're almost done closing the aorta.
Okay, good.
- Nice work, Pierce.
- Thank you.
KORACICK: Always heard you were even better with hearts than with bloody guts.
Didn't believe it could be true, Altman, but you proved me wrong.
Thank you, Tom.
Why don't you just tell him to leave you alone? He's my boss.
And I broke his heart, and I feel guilty.
So many lawsuits in one explanation.
He's fine.
He's harmless.
And we're friends.
Does he know that? 'Cause he seems to think that he has a future with you, and you don't seem to be interested in clearing that up.
Clamps off.
Let's take the patient off bypass.
Altman, they need you in the pit.
You're good to close, yeah? Yes.
Thank you for the assist.
Pierce? Uh, since I was the one who was supposed to be on your service today, do you think I could close? Dr.
Pierce? Shut up.
Shut up.
Um LEVI: Shouldn't his heart be restarting by now? I don't know why why it isn't restarting.
Why isn't it restarting? What is it? Lymphoma? [MONITOR BEEPING.]
I thought I was out of the woods.
Listen, uh, the good news is treatment options are fairly straightforward.
I'm not doing chemo.
Chemo made me sicker than cancer ever could.
Okay, Pruitt, testicular lymphoma is extremely aggressive.
We're talking less than six months before it gets to the lungs.
Bailey, you're bleeding.
Thank you again for today.
You want me to wait until the social worker shows up? No.
I'm good.
Will I wake up? Oh, no.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
- I got to - Is it a dream I made up? No, I guess it's reality Charge to 30.
- Come on, Elliott.
Come on.
- Clear.
- [THUMP.]
This can't be happening.
This can't be happening again! TARYN: Should we try e-epi and milrinone? We've already dosed him twice.
Increase the flow on the pump.
You're just gonna keep him on bypass? Helm, I said shut up.
TEDDY: What the hell happened? - Pierce? - His heart didn't restart.
I don't know what I did.
He's been on bypass multiple times before, right? It's probably hibernating myocardium.
Let's keep him up here for a couple hours.
It could come back.
Pierce, do you agree with my recommendation? [MONITOR BEEPING RAPIDLY.]
I'm lost and I'm found Well, I'm not gonna I'm not gonna go out there and tell his wife and newborn that he's dead, so I guess I don't have a choice.
I'm plowed into the sound Pack the chest.
Keep him on bypass.
I'm gonna scrub in.
Say a prayer for me You're just gonna have to wait now.
What happened? Ooohhh I'm buried by the sound Miranda? In a world of human wreckage Outside if you need me.
I'm so sorry.
In a world of human wreckage In a world of human wreckage I'm lost and I'm found And I can't touch the ground I'm plowed into the sound SIMMS: Dr.
Grey, we have an update on that package - you were looking for.
- Great.
They haven't found it yet.
Any word from the lab? How's that core biopsy? Pathology's saying they're just seeing inflammatory cells and cholesterol deposits.
No malignancy at all? - No.
- Okay.
What are you doing? I'm gonna take this whole thing out, and see what the hell it is.
Grey, I didn't okay this.
Listen, Dr.
Whoever You Are, this is my house.
You're a guest in my home.
I got this.
So, what do you think? Should I call Seattle Pres and gloat? I don't know.
Pools of blood notwithstanding, you are pretty impressive.
I got some options to consider.
Well, please think about it.
What? Just be careful.
Take it from me that's a slippery slope.
I'm not dead inside, okay? And I'm very happily taken.
Did you propose to Teddy? [CHUCKLES.]
Not yet, but I But what? Waiting for her to have your third child? MAN ON P.
: Dr.
Vizant to the cath lab.
Vizant to the cath lab.
Looks like some inflamed tissue.
Can I get some light, please? [CLICKS.]
Oh, my God.
Parker, what are we looking at? It looks like is that a large gallstone? It's a large gallstone.
In the posterior chest wall? Her body reacted to it like it was foreign tissue and tried to push it out.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Do I sound smug? You saw that from a scan? Okay.
Let's get some irrigation and some 2-0 vicryl, close her up, and get her home.
I'll take a veggie burger and fries, please.
And visit all the tears that pushed me down this road [BALLS CLACK.]
You are late.
What's that? Uh, gin and tonic.
That leave me left to wander with a heavy load Bring us three more.
It's true.
Richard is having an affair.
- How do you know that? - I saw him.
He had her in his office.
You saw Richard having sex with somebody in his office? The door was closed, but the intern called her his wife.
We used to have sex all the time in his office.
I don't need That's Okay, look, that sounds like a miscommunication to me.
Stop defending that man.
That man? Mom, we're talking about Richard.
Yes, Richard who turned his back on me the minute he hit a little career bump.
You fired him.
I did no such thing.
Bailey fired him.
You could have saved his job, and you know that.
How dare you accuse me of not supporting my husband, when you got another little girlfriend before Maggie's body's even cold.
How is that relevant or any of your business? It's my business when you chose to date my husband's daughter.
Where are those drinks?! - Mom, please, okay? - [SIGHS.]
I cannot be responsible for my relationships and yours, all right? There's not enough therapy in the damn world for that.
Tip him.
: Dr.
James to respiratory therapy.
