Grey's Anatomy s18e06 Episode Script

Every Day Is a Holiday (With You)

1 MEREDITH: Scientists have published studies about how the practice of gratitude improves mental and physical health.
It's a new day - In the best way - Oh, my.
Take a picture and we put it in a cool frame A daily gratitude practice reduces depression and increases happiness.
We can see that We've always been heading towards the right track - [CELLPHONE VIBRATES.]
- Look at us, look at us, look at us Feeling so elated Look at us, look at us, look at us Gratitude enhances empathy, which helps build positive relationships.
Okay, I entered the latest data, I updated Hamilton, and I checked the cells on the columnar injection.
Yeah, I don't think you get how holidays work.
- Name a surgeon who does.
Look, I'm headed up to the cabin for two whole days, and it's beautiful up there.
Fireplace, lot of snow, zero dead animals on the wall.
It even lowers blood pressure.
You're very - That's very tempting.
I need to get home to my kids.
Oh, did you think I was inviting you? I was trying to talk my way out of inviting myself.
We're looking, we're looking Thanks for the ride.
I mean, are you sure? There's I mean, the weather's getting bad here.
Happy Thanksgiving.
Happy Thanksgiving.
If giving thanks is so good for you, why do so many people struggle doing it? [CELLPHONE CHIMES.]
Hey, hey, hey There's no one stopping us We're looking, we're looking up Maybe this will help keep you awake after your shift.
What's after my shift? I don't know.
Just me.
Webber chose me to work on Thanksgiving, which has to be a precursor to becoming chief resident, right? I mean, I've been crushing my solo surgeries WOMAN: Honey! Levi! Levi Schmitt? Am I having a stroke? Or is my Mom? What are you doing here? Bringing Thanksgiving dinner.
Nico, I brought some for you, too.
Oh, thank you, Mrs.
Mom, I'm working.
I'm literally going down to the ER right now.
I'll wait.
I'll set everything up, and then you can come up here and eat whenever you're hungry.
What, you think I'm going to let my son not eat Thanksgiving dinner? Go.
Save lives.
I'll be here.
Okay, I'll Okay! I'm not technically supposed to be working.
- I can hang out with her.
- No.
She'll never set you free.
Happy Thanksgiving, Bailey.
I thought you had plans with your family.
I did.
Then Dean Miller's father showed up at the station and took Pru home with him.
We don't have enough doctors on a regular day, so I'm working.
Oh, me, too.
You're hoping the stupidity of the human race on a day filled with alcohol and cooking will bring you a good, bloody surgery.
It's a tradition, Bailey.
I cut on Thanksgiving.
Just not a turkey.
: Dr.
Riker to Radiology.
Riker to Radiology.
What are you doing here? I wanted to go and check in on Farouk.
No, no, no, no, no.
We had a plan.
We have a plan.
I'm staying here with Megan and Farouk and you are going home to cook Thanksgiving with your mom and the kids.
B-But my ex-lap just went longer than I thought, - I took a shower, and now - You're not following the plan.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Mom's gonna kill you.
Then it'll be a traditional family affair.
So, how are the lungs sounding today? Much better.
The wound infection seems to have cleared up.
We'll start weaning him off the drips today.
So I get to go home in two days? Mnh.
Three days? We need to give your heart time to adapt, Farouk.
But I've already been here for three weeks.
Can I at least have some pie? [CHUCKLES.]
Of course you can.
You know what? If you don't mind, I might even join you.
My kids are down with their aunt in San Diego.
You know what? We should have the entire meal right here.
Picnic in peds until the nurses throw us out.
I'll raid the chemo floor and see if I can find some board games.
- Bring Monopoly.
Dibs on the dog.
You do understand that you actually have to cook the meal - to bring it here for us to eat it? - [CELLPHONE CHIMES.]
TEDDY: Okay, your mom is now texting question marks.
You have to go.
Do you Do you hear something? Hey, do you want to see if we can find the Thanksgiving parade? - Yes.
- Let's do it.
- There we go.
- Okay, now you can go.
- What? I - Okay.
- No, I want to see the - MEGAN: Bye! [INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS.]
It's still early, sir.
People have just started drinking, deep fryers haven't exploded yet, and people have spent more than a year away from each other.
They'll need a little longer to start fighting.
You're saying give it time.
They'll come.
My mom did.
Ma'am! Ma'am! Ma'am! Ma'am! - [CAR DOOR OPENS.]
- You can't park there! I'm sorry.
I only have about an hour before I have to get back and serve my pecan pie, 'cause if my husband cuts it, there'll be only four slices for a family of 12, and I made two.
Southern girl.
I don't go anywhere on Thanksgiving empty-handed.
Homemade crust.
Okay, but you'll still need to move the car - Ohh.
I'm sorry.
If If someone could just check me out really fast before my kids notice I'm gone.
- Ohh.
- If this is surgical, can I scrub in? Get a gurney, Schmitt! And move the damn car! I am exactly like my mother.
I'm in a hotel room, missing the holiday with my family, and I'm eating stale nuts for dinner.
From what I've heard, Ellis Grey wouldn't have made it home even if it were blue skies and sunny.
You're not helping.
That's because we're fine.
I will cook.
That sounds dangerous.
Hi, Mom.
Hi, Zola.
I'm so sorry.
It's okay.
You tried to get here.
And Thanksgiving isn't really a holiday we should celebrate.
There's no actual evidence Native Americans - were even invited to a feast.
- Mm-hmm.
I think they cared more about being colonized and having their land stolen than mashed potatoes.
I'm sorry you're alone and eating peanuts, though.
Love you! I love you, Zola.
Love you.
LINK: Hey.
Happy Thanksgiving.
There's my little turkey.
Uh Meredith is stuck in Minnesota.
Snowstorm, no flights out.
Um, same with Maggie and Winston in Boston.
Climate whiplash.
So you're In charge of four children and Thanksgiving dinner, yeah.
Oh, it's fine.
You don't have to change your plans.
My plans? What should I do Reschedule my dinner at home alone or my depressing movie marathon? You, uh You were gonna spend today alone? Jo, uh, didn't even realize it was Thanksgiving, so she took a shift, and, uh, Scout was gonna be here with you, so And I do not want to become my parents and make Scout shuffle between dinner with you and dessert with me on the holidays, so May as well figure out how to do this now.
You're also terrified you're gonna ruin the turkey, aren't you? I followed every instruction in this cookbook, - and it all still feels wrong.
What do we got? Ashley Wright, 40, G-5, P-4, 31 weeks along, hypotensive, pulse 138 and thready, febrile, complains of abdominal pain and nausea, vomiting.
She collapsed outside on arrival.
- Is my baby okay? - We're checking right now.
How long have you been having pain for? Oh, I don't know.
A few days? A week? Maybe a little more.
Did you see your OB at any time during this? I've got four kids at home already, my in-laws are in town on open-ended tickets, and everyone's always hungry or out of toilet paper or unable to get on the Wi-Fi.
And I thought it was just heartburn from the pregnancy.
Heartburn can cause pain but shouldn't cause a fever.
Baby is fine.
Fetal heart rate is stable.
Still no sign of contractions.
I'm seeing free fluid in the right upper quadrant.
We're gonna have to take a closer look to confirm.
Ashley, I don't want to expose your baby to any radiation with a CT scan, but we can do an MRI.
- It's safe? - Yes.
Would you like to call anybody? Your husband? No, no.
Not yet.
I don't want to interrupt the meal.
I worked really hard on it.
- Hey.
- NICK: Hi.
So, I'm driving up to the cabin, and I'm thinking That having Thanksgiving by yourself is still lonely, even if you pretend it's your idea? Oh, boy.
Someone's gone dark.
They canceled my flight due to weather.
You should have called me.
I did.
It went straight to voicemail.
Yeah, the reception on this highway's pretty bad.
I'm sorry.
You okay? I am.
My children are taking it better than I am.
Well, I got two hours of winding road ahead of me, if you want to keep me company.
Well, you're not very good company.
- Okay, I will start, but before I do, I just have to know, is there such a thing as too gross? I cut people open for a living.
Hey, look, everyone's got their thing.
Okay, okay.
Toes are off-limits.
- Deal.
No toes.
- Okay.
So my first Thanksgiving as a resident, I'm working the ER when two drunk brothers come in after fighting over who's gonna cut the turkey.
And one of them stabbed the other one.
Younger brother tried to grab the knife, which caused older brother to completely slice off his index finger.
Of course.