James to respiratory therapy.
Uh, I'm fine.
- Let me take you home.
- No.
- Come on, Miranda.
- Oh, Ben.
Um I-I know I know this is a-a loss for you, too, but I'm asking you to just leave me alone f-for now, because I can't I can't feel this now.
I need to change these clothes, and and, uh, go to work, so you need to leave.
Go d-drink with your buddies, or or throw things.
Anything but being here, looking at me, with those sad, beautiful eyes.
Hey! Did you get that ultrasound? Yes.
Uh, and you should, too.
It's important.
I'm gonna go tonight.
Did you decide if you wanted to know the sex? Yeah.
It's a It's a girl.
Girl! [LAUGHS.]
I don't think I understand.
Does he need a new valve? He just needs more time.
How much time? Well, we can't be sure.
With hibernating myocardium, the odds of his heart restarting are very high.
We just don't know how long it'll take.
You're saying it might not start at all? There is a very small chance, but No, this has to be a mistake.
He's had this surgery three times before.
You've done it three times before.
I have.
Then, what happened? - I-I I don't know, Finley.
- Did you ever imagine [VOICE BREAKING.]
Oh, my God.
- I'm sorry.
- Oh, my God.
- a world without seeing it? - [CRYING.]
Will you please Will you excuse me? [SOBBING.]
As the night came in He was listening To a universe magnetized Pierce.
W-What happened in that OR? I would like to tender my resignation - effective immediately.
- No, no, h-hang on.
One bad outcome is not I had a bad feeling.
I know that patient.
It came with a fading light I had a bad feeling.
I should have trusted myself.
I can't be a surgeon if I can't trust my own gut.
I can't.
Bringing familiar rooms into shadow now I quit.
every morning all the risen sounds [CLEARS THROAT.]
I seem to be in need of a cardio chief.
- Interested? - What? Tom, you can't just fire people to give me what you think I need.
I have I have moved on.
I love Owen.
I am sorry that I hurt you.
I mean, truly sorry.
You You are a wonderful man, and you are gonna make some woman or several women incredibly happy.
But, uh, you have just you have got to stop barking up this particular tree.
I-I didn't fire Pierce.
She quit.
But I do think you should be my cardio chief.
- Okay.
- And, Teddy? Mm-hmm? I want a life with you.
I'd marry you tomorrow, right now, if you said yes.
Owen has a baby with you, and he hasn't proposed.
Are you really sure you want to close this door? To a thousand dawns caught before [CHUCKLES.]
He heard everything Ooh-ooh-ooh Ooh-ooh-ooh SHARON: Well, thank you.
Thank you so much.
This has been hell.
I can only imagine.
But this is good news, Jamie.
You're going to get to go to your dance zit-hump free.
It doesn't matter.
Zachary still hasn't texted me back.
What age is this boy? Zachary? 13.
My age.
Well, as someone who's raised a couple of 13-year-old boys, I can tell you two things first is, the only thoughts in their heads are "Fortnite" and pizza.
And the second is, they're terrified of girls, can't talk to them especially the ones they like.
- Ah.
Catherine's gonna be out of town.
I didn't even know she was in town.
She's thinks there's something going on between us, doesn't she? Yes.
- Hey.
- Hey.
How'd it go? How you doing? [SIGHS.]
Thanks for coming over.
Was I right? Was it too much too soon? Do we need vodka? [BABY FUSSING.]
One could argue that it was, in fact, too much too soon.
Do you like me like this? Do you like me like that? Do you want to hold her? Do you want me back? MEREDITH: Home means different things to different people.
- Sometimes, home is a person.
There's a fire in my heart, I know you like it like that And if you bury that girl, I will bury that axe [BUTTON CLICKS.]
So, is your thing to terrify them for no reason and then bask in the relief? You're driving me mad I'm not interested in trying to guess what people want to hear.
I prefer to give them all the information and let them figure out how to deal with it.
My wife's doctors didn't pay me that respect before she died.
I'm falling, falling, falling, falling [SIGHS.]
Listen, Grey, this is your house, but someone gave me a key, so maybe it's best if we try to learn how to live together.
I'm falling, falling, falling, falling Welcome back, Dr.
- Run to the beat I run to the beat of my heart I can see why you were missed.
- Would you rather I cried? Would you rather I lied? [CELLPHONE CHIMING.]
Do you wanna give up? Do you wanna survive? Home can be a feeling.
She can fill you with her dirt But it will never be enough Psychiatrists say, for those of us who come from dysfunctional homes Everything's fine? Perfectly fine.
that feeling is chaos.
But uh, you're not 20 weeks pregnant.
I'm not? No.
Y-You're 24.
That's not possible.
No? No.
Because that could mean Oh, God.
We think family means drama.
When she's on your mind, I go numb I'm falling, falling, falling, falling Run to the beat, I run to the beat of my heart They were awful all day long.
And you promised me a reward.
Food first, then dessert.
I disagree with that order.
Oh-oh, oh-oh I taste her lips when you're kissing my mouth My wife miscarried before Andrea was born.
It's painfully common.
Captain Herrera Got it.
Shutting up.
Why were you at the hospital? So is no wonder why so many of us from broken homes Drives on pain and destruction.

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