We asked him if they brought the finger in so we could try re-attaching it, but they said they couldn't find it.
- Naturally.
- So we sewed him up, we admitted him for observation, until a few hours later, younger brother comes right back in with the finger.
Oh, no.
Where was it? - Gravy bowl.
- Ugh! They found it when Grandpa ladled it onto his turkey.
No! No, no, no.
BAILEY: Trauma one, let's go.
Can someone Can someone call my wife? Her name's Heather.
OWEN: What happened? Bagger at a grocery store.
Passed out on the job.
Hypoxic and tachypneic.
What you know him? I treated him a couple months ago.
He's a vet.
Pulmonary fibrosis.
Noah, can you hear me? [EXHALES DEEPLY.]
Major Hunt.
I need your help.
Please, I need I need help.
It's okay, soldier.
I'm here now, okay? Let's go.
HAYES: Ooh, looks like Park Place, Teddy.
Time to pay up.
- I got it.
Here, here, here, here, here.
The graham crackers They got stuck in my throat.
I am fine.
And, Teddy, you owe Dr.
Hayes money.
Oh, I want to play a different game! That's just because I'm winning.
No, it's just because you're winning - You forgot the two hotels.
- Like that! Still better than playing with Owen.
When he was little and he didn't win, he would punch the wall.
I'll let you in on a little secret.
Right after my boys' mom died, we used to make Friday night our weekly games night, and the winner got to pick next week's pizza toppings.
Now, my boys love Hawaiian.
I can't stand fruit on a pizza.
That's disgusting.
It is.
It's an abomination.
So I had to develop a pretty good strategy, you know? What? I'm sorry, um Did you say "games" night? - With an "s"? - Yeah, games night.
You know, when the family gets together and play a bunch of games? I know what game night is.
Game night.
We played more than one game.
It's still called game night.
Respectfully disagree.
- Uh-oh.
Hold on, Noah.
I know it hurts, okay? Do we have the films? [GROANING CONTINUES.]
He's gonna need a chest tube, breathing treatment, and steroids.
Noah, I'm here.
Danny and I are here.
We came as fast as we could.
Hey, Danny shouldn't be here.
Honey, it's okay.
Is he okay? Um His lung collapsed, so we're gonna need to insert a chest tube.
I'm also gonna run some additional tests to rule out infection.
NOAH: Danny, I'm sorry.
We'll still make the apple pie, okay? I got all the ingredients.
We're almost finished with his work-up.
If you want to wait in chairs, we'll come get you.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- Dr.
Hunt? - OWEN: Yeah? Can you do something for me? Anything.
Take my kid somewhere.
Take his mind off all of this, please? Of course.
Of course.
RICHARD: How you doin', Ashley? ASHLEY: I'm laying down, and it's quiet.
I don't remember the last time.
My husband and I, we always wanted a big family, but when three became four and then four became five I'm starting to feel like I'm repopulating the Earth.
JO: Have you ever considered birth control? Every time I think about it, I'm pushing a baby out.
Always feels weird asking for it then.
It's more common than you think.
- Ohh! - Ashley? Oh! The pain just got a lot worse! Like, a 12 out of 1 to 10.
- Scans are up.
Free fluid and a possible abscess formation in the right upper quadrant.
It's her appendix.
See? Her uterus has pushed it all the way up to the liver.
- Ashley? - ASHLEY: Yeah? Your appendix most likely perforated and caused inflammation in your abdomen.
You're gonna need surgery.
My appendix? Dr.
Schmitt is gonna take you up to pre-op.
We'll call your husband on the way.
Ooh, that is my basting timer.
My hands are garlicky.
Can you grab that? Oh, got it.
- What? - Nothing.
Link, what? Is it burning? No.
You'd have to turn on the oven for it to burn.
I didn't turn the oven on?! From the looks of it, you turned it on, but then at some point, you turned it back off.
Oh, my God! And it's the middle of the afternoon.
I can't start the turkey now.
It's fine.
We'll order Chinese.
The kids are already bummed enough that Meredith isn't here.
They need some normalcy.
Us fumbling in the kitchen was normalcy for them for months.
We will serve the traditional Thanksgiving entrée of mac and cheese.
With a side of Bagel Bites.
And turkey for dessert.
- Thank you.
9 out of 10 Thanksgivings turn into impromptu interventions for my sister, which are about as fun as you can imagine.
And Charlotte? Charlotte learned the idea of Friends giving pretty early on.
She saved herself most of the drama, which is a good thing.
She's at her roommate's in Wichita right now.
She likes these big, weird, loud, happy families.
It's the only time she gets to experience that.
How close to the cabin are you? I'm close.
Close enough I can picture the fireplace.
You didn't mention there was a fireplace.
Oh, I did.
You just didn't want to hear it.
I might be regretting that decision.
Yeah, it's pretty special.
There's this sound that comes over the frozen lake, this cracking noise.
And every so often, the fire crackles right along with it.
And you're sitting there under your blankets with a whiskey, watching the snow dance on the window, and everything just feels still and right.
Oh, that's the room service.
Stay right there.
Don't move.
You said "stay where you are," so [CHUCKLING.]
You turned around? Yeah.
I turned around.
Do you want to come in? Yes.
We'll need to do an open appendectomy so that we can be sure to wash out as much of that infection as possible.
I will be in the OR the entire time to monitor the baby.
If we see any signs of trouble, we may need to do an emergency C-section.
I have to consent for a hysterectomy? Unfortunately, if there is an abnormal amount of bleeding during the C-section, it's possible the safest option is to remove the uterus.
- Because? - RICHARD: If we're at that point, we're making that decision to save your wife's life.
Ashley we'll see you in the OR.
Sweetheart, you're gonna be fine.
How many beers have you had? Two.
Minus half of one I spilled.
I want to ask Dr.
Wilson If you have to deliver, will you tie my tubes? - What? - A tubal ligation won't stop the bleeding and No, I'm asking you to.
Please, if you don't have to remove my uterus, please at least tie my tubes.
Baby If we have any more kids, I might die, and if I die, I don't know what the heck all of you will do.
- It's just around here, okay? Hold on.
Um, hey.
TEDDY: Hey, when you all come back up here, can you dress Allison in her pajamas, just in case she falls asleep? I mean, bedtime is gonna be all over the place tonight.
- Sure.
- Thanks.
Farouk's in better spirits.
- I'm just waiting for his latest labs.
- Mm.
: Dr.
Odell to Dr.
Odell to Owen, are are you still in the hospital? Listen, Teddy, um Noah's back.
Is it bad? Yeah.
I'll call you later, okay? Hey, so, um do you like video games? - Yeah.
- Okay.
- You do? Okay.
- You wanna play? - Oh, yeah.
You sure? 'Cause I'm good.
- We'll see about that.
- VIDEO GAME CHARACTER: Let's play! Okay.
Okay, here we go.
So, if you were at home, what would you be doing? I would have gone grocery shopping, and then I would be sitting at my kitchen table - with the kids while my sisters cook.
- Mm.
Maggie likes to cook, so Got it.
I like to cook.
- Oh, yeah? - Yeah, I do, when I can take my time and [BREATHES DEEPLY.]
And put on some music, crack a beer, cook outside on the grill.
When it's not negative 10 degrees? - [LAUGHS.]
- Yeah, I mean, yeah.
The menu changes with the weather, that's for sure.
But, I mean, to me, cooking's a bit like surgery.
You have to know knife skills and how to be in the moment.
I'm pretty good at both.
I'm getting better at it.
With your knife skills? That's good.
It's about time.
No, being in the moment.
I think it was all those months in the hospital.
It's strange, isn't it? How laying in a bed, staring up at the fluorescent lights can just phew Completely change your thinking.
I mean, when I got out, Charlotte and surgery, they were my only priorities.
You're grateful for them.
I am.
And you? What are you grateful for? I'm grateful that you're here.
- And this wine, of course.
I'm grateful for the wine.
- Mm.
LINK: Who's ready for Thanksgiving Bagel Bites? I thought there was a turkey.
There was, but, um I pardoned it.
What does "pardon" mean? It means to forgive, to let go.
Ellie, I pardon you for breaking my Buzz Lightyear.
Aww, now, that's the spirit of Thanksgiving.
What's an AVM? An arteriovenous malformation.
What does it do? Well, it's when your arteries and veins get connected by a tangle of blood vessels, so it disrupts the normal blood flow and oxygen circulation, and it can bleed out and cause trouble.
What's sex? ZOLA: [GIGGLES.]
JO: Baby is having variable decels.
Okay, we'll try to go as fast as we can.
LEVI: Not sure if you're aware, Dr.
Webber, but I've actually performed quite a few appys - with hardly any supervision.
Oh, you're not gonna take the lead, Schmitt.
Because the patient's pregnant? No, because I am a man of tradition.
I don't watch surgery on Thanksgiving.
I do it.
Wilson, how about you? Any Thanksgiving traditions? - Not exactly.
- Oh, come on.
You've had to have something.
My childhood was such a trash dump, I had to write the good things on little scraps of paper to remind myself they even happened.
Then I would shove them into an old takeout box and read them on Thanksgiving between sad chicken nuggets.
Damn it, baby's lost variability and is having prolonged decels.
Heart rate's in the 80s.
He's in distress.
What do you want to do? Let's get him out.
Prep for a C-section right now.
I hope Owen eventually shows up with some food.
I thought you hated Thanksgiving.
- I do.
I didn't have it for 10 years and I never missed it.
I don't like turkey, I hate forced togetherness and the whole thing makes me miss my dad, so But Farouk loves the sides.
I'm avoiding your mother.
Because of Leo? Yeah, just I'm worried how she's gonna react if he comes out in a dress or in another one of his princess costumes again.
Are you sure you don't want to be home to intervene? I love my son so much that I am afraid my intervening may cost my entire relationship with your mom.
It doesn't matter.
He's your son.
You have to fight for him, despite the cost.
Or you can make Owen do it.
He's in V-fib! Get a crash cart in here.
Oh, my God, Farouk? Farouk?! Paddles and epi! - Farouk?! - Page Dr.
Hayes, now! Oh, my God, Teddy.
- Come on.
Come on.
- Teddy, oh, my God! Farouk, come on! Oh, my God! Come on! [BABY'S CRYING ECHOES.]
Early in the morning I still get a little bit nervous [METALLIC SNIP ECHOES.]
Fighting my anxiety constantly I try to control it [BABY'S CRYING ECHOES.]
Even when I know it's been forever I can still feel the spin Don't know if you get it 'Cause I can't express how thankful I am [SUCTION GURGLING.]
That you were always with me when it hurts I know that you'd understand I don't wanna lose control We can't stop this bleeding.
I don't wanna lose control Lap pad.
- TEDDY: Clear! - [THUMP.]
- What the hell happened? He went into V-fib.
His dilated cardiomyopathy's getting worse.
- Charge to 200! Clear! - [PADDLES WHINE, THUMP.]
- [SOBS.]
- HAYES: Okay.
I'll take over.
Nothing I can do anymore We are not stopping.
Push epi again! We are gonna get him back! Alright, let me in.
- Charge to 200! - [PADDLES WHINE.]
- Clear! - [THUMP.]
Spinnin' out in space pressing on my chest We're not gonna get his heart back.
- Yes, we will.
- His heart is too damaged.
We are not gonna get it back.
You've been running this code for half an hour.
He's still in V-fib.
Megan, I think our only chance is to put him on ECMO.
I'm continuing CPR.
Listen to me.
You are his aunt.
Megan, you are his mother.
I am his doctor.
I am telling you this is where we are now.
Spinnin' out in space pressing on my chest - Do it.
- Prep him for ECMO cannulation.
I don't want to lose control Come on.
Come on.
Come on, Farouk.
Is Levi coming? - Oh, he's still in surgery, ma'am.
- Oh.
I just thought you shouldn't have to sit by yourself.
It's Thanksgiving.
Oh, that's nice, dear.
But no need to be so formal, Nico.
- You've slept in my basement.
And with the direction this relationship is headed Um, ma'am Uh, sorry Myrna.
Now, is this what I expected? A husband for my only son instead of a wife? No.
But it is every Jewish mother's desire to have their kid be a doctor.
Second best is for them to marry a doctor.
And me? I get both! I'm sorry.
Marry? So, will you raise the children Jewish? - [LAUGHS.]
The children? - I know it's not my decision, but my mother's name was Beverly.
She went by Bev.
Bev could work for either a boy or a girl.
It's, uh What do they call that? Androgynous.
Is "Bev" androgynous? I [SIGHS.]
I don't know.
Well, it's just something for you to consider.
Now do you have any genetic markers that we need to be aware of? Because Levi's great-grandfather died of colon cancer.
I'm in the building and I'm feeling good LINK: What do you say, Ellie? What do you say? Come on, keep going.
Keep it going! Keep it going! Show those moves.
Come on! Oh, yeah.
Whoo! She off the Richter scale, she had me shook Alright, Ellie.
What you got? Now, I don't wanna come in between You got this! You got this! [LAUGHTER.]
Alright, Bailey, you're up! What you got, huh? Keep moving! Alright.
What do you say, Scout, huh? Gonna break it down.
Do you want to dance to the music? Do you wanna rock to the beat of the drums? Singin' sweet melodies just for you and me - Baby, we should cut a rug - Ahh.
Alright, come on, guys.
What you got? - Old school? Old school? - You should be teaching me! [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE.]
Is it weird to eat burgers on Thanksgiving? [CHUCKLES.]
You like the burger? - Yeah.
- Then it's not weird.
If you like it, you're happy eating it, and that makes you thankful.
That's what Thanksgiving's all about.
Doesn't matter what you eat.
Is there medicine that can help my dad? It's complicated.
I know my dad hurts a lot.
He can't play baseball with me anymore, doesn't cut the grass, and he breathes funny, like [VOICE BREAKING.]
he can't And my mom cries a lot in her closet.
Your dad's really sick, you know? And that makes it really tough, especially for you and your mom.
Is my dad gonna die? Not today.
I don't want him to hurt anymore.
- Chest tube's in.
Noah's all bandaged up, and someone from palliative care is in speaking with him now.
I can also recommend home nursing aides that can help change the dressing, - if it's too much.
- Mnh.
Uh, no, that's not, um - I'm okay with that.
- Okay.
I just I should have never let him take a job.
He was bagging groceries, on his feet for hours at a time, lifting things.
He was in no physical shape to work, but the bills.
He's d-d-dying.
Literally drowning in his own breath, and I'm falling apart in a hallway.
- I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
- No.
- No, no, no, no.
- Come.
- Now, fall apart.
- What? Yeah.
Um, scream.
Punch the bed.
I-I'd give you something to break, but I don't have anything on me.
- Yes, your husband is dying.
Your son is gonna lose his father, and it's [SIGHS.]
it's unfair.
It's devastating, and you deserve to feel that.
I need to go back in there.
And you will, but everyone around you gets to fall apart.
Take your turn.
Thank you.
Uh You said "were.
" What do you mean? You said Charlotte and surgery Yeah? were your priorities.
I mean, priorities can change.
Oooh, hoo, ooh Oooh, hoo Oooh, hoo, ooh Ooh, hoo You know I love your wounded heart With all those scars Where you were torn apart Torn apart When those shadows fall Oh, you stand so tall You rise above And you raise me up Ooh, ooh Ooh, ooh, you elevate me Ooh, ooh You elevate me, yeah Ooh, ooh Ooh, ooh, you elevate me Ooh, ooh You elevate me Ooh, you elevate me, yeah Ooh, ooh Ooh, you elevate me, yeah Okay, so, Nurse Karen just took Danny to get some ice cream.
They'll be back in a minute.
Listen, about Roy.
I don't want to talk about Roy.
I just want to say that I'm taking up his work.
I started a study.
I'm gonna write all the reports.
I'm gonna go to D.
I am all in.
I'm going to figure out a way to take care of everyone.
How much longer? For what? Till this is over.
I-I-I can't do it anymore.
I can't put my family through this much longer.
Noah, it's okay.
No, it's not.
I ruined my kid's Thanksgiving and [INHALES DEEPLY.]
I I don't want to ruin Christmas.
Everything hurts, and the hospital bills [SIGHS.]
When is this gonna be over? Please.
It'll be over soon.
I just want to go home.
Keep on falling, keep falling Keep on falling down, falling down - Keep on swinging - [LIGHT WHOOSH ECHOES.]
Keep swinging Keep on striking out, striking out Deep down, you believe it [LIGHT THUMP ECHOES.]
Deep down, you can see that You got what it takes I know what you're made of Let go of the fear that haunts you now Step out from the shadows There is hope to fight for You've got what it takes You've got what it takes RICHARD: Your baby boy's doing great.
He's upstairs in a NICU for monitoring, and you can visit him tonight if you want.
Thank you.
And Ashley? During the C-section, we encountered a lot of bleeding.
We had to do an emergent hysterectomy.
But she's gonna be okay? It'll be a longer recovery, but, yes, she will be okay.
Why didn't she tell me? If she wanted to be done with having kids if it was too much for her, if she was in pain why didn't she tell me? I want to take care of her.
All I've ever wanted to do is take care of her.
Our society doesn't give women a lot of permission to talk about what they want, to talk about what they need, to ask for help.
Maybe don't wait for her to ask for help.
Maybe just help.
Step out from the shadows There is hope to fight for You've got what it takes So I hear this crash, and I run into the kitchen, - and Levi is covered in flour - [LAUGHING.]
and he says, "Mom, maybe we should buy the crust.
You two have dinner? Uh, yeah.
Your mom's noodle kugel's delicious.
Well, nothing like a Thanksgiving kugel.
I saved you a plate, sweetheart.
You're not gonna eat with me? I'm stuffed.
Plus, I made an extra pumpkin pie to take to your Aunt Mimi's.
Hers is always too dry.
Happy Thanksgiving, sweetheart.
Come by and see me sometime, okay? You, too.
You don't have to just come with Levi.
So, what did you guys talk about? You.
I now know literally everything about you.
That's good.
Bailey? I'm fine.
Miranda? [CRYING.]
It's Pru.
She's only 2 years old.
2! And she's already going through a grief that I didn't experience until only a year ago.
It's hard to lose a parent at any age.
It's a specific pain, and it sticks with you for the rest of your life.
I just want to hold her and tell her everything's gonna be alright, but now I don't even know if that's gonna happen anymore.
And I-I know it's selfish, [CHUCKLING.]
which is why I'm crying at work, which is embarrassing.
Come on.
Richard, I don't Is that pecan pie? Southern home cooking.
Come with me.
I - [SIGHS.]
TEDDY: Okay, thank you.
What happened? He coded.
Heart failure.
We put him on ECMO, and I just got off the phone with the heart transplant coordinator.
He needs to go on the transplant list? It's the only thing left to do.
- [SIGHS.]
- [SIGHS.]
I'm sorry.
Kids are asleep.
Is that turkey finally done? It's all carved and put away.
And, Amelia it's freakin' delicious.
That might be the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me.
Link, today was [SIGHS.]
You are nothing like your parents.
- Mm.
- Mm.
Link, uh Nothing has changed for me.
MEREDITH: Why do we only designate one day a year to give thanks? I'm sorry about Seattle.
Soft static on the TV screen I'm sorry about the cabin.
You know, when this stuff clears in the morning, - we could always - Yes.
Young people on the livestream Yeah? Yes.
After everything we've been through, why not celebrate the good every day? - We've been eating it all day.
- Yeah.
Hug your loved ones.
- You're gonna Smile at a stranger.
- That watching people watch people - Oh! Is the future of our collective dream - Choose kindness.
- Ooh.
- That looks so good.
- Mm, yes.
So, um Even if we're working, even if we're not in the mood to celebrate Nothing's ever gonna be the same and even if traditions are not your thing [LAUGHS.]
it's important that we're together.
It's all quiet on the chain gang Do you still have your pieces of paper? - Mm-hmm.
- Okay.
Uh, Schmitt, you want to take the lead? I am thankful for Nico.
You tried building the Tower of Babel - I wrote "toast.
I didn't realize we were being sentimental, but I am thankful [PEN CLICKS, CLATTERS LIGHTLY.]
for Levi.
- I am thankful for Luna.
BAILEY: Oh, I didn't even see Hi! [LAUGHTER.]
It's impossible to miss Hello.
Hi, honey.
Well, I am thankful that, this year, we had more saves than losses, and I am thankful that All the little people - well, that we're still here.
- Mm.
playing all their little games What's the worst that could happen? Well, I am thankful for Richard Webber.
- JO: Richard.
Yes! - And this pie! - Can we eat? - Yes, let's dig in.
- I'm starving! - Alrighty.
- Yes.
Oh, thank you.
Wow, look at all this.
My mom made the kugel.
- You got to have it.
- Made the what? The kugel, right here.
Have you never had kugel? - Uh - Here, eat this one.
- Okay.
- Yes.
Someone might do it in return.

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